‘Shou Shou’ Sex Tape Made Public, Netizens Seek Torrent

Shou Shou sex tape

This is really, really, really popular right now.

From Mop:

China’s #1 female car model Shou Shou sex tape’s truths

“Shou Shou’s” real name is Zhai Ling, born 1987 August, height 177 cm. As a model for the Beijing New Silk Road Modeling Company, she captured people’s attention because of her pretty appearance and tall and thin physique, and won critical acclaim at various large auto shows. At the 2008 Beijing Auto Show, the pretty girl nicknamed “Shou Shou” with her fresh demeanor and devilish body was declared by many netizens as the “#1 car model”.

Comparison of girl in sex tape with photograph of Zhai Ling 'Shou Shou'

Photo of Shou Shou Zhai Ling model wearing same ring in her sex tape

Comments from Mop:


Requesting torrent, requesting images~~~~crazyxk@yahoo.com.cn


Fuck./ – – Reporting this exposing that…can people have sex anymore?


I see there are a lot of people requesting torrents~

Shamefully~I also request…bw_wb@sina.com


A good man has a peaceful life haha.


People these days all like to take photos/videos?

The picture – a memory of light treasured by the shadow.

Oh yeah~

Most comments are similar to the above, everyone requesting a torrent link. Here are two topics on KDS that are also mostly people requesting the torrent (both topics have been closed). Here are some more photographs of “Shou Shou” Zhai Ling collected from the above Mop post and another Mop post:

Famous Chinese car model 'Shou Shou' Zhai Ling

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  • breakpoint

    rule #1 –> Don’t take photos/vids of yourself naked or having sexual affairs
    rule #2 –> I guess just one rule?

    • LOLZ

      Jesus Christ am I the only person who thinks making sex tapes is hawt?

      I donno but it’s a lot more fun pretending to be a pr0nographer with your partner than straight sex..

  • mastirbind


    And yeah shes hot. not my kinda hot, but hot. Guess she’ll be the East’s new Paris Hilton, Kim Kardash and the rest of those rich whores.

    *sigh* I wonder how this will play out in China? will she get rich and be invited to lots of parties or will she be shunned?

    teee heee the suspense is killing me!

  • saddam hussein

    I demand a torrent

  • HaamSapTjai

    IT IS SEX SCANDAL TIME! sigh, after the Edison scandal there haven’t been any good sex scandals.

    Who is that fat guy?

  • breakpoint

    Yes… it does appear that this girl has sold herself off to a fat, rich, well-connected government official…

    or maybe she is simply too thin and needed balance out the relationship physically with someone more… rotund…

  • Jack


  • http://imgur.com/gGpso.png PUSAN PLAYA

    I searched for 兽兽 on isohunt but didn’t get anything

    Tall women are awesome because their strength gives them more sex power, their hormones make them hornier and they don’t produce small weak children. I would pick an average looking 180cm girl over a cute 150cm one without hesitating.

    • mastirbind

      I’m a cute 150 cm something girl (5ft2) and if I had children I’m sure they wouldn’t be weak. Mom always said the bigger they are the harder they fall. so fuck you and your big giraffe women

      P.S. what’s height got to do with being hornier? I thought it had to do with testosterone? perhaps you should look at how hairy a girl is to determine her level of horniness u imbecile. have a nice day!

      • http://imgur.com/gGpso.png PUSAN PLAYA

        If short people were just as tough as tall people, they wouldn’t have weight divisions in boxing, weight lifting, etc. Tall women have more testosterone and manlier personalities, a tall man will only earn about 10% more than a short man on average but a tall woman will earn an average of 30% more.

        In summary, tall people are tougher, they make more money and they’re more sexually desirable. I’m not even that tall myself, just 183cm, I’m just stating the facts.

        Ohh and you can 69 with tall girls which I don’t enjoy too much personally but they really enjoy it.

        • ARod

          Finally another man admits that manly chicks are hot!

        • Hei_Bai

          Tall people are hornier? Lolwut

          You probably are afraid of fans right?

      • LOLZ

        Sorry but 150cm = 4’11.

        Not that it matters, to me at least.

    • DC

      Are you gay? You like your women to be masculine.

  • Fort

    Interesting how hot girls go for old ugly fat guys( im guessing 100% not for the personality)…. i dont think i can do a old ugly fat girl no matter how much money she has……. then again i have standards XD

  • hoa

    ok rule no1! SOURCE! LINK!

  • Shanghai Banana

    Sex is just a marketing tool, a la Ms. P. Hilton.

  • LOLZ

    Sextapes FTW.

    Once she realizes how great of a marketing tool this will be for her, you will see rest of the Chinese “models” and z-list celebrities pretending to be “outraged” at the self-made sex tapes.

  • R.J

    She is so hot(177cm tall, large-sized boobs, beautiful face, etc.) You know what, her BF is the photographer working with her and considered ‘an ugly fat guy’ by many. In truth, I tell you an interesting trend currently occurring in Shanghai. An increasing number of guys are posting threads on the net claiming that they want to find some female models under the name of practicing their ‘photograph skills’ and ‘taking free pictures’ for these girls. But in actual fact, they are just trying to get to know more and more girls this way and nail them if they can. You may ask why they won’t go out to find girls since they are so horny, but instead hide behind the excuse of ‘practicing photograph skills’? Well, the answer is simple: they are retards and cannot get to know girls in any other way. I know one, one of my colleges, who is 27 and has never had a GF. He posts this kind of threads on the net every week, during work time.

    So girls in Shanghai, watch out!

  • fang

    Who have her sex photo or video? Please send to me philip-fang@163.com

    • http://www.foarp.blogspot.com FOARP

      What’s that? You want me to use you email address to sign you up for China GayChat? Your wish is my command . . .

  • ds

    She was probably too happy that she finally got laid. So she took some photos of herself while haveing her little pleasure time, to keep for memory. We all know first time is very special, and unforgetable time.

  • ds

    Seriously, I hope there will be a lot of publicity about this matter or else she will be really really disappointed.

  • dds

    Who have her sex photo or video? Please send to me dickzhu4869@gmail.com

  • Gahool

    found it… hahaha

    thanks Fauna for sharing this info :)

  • Gahool

    【影片名称】:疑似国内第一车模兽兽流出视频 【影片时间】:00:04:15 【影片大小】32MB 【影片格式】:MP4 【清晰度一般】【有/无码】:无码 【解压密码】:无 兽兽小档案:姓名:翟凌(兽兽)生日: 1987年8月18日 籍贯:山东济南 现居住地:北京 身高:176cm

    • lijie

      haha,wo huifule yihou huiyou shenmo jieguone?

  • http://yanxishan.wordpress.com/ Yan Xishan

    Two dozen photos of a Chinese girl, and not even one “V” sign? This seems much more rare than a sex tape.

    • bobiscool

      HAHAHAHAHA so true, so true :D

      man back when i was in china EVERYONE did that. I didn’t even know it stood for Victory :D

      • Hei_Bai

        implying they still don’t..

  • http://Www.abc.com Romeo

    You fuckin horndogs requesting torrents and shit. Ahhh what the hell, if anyone have it hook me up too at sky_element@hotmail.com lol

  • georges

    Lots of guys gonna spanking it with a thumb up their ass watching that video.

  • Jay K

    fuck i ant the torrent!!!!!

  • Jay K

    our hatred for one another in these boards should be set aside for the sole purpose and goal of finding this torrent and downloading it. only through porn can the male bond in ways which would result in world peace and harmony

  • http://www.psychegotyou.com C

    Does anyone know how this is affecting China’s recent rampage to get rid of all porn on the Chinese net?

    And they want to kick Google out. Ironic :D

  • Jay K

    i found the video, im downloading it right now total is around 30 mb. im going to make a torrent of this later, must check otu the goods first.
    im not bluffing, so dont call balls on me

    • Jean

      hey, jay, send it to me!

      • Jean

        or just upload it to xhamster.com, lol.

  • FYIADragoon

    哈哈哈哈哈哈,视频找到了。 Suck on it b*tches~

    • zh

      Can you send a copy to me? Thank you.

      • FYIADragoon

        I don’t have your e-mail…

    • Ronnie

      sent me a copy,bro!!!!
      Many many thanks

    • Ronnie
    • snail crazy

      please send a copy ,3ks

    • snail crazy

      my email:sam69@126.com

    • suus

      给我发个吧 大哥您好人啊

  • Pierce

    Where is the torrent?

    • Jay K

      hang on have to compile the 3 files as a torrent

      • HaamSapTjai

        Thank you brother!

  • blaeh

    Her boyfriend looks Japanese!

  • Hei_Bai

    Guess I’m the only one who doesn’t think she is hot…
    The pictures of her in the Italia outfit she looks pretty good.. In the other ones she looks like a very average Chinese girl minus the boobs.

  • A

    please give me the torrent.

  • mechanized

    OMG She’s sucking off Brother Inspiration!

    is it really confirmed its this girl or is it just some random chick?

    somebody post a link to the file thanks.

  • shou shou

    show me the torrent

  • of Canada

    no surprise that the “sexiest” car girl has a long western shaped nose and thin nostrils like a caucasion and big round eyes instead of almond shaped eyes.. I actually don’t find her all that remarkable. to my eyes my ex-girlfriend from China was hotter.

    • James

      Basically what you are saying, is that your dark skinned, flat nosed, big faced, small eyed, troll looking ex-gf was hotter? Nice one!

      Still not seen a foreigner here with a gf who is attractive after being in China for 6 months.

      • of Canada

        So your saying that people with asian features are all ugly?? Actually lots of other chinese girls and guys tell her she is pretty. . to the point I almost never complimented her because I didn’t want it to get to her head. Dude if you haven’t found a hot girlfriend in 6 months in China you have no game. . don’t be jealous!

        • Zhegezhege

          Yep, Chinese girls are wai-curious.

        • James

          All those features lead to a stereotypically unattractive face in the eyes of an asian. Seems like you know it also and feel the need to defend your taste.

          Jealous of what? Your ex? you have already admitted is not pretty by asian standards…

          By your reckoning i must have game then, not that my word means anything when every foreginer on the internet claims to have a hot gf which doesn’t reflect reality.

    • visit

      Only a retarded white supremacist would mistake that girl for a “western” manifestation of female beauty. Is she German? Swedish? Or perhaps a French hottie, what with here “western shaped nose” and “thin nostrils like a caucasian” and big round eyes (that still immediately evoke the conscious response: some chick from Asia).

  • Francisco

    show me the money…. I mean torrent
    Yeah show me the torrent

  • bobiscool

    BTW look at the second picture

    it says Kan Je Yan Jing, Xiang Si Du 100%

    Which translates to look at the eyes; similarity 100%

    does it not? Sorry if I’m wrong, I’ve not studied chinese since I was 7. Anyway, if I’m right, doesn’t that mean it’s just a look-a-like?

    • bobiscool

      sorry kan Zhe yan jing, not kan je yan jin. my pinyin sux :S

  • http://www.happylives.coms.hk/a/yazhouqu/2010/0222/27695.html santa
  • santa

    all you got to do is google 兽兽torrent and the link that starts with happy is what you want.

  • Lau

    American here… glad to see the Chinese are degenerating just as fast as the West. When are you going to start breeding with blacks and Jews? Or has that happened alread?

  • Max
  • http://imgur.com/gGpso.png PUSAN PLAYA

    Here you go guys, at least one of these should work in China. I’m getting blocked as spam so I might have to do this in separate posts


  • moo

    whats the passworD?

    • http://imgur.com/gGpso.png PUSAN PLAYA

      There is no password


    Guy must be rich or famous, such a pretty girl blowing a 3in dick on a fat nasty fuck….

  • ShanghaiSteve

    How exactly does one win “critical acclaim at various large auto shows”? I ascribe “acclaim” to some sort of talent. Standing next to a car in a dress is not talent, it’s just standing. Perhaps I won critical acclaim while riding the subway this morning or standing in line at StarBucks.

    • B. Prichard

      Those were my first thoughts. Look at what the ban on pornography has done to the poor horny men/lesbians of China. Reduced to ogling car show models.

    • BeijingPETER

      LOL. Very true. Very true.

  • SZFP

    chinese girls dont give a damn about what kind of guy they fuck as long as he got the money.
    i see it all the time in shenzhen ,tall pretty girls hanging out with ugly short chubby guys.

    culture of money

  • amber lamps

    just saw the vid. Three words for ya: Roast beef sandwich.

  • CharlieElBrown

    Beautiful woman….really!!!…

  • tom

    Who have her video? Please send to me hellokejun@gmail.com, thanks a lot.

  • The John

    Well, let me be the first to not drool like an fat man in front of a pork chop.

    I think this is rather terrible for her. Im sure she could have jumped from modeling into film. Now her career might be ruined.

    I really don’t care for the film. I don’t know who her agent is… but, if she still has an opportunity to stay in her career.. I would get rid of the stupid people around her. When I was working in entertainment, the first thing they said was don’t expose yourself in front of the camera.

    Then again, a lot of models do this. Still, NEVER… NEVER do anything in front of camera. If you do, just consider that others will see it.

    I wish her the best. I can’t really judge her, because I don’t know the relationship. She could have done this because she really liked the guy. We don’t know their relationship. So, I can’t just enjoy something that was meant to be private.

    Im sure I will get flamed for what I just wrote, but I think there is a lesson to learn from all of this…

    • malakai

      Of course there’s a lesson to learn from all of this which you already stated. It baffles me that some of the prettiest women are completely empty upstairs.

  • claudio

    Who have her video? Please send to me claudio.lodato@tiscali.it, thanks a lot.

  • avatar

    is that the 220Mb version?

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