Teenager Bullied, Walks Home Naked

Naked teenager walks along the side of the road in China.

From NetEase:

Around noon on October 22nd, a teenager was walking stark naked along Nan Guo Road. My colleague and I got out of the car to ask him what the matter was. There was terror in his face and he just kept mumbling “I want to go home…I want to go home…” My colleague noticed he had cuts on his arms and neck and asked him if he was attacked/beaten up. He nodded in terror, then snatched a beverage from our hands and downed it in one gulp. Since we had some important matters to attend to and were eager to leave, we took out 20 yuan and advised him to buy some clothing, then call the police for help. Don’t know how that poor teenager is doing now.

Thirsty teenage boy, possibly beaten up, drinks a bottle of water.

Comments on NetEase:

Bullying the weak and small is shameful behavior!

Society is complicated these days. You have to be careful to not get bullied/humiliated…

You should blur/mosaic/mask out this kid’s face. Poor kid!

Yet another poor victim.

Just a bottle of water (that was snatched away from you), and 20 kuai (telling someone to go buy clothing)???

And you are not ashamed to still post about it? Let’s see you give me 20 kuai to buy a pair of underwear plus a pair of shoes and a bus ticket!!!1

There’s not much difference between you and those people, maybe even more outrageous. Duping people into clicking [into this topic] with this little, half-empty bottle of water and 20 kuai, trying to build publicity for yourself!!! I despise you!!! 凸凸

Human rights? Ai! Every day is filled with worry and anxiety. Pay attention to this, be careful of that.

Niu, you took a picture of someone in the nude and only paid 20 yuan.

This 和其正 [“He Qi Zheng,” the brand of water] advertisement is pretty creative.

You feel really good about showing his face in these pictures, don’t you?

Wow, I can not believe you,
Blur/mosaic/mask his face out~~!!!!
Directly disseminating this like this~~
This is illegal too!!

When I was in my first year of high school, I got bullied not just a few times, suffered a few beatings. But when I got to my second year, I wasn’t afraid of them anymore. Whoever came looking for trouble, I took care of them first. People can’t be soft/weak. It’s especially true during your time as a student. Getting beaten a few times isn’t anything bad, at least it can help you become stronger/tougher.

Poor kid. No matter what is said, “lou zhu” is still more conscientious than most people, and at least he gave something. People’s attitudes are too indifferent. Was it only “lou zhu” who saw [the naked boy]? I encountered the same kind of thing in ’96 when I was on a business trip in Zhuhai – two girls from Liupenshui in Guizhou, squatting at an intersection, crying. They didn’t have the money to go home. At the time, [the police] checked temporary residence permits. If no one helped out [those girls], it would be hard to imagine how their situation would turn out. So I gave them 400 kuai and helped them to find a little hotel. Four hundred kuai at that time could get them home. All these years later, don’t know whether they’re still doing well or not. But I believe that because of the love and aid they received from this stranger, they won’t ever feel cold or ignored in their lives. I also hope that all people, when we see the small and weak, will extend your hand and offer a bit of warmth. It’s the same as saving a person’s humanity.

No democracy, no human rights.

These are times where the weak are food for the strong, there is really nothing to be said. Whoever has the money decides the rules of the game! This is the truth!!

This society, this country really disappoints me.

Comments on Sohu:

Even took his underwear? What kind of thief is this?!

“Lou zhu,” you’re just too wealthy, aren’t you. Telling someone to buy clothes with 20 yuan. hehe. ~~~

Poor kid~~~

If you only gave 20 yuan, you should not even share the story.

What kind of clothes do you buy for 20 yuan?
Since you saw him, you should have properly did your good deed and help him out. What are you doing taking photos of him? Does he not have human rights?

It’s an old Chinese habit: doing one more thing is worse than doing one less thing.

You discovered [his trouble], so why did you not help him? You are the most shameful/disgraceful.

Ai, look at the people by the roadside! Society’s heart has gone cold!

Lou zhu is also too detestable. Only giving 20 kuai money, what can that buy in Guangdong? Then taking pictures and not taking him home or to a police station, not the least bit of compassion. Lou zhu, no matter how urgently you need to go, you should still finish helping the person, right? Today’s fake sympathy and conscience is too awful.

Every time I see this kind of thing, I get especially angry. It’s the ugliest side of people in action. This is today’s China. What would it have been like if this kind of thing happened in the ‘50s or ‘60s? The economic reforms [since 1978] can raise our standard of living, but if it changes people’s souls too, I’d rather go back to how things were before, even before the Liberation [the founding of Communist China in 1949]. At least people were really living then.

Chinese people don’t have any sense of humanity anymore, only a sense of money. It’s even more terrifying than fucking bin Laden.

Too sad. I vow to the heavens, once I have lots of money, I’m going to specifically help out these kinds of people and poor areas.

Nude teenage boy walks home by himself.

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Contributor: Jerome Chen

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  • tomas

    Sorry to be cruel, but has he shat himself too? Why is his azz all brown?

    Used to see Naked beggars in Haikou.

  • Ron

    Come on, its all staged! People taking picture of you naked on the street, come on. I dont see any fear on his face etc.

  • Golftplatz

    I am really pleased about the comments which express sympathy for the sorry state of the young man on the rode, and which extol the virtues of conscience. It’s excellent to see. The nasty comments are a shame.

  • Veer Left

    I lived in Haikou…saw plenty naked beggars rooting through trash etc. People there just ignore them.

  • Jay

    There are too many heartless “netizens”. Couldn’t someone have at least called the police to come help this poor guy? Couldn’t someone stop to help him? What’s wrong with you people?

    • link

      I wonder the same thing.
      Chinese are too selfish. At the least, I would expect someone come to offer help or something for the poor boy to cover up his lower part. All I see is as if people in china has special vision that dont see people who are in need.

      What a shit society is this?

  • fireworks

    This is typical of getting beaten up in China. Those thugs take everything including the clothes. It is very humiliating for the victim as well as the public to have to deal with these types of incidents.

    I just wish somebody will give him something to cover even if its just newspaper, plastic bags, whatever.

    In Rush Hour 2, heck Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker had to use garbage can lids to run across the highway because they got beaten up.

  • wugou

    Cocaine is a hell of a drug.

  • http://hi.baidu.com/samaria_g samaria

    this remenbers me that, for about 5 years ago, a young man who called Sun Zhigan,was also bullied to death just because he has no residence permits on hand! this is unbelivable ruthless! but the truth!

  • Chan

    Someone should have at least offer him a towel to cover himself. We should help those in need. Think about it….what if that happens to you?

  • http://www.imop.ladysflower/ laurazhang

    mentalists everywhere in the world. no surprise!

  • Vanbar

    To be honest with you all, I clicked here because I wanted to see his penis. I think that can be said of most of you.

  • John

    Damn poor victim. How people can be this cruel?

  • South Africa

    We are living in a modern society,and yet in your town,a first world country supposed to be,you let the homeless walk naked around?with poverty comes crime,drugs,sexs and a very filthy life style.that kid could’ve be one of those poor homeless people in your town,because you are at the mercy of the hard stressed-out street law,where u learn how to master theft,lying(by telling bullshit stories)just for the cause of surving on the street! shame on u pple who just give money to make them go away and then u got the cheek to think that u did good now! he wil go to the nearest drug supplier,get his fix,and do it all over the next day! if u realy want to help,get the person of the street by taking him to a shelter!

  • notimefordicks

    “Since we had some important matters to attend to and were eager to leave, ”

    The important matter you should have attended to was allowing this man into your car and taking him where he wanted to go.

    You said you were eager to leave. Were you eager to leave because he was an embarrassment to you? Apparently so.

  • Jeff

    Wow did Jeffrey Dahmer let another Asian boy escape?

  • actionjksn

    I see all these people criticizing this guy for not doing more but, he did much more than all the people I saw driving by and stepping over that little baby who got ran over by a truck awhile back. But why didn’t this guy go ahead and give him a ride so he would be close to a store so he could get some pants? That wouldn’t have even cost any money.

  • actionjksn

    This kid does need to man up and defend himself. If I were him I would carry a knife and next time they fucked with me I would stick them in the balls with it. They wouldn’t want to fuck with me again.

    • jeffli

      hey actionjksn,
      me and my colleagues kidnapped you, held you down repeatedly raped and tortured you for a day? two days? three?
      unsafe anal and oral practises were involved.
      you were violated! (without using swear words) you are 14-16 years old.
      he is forced to go home naked.

      Do you really think after this ordeal you want to return to the place and people who violated you.
      Of course the boy would not admit to being raped but it most probably happened to him.
      all he wants to do is go home clean up, cry in private.
      he probably thinks suicide.


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