Kitten Killers Return

In early 2006, pictures from a video of a Chinese woman wearing a sexy dress and high-heel shoes appeared on the internet. In the video, the Chinese woman uses her high-heel shoes to step on and kill a little kitten.

High heel Chinese kitten killer?

Earlier this week, pictures of this woman using high-heels to “crush” another poor kitten were posted on the internet again. I have put all the pictures at the bottom of this post, on page two, if you want to see them. They are very violent, disgusting, disturbing, and worse than the pictures in from the “first” high-heel kitten killer.

High heel kitten killer with kitten playing with heel

Everyone who has seen these pictures are shocked, angry, and outraged. Many are demanding that the human flesh search engines find out who she is, find her, and bring her to justice like last time. Here are some of the replies on the BBS Forum topic, “Wicked cat abusing woman reappears, more malicious than the last one! Too cruel to watch:”

She’s inhuman.

I’m going to vomit.

Society’s scum! Human trash! How did her family give birth to such a bitch!

What she did to the cat should be done to her. First kill her then tear apart her stomach.

Start the human flesh search engines! Let this perverse woman be exposed! Let her be punished by everyone!

Sick-minded~~~~~what is wrong with this world?

Who knows who this bitch is? Find her and kill her. Inhuman.

Humans who have lost reason become the cruelest animals.

What about the person filming this? That person is also perverse. Let us curse these scum together and hope that they will meet the same fate in the future.

Cats have souls too. Scum like you will one day face retribution.

Motherfucker…how can this person live with herself? She should beware being abused after she’s dead. This kind of person deserves to be raped and killed. After killing her, rape her again. After raping her, kill her again…

May the woman be the cat and the cat be the woman in the next life.

Everyone think of a way to find this person: Where is she from? What is her job? Where does she live? Phone number? Let’s make an example out of her.

This news soon reached the Shanghai KDS Forum in a topic called “I’m scared to look. This kind of person will not die an good death.” The poster included a link to the BBS, and also posted pictures of someone burning a kitten inside a cage. There are hundreds of replies with reactions similar to

The 18th level of hell was prepared for them.

Kitten killer karma

I hope their family burns and no one comes to rescue them.

The life of this kind of woman is worth less than the life of this cat.

If I knew earlier, I would not have come in.

My heart hurt watching this. This kind of person will go to hell.

Human flesh search engine starting…

However, because many of the people on KDS are Shanghainese, there were also some different and interesting comments. In history, Shanghai has always been a big city that is more modern and open than most other places in China. So, many Shanghainese think they are superior and more civilized than anyone who is not Shanghainese. They often think anyone who is a “wai di ren” (outsider) is automatically an uncivilized “xiang xia ren” (country people) or “nong min” (peasants).

Some of their responses to this news show that:

Perverse “wai di ren” are many. Everyone be careful when making friends. You cannot usually be sure what they are like.

Wai di ren” are uncivilized. So scary.

I increased my insurance 500,000 RMB just to prepare against “wai di ren.”

Wow, what the fuck? You guys found a way to make fun of “wai di ren” with this too.

These abnormal things are done by “wai di ren,” lacking education, an impoverished life, ignorant and perverse.

The pictures: (Warning: graphic)

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  • Daphie

    How many European people here said they want to kill her (although she does deserve punishment)? Doesnt European abolish death penalty long time ago?

  • Lucy

    Just absolutely wrong.

  • Steven

    where can I see this film?

  • Nixon

    I feel so ashamed of being a chinese after what i saw,what a cruel bitch.what is this world coming to! killing of innocent animals.why dont i wear some shoes with knives at the bottom and step at her eye and throat and see if she would like it.If i ever see this phsyco bitch one day i swear i’ll beat her up till she’s barely alive

  • buchmckillacaty

    i lol’d


  • Techno Raccoon Neoneelart

    thats stupid to show own face in torture vids…never liked kittens though – I have allergy

  • don

    on the video after she kills the kitten she than takes off her dress than nude she swat next to it and talks

  • Chris

    This disgusting piece of filth will burn in hell for that. What a disgusting “woman”, she/It does not deserve to be called human. I wish i had just 5mins alone with people like that, Id teach them what real pain and suffering from a bigger person feels like.

  • zelo

    i pukes a little. just a little. i cried more :( what kind of person does this?

  • Rad Bell

    …a while back, there were two young boys that beat a gray Cat and posted the video on You Tube! Within three days the boys were dealt with! The video had over 35 thousand views in two days! So does this mean all young boys are bad? Of course not! Not all Chinese People are bad either… But some of these comments are really in poor taste, by cowards that hide behind their Mom’s computers!

  • let me kill hr


    • Peter

      Lol. You look angry like as a cat.
      Why you don’t learn how write first, and later can let your comment here.

  • ICN

    Please try this with a fully grown, hungry tiger next time, take a series of pictures and upload them here.

  • T

    Someone will find her, just like they found the last disgusting bitch who did something like this. When they do, I pray to god that they spare her NO MERCY AT ALL. There is a very HOT place in HELL waiting for you lady, may the devil do to you what you did to this poor animal!!

    • Angel

      Nicely said T!! This evil sadistic piece of trash deserves everything she will get!

  • Tia

    Step 1: Find location of this woman.
    Step 2: Break into her house and find her.
    Step 3: Tie her to a chair.
    Step 4: Staple her eyes open so that it’s impossible for her to close her eyes.
    Step 5: Take a needle, and stab it through each eye.
    Step 6: Shove a butcher knife up her pussy and fuck her with it.
    Step 7: Repear step 6 in her butthole.
    Step 8: Get a wild cat and have it scratch her face to shreds until she is bleeding like crazy.
    Step 9: Repeat step 8.
    Step 10: Kill her by making her eat 10 doses of rat poison.
    Step 11: Watch and laugh as she dies.
    THE END.

    • me

      How about, leave her alone, eat your chicken and shut up? She’s just being you, you are a sadistic bitch and need an excuse like this to be a lawless and a very very violent person. All the other time you pretend you aren’t. By squishing a kitten, she is meant to be YOU. That’s what happens in the minds of those who ordered the video anyhow.

      • Evalinsapple

        I saw footage of that kitten with tude going up in arms at her first! Self defense I say!!

  • pimpo

    plis pablo изпрати ми клипа

  • pimpo

    plis send mi the vid pablo plis

    • pablo

      Pimp. I also want the video. say they took him out of the network. WE have to ask some women encouraged to make a new one. TELL SOME OF YOUR FRIENDS TO DO IT, WHY NOT WANT my friends.

  • Alejandro

    Maldita sea esa hija de puta. Maldita sea un millón de veces, ojala que la violen, la maten a golpes y arrastren su asqueroso cadáver por toda China, y después que lo arrojen a un pozo séptico, para que yazca como lo que es: EXCREMENTO!!!!

  • Jeanna

    Why would ANYONE do this!?!?
    This is insane. I don’t get the point of this.
    I cried (literally) when i saw these pictures.
    I wish i hadn’t looked at them..but i wanted to find out
    what people were doing to these kittens. OMG!
    Inhuman to the max!
    People are so frickin stupid these days.
    Someone needs to seriously shoot that girl!
    I hope when we all get to Heaven, she pays for what she’s done.. Sick person.

  • Sam

    This sick sick sick sick sick sick sick bitch!!! I would love 2 find her and tair her face apart!!! This fugly bitch!!! How Can people do this shit!! this is awful and must end now i could never hurt anything especially a baby. Rot in hell bitch <3

  • Jenny


  • Mika

    суууучка ёбааная, жопу выдрать мало.. сдохни блядь… я бы больше написала, на вот врятли кто поймёт >_<

  • gundai

    that’s the best thing, I see in history. now that’s what. I can call justice.

  • jason

    Poor kitten! However the sexy lady in boots is a real turn on, especially seeing images of her crushing the kitten with her boots. I was really aroused seeing the kitten suffer and die at her boots…wow. Total domination by her booted feet. She must have been wonderfully aroused and really cummed like me.

    • gordon

      I agree man. Would love to kneel in front of her while she crushes the kitten – masturbating and blowing my cum onto her sexy boots. After that , I would fuck her in all her holes with her boots on until she screams in delight!

      • RMC


        • Sean

          If your female would you do that to me?

          • RMC

            Firstly, you need to learn how to spell! It’s, you’re, not your! So how about you kiss my FAT HAIRY ASS dipshit!? Does that answer your question? Sorry ass fuck!

  • maddie haigh

    this fucking mad fucking women can burn in hell for all anyone cares.

    kittens are harmless creatures they dont deserve this.

    • jimmy

      RMC, don’t try to pretend to be a self-righteous, hypocritical goody-2-shoes! For all we know, you’re a sorry piece of fucking CRAP-SHIT who thinks he/she knows a fucking whole lot – & you even claim to be a self-proclaimed grammar expert. Come off it u butt-cracked ass-hole, anywhere, anytime u feel u are superior to me in grammar, just bring it on! Don’t piss others off by trying to correct grammar etc. By the way, u are an equally if not worse than the chinko evil bastard bitch of the highest degree if you could even think of crushing someone’s head with your boots. If you have anything of substance and factual, by all means lay down your comments here. If not just SHUT THE HELL UP! In my eyes, you are just as evil if not WORSE than the sadist chinko bitch. After this, if you make any stupid fucking comments, then you are the most idiotic piece of pea-brain, even dumber than I thought u were and a sorry excuse for a human being. Grow a brain first before you even think of commenting and correcting others – you are a classic case of the pot calling the kettle black – you SHIT-HOLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • RMC

        jimmy. What black hole did you crawl out of dipshit? and where is your brain? Don’t tell me, it’s in your pathetic peewee of a penis, just like Gordon, Jason and Sean. Who the fuck do you think you are? I’m having a go at 3 deadshits who are talking smut over a chink bitch crushing a kittens head with her stilletto, and you are calling ME scum!? You’re the one calling the kettle black!

        • RMC

          Is it ok to murder an innocent animal for perverted sexual pleasure?, but not give it back to a human? Yeah I’d love to see that scumbag low-life sewer bitch’s head crushed! she deserves it! And as for what I said concerning Sean, he’s a fuckin retard just like the rest of you sick perverted fucking males who get off on this kind if evil demented crap! The fact that you are sticking up for this loser, shows that you are the same dirtbag kind of ant shit that he is!
          Who’s the one thinking they are superior now by telling me not to correct people’s grammar!? What are you, a teacher or something? Also, the fact that you are telling ‘me’ not to think I am better than ‘you’ at grammar, just shows that you are so far up your own fucked up, self rightuous ass, you’re in total darkness! You fuckin weasel!! I don’t give a flying FUCK! Piss off!

          • Sean

            RMC what are you, a teacher? You’re the one who corrected my grammar. Oh and sorry dude, I’m not gay. but if you go to the gay chat rooms you’ll find lots of bottom guys who would love to kiss your ass. If I was gay the only ass I would be kissing is a skinny guy.

        • Sean

          I never said I’m into this, just trampling. With WOMEN.

          • RMC

            You truly are a dumb ass! I’m not a male dickwad! And thank fuck for that!

          • Sean

            In that case I kiss your fat hairy ass.

  • Sean

    But thanks to everyone for sticking up for me.

  • dumbass stumper

    I guess all that could be said about this sick CUNT has already been said, i don’t think killing her would be good enough..
    Maybe disfiguring half of her face and tattooing her body with these pictures could give her and anyone who see her a lesson.Remove one of her eyeballs and stick it in a small formaline jar then let her wear it as a perminent necklace.
    Otherwise put her in a cage with 2 hungry tigers, and let her try to repeat her actions there…
    (pls post a video if that happens)
    im sure if you post it, there will be a lot of people outraged by cruelty done to her, not remembering what she did…..
    …….might also try to shove a rat up her hole during mestruation…
    Same goes for all the other human and animal right abusing Bastards

    • RMC

      I love the way you think!! ;)

  • adsf

    she shall be treated in the same way

  • Danielle

    That’s fucking disgusting. That bitch needs to die. I want to kick her ass so bad. I’m permanently scarred for life.

    • RMC

      Share it around and tell your friends! We need to get this shit off the internet NOW! Please sign the petition…..

      • Sean

        Even though your ignoring me (boo hoo) crush videos are banned and against the law. This women went to jail as well. If you did a little research you would see that.

        • Jimmy

          RMC, just go play with yourself you sick cunt bitch. U could do that much better than trying to convince the whole world that you are soooooo self-righteous. From what I observe, you still have not grown a brain. Or if you claim to have one, it’s probably in your hairy cunt ass waiting to break out. If you think that by crushing someone’s head, you are doing some sort of justice then you are equally a sicko, perverted, piece of rotten scum filth like the chinko. Remember when you go throw the thrash out do yourself a favour – please do throw yourself out too – because that’s where you definitely belong you monster cunt! By the way, about the grammar part & to answer your ‘hair-brained’ question, I am definitely an English teacher with certainly a better command of the English language than you could ever muster or dream of in your sorry lifetime on this planet. I repeat – just bring it on you rotten ratshit. You are really a sorry excuse for a human being. Hopefully, you could convince your pea-brain to crawl out of your hairy cunt hole to see the light – it’s surely long overdue. Who the fuck do you think YOU are???? You are surely scum of the highest order.

          • RMC

            LMFAO!! You are hysterical! You call yourself an English Teacher!? Thank fuck my kids don’t go to your school!! PMSL!!
            You’re a real charmer aren’t you?! Must be a lonely old toothless weasel who can’t get a real woman because you have no penis, brain, or charm, so you have to slag off at others!! lol! You should join the circus!
            And btw, that ‘chinko’ Bitch deserves to have her head caved in!

            @ Sean, I know she went to jail, but the crush video’s are still out there!

          • lerooooooy

            you really speak out of my mind.
            i was sickend to hear that she or him thinks it brings justice to do the same cruel thing as the asian women did

  • Me

    OhMyGosh. This is inhuman! She even looks like she was smiling in one of the pictures. Why would she do such a thing? >:| Where are the people who takes care of the animals? Are they doing anything?

  • Alyssa

    You fucking animal killing whores. You should all just drop dead. I hope someone crushes you. You dumb fuckinbg cunts.

  • fucku

    this is SICK….this is NOT a fetish, it is murder and anyone that Does anything of the sort should get a death sentence for being completely FUCKED in the head! fucken asians… seriously…

  • Farrah

    She should die in a fucking fire. That’s the most inhumane thing I have ever seen. I hope someone burns her alive and crushes her skull–slowly.

  • german

    keine sekunde würde ich zögern, einen solchen menschen umzubringen.
    die welt muss von solchen subjekten radikal befreit werden.
    das meine ich todernst.

    • lerooooooy

      aber mein freund
      überlege einmal
      so welche perversen psychos wird es immer geben
      und jeden einfach umzubringen,würde andere ja nicht wirklich davon abschrecken.das heißt das es immer mehr so welche leute geben wird
      man muss so welchen ,,subjekte,, eine wirkliche lektion erteilen,sodass das andere potenzielle ,,kitten crusher,, davon abgeschreckt werden
      wenn ich so krank sein würde ein süßes kätzchen zu zertreten,hätte ich keine angst davor zu sterben.
      ich hoffe du verstehst was ich meine und ich hoffe das du meine meinung akzeptierst.
      und entschuldigung für mein schlechtes deutsch

  • vj.

    kill the fucking cunt. That ‘thing’ is a sick individual who really needs help.

    Dyu know what? Bring back Captial fucking Punishment for lunatics like this.

  • jer

    I don’t understand why she would do this. If this is all genuine, she needs to be found, this kind of cruelty is often only exhibited by serial killers. She could be one.

  • hgt7

    Many of the replies here are equally crazy as the cat-murder-girl.

    One crazy woman, murdering a cat? Well, I hope they find her and treat her mental illness.

    But all the hateful and insane responses here? “Kill that bitch”. “pay money to get her beaten”, etc. Are you all really so stupid? That is much more depressing than one girl that apparently has a bad mental defect.

  • Ron

    Its too bad that people have the mentatally of a wild beast oh wait not even a wild beast would do such a horrible act. Anyone that can hurt a animal like that is doomed to go to hell and thats just where you belong.

  • Chad

    I have a little 9 week old kitten, and just seeing that collage of crap above makes me really question how awful things are in this world.

    For the people trying to troll (which means to be the Devil’s Advocate just to get more of a rise out of people), you’re just as bad as this poor excuse of a human.

    It’s true, animals were not given souls, therefore they are more innocent than we are. I believe in Karma, and if this person is trying to get attention, she’s definitely getting it. I don’t see how anyone would want this kind of attention though…

  • bando

    Humans killing animals have been going on for ages.

    But killing for pleasure is fucked up. Even cutting the already-dead kitten to expose its insides.

    I hope someone stomps on her some day. Preferably all her limbs first so she can suffer before her skull is crushed.

    • bando

      Silly for me to reply to myself, i guess some things aren’t so simple as it looks… If someone is paying her to dress up sexy and stomp on small animals, then the dude whose filming this and selling it to deviants who find this stuff sexually arousing should also suffer for it.

      Snuff porn is not unheard of in other countries and it also causes a similar outcry over there as well. I hope the govt. makes it illegal soon.

  • http://youtube,com/on1y1ch1na asdf

    that is messed up. wow… especially the pictures at the bottom of the post. this lady has some severe mental problems.

  • pablo

    I get excited every time I see these photos. I love this woman. I love those boots. I want the video. please whoever has it to send it to me I want to finish on the computer. or a Chinese woman in the world or it is a joy to me. I like this type of woman kisses to all.

    • Maggy

      This barbaric bitch should be raped and then bludgeoned. Appalling and disturbing beyond all description.

      Oh and Pablo, you’re one sick fuck. People with crush fetishes involving poor defenceless animals have minds that are fucked up beyond redemption.

      • RMC

        VERY Nicely said!! these sick demented fucks are just as bad as this slanty eyed piece of sewer waste!!

        • MaachoMaan

          I bet that you’re a “Redneck” huh? Next time you decide to go a’huntin’ why don’t ‘cha leave the .30-06 at home, and go hunt it like a ‘REAL’ man… or give your prey his own “Springfield” to even things up, Mr. Mouth….

    • Bodybuilder

      u sick fuck, u should check ur brain cunt, i hope u and this chinese whore die in the same way

  • fairguy

    wow, just like in the Itchy and Scratchy show but in real life.

    • bando

      yeah, but in reality, its no longer funny. Even with an eye popping out of its socket when its head got squashed.

  • urworstnightmare

    this is INHUMAN. that poor kitty did nothing to her. she did nothing to spare the life of that poor creature. she DESERVES TO ROT IN HELL for whatever she’s doing. if she thinks that’s cool, she better tell that to all her friends in that burning place lower than the homes of ants. DARN. oh and not just her, including the person who took these photos. i hope you both die a slow painful death and have your bodies ripped into pieces just like how you ended the life of that poor kitten.

  • Jane

    the woman is human waste,she deserves a high penalty!!!!

    • Alessa

      You asssholes worry about cats more than people getting treated the same way. You’re the ones who are fukked up too.

      • RMC

        Any piece of sewer scum that would do this kind of thing to ANY animal deserves the same fate!! Tell me you wouldn’t scream like all hell if this was done to one of your animals!?? and want the same done to them!!!

        • MaachoMaan

          I bet that your dumb ass has no problem with hunting though, huh? …lame

        • lerooooooy

          but do you think it brings justice if you do the same thing she did to the kitten to her?
          it would make you as inhuman as she is
          people sick like this will never go extinct
          they will never be comepletely hunt down
          as long as humans exists,there will always be such type of sick people.
          so we have to make them go away the best we can
          and think about it:
          if you would be so mentally ill,that you could step on a kitten on purpose,would you be afraid of death?
          i wouldnt
          so we have to make upgrowing kitten stompers be afraid of the punishment they would get after doing so
          i really can understand your anger
          i would scream like hell broke loose if that women would do such things to my pets but killing her wouldnt make me any better
          i hope you understood what i said and you respect my opinion

  • rob

    can i actually see some videos

  • Saito

    Tht woman deserves to die!

  • Bodybuilder

    those people wants another hiroshima

  • boo

    she’s like a fcuking shit!!! god…. hope she will get da punishment as same as wat she had done…she’s terribly annoying and insane!!! damn shit u bitch! u should die like that 2…..

  • Amy

    I can’t even take a second look at those pics, i can only quickly scroll down the page.I’M SO UPSET AND MAD THAT I’M SHAKING,SHE NEEDS TO BE EATEN BY KITTENS!!!

  • pablo

    dear rom . please , send me the link of same videos . i´m horny . lovely . pablo

    • lerooooooy

      dear troll
      is it really worth for you to start a flame war on a threat so sick?
      does it bring you laughter?
      does it make you better?
      does it make you feel good about yourself?

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