Strip Shows In Rural Villages, Chinese Netizen Reactions

A village strip show in China.

A poster makes sarcastic comments to female strippers imploring them to “be firm to their ideals” as he posts crude and blurry pictures of an equally crude strip tease show that appears to take place in a small Chinese village. Chinese netizens react with sarcastic comments regarding it as the result of a “harmonious” society while other netizens are shocked and ashamed, and still others point out that this is a common practice, so much so that young children appear to be attending the strip tease.

From Sina:

Who is Going to Come Do Something ABout These Low Class Performances in the Villages?

The Beijing Public Security Specialist Office has made a sudden attack upon the night clubs of the city and this would be the final nail in the coffin for many of these entertainment venues. In this one moment the pornography industry became extremely scared from within, and as seen from the outside appears to have disappeared from sight. However, the business of this trade can not be temporarily eased as this is just scratching the surface because the real reason for the decline of clubs in Beijing is that the entertainers of these establishment have already found a new location for their source of revenue. It isn’t here, and it isn’t over there, but I think it will be approximately somewhere in the middle–with the city and country combined, or maybe a remotely located village. Only just recently the internet has exposed a photo gallery in which we are surprised to discover that this type of entertainment worker has already been successful in invading the last virgin territory of China, that being the peasants’ home in which they can now genuinely enjoy the entertainment and lifestyle of the city. This point just goes to show the significant repercussions it will have upon the peasants’ XX entertainment level and after school culture and way of life, we should should inform using various media so that everywhere in the country this becomes universally known. For Beijing to be the center and the base of operations is to do things slowly and surely and step by step; that is to say, it wants to gradually insert a red flag upon every village gate in the nation. However, these villages have a constant practice of adopting every great idea that comes from the city. Throughout the course of these events the entertainment workers have not been exempt from receiving criticism nor suppression. However, to the vast majority of these entertainment workers I implore: you are the much needed vast number of laborers , you need strong peasants to support you, you need to develop and not be scared of sacrificing yourselves. Don’t be afraid of bleeding in battle for it is a glorious Red Army tradition, and you should earnestly implement the army’s policy of “The enemy advances, I retreat; the enemy camps, I harass; the enemy retreats, I follow; the enemy is weary, I attack”. You must be firm to your ideals! This victory will inevitably belong to us, Allah be with you! See here, do you want to see what the pretty city girls do in the villages? In this way they will unexpectedly receive your support. I’ve heard that these strip shows are real, yes?

Chinese strippers performing in a rural village.

Strippers giving a performance in a rural Chinese village.

Chinese strippers giving a performance in a rural village.

In a rural village in China, strippers perform for a crowd.

Chinese girls dance for a village crowd.

Comments from Sina:


Fuck his grandmother. Come on, isn’t this too perverted?


Fuck… I submit..


China’s “harmonious” society!


For money, they’re even willing to lose face.


Haha…these people…


Never before have I seen this. This will increase my knowledge and experience.


Goes to the countryside.


[This must be] investigated thoroughly.


Nowadays in order to make money girls don’t even have a sense of shame! Where have self-respect and self-love gone?? This is really tragic!


And once again we see harmony.


Truly losing face for Chinese people.


Indignant, astonished, helpless, loathing — there isn’t a cat that doesn’t eat anything that smells fishy.


I really don’t understand these girls, why do they prostitute themselves this way? Even if life is hard, there are many ways to make money, it isn’t necessary to go and sell one’s body this way, is it? I really feel sorry for these girls!


OMG, their figures look horrible…


There are so many ways to live, why do they have to [live like] this?


What kind of moral fibre is this…?!
Truly a “harmonious” society now.


As Chairman Mao taught us, we first must accept an equal lower/middle class peasant before we can try teaching them.


Live however you want.


⊙﹏⊙b Sweat, I’ve never seen this before


Who is going to do something about this? [I] Oppose [this]! Strengthen and raise the moral fiber of the rural ordinary common people!


Is this something done by people from the city?


Despite the fact that the country is implementing policies, this world is still very dark.
When one is clothed and well-fed, one’s thoughts will turn to wanton lust, ancient people all knew this.
The people of this generation are too undisciplined/indulgent.
In this society driven by power and money, everything is worthless.
Even if there are noble and virtuous people, there are only a few of them.


Indeed this exists, we have a lot of of these here especially for village weddings and funerals. As long as there is a suona horn band, there will usually be this kind of “dirty ” folk art show.


The village cadre there is also really enjoying it.


Right now this type of activity is already common in the villages during marriages and funerals.


This is too savage, I am determined to fight this, call 110 (the police).


There are kids watching, and old people too, my God!


Don’t pollute the kids.


Low cost, high enjoyment. Haha


I can see kids there too, where is the law of the land?


*Koff koff*.. don’t be saying such things..
These ladies are selling art, not selling flesh..
In addition, I’d like to ask: where is this place? I’d like to also go there and have fun~~


If things carry on like this the country won’t be a country any longer…lamentable Chinese people…

Bring culture to the countryside. chinaSMACK personals.

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  • DraY

    this is some funny ass shit!!

  • ShanghaiExpat

    Asian girls love white cock

    • Testing1234

      Asian dudes also do ..

      • bbyt

        Can you talk about someting seriously? F**k you

        • Fike2308

          Can you develop a sense of humor?

          • Sunwell

            I have humor, espacially the humor like I can give your mother a orgasm.

          • box


            I’m sorry to hear about your cancer. I hope treatment works out for you.

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    • FYIADragoon

      >”Shanghai Expat”


      This man, ladies and gentlemen, sums up the foreigners and the average looking women who date them in Shanghai perfectly.

    • dilladonuts

      all white girls love black cock =)

      • BlkRockwell

        I disagree. White girls aren’t good-looking really, and it’s the trashiest, nasty, fat white chicks that typically go for Black men. Sadly, Black guys tend to see this as a prize (just like asian women notoriously go for any white boy).

  • Keninchina

    I read in the comments above that these events are held at rural weddings and funerals?

    I cant really imagine bringing sluts and strippers to perform for my wedding banquet or my grandma’s funeral

    If it was just dirty entertainment, sure, but for weddings and funerals? I doesnt seem very Chinese like.

    • RegnisTheGreat

      Western bachelor/bachelorette party? Need I speak anymore?

      • Zhegezhege

        Indeed, this kind of shit happens all over the world, except generally not outdoors with easy access for untrusted people with cameras.

        An extremely distasteful thing about these picture is the ratio of nongs to xiaojies that gives the whole thing an aggressive, gang-rape-about-to-happen feel. Plus these girls are young and clearly not very comfortable with what’s happening (see how they’re standing… look at the girl covering herself… the whole point of strippers is that you get to see!)

        And that is different to most “Western bachelor parties” which are generally not quite as decadent as The Hangover, Knocked Up or I Hope They Serve Beer In Hell. Those films rather oversell the idea, to be honest. IF a guy bothers to have a bachelor party and IF a stripper does get hired for it (which doesn’t happen as frequently as you’d think due to rightly suspicious fiancees, high costs, potential embarassment and the general nervousness of people about to go in to marriage), the stripping part is usually an awkward affair done more for the amusement of bachelor’s friends at how uncomfortable he is. It’s often over in a few minutes and you won’t see weird shit like what’s happening a few pictures up from the bottom. What the hell is the shirtless dude doing there anyway?

        In fact, the naughtiest bachelor parties I have seen – by far – have all been in China, where a KTV orgy seems to be the accepted practice for Chinese and, yes, some of the foreigners too. They should make a film about that. But they won’t. Obviously.

        Also, generally speaking, strippers in Westernland are usually mentally tough, confident and operate under a clear system of rules; what is OK and what is not OK is understood from the start and if you fuck up, a very big, very angry man will come and beat the shit out of you. Plus, it’s damn expensive if you want pretty girls. What you can see in those pictures, on the other hand, looks like cruel, consequence-free sexual bullying of country girls. Plus you don’t have kids at bachelor parties. So, no Regnis: your comparison is reductive, fairly stupid and therefore not worth discussing further. However, you don’t need to type anymore and probably shouldn’t.

        Frankly, you should be grateful you’re in Westernland (I’m assuming you’re a student in one of the Anglo countries) thanks to your parents’ largesse rather taking your opportunity for granted and creepily looking for things to snipe at.

        • RegnisTheGreat

          Haha, you got me so wrong. My parents left China in the late 80s with nothing. I fought for everything I have earned and done all my life. When I started college, I paid for all of it (well, the amount that was left over after scholarships which I won due to hard work) and I paid my parents rent/food money to live at home. I worked part time during college and full time during the summer. I finished college with a good degree (and even a savings of a almost $800 at the end). Now I have a good job, home, and car. In fact my parents have retired and I asked them to live in my home so I can take care of them, which they are doing.

          • RegnisTheGreat

            No no. Not a MMA or anything. Its a expression meaning I earned everything I got through hard work. Unlike kids of rich Chinese now, I didn’t attend some prestigious private school but went to public school. I paid my way through university on my own (well, actually it was free because of my hard work in high school and university which earned me a lot of scholarships). I didn’t take money from my parents to live, instead I worked and paid them rent/food while I was in college.

          • Alikese

            It was a joke? Are you a comedian? Carrot Top, is that you?

      • Teacher in China

        Yes, you do. You need to explain how that’s related to WEDDINGS and FUNERALS.

        • Stimpy

          The reason why they put these things on at weddings and funerals is so more people come. The more people come, the popular the family look and the more money they get.

    • LK

      au contraire. i went to my grandpa’s funeral in rural Taiwan. very popular is to get a marching band of young girls (in short skirts and typical American high school marching band outfits) to perform. there’s often a karaoke truck too. it’s honorable to go to heaven in style, i suppose.

  • RegnisTheGreat

    Damn. They’re not that bad looking for Rural girls. As a patriotic Chinese from Shanghai living overseas, I’m willing to do my patriotic duty and help impregnate them for the greater good of China. Of course, for each I need a few dozen practice rounds first so lets say two weeks for each one in my hotel in turn.

    • mike

      impregnate the white girls will be the greatest triumph for China

      • Rob

        Sorry Mike, but white girls don’t dig Chinese dudes.

        Nobody digs Chinese dudes, except maybe queers like you!

  • james

    Have none of these netizens ever heard of KTVs or Saunas?!

    • Alikese

      They have girls dancing on stage in clubs, and they have naked girls getting stuffed in KTVs, why did they never merge those two ideas?

      If someone opened up a strip club in a big city with halfway decent girls they would have to swim through piles of cash to get to the door.

  • Shanghailander

    China 2010: half a bilion xiaojies, half a bilion corrupted men; rest are gays, children, old people and communists

    • Jay K.

      wow, so generic sterotyping but oh so true

    • FYIADragoon

      I want to say this a terrible case of stereotyping, but I can’t…….

  • The-last-emperor

    The kid in the audience was totally trying to understand what was going on. Awesome!!
    The audience is what makes the story funny: old ladies, their husbands, kids, dogs. But a few young people

  • Michael

    China 2010: half a bilion xiaojies, half a bilion corrupted men; rest are gays, children, old people and communists

    You are correct. I think the Chinese government should have a “no child policy.”

  • supreme_leader

    THis is gross! That girl looks like she had about six abortions through her belly button.

  • supreme_leader

    THis is gross! That girl looks like she had about six abortions through her belly button.

  • supreme_leader

    THis is gross! That girl looks like she had about six abortions through her belly button.

  • Mike

    What’s the big deal? These kinds of shows exist everywhere. As long as there is demand, they will exist…like prostitution.
    I saw these kinds of shows in Taiwan but at least the girls were much hotter.

  • Jeff

    Don’t sneak into someones toilet if you don’t wanna see their shit. This stuff has always and will always happen.

  • http://d gab

    What I found distressing is that it is happening outdoor. I have no problem if it was indoor and properly authorised. I am 100% that this shit does not even happen in western countries. Who ever is involved should get arrested.

  • steven

    “As Chairman Mao taught us, we first must accept an equal lower/middle class peasant before we can try teaching them.”

    My favourite comment. Yes peasants are all so ignorant, but that’s mostly because the education in China is shit, not because they are peasants.

  • blue in dark

    why kids are there ? are their parents dead?
    what a sad thing it is! that’s the reason we china should do more and more birth control. those hicks born kids but no ability to offer them education, f k!
    i am from village but most neighbors only have one kid, even just a daughter, and people there like to spoil girls. my father never let me do any farm work, even i wanted to help, he shouted at me, go away, girls should not do this!
    after i went to a poor uni in north, i noticed that most my roomates only could have around 100 per month, they dress poor, eat poor, talk poor… after uni, most still poor, even though i did not get BS at all , without any help from my family, i am still doing well.
    i really believe a famous saying: ordeal son, spoil girl. even take a look at those famouse rich chinese actresses who were born at poor family, they always chose rich men for marriage.

    • RegnisTheGreat

      Is it me or does ‘blue in the dark’ look kinda of cute in that picture? Maybe its the surgical mask, but its kinda of cute.

  • Jamie

    The only face lost will be mine when she sits on it!

  • J Money

    This is Chinese culture….Looks interesting how do i sign up?

  • Shoeshine

    I love the fact that even in the middle of this “strip show” one of the girls is covering her privates with her hands.

    • HardyPengood

      She’s probably feeling humiliated beyond comprehension, and trapped in a situation she hadn’t imagined for its level of depravity. The scene looks like its only a matter of whim that keeps any of the girls from being raped, rather than any social morality or law enforcement presence preventing it.

      • Tadd

        I thought she was just cold

  • Mike_In_Zhengzhou

    One of my students has stated that she will not be continueing her pole-dancing classes. Furthermore, she informed me that the two male pole dancers at the dance school she briefly attented had won awards for their ability.

    What a funny world we’re becoming. A funny funny world.

  • Zebadee

    These grub monkeys have nothing to live for. Let them enjoy their fun. These shows are all too common in just about every small village throughout China. And, I would dare to venture, even travelling to the big cities to entertain migrant workers at the construction company/factory boss’s expense. I’ve seen them.

    • Steel Bods Remain? J

      What kind of sleaze is this? Clean up!!

  • jackbutcher

    first ???? couch safa

  • Rick

    So much for the virtuous Chinese society, huh! You don’t find this kind of outrageous sexual display even in Western countries! But Mao should be proud, since he had his little harem–er–army unit of willing peasant girl recruits to please him, as is now documented in recent biographies.

  • Rick

    P.S. Even the Japanese aren’t this degenerate–at least not in such a public way. Those kids should not be there!

  • dOgiNtHeHouse

    This is what happens when you treat your females like product and services. Before these modern days came along, it was just common to treat daughters like property (like a refrigerator, car, horse, cow). China has the highest rate of female suicide in the world. The have high abortion rates when it is learned a female is the baby. Women even in modern society are treated like product or service. Don’t blame the west. This kind of behavior exists no where but in China maybe some very low income nations might also have these types of things. China treats daughters, girls, girlfriends, wives, as if they are not special but more a product or service. It’s very common for daughters to be sold, traded, or bartered. In spite of what Chinese believe in their minds that they are protective of females, the truth is they have a history of using females for very low minded things such as sex-trade, hard life jobs, trading daughters for someone else’s son, making her marry someone for business reasons, not giving her true dignity. Every society will have this type of wild behavior. But in China, it is really bad how females are treated. This encouragement to use females as prop for entertainment is common now in China. Businessmen and rich men buy young Chinese females as if they are commodity to use for their personal pleasures. It would be nice to see a movement in China to act a little more mature with regards to their females. If females were treated with great respect and dignity and not second to males interests/needs, then this behavior will go away.

    • korean_guy

      China is true to the outlines of Communist Manifesto in that women are pretty much treated as sex objects: they should never refuse sexual advances from any man.

  • woot

    wow..typical chinese…no front…no back…where are their asses? lol

  • 穀歌ba

    In Fujian, strippers at funerals were normal. A form of appeasement for the deceased.

    During the 1980s, it became common during weddings to have strippers for a display of how much money is going around.

    Shameful? Not at all. It is just a way like another to earn money.
    Kids seeing nudity? Like they won’t or haven’t before!
    I am much more offended of seeing the man with a knife on the right hand side of this text input box.

  • smackguy

    it just show that sexual freedom china is slowly being liberated by its people. Those are consenting adults, so what they do behind close door is their perogative. Take for example of the muslim people, their women still have to where veil in the public. Muslim is the most bottled up and immature people on earth in term of sexual acceptance and self control.

    • Servo

      Wearing a veil in the public is a wise act in itself to prevent men from having undesirable thoughts and urges leaving it only to husbands to have a perfect view of that nice figure.
      Sexual liberation only destroys a society and it’s evident in the number of sexual crimes that is happening in these so called “free country”.

      Muslim women are self-righteous in a way that they only keep their body for their husband because spreading your legs for someone whom you find “cute” from a bar for one night, only makes you a whore.

      • jixiang

        whereas only being able to have sex with one person for your whole life (a person who you often didn’t choose to marry yourself) just makes you a boring, repressed woman.

      • 穀歌ba

        Have you ever been to a muslim country???

        Sexual behaviour is not as “hollywood”, but there still is a lot of people going around because then can.

        Muslim men(I should specify middle east – big city) are not that respectful when speaking about women. When in the UK a Saudi Man told me how much he enjoyed prostitutes…

  • WOW!!!!

    This place is great! Anyone expecting quality journalism and serious talk is fooling themselves. This site is worse than any tabloid news stand paper. The only thing the editors are trying to do is get responses from easily riled up ‘netizens’.

    Anytime you have naked chinese women in a story, you can count me in, though. Chinese women are the best…… Make me wanna fuck fuck fuck all night long….and yeah, many of them do love white cocks. Get the fuck over it.

  • John

    Yes, I understand that there is a face issue involved here for Chinese citizens, especially when something like this gets international attention. But perhaps we should be clear about two things:
    1) This kind of raunchy stuff happens all over the world
    2) There is a huge amount of coerced or desperate prostitution in China right now that happens behind closed doors, and that is more of a scandal than this kind of “soft” erotic show.

  • TransplantedChinko

    Have no fear my fellow netizens. There are Korean whores doing some strip dance. There is no way they could be Chinese girls.

    • korean_guy

      Hahaha you smoking cheap Chinese opium? Leave Koreans alone Chinko. Only lowly village Chinese girls are capable this shit.

      • That Chinese Kid

        I think some Korean guy forgot how Korean women serviced the Japs during the Second World War, free of charge.

        Btw I don’t smoke opium, I smoke the cremated ashes of your Korean ancestors.

        • Calvin

          Thats a complete distortion. Chinese and Korean women alike were forced to become “comfort women” for the Japanese Army. They had no choice, and even today there are weekly protests in Seoul for the Korean government to demand an “official” apology from the Japanese government

          • That Chinese Kid

            Where did I distort anything? Are you referring to “free of charge”? Being forced…does that get you paid? Being forced=Free of Charge, because you don’t get paid.

            Refer to my post below for additional “in your face comments.”

        • korean_guy

          I think THAT DUMB CHINESE KID don’t know what he’s talking about.

          The Japs not only forced Koreans but Chinese and women from other Asian countries as sex slaves. And what the f**k does that have to do with these Chinese skank strip show at a Chinese village? NOTHING. I made the comment above because I’m sick of Chinese mentioning Koreans whenever they make an ass of themselves. In this case skanks performing a lowly strip show in some remote village. Don’t bring Korean into this shit.

          • That Chinese Kid

            Its funny, where did I mention in my post I did not know about Chinese comfort women?

            -My post is an answer to-

            Only lowly village Chinese girls are capable this shit.

            Why are you insulting others that are just trying to make a living?

            Why are you sick of Chinese mentioning Korean? Is it cause you are irritated that the insults directed to your people are true? Hey, we don’t pick on pug-nosed chicken scribble language dog people based on false accusations.

          • korean_guy

            That Chinese Kid

            Answer this: Why are you and TransplantedChinko bringing up comfort women in this post? What does comfort women have to do with these girls performing a strip show at farm village? I will tell you why. Because Chinese exhibit these strange and asinine behaviors and you guys don’t know how to react, you tell yourselves this shit happen else where and yet are not comforted by that. So what do you do? Mention Koreans to divert the attention away. This is a characteristic exclusive to Chinese. You can’t pay Korean enough money to exhibit these behaviors.

            “Its funny, where did I mention in my post I did not know about Chinese comfort women?”

            Your omission of Chinese women and intention of debasing Korean comfort women as free prostitute and your stupid ass comment “I think some Korean guy forgot how Korean women serviced the Japs during the Second World War, free of charge.”

            You Chinese always start shit and then raise your hands and say “what did I do wrong?”. No wonder Chinese don’t get any respect from Koreans.

            “Why are you insulting others that are just trying to make a living?”

            First of all it wasn’t me that started this shit, blame TransplantedChinko for starting’ shit with Koreans. And had this shit happen in other countries I would say the same: some low class shit, but reality is shit like this only happens in China, in the 21st century. You think if this act was classy it would be on ChinaSMACK? Get real.

    • lolz

      It’s okay. Most of the Asia are all used to Koreans claim everyone and everything else is Korean anyway.

      • korean_guy


        “It’s okay. Most of the Asia are all used to Koreans claim everyone and everything else is Korean anyway.”

        What a joke. Those claims are all instigated by Chinese. It’s always a Chinese or a group of Chinese inciting anti-Korean sentiments. Especially around sites that shed light to stupid Chinese behaviors.

        • TTOZ

          Bitch please. Lie some more why doncha.

        • lolz

          Actually, the folks from 2chan in Japan have been making fun of Koreans for years now on this exact topic, long before the Chinese internet caught on. You can still find tons of such videos on Youtube if you know Japanese.

          It has also been suggested that it was a group of Taiwanese who started this trend.

          So don’t kid yourself that this is only a recent Chinese internet phenomenon. This sentiment started years ago and has only recently spread to China.

          Finally, what’s wrong with Chinese/Japanese/Taiwanese/ inciting anti-Korean sentiments? Are you not a Korean who is inciting anti-Chinese sentiments here?

          • korean_guy

            “Finally, what’s wrong with Chinese/Japanese/Taiwanese/ inciting anti-Korean sentiments?”

            making fun of Chinese is like beating up a retarded kid. Its not cool, but so funny.

            “Are you not a Korean who is inciting anti-Chinese sentiments here?”


            She Bang!

  • Jesus

    such low level perfomance ,or the porn perfomance enter the village,why?it`s really a sad!the goverment should take it seriously.

  • too yellow

    Actually this type of thing is not new. I was in Elementary school in early 90s, I was constantly told by some older students that we should go watch strip show at edge of city for 5 yuan. But too bad, I usually blow away my money (usually on model ships and car as well as candy) before I could save enough money for the show and bus fair, and I was too much of a wuss to travel that far from my house.

  • 毛賊東

    Ah, so this is what Communist education teaches girls to do when they graduate…or wait, have they graduated yet?

  • Hongjian

    What the shit?

    This is nothing special or new here.

    Strip shows at funerals arent any more immoral and sexually offending than an imperial mandarin/CCP-official/feudal land-owner having a mistreated harem of OVER 9000 girls and such.

    If anything, China became more and more decadent as wealthier it gets. But the decadencia itself was nothing new.

    China was always for millenia a filthy rich empire with a filthy decadent culture made of abundance and extravagance. Only the last 150 years of poverty, war and ideological suppression made the Chinese into the docile and frugal poorfags they where known for in the west.

    Now, with China becoming richer, all these old mold and filth of decadence is returning.

    Hell. If there’s any solution for this, then I would advocate another Cultural Revolution!

  • korean_guy

    does China have any remaining face to loose?

  • fireworks

    Any laobaixing in the village deserves some frigging good entertainment. There is nothing more boring than a hard day’s work on the field and coming home to relax and watch crap on the tv, repetitive soapies and frigging 30 minute long bullshit ads.

  • Bernard

    In the 5th picture, is he pissing on her?

  • Master C

    Its a non-issue because the people don’t seem to mind, and are generally alright and even enjoying the performance from their expressions. Very good that sex positivity of China wins hands down ! These pictures portray a very matured and society tolerant stance to sex. However it would be best to zone RLDs for such performances to be considerate to the prudish among us !

    Let it not be said that the emancipation of libido will subsume everything in society. There must be a place for everything and everyone, or resentment at being disenfranchised (if prudes could even be disenfranchised given the oppressive laws in almost all urban areas against Nudism or sex in public places), would cause disharmony in society.

  • Shade

    The real loss of face to the chinese people is it’s govt.

  • Concerned Citizen

    I feel sorry for average Chinese people because of this. I know it’s kind of bad, but the stereotype of the Chinaman is he gets treated like shit and thinks he’s being treated like royalty.

    Sometimes I like to end a stressful day of doing not much at all, by drinking a bear while a woman strips down to her underwear, then go home, smoke some pot, and play some CoD. Then end the night with some Netflix or something. And no, I don’t have to worry about getting arrested.

    This stuff is NORMAL. Do the people appointed to the Chinese government really care about this stuff? This is why we warned you of Communism: you really don’t have any recourse when the officials decide your every move, because they control everything the people own, which is everything. Only a Chinaman would accept the fact that a person like himself is not the people; we are the people, and we includes you.

    Now back to my free pot and cheap bear.

    • 黑猫警察

      Free pot? Where? Please reply.

      Cheap bear? Is that Panda or Grizzly?

  • Geegee

    O ho China
    The Utopia
    of sex, a ha
    The fuckoo fooka
    All for climaxmax
    Full swing scum
    Abundant ovum
    And vulvum
    Hum hum!

  • xiaohouzi

    An event very similar to this happened in Qingdao last year just outside a new shopping center called Marina City. Between some sporting events, three or four scantily clothed girls came out to perform to very loud music in front of large crowds. Many of the onlookers seemed like countryside folk to me, including many children and the people hosting the show looked like thuggish children of bao fa hu. I wondered how these girls could do this sort of low class entertainment in front of everyone especially with so many children there. I also looked at the excited expressions of the children, many of them slightly dancing along as if they thought it was good entertainment in which they too would like to take part.

  • xiaohouzi

    An event very similar to this happened in Qingdao last year just outside a new shopping centre called Marina City. Between some sporting events, three or four scantily clothed girls came out to perform to very loud music in front of large crowds. Many of the onlookers seemed like countryside folk to me, including many children and the people hosting the show looked like thuggish children of bao fa hu. I wondered how these girls could do this sort of low class entertainment in front of everyone especially with so many children there. I also looked at the excited expressions of the children, many of them slightly dancing along as if they thought it was good entertainment in which they too would like to take part.

  • RegnisTheGreat

    A lot of cultures have taboos about sex before marriage, so hence many wait till marriage for real “vaginal” sex. However most of those cultures have ways around it. In some Muslim countries, they have anal sex instead. However in China, due to the smaller and weaker average penis size, that’s not possible for most men. Hence they use the bellybutton instead of the anus.

  • Chinese Netizen

    she’s sucking in her gut because all Chinese girls think they will never get fat and don’t need exercise.

  • Rick in China

    As soon as I read the first few words I knew where it was going, and it was hilarious.

  • M7

    The irony of your joke is that most woman are more likely to have anal sex if the guys dick is small. If the guys has a monster 8-12 inches, good luck finding woman who will put it in the ass.

  • RegnisTheGreat

    Acutally I like a bit of cottage cheese on a woman. I think a lot of Chinese girls are too thin. Mine’s 5’9″ and 160LB and so loveable.

  • Alikese

    Then you would be swimming through Scrooge McDuck levels of money.

  • dilladonuts

    will u chill on ur self worshiping, western culture white idolization? jesus christ, get a fucking life already. Kitten crushing, u ever heard of an american produced series called faces of death? Im sure u’ve seen them when u were in jr high/hs right, so stfu and stop being soo judgemental

  • FYIADragoon

    160? eh, that’s pushing “healthy” quite a bit, brah.

  • Fike2308

    Yeah, curves are good but cottage cheese is nasty.

  • jackbutcher

    sorry to tell the truth

  • jackbutcher

    to blast from the past. i guess you have never been to china. if you go to sauna and pay the hooker. she doesn’t need to entertain you. she just stroke you dick as long as you dick become stiff she drag it and let you pull. you cum go out. if you want to talk with her you have to be long lasting like me. not like you 10 stroke and cum and have to pay extra to talk with the hooker.
    beside this is not the words from hooker only. its from japanese AV star too. that women came up in a taiwan tv show hao se nan nv(好色男女) she said white hardcore is like chines limp dick and you can fold your hard core. and lets why i never had anal sex. because my hardcore will break her asshole

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