University President Poses Naked, Art Students Impressed

From Tianya:

Gather around and look! University president teaches class naked, the color drains from girls’ faces

This event happened at Sun Yat Sen Arts and Sciences campus. It is the absolute truth, unadulterated, and not muddled.

The university president is also our professor, Yang Lin Chuan, who is also the only artist who has had his extremely expensive oil painting, “Peaceful Flight” displayed at the World Expo Joint Exhibition Hall.

This matter happened recently, I have pictures as proof, I used my phone to take them, not very clear, completely naked, wait for me to add some mosaic before posting them. People that mark posts [for later reading] can pay attention.

All the guys and girls in our class witnessed this shocking yet touching scene.

That day, Professor Yang came to class and said the previously scheduled female model would not be coming. Being men, after hearing this kind of news, our male classmates were disappointed. But the event that followed, the color drained from the female students’ faces, endlessly excited. Many female classmates have already explained on blogs and Tianya topics concerning female excitement, regarding Professor Yang’s actions [they’re] probably in favor.

But it’s not clear for other people. Other than viewing Professor Yang as a model for creative work, I think, to be a girl, we were more firmly grasping this rare opportunity to see Professor Yang’s naked body. Sexually or asexually, this is important, sex is innate to girls, no need to discuss this topic further. Seeing Professor Yang’s rugged muscles hypnotized us. It was noticeable, even though [he’s] an artist, he definitely has not modeled much. He appeared a little nervous and shy but slowly gained his composure, [he] is a professor after all. [He] adjusted his mentality very well and very quickly.

Also, there is another fact that everyone does not know. After gathering in a circle and seeing Professor Yang’s naked body, several female students called their family members, reporting to parents Professor Yang’s bold action, and several parents were flabbergasted. Actually, I think us students were flabbergasted in the first place and made this experience into a strange and entertaining story that made our parents flabbergasted. The attitude of the parents was it’s OK to let someone else be the model and let the students draw, but professors aren’t appropriate. [There are] numerous reasons, won’t list them one by one.

As for me, I support Professor Yang. His beautiful body did indeed attract people’s attention, toned muscles comparable to those on track and field athletes, [good enough] to be a work of art, this is a rarity.

But at the same time, I saw some guys who were jealous, after all, their girlfriends were earnestly enjoying this work of art.

This was probably the situation.

I will first process the pictures, the details I will discuss casually. I like to broadcast (i.e. to make additional updates to the post).

Comments from Tianya:


I was looking for your article all this time, and it turns out to be this situation, small matter big commotion. My dad is an art teacher, he has modeled for his students many times, this isn’t a big deal. I do admire Lustful Girl’s [name of the post writer] literary talent, but I’m afraid I got happy for nothing, hehe.


I don’t understand art, but just being butt naked makes it art? Why is so much so-called art linked with sex and nudity? To the extent of spreading eroticism? Just like the difference between a handshake and a hug, eastern landscape paintings are just obsolete compared to western nude oil paintings? Why do so many filthy matters have to do with art?
For the sake of art, it’s art! I don’t get it, could it be that my family’s long-haired dog who hasn’t worn any clothing is an artistic master?


1. I think this a normal matter, everyone is making a big deal out something minor. Being a teacher, what’s wrong with being a model for students?
2. The problem is why are students posting the teacher’s pictures? Is this fair? [Have they] considered the effects on the teacher’s family and social standing?
3. Why are these web reporters so interested in such matters? What’s worth publicizing here? Do you have the slightest bit of professional ethics??


Hehe. I am a young person, [my] way of thinking is not the least bit conservative.
But a university president doing this is definitely improper. If he likes to be a model, [he] can first resign from the position of university president.


The beauty of the human body is a natural beauty, to have courage to present to everyone is really worth admiring.
It’s actually very normal in the west to have human models, even though the professor personally stepped up only a few times, but in the end, the number is also not small.
I applaud that this phenomenon has also appeared in China.
Actually, it would be good if China’s professors were all like Yang Lin Chuan, not that rigid.


That university president is even holding a lit cigarette, would a professional model be permitted to do this?
Is this how a university president should be? Simply just a bum.


Seeing the title I just wondered, how is this color draining from faces? Clearly, it’s faces “getting” color! If lou zhu isn’t clear, then [she’ll] be the “sex king”!


Someone said to let University President Yang go to medical school… Let me tell you, those who say this are fundamentally not suited to go to school!
Because in your world, you’re supposed to be an ant; because in your world, a university president is high and mighty, and you are and lowly and beneath.
Too many people who share your way of thinking is the reason why China’s inequality has lasted for several thousand years, and to this day, it’s still only slowly developing.

坏坏的小色女: [the original poster]

It’s very late, [and I only] planned to look at my main page post one more time before going to sleep, but suddenly discovered that many people have asked me questions. These are the ones that I didn’t have time to reply to during the day, so now that [I’m] free, I will reply.
A person asked me, how do I view Professor Yang’s naked body.
I think this should be examined from two angles. One is from a little lustful girl, of course I like to look. Stripped naked, I can look at [his body] any way that I want. Don’t despise me, if you are a girl, don’t you like to look at handsome men, especially this kind of handsome guy with pizazz. To quote a previous post, no need to see Professor Yang only as a high and might university president. If you are a guy, don’t you like pretty girls, the principle of mutual attraction of the opposite sex, [it’s] not possible you don’t understand! Second, as a student I like this kind of university president, this kind of professor, how many university presidents/professors are there right now who are professors by day and beasts by night? For now, lets not talk about what Professor Yang is like at night, but at least he’s dignified enough, has courage, has the nerve to break outdated conventions, dares to discard the pretentiousness of being a professor in front of these students, to take off Confucius’ mask.
Professor Yang is very individualistic, this is the kind of professor we want, he gave us a unique education experience. This is perhaps something many can achieve, but it’s not something everyone willingly does. Therefore, I openly support Professor Yang.
Several reporters wrote letters to me, hoping that I would accept an interview, attacking Professor Yang’s “shameless conduct”. I want to ask, in the end, what is considered shameless?

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  • C. Custer

    This is an interesting story indeed. I, for one, support the guy. It’s a little crazy big a deal a guy getting naked can be here sometimes. Li Yinhe agrees with me (shameless plug, I know)

    • richard

      I would like to meet this guy. Is he gay? And lets see his package. No pixilation. Kind of a chinese michaelangelo’s david.

  • Stuart

    Netizen reaction if this had been a foreign teacher, anyone?

    • mileiux

      male teacher: chased out of the country
      female teacher: front page news

      • FYIADragoon

        I laughed quite heartily.

      • bando

        sad but probably true

  • Buckets of Tuna

    I should have adopted this approach with my adult English classes.

    A whole new line of vocabulary to explore with the class.

  • Woopma

    Oh no! A naked body–in art class!

    Is this 1910 or 2010?

    “Many students called their parents–”

    Hahaha, Chinese young adults are just like Western toddlers “I’M TELLING MOMMY!”

    • Tadd

      Nah man…

      In western coutries, our parents would probably take the artist, model and school to court and fine them a huge amount of money for emotional damages.

      • sino_can

        Is that to say you think that isn’t in the works here? China is just as litigious these days as the US — even more so, based on this other “lost ring” story.

        Except in China, it comes down to: 1) Who has the better guanxi; and/or 2) Who can afford to pay the judge more bribe?

        This guy is the president of Sun Yat Sun University, I guess he’s got pretty good guanxi (or at least had?) and I guess he’s got quite a war chest to play with if it comes down to bribing, so…why sue?

      • yournametobynow

        but they use nude models in art class. this is how you learn to draw the human form. this is how it’s been done for hundreds of years. have you ever taken a university-level art class? they use nude models. they always use nude models. this is nothing abnormal, except the hired model didn’t show so the professor decided to do it himself. it’s not like he sat there jacking off in front of the class.

  • Alikese

    If they really want to be impressed they should see Greg Oden’s artistic pictures.

    • Jay K.

      lmao you made my day by this comment

  • manusan

    You want make money in China ?
    sex in book, sex in art, sex in photography ect …. and blabla

    These pictures are pathetics, just a shit, the photographe know nothing about nude photography, chinese amateur on web are better.

    • Chunghwa


      you do realise that the photographer was a university student, and that the professor wasn’t exactly posing for a photo in the first place. I’ll give you two points for your English skill though.

  • Crystal

    Professor understood the call of serving a model to students too literally :-)

  • UDL

    Ding! love the courage!

  • Alikese

    Did the poster really describe him as having “rippling muscles” and “toned muscles comparable to those on track and field athletes?” The dude is in worse shape than most olympic curlers. Brother 10 year old mechanic definitely had more rippling muscles.

    • Tom12GA

      Can you at least wait until Brother Wang reaches the age of majority (18) before dragging him into your modeling contract?

      • Alikese

        I suppose I’ll turn my attention to brother fat Taiwanese singer first.

    • lolz

      The guy is what, mid 40s? That’s pretty good for a guy his age, especially since Asians don’t generally exercise. I would say he is more fit than most of the population belonging to his age group and job title. Most executives in China are fat.

      Though I have to say that his build is a bit uneven, he has some pecs but not much shoulder muscles or biceps. My guess is that he probably only does push-ups and sit-ups. He should follow p90x or something similar, it actually delivers pretty good for casual folks.

  • Rick in China

    After reading the bit about being hypnotized by his rugged muscles, I realize why so many girls are into foreigners. Rugged muscles? maybe if he was an 11 year old boy.

    • Rick in US

      for green cards, not muscles you moron.

    • Chunghwa

      >implying that all foreigners have toned muscles

      yeah. you keep thinking that.

  • narsfweasels

    “Chinasmack reports on naked man: netizens unimpressed, ask ‘where are the naked chicks?’ “

  • Brother Lonely

    Disturbing images … ~~~

    Brother Lonely

  • Of Canada

    In art school we had one of our female painting teachers also work as a nude model for lifedrawing class. The real crime here is the asshole students who breach the trust they were given by snapping photos of the guy and posting them on the net. They should be expelled from the school. If someone in my art school was caught secretly photographing a model (who agreed to be drawn, not photographed). and posting it on the net. . they’d be in big trouble.

    • darkandlovelykissedbythe

      Still gotta wonder if he knew that he was being photographed, but just ignored it. In all due fairness to the Proff. I don’t think it was fair to take his picture either.

  • Jam

    We lead by example. Good enough he has not done anything like rape or defilement. If it were any other person, it would still have been a human being.

  • spunduck

    I salute this man. This world needs to get real. /Bows

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  • shanghai girl

    He’s pretty hot… I wish I was in that art class ;)

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  • David

    He is had a nice body :D i like his’s body.

  • darkandlovelykissedbythe

    Hear the University is pretty good. Weird seeing one’s art teacher naked. Initially thought that perhaps Proff. not so good looking, second viewing, not bad. It was brave, but disconcerting to see that he decided to model for his class, then I had to applaud his moxie.

  • k

    ::sigh:: as a white girl, I sure do love asian men’s browm skin tone.

  • roger dodger

    mmm not bad; but I’ve seen better

  • kodi

    That professor is awesome! I bet he got tons of crushes after that incident lol! At least he looks like a man, which is more than I can say for many university students.

  • jhu

    lets see his junk. what is between his legs.

  • Amused

    Further proof that East Asians are all kin! See, he has pixel peter just like the Japs in the movies.

  • kiamo

    Yes, I agree. Logically, I don’t think he did anything in the least bit wrong. Maybe the nude model scheduled was ill or something?

    However, due to his position in the school, such an act seems unwise. It was bound to cause a bit of ruckus.

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