Students Having Sex On Public Street In Broad Daylight

Like everywhere else, the weird and strange easily spread and become popular on the Chinese internet, especially if it isn’t just weird and strange but ridiculous and outrageous…

From NetEase: (no longer accessible)

Post-90s indecent acts on street captured

Originally, I was planning to look at the scenery but suddenly discovered that underneath my window there was a male and a female who appeared to be students in intimate contact. So, I conveniently captured it on camera. In order to protect their identities, I won’t say when and where. Everyone take a look at the pictures, the key part has been censored with a star. Moderator, please don’t harmonize.



[Note: The original images did not show any nudity but did show the students engaging in sexual activity.]

Comments from NetEase:


It isn’t even dark yet, this guy can’t wait.


Very yellow, very violent.


Faint, kids these days are truly incredible.


Envy, we are all people who have perverted thoughts but not the perverted courage. They are niubi!


Fuck, picking up girls when one can’t even afford to get a room, embarrassing.


Is this real? This does not look like something people do! Only beasts would do this kind of thing in broad daylight! They do not know the meaning of shame!!!


Sad. The person filming this, he himself definitely couldn’t bear it!! Haha…


Little kids these days are too reckless. This is what animals do, people have face [sense of shame]. I cannot figure out how they can do this on the street, daring.


Mental retards! Broad daylight, if someone were to see, how could the little girl live on!


Valiant! This can be the 21st century’s Street Sex Gate!


Finally realize that I am behind the times and cannot keep up.


This post is destined for two fates: 1, harmonized 2, becomes a famous internet post.


If this were post-00 generation, what would the world be like 10 years later?


Kids these days are really amazing.

They know so much. It looks like we really are old.


This is not have sex in public, this is a live show.


If you were the male protagonist, you too would probably be in a rush to take off your pants. It is just that we are a little more hypocritical and have not been caught and uploaded to the internet. I strongly support the male protagonist, it is like Brother Edison has reappeared…

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  • bendan

    Oh my! How brave…

  • 格格


  • jmoney

    dude that guy for sure has long pubic hair stuck in his teeth…ewww

  • Wise Man

    Where’s the guy with the brick? This boy has no respect for this girl… what a shame!

  • krdr

    Hmmm, first coliseum, then dormitory, now street…

    • Asun Joe

      I am totally confused, shall we call it performance art?

  • bs dog

    No room? No problem. No car? No problem. No time Problem.

  • yellow master race

    hmmmm…. first i faped, then i came…

  • Jenna Chen

    The shit they do in America is even worse.

    • Super Kong

      Sure, but usually you get paid or get liquored up 1st. Awkward sober armature sex is just bad, to watch and to be in.

      • Super Kong

        Awkward sober AMATEUR sex I mean.

    • Teacher in China

      I know I’m in Canada not America, but I have been to American quite a few times – I’ve never seen anyone have sex on the street in broad daylight like that. These kids are “niubi”!!!

      Of course, without more context, we can’t see if this is actually a street, or just some back alley. Still, with all the people in China a back alley still has a lot of traffic. They would still be “niubi” (but maybe with only one ! )

    • Somethin Somethin

      Worse? Come on a couple horny kids getting it on. I mean we worry about STDs in America, but I doubt the CDC could identify what you could pick up from banging on a public bus seat in China.

    • mike

      last time i checked, americans had dignity. plus cops that enforce the law..

  • Super Kong

    Doesn’t the man know about the 5 second rule? Can’t be eating a dirty clam like this.

  • Cryptozoologist

    It doesn’t look like an alley to me. I had sex on the roof of my apartment building once and I was scared shitless the whole time. These kids must be brave.

  • the tank man

    Lick off the slime, you pervet

  • tangguli

    wow,wow,very sick at the stomach;

  • Josh

    Great photoshopping work with the star. I’m guessing that means the guy is circumcised?

    • Kai


      • Josh

        Sweet! Thanks Kai!
        BTW, it looks like the original post has been harmonized…

  • drewwang

    At least he’s considerate enough lover to go down on his girlfriend. I am a Western 洋鬼子, but I think when you don’t allow students to go into the dorm rooms of the opposite sex, this kind of thing is going to happen. You can tell your roommates to go away when you bring a girl back to the room. This kind of thing is called “sexile”.

    • Kai

      LoL, “getting sexiled”, definitely a college thing. A lot of universities in China actually have on-campus hotels that essentially function as “love-hotels” for the students who need to get it on. Of course, it costs more than just sexiling your roomie, which may explain at least some of the more daring public acts of sexual shenanigans.

      This is one of those chinaSMACK posts you just need to leave your name on to say you were there.

  • David

    !甘拜下風 !

  • The John


    GOOD GOD!!!!!!

    Im not sure what to think…

  • Jay K

    fuckin eh, this has got to be one of the finest form of journalism in chinasmack. thank you fauna, and to all who contribtued tot his site…you jsut gave me hard on in my office

    • Kai

      Dude…from this? Dude…lol…

      • Jay K

        i am know in a state of what they call “borderline marriage trench warfare” in this form of warfare the wife or really bitchy gf will sometimes not allow you to perform the act of lovemaking, which means Operation: Plan B must; look at porn then commence operation slidestick… by all means necessary

        • Kai

          Oh geez, that was just too much information…

        • Joey

          Let me guess….. Chinese wife? And let me be so bold as to narrow it down….. Shanghai wife?

          • spanky

            Same here. Hangzhou wife.

  • too yellow

    they took public places to a whole another level

  • krdr

    Her face on second pic keeps bugging me. Is it pain or ecstasy?

    • Austere

      Perhaps, the floss might have got stuck!
      NeXt geneRation will be much more than expected!
      TEACH YOUR CHILDREN some ethics, morals FOLKS!

  • sanane

    Helal olsun erkek adam sevdim bu oglanı :)

  • warped0ne

    I don’t think they’re doing anything sexual, Chinese kids won’t do that kind of thing (or at least that’s what my Chinese wife says).

    I propose an alternative theory: he ran out of floss and she was kind enough to give him an alternative.


    Chinaman disgusting, I will post this on Korean internet forum to promote enlightenment

  • shanghairocks

    whoa!!! the guy got a free show ..lolzzz

  • Gao

    Why does everyone seem to think that the guy “has no respect” for the “little girl”? It looks like consensual sex to me. Is it only guys who feel lust and desire?

    • ChinaGeeks

      Amen…..isn’t long enough to be a comment?



  • f-word

    It would have been much more interesting, if the girl were much more beautiful…

    • Austere

      Dude! Beauty doesn’t come that cheap!

    • VeerLeft

      It’s not the face you fuck…it’s the fuck you face. Remember that sonny.

  • Laura

    This is just traditional Chinese culture, what the government is promoting, right? How do you think Confucius was born? Go back and read the text: 野合而生孔子. We’re witnessing the birth of a sage!

  • LOLZ

    This kicks serious ass. The person who took the photos must went fap fap fap right there.

  • whatever

    I seriously don’t think I could of done this if I wasn’t super fucked up (sexual power) and it’s night.

    Still, he’s got some young pussy. HAAHA.

  • lee

    i thought china people are very conservatives about this kind of behaviours…

    • Austere

      That was before cultural revolution.

  • Joey

    Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!

    These can’t be a Chinese. Chinese don’t like to do this thing.
    I think it must for be the foreign devils who is pretend to be is a Chinese to bring down the motherland and tooo stop the rise of china.
    China people they don’t like to have the sex. Because they is the pure people and have all the chinese culture.
    To do the sex is dirty and evil thing.
    This is why I do not like to have the facebook and learn all the lies about the world. I am happy that the facebook is gone. Is so evil. I think poking on facebook will bring down the motherland. We must have harmony. I like the harmony.
    Do you like the backstreet boys?
    I do.

    • Sushi

      Enjoyed the satire. Any form of nationalism is silly. Chinese. USA. Japan. French. Australian. etc.

      We are all connected (at least men) in that we just want to have sex (but not women).

    • James


      why do you find it so hard to believe that they are not Chinese?

      It is rather naive to think that, horny exhibitionist teens, can not be found in all races, nationalities

      Perhaps it is not “foreign devils” but Chinese citizens who their family line would be trace back to ancient China.

      Yes I would not agree with such behaviour, but find it hard to overlook such narrow minded thinking, for unfortunately such things such as.

      People having sex in public, is not restrained to nationality, race things like that

      What could be described as “high sex drive” while respectful restrained and abiding by the Laws of the land.

      Could actually be described as a good thing. If not their would be a problem with maintaining the population

      Dont you agree?

  • shin

    all funny points above aside what’s really f’d up in this society are the reckless actions by the photographer, forums, Chinese people who schemingly go out of their way to tarnish the reputations of others. I would say it’s a hobby for many people…or maybe these people have nothing better to do. I feel sorry for the couple in the pics…i’m sure there’s already a human flash search going on to destroy their lives.

  • shamWow

    The girl got it all wrong in the last picture. She should have squatted over the guy’s face! I was going to get some sushi for dinner but after reading this post, HELL NO!

  • klam

    how come no one is making any comments about the person TAKING the photos. the person could’ve easily knocked on the window and stopped them. who knows, maybe they did. another question. why did they take so many photos? also why is theres a picture of either the person themself of someone else taking a photo with their camera as well?

  • Eurasian Sensation

    Wow, there’s two ways to look at this. 1)is that it represents the decay of civilized society as we know it. Or 2) – so many people have fantasies about sex outdoors, but this pair actually did it. That takes either serious stupidity or serious balls (although the serious balls have obviously been pixelated out).

  • jason

    Damn were like japanese now. haha

  • oscarshu

    why the girl seems so painful in the second pic?unwilling?

    • Rawr

      Maybe she is Japanese…

      BTW: Because I am reading bottom-up, I was looking at the last picture first and was wondering if she had a bald patch.

  • Miako Tamatsue

    Leave the kids alone. I rather have these two kids having sex than beating and trying to kill each other (or others) in the streets. Kids having sex is the decay of civilized society? Please. Stop being a drama queen.

  • Asun Joe

    I’d rather say, it is the success of the education.
    They don’t know what the human rights is, they don’t know what the mercy is, they only know how to calculate and how to fuck.
    Every year, millions of intellegent beasts graduated from universities.

    • Miako Tamatsue

      What are you talking about? Seriously, I have no idea what you’ve just said, Asun.

    • James

      yeah am with Miako Tamatsue on this one

      what are you talking about?

  • mike

    i love how the post was introduced:

    i was going to look at the scenery…but there were two people outside having sex so i “conveniently captured it on camera” HAHA conveniently?? leftovers for later i assume!

    btw i never would get the guts up to do this…from the pics it seems like they were there quite a while

  • Nancy Fowler

    leftovers for later i assume!


  • Jesse

    if these kids are 18 years old they have a right to do this

    • Jesse

      jesse your toatally right

      • mike

        reply to your own comment? good one.

        • Fike2308


      • james

        You are totally duhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh !!!!!

  • Lu

    I think they are teenagers undergoing puberty.

  • meho

    that’s just a creative force working and that doesn’t know the cultural monolith/codes that are repressive as they devise notions like what is descent and what is indecent.
    the urge to procreate and love and bang and sex is universal and is blind of all cultural boundaries.

    • james


  • Yoz

    Whats up with people calling them little kids? is everyone here over 70? They look like seniors in high school to me (though its hard to tell)and we have a very limited view of the area so it might be a mostly secluded place where they thought no one could see.

  • why?

    why ? you say “protect their identities” and you publish my pictures while am with my boyfriend ? dont you feel shame from taking such pictures like a thief then publishing them without even telling us ? we are not dogs and we have feelings ok , i prefer that you delete them now and am not happy because i opened this page by chance … :(

    • james

      If you do not want pictures taken or people to see you…GET A ROOM!!!! YOU ARE IDIOTS!!!!

  • BFWB

    Hey Why, you don’t want pictures taken, GO FUCK INDOORS!

    To those who say “people don’t do this,” well, yeah, I did this. Granted it was over thirty years ago, but yeah, my GF and I fucked in quite a few public places.

  • Dian

    They really got the nerve. Bravo!


    Very bold indeed…but isnt she a bit on the plump side? Clearly this guy was desperate…so thats why he did it in public. As for the girl, well you probably figured, if not now, then when?

    We understand its hard to loose those last ten pounds.

    • james


  • james

    Simply speaking…disgusting. My wife Jing is Chinese and she has high moral standards as do I. These kids are less than dogs.

  • Asante Ron

    This is an example of how whack the chinese are and that’s minus JING coz she’s no longer chinese.James,your wife is no longer chinese but the chinese is a fucked up people….see that shit?Youngsters losing control and having sex in broad-daylight like dogs….but they’re dogs indeed!!!

    • some chinese guy

      go rant and be racist somewhere else
      not all chinese people are like that

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