Guangdong Girls Beating & Kicking A Single Girl…Again


From NetEase (no longer available):

Everyone, I am posting this video onto the BBS. After seeing it, my heart aches very much. I truly do not know. Even yelling out the most hateful language does not relieve the anger in my heart. Look and see how vicious little girls are these days! (The place where this happened is in Guangdong Jieyang Mianhu [Cotton Lake?] Park)

Upon seeing this heartache causing scene, do not say this is an isolated incident because that is an excuse. We must not use simple excuses to cover up the problems of today’s education system! Do not just pursue grades/scores and overlook moral and character education, so sad~~ what a tragedy~~ when will this end?

The NetEase post topic has been deleted. However, the video is still available:









Comments from NetEase (no longer available):


Why does this kind of thing always happening in Guangdong recently?


Young people are easily impulsive.


Heartache! In the 70s, this kind of thing happened very rarely, fighting is a very shameful thing!


Those three really fucking were not raised by mothers, fuck, one look and you can fucking see they are even worse than beasts.


Sigh~ it can only be said that I feel sadness for their parents~~


This has a bit of murderous-intent.
That kicking girl,
have you imagined before what it feels like to be kicked like this?


I finally understand. It turns out that girl was being beaten because she had previously yelled at one of the girls. I myself am from there, right now working elsewhere, and seeing this kind of thing makes me feel really pained.


I cannot finish watching, truly too detestable, how can there be this kind of person, are they still girls, do they have any humanity? Are they cold-blooded animals?


Thinking back to the time when I was still in school, would something like this happen?
A few so-called post-90s generation only know how to accuse us of targeting [unfairly blaming] you guys.

Have you guys asked yourselves what kind of things you guys are doing in school?


If I see that white clothed whore I will definitely first fuck then kill, then fuck her entire family.


Pisses me off, this bunch of pigs. Recently when watching videos I keep watching the seconds count down, why is it like this, why treat a single girl like this, have you all gone crazy? No matter why, is it necessary to be like this? Are you not afraid of heavenly retribution? Damn you guys, seriously damn you bunch of inhuman scum.


I have very deep feelings having seen this video. What are children like these days? Each of them are like female hoodlums. I am of the post-70s generation and I now teach my daughter not to fight with others, not to arbitrarily yell/curse at people, not to lie, to share with your friends when you have something good and not be selfish. Having seen this video, I now have decided to have my daughter go learn Taekwondo, etc. self-defense, so she can protect herself in the future, but at the very least I will teach her not to go attack other people.


If the girl who was beaten can see my words, then that would be best.
If one day you are being bullied by others, do not be soft, seize one person and fight/attack with all your strength, because only if you fight/attack fiercely/viciously will they be afraid of you, even if they have a lot of people together, seize one and fight/attack with all your strength.

Those beasts who were watching, I really want to fuck your wives, you guys do not deserve to be human.


Guangdong people are truly trash, truly fucking without character! I request a human flesh search!


The person filming has an even lower character. Simply no better than a pig or dog. Seeing a tragedy happen, you do not stop it, you even film it. If you have just a little humanity, you should have stopped it.


I can only say:
Too horrible to look at, these people do not have any humanity. This pitiful.
Fuck Guangdong people.
You guy are truly disgusting.
For China to have your kind of people
is truly embarrassing.


Wearing pink shoes and black stockings, that one, she hit from beginning to end, fuck, she is too deviant.


Is she stupid? Is the girl being beaten dead? Does not know how to fight back? Idiot? This kind of beating is a waste. Fucking deserves it. Even a rabbit will bite when pushed too far.


Within 7 minutes, kicked over 70 times!
With each kick my heart shook,
and with the 45th kick, she even had her head stepped on!
Where did their humanity all go?


Those people who passed by also did not do anything, so fuck, there wasn’t even someone who dared to say something? Several children bullying someone, with no one saying anything, I am truly astounded by the people from that cunt of a place, not even better than dogs.

What is wrong with Guangdong? Why do so many of these kind of things happen there?

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  • infinity

    @o@ o no terrible

    • kelly english


      • ST

        I, personally, reserve my fury for people who type in all caps.

      • josh

        i dunno man i seen ppl get beaten worse when they did try and do somthing i guess its 50/50 and asian women here in the united states and just women in general have become very violent recently

    • infinity

      Let this be a lesson.

      • peter

        Don’t mess with butch lesbians.

    • Mekson

      wow still a lot of chinese biatch !!!!

      death for them !!!

    • Bill Garcia Zhu

      is anyone else surprised at the boy? I think he is to be blamed the most. thank god he stopped the situation but he did it in such a way that brought no Justis. Hes the real pussy. I know I cant stand to watch people get beat, especially girls. I would have hit all the girls at least once each if I were the boy, they need to learn a lesson in respect for other humans. hes just pulling one girl away. what a pussy!! I would have broken each one of their jaws that pansy.

  • Derf

    Whoa, did I just get the sofa?

  • Derf

    Awwww! :( Man, that’s a crazy video. I’m not really sure what is going on down there in GuangDong, but I’m pretty sure that it might just be the craziest place on earth.

    • James

      Am kind of wondering that too

      but cannot stereotype everyone who lives there

  • mike

    ever notice how every time a new piece of (bad) news goes up, everyone attacks the whole city/province? those guangdong people! nanjing people! hebei people!

    chinese girls need to stop harming each other (go after the men instead, there’s way too many of them anyways)

  • Jay K

    have you heard that bird is the word?

    • Mercator

      Yes, everyone knows that bird is the word.

  • Stimpy

    Chinese girls are feisty these days. Just like R2-D2.

  • Stimpy

    Okay, after fully watching it, it was pretty fucking nasty.

    Four points come out:

    1- What is it with taking items of clothing off their beating victims before they beat them?

    2- Why don’t the victims never try and run away?

    3- Why is there always one girl that seems to conduct the beating more than others?

    4- I’ll never look at a girl with pink shoes the same….

    • Name

      Because people are addicted to fitting in, following the crowd, having “friends”

      Shes not some stranger they pulled off the street. Most likely they’re her “friends” and she just did or said the wrong thing and is hoping they’ll still be her “friend” if she lets them hit her

  • VeerLeft

    Those kicks are aimed at the back of the neck. They are able to paralyze or even kill. This kind of ‘back of the head’ strike is illegal in every kind of fight competition. What the hell is the matter with these fucking girls? And WORSE…what is the matter with the people that are filming and standing around??
    I hope that that pink shoes cunt gets her comeuppance soon…because she wasn’t kicking out of rage… it was very calculated and very forceful.
    It’s not about Guangdong, but about the country in general…bunch of onlookers.
    Fuck…why did I watch this before going to bed…I am VERY angry now.

  • ziggy pop

    The attackers should be identified and punnished. I thought China was an authoritarian state!

    Where is your secret police?!

    • ST

      You thought wrong.

  • pug_ster

    Gee, and many foreigners think Chinese women are submissive, quiet and reserved. Unfortunately, this is not just happening in China occasionally, there are these kind of videos here in the US too.

  • VeerLeft

    Is it wrong that I, as a grown man would likely have kicked the attackers like the rabid dogs that they are?
    This video is SO FUCKING DISTURBING that I couldn’t actually watch it. WTF is the matter with these people???

    • James

      yeah it is.
      but the feeling is mutual.
      Guess it depends really, if that was my daughter(victim)Iwould find those who done that to her.

      If my daughter was the abuser. I would most likely whoop her ass.
      Thing is most of these people are never brave enoug to face the consequences.

    • May

      WTF is wrong with them??? question i ask myself dayly and still haven’t got to a logical answer.
      Totally barbaric beaviour

  • VeerLeft

    In North America it happens too, but there is a limit. I’ve seen video of a girl getting her ass beat.. for minute or so, then a guy always pulls them off, no matter if the beaten girl ‘deserved it’ or not.
    There were LOTS of passing people in this video. SO sickening. And someone POSTED this.
    Don’t try to compare a drunken highschool girlfight with this purposeful beating. I want to find out if this girl is ok, or if she suffered any permanent injuries. I would not be surprised at all if she had vertebrae/nerve damage from this shit.

  • DWR

    Not pretty. I’m doing a doctorate in anthropology, and there’s a lot of work and news articles recently on the moral dilemmas for bystanders in China. Often when people offer help to an old woman who has fallen in the street, for example, they end up being blamed by the old lady and held responsible for hospital fees. I’m sure these kids would ask how the Japanese could carry out atrocities in Nanjing… DWR

  • jamie

    Some of my Japanese teammates had a similar thing happen to them after a fight broke out at a soccer match in Chengdu. There had been some (racial?) tension throughout and during the game a fight broke out in which the whole opposing team surrounded (clearing their bench) and isolated two of our players (Japanese), then repeatedly kicked them while they were on the ground. Not a pretty sight.

    After, the Chinese team looked pretty smug about what they had done. More than a little embarrassing in my views (I’m of Chinese descent) since Japanese fascist propaganda in the 1930’s and 40’s used to claim it took 10 Chinese soldiers to equal one Japanese. Made me start to think Imperial Japan might have been right about something.

    More likely, fighting in a mass helps to dispel guilt/responsibility.

  • warped0ne

    I couldn’t watch the whole thing, too brutal.

    • James


      It was disgusting.
      could lead to vigilante behaviour

  • saruboi

    honestly i just don’t understand what can have caused such a beating? stole someone’s boyfriend? backstabbing another? and what the hell is the general public doing? in Hawaii there would have being at least 3 or 4 people breaking up the fight or calling police on the brutality of this level. I just can’t figure out Why! no one helps any one any more. “don’t want to get involved” that’s what they do best.

  • maximoe

    Through the distribution of this kind of content it becomes a part of modern media culture and the youth will grow up with it completely insensitive towards the brutal and inhumane things they get to see, hence not the urge to help but to take part or document becomes of a greater value in a situation like this.

    • Terry

      Are they Human?

  • foreign dude

    What is it about acutally? What do those bitches want from the poor girl?

  • Yin

    Hmm, why the focus on Guangdong all of a sudden? Is this really reflective of a general trend in the Chinese net scene to reveal Guangdong’s dirty laundry? I ask because I don’t think such abuses occur only in Guangdong, yet it seems that the girls-attacking-girl videos have lately all come from there.

    • Kai

      There actually was one recently that wasn’t from Guangdong…which was surprising…just because it wasn’t from Guangdong. I’ll try to find a link for it, but not sure if I can find it.

      • Me!

        What the…?

        Seriously, where the hell do you people COME FROM?

        Absolutely mind-boggling idiocy.

        That is one of the most intentionally ignorant and insensitive thing you could possibly say,

  • dingding

    is this fake again just like the last video from guangdong? this looks orchestrated.

  • Kevin

    5000 years of civilization and my ass. Chinese behave like animals and all the talk about a peaceful and harmonious country is just government bullshit.

    • silver


      Good Form…Good Form.. You definitely hit the nail on the proverbial target.

  • Jigga Berry

    Chinese people are awesome, they say they are so patriotic, but have you EVER seen any of them lift a finger to help another person in distress? NEVER! I saw a rape go down on the street with a guy beating a girl, nobody did anything to stop it, so I ran up and stopped the Chinese man from kicking the girl (a lot like this video). But it shocked me, the Chinese people DID NOTHING! Chinese people are total cowards, you are the feeblest humans on the planet! Your society is going to collapse because you don’t have the common decency to help each other.

  • Capt. Absurdity

    Also, why is this website still fucks up on me? Why?

    Please just fix it or just give me access and I’ll fix it for you (hehehehe, please give me access! You can TRUST me)

    • Fauna

      I think I fixed the problem. Can you check if the old probably still happen for you?

      • Capt. Absurdity

        Yes it’s fixed. I see you changed display : ‘None’ to display : ‘Block’.

  • Joe

    It seems to me that this kind of thing has become a fashion (this is why they record it to show it around). Other (stupid) kids may see this as kind of cool (kids showing power) but fail to understand the kind of trauma they inflict on their victims. The authorities must certainly do something about it, but since they dont its certain that they dont care about it unless a few people die first. What a pity, I can assure that the girl will never be the same again. I just wish someone did the same to the girl with the pink shoes.

    • john

      it probably did happen to the girl with the pink shoes.

      these things are always more complicated than they appear. why did the girl not fight back, why didnt she get up and run away. the issue of people walking by and doing nothing is a concern too, ive seen it many times in china – pe0ple are afraid to get involved despite a gut feeling to help someone in distress. this society has dehumanised us. what makes us different form animals is that we can care and should act on those feelings, but as this video shows we have the capacity to be worse than animals. this video surely is evidence for the police to act on and prosecute the guilty party.

  • Mike Lee

    What shock me the most (above the number of this kind of video in China) is that the victim is always passive, don’t try to escape, to alert someone, or to fight back; instead she looks like she accept the fact, as someone has to accept the verdict of the course. When the crazy girls want to remove her jacket, she almost help them…

  • Lyrea

    I think they immitate popular style of bullying. This kind of bullying, where a lot of people vs one victim, is very popular in tv and films.

    If we want to make them stop, maybe we can simply tell those stupid films and tvdrama to stop producing such classic scene(you know what I’m talking about…about how some ‘Popular’-kids bullying a single weak nerd) because my guess is…….these kids etch it in their minds and thought that’s “how popular kids behave” so if they want to be popular, they will have to behave the same way.

  • John

    Hello…are we forgetting that these are 90lbs Chinese girls not South side LA gangbangers! The worst thing these girls are packing are Hello Kitty traperkeepers. Why won’t someone put a stop to it!? There are like 5 billion people in this country!

  • Jano

    woah.. this is full of bull shit, nobody else walking by saw this girl being harrased help?? I WOULD TOTALLY KICK ALL THEIR ASSES.. this isnt right at all.. FIGHT BACK LITTLE GIRL dont just sit there =.=”

  • Cool Matt

    Part of it is culture. (interfering in others business even if they are doing wrong is not harmonious) Look what happens to journalist when they get involved. People know better.

    I remember a story about a year ago about some guy who was illegally selling puppies and killed them before the police arrested him. Smashing them on the ground. Everyone just watched. Same thing, but this is with a human being.

    Another part of it has nothing to do with Chinese culture. Just following a crowd. Being afraid to be the first to interfere. And that can happen anywhere.

  • Shenzhen Lau Wai

    Dirty skanks.

  • Swiss James

    I don’t know who’s worse- the girls administering the beating, or me for masturbating whilst watching it.

    • Be

      Wow… That’s not a joke?

  • blue water

    I believe there is a high tolerance for cruelty in the Chinese society.

    One only has to look at the photographs of the individual who died by “ten thousand cuts” while being watched by curious onlookers.

    Come to think of it, there is also a high tolerance for hypocrisy, cowardice, and dishonesty in the Celestial One’s culture. After 5,000 years, you’d think the society would be a little more civilized.

  • bert

    Oh the empathy!

  • maximoe

    All of this ranting about the pink shoes girl and how these girls are the scum of the earth is incredibly hypocritical. U are sitting at home watching this, it was made for YOU!!! Documented so YOU can witness what happened. Besides that civil courage is not yapping about it on the internet, when will we see videos of civil courage in these forums? 90% of all the big talk idiots here would do the same and run in fear and shame.
    There have been and there will be people that are smarter than the average Internet poster and this is the kind of video they can use to make flat thinking idiots fight for their cause and against their enemies……

    • Xuchen

      Access to information hardly makes me a coward. Your assumptions are baseless.

  • fireworks

    Very vicious thugs in the same league as Naomi Campbell.

  • mechanized

    this can’t be fake……those were some pretty brutal kicks.

    that girl with the pink shoes sure loves those ax kicks.

    whose the dude at the end? was he finally some guy that came to help? or was he part of the group and he saw enough and wanted it to stop?

    I can’t understand their dialect…. it doesnt sound like cantonese.

    • Chinagirl

      Not all Guangdong people speak Cantonese. I guess you haven’t been to China.

      • mechanized

        so i made an assumption…… sue me.

      • uberstated

        > “I guess you haven’t been to China.”

        What an asinine thing to say.

  • manusan

    Welcome to social harmony land. Next time try in the mud.

  • DWR

    Well, if you need to know about Western morality, I just ripped the video and re-posted it on Youtube and it was taken down within hours for “violation of community regulations”!


  • Punisher

    Where is the Police? In every small street you can see the police here shows their presence… sometimes i really wish a hero like The Punisher, Batman etc. appears and beat the shit out this human crap.
    lot of the chinese people ignore what they see around them and whats happened outside their own familys. its called the konfuzius-effect… i call it courage-loss and egoistic minds. But of course, if something happened all have to look, if there a human who will die they cant stop looking, but nobody will help. Disgusting!!!
    lets go make more money, dont teach your kids how to do the right things, and your country will go down quickly!

  • VeerLeft

    If you dear laowai, were to intervene, that might get some locals to snap out of their stupor.
    For those that think it is fake, you need to look a bit more. I hope that this girl takes this to court…this is punishable by JAIL TIME.

  • too yellow

    This just reminds me, is the MTV show jackass shown in China and do they take Chinese videos? This seems to be orchestrated to me.

  • Yin

    “5000 years of civilization my ass”


    In some sense this is evidence for what Jackie Chan said, “Chinese people need to be controlled.”

  • Yin

    To be fair though, I’ve been robbed in broad daylight here in the US, and the people who saw it happen just walked by.

    • John

      As an American, I am embarrassed and sorry you got robed and no one helped you, and shame on them for walking by. I hope it never happens again, but I would invest in some pepper spray just to be safe. Second, not to defend the ppl who walked past, and being that I know nothing of your robbery, I think it would be much more dangerous to try and thwart a robbery in the States. First, guns are much more prevalent, and second I am pretty sure you were not robbed by some 90lbs Chinese girls. The former being much easier to stop. Reguardless, stay safe.

  • VeerLeft

    TOO YELLOW, are you really that daft? Of course it’s orchestrated….so was the T-square massacre, so was the rape of Nanjing, so was Auschwitz… all orchestrated, by the aggressors. Before they assaulted her, I’m sure they made sure that this girl was nowhere near her brothers and nowhere near her friends or any adults.

    OR, are you stupid enough to think it is FAKE? the impacts are real enough. All of you who comment on this being fake are living in a world of make-believe…

  • jason

    Bullying is also common in america. It’s common in the entire world. Domestic violence is an issue. This is canton? how come they don’t speak cantonese. Damn it, you mandarin are taking over our land. Then again. We are happy overseas. haha

    • Xczj21

      guangdong has tons of non-cantonese speakers, in fact Jieyang Mianhu is actually in a hakka speaking area.

    • A

      So when something good happens in Canton, you celebrate being Chinese; but when something bad happens there, you blame it on the Mandarins?

      • jason

        Yup, pretty much! :)

  • Call Me May

    i am so angry about this film. iam chinese and i dunno what happens with modern society these days. why crime are increasing…

    i just hope that these 3 girls and the camera person got jailed and got beaten as much as this girl. sorry no more human right for asshole like these, there are too many too many angry and wild person here on earth.

  • shw

    looks like the youngsters today do not have a life at all ! I would suggest that they go jump from the famous guangzhou bridge since they do not know what are they after in life. Damn BITCHES !!

  • rapidman

    the whole set of the maritime university girl sex pictures uncensored.

  • yellow master race

    cool.. bitches fight! wait! i need popcorn and beer!

    • foreigner

      “yellow master race” – comic!

    • Michael

      not much of a fight really when you have 3girls pouncin over 1..but yeah i’d have a beer over it

  • Wankito

    Very hot, I love te one with pink shoes :)

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