Caught: Lust, Caution? Two Little Lovers In Public

These two cute children are kissing.

A couple of days ago, a chinaSMACK reader emailed me and showed me a website with a few pictures of some little children kissing each other and doing other “adult” things. The reader asked me if they were from China and also suggested that we write a post about it.

These pictures are from China and they first appeared on the internet in 2007. Although it is not a “recent” popular topic on the Chinese internet, I will post them here so people can discuss them and also see some Chinese netizen comments.

These photos are from Tom BBS.

Two young children kiss in China.

What are these two little Chinese kids doing?

These two cute children are kissing.

Are they taking off their clothes?

Two Chinese children imitating adults?

Where is the little boy's hand?

Do these Chinese children know what they are doing?

Is this cute or bad?

Is this innocent or wrong?

Two Chinese kids kissing next to a brick wall.

Two little kids doing something only adults should do.

Chinese children hugging each other.

Are these Chinese kids just copying what they have seen on TV?

Are these children copying what they have seen from their parents?

Comments from Xiaonei:

Looks like we are behind the times. We are old now.

What are they doing? I cannot tell…it cannot be xxxx, could it? My god??? This young!!! So ashamed…

Adults’ influence. These days, TV dramas and movies all have unsuitable scenes for children. But as sex education, start learning as a baby.

Was there someone up to no good? What could such little children know about this?

This…is too “niu.” Not only are they forward-thinking, they are also bold…today’s society is too crazy, they would be legendary if they were to get married in the future.

Oh my gosh!

If everyone has time, take a look at some psychology books and you should understand this kind of behavior. The children’s ages are still young. This is probably a kind of imitating adults behavior. It is the same as little girls who like to play with dolls, a behavior simply imitating how their own mothers treat them.

That document forger telephone number is present the entire time.
Can it be that these two children are just spokespersons advertising for the document forger?

If they were stopped/punished, then there would not be these pictures.
This is the photographer’s conundrum.

HOW??? They do not yet have that kind of function, right??

Sigh, why was I so pure when I was small? Haha.

Comments from eYK (eYingkou):

This, this, this was learned from whom?
This world is over, completely over.

Not PSed. [Photoshopped]
Too shocking.
Society these days…

Humanity multiplies, from instinct.
Society develops, from imitation.
The cat died, from curiosity…

The children are innocent, the ones that should be killed are the television channels and the children’s idiotic parents.

I cannot agree more!!
Looks like my parents not letting me watching these kind of scenes on television when I was young was the proper thing to do.

The children are innocent, they are only too curious. When they see adults doing it, they will subconsciously go imitate. No matter what through what channel they learned how [to do this], all of society has unshirkable responsibility!!!

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  • Ronnie

    Maybe I’m old-fashioned, but I have to admit that I’m positively appalled.

    Should this series of photos be classified as quasi child pornography? Or should the boy be charged with statutory rape should penetration ever occur?

    Oh my I’m speechless now.

  • the peasant

    rape pls! oh wait.. it might be consensual… lets ask the girl first :)

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  • Camela

    I doubt there was penetration. Can boys even get an erection at that age? I’m not sure it’s possible until puberty. Unless the freaky stuff in China’s milk is also bringing on early puberty.

    They’re probably just imitating something they saw on TV. Like playing house… in another way.

    • Asante Ron

      china is corrupt and this is an example…those kids are practicing what their drunken parents always do and when they grow up,they end up as pornstars except someone takes over to stop the shit…..don’t get it wrong,they’re rehearsing porn now!!!

  • MonkeyBear

    I don’t think they are having actually sex acts. Young kids can get it up though but at this age i think it would be more curious than truly lustful. I know at that age that you can know all about sex, have an interest in it, but you don’t really get it. That out of the way… i don’t think this is porn (def not rape) to us, but i wonder if it was not “captured” but made to be. There is definitely something wrong here.

  • No Links

    Yeh…disturbing. If it was set up, that certainly is wrong. Above it mentions the photos come from a site with kids doing ‘adult’ things? yeesh…thoroughly disturbing…I’m an adult and I haven’t even done ‘adult’ things…*sigh*

  • KX

    These pictures are Martian…

  • Samael


    • James

      If you really think that you should be in a nut house jail or something

    • misha

      hahahahaha Right! jkjk its really bad but it funny also

      Kids play house too. Mom and dad though them how!

  • Martin

    @Camila: Yes, boys can get an erection at that age however they have no real sexual desire at such a young age and don’t really know what to do with it. This sort of behaviour pretty much ONLY occurs under two circumstances:

    1. The child (or both children) have been molested and thus know “the moves” required (sadly this is more common than you might be aware),

    2. The child or children have seen adults doing this and are mimicking them. Though in this instance they would have probably had to be exposed to this many times in order to try copying it. Seeing it once or twice in a movie or tv show would not normally lead to such behaviour.

    As an aside, I’m not just saying this. I know it for a fact. Either way the kids (one of them at least) are either being molested or have caregivers that are neglecting proper parenting. Sad to see this.

  • Rick in China

    Ridiculous – is ‘playing doctor’ new to those posters who are “appalled” and outraged?

    They are children doing children things – being curious about the differences in their bodies, and acting out things they see adults doing. All it is saying is that it’s about time they have a chat with their parents – but that wont likely happen, at least, not in the way it should.

  • Veer Left


  • Kai

    @ KX:

    LoL, Martian. Go Chinese internet meme!

    @ Martin:

    I agree there’s a probability that molestation led to this behavior. Since there’s little we can know whether this is a byproduct of sexual abuse or just two kids mimicking things they’ve seen adults do, I’d prefer to put my mind at ease with the latter and think: “aw, that’s kinda cute…in a slightly disturbing way.”

    @ pug:

    Um, a society predicated on sneakiness? What, there are no voyeur photos or films in Western society? I’d rather place my bet that the photographer just thought it was hilariously cute that two kids are going through the motions of adults. Geez, relax.

    I think one of the Chinese commenters made a poignant remark about this though: The photographer can either capture this moment of (highly probable) innocent hilarity or the photographer can run up, stop them, and teach them how inappropriate it is (both in public and especially for their age…but I have a feeling that’d just increase the kids’ curiosity).

    Somehow I don’t imagine this photographer being nearly half as creepy as Wes in American Beauty (not that all “boys next door” in America are the disturbed and physically abused sons of homosexual military men in denial.)

    @ Rick in China:

    Agreed. However, judging by some of the “positions” I think I’m seeing, I’d also say the parents might also want to be far more careful with letting their kids bear witness to actual sexual acts. Curiosity about differences in body parts is one thing, but I don’t think a child at that age should know the penis and vagina come together.

  • jason

    Sick and disgusting. Completely lack of morality or even a conscience of what they are doing is wrong… just like their parents and most others in this society.

    That being said – I saw the first picture on the homepage, and knew what I was getting into, yet I still clicked on the picture so I could see more…That’s twisted. Maybe I’ve become desensitized to all the casual sexual images everywhere… Maybe I’m more sick than those kids cause I’m old enough to know better and not look at such things, even if it’s on the internet.

    This will be the last time I visit this website, and others like it.

  • Kai

    Wow, some of you take yourselves far too seriously.

  • Mike

    The only person doing anything wrong is the voyeur taking the pictures.

  • fcuk da lu ren

    Do you think they get to have more than one child at this age? Or are they under the one child policy. Interesting to see what the law would be. Interesting also that no one even bothered to stop these kids. Where are their parents? Are they just wondering wildly on the streets?

    You know this is something that the typical “peasant” would laugh at while they watched them do it.

  • Peteryang

    they know not what they do.
    — Christ

  • Rick in China

    @ Kai RE: “but I don’t think a child at that age should know the penis and vagina come together.”

    Curious, how old would you guess these kids are? Kids at a relatively young age are taught to problem solve, things go into other things if the shapes fit, if there’s a hole you find something to put into it, the concepts are no different… “I have this thing sticking out of me” “I have this hole going into me” “Hey look, they’re in same spots, I wonder if they go together”

    I don’t think it’s out of reach to assume this is beyond their mental capacity. I also don’t think there was any idea what they were doing was right or wrong – a sign that they were likely somewhat exposed but not given information to explain these things, just enough for them to want to figure it out. There is no “keeping” sex out of their view, especially when peasants live in tiny close proximity housing and..well, quite frankly, PEOPLE FUCK.

    Education is key. Keeping secrets that are not easily kept is what leads to shit like this.

    You’re probably the type of loser who condemns the world for everything, while keeping many many dark secrets of your own, I bet you jerk off to gay donkey sex shows in mexico with a big shit eating grin – we don’t want you here anyways.

    • Jing Yuan

      You bring up a good point. I am American and I was caught playing around with another kid around this age too (we were both boys- so it was a curiosity thing not a lust or sex thing).

      We weren’t in plain sight (or so we thought). When my parents did find out, the first thing my parents did was to give me “the talk” and I mean the WHOLE talk using the right names for everything. I knew that the penis goes into the vagina and what sperm were and plenty of other stuff- all prefaced with “this is something only between 2 adults in love.”

      Basically from that moment until about age 17 or 18 I didn’t really have any issues with experimentation or sex or lust or anything at all. There just wasn’t a matured desire for it. So any association I’ve had with other people sexual ended up being completely healthy and (I’d tend to think) normal.

      Sorry for the life story- but it’s true. DONT insult the intelligence of your children. They don’t need your condescension, they need someone older who is trustworthy and respects/loves them.

      Just tell it like it is and they will be as prepared for this world of sliding morality as one can be.

  • Samael


    wheres all the ‘casual sexual images everywhere’? while theres plenty of porn on the internet, you won’t actually see terribly much unless you are actively seeking it.

    u dont just ‘bump’ into ‘sick stuff’ mate. theres something u r not telling us here u closet sicko lol

  • fireworks

    It is just plain weird.

    Its even weirder that the person who snapped the pictures had a good perv.

    Kids are growing too fast these days. Hope the Education’s Dept have educational material for children. where is the adult supervision?

  • fireworks

    I was wondering if the person who snapped the pics created a fraud or stir up the net community? You can’t trust some adults these days for hoax or fraud.

  • Pieman

    So many trolls on Chinasmack today or is it the same person…

  • blkaznluver

    i did this stuff too when i was in kindergarten: Mommy and Daddy, playing house etc. I dont see anything abnormal in it.
    It is amoral to take photos and post them on the web though :(
    They’re just kids

  • Iris


  • Richard

    What is worse… two children touching each other, or adults taking photos of them and posting them without permission.

    It is us as adults who should know better.

  • james

    Their parents are probably busy playing ma jiang. Ive been living in west china for a number of years and see children running around the streets without a care in the world while parents are busy wasting their time gossiping and playing ma jiang. It all comes down to parenting skills which i strongly believe very few parents have in china. I dont think the kids would have seen that kind of thing on chinese tv as its heavily censored , so they either saw their old ma and pa at or watching AV. AV culture is to open in china and easily available and therefore the kids might have picked up an AV dvd at home while their parents were busy and learnt a bit of sex education.

    The person taking the pictures doesn’t have an ounce of responsibility to father/mother someone else’s kid and he/she is free to snap away. I wouldn’t feel like its an obligation of mine to go over separate them or whatever. Ive got my own worries and issues and its not like every kid is at on every street corner so all i can say is “let them live and learn” if their parents are !@#$ because clearly they weren’t responsible enough to bring them into this world.

    The only sad thing about this is there is no future for the two kids

  • Swiss James

    No future for the two kids?! Shall we just shoot them now do you think?

    Good grief- I used to do stuff like this growing up, am just glad there wasn’t some weirdo taking photos and showing them to everyone.

  • Fauna


    Some posts were deleted by accident this morning and I was force to reload an old backup of the website. The website has been very slow, so I have spend the last 6-7 hours trying to fix everything. Before I reload the old backup database, I tried to save most of the comments for the new posts but I know some comments have been lost. Here are the comments I saved:

    # bkgunner
    Monday, January 5, 2009 at 10:16 pm Edit

    These two got nothing on this girl. On Tianya last month.

    (Hope that worked)

    Tuesday, January 6, 2009 at 2:48 am Edit

    @ bkgunner:

    LOL! Oh man…

    Tuesday, January 6, 2009 at 6:55 am Edit

    Yes, Terence and Philip are guilty!

    On one hand, children mimic parents and TV. On other hand, it is common place that kids should be protected from this kind of stuff.

    Question is: Is it ethical to take this pics, to post it or to watch it. At least, kids faces should be protected.

    Tuesday, January 6, 2009 at 10:40 am Edit

    The kids are just playing a game and imitating their parents. The pictures aren’t even worth posting,, it is in many ways completely normal human behaviour.

    Wednesday, January 7, 2009 at 2:58 am Edit

    Those children have obviously been posed and photographed by an adult. Children do NOT play doctor so stylistically or “erotically,” if one can call children playing at sex erotic. The adult who exploited them is sick and needs to be hauled to jail for a thousand years.

    Wednesday, January 7, 2009 at 9:14 am Edit

    I totally agree with Librarylady – this is staged – kids that young do not normally do these things – there must be an adult – that is the guy taking the pictures – telling them to do it – “Hey retard, stop exploiting your kids or they will turn out like you” – will somebody translate this to Chinese so dipshit can understand.

    Wednesday, January 7, 2009 at 12:57 pm Edit

    If he ( this little boy in the video) []
    knows what to do. Then, I don’t think so anybody should be in a state of surprise.
    And it looks like they are already living together or doing work together. So they may see some adult things by chance. But they are in china so the ratio of their “by chance” seeing adult things may increase due to population.

    Would you stop them, if would be there?

    Wednesday, January 7, 2009 at 10:59 pm Edit

    Jason: chill out.

    Rick in China
    Thursday, January 8, 2009 at 1:09 pm Edit


    I would not make such a wild speculation, “children do NOT xx xxx xxxxx”. I believe what you mean is children do not NORMALLY act these things out to that extent and that IF an adult had posed them, he/she is sick and should be removed from society – to which I agree.

    However, saying children simply don’t or are incapable of doing these kind of things is ignorant, children are capable of a lot more than you clearly think they are, and underestimating them *as a parent* can end up with tragic consequences. I hope that, should you have children, you are either very lucky, or understand they are capable of a lot more than you may think and prepare yourself/them for reality.

    Sorry for the inconvenience.

  • diane

    oh my God, what is going in on with this world??? where did they learn about that? did they see it from tv or their parents???
    when i was a kid, i never knew about sex till i was 13 yrs old. because i’ve been living in indonesia which still hold “the east culture”and parents still conservative about talking sex/ anything that refer to sex. thanks God for that…

  • mercator
  • Bob

    Wow. Simply wow.

  • Baoru

    For all we know, these pictures could be doctored. I’m not surprised at all.

    On the lighter side, maybe these are adults who lacked the growth spurt. :P

  • Baoru

    For some weird reason, this reminded me of your post about Zhang Ziyi. And for some weird reason, that post is not in chinaSMACK anymore??

    Just would like to remark that either Zhang Ziyi is very tall or her boyfriend is rather short~~


    Nothing is impossible. Just do it. (made in china)

  • shopgirl

    hahahahahha, oh my god…

    but they still look adorable together though. so cute.

  • hahaha

    imagine if they were siblings.. omfg. probably they are …

    they saw their parents doing it many times and they r mimicking.. thats my guess. !

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  • R. Richardson

    Not bad. I am a white American who is living in the South. I had seen a similar incident at Marquette, Michigan last 20 years ago. My family traveled from Alabama to Marquette to visit my father’s relatives. While on my vacation, I was walking on a sidewalk around a residental area where my aunt lived in, I caught a white boy having sex with a girl on a front yard near their (his or her or their?) house. Those couple were as young as those Chinese couple in the pictures above.

    But the boy had his pants down!!! I could see his penis! They were lying on the yard to have sex. After he saw me, he became so embarrassed that he had to stand up to expose his penis. But he quickly hid it by pulling his pants up! Afterwards, his face blushed but he smiled at me. The girl remained on the grassy ground and wore her dress or skirt. They were about 6 or 7 years old.

  • a girl frome guangzhou

    i am sure there is someone teach them to do that. just want to attract netizent’s attention. you can find it from every phonto .

  • bash

    damn!! is this for real?? who paid yuo kids to do this?? god!!! please forgive them for they don’t know what are they doing…

  • Earlwin

    No wonder there are so many chinese people in this world! :)

  • lee

    where’s the parent…?this is outrages…

  • me

    Fake. That was set up.

  • James

    This should be reported to the authorities. I am a social worker and this is LEARNED behavior. This is disgusting!!

    • tim

      james go to china you dont know what your talking about

      diffierent society different rules!

      american psycho 101 is hardly better than any other country your whacked!

  • Joey

    I didn’t even get my frist kiss till I was 16.

  • ~YuUkI~


  • kevin

    Kidz start’d!!!

  • hime

    really sick these kids need help.

  • James

    Why is it whoever is SICK enough to watch that, take pictures does not stop it?

    I may have answered my own question

  • anna wang

    my kids in China were never like this .they were conservative.Chinese people are not very showy, not liberated.These pictures are crazy.Looks “scripted”, look at the reaction of the boy.Whoever took this could have stop them from doing such thing because its not right.Where’s the moral of the photographer?Why people are happy toelrating such things?

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