Schoolgirl Catfight ~ Slapping like Whipping Butt

From the KDS Forum:

QQVideo: University Schoolgirls Surround, Humiliate, and Hit A Schoolmate. (6:27) [no longer available]

It is very difficult to understand what the girls are fighting about because of their heavy Northeast accent. I think maybe two girls had an argument but soon other girls were involved. I will describe the video and some of the things I can hear them say:

0:10 – The video begins with a guy walking down the hall of a girls dormitory and we can see that the argument has already begun when he enters the room. One girl is sitting on a bed while several girls are surrounding her yelling at her. One girl tells the cameraman to come in. The girl on the bed looks like she is saying something to defend herself.

0:19 – “I really want to hit you,” says one girl.

0:22 – “Don’t block the camera,” someone says. Another girl waves at the camera. A really ugly girl shows her face too.

0:29 – One girl makes the person holding the camera point it at the girl sitting on the bed.

0:43 – “Do you know we’re giving you face today?” someone says.

0:50 – The girl on the bed uses her hands to say “time out.” Then, she says something about hair. Maybe this fight is about hair? I think she says “How did I perm my hair? I didn’t do my hair at all.” But I am not sure.

0:54 – The cameraman films some of the girls around him.

0:59 – “Hey, film me! Film me!” says the girl wearing pink. She makes some poses.

1:09 – A guy, probably the guy holdint the camera, refers to the girl on the bed as “the (innocent?) victim.”

1:11 – The girl in pink says, “Look at me. look at me!” and then pretends to slap the girl on the bed.

1:17 – The pink girl pretends to slap the girl on the bed again but the girl on the bed pushes her hand away. Immediately, the girl in a white jacket hits the girl on the bed on her head, asking “what do you think you are doing?”

1:22 – One girl in the background (maybe the girl in pink?) says “damn, I let her get the first slap on camera.” Some girls laugh.

1:26 – “You thinking of doing something?” someone challenges the girl on the bed.

1:43 – After some slapping and hitting begins, the pink girl brushes the victim’s hair away so her face can be seen on camera.

1:48 – The pink girl fixes the victim’s hair again, but the victim can only glare back at her.

1:53 – White jacket girl says “I’m really angry” and hits the victim again. The girl in pink checks the white jacket girl’s hand and tells her there isn’t enough strength in the way she is hitting. I think they are talking about “paying” but I am not sure about what. Maybe the victim said she already paid but the other girls are not satisfied?

2:03 – A girl says, “if you don’t want us to hit you, then explain yourself.”

2:27 – “Fuck your mom!” the girls who are surrounding the girl on the bed begin cursing. I think she then says, “you have no shame. I gave you a chance to explain (?) but you didn’t. Fuck your mom, if I don’t hit you, what should I do?”

2:38 – A girl asks the victim on the bed, “do you know why you’re asking to be hit? Are you stupid? I’m embarrassed to even ask.”

2:50 – The girl on the bed says, “we’re all classmates, is this worth it? In the future, we’re still–”

2:56 – A lot of pointing begins.

3:13 – The girl on the bed says, “one at a time…”

3:17 – Several girls ask the victim, “did you touch it? Let me ask you, did you touch it?” I can’t hear what the victim replied but someone gets slapped again and is accused of lying.

3:27 – The white jacket girl pulls the victim’s hair for the first time. Maybe this is a fight about hair products like shampoo or something? Haha.

3:55 – “Let me tell you, we’re punishing you today because you talked back to us…”

4:04 – You (something) her, can we not feel hurt? Do you think we can let you go?”

4:10 – “Look, my head (hair? scalp?) is numb.”

4:41 – White jacket girl starts hitting wildly.

4:47 – The girl on the bed calls her “Are you a murderer now?” This makes all the other girls angry, especially the girl in black.

5:23 – Someone says, “we’ve made her bleed.” Someone else says, “my hand is swollen.”

5:31 – While one girl is getting tissues to clean the blood from the victim, another girl says, “fuck your mom, pissing me off, I can’t believe you dare say that, fuck your mom.”

5:54 – Two girls show off their swollen hands in front of the camera.

Near the end, a new girl enters the room and someone in the background says, “you see, why didn’t you just listen to me? Feel stupid now?”

Some of the forum replies:

Sigh. That level of quality, I won’t say much. A mother gave birth to these girls but didn’t raise them properly. Like animals.

Proud Northeastern customs.

Gets hit but doesn’t fight back. Either she is an idiot or she’s a tough person.

They are all bitches, all of them are asking to be fucked.

I want to hit the guy filming.

Getting hit without fighting back or running away. Also very calm. If it was any single one of those girls against her, I would bet on her to be the winner.

Girls fighting talk too much. What is there so much bullshit to say?

A lot of motherfucking…I feel bad for the Northeastern mothers.

Number of times she was slapped: 24
Number of times her hair was pulled: 4


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  • Charles Frith

    Further evidence that all humans are the same and the so called special chinese are just like all people around the planet with a thin veneer of culture when on best behaviour.

  • kris

    don’t see this kind of things in my area
    girls give cold violence though
    but never hit someone like this……
    most got this kind of things in Northeastern and the very southern……
    have no idea how can they hate someone like this

  • Helen

    This is pure shame to the Chinese race. How were they brought up? They are in school, not on the streets and they still dare to act ghetto gangster? Where are the teachers? If they made up this video for fun, they are as bad as the prisoners in jail! I may just be highschooler but highschoolers/college students in America don’t go spreading peer pressure and their fuckin attitude like this unless it’s something really big, like asking their gang to do their dirty work and not presenting the money for doing so. These Chinese girls need to grow up because if they came to the US, I swear they’ll get the shit beaten out of their asses. That girl on the bed isn’t doing anything?! I know it’s about 7 to one and they’re pressuring you but come on! Fight, dammit. I don’t know but I’m seriously ashamed girls would stoop this low. Bitches.

    • bobiscool

      Oh? What about columbine high? The sheer number of people in china means there will be conflicts, and that there will be unreasonable people. You can’t compare China with america, which is 1/4th its size.

      And even then, American teengers appearantly love to use profanity as you have just demonstrated. Drugs and sex are not uncommon, either. Nor are fights, though you may be unaware.

  • wt

    Agreed. I am not chinese but in my view this is a national disgrace. Whoever designed the uniform should be fired from the job. Hello, Hello China ! This is a very important event how can you guys let this one goes like this uncheck ?

  • Al Jensen

    Come on, it’s not fair to say that this is a national disgrace to China – there are 1.3 BILLION Chinese, certainly a small number will be crazy.

    Did these girls get caught and punished? There was a similar thing that happened in Florida. Those girls are in big trouble.


    Typical Chinese, they will only be brave when they are in groups. They are like a pack of wild dogs trying to pick off the week. Punch one of those girls and the rest will flee like cockroaches. Same with the men

  • Veer Left

    Girls only fight over one thing like that. Status concerning boys. Did you touch it likely refers to some boys ‘wand’ and i’d wager that the other girls are angry because a ‘low-ranking female’ got some action before they did.

    What a bunch of dogs in any case.

  • Veer Left

    BTW, Rural Chinese universities are like prisons. None of the going out and dancing etc that is in ‘Shaghai’. All these girls suffer from acute sexual frustration…much like inmates.

    • Fike2308

      Chinese people are DEFINETLY sexually frustrated and I think that explains a lot of their strange behavior.

  • Joyce Barker

    Sounds like the Texas Cheerleaders that was on tv last night.

  • Jay

    There are terrible people like that in every country. There are mean bitches everywhere but schools in developed countries usually don’t let them get away with such brutality. In the US they would be expelled from school or even jailed.

  • bossman

    These bitches should be sent to America and beaten by black girls from the ghetto or Spanish girls in US, they would kill these sknny cunts

  • dave

    I really hate it when females raise their voices like that. Like nails on a blackboard.

  • Kaio Gracco

    Que porra é essa???… que covardia do caramba!…. se isso for brincadeira é muito da sem graça, pois isso não se faz com uma pessoa!

    Cinceramente não gostei achei que estas “garotas” deveriam ser presas e receber um castigo de acordo, uns tapaas na cara tábem para aprender.

  • TahwYOJ

    Apparently they were arguing about something and the girl on the bed (I think she is new) pulled the girl in white’s hair… So I guess that girl in white have “backups” in the class.

    Nothing to see here, move along. This is some typical bullshit. You have different sort of cliques in China, it is no surprise that some are hardcore stupid like this. I bet this sort of shit happens all around the world, all grouped by social economic strata, where the rich girls have rich mean girl shit (e.g shunning of some other chick not in their “clique”), to gangsta chicks that will pop a cap in your ass. So why is this different from other typical clique bullshit?

    So Veer left, Fuck da lu ren, Bossman, shut the FUCK UP… stupid motherfuckers.

  • TahwYOJ

    It’s like a bunch of monkeys gathered around to watch a bunch of other monkeys sling shit at each other.

    You guys are so fucking winners.

  • Green

    Fucked up people.

  • evilracistwhitedude

    jesus, they shud have tried that with some of my ex’s. white or black, they wud have been totalled and the cameraman wud have had a free entroscopy or woteva u call it.

  • Duchemin

    Have they been punished, expelled, jailed, sent to a disciplinary school, like US bootcamps? Forced to apologize publicly to their victim? I keep asking the same questions because I want to know if Chinese authorities take the matter seriously. We all know that the Chinese penal system is harsh, and this is an instance in which swift, strict punishment would probably deter potential bullies and satisfy the victims.

    • Duchemin

      Can someone answer my question: have the perpetrators been punished?

  • James

    I read your comments but for some reason cant watch the video
    Is there another site I can watch it?

  • romeo

    i cant seem to view the video , could You pls re post it or tell me where i can find it

  • Ryan Slater

    What I don’t understand is why you don’t post the news of the actions taken by these schools and police who seem to allowing this violence to continue. This alarming number of students would not allow themselves to take part, even from an observer’s or spectator’s point of view, if they knew harsh consequences were soon to follow. WHAT HAPPENED AFTER THIS!?!? All of the girls (as well as the cameraman) should have been expelled from the school and the 3 who hit the brave young girl (who didn’t even cry throughout the ordeal) should be set to court and then Jail. Their families should have been heavily fined. And they should be responsible for both physical and emotional damages. Those girls were dumb enough to post this video to the internet, right? So I pray that some harsh punishment came out of it as a result. Please respond!

  • Leo

    What are they even saying? It sounds like a bunch of ducks fucking.

  • 陈龙

    This happened at Shenyang Normal University in Liaoning Province. My School while I was there teaching and this was all over the news etc about our school making this sick video. ALL the students involved including the people responsible for the building was fired and thrown out of school. The argument was because the girl on the bed had a fling with her room-mates boyfriend, they are talking about the hair because the girl on the bed made her hair exactly like her room-mates to look more like her apparently. The way I heard it was the girl who had the fling (girl on the bed) was so sorry and accepted this apparent video of her because she was so ashamed. Along with the beating. Girls will be girls…

  • fairytale

    what is wrong with them??? when did pain become good to some people??? if they were to experience themselves it wouldn’t be good -____- hate the cameraman and the bullies. anyway why does china gets all this catfights on news while in america and england the teachers mostly deal with it.

  • troye68

    This is supposed to be the girl in teal-green school P.E. uniform who has to strip naked and play with herself. You have to follow through from what the original link says it’s leading to. This video is not what’s supposed to be here.

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