Caught: University Schoolboy Jacking Off Under Girls Dormitory

From the KDS Forum:

Some of the forum replies:

“Baldness is the result of too much masturbation.”

“Is that guy jacking off to a girl’s shirt?

“Actually, He is jacking off to the photographing original poster in front of him.”

I guess sometimes desperate boys do desperate things.

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  • John Woods

    LOL, what good does that do. Its only good if you can “see” the girls your fantasizing about!


  • Fauna

    Hi John Woods, thank you for your comment.
    Maybe he only needs to be close to the girls to be excited.

  • kris

    well, he’s kinda of imaginative, but not enough

  • lol

    That is why I think every Chinese should have a camera and computer. There 1.3 billion and there will always be some crazy shit going on.

  • Veer Left

    I would bet that there is something arousing going on in that room beside him. Some interesting noises.

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  • hahaha

    haha what an idiot…

    if i were him i would just watch porn, its better.

  • EVA

    I agree that some erotic noises must have been going on. I had the same problem outside my bedroom in a progressive college town!

    I purr too, or so it seems.

  • http://Yahoo Robert

    He’s only doing what all guys do, jacking off. Only I would have waited until it was dark to peep in the windows and then jack off.

  • otaku

    He watches too much hentai series probably

  • Meh

    He thinks he’s Goku……ahhhh it feel good ahhhhhh!!

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