Naked Chinese Girl Attacked By Cantonese Teens

Recently, a very crazy video spread on the internet. In the video, there is a group of young Cantonese teenagers beating up another girl. The “victim” is a young girl who is naked. She looks like she just had sex. Then, she allows a group of girls to slap her and kick her while four boys watch and laugh.

She does not defend herself. She obeys what the group tells her to do. She does not cry.

It is “very yellow, very violent.

All Chinese BBS forums immediately delete any post that has this video. Right now, the only way to get this video is to ask someone who can share it with you or give you a link to a website with this video file. However, there is news about this video in many places, for example: Huang Qiu Net, Feng Gang Net, and Tianya Forum (all in Chinese).

I got this video two days ago. It is a very “hot” and “controversial” video right now, and a lot of people are talking about it.

I do not know why this happened. Most people do not know why also. There are only rumors.

Girls hit naked girlThe people in the video speak Cantonese, not Putonghua (or Mandarin). What I have read and heard from other people is that these are students from the same school somewhere in Guangdong, China. All of them are friends, like “sisters.” However, one of the girls maybe said something bad about them or did something to betray them. So, they want to teach her a lesson. They find her at an internet bar, take her out, and wanted to beat her. Then, one girl had an idea and asked her guy friends from the same school to meet them at a hotel. They have the four guys have sex with her. Then, they beat her up and humiliate her.

Of course, this is only what I have heard. I do not know if it is true. It is difficult to know what is true or just a lie on the internet because there are so many people.

Another thing someone told me is that a local Guangdong education department official saw this video and notified her superiors. Eventually police arrested six or eight of the people in the video. Also, I do not know if this is true.

Note: The video originally embedded in this article was eventually removed by the Chinese video site where it was hosted.

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  • Inst

    You realize that according to ESWN, she’s 17, and you’re thus posting child pornography, right?

    If the legal problem weren’t enough, it’s only a matter of time before you get slashdotted by 4chan or some other pedophile-otaku community and get your child pornography taken down.

    No matter, let me read your site before it gets taken down by something.

  • Kai

    I’m not sure she understands the legal ramifications of “child pornography” but I reckon she’s quite aware of what she’s risking posting up a video that is known and known to be suppressed and censored throughout China.

    At the same time, I’d like to think she’s not posting it up out of sexual perversion or deviancy, though the whole “very yellow, very violent” thing was a nice touch, albeit dark humor in the context of this post. While it may be a bit sordid, I think posting this up does slam home the point that people can be really, incredibly, outrageously terrible.

    Bordering on being too philosophical, we should remember that about ourselves.

    BTW, this is a pretty website and I think your “mission” should be refreshing (the English-blogosphere on China could do with less politics). However, the hot pink is starting to sear itself into my retina…

  • liangshan

    if indeed the girl’s an unwilling victim, spreading the video is unconscionable

  • Kai


    1. To play devil’s advocate, she appears to be a willing (but hopefully reluctant) victim. She made no attempt to avoid or extricate herself from this situation. Of course, she may have felt she couldn’t and felt she had to do what she did to avoid worse.

    2. We don’t know if the victim wants this video spread or not. I imagine she didn’t want the video made in the first place. However, would she be happy that the video spread, and while the video embarasses her, it also embarasses the people who did this to her? Would she be satisfied that this video might have helped bring justice against those who did this to her?

    3. Would spreading this video be good or bad for society, even if the victim was unwilling? Would the benefit of making viewers uncomfortable to remind society of what is right and wrong so as to avoid such crimes and tragedies in the future outweigh the embarassment of the victim? After all, the government and our society routinely make examples of people for the education of others and the deterrence of wrongdoing. Sometimes, it’s wrong to hide our problems and pretend they don’t exist. We have to face ourselves.

    4. If she, Fauna, was spreading this video out of sexual perversion or delight for the girl’s suffering, then yes, I agree that it is unconsionable. However, judging by what she wrote, I think she’s doing this for reasons similar to what I wrote in #3.

  • Lu Wang

    Without viewing the actual video, my gut reaction is to disagree that the victim was “willing”. There are many such videos here in America, but this is the first time I have seen it out of Hong Kong. In the American videos, the victims don’t put up any kind of active resistance, but just take the beating. This was also the case in the bullying video from Singapore. I think the victims realize they will escape with the least amount of harm if they don’t provoke their attackers.

    In any case, please email me a copy of this video. I am curious to view it because I am from Hong Kong, but have not seen this kind of violence since I came to America…

  • Kai

    @ Lu Wang:

    Right, as I said, she probably felt she had to do what she did to avoid worse. I meant “willing” insofar as she didn’t fight back or make a run for it. I can fully understand the resignation of oneself to avoid greater harm in what one considers to be a helpless and unavoidable situation. I just think I would personally have tried harder.

    For example, Shanghaiist has a piece that confirms many of the details here and also includes a bit more information. If I saw a group of people coming for me at an internet bar, I’d probably scream and put up a fight in public rather than getting my ass taken to a hotel to be raped and further humiliated on camera. Even if I grant that Chinese bystanders are more likely to gawk than get involved to help, I’d still place my bets on attracting some sort of help before letting myself be put through the kind of shit this girl went through.

  • Charles Frith

    Maybe this is further support for the pernicious idea that the ‘nail that sticks out gets hammered in’. In this case the nail was reluctant to call for help. I’m only saying maybe. I don’t want to make too many assumptions.

  • Vincent Morton

    Is this some type of window into Chinese culture? While on the face of it it seems to be an isolated case of aberrant youth behavior, does this represent some underlying social issues in China today.

  • Frank Bary

    Very sad how brutal teens are all over the world. There are countess examples of young adults being bullied and humiliated on videos made in China, Europe, North America and Russia.

  • Tom Square

    Wow, I can’t believe the things teens would do. Really sad how teens all over the world act like this. Bullying, Hurting, Humiliating… wow… it’s just not right.

  • Lord of the Flies

    It isn’t far fetched that these animals would do something like this. Not because they are Chinese/ Cantonese. It’s because they are teens. Surely you recall what callous, cruel, mean spirited beings young humans can be.

  • Linda Jung

    wow this is really messed up… I’m actually curious to see this video. would you be able to send it to me?

  • chris

    curious to see

  • Meg

    This is one time I’m glad for the ren rou search engine! Won’t the ren rou search engine find the tormentors and bring them to justice?

  • Scot Stedman

    I have to see the video to make a meaningful comment.

  • friedlinx

    The world needs more in their life. I’m friedlinx and I approved this comment.

  • tony

    it amazes me when i see these types of videos, because the one getting the beaten almost looks like they think they deserve it somehow. i would like to view it for myself though to form my own opinion. plus 17 years old is the legal age in my state.

  • ed

    you know this kind of violence happens everywhere. its not an isolated case, there are cases of extreme bullying in America as well.

  • http://msn slaveboy

    i would like to have the VIDEO LINK : for naked humiliates chinese girla against gang girls !!

    Im a naked submissisve slave boy and i want to be in her place ! becouse i like it andd accept it!!

    I feel sorry for girl if she dont accept it!! tis not nice !!

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  • J.P.

    I am highly interested in this.

    But I can’t exactly say why. Probably because humans are voyeuristic and far too curious. I can’t think that of myself but it may still be the reason.

    Now I can understand it if you refuse to send me the link, but i might as well give it a try.

    Have a nice day.

  • jeff

    Without getting overly political, I do believe this is the by-product of a larger, simpler societal issue, namely the fear and angst that many young people face in China. Students are not only subject from unreasonable pressure at home but also from the omnipotent hand of the party. Their insurrgence is so deep that it has successfully devided man from man (or from woman as the case may be). This incredibly inhumaine display -though I have yet to see the whole video- is an example of the irrational outlet so many Chinese indulge in in reaction to clash between what they are told is ‘the right thing to feel and do’ vesus what they actually feel. As has been in the news quite often lately, the tremendous patriotic ferver that has been generated in lue of the Tibet riot and the Olympics can very easily be misdirected when faced with unease or discontent. Some say it may even turn back on the government itself. I think what we see here is just that but on a smaller scale. Here are a group of people who are afraid to do anything remotely outside the norm but as soon as one of their friends is off the plantation they take the opportunity to exact an extremely violent reaction. The guy who took the machete to the coppers in Shanghai not too long ago is probably another familiar example of a poorly chosen outlet for this intense angst that nobody in China is willing to address yet; because we all know how happy we are . . . everyday.

  • c1984

    I would like to know more about this situation as it unfolds. Will the girls be punished, did they even break the law (In the US I would assume that they did, but I can’t say that I’m familiar with Chinese law.) Also is this common in China, or are these events like these isolated occurrences. I would also like a link to the video, after seeing the video with the other girl getting beat up I’m wondering how this one compares.

  • http://msn slaveboy

    anybody can send me the ORIGINAL VIDEO? of the chinese girl gang that humiliate 1 girl naked !!

    I wish it was me naked in front of the girls!! not the poor girl !

    PLEASE anybody have the original video LINK ?? i just seen the copy from the news..!!


  • tom

    Legal age for doing pornography or for receiving a mass beating ?

    “plus 17 years old is the legal age in my state.”

  • http://none JJ

    very interesting that a lot of comments note cultural concerns about the chinese

    the whole world has senseless violence – watch primer impacto (a spanish “news” program) for several examples

    great site – i just discovered it today

  • krdr

    In Serbia, we have similar problem. Internet is flawed with school pupils made videos with violence and sex. Minors uses cameraphones to record acts of violence. Then, they put video on youtube or similar site.

    It is extension of teenage will to “be someone”, to be accepted, to get a fame. Now, teenagers have mean to do that. It is easier to be recognized in teenage society by doing something wrong than good.

    I just can applaud to reactions of Chinese net user who deleted video

  • bob jones

    Fascinating to see this from a sociological and psychological perspective…if she really doesn’t fight back, what kind of pressure would those other girls be putting on her beforehand…and what could she have possibly done to “betray” them so. Also, what the hell were those 4 boys thinking too…you’d have to be pretty pathic to do that to the poor girl.

    Interested as well.

  • Curious

    To decide for myself if its was staged or not. Seems to be alot of exhibitionist behavior amongst the students of China lately. Perhaps its their own little way of rebelling against society.

  • H.C.

    Is it ethical to watch a video of a naked teen being beaten and gang-raped? Is watching the uncensored video, which she probably wouldn’t want spread except for law enforcement purposes, really necessary to understand the horror of what she went through? My gut tells me no.

    I think it’s obvious that she’s not fighting back because 1) she’s outnumbered 2) she has turned off her emotions to get through this trauma.

    By the way, do not send me a link.

  • JR

    This is interesting. I doubt the girl was willing but without seeing the video I can’t tell for sure. Is there any way you can send me it?

  • bill

    I watched it, well some of it anyway. I couldn’t watch the whole thing. It definitely is either real or a fake that is too good to tell the difference. I am not all about hitting girls, but I wish I could beat every one of those girls that did that to her. And for the guys, well, they should have their…

  • brtp

    I highly doubt she was willing, as most other stories confirm that too. Any news on what the girls and boys were charged with, and what were their penalties? Also, how much more extreme is it than the other video? I’d like a link to see, thanks.

  • David Palazuelos

    Im pretty sure she didnt particularly want to be there, but it seems odd that she would just stand there and take it like that. Can i pass my own judgement please by viewing the video?

  • Evelyn Portillo

    Before I judge, I’d like to see the video for myself.

    I personally would have tried my hardest to get out of a situation like that. I wonder what kind of a beating she could have gone through without retaliating.

    Please send me a link. Thanks! ^_^

  • Judy


    Please forward me a link for this video… I am very curvious … I feel very bad for her…

  • Dan Massona

    All this is a matter ofhow people treat people. Set aside the way the girls taunted her and attacked her, the real question is what was on her mind during all this? What prompted her to obey, to continue to display herself and to become so submissive? No doubt what, on the surface, the boys thought, but deeper under the hormones are thoughts of other things: themselves in such a situation watched by others? Sympathy? Need to rescue? Denial?


  • Raphy

    Was she paid for to be on receiving side. Need to find out.

  • jiaquixote

    Having lived in China for four years, this sort of thing is fascinating. Perhaps more so than other place there is a China above and below. The difference, may be, that in China, it seems many actually believe what they tell themselves and others about the ‘surface’ China.

    My first year in China, one of my students offered to take me on a tour of the underside of the city. We visited the drug dealing area of town and he showed me the whorehouses for the different economic classes, all the way down to the construction worker hang out, which apparently (or so he claimed) are mostly 40 year old ex-receptionist/secretaries who were deemed no longer attractive enough and now sold their bodies for around 50 yuan.

    Also, apparently at that university I worked at, a year before, a boyfriend cut up his girlfriend into little pieces. It was all very hush-hush and there was a general air of denial about it, even in the student population… It was sort of never spoken about, but always spoken in whispers.

    I’d like to see this video, because I think it underlines this dichotomy. And also because I have a morbid curiosity.

    Please email me.

  • ken astley

    does anybody know what course the authorities will take in response to this? i’m not very familiar with laws regarding china, but a long enduring interrogative session could do harm to the victim. also is there judicial system strict or lax? It would suck if their sentencing was eased due to a flow of cash.

    but she couldn’t just have stood there, she must resisted in some way before this right?

  • Stan

    Out of morbid curiosity I would like to see what happened and make my own conclusions from there.

  • Don

    What is this video all about ? Why did she do it ? Is the video staged and look fake ? It’s probably just to get attention. How do you know her age ?
    How do you know she had just had sex ?

  • heterodoxy

    This seems very disturbing and weird. I live and teach in Yunnan, and this reminds me of the incident a few years ago when an incredibly poor student killed all of his rich roommates and went on the run. When he got caught he said, “These prison clothes are the first clean, new clothes I’ve ever owned.” I wonder if there are any class issues going on here? Is she poor, and they rich, or the other way around? Please send me the video.

  • oGsan

    After reading some of these posts, i must say that I’m rather curious as what really happened and would like to see for my self to before jumping to conclusions.

    I would appreciate if you would could send me a link.

    Never judge by appearance, people.

  • Don

    I viewed part of the video and found it to be a joke. The teens are not even hitting the girl that hard, just slapping and at one point the girl slaps herself in the face harder than any of the others, so….. It is apparent that it’s just one of those attempts to make something controversial by a bunch of teenagers to try to get attention. If you want to see some good acting go to These teenagers have nothing on what you will find there ! Thanks for sharing !

  • jiaquixote

    Even if it is a fake, the mere fact that it was made in China by Chinese is shocking enough. For many Chinese I talk to, this sort of thing, and the lady who dissects the kitten with her heels is incomprehensible (excluding of course HK and Taiwan). I can’t decided if it is an extreme naivety or a willful delusion; hell even when I remark on people crossing the road on red lights, I get, ‘no we don’t do that’.

    I think in part, since everything is China is some way related to the group/social whole, this calling out and shaming of the public face is internalized and denied by each member.

    It’s just strange that in a country that’s so concerned with face and public shaming that this girl would willing submit (whether acting or not, she doesn’t put up much of a fight) and on a camera non-the-less.

    Another thing, I thought about this is, the individual (or group in this case) taking control over bodies (their own or others) as a means of exerting control. The Japanese porn industry (and even regular Japanese movies for that matter) are rife with this kind of stuff. I think partially because of their views of women and partially because they live in such a repressive society.

    …anyway enough pseudo-psychoanalysis and rambling…

    I’d like to hope this was more of a fight club type thing than an actual rape humiliation clip, because it’s very unsettling how calmly the girl takes it.

  • ken astley

    i just saw it i hope those sick f****** get killed.

  • Thanos


    Please forward me a link for this video… I am very curvious … I feel very bad for her… It just shows that girls can be just as bad as guys.

  • Lennie

    I hope the Chinese authorities do something about this! In China crimes against foerigners and tourists are taken much more seriously than crimes against their own people… It’s all about “saving face” and the image they project to the outside world. That Olympic stabbing (of the US Volleyball Coache’s inlaws) had to be very embarrassing for the authorities…. I hope the girl is OK.

    I’m not sure I want to see this, but like a car accident I am kind of compelled to take a peek… Please foward me the link.

  • juzzy

    I also would like to see this video
    It appears to be a massive hype about this all over the web all pointing to chinasmack.
    please send me a link .

    my my what is this world coming to

  • dee

    shocking stuff

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