Schoolgirl Publicly Exposed In Fight Over Boy


From NetEase:

Incidents of campus violence have happened time and time again in recent years. Recently, yet another video of student violence has appeared on domestic video websites. In the video, the victim was cursed at and beaten by her aggressors, and even had her clothes taken off publicly. The cause? Only because of fighting over a boyfriend.

Comments from NetEase:


Dammit, once again mosaic/masks have obstructed the development of human civilization!!! Fuck!


The post-90s generation has once again performs a scene of mental retardation! I am very angry! Very pained!!!


Only by altering the minor’s protection law, lowering the criminal age, and increasing the penalties can we better protect minors. Shangyang said it before, the more relaxed the law becomes, the more criminals there are, the more victims there are, and the criminals are also punished more. When the law is more strict, the victims will be less, and there will be less people in prisons as well. This is a win-win situation. For example fire, the burning is strong, everyone is afraid, so in the end those who are burned to death are less, but water is gentle, everyone makes fun of it, but in the end those who drown to death are more than those who burned to death. Only by increasing penalties, warning these early-maturing minors, can we protect our next generation frm abuse, only then can we frightening the youth who have evil intentions from taking the evil road thus preventing their suffering in prison.


This is Chinese education…and we are fucking increasing the wages for teachers. We should think carefully before increasing, so we do not throw our money into the sea.


Fuck you, do not target the teachers. If teachers were omnipotent, then there would not be trash like you. Are parents only responsible for giving birth to them [the kids]?


If carrying guns were legal in China, I bet campus shootings would be even more than in America.


A bunch of trash. This kind of people will also be monsters when they enter society later on.


This kind of weather and wearing short-sleeves? It is probably Guangdong again. [The weather should be warmer in Guangdong at this time of the year.]


Quickly take good care of the post-2000s generation. The post-90s generation our country cannot depend on. Post-90s generation = mental retards.


This bunch of trash students, with them like this what kind of boy would want them anyway? Not only are they shameful, they are simply society’s dregs. Why go to university? What kind of contribution can you guys make for the country??? They should be dismissed by the school, and directly go drift in society, and see what kind of fate they will have???


If I were the child’s father, I would completely murder the families of those bullies, and teach the children that a person must have dignity.

Comments from Liba:


Children these days have all gone crazy.


摇头 摇头 摇头
This is why I am continuously afraid of of having a baby daughter. If I do have a daughter, I will send her to go learn karate.


Real or fake? How come the girl being bullied does not even try to fight back, and just letting others punish her?


The positive way of looking at this is that these kids defeated a “xiao san“.

The negative way of looking at this is that these kids are too vicious.


My god…I am going to have a heart attack. I have two baby daughters at home.


I remember this kind of thing also happened at school when I was studying…although no public exposure~

I think what was more popular [during my time] was kneeling on the floor and singing the national anthem~


It seems this kind of incident often comes out of Guangzhou, wasn’t the last video like this also said to be at some school in Guangzhou?


Sigh, I am reminded of Lu Xun, sigh, each generation worse than the previous.


Speechless, pained.

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  • Anonymous westerner

    link link link!

  • warped0ne

    Someone commented in a previous post with similar context that videos like this don’t stop people from doing this, it persuades others to follow.

    Starting to look like that might be more true than credited.

    • peter

      Time to start selling stripper poles in China.

    • http://eatdik sukmibizzles

      it would stop if the dads got to fuck them bitches up, i wish a bitch touched my kid like that but that shit wouldnt happen lil black gurls fight back

      • James



        though yeh I now all this is serious. the thing is its true.

        I think parents should teach their kids how to fight.



  • ST

    It seems that a video like this would provide the school authorities with the evidence they need to expel the attackers from the school. Certainly that is the least that should happen to them. Related to one of the comments in the original posting, imagine if China allowed gun ownership like we have in the U.S., with anyone potentially able to own a variety of weapons and ammunition, I fear it would be a bad scene.

  • CrystalChocoNuggityNut

    This IS the next level of the Asian youth “thug” culture: who would of thunk it that it’s going to come to this? Matter of fact, I bet that this sort of thing use to happen–it’s just now showing up on the net due to the prevalence of tech and the spread of net-culture.

    I mean, I use to hear stories about youth-thug degeneration– all the way back in, like the 90’s, man.

    Nothing new, nothing to see, move along.

    • Samael

      Thugz 4 Lyfe bitches

  • SickMonkeyBoy

    And it IS true: that if guns were legal in China, these youth-thugs would have offed each other, on a daily basis. I mean, without guns, people get stabbed–all the f***king time.

    Whenever you bring a fuck load of young studs and bitches together with nothing better to do–you get fucked up shit–they will amalgamate into a heap of ***t, either way, no matter what. And I’m saying this in a very endearing way, believe me.

    Of course…you have your youth-thug culture, you also have study-study-nerd-nerd culture, too. By that I mean supposed uppity folks with “culture.” You know, the flag-bearers that will carry society into it’s next phase of that “precocious” concept known as the Future. Or, as I like to call it: pure unadulterated bullshit.

    So it all works out in the end! Praise Slave-Master-Universe-aka-almighty-God.

    Guess what –the above was purely an excercise to see how much non-sense I can write … while furiously masturbating to a poster’s writing, on this board. (AND FOR ALL INTERNATIONAL BITCHES AND HOS TO SEE

  • DingDing

    By discussing stupid issues such as this only promotes more stupid behaviors… bunch of idiots.

  • Yin

    Well, this is certainly nothing specific to China. As for why the girl didn’t fight back, there could be a host of reasons, such as personality.

    What I do want to point out, however, is the irony of girls fighting over guys in a country where there are an estimated 100 million+ surplus of males. Just yesterday NY Times published an article about the trafficking of sons in China, where kidnappers would snatch male children off the streets and sell them to son-preferring families for money.

    Given this sort of unbalanced gender ratio, and the income disparity in China, which probably leads to the relatively fewer women being all married, eventually, to the “top males,” I could see a huge, disenfranchised underclass of men who simply cannot marry because there aren’t enough women to go around. It’s no wonder prostitution is on the rise in China, but even then, it seems to be a social disaster in the making and the CCP does not appear to be doing anything about it.

    • Yang

      That guy must’ve been REALLY hot … or rich haha.

      Though we will probably never find out. I would like to know how it ended up like this. Did one of the girls try to breakup the relationship? Did the guy try to two-time? If the latter I’d be pretty disappointed in with the chick she should be banding with the girl and kneeing him in the groin haha.

      Need to check out the video when I get home!

  • ThisIsaTwoDollarAngloWhoreSite

    Welcome To the REAL ANGLO education system


    • Teacher in China

      Ok, I’m getting tired of this.
      Have you ever stopped to think that maybe, just maybe, if you actually indulged in conversation on the topic instead of posting links under a childishly insulting name that maybe people would take you more seriously?

  • fireworks

    Another idiotic school incident in Guangdong. I think its school girls in Guangdong that needs to get smacked and get expelled. pretty nasty bunch of girls.

  • Public?

    It’s just kids having fun. I think that might be some repressed homosexuality coming out.

  • Ryz

    stupid cunts need to get buttraped and bukkaked.

    but not really. why cant people be a little nicer?

  • amadeus

    @ ThisIsaTwoDollarAngloWhoreSite

    Auh,I got you.You are making fun of Anglo,they are so lame to produce a TV series called Skins. Now the real Skins is airing.

  • Ron

    Ah well, their turn will come. What goes around comes around.

  • okokok

    I’m a girl and I say SCREW THIS SHIT.. they don’t even have any weapons! she is a whimp for not even trying to defend herself! I would have done a few shuaijiao moves on the leader and got it over with in a few minutes! I know this because I was once attacked by three girls in a public place. I grabbed the leader in a headlock and started punching her face until they ran away. Some girls can be seriously brutal but sometimes there is no way out, and the only way to get respect is to stand up for yourself even if it means getting hurt.. cause next time they will seriously reconsider trying to push you around.

    • Nathan

      Looking for a chinese girl. can i get?

  • doobeedoo

    What a pathetic display.. She should have at least tried to defend herself!

  • Also a mother

    no big deal, there are school bullies everywhere, did not start with this generation either.

  • Peteryang

    So stripping is how humiliation is done in Guangzhou?? And couple with eating rats, I’d believe Guangzhou fags are mentally defunct.


    • Johnny Depp

      Yes, we eat northern rats.

  • Taojas

    Similar to related posts last year. More Gross inhumanity to other humans by humans. In the course of time they will regret their actions.

  • doobeedoo

    LOLOLOLOL!! I guess fighting back is not an asian thing

  • SniperWZ

    why does this shit always happen in Guangdong???

  • Paul

    Maybe ChinaSMACK should be renamed ChinaTRASH?

  • anotherteacher

    This whole blame the mistress thing is insane. Girls let guys get away with everything in China. “It’s not the guy’s fault he cheated! It was that stupid whore’s fault! Let’s get her!” It’s insane. And the reason why the girl probably didn’t fight back is because she believes the bullshit that it’s her fault.

    (I’m not excusing the mistresses, and I’m not saying other countries don’t have women fighting over the same types of douchebags. I am saying that it’s messed up how guys can get away with so much shit here.)

  • Anyone/else/turned/on?

    Ahhh young girls experimenting in university, those were the days.

    • Capt. Absurdity


      I get and am into college girls kissing and touching sort of experimenting. I do not get this. (Maybe I do a little, just not anymore and not so much)


  • Buhaoyise

    This kind of behaviour is not peculiar to any particular generation. This has everything to do with the proliferation of digital media – cameras and video streaming in particular – and nothing to do with moral digression.

  • Samael

    girl fights are awesome

  • Ms tery

    somewhere in china is a businessman who confesses to needing therapy over how he feels about me.

    His wife robbed me of my jewels but didn’t force me to strip. Didn’t the b**** have enough jewels of her own?

    • Master C

      All this talk of jewels. Love the man not his money.

  • milkfiddle

    Why oh why is this kind of abuse not investigated by the police???? Is it their methods? Small people small problem

  • Long Ding Dong

    Nobody would have checked up on that ugly chinese bitch anyway. Fucking flat titty hoes. Why are chinese people so fucking ugly? Fucking chinese bitches looks like boys with no tits and ass. That’s why you Chinese muthafuckers watch Japanese porn, DON’T DENY IT YOU UGLY ASS BITCHES!

  • Samael

    girl fight is awesome

  • 读书者


  • Phil

    Hi! Did someone have the link to the original video, with no censorshipe and in full length? Please post it!

  • amerikkkan

    fuck post the original video with no fucking mosaics

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  • Steven Andrew Pauzner

    my penis is pretty big, but i’m not black.

  • Michael

    Just like to comment what might happen if this incident happen in my school. They won’t be able to return to school, not because they would expelled, but fear for their life. Those girls will be targeted by other students.

    Like 90% of the students are righteous, no one is stupid enough to do what these girls did to that poor girl.

  • Evelyn

    Snaps fingers. I knew those poles were on my youth playground for a reason. Practice.

  • Dude

    What the fuck? They even did fucking victory signs at the end of the video? How fucked up are China girls?

  • Shah

    any girl sex with me.My Lun is very hot.

  • ~YuUkI~

    This is now very common. I’m 14 but i live in Canada and i once saw on a news about a 16 year old girl bribing her boyfriend to go kill another girl because she was jealous of her(i forgot what) and in return she would grant him sex. So the stupid idiot did what she said and the victim was only 14!! Now those two retards are in jail for many years. The guy was charged for 1st degree murder and the girl was charged for 2nd degree murder. Mentally retardedness. This stuff always happens in the place i used to live (Toronto)

  • Anonym

    How can I look for this subject in Chinese? Could somebody write the idiograms for the subject.

  • Max

    Hell with this kinds of life! why this rats are not accepts themself the way they are? you hate foreigner and still hate yourself.
    If latter the lady go with foreigner, all people without sound education will raise there mouth up and saying some trashes.
    Fuck all you mother fucker with your racist disease.

  • Anit Censorship

    Why do they bother putting this censored crap online. A perfect example of an interesting video clip made utterly redundant. What is the fucking point?

  • Duchemin

    These girls should not just be expelled. They should be made to apologize in publc to their poor victim and then sent to a disciplinary school, military-style, for a year. This would probably deter other girls from tormenting weaker pupils.
    Violent boys should be sent immediately into the Army, again in a disciplinary unit where drill instructors will make their life miserable.

    • James

      thats somewhat naive, and lenient.

      What makes you think that girls are less/more violent then boys?

      a good ass whooping could do the trick

  • Duchemin

    I thought I had posted a comment on this hideous violent incident. I only hope that the poor girl’s tormentors have been severely punished. Have they?
    In order to deter other potential bullies, they should be made to apologize in public, possibly on television, and sent to a disciplinary school.

  • MingMing

    Holy shit, the attackers look so happy at the end, it disturbed me slightly.


  • Pigeontoe

    Small girl, overwhelmed by the violent group. Their friend video-ing it all. Despicable.

    And over a boyfriend? The beaten girl looked helpless to the assault – and was humiliated because she had something to do with a boy.

    I see it here too, and it is equally sickening.

  • citizen


    they have to punish like this , or sentence to death

    • Duchemin

      Like this? What do you mean? Anyway, a death sentence seems wildly excessive!

  • nana

    honestly,if i was to acutally see this person get hurt i would help her fight its not even her fault!
    its the guys fault who chose to cheat =-=
    this is soo stupid the girls who are treating that girl like that doesnt deserve that. maybe those girls should be in her shoes for that time

  • Jennifer Z.

    Hate Chinese girls from China… it’s embarrassing to be Chinese right now just by looking at this haha geez

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