Old Men Doing Dirty Things In Nanchang Woods

2009 chinaSMACK Readers Choice Award Winner: Strangest PostFrom Mop:

Remember the post-topic from last year about the old men doing XX next to Ganjiang? I do not know if that issue was resolved or not, only know that the post-topic was very quickly harmonized. What is past is past. Today, I had to go to the Nanchang City library, and while standing by the window, I once again saw a familiar scene – – could these old men have shifted battlefields [changed their location]?

Next to the Nanchang City library, Xinzhou Road, inside a small wood.


Zoomed closer to see,  but still could not see what was going on.


Yo yo, there is something going on! Old men are sexually assalting an old lady in broad daylight?


What is going on? The old lady’s belly is exposed?!


Continuing on.


There are more and more old men, look at that old man’s hand…there indeed is something going on.


Looks like everyone is excited, what are they talking about?


Finally coming out, hehe continuing.

Look at how happy the person on the furthest left is, and the old woman surprisingly is not running away. I have removed the possibility of this being a sexual assault.


Zooming a bit closer…


The real scene begins.


The old man’s expression looks quite intoxicated.


The old man wants to kiss the old lady, but the old lady resourcefully avoids.


Faint, the service is better than the two from last year, having prepared bottled water for hand washing.


Pulling up her pants and finishing work.


The same scene also happened in another part of the woods.


A new person, basically we can be certain that the old lady is a “businesswoman.”


The old man is so excited he almost kneels down.


Finishing work, everyone content.




Fuck, last time was a young girl, right? This time it has been exchanged for an old granny, and to be honest, seeing it my heart is truly upset!!! It reflects a social problem that is worthy of serious consideration!


This also happens here. An auntie will walk by, “mister, want to touch breasts? 10 kuai for 5 minutes.”


When you get old, your requirements also lower.


Before this is river crabbed, I too must leave my name!!!


Heavy tastes, all heavy tastes…


You have all misunderstood.
Actually they are a group of old doctors treating women’s diseases!


Add some mosaics/masks.
What if the families of the those old people see???


This kind of scene I can see everyday when I leave school.
Big deal.
There are even old antique grannies too.
I should take photographs some day.


If they were not worried about having enough money at home, who would go out and do this kind of thing? Fuck. It is this society’s fault! Just what exactly makes people into beasts?


It is apparent that China’s elderly have pretty boring lives in their later years…


This reflects society’s concern for the physiological issues of the elderly is far from enough, however this is also because the material life has strayed away from the spiritual life.


That area’s woods are all like this, never anyone interfering, the old men all like that place.


Fuck~ How could a harmonious society have this~ the lou zhu is a internet spy!


Fuck, too fucking disgusting, washing after touching, motherfuckers.


This niubi? China should pay attention to the elderly’s sexual problems.

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  • Ming

    Chinese harmonious society =

    Chinese Gang bang for 60+ granny and grandpa.

  • Jay K

    Social hygiene is a necessity when helping your fellow comrades change adult diapers

  • Mercator

    Chinese dogging for old people, who’d have thought it?

  • anotherteacher

    Let the old have their fun. Everyone looks happy enough.

    And damn the belief that a harmonious society isn’t supposed to have this. Sexuality is not a morally bad thing. Cheating and lying is. But agreements between two consenting adults shouldn’t be criminalized.

  • Alikese

    It’s kind of funny to see a story like this, after having seen so many about youthful indiscretions. When it is young people playing hanky panky the comments always decry how young people are soulless, and how opening to the west has brought about the downfall of Chinese values, and social conservatism. I guess they’d probably been doing it all along in China, there just weren’t any digital cameras to expose it.

  • VeerLeft


  • Tommy

    Thanks, I havent laughed that much in a long time. Old people are great, I hope I’m still up for a bit of alfresco hanky panky when I’m their age.

    • anoyms woman

      I hope so too…

  • amadeus

    Please cover the face of the senior citizen.

    Behind the mystery lie a truth that will make you question everything you know. And ,I don’t feel Funny.

    • jamar

      The mystery is already revealed. They’re just a bunch of old people doing the same things that young people do. Nothing special about that.

  • http://blog.163.com/chery_zheng@126 Chery

    Senior citizens here can be much more nasty than you can imagine.

  • doobeedoo

    Old people have feelings and need it too…, uhm… you know.

  • mike

    wow…did they not notice there was a (public?!)building right next to them?

  • Peteryang

    Hormone does not give a fuck about age.

  • Banlas

    A few old men and an old woman having some fun, and the outcome is silly condemnation of Chinese morality as a whole. Tell us, what is your level of your morality.

  • Also a mother

    somebody pay just to touch that….looooooool…aunty pls wear dress next time for easy access

  • Celkian

    Tight pants…big panties….old woman……hand NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

  • john

    So, gross!

  • juststonedstonedstoned


  • http://www.metrobloggen.se/shopgirl Shopgirls Shanghai

    haha, maybe that is a Chinese SEX sect

  • silver

    The new class in China. The Sexed Class.

    I’m still laughing.

  • Tom2

    You don’t become the most populous country in the world by holding hands.

  • creepy

    fucking disgusting!

    i do not mean the seniors in the photos

    i mean the one who took these picture

    who he thinks he is to violate other people’s privacy!

    • frank.

      yes, privacy. in a public place.

      whatever, man.

  • VeerLeft

    …Or by playing Tunafingers with old coots.

  • Sneakay

    Gaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh, my eyes!

  • http://www.thegolfgirl.blogspot.com golfgirl

    It seems many people hate the idea of older people having sex…until they themselves become older people.

    • Also a mother

      nothing to do with older ppl having sex, would u like see ur parents have sex with so many spectators

    • Tom2


      I can’t resist but to reply. What are you talking about? This is a random group of perverts sticking their hands up some dear girl’s duff, in a public park, opposite a library, and in broad daylight! I’m not sure what passes for sport on your golf course, but these crazy kids are not making love. They are just being nasty, dirty, and in this case old buggers in a park.

  • Cranium

    “It is apparent that China’s elderly have pretty boring lives in their later years…”

    quite the opposite lol

  • http://www.thegolfgirl.blogspot.com golfgirl

    I went back and reviewed the photographs and what it appears to be is a public park where “business women” are plying their trade to to an enthusiastic group of male consumers. I’m not passing judgment on whether prostitution or meaningless sex with strangers is right or wrong. Everyone’s entitled to their own opinion on those topics.

    My point is simply that there seems to be much more tolerance for these behaviors when they’re practiced by people who are young, beautiful and/or rich. ;o)

    • Jon

      Why do you call “it meaningless sex”? It’s not meaningless — it’s a natural human need. Not everyone has the adolescent view that sex must be some soaring act of profound love.

      Perhaps a change in attitude might give your life more meaning. And who says “many people hate the idea of older people having sex”?

      All in all you hold very immature views on the subject.

      • Coppice

        lol, what are you complaining about? golfgirl specifically stated she wasn’t passing judgement on ‘meaningless sex’, that is, sex that isn’t “a soaring act of profound love”.

        You are surely in the minority if you think that satisfying one’s lust by prodding the dried out genitalia of an old prostitute is meaningful in the way the word is traditionally understood when applied to sex.

  • http://ispyshanghai.com Swiss James

    The photos turned out pretty well, I guess this guy can use either hand.

  • Aqua

    Nanchang is my hometown!!!

  • Ovate

    Big deal, people consensually touching each other, who cares! The person that should be shamed is the person that took the pictures and put them on the web! Go get a life!

  • anoyms woman

    good wholesome filth for all ages!

  • 超代数人

    A bunch of old men feeding the horse in the woods?? hahahahahahahahha.

    BTW, if they wanted privacy why are they in a public park with a big crowd of old fellas bearing shit eating grins?

  • bert

    “We Chinese are very traditional, we are not so open as Westerners”

  • loldongs


  • Steven Andrew Pauzner

    I got 10 kuai in my pocket, but you gotta find it first. Can you?

  • ambra


  • Lee

    Not if granny pay me!

  • Spelunker

    Actually it’s an ancient secret Confucian religous sect called “发轮孔”

    Reminds me of the “Shenyang 竖 shine”, which sounds like “shoe” but actually the old lady puts one hand on the man’s boot and the other on his “flute” (inside his pants) I have a photo of this phenomena on my Danwei-Net Ning page.

  • Drake

    For the sake of these people’s kids and grandkids, please cover the faces.

  • adrian pitel

    This is OK as far as I am concern. Both parties are consenting adults, the woman is selling her body for money. It is much better than in the west where old fools stick their fingers into children whatever!!

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