Naked 10-Year-Old Girls Playing On Trash-Filled Balcony

From Mop and NetEase:

July 30 noon, two naked girls around 10-years-old played on the balcony of a residential building. This residential building has a total of eight floors, and the two girls were located on the top floor. Observed from the outside, the balcony was piled full of waste paper, plastic, and other discarded or old items. The girls’ environment was extremely bad.


According to a worker of a certain home appliances store nearby, they also in inadvertently discovered these two girls naked on the balcony, and for quite some time already. Through interviews with people nearby, it is known that this floor of the residential building belongs to the City Housing Authority as a low-cost rental housing for the government. The household living on this level is surname Liu, and have lived here for over 10 years. The male head of household’s leg is crippled, and he works outside. Because this family is rarely seen coming out during the day, the surrounding residents feel they are very mysterious and unfamiliar. An auntie said she previously has seen the female head of household with the two girls leaving carrying snake skin bags after two in the morning and has also see them returning after five in the morning carrying discarded trash.


Look at these two very young girls’ bare bodies, climbing amongst the trash piles on the eighth floor balcony, and if there were a slip or a fall, the consequences would be worrying. Who knows just what these girls’ homes look like?!

Some of the photographs are from Chinese netizens who went to help clean up and donate clothes and food the next day. More information and pictures of the family and kind netizens on NetEase:


Comments from Mop:


I hope they can have a better life!!!


Is there something we can do?
I hope to donate a little money…
LZ, let us get in touch.


Look at the ZF‘s buildings, look at the luxurious cars that come and go in front of the buildings, then look at this family’s life, and we know how river crab [our society is] ~~~


So pitiful, and the children are so cute. Ding.


This is an example of people who are really living at the bottom level of society, seeing them makes one speechless.


Seeing this my heart is sad.

So unbearable.


I feel helpless, but I too can do nothing. I am not a go-vern-ment official, nor a philanthropist, no money, no position/power, so I can only get soy sauce.


Let’s think of something, everyone together donate a little money, with many people our strength is big. I hope we can at least help a little.


China’s go-vern-ment, do not take our taxpayers’ money to go vacationing abroad, eat dinner, and related corrupt things. It is time for you to pay attention to the people’s lives.


Sorry, lou zhu, I cannot help. I believe this matter should be taken care of by the country.


LZ, apart from the good intention of helping others, please add mosaics to the original pictures. I hope that helping will not become a disservice, because what they need is not just material help, but even more so  What they need are not only material help, but also mental/spiritual care even though they are still small and at this very moment do not understand what significance these photographs may have to them. I appreciate the people who are helping them and at the same time earnestly request that you guys be a bit more careful, and have a bit more humanized care.


Sigh, in China the poor are really getting more poor, the rich even more rich.


Truly saddening. All I can do is ding this post up, so those people who have more ability can see and extend a helping hand, and at the same time cause the relevant go-vern-ment departments to pay attention, attach importance, and do some practical things for the development of the ordinary common people’s lives.


In China, this kind of circumstances are too many, and compared to some places, it can be said that at least they can get by.



[“Society is harmonious.”]

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  • jinsic

    the moment…. firsties???

  • too yellow

    In this case I blame the female head of household if there was indeed one there, and society if there isn’t. My grandma’s family was incredible poor not because they don’t have money coming in, but because my great grandma simply can’t run a house properly.

    • mike

      seriously? because we all know its the womans job to take care of the kids and the house, while the man goes to work, comes home, and does nothing. maybe beat his wife or see a mistress if he’s up to it. please. leave your sexist comments to yourself!!

      • johnny depp

        we all know youre a stupid lib that needs to die.

        • lady m

          And “Johnny Depp” we all know your a chauvinistic man the hates equal rights, progressiveness, and expects everything to be handed to him by a woman and while not contributing anything and living off the sweat of others (the irony)

          ps. Living isnt just politics get a real life

  • malagebi

    omg poor people in china. omg.

  • holly

    Harmonious my a$$. What does it take to start another Revolution?

  • val

    There’s a cat standing near the ledge with them too .. =/

  • Mike Fish

    It’s funny, they seem to be taking care of that plant. The two kids work so hard to raise a little life yet…

  • Mike Fish

    or the cat… either way

  • Den

    I don’t understand. Why does being poor have to do with having a house and balcony completely filled with garbage, and most especially, playing naked on top of it?

    • T Hansson

      Well. Being poor is no excuse for not taking care of house and kids.

      The parents should be punished. But maybe not.

    • Chen

      I bet the mother or father (or both) suffer from mental problems. No normal person lets his or her house degenerate like that. Even if he’s poor.

  • Russia

    Yes, they are poor.

  • dudemeisdtwr

    welcome to china, worlds factory, biggest dumpyard in the world, with a big PRADA blanket to cover shit up.

    nothing new to see here.

    • Chris

      Hmmm….. Actually, there is something ‘new’ to see here. I never saw a balcony piled up with junk like that while I lived in China. It is not common.

      There is something strange about storing junk like that in your apartment. There are a few people in the UK who do it as well, and that has nothing to do with the UK’s economy.

  • cr

    Look at the trash bags piled to the ceiling inside. It’s hoarding behavior, not poverty. And the children are playing naked because it’s fun, not because they can’t afford clothes. Heck, there’s a mountain of clothes in one room. Still, it’s great to see people care enough to help.

  • Den

    If the problem is behavior, then “helping” with money will not really help. This to me does not look like poverty, it looks like mental illness.

  • chabuduoxiansheng

    Seeing people live in that manner makes me really take a close look at how good things are in the west and how this kind of stuff simply does not fly in western countries. The parents of these two children would be reported to DCFS and an official inquiry would be made.


    • TommyDF

      there was a story in UK recently about a couple who were raising their children in a filthy household. The difference was these British idiots were sent to prison.

    • true american

      This happens in all countries. It is a sad state of affairs to see any family living in this condition. It is call hoarding. I suspect depression is a major factor also. Did they not state the father had a polio disabaled leg and that effected his working? As a disabled Veteran myself,my heart goes out to him. I understand how he may feel. How can I, living in the United State, offer assistance to this family. Any ideas?

  • Yin

    What about rednecks?

  • whatever

    Trust me, child neglect happens everywhere.

    • Ironfoot

      It’s true parent usually born their child for their own ego for the feeling of fulfillment in this world, they never “truly” care. To stop this chain the adult HAVE to be slave for the children or the older generation will always represed the younger generation. there is no future for our future generation.

  • Jason

    Oh look poor people in China. What a surprise.

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  • …..

    The long lost monkey tribe has finally been found.
    This must explain why the neighborhood’s streets have been mysteriously free of litter all these years.
    Dirty when the sun sets and clean when the sun rises.
    It all adds up now.

  • sam

    pitiful who pain in ass take those naked kids in the first place!!!

  • lee

    Q: What the hell is all the Chinese official doing?
    A:Collecting tax for their own bank account.
    Q:Which bank?
    A:The Bank Of Coffin And Hell

  • RichWhiteMale


    chinks… no wonder their girls would rather marry a poor white male than a chink

    • true american

      You are a ass and a disgrace to the human race. People like you are the reason animals eat their young.

  • occeo

    This is insane. China really needs help! Today in China there was the stinking rich and the stinking poor. If this goes on China will never become a strong country.

  • Den

    These comments about this family’s poverty have gotten quite tiresome. What we see in the picture is not poverty, it is people who have something (maybe a lot of things) wrong mentally. Playing naked on top of years worth of trash filling a balcony on the eighth floor is not about being poor. There is so much real poverty, so much suffering in China because of it, but you don’t see poor people behaving in such a manner everywhere. Constantly talking about poverty with this situation clouds the issue of those who are truly hurting from being poor.

  • Black man

    Money is the last thing poor people want. They need to get laid like the rest of us.

  • dannyboy88

    I cannot believe the lack of illogical and incompassionate comments posted here. Poor people want to get laid? These are CHILDREN!!!! As to donating money, I’m sure that this family could use some; however my first reaction to this would be to take some disciplinary action against the parents for allowing their girls to be naked outside and crawling around in trash!!! Also, why aren’t certain areas of these pictures censored??? These little girls don’t need to have nude photos of themselves on the internet!

    • true american

      The pictures I’ve see expose nothing you can call a “turn on” nothing close up or frontal. Hell, nothing of their bottoms eithers. What pictures are you talking about?

  • GGooDeiMC

    I am very happy that everyone within that household has a better life. The conditions that they were living in it looked as if they could have been hoarders…but very happy to hear that someone decided to take action and get this family a better home.

  • disturbed

    WOW. Heck the guy looks pretty pleased with what he has. not one but TWO little girls just running around naked. I bet he is a happy guy. heck i would even let the neighbors take a few pics for soventry reasons. now that is true happyness……NOT!!

  • aznxfrost

    Hope one day i can help those people.

  • deepak

    It is real china

  • funkey monkey woman

    why cant you show the boobs that is the best part

    • unknown

      you’re disgusting you stupid moronic reject.

    • FearsomeAlloy43

      What the hells wrong with you people ” oh the boobs are the best part” a nd stuff like that you gays should cral up and die with this nasty thouts

  • Wind

    Where are the officials of the people republic of China?
    Are u realy busy with some important things?

  • grundle

    the little trash girls give me a wicked chubby!

    • unknown

      you’re disgusting you idiotic pig.

  • Jessica

    That just hurts my heart when I look at these pictures because I hate when people don’t have a home or food,clothes!!!!!!!!!….(THAT JUST MAKES ME WANT TO CRY TO SEE LITTLE KIDS LIVE LIKE THAT)

  • Peter Gomes

    How long were these girls living naked. Please answer in details

  • Anne

    wow, that is so sad… i hope they get a better life, especially when those two girls get bigger.

  • ybt630

    in country like china,this is very shameful.they should have clothes to hide %???.this is a blackspot to humanity.

  • daddy

    this situation is not especailly rare in many parts of the world including some nations where people have plenty of money. children will play naked if their parents allow it.

  • Anjelani

    I would also like to donate some money,what should I do??

  • http://weetwet Dario


  • paul

    a disgrace who would this happen???

  • ichigo

    i love naked children

  • peter karl

    This is what happens when you become Americanized. Without American influence, this would never happen. Just think, thanks to our vile American habits, our crude lifestyles and our sick perversions, the world is becoming contaminated with disgusting and filthy homes. Remember, if you want your country to improve, do not do business with the United States of America because we will infest your people with disease and poverty.

  • Meh

    If you had 3b people living in one country of course you’d have problems!

  • varij chauhan

    Need to reforming living in china

  • Able Baker


  • IhatePaedophiles

    Dear Ichgo, I hope you love them when you are being kicked to hell in prison.

  • irinuru

    Child welfare, social services, human rights… in China? LOLOLOL.. must be joking right?

  • madmax

    What´s so funny about that? Give us some insights on China, you seem so knowledgeable. Please enlighten us …

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