Kitten Killers Return

In early 2006, pictures from a video of a Chinese woman wearing a sexy dress and high-heel shoes appeared on the internet. In the video, the Chinese woman uses her high-heel shoes to step on and kill a little kitten.

High heel Chinese kitten killer?

Earlier this week, pictures of this woman using high-heels to “crush” another poor kitten were posted on the internet again. I have put all the pictures at the bottom of this post, on page two, if you want to see them. They are very violent, disgusting, disturbing, and worse than the pictures in from the “first” high-heel kitten killer.

High heel kitten killer with kitten playing with heel

Everyone who has seen these pictures are shocked, angry, and outraged. Many are demanding that the human flesh search engines find out who she is, find her, and bring her to justice like last time. Here are some of the replies on the BBS Forum topic, “Wicked cat abusing woman reappears, more malicious than the last one! Too cruel to watch:”

She’s inhuman.

I’m going to vomit.

Society’s scum! Human trash! How did her family give birth to such a bitch!

What she did to the cat should be done to her. First kill her then tear apart her stomach.

Start the human flesh search engines! Let this perverse woman be exposed! Let her be punished by everyone!

Sick-minded~~~~~what is wrong with this world?

Who knows who this bitch is? Find her and kill her. Inhuman.

Humans who have lost reason become the cruelest animals.

What about the person filming this? That person is also perverse. Let us curse these scum together and hope that they will meet the same fate in the future.

Cats have souls too. Scum like you will one day face retribution.

Motherfucker…how can this person live with herself? She should beware being abused after she’s dead. This kind of person deserves to be raped and killed. After killing her, rape her again. After raping her, kill her again…

May the woman be the cat and the cat be the woman in the next life.

Everyone think of a way to find this person: Where is she from? What is her job? Where does she live? Phone number? Let’s make an example out of her.

This news soon reached the Shanghai KDS Forum in a topic called “I’m scared to look. This kind of person will not die an good death.” The poster included a link to the BBS, and also posted pictures of someone burning a kitten inside a cage. There are hundreds of replies with reactions similar to

The 18th level of hell was prepared for them.

Kitten killer karma

I hope their family burns and no one comes to rescue them.

The life of this kind of woman is worth less than the life of this cat.

If I knew earlier, I would not have come in.

My heart hurt watching this. This kind of person will go to hell.

Human flesh search engine starting…

However, because many of the people on KDS are Shanghainese, there were also some different and interesting comments. In history, Shanghai has always been a big city that is more modern and open than most other places in China. So, many Shanghainese think they are superior and more civilized than anyone who is not Shanghainese. They often think anyone who is a “wai di ren” (outsider) is automatically an uncivilized “xiang xia ren” (country people) or “nong min” (peasants).

Some of their responses to this news show that:

Perverse “wai di ren” are many. Everyone be careful when making friends. You cannot usually be sure what they are like.

Wai di ren” are uncivilized. So scary.

I increased my insurance 500,000 RMB just to prepare against “wai di ren.”

Wow, what the fuck? You guys found a way to make fun of “wai di ren” with this too.

These abnormal things are done by “wai di ren,” lacking education, an impoverished life, ignorant and perverse.

The pictures: (Warning: graphic)

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  • ashley marie

    this girl makes me want to fucking vomit, why isnt anyone fucking doing something about this and fucking stopping it from happening again, the goverment is just as bad as she is, if there not doing anything, it obviously means that they support her in what she is doing.. sick fucks

  • Vany

    She doesn’t have the right to live, she is not a human but a MONSTER!!! I hope she dies very soon suffering during hours!!!!I HATE HER!!!!

  • J

    Country ass hick of a bitch . . .

  • Ashley

    I hope this Bitch dies a horrible death!!!!

  • wh*reHater

    bloody barbaric wh*re, i’d stab u to death if i ever come across you!!!

    • Annie

      I don’t see her selling sex on the video, so what makes her a whore? You must’ve had a bad experience with one…possibly your mother?

      Don’t forget kids, capitalize where required.

  • umm

    o.O that is cruel! Killing an animal for pleasure is wicked and mental!

    • Annie

      Killing an animal for food is killing them for our pleasure, so none of us are innocent in that respect.

      • David

        You are right Annie.

        Killing an animal for plasure or for food is the same. We can be vegetarians, but we choose kill and eat animals.

        The people who post here are not using the brain. They love this cat, but hate this woman.

        I love the cats too, but I love the girls more.

        I think the girl in the pictures look very sexy. I love her.

  • ronny

    Wher is this widios???

  • rosie

    fucking evil bitch why does so much evil towards animals go on in china! the people who do this to anmals should be ashamed

    • Annie

      It happens in North America too.

      • c3cc

        Rosie DID NOT say otherwise you twat, and you don’t need to be condescending and remind people of this obvious fact. WE KNOW. Just because people do not mention this fact, does not mean they are oblivious. Now stop being such a judgmental bitch and chill.

      • c3cc

        Rosie DID NOT say otherwise, you twat, and you don’t need to be condescending and remind people of this obvious fact. WE KNOW. Just because people do not mention this fact, does not mean they are oblivious. Now stop being such a judgmental bitch and chill.

  • Rach


    Let’s crush this disgusting bitch, see how see likes it!! >:(

  • Angie

    What goes around, Come’s Around, she’ll get hers one day!!!!

  • krystin

    i hope this isnt real !

  • misty

    Sad as this is and nasty as it is, I do not believe these photos are real, not all at least. I do not underestimate the cruelty of humans and I am sure somewhere this has happened, but….The eye pops cleanly out, dosn’t have any nerves or anything attached to it, there is no blood once cut open and even tho already “dead” at that point it would still have a good amount of blood and finally, the womans shoes are clean the entire time, there is never anything on the shoes.You pry some body open with your shoes they are getting dirty. Even just stepping on a spider you get guts on you.

    • DieInHellAnimalAbusers

      trust me girl, they’re as real as it gets.

    • Annie

      They are real. I believe this woman lost her job and is now in hiding. But no legal action has been taken.

      • Diana

        How you know she lost her job?

  • Alex


    • Annie

      Grow up, cracker.

      • Bodybuilder

        thats correct Alex,,, fuckkkkkk u allllllll

      • c3cc

        Kind of ironic, the bitch tells someone else to grow up while using a racist term.

  • Mystrie


    • Annie

      Rest in peace, or rest in pieces?

  • Jay

    First I cried when I saw this, then a rage and anger came over me that I have rarely experienced. Thousands of years of human evolution and we are still as barbaric as the days of cavemen. The furious rage I feel is at it’s highest level Ive ever experienced. If I was there witnessing her torturing that poor, defensless, helpless cat— I would do torture that woman in ways she could never imagine. She is dirt, no better than the shit that comes out of my ass, the lowest of love in society. She should be killed, plain and simple. Extinguish her from this planet!

  • Snoop Doggy Dog

    Don’t judge her. How do YOU prepare your dinner? Squished kitten is a delicacy to the Chinese.

  • Deathtrocian09

    omg. I would totally fuck this bitch…. While she kills the kitten.


  • f u


  • f u

    ok, that was disgusting…

  • http://deleted Jfemmefatale

    We could all hail Mary, be veiled without an education for the rest of our lives or we can kill kittens.

    • http://deleted Jfemmefatale

      Don’t ber doped. China doesn’t need to hail mary kitten terrorists. They will put you to rest with war. More chinese pro science pride, please.

  • http://deleted Jfemmefatale

    Kitten lovers are all doped up. Kittens want you to bow to them and worship god. They will destroy YOUR power and put you to rest.

  • http://deleted Jfemmefatale

    If you value your education and abilities you will start attacking known terrorists rather than those who strive for Infinity. You no longer need to bow to kitten. Call her out for what kittens are brain washed terrorists who shackle our mind to myth.

    • http://deleted Jfemmefatale

      She will terrorize you for seducing her husband. Say yes to science and be done with her for once and for all.

      • Annie

        I’ve seen a woman be institutionalized for posting comments like this…

        • c3cc

          No you have not, you liar.

    • Seon Ferguson

      Lol so kittens are terrorists?

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  • Seon Ferguson

    I agree with a previous poster who said cats have souls. This women is scum.
    However I will pay to watch her suffer under a pair of high heels. Would any women like to destroy her?

  • pablo

    please . anithing else say me the web site when i can see the vid “return of the kitten killer ” i like this . i like boots . i like trample animals – thank you very muuch

    • Mercator
      • Seon Ferguson

        Don’t. He is a liar.

        • Mercator

          So, you think cats have souls and this woman is scum. Yet you clicked through to a link purporting to show her torturing kittens. And then you post revealing that you had done this. Dumb aren’t you.

          If you were really against this woman shouldn’t you have surported me and stayed quiet.

  • pablo

    hi . its real . i want to see a vid ” return of kittens killers ” i like stileto boots trampling anything .

  • aclcla

    has she been found yet???? i want to kill her myself.

  • Angel

    These pictures are the same ones as last time!
    But this demented psychotic evil sewer dwelling parasite should be eliminated very very slowly!!! limb by limb with a hot blunt blade!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And I’d be glad to be the one to do it to her!!!! SICK B*tch!!

    • Seon Ferguson

      Hey Angel can I watch? Woman who do this to cats or puppys or even rats piss me off as well. They are clips where women step on food or stuffed animals or bugs (which is ok because everyone does that) shouldn’t that be enough? Plus it would be hot watching a woman beat the crap out of another one.

      • Angel

        Sean, I’d do more than beat the crap out of her!! It wouldn’t be pretty!! but it would feel so f***in GOOD!

        • Seon Ferguson

          Angel that’s so hot I wish I could watch. But I guess the best I can hope for is a roleplay.

  • Angeline

    That whore should suffer just like she made that kitty suffer. Shame on her…

  • http://- Lipka

    Ok people. Rumours are that she could not find satisfaction in Chinese men, and eventually she went insane, and that led her murder the kitten.

    This is one sick Chinese girl that undoubtedly men in China do not want, right? Is she okay to send her to Mr White?

  • iemand die iets heeft tegen die kanker hoer

    i want to crush her pussy.

    fuck that bitch

    • Seon Ferguson

      Will you crush the rest of her?

  • Yuzi

    Very good. I liked the pictures. Now put the corpse in a blender and drink it. I loved it. Lots of power to it. Its good to have power. Feels god like.

    • Seon Ferguson

      I can’t tell if your a guy or a girl but if your a girl can you please email me.

    • Seon Ferguson

      Hey Yuizi I hope you read this. I can’t tell if your a guy or a girl but if your a girl can you please email me.

  • hdyhsyfqh

    urgh! stupid woman. shes out of her mind. totally absurd. she doesnt deserve to live. i hate people who abuse animals. i hope allah will punish her so she will get her retribution.

  • Meeri

    I really regret that I took a look at those pictures. I started to cry so that I was unable to talk. This girl must be hung. I believe death penalty is applied in China. Isn’t it?
    And another thing. Aren’t there any moderators on this website? Please remove the comments by some people here who are obviously sadists themselves and why don’t you give the police their email addresses/IP addresses so that these perverts can be tracked down?

  • JTB

    This woman is the bitchest bitch.
    She should apply to be a porn star instead of publishing her catastrophic manner through internet.

  • eijaaa

    f*** u bitch! i hope u die in a way that some or something CRUSH back on you! all of us pray to GOD she WILL received the same way too! amen.

  • doom

    im going to say that she should be crushed too but leave her just barely alive to feel the pain a little longer.. its what she deservs.
    any who take a life that doesnt isnt required for survival should have theirs taken in the same manner.

  • http://youtube shar g

    somebody needs to stomp this savage bitch into the ground! such humans are not worth shit, they should be culled forthwith! animals have more sentience in them than most people, that’s a fact!

  • stONEr42o

    Kill that fucking chink bitch, id fuckin cut her throat

  • Observer

    I am so pissed off right now, when I go to China (if its still around in 10 or 20 years) I am going to hunt fuckers like these down.

  • Brittany

    I am honestly disgusted, how could someone do that? Really now, how inhuman. This makes me so angry. I just wanna crush her with highheels! This is not okay and should not re-occur EVER! She needs to be put in her place. Honestly If I seen her, she would be done. I’m speachless on how someone can ENJOY this? What the hell! This world is honestly fucked up. Shame on her and anyone else who does this or likes it. It’s not even fair, that cute little kitten couldnt even do anything about it. Depressing. Really I just wanna go there and teach her a lesson. Shes horrid and dont deserve shit besides torture. Everyone should agree with me on this……

  • anna

    She needs to be brought to justice. the worst kind of murder is the intentional kind without any remorse. i haven’t seen the graphic pictures but i can only imagine. in this world what angers me the most is cruelty against animals. that kitten’s life didn’t need to end like that. when she is caught i won’t be surprised if she goes out into public a whole crowd will throw things at her. her act is inexcusable. i don’t know how she can live with herself after doing such a thing. she will definitely go to hell.

  • Evalinsapple

    Enough already. That b*tch is a live human being, higher up on the food chain than an ignorant ally cat. You ignorant people are relentless in your disdain for a woman who was taking a stand against arabic female terrorists. AS I reported earlier, kitten is the name Allah himself gives women who kill in god’s name and for his sake and glory. America is full of beer guzzling MTV watching idiots that can’t believe they’re country is going under so continue to punish a chinese political activist. Get over it already. She deserves many more lives than what she has. Way to show All?AH!

    • http://!! shar g

      hey evalinsapple, if you think this woman is a human being and we should all have mercy upon her then all i can say is that YOU are one heartless bitch! no civilised person would treat ANY living being in such a barbaric manner and no decent person would defend such a barbaric act …. except you it would seem! well, that says a LOT about you, your comment seems to be more concerned with RACE than outrage over what happened to this poor kitten! FUCK YOU! i’d stomp you into the ground and LMFAO while i did it, humanity has no need for parasites such as yourself, you racist piece of crap! btw, i am NOT an american, you deranged crone!

    • shar g

      i would also add that if i want to protest about brain-washed islamic women then i will not choose stomping an innocent animal into the ground in order to try and prove my point either, it is irrelevant!!! any normal, half-intelligent person can see that – apart from YOU, that is! you sick bitch! are you so limited in intelligence and imagination you evil bitch?

  • Fordman

    it make me full of anger

  • esteban

    hija de puttaa no tiene vida ella deveria ser aplastada muerete maldita

    • pablo

      who are you ? mexican ? fuck off chavo del ocho ¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡

      • Ron Damon

        hahaha… lol. Yeah is the chavo del ocho! haha

  • Jamerican_me

    The woman is mainstream popular opinion.

    Her shoes are racism.

    The kittens are victims.

    Which one are you?

  • sue

    I hope she dies the same fait!!!!!Fucking cunt!

  • jane

    We need to find her!!!!! Those poor little animals even HELPLESS!!!!! what they have been done to her!!!! why!!!!!!
    i posted the video on fb n fb removed it…maybe its to violent!then i saw this web….i really felt like nausea….
    Please human!!! at least!! even its only kitten they are living!! when it reached to these kind of murders i think POLICE should involved!!!!!!!!

    • seon

      What’s the link? I want to complain tot he website. Also to all the people who are saying we should hunt her down they caught her, she went to jail. Didn’t you read the whole article? Or did I read that in another article?

    • !!!!!!!

      I can’t believe what she did!

      I couldn’t stop crying!
      she must suffer

  • Janis

    This effing bitch needs to die, or at least go to jail for the rest of her horrible life. She better not do this again to another animal. Id love to fucking kill her myself. She is not a human being. I hope she gets hit by a truck or just something horrible happens to her. She does not deserve anything except hate for what she did. I hope she DIES and suffers like that poor cat, my god. The suffering she gave that cat, i really hope there is a hell, because she needs to go there and burn! I hate her. I hope she suffers. What a disgusting bitch.

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