Ningbo Girl Seeking Sex Partner

The photo attached to what appears to be a Ningbo girl looking for a sex partner.

From Mop:

Netizen “Dan Ran 36729” posted “Girl Seeking Sex Partner” on the Ningbo Oriental BBS Forum at 20:45 on the 16th of November. The title was later modified by the moderator as “Ningbo No. 1 Shocking Girl Seeking Friend.”

She introduced herself as Zhang Ran, a Yoga teacher, QQ# 957436729. Thinking that her present life was boring, she was publicly hunting for a sex partner. Her requirements are that each week the man must at least eat with her twice and have no less than three sexual encounters. She does not care if he is already or not, and hopes that he has the “ability” to make her happy! Moreover, she stressed, “Those who are dishonest, do not bother, I am not joking, so those hypocrites should not miss out on the opportunity.” After being posted, it aroused wide-ranging discussion by netizens. The opinions fell into two broad groups, one group who were extremely against this behavior, saying her parents brought her into the world so how how could she do such a harmful thing to herself. Another group felt this was a very honest way of thinking, and although it is a little astonishing, they still admire her, believing those who were criticizing this post are usually all hypocrites! They asked, without “sex,” can your life be fulfilled?

Netizen ‘Jassiy’ offered well-intentioned advice, thinking “Dan Ran 36729” was very honest, believing her to be a very outstanding person, bold and decisive in action, and as a passer-by, she reminded her to value herself, that there are many nice guys in this world, and life does not need a sex partner in order to be fulfilling. If you meet a bad man, what will you do? Are you strong enough to protect yourself? Do not harm your whole life because of a moment of impulsiveness: Please cherish yourself! Wish you happiness!

Netizen ‘A Sheep in Wolf’s Clothing’ made his own suggestion, suggested that “Dan Ran 36729″ gather all of the candidates at the city’s central square, with only their underwear…???? Then, you take off your outer clothing and reveal everything. Make a yoga pose, and then see whose underwear rips open first [from his erection] and choose him. This method is absolutely fair, and that person’s “ability” will absolutely not be a problem.

“Dan Ran 36729″ replied to netizen’s questions and reported on the recruitment progress. At 11:30 one morning, she posted a reply saying “Up to now, applicants: 78 people, immediately eliminated: 26, 10 short-listed, and everyone else did not provide pictures so are temporarily undetermined.” Just like a manager responding to job applicants.

A female netizen replied, “you are shaming all women”. “Dan Ran 36729″ immediately refuted, “look at this “zhuang B” little cunt pretending to be noble, virtuous, and decent, so funny!” Another female netizen suggested that the moderator lock the post topic, thinking “Dan Ran 36729″ was doing this to herself only because she is unable to get happiness. “Dan Ran 36729″ immediately posted a hateful response: “This woman who unable to get sexual satisfaction, I feel sad for you, I bet you cannot keep your own man, so you are also feeling suppressed/frustrated.”

The next day at 12:00 noon, “Dan Ran 36729″ stated that the matter has been finished, and a candidate has been chosen. Seeing as how netizens’ enthusiasm has not decreased and many wanted to see her picture, she posted a topic titled “For those of you who wanted to see a picture, come in” at 18:00 in the afternoon. Amongst the pictures was one full-frontal picture of a woman with her hand covering her breasts and her face not visible. However, after being published, this post caused netizens to question her, because “Dan Ran 36729″ said her bust measurement was 75C, but the woman’s bust in the picture should be 85D, the two being too far, and the difference was too far.

Netizen ‘GL’ expressed a reasoned analysis regarding this phenomenon. From physiological need, economic condition, the definition of love, and one’s position in life these four points, these four main points were the basis of his long thesis. This won unanimous approval amongst netizens.

Attached with the above story of is a copy of the original post by “Dan Ran 36729″:

Girl introduction:
Love is nonsense, and marriage is a game. Now I’m posting for a sex partner for a better life.

Name: Zhang Ran
Location: Ningbo
Age: 25-years-old. I love the color pink. No matter if it’s an earring, a scarf, socks, underwear, or panties, without exception a shade of pink.
Height: 158cm, typical of Jiangnan girls. I do not like high heels, preferring sneakers/trainers/sports shoes, so, you need only not have any height related problems.
Weight: 45kg, easy to carry/hold, no weight pressure.
B/W/H: Well-proportioned, even correct/standard. 75C bra cup size, maybe not plump enough, but they feel fine and go well with my physique. 17 inch waist, only wear small size jeans, and in the summer, I like wearing dresses. But right now it is winter.
Skin: healthy, fair, flawless, good texture/skin, double eyelids, big eyes, long hair, naturally curly.
Vocation: Yoga teacher, primary level.
Hobbies: outdoor sports, travel, dance.

Requirements for you:
Male, 25~35 years old
Height: 170~180cm
Looks: Pleasing to the eye.
Vocation: Other than being a bad man, anything is fine. Do not want “ducks” [male prostitutes], I cannot afford it.
Income: No requirement.


  1. No emotional attachments;
  2. Every week, at least 2 dining and 3 sex experiences;
  3. I do not care if you are married or not. When meeting, please treat me sincerely. I do not like to see what you lying when your girlfriend or wife calls you.
  4. When I do not cal you, please do not bother me. But when I call you, I hope you will not turn me down. Of course, I will make an appointment a day in advance, so that you have the time to prepared.
  5. If you turn me down for meeting three times, our sex partnership is immediately over, and both sides will no longer communicate. I will start a new search.
  6. Hopefully you are “strong” enough to make me happy.

Let the criticisms be even more fierce!
My QQ: 957436729


  1. I’m not a beauty! Men who are rushing to meet a beauty, please immediately make a detour!
  2. Only searching for one man, but I will choose five to meet. Please prepare your photos!

Note from Fauna:

I think the original Chinese posts are here and here on

Here are some more silly comments from Mop:

Keep pretending.

I have seen the original picture.

I am from Ningbo, and I never go to Oriental BBS, it is uninteresting.

What a bored woman.

So she wants to find a free duck then!

Actually, eggplants, cucumbers, and corn all match except for height.
[This is funny, let us see who can tell everyone in the comments what this comment means.]

The main point is that she’s only a primary level yoga teacher, and hopes outside help can help her go up a level.

158cm and 45kg? Is that not a little too fat?

Feel stupid?
Feel deceived?

Ningbo girl seeking sex partner photo revealed to be a fake.

So maybe her picture is fake and Chinese men look at too many naked girl pictures, but do you think a girl searching for a sex partner is right or wrong?

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  • Yan Xishan

    Less passion, more skepticism.

    Attractive women don’t need to go online to find sex partners.

    And as for the final questions: “So maybe her picture is fake and Chinese men look at too many naked girl pictures, but do you think a girl searching for a sex partner is right or wrong?”

    First, looking at naked girl pictures drives the global economy. Nothing wrong with that. Second, girls searching for sex partners? This should only happen when I am around. Otherwise it is immoral.

  • SniperWZ

    it’s amazing the type of things that happens in China now…I guess it’s somewhat encouraging, since this represents more free thinking.

  • Peteryang

    ever since the 铜须事件 I know it’s so easy to deceive the chinese netizens and manipulate online opinion to one’s own advantage, and it was where I stopped trusting anything I can’t see with my own eyes. this sort of bs needs to stop, perhaps thats why the state news bureau chief called for “internet honesty” yesterday, china’s internet is like a boiling pot, you throw anything in there its going to turn violent.

  • EGG

    Girl searching for sex partner? That’s fine.

    But I don’t think the moderator should have changed the title of the thread. Among other things, it’s not fair to the girl – whereas she posted a wanted ad, the moderator changed it into a referrendum on her character. It would have been better to delete the thread because it’s inappropriate. MOP should be more faithful to its users.

  • Dynasty

    “Height: 170~180mm”

  • Joe #2

    Did she really say that she wanted a man only 170 – 180 mm high!? I don’t think they sell them that small…

    > However, after being published, this post caused netizens to question her, because “Dan Ran 36729″ said her bust measurement was 75C, but the woman’s bust in the picture should be 85D, the two being too far, and the difference was too far.

    Just what one would expect from the internet…

  • Tracy


    Women should have the freedom to seek whatever they want but they must be honest. It’s clear that the picture is a fake.

  • too yellow

    it’s funny how majority of the post are there simply admiring the 30th poster’s ability for recognizing pornography.

  • krdr

    Whatever she wants. To much Chinese trying to be famous in same fashion. Maybe, story isn’t fake, but he posted fake pic to protect herself. We all know how flesh search goes.

  • Jay K

    “Actually, eggplants, cucumbers, and corn all match except for height.
    [This is funny, let us see who can tell everyone in the comments what this comment means.]”

    haha, i found this funny also; i hope we are on the same page as what I’m thinking

    the shape of all 3 vegetables are of penal shap and similarity, that is a bit longer and more girth than the avg penis, unless y are built like mandingo or lexingtoon steele or peter north. you get the point. height apparently in terms of body height is not there. it’s a play on words for the lady to just use any of those 3 vegetables to give herself an orgasm.

    personally she should just invest in a “rabbit”, put’s new meaning to the term “B.O.B.” (battery operated boyfriend) if my gf ever gets a hold one fo these things, i might as well sign the divorce papers in advance

  • Alex

    and what’ so interesting on this story ?

    • xuedi

      wow, this actually did surprise me a bit ^^

  • Evalin

    Love nonsense marriage game. I laugh. Too bad she is leaving as I try to find my way there.

    one finger one cumcumber, quelle differance il fait?

    We morph for pleasure, at times.

  • Camela

    Sounds to me like just another version of that spam mail with something like “hello” for a subject line, a fake letter from a fake girl telling you she’s oh-so-lonely, and a link to a porn site – only this is on a posting board instead of a email.

  • Gnah

    Most likely posted by a 14-years-old boy. Too bad, women should do this more often.

  • river

    obviously the pic is fake. she is looking for a honest man. but she is not honest . what a funny story

  • SexySylvie

    The sex trade, yes. Too many women sell out for a better life, it seems. Even in America. Marriage is like legalized prostitution.

    As for me, I say seduce my mind, you can have my body.

    You know what they say: Yes is sexy. But maybe is sexier.

  • evilracistwhitedude

    then wots no?

    who is they?

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  • Lee

    If you look at craiglists in any city or any dating sites, you will find 100s of Chinese girls advertising. The number of Chinese’s working girls in any city in the world, out number local girls. Even places like Pakistan and Afghanistan almost all the working girls are from China.

  • fireworks

    China’s is growing its own pool of skanks and horny sluts like any other country.

    ts part of growing into the westernized society. Some chicks are just so horny that they need to get a quick fix from strangers. I think the Health Authorities need to reach out to these people about safe sex and health education.

  • Sean

    I think sometime it’s really fake…someone like her, only want to be attentioned by public!

  • FangYao (As proud chinese)

    It is very simple story. what ever male or female,everyone need sex.
    use internet is one way to find what you want, the result is 2 people had fun.
    why not?????
    fake pic???what big deal, finally you still will meet the person before you have sex ,will you?

  • Dominique

    As I have pointed out to others, “having sex” is neutral terms. When you hit neutrality in the bedroom, you are in trouble.

    Women want to be made love to or fucked. None of this “having sex” talk.

    in search of a Roark

  • Samael


    can i make love to you? :/

  • Dominique

    @ Samuel
    So I take it that the / is indicative of a crooked smile?
    Lure me in with the words make love and smile crookedly.
    I probably already know and dated you! lol

  • Ron

    She is asking for aids to fulfill her sexual desire, remember! Aids and AIDS in this case can come in one package… Good luck finding a sucker!

  • Adnan

    WTF… I searched the qq id given above, It says a 32 years male there… Fan-fukin-tastic….fake.
    Why do girls do like this…? I think right that there is one thing every person whether he/she is intelligent or idiot, they are born and have their “rights” … . But people don’t know which one to use in which part of life.
    Adnan from Wuhan

    • anon101

      my wife’s qq also says male, its to get ride of the spammers and rapists.. mind you, i think she wants one of them.

  • kavinash

    ne 1 intrestd!!!!

  • Steven

    Of course she’s free to do this, but her main mistake was to do this in a public forum and not on some dating website or on IM where this happens thousands of times a day, by both men and women.

  • http://chinasmack Jessie

    Damn I’m a virgin nd 22 I’m. Still happy not having sex cause maybe ill find the right one 1 day ill be happy to find a gf one day but I’m not in a rush I got time to be nd learn what other people do:) I observe nd learn what to do for my gf not going all out in a relationship I will gladly take my time nd observe before I think of taking on love:)

  • Misaki

    This has been tried in the US before but it was fake.

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