Spanish Bullfighter Gored Through Jaw, Chinese Reactions

Spanish Bullfighter Julio Aparicio is gored by a bull during a bulfight of the San Isidro Feria at the Las Ventas bullring in Madrid, on may 21, 2010

From NetEase:

Spanish bullfighter nearly loses life, gored in the jaw by a bull’s horn

Recently, a tragedy occurred during a bullfight in Madrid, Spain: Well-known bullfighter [matador] Julio Aparicio was gored in the jaw by a heavily injured bull, with the bull’s horn protruding out from Aparicio’s mouth, the scene being extremely horrific.

Spanish Bullfighter Julio Aparicio is gored by a bull during a bulfight of the San Isidro Feria at the Las Ventas bullring in Madrid, on may 21, 2010.     AFP PHOTO/ ALBERTO SIMON

Spanish Bullfighter Julio Aparicio is gored by a bull during a bulfight of the San Isidro Feria at the Las Ventas bullring in Madrid, on may 21, 2010

Spanish Bullfighter Julio Aparicio is gored by a bull during a bulfight of the San Isidro Feria at the Las Ventas bullring in Madrid, on may 21, 2010.    TOPSHOTS/AFP PHOTO/ ALBERTO SIMON

More bullfighting photographs from Mop:

A victorious Spanish matador.

A victorious Spanish matador.

A victorious Spanish matador.

Spanish matador fighting bull.

Spanish matador and bull during bullfight.

A Spanish matador flipped by charging bull.

A Spanish matador flipped by charging bull.

A Spanish matador flipped by charging bull.

A Spanish matador flipped by charging bull.

A Spanish matador flipped by charging bull.

A bull attacks a fallen matador in a bullfight.

A bull attacks a fallen matador in a bullfight.

A bull gores a matador from behind.

A bull attacks a bullfighter on the ground.

A bull gores a matador from behind.

A bull lifts up a Spanish matador with its horns.

A Spanish matador is flipped over a bull.

A Spanish matador is on his head by a bull.

A Spanish matador is gored in his abdomen a bull.

A Spanish matador is gored in his abdomen a bull.

A bull bloodied from a Spanish bullfight.

A victorious Spanish matador/bullfighter throws a rose into the audience.

A victorious Spanish matador/bullfighter bows to the dead bull.

Spanish matador and bull.

A bloody Spanish matador and bull.

A Spanish matador gored by a charging bull.

A Spanish matador gored by a charging bull.

Comments from Mop:


Uncivilized/savage race, the true warriors/fighters.


Deserved! Look at how pitiful that bull is~~


This is known as getting what you deserve. Who told them to kill that cow? No one would just stand there waiting to die.


The people who deserve to die the most are those in the audience!
Without an audience, there would be no performer!


A dangerous profession!!


You will always get what you sow.


Poor bull, no matter how hard he fights he cannot escape death.


How can there be people who like such a shameless activity as bull-fighting! So TMD, none of them are any good! They say one thing but do another!


So cruel. What does killing a cow prove? The so-called bull-fighter deserved it. He truly deserves to die.


Abusing animals for fun/entertainment can also be called a warrior/fighter??? The dignity of life cannot be violated, and violations will be punished.

Comments from NetEase:


Always poking me, NND, I’ll poke you too.


Too frightening…


The more I look at it, the more it looks like PS‘d. There isnt any blood at all. It is so realistic that it looks fake.


Ding the bull, it was a true man.


Mamamiya…I’m already traumatized, nevermind him.


remember seeing something about this on Zhengda Zongyi [similar to Discovery Channel].
During a Spanish bullfight, if the bull is victorious, it can live until it dies of old age, so how come this bull was killed by the second bull-fighter?


Why do humans want to kill cows/bulls? And with so many people watching!
Too cruel!
In a “civilized” society, this kind of cruel activity should have long been stopped!


Seeking pleasure/entertainment on violence, is a tragedy of humanity,abusing animals, humans reap what they sow!
This was deserved!


Cows are stupid. Try fighting wolves and see who dies.


An amazing/astonishing photograph. This work of photography can win a special award. If it had pierced through the heart, then it would be even more perfect. Hope those photography enthusiasts can capture more of these kinds of photographs. Thanks.

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  • DonHuerto

    oops! being first sometimes sucks but anyway, i think they do deserve what they get…

    • hans

      well, it is a tradition, risky business

  • dirtywhiteboy

    when you raise an animal strictly to kill it for people’s entertainment you will receive no sympathy from me.

  • Lin

    Sucks to be him, but it’s a profession and someone has to do it.

    • Marlene

      No one has to do it, its a sport.

    • jack butcher

      yes, thats the game that civilized westerner play

      • Rob

        Since when is Spain considered a “Western Country” you moronic imbecile speck of putrid vomit from a dying whore!

        • GAC

          Seriously? Spain is not “Western”? They are in Southern Europe, which for quite a while has been considered the “West”, they had similar cultural influences to other “Western” countries (Christianity, mixed relationship with Jews, history of Roman colonization), and was one of the first European powers to build a colonial empire. They have differences from other Western countries (significant Arab influence, wasn’t democratic for much of the 20th century) but they definitely are accepted as a Western country.

        • Chris


          You are truly ignorant. Spain brought Western Civilization and Christianity to the Americas and elsewhere around the world. Apparently, you have not studied European History.

          Moreover, I find it amusing to read these comments from the Chinese when they are the most sadistic, filthy, ethnocentric, and most nasty people on the planet. Anyone who has been to China knows.

  • Steven

    I love the Chinese reactions, like there is no cruelty to animals in China at all right?

    • Brock

      I know, I bet they go to those shitty concrete zoos with the mentally and physically distressed animals and don’t realise that they’re in pain and its not supposed to be how zoos are.
      But that’s the Chinese for ya- hypocritical as fuck.

      • Steven

        Yep, I once went to a zoo in Hangzhou, they had a dog there that was in a cage walking in circles because it had been in there so long. It was completely mad, even if you talked to it, or touched it, it didn’t do anything.

        • Cool Matt

          a zoo with dogs? Worst Zoo in the world.

          • Craig

            I went to a zoo in Dalian where they had a “pets corner” type of area. When we saw it the rest of the zoo had closed for the evening (yeah, we were lost) so all the “pets” were back in their cages. Their tiny tiny squalid cages. One had about four dogs stuffed into it, unable even to turn around. Another was full of cats.

            But I don’t buy into this sort of “the Chinese can’t lecture anyone until their own house is in order” rubbish. Everyone is entitled to their opinions, and that we find people in China who see bullfighting as barbaric should inspire us with confidence. China’s 1.3 billion are not a “hive mind”, and are thus incapable of collective hypocrisy, as are all arbitrarily grouped human beings.

            Besides, how do we know about conditions in China’s zoos? Because we’ve been there – and paid for the privilege. And exactly what did we do about it?

      • jin

        yeh and you racists need to stfu. not every men in china mistreat animals. if youre talking about about animal cruelty, then every country has it. look at america, dont you watch those animal cop shows? there are plenty of animal cruelty there as well. (does that mean every men in america abuse animals?) soo think before you open your big mouth.

        • Steven

          You don’t get government funded animal cruelty in the US or the UK. You are referencing an animal cop show, in other words people finding criminals and prosecuting them. There is wide spread animal cruelty in China that is 100% legal under Chinese laws, so it’s not the same at all.

          • GloriousChina

            I find lots on PETA. KFC and caged chickens? (I see factory worker stamp and kick chickens) Fois Gras? (Yes they they make in UK and US) Fox chasing US?I see videos online shoot gophers for fun

            Fuck! You have no brain.

          • jin

            oooh heres something wild turkey hunting for fun ^^ they even got a website. and look support fox hunting and this doesnt count as animal cruelty??? and its LEGIT!!!

          • GloriousChina

            Good work comrade Jin.

            Fuck Steven, you truely have no brain.

          • 228

            ppl will eat a turkey like ppl eat venison, gophers are pests to farms

            Want to buy some bear feet? It may make your bf a real man

    • anne

      Did any of the comments say there wasn’t? There’s no denial about some of the animal cruelty. But at least torturing and killing animals in front of a mass public isn’t a national pastime in China.

      • Alikese

        Yes it is.

        Go to Sanya, if you pay 30 yuan you can feed a live chicken attached to a fishing pole to alligators as 50 people watch on.

        • anne

          I said NATIONAL PASTIME to a MASS PUBLIC. 50 vs a heck of a lot more +televised, the bullfighters glorified. Different.
          And you can feed live animals in many other countries as well. So I don’t see why people are nitpicking on China.

        • @@

          the alligator should just starve to death, thats what carnivores deserve since all meat eaters are murderers.

          • 228

            Maybe it’s wy Meatloaf is a vegetarian lololol it can’t be for being fat like my roommate from Taipei, guy is still fat

    • @@

      i love the chinabasher’s reactions, like this topic has anything to do cruelty to animals in china right?

      you’re a guest in our country, get off your high throne

      • Johny-5

        i agree. if they don’t like it, they should leave. i wish all the complaining chinks in my country would leave too.

        • @@

          we don’t sit on a high horse and be judgmental about absolutely everything we see and then apply that to the entire stereotype. i wish all the crackers would just go post on some anti china website instead of one that aims to share chinese culture.

      • bai ren

        yea but it is a great fore runner to the dog killing story

    • snicker

      I enjoy burning cockroaches with a lighter…I only started doing that when I got to China.

      Oh wait, I’d never seen a cockroach before I came to China….

    • bobiscool

      rofl what a fucking idiot. There’s always cruelty everywhere, does that mean they are not allowed to comment on it? As long as they aren’t the ones committing the crime… their comments were for THEMSELVES, not a representation of China, if you can get that through that miniscule brain of yours.

  • Simon 1

    No sympathy for the bull fighter, play with bulls.. get gored.. etc

    Any moral objections that i might have… well, I might have to stop loving steak so much first..

  • Tait

    Pretty similar to the reactions on YouTube –

  • diverdude1

    Karma is a m’therfckr

    • Karma

      Proof or stfu ;)

      What that first pic really needs is “PWND” in big letters across the top that or “Spanish bullfighter gets the horn”.

  • Steven

    Maybe these people should stop fucking around with dangerous animals.

  • Steven

    The first dude looks like he got it the worst, I wonder if he’ll be able to talk again.

    • Joe Friday

      Only to say “soup please.” Or maybe “thupe pleeth.” Sorry – I can’t help myself.

      • ImmortalTechnique

        Spaniards lisp already, they don’t need a horn through the face to develop a speech impediment. It’s built in the language!

  • Steven

    Don’t fuck with them bulls.

    • pervertt

      Yep. Get a cow instead.

      • Bakery

        Each to their own. We’re not here to judge.

  • Pedro

    Uncivilized/savage race.

    Why does it always come down to this with the Chinamen? I have never seen anyone take a dump in full view of the public in the streets of Madrid.

    the true warriors/fighters.

    The Chinaman is a true warrior/fighter – why is it they need six of their mates to cause any trouble – on their own they are nothing!

    • Steven

      What’s even more stupid is that they don’t seem to recognise that Spanish people are human beings too. They label all Spanish as “uncivilised” because of some jackasses that want to fuck around with bulls.

      • GAC

        Good point. I meant to point that out myself. The fact is that there have been a good number of protests in Spain against the corrida de toros. Criticize the institution, not the whole populous.

  • ShittyKitty

    Poor Bull! I wish he had chewed off his peanuts, shoved a horn up his ass, then sit on his face and pooped!

  • Singapore Short Stories

    Oh so bloody gory!

    • Zhegezhege

      This article looks like bull to me.

      Can we please stop debating whether or not Chinese or Western people are more cruel to animals? We’re both guily, so shut the fuck up. Western guys in a kind of “I don’t give a fuck where my KFC came from” way, Chinese guys in a “I don’t give a fuck where my KFC came from and if that stray dog comes near me, I’m going to kick it as hard as I can” way. If open cruelty to humans is de riguer then cruelty to animals is naturally going to follow.

      But we’re almost all cruel to animals because nobody genuinely gives a shit about them, except for weirdos like PETA and celebrities who have convinced themselves that they believe in something. I don’t want to see a cow being slaughtered, and don’t really want to have to do it myself, but I’m going to savour that juicy, high carbon footprint steak either way.

      Also, to the relevant morons: a gored bullfighter does not, or at least should not, expect sympathy. It’s an occupational hazard for his wacky job, like a politician in America or Europe being made fun of by elements of the media.

  • Josh

    Yeah, I like how everyone’s like, “dumbass bullfighter” when in some county in Shanxi last year, they killed every single dog in the village because one of them had rabies.

    • steven

      I live in Shanghai, yes that would be nice modern civilised Shanghai, that’s having the world expo. I saw a dude killing a sheep in the street. I’m guessing he intended to use the meat in his restaurant. Call me crazy but I’m pretty sure you’d get arrested if you did that in Europe.

  • Cardaver

    I like those videos where the bull manages to get up into the stands and starts knocking chairs and people over and fucking everything up

  • Wastemans


    I’m emanating glee. What does anyone expect?

    hahaha….that is a beautiful image..

  • Cedric

    Woaw, so terrific !!!

  • korean_guy

    good to see at least time to time you see the animal get back at humans. i bet this guys will be back bullfighting as soon as he’s well. cruel savage sport.

  • guillermo

    We´re killing bulls,wales,dogs,cows,chickens ,pigs,fish, etc even each other, and we still call ourself human beings.

  • barry

    good to see the bull win even if just a temporary win… the Spanish people should be ashamed of themselves for this.

  • Joe Friday

    Shouldn’t “Gate” appear somewhere in the title? Bull Gate, Cow Gate, Gored Gate? Come on, this is CS. EVERYTHING is a “Gate.”

  • FYIADragoon



    Dozo yoroshiku idiot.

    • Anon

      I just saw somebody else use this on KDNet the other day. I thought it was a one-off thing, but unfortunately, I guess it’s a trend or mini trend.

  • Of Canada

    Chinese peoples reactions to Bullfighting? This is random topic. . Anyhow I am callous and have no sympathy whatsoever for those gored bullfighters. Recently there was a guy nearby me in Canada who got gored pretty bad by a black bear. Turns out the guy was an avid hunter and angler. The bear chose his target well. If he can hunt for sport. . so the bear should hunt him for sport.

  • Frank

    Those who choose to eat meat hold no relevant argument against bullfighting here. Compare the life of a bull prepared for the corrida with that of a cattle prepared for the slaughterhouse, and I think any rational person would elicit sympathy for the common cattle and not the Spanish bull.

    • GAC

      I take issue with that. There may be ethical issues with our current system of meat production, but it serves a better purpose than this. Just as I’m not fond of sport hunters, but have no problem with people who hunt and then eat what they kill (or kill something that could kill them, as one cousin of mine did when a bear attacked her), I think that animals raised for food or medical research are ultimately going for a higher purpose than mere entertainment.

      We should, however, look into industrial farming techniques and the effects on animals, not just for the animals’ sake, but to prevent the spread of diseases that can jump to humans.

    • Bakery

      Firstly, just because someone’s a hypocrite doesn’t mean that they’re wrong.
      Secondly, cattle killed for meat get a quick piece of metal through the brain. There’s not enough time to feel anything. Take a look at the pictures of the bulls, look at the blood and spears, then think about which one deserves more sympathy.

  • jer

    Good for the bull

  • stargaterich

    Well, these are categorized as extreme sports…
    Not surprising, there are cock fighting, dog fighting and etc… sure beats watching useless choreographed and staged sports such as WWE wrestling ..

  • Johny-5

    stabbing an animal to death for entertainment.. i have no sympathy for those fuckers.

  • Edward Huang

    He Deserved it…..and also all the audience watching it should be condemned too. Imgine yourself getting pinned with all those spears..just think about it. Are we actually the human? or are we the animal……………it should be banned by law…
    Anyone who supports that so called sport, should go to hell E

  • elenore

    As an Omnivore I couldn’t care less,yes I want compassion for animals as far as possible however Bull fighting isn’t going anywhere.I think it more important to have compassion for other humans.After we accomplish that then we can move onto animals.

  • dare

    You filthy Chinks aren’t any better

    • SpeechlessofAOI

      All you do is go into different discussions and post your ignorant “chinks” comments. Do you understand how stupid you sound. Nothing about the article. No thought involved. Just, hey stupid blah blah. Wow, you are so cool dude. You must have a lot of friends that think you are just the greatest.

    • jin

      wow now we got a hater here. a racist against all asians. what happend little guy. did some asians bully u :( did they hurt your feelings.

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  • yomismo

    Soy español y me avergüenzo del toreo como muchos otros.

    I am Spanish and I am ashamed of bullfighting as many others.

  • Paul

    where’s PETA or the RSPCA when you need them?!

    • http://www.地球.中国.cn Kedafu

      where is the chengguan?

      remember we are in China 万岁! YEAH !!!!


  • http://mountain karl

    Ah at least. They deserve it this Spanish people.
    I m from France and ostrich.
    The animals are living creatures. The bulls the cow are lovely animals.
    The meat of animals is something too delicious.
    We don’t need to eat so fine tasty meals.
    We should never eat the animals.
    Cow bull pigs are lovely, creatures. You can get attach with them. They have personality.
    We should never eat them.
    We don’t need them for being in good health.
    A human eat 5 eggs a day and that’s far enough protein. No need of meat.
    Leave this animals alone.

    This bull fight it’s so backward. Like Spain.

    • SpeechlessofAOI

      Karl come on. So now everyone from Spain is backwards. Actually, if monkeys never started eating meat and scavaging they would have never evolved into what we now are. meat is neccessary for many animals, including Humans. don’t tell me everyone has access to all the food they would ever need. You can easily put a pesonality to any living thing. That doesn’t mean it can’t taste good.

  • someone

    wtheck i’m pretty sure the people would understand if they just stopped doing that >< they're practically like gladiators waiting for their death

  • tam

    At least the bull has a chance of getting one over the bull fighter! Look at the way people treat animals here! Skinning them alive cause it makes the fur softer! You people haven’t got a leg to stand on when it comes to animal cruelty. PERIOD.

  • Vivian

    It’s a completely unnecessary sport!!! With a bunch of stupids watching a silly running around to torture a poor life as a show, that is against the Nature!!!! They deserve this, Totally! I couldn’t even imagine torturing an animal like this before finally kill it!!! Just Imagine before you die, someone does the same thing to you, even with thousands others’ applause! How would you feel by then, huh??

  • Mike_In_Zhengzhou

    Bull fighting? AWESOME!!!

    Such a fine example of learning that fire is hot. This man needed to get hurt to learn that he shouldn’t do it. Bravo! Bravo! Oh, how I love old outdated barbaric cultures.

  • shanghai girl

    some pretty nasty shots there. no sympathy here either though. no one enters this field without full knowledge of the risks they’re assuming. This is a ‘sport’ people do for love and tradition, not because they are trying to make a living and just get by.

  • Ed

    Shame that a doc saved his life. Barbaric practice. There is a reason “traditions” often get left behind. Apparently some among us still refuse to evolve. Just wish the bulls won more often.

    Anyone that condones or participates in bullfighting in any way is an animal and I’d gladly see them treated like the bulls. Unlike these animals, they actually are capable of deserving it.

    At least there’s a good chance this fool will suffer the rest of his life. So every story has a bright side.

  • C&N

    haha… classic comment: cows are stupid. try fighting wolves and see who dies. briliant.

    but it is a loaded game. the tradition is if the bull wins (kills the matador), the punishment is that it AND its mum gets slaughtered. seems a bit petty. it should be let loose in a field of sexy virile cows to procreate and make even meaner (or sexier) beef. the law of natural selection means nowadays the spanish are only playing with the pussy bulls. so don’t worry folks, in a few hundred years there won’t be a sport.

    i’m going to run with the bulls next year. that’ll be interesting. first time i’m going to be chased by fast food before i eat it.

  • The Nature Protector

    the people don’t have mind – every living thing has a right to live – why don’t we kill human if they can’t race for instance etc why killing these innocent animals…

    Human are very cheap – this is not sport

  • J

    It’s inhumane to do this animals. The Matadors deserve what they get. The bulls don’t have a chance of survival.

  • none

    I was in Spain once and I went to a restaurant and asked for a Spanish specialty. The owner said, bull is really nice, so he took me to watch the bull fight where my dinner would be killed before my eyes. Then later, he cut off the bull’s testicles and deep fried them and said it’s traditional for Spanish people to eat this as this was an aphrodisiac, and I looked around and there were plenty of other Spanish people eating balls.

    • korean_guy

      Chinese eat everything…so deep fried bull testicles should be no problem.

      • John

        They eat dogs too, oh wait, so do Koreans

        • korean_guy

          Yes Korean do eat dog (not your every day Maltese or Poodle though)…but dogs stew news is old news. Chinese have taken “cuisine” to a whole new level; they eat things that were never considered edible by non-Chinese. Chinese don’t discriminate, they’s equal opportunity. Anything is game!

          • John

            Here is an example of Koreans taking cuisine to another level. “Ddong Dwaeji” aka “Korean Shit Pig”. Apparently this is a delicacy in some parts of Korea, and the pig is fattened up by eating shit.



          • korean_guy

            “Here is an example of Koreans taking cuisine to another level. “Ddong Dwaeji” aka “Korean Shit Pig”. Apparently this is a delicacy in some parts of Korea, and the pig is fattened up by eating shit.”

            You see, we might eat pigs that eat shit, but we don’t eat shit like Chinese! :-)

            She Bang!

    • Alejandro

      This is a creepy hoax

  • Lu

    No sympathy from me. These people should be gored through the a$$.

  • nana

    no offence but doing that to a harmless animal (putting swords in them) obviously meanns ur going to get screwed as well =]]

  • henrytan

    where is PETA?!?!??! WHERE IS PETA??!?!?!
    hahahah i wonder?


    He got what he deserves-the taste of blood in his own mouth. Bullfighting should be made illegal, it’s pure animal cruelty and a barbaric sport that has no place in our society. Those that attend are just as disgusting for paying to watch an animal slowly killed for their sick entertainment pleasure.

  • John

    Well, instead of “taking the bull by the horns”, maybe the new proverb should be “taking the bull through the throat”

  • Nastya

    They felt the same pain the bull felt, do I feel bad? NOOOOOOOO…. An eye for an eye

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