Kitten Killers Return

In early 2006, pictures from a video of a Chinese woman wearing a sexy dress and high-heel shoes appeared on the internet. In the video, the Chinese woman uses her high-heel shoes to step on and kill a little kitten.

High heel Chinese kitten killer?

Earlier this week, pictures of this woman using high-heels to “crush” another poor kitten were posted on the internet again. I have put all the pictures at the bottom of this post, on page two, if you want to see them. They are very violent, disgusting, disturbing, and worse than the pictures in from the “first” high-heel kitten killer.

High heel kitten killer with kitten playing with heel

Everyone who has seen these pictures are shocked, angry, and outraged. Many are demanding that the human flesh search engines find out who she is, find her, and bring her to justice like last time. Here are some of the replies on the BBS Forum topic, “Wicked cat abusing woman reappears, more malicious than the last one! Too cruel to watch:”

She’s inhuman.

I’m going to vomit.

Society’s scum! Human trash! How did her family give birth to such a bitch!

What she did to the cat should be done to her. First kill her then tear apart her stomach.

Start the human flesh search engines! Let this perverse woman be exposed! Let her be punished by everyone!

Sick-minded~~~~~what is wrong with this world?

Who knows who this bitch is? Find her and kill her. Inhuman.

Humans who have lost reason become the cruelest animals.

What about the person filming this? That person is also perverse. Let us curse these scum together and hope that they will meet the same fate in the future.

Cats have souls too. Scum like you will one day face retribution.

Motherfucker…how can this person live with herself? She should beware being abused after she’s dead. This kind of person deserves to be raped and killed. After killing her, rape her again. After raping her, kill her again…

May the woman be the cat and the cat be the woman in the next life.

Everyone think of a way to find this person: Where is she from? What is her job? Where does she live? Phone number? Let’s make an example out of her.

This news soon reached the Shanghai KDS Forum in a topic called “I’m scared to look. This kind of person will not die an good death.” The poster included a link to the BBS, and also posted pictures of someone burning a kitten inside a cage. There are hundreds of replies with reactions similar to

The 18th level of hell was prepared for them.

Kitten killer karma

I hope their family burns and no one comes to rescue them.

The life of this kind of woman is worth less than the life of this cat.

If I knew earlier, I would not have come in.

My heart hurt watching this. This kind of person will go to hell.

Human flesh search engine starting…

However, because many of the people on KDS are Shanghainese, there were also some different and interesting comments. In history, Shanghai has always been a big city that is more modern and open than most other places in China. So, many Shanghainese think they are superior and more civilized than anyone who is not Shanghainese. They often think anyone who is a “wai di ren” (outsider) is automatically an uncivilized “xiang xia ren” (country people) or “nong min” (peasants).

Some of their responses to this news show that:

Perverse “wai di ren” are many. Everyone be careful when making friends. You cannot usually be sure what they are like.

Wai di ren” are uncivilized. So scary.

I increased my insurance 500,000 RMB just to prepare against “wai di ren.”

Wow, what the fuck? You guys found a way to make fun of “wai di ren” with this too.

These abnormal things are done by “wai di ren,” lacking education, an impoverished life, ignorant and perverse.

The pictures: (Warning: graphic)

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  • lol

    the last picture is NEDM!

    • NEDM

      That’s what I said! :D

    • Queenserpentine

      I want to kill her the dumb git. I hope she fucking dies by someone doing this to her.

      • marvellous mariam

        Please. you shouldn’t say that.
        I’m not at all sticking up for her, and i think what she did is beyond horrible, disgusting and pure evil, its just that it isn’t really her that’s doing this, because a normal human being cannot preform such an act of cruelty. This was instead an act of both ego (the: i’m stronger and more important than a little kitten, so i should be able to take my negativity out on it) and painbody (the: i’m all alone, nobody’s there for me, i’m so sad and i need to get it out!).

        I advise all of you not to wish bad things about this, admittedly horrid, woman because the Universe and higher devine sources (such as the archangels) will deal with this woman their way, and by wishing negative things on her you are:
        1. Earning yourself karma points
        2. Weighing down your ego and/or painbody

        I suggest you all send her love and peace, and wish that she may be better in the future and forgive her for all her wrongs because she is deeply unconcious and this was an act of ego and/or painbody.

        For her i suggest she becomes enlightened by reading books/ listening to CDs by spiritual teachers (such as Eckhart Tolle, Cheryl Richardson, Daili lama, Deepak Chopra, Doreen Virtue, Loretta Loroche, Sonia Choquette, Gregg Braden, Bruce Lipton, Brian L. Weiss and the ever popular t Lousie L. Hay)

        If you don’t understand any of what I wrote, feel free to reply and i will write back ASAP
        PS: please check out the spiritual teachers and reply to this!

        • Lala

          Your a fucking bitch howw the fuck do u compare ur shitty ass life wit a cat tell me can a cat kill u NObitch and trust me god sent all of us together bith and nooo ur nott worth more then this kitten and yea i also think they should kill this fuckin chinese ass hole fuckin pulled eyes she aint even pretty i would kill her the same way she killed the kitten you a bitch and so should u die this way for deffendin her ass

          • elwyn

            she a demonic ass bitch

        • Natika

          which universe or world or space do you come from please? are you crazy that archangels will deal with her ? I will deal with people like that bitch when I will catch them. If you wish so pray for her and her stupidity but I will wish only the worse for her. Ask that small kitten if it will wish love for her for what she was doing to it. That woman is nothing more than big piece of Shit. She can not be considered as human and our society can not deal with her like with human but just like with a big piece of Shit. Hopefully she will dieing very slow, painfull and very long for every small kitten she killed.

        • MXL

          wow… are you serious? are you a marketing person for those CDs and books?? Sure maybe we shouldn’t be so negative but that lady just CRUSHED a kitten!!!! If your father/mother were crushed by someone would you stand there and say “I forgive you”?
          If you will then you are either
          1) some kind of sick person, no emotional ties whatsoever
          2) some kind of god, because god will just say “hey I’ll make another kitten”

          I agree we shouldn’t be so negative, but speaking on her behalf like this is disgusting.

          • marvellous mariam

            I may hate her too, but i just don’t want to have karma coming back to me when the higher divine sources are dealing with her (she’s probably either: being mauled by a troupe of wild lions / being drowned by cats … etc)

        • DJR

          Are you serious? This is why religion is the downfall of the world…the woman should be held and tortured just like the kitten, dying a slow and extremely painful death.

        • Edith

          OKOK.. I wish only for a second you can take a moment and see this like as if this girl is doing this to your animal or your kids…because one day animals will not be enough for her…and she will take this on another level and will need more rush and adrenaline and it will be on humans..believe me.. And I truly believe that if this happened to your family you would not say..OH JUST PRAY AND LET HER GO AND WISH LIGHT AND LOVE FOR HER…I MEAN, COME ON!!! I believe in a bigger energy that we all are part of..but not in a place where i can just wish good things for humans like this..she needs to be placed to receive a treatment and sometimes nothing can change these people so they should be given medication and left to a new life !
          When you take a life and have pleasure doing shouldn’t be allowed to keep yours.!

          • noname

            You are an asshole.

        • Fighter for justice!

          so you obviously believe in god then, but have no ill wishes on this woman, or believe in any kind of justice?? you are a fucking hypocrite!! what about that old saying; “Do one to others as you would have done to you” not sure if thats exactly it, but i believe that some woman wearing high heels should do this to her while someone else is taking her photo, do u think she cares if you pray for her? no, shes laughing at you! your beliefs are your beliefs, they have NO effect on people who dont believe. I dont believe in god, I believe what i give out I get back, yes like karma, if i did that to an innocent creature then one day i would expect the same thing to happen to me, wouldnt you? Or do you, like her, believe that you are above other people? Religion is the route of all evil. If we all lived our lives treating all creatures, great and small, the same as we ourselves want and expect to be treated, the world would be a perfect place to live. Religion creates conflict, which is what you are doing here. She deserves to be treated the very same way she treats others. Do you have animals, or children? Would you wish someone love and peace if they did this to your animal or child? Oh, and you cant tell me that animals and children are different, apart from the obvious, any one with both animals and children will tell you they are ALL just as important members of the family as the next.

          • Voice of Freedom

            No see whats I think is funny is you have a clearly christian cunt, talking about karma when their own beliefs dont acknowledge it as being real, take your bigot ass and fuck off.

        • Fighter for justice!

          or maybe you are like her, in every way, and thats why you want us to send our love and peace…
          YOU are the sick bitch here, think about it.., you are condoning her behavior only to benefit yourself, you speak of karma, so you send her love and peace because YOU want love and peace.
          Selfish, dont you think?

        • read this mariam (aka lerooooooy)

          i understand every word you are saying here and i wish i could think like you can,but i cant
          i respect your way of dealing with this situation and if you are not lying,you earned my respect
          but i cant think like you because i think she has to learn a lesson
          not dying or so because then,she didnt learn anything
          and also no torture because that would make you just as less human as she is
          i personally would put here in the biggest forrest in cannada and with her nothing but her weapon of choice (the high heels)
          and let her try to fight for her life
          if she survives,she maybe learned her lesson but if not,then she is most likely dead
          and in that way,(i belive) you can stop things like this happen again because then,those sick psychos would be scared of doing so
          this is my opinion and i hope you can understand atleast a snippet of it

        • TiickleMeLanii

          I agree and then again I do not disagree with you. I agree that God will handle this, but by you saying that it wasn’t her that did it, and also say it was done because of ego and painbody, those are both things that any human may experience. In that case she was fully aware, and concious of what she was doing. But I don’t think it was neither. That’s a spirit…a spirit she needs to get rid of. Something got in that woman, and caused her to perform such an act. You can’t automatically assume that everything with this woman will be okay and that she’ll be enlightened by reading a book. You think she’s gonna say, “Oh, that spiritual leader made me feel alot better. I am now aware that I shouldn’t kill cats.” No! It’s a SPIRIT! A bad one.

        • Scott

          So because of a possible family struggle she has to kill kittens? riiiight, i’m sorry i get where your coming form, as in the background of people can determine what acts they take, but i can never get over animal cruelty.

        • DeathToPsychopaths

          What a load of shit. This bitch is a psychopath. Anyone that can do that to an innocent kitten has no emotion, no guilt and absolutely SHOULD NOT walk among us. If anyone knows who this woman is, kill her. Kill her now and save the world from her. I know this type of personality. There is no help for her. She cannot be “saved” and she cannot be cured.

    • adam

      i’m shaking i’m so upset

    • cleaninternet

      can we close these sites there so mush of them
      whay pepole do nothing where r the animal riaghts pepole
      i hope she die in the same way





      [Note from Fauna: Comments under different names (GO CAPITALISM, lol/LOL, Capitalist Pig, COMMUNISM SUCKS, Counterfeit Eggs, Capitalism Rocks Communism Sucks, & BRING HER TO JUSTICE).]

  • MJ

    She is a bitch!

  • The Humanaught

    Truly horrible. Sadly as much as the freedom of the Internet gives voice to intelligent debate on a wide berth of topics, it also gives a voice to these psychopaths.

    It’s a rare day I root for the human search engines to find their mark.

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  • Jeremy

    That’s really disturbing. Saddening, really.

    How would she like it if that was done to part of her, but she was alive to see it?

  • Shijieren

    What’s the latest on this “human flesh search engine”? Did they track her down? Any clues? This qualifies for a follow-up post, don’t you think?

  • Fauna

    Hi Shijieren,

    I did a search but there does not seem to be any big updates. I found the following from Xin Kuai Newspaper:

    She is 25 years old, height ~160cm, weight ~55kg, uses the internet regularly, is a manager/boss of a clothing store in Chengdu, and may have posted the pictures to gain fame.

    The person also said he had a phone number but when they called, a man answered the phone.

    I do not know how reliable this information is but that is what I have found so far.

    • AmberLouise

      If she was found, would she be sent to prison? i hope to god they let wild animals eat her for breakfast

      • Skyi


        • Debs

          I’d be the first to use my pointy shoes and slowly do what she did to that poor cat.Only I’d spend a good few hours doing it…..a slow death

          • Debs

            I meant to say i would do the same to her. I hope she’s found and brought to justice

    • pimpo

      good fauna good verry very good

      • pimpo

        i lock this video place return kitten killers good boots good squish head crush eye

        • pablo

          hi . plis send mi the web site to see the vid . ilike trample , thanks . PABLO

    • http://x pablo

      pablo . hi fauna . i like very much this pictures . i need the vid . do you know whats is the web site ? . i need the vid . please , send the web site adress . thank you . PABLO

    • http://Facebook Cyrielle

      For Fauna,
      Where have you got these pictures?
      These pictures appear on internet,do you know the website where this video or these pictures were posted?
      There is propably something : an address IP, a link.
      You know some informations about this girl: her age,weight,height, where she’s work, you can have these personal informations, but nothing about how this video arrived on internet, the website or blogs where these pictures were posted? How could you explain that?

      [Note from Fauna: The link where I saw these pictures was already provided in the post.]

      • http://Facebook Cyrielle

        This video must be reported to the FBI,INTERPOL so that’s why, we need a link,the website put up this video with an address IP, it’s very important.
        These cruelties can’t be tolerate on the net!!!!
        It’ really important to do something concrete.

  • Mindcontrola

    Totally gross. So cruel. Why would she want to do that? How would she like it if I did that to her? So not cool

  • Michi



  • Chinamerican

    OMG NO!

    See, people make fun of Bill Clinton for passing legislation to ban these sorts of videos in the US but it’s not very funny when you actually see one of them.

  • CS

    :( :( :( so sadddd…

    how cruel can this woman be?? this is very very heartless thing to do. i pray that she will be punished severely. May the poor kitties’ soul rest in peace.

    And apparently she’s doing this cruel thing for fame?? Of all the things she could do but she chose to hurt and kill little innocent kitten(s)?

    I wish nothing but for her to be found, caught and punished, whipped severely EVERY DAY IN PRISON. We don’t want her to die do we, we WANT HER TO SUFFER FOR THE REST OF HER LIFE! If she gets killed, then her sufferings will end just there. So LET HER SUFFER the pain she caused to these innocent creatures.

    • ben

      actually you just acting like her with your words !!!! you’d want to see a human being suffer for the rest of her life for have smash a life down and make pleasure of it !!! think about it !!!

      • DeathToPsychopaths

        The kitten didn’t deserve it. This fucking bitch DOES.

  • unknown

    ugh, what a stupid CHINK!. I bet she even ate it after she killed it. What a bitch!!

    • cynthia

      If you’re going to bash her, fine.
      Don’t throw around your racist comments and stereotypes though.

      • Matt

        What the fuck? I hope to GOD you aren’t actually defending this horrible woman.

        • Skyi

          u’r just another idiot who stereotypes… NOT ALL Chinese do this… And for goodness sake! She wasn’t defending her…

      • jayne

        STUPID BITCH! who gives a fuck what anybody calls her or stereotypical things they say, this fuckin chinky fuckin bitch deserves to be fucking killed. and id be the first in line to stamp on her fuckin head

        • Oscar

          Even though I can see everyone’s anger towards your comment, I can understand where you acquire such hatred for the Chinese race. The dogmas on races are there, but only because we are ill informed and sadly we act off them. I want you to know that I personally know many Asians that care very deeply for the welfare of animals and humans and devote their lives to their beliefs. Sadly, many people have a tendency to say racist comments because videos, images, and actions such as the cat stomping incident are made viral on main stream media and we don’t advertise stories with great morals and realistically are much more common than these atrocities. I hope that you can all excuse this guy seeing as he is not to blame, but how society as a whole has labeled one another based on the worse rather than the common good. And as for you, who has posted this, I hope that you can come to understand that this is an individual act and should be viewed individually instead of categorizing her with a larger population.

    • Skyi

      STFU! I’m Chinese too! Don’t stereotype you jerk! I wish ALL THESE woman and like-minded people were never born!

      What’s the use of apologising?! It can’t come back to live!

      More recent, more VICIOUS!

      • mary blackchurch

        You don’t have any reason to apologise Skyi, you didn’t do this. Labeling races will do nothing to help situations such as these. We, as a ‘human race,’ must band together and shout from the roofoops that this kind of blatent, evil cruelty, is simply unacceptable.

        The more we cry out, as opposed to turning away, or staying quiet, the more the message will reach those who think this kind of thing is ‘no big deal.’ All of us can think back to younger days when wanting to seem ‘cool’ to our peers, or be one of the gang was important. More important than our true feelings maybe. The conscious developes slowly, I believe it grows as we encounter situation after situation.

        Maturity, age and life experience shows us that nothing is more important than what our instinct, gut and heart tell us is right. I’d be willing to bet that alot of these types, the woman above included, are trying desperately to impress people who are even sicker than they are, trying to belong anywhere as long as it is somewhere. Somewhere is her life there is something that can hurt & destroy her as much as this act hurts those of us who had the bad luck to witness the murder of this poor baby kitten. And find her it will, for there is evil out there far greater than she. Like attratcs like, her day is coming.

        Yet witness it we must, to finally understand such violence and disregard for innocence and life exists in every corner of this world. Sadly, some of our protected worlds will never be the same after watching something like this. I only hope it opens up our voices & hearts to act out against these atrocities however we can. For it is as a group, working side by side, no matter color, race, sex, class or age that we will beat down the evil that rages against us. Until we ‘get’ that, the planet is not a safe place for anyone, evil people included.

        I leave you with a few quotes:

        “All that is necessary for evil to succeed is that good men do nothing.”
        Edmund Burke

    • american soldier

      WTF is it really necessary to leave racist comments?
      You’re a dumb ignorant racist fuck.
      I hope the cat killer gets you next you racist assfuck.

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  • nazi

    omfg, even nazis did not do these evil acts!

    hitler loved animals!

    if she was around when hitler was, she would be burnt alive

    • disgusted

      no hitler did that kind of disgusting thing to humans. look at the other side of this lunatic. he was off his block and seriously demented.

    • thesane1

      hitler killed millions, he tore the skin from their bodies while they were alive and used the skin as lamp shades.then he sold them for more if they had tattoos on them. have you even been to a concentration camp in germany? can you say as a rational human being that a nazi regime is good that it would better us?!? it is futile to be racist as you lot will dwindle in numbers the more people relise there is only 1 race the human race. Wake up.

      • MXL

        Can you give evidence of the lamp shades part? Sounds weird.

    • Casey

      How can you claim mass genocide, torture and inhumane and perverse experimentation is any less of an “evil act”? However, I agree that she is disgusting.
      P.S. Humans are animals, too.
      Before you claim to be a Nazi, perhaps you should read up on your history.

  • TahwYOJ


  • katrine

    This is such a disgusting, sick and evil monster, I hope she pays for what she did! I hope the poor kitty finally rests in peace, where no human monster can use it as a toy for their pervert and twisted “games”! Humankind really is the worst of all living species, people like her disgust me and make me ashamed of belonging to that species!

  • under taker

    i want know who is killer animal

  • Vengence

    I hope someone posts a video of her being burned alive.



    • shannon

      fucking agree with you!


      HOLY CRAP!

    • Skyi

      Can you not stereotype?! You jerk! I love animals and I’m Asian! I have pets too! This woman is more vicious than the one i saw two years back! And there’s also a series that comes with puppies, bunnies and toads! These people should never have been born… I can’t stop crying…

  • WTF?¡¡¡

    ANOTHER KITTEN KILLER…FOR GOD’SAKE SOMEBODY HAVE TO STOP THESE HORRIBLE ACTIONS…..i see another killer like that i think she is that duck-killer too..

    At least somedoy kill that bitch…give us a name…who is “she” ??? Who the F**ck she is??’

  • Rcowell86

    This bitch is fucked up. If I ever meet you I will do the same to you, you sick fuck!

  • Mistral

    And here we are now, comparing human life to animal life.

    So sad.



  • Kessi

    fucking bitch, come and visit Europe, well show you how cruel we can be

  • jztfh

    She is a real Han-chinese pride! I know China only in this way. kill the weak and enjoy the tea.

    • zorin

      she should kill more kittens yea its kool i love it and i would fuck her…i stand by her yea

      • scott

        sick fucks. we all like sex but this is not at all sexual. to me it is the same as paedophilia and i am not going to blurt on about what i would do to these people as if i did find someone that did this shit i would carry it out and would not want to have this post as evidence or a confession but anyone who condones this is fucked, wants commiting and tortured for the rest of their lives.
        Their is enough porn sites out there with some really bizarre content (believe me i am a regular) and yes i am a bit of a perv but i watch porn, i dont rape, abuse or for fucks sake hurt animals to get my kicks. i suggest find a big building and do us all a favour and jump off.
        rid this world of weirdos, sex offenders and paedos, they are not welcome

        • rachel elliott

          i couldnt have said it better myself!!

        • Scott Gregory

          I was reading your post about the cat killers and I do agree with you. I like porn of all kinds but not with animals or kids. I just read a story about a 14 year old girl in New York that cooked a kitten in an oven because she was angry with a exfrend of hers. She got a year and a half in jail, but we all know she will be out in two or three months and maybe try something worse. Im far from being an angle but what the hell is wrong with some of thest people???

      • endofgreen

        Zorin,I hope you and the people who torture and kill pets for sadistic pleasure all die a slow horrible death someday-your all a bunch of sick twisted shitheads.

  • Jfemmefatale

    I wonder if people be less disturbed if she kill Kat than kitten. Some Kats be vicioius, mean, attack, steal, and kill. Too often it is killed or be killed. Self defense I say. Irregardless, she is one hot bitch!

    • rachel elliott

      not all cats are!! infact not many of them are….unless of course your talkin about a fucking tiger!! and yes it makes it worse its a kitten….a poor defenseless kitten…no fuckin need!! not hot at all…bah!! sick fuck!!!

    • wat??????

      you sick fuck as if that was considered kill or be killed it was a fucking kitten how was it going to kill her. She is a stupid bitch. This made me sick how the hell can you try and defend what she did. heartless moron.
      By the way irregardless isnt a word

  • standwomanc

    Society so sexist. Men allowed to fish, cause fish pain, throw back in river. Just for sport! Men hunt and kill wildlife. Kat not deserve worship and reverance above all else. Kat misbehave too! Kat wild. Some carry wild disease.

    That being said, may be fun too raise baby kitten to be good pet/friend that doesn’t bite.

    • rachel elliott

      Oh my god how the fuck can you campare a kitten to a fucking fish!! shes stood on it and crushed it….crushed its tiny bones!! i hope someone has killed her by now to be honest with you, hard time or fucking not!

      • rocc

        i would like to meet you because i could not have put it in better words

    • Robert Capps


      You say a cat does not deserve worship? Did you know that the most advanced civilizations of the ancient world worshipped cats? This was done with a good reason. In the land of Ancient Egypt, there were no mouse-traps or rat-traps yet, and no pesticides or the Orkin Man like we have here in the States, so the goddess Bhaastet was held in high esteem in the land of the pharoahs, for she was the guardian of the granaries and the fields yielding along the banks of the Nile river that kept those places free of vermin that would spread disease and destroy the food sources of the whole nation. There can be many valid reasons that each culture holds revererence for certain animals. I am a disabed man and I depend on my service guide dog for assistance. But you do sound like you are an animal lover, too.

  • JPM

    J.P.M., Kessi? Don’t be such a Kopy Kat. You don’t have a monopoly on Europe or control the chess board.

    Read up.

  • neverwasacornflakegirl

    YO Tz

    If Eve hadn’t bit into the apple (at Satan’s suggestion), she and humankind might not have had a sexual awakening.

    Send her to hell! She’ll learn more! Sarchasm.

    Heaven crashes, hell crashes. Honest gnostics know this about the system they endorse. As a Buddhist Atheist, I say invest wisely in rebirth rather than eternal torture or eternal lobotimized, docilized bliss. But some women may enjoy having the fight taken out of them.

    I would love to be a regression therapist! ;P

  • Animals Angel

    Mistral ~ you need to get off this page if you think this fucked up crap is ok!!! Seriously!! This bitch needs to be tortured to within an inch of her pathetic disgusting immoral life!!!!!! They do this bullshit for sexual gratification you dumb ass!!!!!!!!!
    It doesn’t matter though “what” the reason, this is “FUCKIN SADISTIC BEYOND FUCKIN WORDS”!!!!!!!!!!! I hope karma chases her for the rest of her low life! If I ever found her, I would post the video of HER TORTURE!!!! You SICK, EVIL, TWISTED, DEMENTED PIECE OF ANTSHIT BITCH!!!!!!!!!!

  • M.M.

    I hope this inhumane bitch burns and rots in hell. Forever.
    I wish she suffers as much as this hlpless and innocent kitten.
    It makes me sick. Disguisted. Ashamed that I am human too.
    Pook kitten.

    Take a look at this extremelyu disturbing video. It will open your eyes about human society more. Have a heart and please join.

  • smickno

    When I said in my other post that HUMANS are worst than animals, some idiots disagreed with me writing in fanciful English rhetoric. Now it takes only a picture of a cute kitten to get PEOPLE to understand what I knew all along.

    Animals kill for food and after they have eaten, they stop. Man does not. In all of creation, MAN is the most cruel.

    Now there was an idiot in that other post who stretched and twisted my statement to say that sometimes animals fight (and might end up killing) simply because they are ‘wild animals’ whose instinct is to kill. To him and similar such idiots, I have nothing more to say. They have not seen, and they don’t understand my deep meaning. Amithaba. 善哉善哉。

  • Samael


    many animals can be cruel as well. Cats for example are known to torment and play with their prey for their own amusement before killing and eating them.

    • jessica.

      yea. seems like morality and higher intelligence should make us impossible to compare though.

  • smickno


    ‘many animals can be cruel as well. Cats for example are known to torment and play with their prey for their own amusement before killing and eating them.’


    Seems like you too don’t understand my deep meaning.

    Let me paraphrase: Animals are simple minded (and I underline it) whereas MAN is not. A child, that is before he becomes an adult, can also ‘play with his prey for his own amusement” but we are agreed that a child is innocent alright. An animal will not do what that woman did to the kitten.

    In fact, the similarity between animals and children is that they both are simple minded, whereas MAN (here the masculine embraces the feminine ) is not. That is why we see the worst forms of cruelty ever conceived.

    Animals will kill for food or to defend a perceived intrusion into their territory and even to protect their young. All these are done as instincts of survival, whereas MAN tortures animals (such as this woman here) and also other humans because they are worse than animals. Torturing other being with the breath of life has nothing to do with survival.

    • scott

      i know what you mean. animals will play with their prey so is that an excuse for us to do it, whoever did not understand you must be a bit simple, we as humans know better, we as humans should have a code of conduct.
      if we are comparing humans to animals then take this for an example that i am sure will back up smickno. my cat had kittens, when the kittens were just about old enough to go out we made the mistake of not getting them neutered, one came back pregnant. that kitten was only a baby but still another cat mated with it. NOW tell me does that make it acceptable for paedophiles to carry on with THEIR sick behaviour.
      Whoever doubted smickno should have a little think!!!!!!

  • J

    BOYCOTT ANY PRODUCTS THAT SUPPORT ANY ANIMAL CRUELTY ANYWHERE! These acts don’t stop here, and it’s money, often OUR MONEY that supports and keep them in business. Refuse to support China, and other Asian products period. Look into other animal cruelties done by the despicable citizens of China, and other Asian countries, even our own! Many Asian countries are especially cruel to animals. Such as the underground meat market and dog/cat fur industry. There is no humanity or decency present.

  • Kai

    @ smickno:

    While I’m generally in agreement with you, I just have to point out that bottle-nose dolphins have actually been observed killing for fun.

    Where are all these new commenters coming from anyway? Did PETA link to this website or something?

  • Rick in China


    I think one of the major differences in cruelty here is not limited by a person torturing and killing an animal, but the reasons for it. She’s filming it and posting it to the world to “brag” about her disgusting lack of moral character. I would argue that a person willing to brag about their interest in torture, cruelty, and gore is far more dangerous than a person who has a ‘secret’ interest and is hiding it from the world – at least the latter recognize it as morally wrong even though it’s a part of their dark side.

  • Kai

    @ Rick:

    Dude, what are you responding to?

  • Samael


    never read your other posts. I made a comment on your last post alone cos it seemed like populist moral hogwash.

    in any case, what your view on children who commit crime then? like those pair of boys (who were like what, 12 at the time?) in england that sodomized and murdered another child (who was 10 i think)? (cant remember their names now but im sure someone can help me out, there was a big fuss about them coming the Australia and all)

  • AD

    This girl is an absolute WHORE, she needs too get a life, how could a person ever do something so terrible

  • Natalie M.

    I agree with ‘Rick in China’ from above:
    Anyone who is willing to publicly broadcast their sick cruelty and lack of moral character is dangerous to society — not only for the potential harm they can cause to other beings, but the influence of their transgressions.

    Recently an article was published in my local newspaper about a cat that became victim to cruelty in a neighboring city. The cat’s teeth were broken, its face was beaten, it was covered in gasoline, and had been lit on fire. The owner found her cat this way on her front lawn in the morning helplessly meowing, and dying. It is Internet links like this one that perpetrate this type of behaviour. This posting and others like it must be deleted.

    I was referred to a PETA group on facebook, and saw this picture. I came to check it out because I could not fathom that it was real. It is really too bad that it is.

    • Samantha Wilks-Towsley

      this is not only disturbing but also teaching kids, who are young and innocent, that this is Ok and legal. Acts like this need to be banned, illegal, and prosicuted to the fullest extent. It’s not Ok for a kid to do it but yet it’s freedom of speech online??? WTF is wrong with the courts? the supreme courts in the US at least need to make it illegal and realize that it IS MURDER!!!! the evidence is in the videos.

  • Animals Angel

    @ Kai:

    Why are you so worried where all the new people and comments are coming from?? What does it matter? It’s getting out into the world, and these disgusting excuses for human beings are being seen for what they really are!!!! Scumbags who do not deserve to breathe!!!
    I got it from facebook too!

  • Samael

    “This posting and others like it must be deleted.”

    censorship much?

  • Kai

    @ Animals Angel:

    Whoa, calm down there, Sparky. I was just curious. Had you bothered to READ, this post explicitly condemns the existence of such a horrible person and phenomenon. It was also published many months ago and I was just wondering why it suddenly got a bunch of new attention and comments. Surely my innocent curiosity didn’t kill this cat, right?

    So, a PETA Facebook group linked to this post. Great, that’s all the answer I needed. Simple question, simple answer. There was no need for you to attack me as if I was the animal abuser, nor did I say anything to suggest I want it covered up and fear it “getting out.” Geez, what’s your problem?

    • jessica.

      no they made a group and linked it on facebook

  • Rick in China

    Responding to the post before mine, this:

    “While I’m generally in agreement with you, I just have to point out that bottle-nose dolphins have actually been observed killing for fun.”

  • smickno


    mamma mia. You took the words ‘killing for fun’ from that article lock, stock and barrel and then accuse dolphins of killing for fun? Suppose that writer had said dolphins kill for love, will you also copy and paste that? How about saying that crocodiles kill for fun? Do not take in every word you read (in any article) because the words used are only what the writer chose to use.

    Not enough is known about dolphins yet to understand their behaviour and it is anybody’s guess why a dolphin’s brain is such that certain things/creatures/events will trigger off a certain behavioural response. Maybe they have to have this kind of ‘fun’ to sharpen their teeth, or exercise certain muscles, and that again is an instinct of survival. God knows what it is, but Smickno surely knows that MAN is WILD. No, there are no wild animals on this planet, only wild men. I recommend you to read the book, an old book, entitled ‘Animal Farm” hehe.

    The woman mentioned in this post is definitely not going to die if she did not torture the kitten, hence the instinct of survival, which I used to defend animals for their killing of other animals, is not a tenable argument…not that you said that

    But surely, I would not say that she is, after all, doing a similar thing as a dolphin anyway, and by that extrapolation. as simple minded as a child and all animals, and so she is exonerated.

    Animals and children cannot tell right from wrong; they act on natural instinct. Animals like dogs can be trained to kill, so can children. But a man who tortures animals and other humans in the most cruelly conceivable manner is indeed the king of the jungle, the great Beast.

    12 year old kids are still kids. However, children can be conditioned by the society to become upright citizens or crooks later on in life. When I said children are innocent, I mean to say children in their original, pure and unadulterated form, and not those who are brainwashed from a young age, as in some countries, to even learn how to use a rifle to go to war…or as in your example, sodomise. It is just sad that these 2 young fellows grew up with the wrong influence, but I think it is not too late, with proper counselling and guidance to bring them back on the right path.

    You did not read my comments in context and instead, gave an example of an exception where the 12 year-olds have been immersed in a wrong environment. The example you gave is like disagreeing with me when I say a rose smells good, and you bring out one which someone has pee-ed on it, and then tell me, look this child is not that innocent, eh. mamma mia.

  • smickno

    @ Rick in China

    You can read my reply to Kai…

    Yes, I noticed a lot of new people around, after trolls like you, fdlr, Rick et al decided to meet up for a beer, and were for a while offline.

    The long essays coming from the senior trolls literally crowded out the rest, who decided to sit by the gallery and watch how the debates unfold.

    If senior trolls like you and the rest come back, it will bring back the monopoly you people had been having, and you’re gonna have readers but not writers. I can bet with you on this.

  • Samael


    thats why you never generalize son, which you did by saying MAN this and MAN that, lest u be undone by smelly roses.

  • smickno


    You seem incapable of coming up with better arguments. It will be a pure waste of my time to address your silly allegation that I generalised. You obviously have a problem there reading my comments in context, and we all know it is scientifically impossible to raise your IQ, which is obviously quite low. So, I have no choice but to let you wallow alone in your own stupidity.

    Please, pray, do not call me SON. I don’t have such a idiotic father.

  • Kai

    @ Rick in China:

    Dude, I’m lost. I’m not sure what I said prompted you to start discussing differences of cruelty or showing off cruelty…with me specifically. I said I generally agree with what smickno said, which is that man is capable of incredibly cruel things, which also includes deriving some sort of pleasure for exhibiting or watching such cruelty.

    @ smickno:

    Okay, I’ll make it clear here: I thought that article (and several ones like it) were pretty darn funny.

    That said, your rationalization to exonerate dolphins seemingly killing “for fun” to human observers can equally be applied to humans as well: maybe we just don’t know enough about human behavior to explain why such seemingly “cruel” behavior can exist.

    Now what?

    Look, you’re trying too hard to be poetic. Please go back and reread the fact that I said I generally agree with you.

    Next, I’m not sure why you’re labeling me as a troll (especially when both of our participation on this website are more similar than different) OR why you’re trying to pick a fight with me.

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