Daughter Poses As Nude Model For Painter Father

Chinese Artist Li Zhuangping and his daughter, posing with one of his controversial paintings for which his daughter posted nude for.

From NetEase:

Daughter poses as nude model for father, ethics expert says this behavior is improper

Summary: The incident of painter Li Zhuangping having his daughter be his nude model has caused heated discussion. Ethnics expert states, from an ethical point of view, Li Zhuangping’s actions are indeed wrong, affecting relatively negatively society’s sexual morality. Painter father-daughter pair say: “No matter what colored glasses other people wear to look at us, we are very magnanimous.”

Li Zhuangping is a Sichuan artist and his daughter’s name is Li Qin. She said she is only willing to be a human model in her father’s oil paintings and “cannot accept” being a model in other ways such as film, etc. Not only does Li Zhuangping and his daughter explain that this is purely for art, his wife also agreed and also said that she is “pretty envious” of her daughter for being able to use such a beautiful way to capture her youth, an opportunity she sadly did not have when she was young and beautiful before.

Below are some paintings from Li Zhuanping’s “Oriental Goddess Mountain Spirit Series” without nudity:

Chinese artist Li Zhuangping's paintings of his daughter, many of which are nude paintings.

Chinese artist Li Zhuangping's paintings of his daughter, many of which are nude paintings.

Chinese artist Li Zhuangping's paintings of his daughter, many of which are nude paintings.

Comments from NetEase:

Not letting others take pictures of your own daughter, thinking why not paint [her] yourself rather rather than letting others, and thus having your daughter be your nude model does not mean you are an artist. Letting everyone paint your daughter, then that would truly be artistic devotion!

This is a kind of art and this is also a kind of social progress. Those people who have been bound by traditional thinking will always use colored glasses to look at people. It is just like what people say: Something only has value if there is dispute. A father will absolutely not have any other kind of thoughts about his daughter, only the two words of “holy and pure.” Therefore, I believe whether it is their work or their actions, both are a kind of breakthrough in traditional thinking about decency, breaking feudal bounds.

So the mistake was in painting the breasts too large. Just paint the truth/reality.

It is not important who is used as a model in the process of making a painting, because painting a model was never a sexual thing. This is probably a way of getting publicity, because after looking at some of the paintings, the painting are nothing much, very mediocre.

There are many kinds of love, this is the father and daughter’s common love for art, and ugly people would not understand.

Irreproachable. I admire the two of them. It is a normal thing that has been discussed into being abnormal by others.

Deviant/perverted father!

Comments from Sina:

Is it necessary for art to involve painting nudity??? That old bastard cannot paint something else??? Even painting his own daughter’s body, is he still human??? Art? What kind of dog fart art is this???

The journalist has nothing better to do and the art circles are useless idiots. This news reveals several facts:

1. In the eyes of these painters or filmmakers, nude models are never pure/holy. At the least, when these so-called painters or filmmakers regard nude models as a form of expression, their inner hearts are full of perversion and evil.

2. This father-daughter pair really have dedicated their lives to holy and pure art, yet having received so many people’s praises, we can suppose that those painters or filmmakers who open studios on their own to paint nude women, are they completely full of sexual desire and barbarity? Do they want to engage in several rounds of wild sex after they finish painting?

3. Those so-called artists or painters who try to justify painting nude models, you yourselves have unintentionally revealed your own filthy and dirty lifestyles.

4. If we set aside and ignore this father-daughter pair, are all the other nude models supposed to be dirty/filthy? If so, then allow me to ask: Who made nude models dirty? It was you bunch of sanctimonious so-called artists.

I am not against naked models, it is all art! However, fathers absolutely cannot have their daughters naked in front of them, for painting! This is not art! It is against morality! Chinese people are forever Chinese people! We have our own 5000 glorious years of culture.

Everyone’s body has been seen by their parents before. I think a lot of people are simply dirty-minded.

These days, there are only two kinds of people who take off their clothes for others to see: One kind is the prostitute, and the other kind is the daughter of a self-proclaimed artist. In fact, as long as the prostitute says she is performing “art”, then prostitutes can also be artists. Buddhism has a saying: empty is perverted, perverted is empty[not sure about this translation]. To conclude: Prostitutes are becoming artists, artists are becoming prostitutes.

I am a kind-hearted person, but compared to this artist, I definitely am filthy-hearted and very ashamed.

How did he train to that level?

It is just painting! Just like a doctor, would you forbid the daughter to take off her clothes so her father could operate on her!

Truly a different level. Look at all the replies full of morality, all by people with dirty hearts.

People’s instinctive desire cannot be thrown away, so the old man definitely felt something while painting his naked daughter!

It would be okay if it was your daughter when she was small, but she’s already over 20-years-old now, please respect your daughter a little, I despise this kind of art.

Do not forget, this is in China, you and your daughter are both Chinese, Chinese culture does not allow this, do not forget who you are. If you are doing this outside of the country, then I can understand.

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  • Padre Pio

    ‘Do not forget, this is in China, you and your daughter are both Chinese, Chinese culture does not allow this, do not forget who you are. If you are doing this outside of the country, then I can understand.’

    Do people really believe this?


  • Luther

    As an aside from the “how dare he” comments of the Chinese posters, those paintings are… how to say this politely… cheesy. His technical skill is clear but the content… ugh.

  • 哈哈哈

    I agree with one Chinese commenter about how stupid it is for him to exaggerate the breasts.

    Also, this artist plays MMORPGs. Definitely.

  • http://akilliano.blogspot.com Adrian

    This is fucked up, especially coming from China.

    • ashllyn smith


      • AnimatorOfLight

        i am an animator. i am not quite sure what does the fine art artist think of these art, but i am dare to say it’s not good. yes, he has amazing-painting skill and very nice color control skill. however, from animator’s view. the girl doesn’t looks fit in the scene. it’s more likely a sticker of nude girl pasted on a scene of beast. the entire painting doesn’t express the topic well. it’s more like the nude girl show. i believe most people who are art major in university will say the same thing or understand what i am talking about.

  • HanSolo

    these are the corniest paintings i’ve ever seen. it’s one thing to paint your own daughter naked with fake boobs, but another thing to paint just really awful art…. i feel like throwing up. a chick riding a lion? i’d buy that for my friends as a joke.

  • Batman

    Did you notice, there’s a comment that goes, ” I am not against naked models, it is all art! However, fathers absolutely cannot have their daughters naked in front of them, for painting! This is not art! It is against morality! Chinese people are forever Chinese people! We have our own 5000 glorious years of culture”

    5000 glorious years of culture?? I thought there’s no culture left since the Cultural Revolution.
    But I loved the paintings though. Should say, no comments on relationship, ‘ cause I believe it’s hard to convince other young women to get naked to portray for art.

    • Master C

      I think you’re forgetting that the decadent wealthy, bored middle and rabid lower classes, are most likely to indulge such eccentricities, what more being from the ‘amoral’ (but useful if producing real works) artist caste. Shouldn’t surprise or bother any traditionalists at all.

  • fl1999

    I like the paintings. She looks good too. As for the morality of it all, frankly there is MUCH MUCH MUCH WORSE going on everyday everywhere in China. These people should wake up.

  • ArtLover

    It seems a sickness of the Chinese gov, but also the peeps to mind other peeps businesses, artistic people know very well what they are doing, have much more moral/ethic values then normal peeps that are stucked in old values from 100’s years ago that they treasure just because it are ‘their traditions’ but without ever questioning the common sense of their ideas.

    Wonderful family !

    I find it less styleful of ChinaSmack to publish this pics in large size, free to copy for all kind of art thieves, that you should not do !

    • genext

      do u think the dad could hv resisted not hving sex wid her daughter seeing her stark naked in front of him???

  • sql

    What makes you think these people don’t care about “MUCH MUCH MUCH WORSE” things?

  • Bc6

    Nice fan service these days on this website!

  • fl1999

    sql> I know most dont they dont because I have lived in China for over 10 years – a country where people dont care when someone gets beaten up in the street, or run over by a car, unless that someone is their relative or friend. I dont mean all Chinese people are like this, of course, the few dozens of real communists (I heard there are 17 of us in Shanghai alone, most of them foreigners unforunately) are not like this. The internet mob mentality and their stupidity is astounding. This story is just… nothing. The Kappa girl story was just a bit worse, but still nothing much, but I got those internet rabbied dogs in the streets physically stalking the girl… (who is now in jail). These freaks present a great danger for the government and all of us here, because they can react so disproportionately to just anything.

    • Somethin Somethin

      That being said. What happened to good ole Kappa girl? She just dissapeared from the scene after her arrest. No real story about sentence, crime, etc? Much like many I guess, but she’s so much more famous and “photogenic”.

  • sql

    LOL and how exactly do you know what a billion people care and not care about?

  • http://www.sun-zoo.com/chinageeks/ ChinaGeeks

    As I understand it, the line we draw between nudity as “art” and nudity as “porn” often has to do with whether or not the subject is looking directly at the viewer, i.e., in a porn picture the girl will be looking at YOU, the viewer, where as in most art with nudity, she’s looking somewhere else. Of course it’s not a hard and fast rule (and I may be remembering wrong) but it’s worth noting that in most of these paintings she’s staring straight out of the canvas, and she’s often posed with something phallic and/or “powerful” and (we might assume) “male”.

    Anyway, I agree with Luther, the bigger issue is that these paintings are cheesy as hell. Replace the naked chick with an eagle and they look like those crappy folders Wal Mart sells to fourth-graders at the beginning of every school year.

  • Taojas

    What a storm in a Teacup (or exaggerated A-cup)

  • Jim

    This post is worthless even with pictures!

  • Tom

    So if the girl [sheep, horse, nun]is looking away from the camera it’s art!!!!!!
    Thats great I will use that one next time my girlfriend catches me.

  • wuxia

    Bringing up the 5000 years of culture explicitly made me laugh…funny comment indeed. Not because part of the culture was destroyed, but because the duration of existence of the culture has hardly anything to do with how nudity is viewed or should be viewed from an ethical point.
    What makes it even more hilarious is that, if I’m not mistaken, in more ancient times nudity in pictures was not seen as unethical or perverted at all, as long as the feet where not visible. Of course I don’t know how a father-daughter relation between the artist-model would be seen at that time.
    Just thought that was an interesting point to bring up. Is there anybody who has more reliable sources on this?

  • Susanna

    These paints are absolutely gorgeous, and I don’t think anything perverse or twisted is involved with that girl and his father. We are all borned to this world naked, so what’s the problem?

    • Magic Marty

      I think Queen Victoria is responsible for insisting that all females must be covered up to ‘surpress’ men’s desires for the human body. ‘auld bags’
      The ‘human body’ is a beautiful thing ,so let’s appreciate it while time and age allows

  • krdr

    I’m not sure that daughter posed naked. Her body looks more curvy on pictures with nudity than in photo or non-nude pictures.

    But, his art is not worth speaking.

  • Peteryang

    I didn’t know nudity was ok in feudal era, instead it was perhaps the most unethical thing there was, if a daughter had done anything remotely resembles a relationship with her father they both will probably get executed.

    as a side note, skirts on the street, ahhhh….. I fucking love them, and chicks walking pose, my rocket is ready for launch.

  • fl1999

    Will the same interne mobster complain about the barbershops and KTV and saunas everywhere in the country (= brothels in proper English)? I doubt it! 5000 years of culture I tell you.

  • Alex

    “Ethnics expert states, from an ethical point of view, Li Zhuangping’s actions are indeed wrong, affecting relatively negatively society’s sexual morality.”

    That’s definitly some expert ethics analysis at work there

  • river

    you guy forgot to comment if it happened to europe or usa
    would you accept it?
    i am a chinese

  • http://wangbo.blogtown.co.nz chriswaugh_bj

    The more people shout “Morality!” the less I believe them.
    The more people shout “Morality!” the more I suspect they’re hiding some dirty little secret of their own.

  • krdr


    Europeans would accept. Americans also. Someone would protest, but, it would generally accepted if girl is not minor.

    In European culture, nudity of young woman is symbol of purity and innocence, especially classical and allegorical paintings.

  • Tom

    Europe or USA?????? have you been to Amsterdam? You’ll find plenty worse there. [like throwing midgets with velcro suits at the wall] and the classic ping pong show. No one really cares, whatever floats yer boat I say.

  • armie

    Two points:

    1. These are some of the most awful paintings ever produces. They are just terrible. I really feel bad for the girl.

    2. I don’t see anything wrong with a daughter posing for her father, nude or otherwise, but these paintings aren’t exactly chaste. He’s painted her in a very sexual way. Probably just for publicity and sensationalism, but it’s still weird.

  • fireworks

    I think the artwork is good. However, its just so cheap of the artist to use his own daughter. Its like looking at a goodie two shoes, Catholic school girl in bikini.

    Get some professional models or some skanks man.

  • http://blog.163.com/chery_zheng@126 Chery

    The paintings are very intriguing. And I support the family 120% percent. The “moral” standard in China is absolutely twisted. The only thing it does is to allow innocent people to be attacked viciously.

  • The John

    Ok, here is my take on this…

    First, I love these types of painting. They are quite similar to the hindu priest paintings of long ago. I know it sounds strange. These paintings are art. Why? They allow for self reflection. This painting is a mirror. A reflection. If you look at it and think,”this is too sexy.” Then, the problem, is YOU. Not the painting.

    By itself, the paintings are NOT erotic at all. At least, when I looked at the painting, my mind never jumped to sex. I thought, damn… I wish someone could paint me like that. So, if you look at it and you immediatly feel extremely aroused or sexual. It is you who has to clean his mind.

    I respect her father. I think they must have a relationship build off of complete trust. I dont think he is a stupid man.

    Other than someone, without clothes… I DONT see the sexualism that people describe. If people think this is pornographic, please describe to me how that is? I even asked my other art friends to tell me if they feel anything sexual about the photos. They said, no…

    Don’t blame paintings, for secret desires…

  • The John

    If this happened in America? Would I accept it? WELL, DUH IT ALREADY HAPPENS HERE. Painters paint naked people all the time. They also paint family members too. I remember, I painted my best friends cousin for a class. There was no sexual or eroticism in it involved. None of the painters had a hard ons…

    There is nothing wrong with appreciating features or assets about anyone. Even, monks do this. My friend is a body builder. People always tell him how great he looks. When it goes beyond that and into perversion, then you have a problem.

    Actually, I dont find this art to be so bad, compared to what happens around the world. They willingly did this with tasteful reasons. I think this also shows something about their minds. Their connection as well. If you asked me, the pornographic films made in USA, JAPAN, Hong Kong (Cat 3 anyone?), Korea and many other countries are much worse and very exploitive…

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  • Mike

    He is an AMAZING painter… just joking.

    I’d love to fuck his daughter… not joking.

    But seriously, it would be awesome to fuck her until I looked over and saw her creepy dad painting us; don’t get me wrong, that wouldn’t stop me from screwing her brains out, it would just feel weird.

  • Peteryang

    This is pure art people! and as such, you should perceive it as one!


  • http://comegetsomesirbi@sirbi.com Sirbi

    I dun no bout you but initial impression was that they look sort of hot.

    But is it really art? One can argue that it is.

    Is it creepy? Yes! After staring at her lovely breasts for awhile… my mind wandered to the father… and it was like WTF!!! Haha, cuz he is staring and drawing her “little girls” … fucking nakid, with nipples and shit!!!

    Or is it cos I’m twisted in the head to begin with to even go there.

    You don’t think it’s fucking weird tho that you are her father and you are looking at her naked body and going.. hmmmmmmmm let me just paint my daughter NAKEEEEEDDDDDDDDDD. Nothing sexual… let me just paint her erect nipples…


  • skljfsadopif

    I don’t think there’s anything wrong with a daughter modeling for her father. However, the paintings are so cheesy! I’ve got a hunch that the father subconsciously wants to ravage his daughter by pairing her with large beasts. If he could, he would.

  • fl1999

    Sichuan girls are hot

  • krdr

    I’m pretty sure that girl didn’t posed naked. Or, maybe, animals posed to? Body proportions varies from picture to picture. Girl on paintings have stronger body (bones, too), and daughter have more rounded face. I think the whole idea is to provoke.

  • izme

    lol moral police on board.

    if anyone thinks about dirty things just because of an sensual painting it is their own mind. in fact its just tits. every second person got some. get a grip weirdos.

  • rat sass

    get a grip, you say? i think i’ll wait for the photos.

  • blkaznluver

    When is the photo album coming out? Love the A+++ breasts. The paintings not so much. Playboy is art too ;)

  • Sophie

    i dont see any problems as long as his daughter is fine with doing nude model. She is not forced to do modeling for her father.
    Mutual agreement

    • khan

      it is there choice but this relation is nice but not for this

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  • Joe #2

    The paintings are quite cheesy. The only thing that would offend most people is that he’s painting his own daughter this way. That makes him look like a sleazy old pervert. (And yes, we have those in America, too.)

  • twinturbo2

    This gif sums it up nicely for me.


  • igi

    well, this is an art all right but the problem is his daughter is too hot to be necked to a picture and also i don’t think her true rack that big like on the paintings anyway, damn nice old man,

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  • Josiah

    Eh I see two problems

    1) Clearly he’s sexualized her because her tits are arse are waaaaaaaaaaay bigger in the paintings then in real life. And sexualizing your daughter is bad ok? If it was an actual realistic nude then I suspect there’d be much less of a reaction.

    2) God, cornball world of warcraft fan art? Sure there is a high level of technical skill, but I know what I like, and that sure as hell isn’t it.

  • bill joel

    Nude art, I have no problem.
    But when its a man painting his grown daughter nude. That is gross.

  • http://sirbiistheshit.sofuckyouall.com Sirbi

    My point exactly. This shit is soft-core frap material… and having you daddy (real dad) be the one making soft-core frap material of your own daugther is just wrong…plain fucked up.

    I feel all fucked even as I type this shit.

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