Kitten Killers Return

In early 2006, pictures from a video of a Chinese woman wearing a sexy dress and high-heel shoes appeared on the internet. In the video, the Chinese woman uses her high-heel shoes to step on and kill a little kitten.

High heel Chinese kitten killer?

Earlier this week, pictures of this woman using high-heels to “crush” another poor kitten were posted on the internet again. I have put all the pictures at the bottom of this post, on page two, if you want to see them. They are very violent, disgusting, disturbing, and worse than the pictures in from the “first” high-heel kitten killer.

High heel kitten killer with kitten playing with heel

Everyone who has seen these pictures are shocked, angry, and outraged. Many are demanding that the human flesh search engines find out who she is, find her, and bring her to justice like last time. Here are some of the replies on the BBS Forum topic, “Wicked cat abusing woman reappears, more malicious than the last one! Too cruel to watch:”

She’s inhuman.

I’m going to vomit.

Society’s scum! Human trash! How did her family give birth to such a bitch!

What she did to the cat should be done to her. First kill her then tear apart her stomach.

Start the human flesh search engines! Let this perverse woman be exposed! Let her be punished by everyone!

Sick-minded~~~~~what is wrong with this world?

Who knows who this bitch is? Find her and kill her. Inhuman.

Humans who have lost reason become the cruelest animals.

What about the person filming this? That person is also perverse. Let us curse these scum together and hope that they will meet the same fate in the future.

Cats have souls too. Scum like you will one day face retribution.

Motherfucker…how can this person live with herself? She should beware being abused after she’s dead. This kind of person deserves to be raped and killed. After killing her, rape her again. After raping her, kill her again…

May the woman be the cat and the cat be the woman in the next life.

Everyone think of a way to find this person: Where is she from? What is her job? Where does she live? Phone number? Let’s make an example out of her.

This news soon reached the Shanghai KDS Forum in a topic called “I’m scared to look. This kind of person will not die an good death.” The poster included a link to the BBS, and also posted pictures of someone burning a kitten inside a cage. There are hundreds of replies with reactions similar to

The 18th level of hell was prepared for them.

Kitten killer karma

I hope their family burns and no one comes to rescue them.

The life of this kind of woman is worth less than the life of this cat.

If I knew earlier, I would not have come in.

My heart hurt watching this. This kind of person will go to hell.

Human flesh search engine starting…

However, because many of the people on KDS are Shanghainese, there were also some different and interesting comments. In history, Shanghai has always been a big city that is more modern and open than most other places in China. So, many Shanghainese think they are superior and more civilized than anyone who is not Shanghainese. They often think anyone who is a “wai di ren” (outsider) is automatically an uncivilized “xiang xia ren” (country people) or “nong min” (peasants).

Some of their responses to this news show that:

Perverse “wai di ren” are many. Everyone be careful when making friends. You cannot usually be sure what they are like.

Wai di ren” are uncivilized. So scary.

I increased my insurance 500,000 RMB just to prepare against “wai di ren.”

Wow, what the fuck? You guys found a way to make fun of “wai di ren” with this too.

These abnormal things are done by “wai di ren,” lacking education, an impoverished life, ignorant and perverse.

The pictures: (Warning: graphic)

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  • Deathrow

    How do people have the stomach to commit such random acts of cruelty to other living things. I’m no tree hugger, but killing, no, torturing a kitten to death, looking at the pictures makes me feel physically sick.

    I can’t begin to contemplate what must be wrong with this womans head.

  • http://none Scarlet

    I swear on my honour, that if no one else wants to get her hands dirty, I will see to it that she meets an agonizing, slow, painful, humiliating end!
    Hey, bitch!! I hope you’re reading this! Watch yourself, you’re in my books now, and I promise you, yes, PROMISE you, that I will have your head on a silver platter, got it you smug little cunt?!


    i hope you suffer a long and painful death you discusting heartless chinese bitch! i will find you, oh yes… and that is a promise…and yes i am threatening your life ..beacause its going to end soon bitch, i already know where your grave is going to my cats food dish :)


    anyone can put racest comments on this page if they want get over it, not all chinese ,koreans,asians, are cruel heartless humans like most of them..but the ones who are…diserve to be burned alive while being laughed at and being sliced with razers and stilletos stompping in there eyes. i dont care how racest this sounds..but i really really wish that all those chinese mother fuckers would just get off this planet!!!!! they are taking over everywhere…dont say im wrong cuz its true and you know it. people in china are sick fucked in the head discusting people..the kill snakes put them on a stick and eat them…kill innoccent cats and dogs for fun, cut the fins of of sharks and then put them back in the water while they are still die. kill monkeys…fuckk i could go on for days these ppl will eat anything that moves…even insects on a stick? fucking nasty freaks. koreans…give there children baseball bats and let them go out and tie stray dogs up and beat them to death for fun/. um oh shove cats and dogs into a cage that would maybe normaly fit 2 …they cram about 20 dogs and cats in each/. slaughter horses….FUCKING FREAKS!! dont beleive me? look it all up… and youll see the real shocking truth of these so called humans.

    • Annie

      I really wish you’d learn how to spell.

      • Annie

        Also, take a look at what goes on in your own country…you think Asians are sick?

  • Cailyn

    What a bitch. I can’t believe how disgusting she is. I wish I could kick her in the teeth…

  • Charlotte

    She needs to die.

  • Biizkit

    That woman is fucking wrong! Someone needs to do to her what she did to that poor kitten! What the hell possesses someone to do that to .. Well anything!

  • alix

    you dirty scum bag, you should rot in hell.
    i hope you fucking die a cruel death.
    ppl like this should be fucking shot,
    but tortured first
    just like these animals.
    like wtf is wrong in their head.

  • Kruno

    this is absolutely disgusting and it really(REALLY!)pisses me off,and it awakens the worst in me,i would well,i don’t know what would i do,probably torchure that stupid bitch!

  • Autumn

    Fuckin slut! If she lived near me I’d crush her fuckn head!

  • kill this lady NOW

    wtf, this woman needs to die, she needs to be put through the exact pain, if not WORSE pain, she gave this poor incent kitten, people like this should be burned alive, skinned, beaten, and should have heals pushed into their eyes and die a LONG, PAINFULL death

  • Danielle

    :( :( :(
    These pictures send shivers down my spine.
    How can anybody hurt a poor innocent little animal.
    What did that poor little kitten do to her.
    This is the reason why I dislike most Chinese people.
    I hope they find this woman and do the same thing to her. But put her threw more torture and pain so she knows what that kitten went threw.
    People disgust me.
    Grow the fuck up and get a life.

    • Annie

      You’re the reason I dislike people who don’t know grammar. It’s “through,” not “threw.”

    • Scott Johnson

      Quote: “This is why you dislike most Chinese people”
      What an absurd comment. Do you assume “most” Chinese people do this sort of thing? Are you self educated? This kind of thing goes on in America and every other country in the world. You’re a bigot and an imbecile. You should avoid expressing your opinions until you’re capable of rational thought.
      Kind regards, Scott.

  • meghan

    wow. people this day’s wtf is wrong with them?
    how can they do that :’(?
    that is completely sad.
    i think everyone should be put to jail who does this
    i’m 13 years old and i am seeing this kinda things :’(
    she is and completely ruide person. :@
    people are rude disrespectful.
    and what runs through their head to make em do that

  • Mr. Chips

    Well, Karma’s gonna bite her in the ass something fierce! Stupid cow….

  • sarah

    This is just sad, This woman is clearly either deeply disturbed, or seeking attention, but obviously going at it the wrong way… this is one of the most disturbing actions i’ve seen all my life and the ffact that this woman is protected under the right of freedom of speach is disgusting, and for that the blames falls on the corrupt government.

  • chenise

    wow i have never seen anything so gross in my life wow i can’t believe people would do that to a poor lil animal!!!!!! well all i got to say is if i ever see this girl or any one else that does this to animals i will beat them until they bleed to death then i will step on her with high heels on and show her how it feels!!!!!!!!!

  • cathy

    this is so sad. i can’t believe anyone would want to watch that. it breaks my heart.

  • Ross

    Hey guys. I also did some research…

    But attention returned to China when an internet surfer came across a 37-year-old woman from Hubei province with the internet identity “Gainmas”. She had registered a website in Hangzhou and – the ultimate evidence – had bought a pair of stilettoes on eBay last year.

    She was also registered with QQ, a popular Chinese message service, where she wrote of herself: “I furiously crush everything to do with you and me.”

    Before her QQ address went dead, its owner had several conversations. In one, she is coy, saying “So what?” when asked if the pictures are of her, and then, when asked again, replying: “In theory.”

    When confronted by a reporter, she became defensive, saying: “Suddenly hundreds of people are on my QQ and cursing me. What’s the problem if I crush cats? It’s a type of experience. You wouldn’t understand.”

    He Yong, a Beijing representative of the International Fund for Animal Welfare, said the angry response to the pictures had been heartening.

    “We are still trying to confirm who it is in the pictures and where it is,” he said. “The embarrassing thing is that there are no available laws in China governing this type of misbehaviour.

    “We are trying to draft an open letter to the authorities asking for the possibility of creating an animal welfare law.”


    if any of u have her address fuckin send it to me i will fly there and burn the bitch for this shes doin this shit for fame china is fucked up

  • smackit

    Why don’t all you inbred racists shut up, you don’t care about the cat stop pretending.

    You just want an excuse to be racist.

    • Annie

      I think they care, they’re just being stupid about it.

  • 4chuan

    this is so stupid. i absolutely love cats, and I think this is cruel, but if you have a big problem with this you should really think about why you’re not a vegetarian already.

  • Vicki

    OMG i can not believe that people have lowed there standards to killing a small kitty like the one that she kills…no what not kills MURDERS that is pure and simply murder, this girl need to have done to her what she has done to these kittens, and im will willingly do so i dont even care if i would go to jail for it atleast i would know that she got what she deserved.

  • stONEr42o

    WoW, fuckin chinks are fuckin useless… i hope someone close to this slut dies or gets aids. next time i see a chink ima spit in their face and then break their nose

    • Annie

      Loser. You’re giving stoners a bad name. Grow up.

  • helen

    wtf has the world come to? this is sick and even if this is a hoax its sick sick sick/

  • kayleyxx

    This is disgusting!! how can people do such cruel things to these poor innocent animals? they are twisted and should all be punished! if i see her doing that to the kitten, i would rip her head of her shoulders and stamp on her face the ugly biatch!!!! grrr….so angry.

  • Amy

    i thought that this was some kind of joke, it was sent to me as a link on facebook to join this group to try and stop these people, after looking at the pictures stupidly i threw up and it has made me so sad to think that this sick excuse for a human could do this to an inocent animal, i hope she dies a painful death from a disgusting deasese, she is a dirty evil cunt and this should be completely banned from being published on the internet and the people who put these pictures up, if its to prevent or promote they were wrong becuase this web site is accessable to anyone, the whole thing is just sick and i hope anyone involved dies you sick fuckers!!


    i hope the fucking bitch dies of cancer

  • keith

    this is sick and inhuman. i hope her body rots in hell.

  • darko

    that fucking cruel piece of shit people like that make me whant to send a god dame nuke over to there hole country

    • Annie

      Wow. I’m surprised I made sense of that mess. You’d be perfect for the military what with your lack of spelling skills.

      • TwistedSpider

        How about you shut your fucking mouth before talking shit about the military? You’re just another dumbass racist who gets off on dissing people over the internet. Congrats. Now, how about saying it to one of us without the protection of your computer screen?

  • kirsty

    the stupid horrible fuckin bitch i hope she rots in hell and someone can get hold of her and fuckin smash her face in and kill her,she needs trackin down quick this sort of stuff makes me sick every1 loves animals there your life no matter if its a kitten to a hamster to a dog this has to be stoped
    you sick mother fucking bitch

  • The Woven Maiden

    Oh my goodness. This is beyond cruel. Its… I don’t know, inhumane. I’m at a loss for words. I pray that God takes mercy on here, I do. This is terrible.

  • toby

    she probably skun it and ate it after so waste not want not

    • Annie

      It’s “skinned.” Congrats on making up a past tense for ‘skin’. Hah, skun….loser.

  • Amanda

    that is so sad! how could someone step on and kill an animal? especially a kitten… they’re so tiny and helpless.

  • Maja

    She deserves death! What a horrible person!!!! Please someone step on her!!!!

  • alisa

    fuckin bitch-animal killer…………….you gonna burn in hell…wish for you to suffer more and more and more…..every day in your life………f…you!

  • kayleyxx


  • …..

    Yah not all chinese do this…but the ones that do, are giving them a bad name. personally i think that the rules and shit are cruel are sick in places like china,korea,and that. is chicken, cow, and pigs not enough for them?> so they have to kill poor innoccent cats and dogs tourture them to death for their amusment? …they eat insects for god sakss.. do they not have enough to eat .. mine as well start canabulisum again. im not trying to be racist ..but that seriously is sick and horrible. not only is it them, but other people no matter what culture..all over the world are cruel to animals and this happens everyday. its terribly sad , and i wish it would come to an end. im a vegatarian…and seriously why cant meat eaters just stick with the basics not poor dogs and cats, that could be turned into lovable family pets..or a childs best friend. there is no need not anything they can give as an excuse to do this. so if you are defeniding this bitch then yah im gunna say fuck you and burn in hell with that freak. no matter what- if anyone ANYONE is cruel in any way to any animal..they diserve all the worst. – we can put a stop to this…insted of sitting here and commenting and showing your anger…we need to get out there and do something..and the more people that do, the better it will get for these creatures.

    • Annie

      I couldn’t even finish reading this because of the horrible spelling and run-on sentences. Go back to school.

      • c3cc

        Annie, shut the fuck up already you stupid bitch. No one cares.

  • lilhockeyman4

    wtf is wrong with her ? if i see her, im going to step on her, see how she fking likes it :@ gah, it makes me so pissed seeing this, and i have a cat, so yea, and its not a old cat, like not even a year old

  • Cody

    I’d fucking kill that bitch, without a second thought of what was going to happen to me.

  • jimbob

    god she is ugly

  • Kristen

    PLEASE SIGN THIS.. every signature is one step closer to making the lives of cats and dogs better in korea. Everyday in Korea, dogs and cats are being brutaly tourtured, burned, skinned alive, chocked, hanged. .. there are undercover videos to proove this,. just as what this person is doing to that poor also being done to millions of dogs and cats right now.over 6,000 restaurants are serving dog meat today. lets put an end to this horrible act!! sign it now and share with your friends! – Stop killing dogs! Sign this petition now: #stopkillingdogs Please sign!! we all can make a difference !!

  • Harris

    Holly fucking shit, i can’t beleive someone or “something” could even imagine doing something like that i sear to fucking god if i ever fucking found that chink i would fucking kill her the slowest and most painfull way you can imagine fuckin chink BITCH she dosent deserve to live! shs not human

    • Annie

      Shut it, honkey.

  • Alicia

    this made me get my kitten and cuddle her for hours after seeing these photos. this is absolutely sick and one of the worst things i have ever seen.

  • Alex

    this is absolutely horrible. I can’t believe that anyone would be sick enough to do something like this. that poor innocent kitten did not deserve this.
    take my advice, DO NOT click on that link provided up top, you don’t want to see those other pictures. Undoubtably the most disturbing thing I’ve ever seen.

  • Sarah

    I am going to cry

  • Clare

    what a sick fuckin ugly slag she deserves to be burnt or raped to death

  • Greg

    Damn Zipper Heads

  • Roza

    that sick fuckin bitch she should fuckin be crushed by a massively large cat and see what it feels like that dumb bimbo!!!!! >=(

  • Harry

    This picture always just looked like she was playing with the kitten.

  • stamp on her

    she is a whore, fucking bitch
    they eat cats and dogs so it dont suprise me
    this should be stopped
    i hope that she gets stamped on,
    and dies.
    she is disgusting,
    she doesnt deserve to live.
    fucking hell, it outrages me to look at this.
    she makes me disgraced to be a human being.

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