Village Petitioner Crushed Under Truck, Netizens Suspicious

Qian Yunhui crushed under a construction truck in Wenzhou, China.

Warning: This post may contain graphic images.

From KDS:

Petitioning village head allegedly held down by 5 people and crushed

December 25-26th, on many discussion forums and microblogs throughout the country appeared a piece of news regarding the traffic accident death of former village head Qian Yunhui of Zhaiqiao Village in Puqi Town of Yueqing City that incited many netizens’ speculation and discussion.

December 25th night, the Yueqing City *** Department issued an announcement that a traffic accident occurred along the Zhaiqiao Village section of the Yueqing City Hongnan public road. A construction truck with the license plate number K5B323 (delivering materials for the Yueqing Lingang Industrial Zone reclamation project) hit Zhaiqiao Village villager Qian Yunhui. When the police rushed to the scene, Qian Yunhui had already passed away. However, some netizens posted completely different information on various well-known discussion forums and microblogs throughout the country claiming that, on the morning of December 25th, Qian Yunhui was held and pressed down to the ground by 5 people along the Zhaiqiao Village section of the Hongnan public road. Then, he was run over by a construction truck, which was driving in the wrong direction. Photographs that were posted afterward showed that there was indeed a construction truck with the license plate K5B323, crushing a man over his neck, the man’s body lay underneath the truck’s tire, a scene too horrifying to look at.

December 26th, this Wenzhou Net reporter contacted the Yueqing City Puqi Town party office by telephone. A staff member surnamed Zhang told this reporter that he has already taken note of the information on the internet. “This is just a traffic accident, but there are people with ulterior motives who are trying to link it with previous petitioning.” He said that Qian Yunhui previously served as the “village head” of Zhaiqiao Village in 2005. Afterward, this reporter then telephoned the Yueqing City Municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department and Yueqing *** Department. Both departments stated that new information concerning this accident will be announced this afternoon. At 17:18, this reporter once again contacted the Yueqing City Municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department, but the staff memory stated that there no further news yet at present.

As of press time, speculation concerning Qian Yunhui’s death on the internet is still spreading. One netizen has posted a comment saying that “on the day of the crime, the surveillance cameras along that section of the road were dismantled”; Another netizen posted saying: “Qian Yunhui, in order to prosecute government officials for misappropriating 146 hectares of their village’s land, has been running around petitioning higher authorities [for redress] for six years, and has suffered imprisonment many times [as a result].” Even more netizens expressed that they hope the relevant departments will announce the results of the investigation as soon as possible.

The following photo was originally posted on this KDS post (Baidu cache) which has since been deleted:

Zhaiqiao village head Qian Yunhui crushed underneath a truck tire.

Additional photos:

Qian Yunhui crushed under a construction truck in Wenzhou, China.

Qian Yunhui crushed under a construction truck in Wenzhou, China.

Comments from KDS:


Looking at the photos and how the truck ran over [the body], it looks a little odd. emoticonemoticonemoticon


Sigh…there is nowhere left in this society to argue/discuss…may the entire family of the monkeys deleting posts all die… emoticon


This is the fate for the public servants who really work for the people.


A voice shouts: This is the fate for those who don’t listen/obey!


How can this be a traffic accident? If he had been hit, he would’ve been sent flying.


emoticonemoticonemoticon Seeing this makes me sad, a good person passing away like this.


The good and honest officials to be squeezed out are squeezed out, the ones to be crushed are crushed, and what’s left over everyone understands. So, don’t say that public opinion against public officials is a group beating to death one person, [because] preferring to wrongly kill a thousand rather than letting one go is the policy of TG [the government] against the rabble. emoticon


I’d find it strange if this kind of thing did not happen in the Heavenly Kingdom.


So horrific, [but] the result of the investigation for this will definitely be a “normal traffic accident”. There cannot be any other result.


Petitioning results in imprisonment? Which law stipulates that? Great, [are we] now immediately silencing people? White terror?

December 28 UPDATE: More translated information available at EastSouthWestNorth and Global Voices Online.

2011 January 7 UPDATE: A lot of discussion and additional information has resulted from this case. If you have not followed some of the developments from the above update, here is a small update regarding the question of whether Qian Yunhui was really murdered by people holding him down for a truck to run over, or if it was just an unfortunate traffic accident…

From NetEase:

December 28th, Wenzhou police officials release investigation photographs from the scene of the Qian Yunhui case, and analyzed that after victim collided with the truck’s front bumper on his left side, his body fell onto the ground on its right side and was dragged and crushed to death by the vehicle.

There are clear braking tire skid marks in the muddy ground.

There are clear braking tire skid marks in the muddy ground.

Traces of impact near the front wheel and axle underneath the truck.

Traces of impact near the front wheel and axle underneath the truck.

Traces of impact near the front wheel and axle underneath the truck.

Traces of impact near the front wheel and axle underneath the truck.

A dark scratch or impact mark on lower part of the front bumper.

A dark scratch or impact mark on lower part of the front bumper.

Part of the umbrella shaft was ran over and crushed, and above it are scrapes/scratches in the ground.

Part of the umbrella shaft was ran over and crushed, and above it are scrapes/scratches in the ground.

The umbrella left on the scene.

The umbrella left on the scene.

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  • travismurphy

    thats crazy, what a tragedy.

    sofa by the way!
    hoffific picts

    • ChinaGeeks

      Good lord, this is horrifying…

      As if today wasn’t a depressing enough day already, what with this and this


  • dontreadonme

    the biggest mafia of them all is the g*o*v*t*

  • dim mak

    that’s disgusting btw

  • Xero

    Just happened to stop on top of him.

  • Bay

    If this is an accident, then Obama is white.

    • justmega

      Obama IS white. You only choose to look at him as black.

      I have to agree that this looks suspicious. It definitely looks like he was held down. AND WHY THE FUCK IS THE TRUCK STILL ON TOP OF THE GUY! For the press?

    • donscarletti

      Obama, in ethnic terms is half white. Thus by your reasoning this is a partly an accident, maybe they just wanted to scare him and it went wrong.

    • HardLifeInChina

      If it’s an accident, the Mao Tsé Tsung (Ze Dong) is from Central Africa-Cameroon

  • elsa

    “WARNING: May be graphic”

    MAY be graphic??!?!?!? are you kidding me?? this is going to give me nightmares

    • Yurp

      Hi, you must be new to the Internet.

      • Rick in China

        Or homeschooled by hardcore mormons.

        Wait, I guess that’s the same thing.

        • relative

          Way to rail on the Mormons. zinger right there, for sure!

          I suppose that comment is fine, too. Just as if you were to say, “or homeschooled by Jews”.


          • Joe

            But Jews are disproportionately represented in porn. That would make no sense at all.

  • Alikese

    Jesus H. Christ, ChinaSmack has the most gruesome photos sometimes. I guess it shows you what actually happened to him, but man…

    The local government made their point, now nobody will be petitioning their landgrabs and they can sell off farms to the highest bidder. I’m sure that “accidentally” parking a dump truck on top of a farmer is an easy trade of for 10,000Y in bribes.

  • Jose

    This is horrible, please remove the pics, this man deserves respect and his family too

    • snicker

      Yeah, we wouldn’t want him to be a martyr or anything. These pictures have no use at all. The family doesn’t need justice, society doesn’t need awareness. Just give them some respect! Please take the pictures down!

  • Jordan

    I see an incident, not an accident.

    • Julian

      I see lonlinesss

  • david leffman

    Believable that he was murdered. But 200 people a day are killed in traffic accidents in China

    • Calvin

      Yep, but as the translated comment says, he would have gone flying if a car hit him.

      Thats about as much as I understand about cars hitting people though. Is there any logical way this could be an accident?

  • John

    MURDER, China style.

  • Chef Rocco

    I am speechless with such internet sensationalism, is any outcome possible by showing graphic grisly pictures and letting thousands of netizens eagerly discussing and determining whether he was murdered?

    All the sudden, seemingly every poster becomes either a forensic pathologist or a conspiracy theorist.

    • Alikese

      Do they pay you your 5 jiao in cash or is it a direct deposit?

      • Chef Rocco

        5 jiao does add up during an economic crisis, but given the inflation level in China, I may ask a raise to one kuai, do you want to join me, Alikese?

  • Chef Rocco

    If you understand Chinese, watch the press conference held by traffic police and local government:

    According to the police, six villagers were arrested by police due to blocking accident investigations and injuring five cops.

  • Dariem

    this REALLY LOOKS LIKE murder. i felt like he was purposely put to the ground and was to be run over by a truck rather than him getting hit by a truck. -_- the Chinese government would not go to heaven

  • 老外

    Very sad. :/

    If this was done on purpose, I hope justice prevails.

  • red girl

    China smack. Please could you crop the picture further on your front page and please don’t print this post. I had to drag my six year old nephew from under the wheel of a truck with my children present much like the pictures you present today, on your home page, I had to run my kids from the study today as I clicked onto your site after they had wandered in..
    PS.. I do enjoy some china smack posts but if you could just keep the gratuitous stuff off the front page with brief description and warning before the link. I would very much appreciate it. Thank you .

    • donscarletti

      “please don’t print this post” when you hit “Post comment” it posts the comment on the website.

  • anne

    This is why the Chinese don’t “stand up for their human rights” and fight for “democracy” the way people overseas think they should- they know they’ll end up like this guy. Poor brave foolish guy. If this was an accident why is the truck still on top off him, they would have at least driven off him rather than stay and squash him to absolute death.

    • stargaterich

      The population of China is well over 1.3 billion. The word human rights don’s stride any accord with the Chinese authority. Each year, thousands of underground Christians were being persecuted.

      The general population Chinese mindsets, especially those of the younger generations is evolving and soon the authority will have no recourse but to accept the fact that they are dealing with new generations who knows what the outside world is like.

  • johnny

    murderous bastards. its a long path to civilized behavour. china has a long way to go but im confident it will get there, this is sad indeed. its obvious that it’s been a deliberate homicide.

  • time

    OMG, there should be extra spacing and WARNING-GRAPHIC image in big bold lettering.

  • JA’ jaaf

    Chinasmack please remove the photos, This is against Humanity. his family deserves respect……….just one picture would have been enough why different angels..

  • BlackSugarDaddy

    Holy fucking shit ,what the fuck ………??

    CCP No 1, CCP nuke the world ! ! !

  • eattot

    my father’s brother was murdered this way, one month latter after previous chairman met him. he went to school and army with my father. he was a head in province anti-corruption.
    he was a very upright official, never used any guanxi to his family, even his son. after he died, his son studied very hard went to the best uni of china, now a manager of beijing subway.
    my father’s family was very rich , they all had very good upbringing, but in china, it’s not a good place for good persons.

  • Kedafu

    Aiya! that is one hardcore picture……

    song of the article,

    Picture me rolling


  • John

    WTF, why are people taking picture? And why is no one in the driver seat to drive off the guy.

    Seriously, What is wrong with these people?

  • @@

    people believe it’s dirty play because that is what they want to believe, like the one with the bmw running over the kid, people believe it was on purpose when in fact it wasn’t. i’m pretty sure there are easier ways to silence someone than run him over with a truck in the middle of a road and take a bunch of pictures and post it on the internet. this one is going to my gore folder

  • Matthew A. Sawtell

    When your rep is spotty, then everything incident comes with baggage. I am surprised at the photo – given both accounts. If this was an accident – then I would expect some damage to the front grille of the truck. If this was a hold down, then the folks holding him down would have gotten burned by the engine, given that he is under the front driver side wheel.

    Regardless – “harmony” is a very poor substitute for real domestic tranquility.

  • pervertt

    It does not look right. If the truck was moving at speed and was unable to brake on time, it would have passed right over Mr Qian and his body would end up past the first wheel. It is possible the truck’s wheels may have locked up under panic braking, and the Mr Qian’s body may have wedged under the first wheel as a result. But you would expect a bloody smear over the road if this had happened. The section of road behind Mr Qian’s body seems remarkably free of blood.

    Of course, it could have been a simple traffic accident, and all of this idle speculation should be firewalled to maintain a harmonious society. As the gong an would say, move along folks, nothing to see, just another of thousands of traffic fatalities that happen in China each year.

  • Yuanhin

    Communist in China always do like that? They don’t care anybody because they’re not a human. Money is number #1 for them. In my country (vietnam) the same. They act like aninals. They don’t care anything. It’s just a money. That’s it

  • Tony Unknown

    Imagine u were the driver of this truck: would you stop the truck straight above the body of this poor man??? It never was an accident… Sorry, but I have to say… this country with it´s officials sucks at all!!!

  • Marcus Blunt

    If he was killed by the truck where are the marks on the truck of the impact.

  • Chef Rocco

    Local police has confirmed that this was a traffic accident, the driver passed lie-detector for murdering motive, the first witness Qian said he didn’t see any foul play, the second so-called “witness” admitted that she wasn’t at the accident scene but was told by others that she might get paid by talking to media and fabricated the “murder” perpetuated by four people.

    The cops publicized all the investigation info and welcome challenges and inquiry from public. End of story.

    But I am sure that more rumor and suspicion would go on… have fun with new conspiracy theories.

    • ljee

      Haha! You must be the only person in China that believes in Chinese press releases! I think you need to go abroad to get some perspective, or just go to Hong Kong, where the British legacy of freedom of speech and independent media still stands… for now…

      • mankouzanghua

        the press release and few vague bits of information about the victim being a thorn in the side of corrupt officials is all anybody has to go on. if there were any more details in the latter then perhaps he wouldn’t be focusing on the official conclusion?

        I’m wondering: why did the government officials who misappropriated land suddenly feel the need to kill this person after six years of apparently no response from higher-ups and during which the victim was even imprisoned repeatedly? shaji jinghou, but waiting for things to cool down to appear less suspicious? if the police there are all so corrupt and the villagers so easily intimidated, why even wait?

        it’s a really sad and disgusting event. that’s all I know…

      • Chef Rocco

        ljee, you sound very naive, brainwashed while jeering at others as brainwashed.

        I don’t speak high of Chinese media usually, but when coming down to the case, Chinese media is the one probing and questioning the authority and trying to find the truth. All my opinion above was formed based on my own analysis, not blindly believing in “press release”.

        “British legacy of freedom of speech and independent media”? LOl, you are really into it. Want to know what is my opinions about Chinese media and western media? While Chinese media looks like a whore wandering on street trying to sell her body, western media dresses herself up like a lady, loitering in pubs and clubs, talking to men about “love”, actually she is seeking for nothing but money. Strangely, you and many others are morphed into believing she is a legacy of FOS and “independent”, funny.

    • Steven

      I agree with “ljee”, it is ridiculous to assume they would tell the truth. I am not saying it wasn’t an accident, I am sure it could be, but to beleive the local police who are so easily bribed and would probably just want to protect their own image, is laughable. Witness “confessions” are even more so, you say what they want you to say, or you go to a labor camp and your words never reach the press.

      I like China, I think it is a great country with many great aspects to it (the culture, the people, the rich history, etc) – but the one thing I dislike is the censorship and corruption of the government.

      I am not as likely as others to jump to the conclusion it was murder without more details. I am sure some accidents could end up like that, even if chances are slim. But to say “hey it is not murder because the local police say so” is really funny lol. Not all police are bad, but you must really believe everything the government tells you o.O

      • Chef Rocco

        Of course you can be skeptical of police’s investigation and their motive. But if you want to make sense of your suspicion that this was a murdering conspiracy, you have to assume:

        (1) these murderers are a group of fools, they risked their lives to fake an accident under threat of overloaded truck wheels and their plot could be seen by any passersby under daylight. As an alternative, with five to six people, they could kill the target easily at night. The victim was in jail at least twice, he could have been killed in jail if the police or government really wanted him disappeared…

        (2) Given the case has attracted extensive attention of media and public, it is purely suicidal for police and local government to try to cover up the murder, corrupt officials may be greedy and powerful, but they are definitely not stupid.

  • rxn

    Sad. A good man murdered by the corrupt.

    Word is getting out, though. CNN has picked up on this story:

  • Yerk

    I work in forensics, I’ve seen people run over by just about everything imaginable. I’ve seen a handful of people who were still under the wheel when we showed up, but it was the back wheel as (if it were truely an accident) the driver hits their brakes, runs over the individual and comes to a stop with the rear wheel on the body. For a truck carrying that much weight, on a slick road, it seems highly improbable that the front wheel just happened to stop on his neck. No one has that kind of reaction time. However, there are far easier ways for someone to carry out a murder, if that is the case; and certainly in a less public area to minimize scrutiny.

    • Strangerland

      AH…but this murder is not just a murder for the sake of murder.
      It’s a tool for terrorizing.
      Spread the fear- turn him into the horrible warning of what may become of you, when you dare to follow in his footstep.

      I thought that message was clear enough for anyone bother to look for. In fact, it’s the most brutal yet efficient way to show off power and spread fear among the mass.
      Animals kill for the sake of survival, but humans kill because they want to.
      There is nothing in this world as dirty as mankind.

      • WOW!!!!

        You have bitten off more than you can chew with your statement-” Animals kill for the sake of survival, but humans kill because they want to. There is nothing in this world as dirty as mankind.”

        Life is balance of Yin and Yang. Without death, there can not be life. It’s more than you can comprehend, and yet so simple.
        We make our own reality, but yet it is not necessarily reality, only our perception of reality.

    • mankouzanghua

      “highly improbable”… since you’re in forensics — don’t improbable things happen all the time? ;)

      if I had to imagine an accident scenario that would create this scene, I’d say he was crossing the road and didn’t see the truck, which according to the post was traveling in the wrong direction.

      seeing it at the last moment, he lunged to get across but was struck near the middle of the truck, the impact tearing a red piece of clothe from the front of the truck and knocking him forward and onto the ground in front of the wheel.

      the truck driver may have slammed on the brakes either before or after the impact, depending on various factors. because the man was thrown x feet, the truck had the distance of most of the man’s height plus x feet to come to a stop (plus, sadly, the man’s body would have helped slow the truck down). the diagonal position of the body would be consistent with him moving simultaneously toward the other side of the road and away from the bus.

      obviously I’m not a professional, but this seems totally possible to me, if not likely to happen frequently in China.

      • Call me Spock

        Sir, your understanding of the basic physics of transfer-of-momentum is lacking. I once saw a 18 wheel truck (~80,000 lbs) hit the back of a 5000 lb station wagon on a US freeway, and the car went flying into a bridge. The impact speed was no more than 15 mph. Thus is the power of transferring momentum from a large mass to a much smaller mass. The victim’s mass would be negligible to the truck’s mass. I was hit by a motorcycle traveling 65 kph and I flew 35 m in one bounce. There is a small dent on the truck’s bumper slightly left of center if you look closely.

        • mankouzanghua

          so… what you’re saying is that there is no speed at which this truck could have struck this man and produced this scene? otherwise I’m not sure what your point is, aside from relaying some stories of traffic accidents you’ve witnessed or been involved in. what about Yerk’s observations of automobiles that came to rest with their rear wheel on top of the victim?

  • you

    Shit happen in china so much…

  • Meh

    That’s insane!

  • snoopy

    This was a murder.

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  • xmcx

    Facts, facts facts..
    -These photos show no recording watch. Presumably they were taken after the precious evidence-bearing watch was removed?
    -On the watch video, it appears the watch is worn on the right wrist when he is walking: we can see the curb to the right, and never his body in between.
    -But then once he has been struck down, the watch video shows the back of the truck, as would be seen from the left wrist shown sticking out in these here pictures. The right wrist seems to be underneath the truck, tucked into the crutch somewhere.
    Has any smart Chinese done a reconstitution to help put these elements together?

    • xmcx

      Also, in the first half of 10:05 , the body is moved, and the watch is still on! I’d assume it is police moving the body? If so, that is one hell of a daring peasant who LATER went and nicked the watch to give to his wife! And the cop is pretty careless letting the corpse get plundered on a death scene.

  • sarah melding

    what the F*** – is this where the world is @ we should all be ashamed WE are ALL letting this carry on ISN’T JUSTICE RIGHT TO EVERYONE

  • Pingback: “Beggars Near Zapatas” « re:education

  • Rick in China

    re: “normally thinking people”

    You’re making the assumption that any of the people within 100 miles of that truck are logical, educated, or anything short of mildly retarded.

  • BrotherRiverCrab

    or brave enough to ask the truck driver to back up.

  • Rick in China

    The chances are, if someone saw it, they’d not really give a shit.

    If it was a foreigner driving…however….. (pokes netizen crowd with stick)

  • stargaterich

    China has one of the the highest road accident death rate in the world. I just came back from Xian, Beijing and Baoding trip. The cars and trucks never give way to the pedestrians.

    Even if there were pedestrian crossings or traffic lights and even if the traffic light is in your favor, drivers don’t give a damn. They expect pedestrians to give way to the cars and trucks. Pretty scary indeed.

    My wife’s (who is from Baoding) sister in law younger sis was knock down by a car 5 months ago. Apparently the driver don’t even have a driver license. The traffic police said that idiot who knock her down was drunk and he’s got no money to pay for the compensation.

    She has a ruptured liver as a result of the accident and hospitalized for over 2 months and the hospital bill piled up. Anyway, to cut the long story short, China, the middle kingdom has a long way to go as far as highway and road traffic security is concern.

  • Alex

    You should try to check Lanzhou next time, you will be amazed.

  • Cassull

    It feels good to stoop down to their level, doesn’t it?

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