Recent Attacks Against Schoolchildren, Netizen Reactions


A large crowd gathered outside a sealed kindergarten.

From Mop:

Crazy society! Yet another kindergarten meets tragedy in Jiangsu Taixing! 3 children murdered

See title…Today, yet another kindergarten in Jiangsu Taizhou city Taixing country has met an attack by frenzied gangsters…at present, it is known that three innocent children have been attacked…casualties are unknown, police have already taken control of the scene…I won’t say more because I am using a mobile phone…I will continue to report.

From Xinhua, NetEase, and Tiexue:

Hacking incident at Jiangsu Taixing kindergarten

At 9:40 on the morning of the 29th, an violent incident happened at the Taixing town center kindergarten in Taizhou City of Jiangsu province. A man carrying a knife rushed into the campus and injured 31 people, including 28 children, 2 teachers, and 1 security guard, with 5 amongst them having serious injuries that are life threatening. At present, the injured have been sent to the hospital to be saved. The attacker was subdued at the scene.


Bloodstains left at the scene of the crime.


Parents climbed onto the gates, anxiously waiting for the newest updates.


Bloodstains left at the scene of the kindergarten hacking crime.


Crowds waiting for the incidents' latest developments.


A large crowd of onlookers.


The police sealed off the scene.


As a result of the scene being sealed off, parents were unable to enter the school.


The scene gathered a large crowd.

Comments from Tiexue:


It looks like children have become the best casualties when it comes to getting revenge against society…


This kind of thing, happening once, can be said to be a random incident.

When it happens two and then three times in a row, it is time to find a deeper cause. They can’t be all crazy, can they?

China’s international image is getting worse by the day!

The Olympics, the World Expo, indeed they allow the world to know China better. Their good impressions of China are all gone.

All that is left is, trash covering the entire ground, noisy crowds, a disorderly public.


If you’re going to kill, kill the corrupt officials, why attack children? [He deserves to be] immediately executed!


What’s going on these days? Why all the anger against children? Did the children bother you somehow?! If you have the balls, go inside the anti-corruption bureau and government buildings and kill all of those corrupt officials who take up space and do nothing and the ordinary common people will defend you/seek leniency for you. After all, you don’t want to live any more, so what kind of act is this?


Yesterday I saw news of someone entering a classroom to hack people in Zhanjiang [Guangdong], and just after turning on my computer today there is yet another similar tragedy.

Just what’s going on with China?


Children are innocent so why attack children? I’m reminded of that brother who killed six police officers in a row, now that’s a true man.


When attending kindergarten, one must be careful of being hacked by a 50-year-old old man; When attending elementary/primary school, one must be careful of being hacked by a 40-year-old in the prime of his life; When attending middle school, one must be careful of being hacked by a vengeful teacher; When attending university, one must be careful of being thrown off a building by a stranger…raising a child until they graduate from university, is seriously too difficult.


Sigh, this is going to do it.
In the future, everyone can TMD no longer bother appealing to higher authorities [petitioning, etc.]…
[and instead] just directly go to schools…

On scene at the central Taixing kindergarten hacking incident.

Comments from KDS:


Can’t kill adults so can only kill a few children to vent anger.
If our lives are difficult, then don’t expect your lives to be easy either.


emoticon No matter what, children are still innocent~


Since it was three people fighting one class, then it shouldn’t have been a random indiscriminate slaughter [and was premeditated/planned]. If it was a vengeance killing and three people unable to kill adults coming to kill children, then it appears that the adults [parents of the children] must not be ordinary people [and must be powerful people, like government officials]. However, why they wanted to kill this many people is a little incomprehensible, unless this entire class of children are all children of some [government] system. Still, children are always innocent, and I hope they will rest in peace, and that if they reincarnate they will not come to this mysterious country again.  emoticon


All of it started when those people in Beijing hailed Yang as a hero/knight.


In the past, those who were disadvantaged because society was unfair would all commit suicide. Nowadays, it is felt that suicide doesn’t attract enough attention, so it has changed to murdering others. It is actually very easy to protect oneself from these kind of people. As long as they have a tendency towards insanity, those who have recently met unfairness such as forced demolitions should have their freedom restricted.
According to China’s present law, only if they have murdered someone can you arrest them, and this is not right. This kind of person is just like a tiger, sooner or later it will eat a person, so they should be domesticated earlier.


Having a child in today’s China is extremely irresponsible, I regret it very much…


I don’t know the details [but]
it is almost the World Expo, everyone should stop paying too much attention to current affairs, protecting yourself is more important.


We are all responsible, we are all murderers, it is our cowardice, giving into, tolerating, and conniving with this society.


The most annoying is precisely this kind of person, where any dog fart thing can be connected to freedom and equality.

America is free enough, equal enough, right?

So why are there often people taking guns to school and opening fire?

When that happens, how come you don’t jump out and say Americans need to deeply reflect?


This is the price Americans must pay for freedom.
For why America’s ordinary common people can carry guns/own guns while those in China cannot, I recommend a book:
《近距离看美国》[“Looking at America Closely”?], written by Lin Da, there are a total of four parts, but as for where it can be found I forgot.

Every time a bloody incident happens, Americans will deeply reflect, but why haven’t they forbidden owning/carrying guns?
And what is the purpose of legal gun ownership? With the internet so developed, we know that the common people can own guns, and yet in America this kind of case doesn’t happen all day.

If gun ownership were allowed in today’s Heavenly Kingdom [China], anyone can imagine what would happen. Government agencies would probably become a daily scene of slaughter.


According to reports, the suspect has already been arrested, and is about 50-years-old.

As you can see, there are some differing reports online.

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  • Fransisco

    Maybe there needs to be some better mechanism to prevent mentally ill / psychopaths from causing harm to society. THis is really awful what happened. but, dont go kill them either (like the drug carrying schizophrenic)

    • ImmortalTechnique

      This seems to be a cultural taboo not only in China, but Asia in general. Even my folks, one Latin, one Mediterranean, still scoff at the thought of people needing “mental help”. To seek mental counseling automatically means you’re crazy. Remember how Tony Soprano had to do everything to keep his sessions a secret? Same thing. This is still very taboo indeed.

      • Fransisco

        yeah, I know. Even in the so-called enlightened and developed nations, mentally ill persons (and especially schizophrenic) can sometimes be treated as if they just need to get over their illness / need to be locked down like criminals. Movies like “Beautiful Mind” can only do so much :(

    • Glorious China

      UK drug pig was not mentally ill. He make bad excuse to escape divine justice of China.

      And child killer should also be executed.

      Man in “Beautiful Mind” not kill people so this ok.

  • snicker

    If the first person does not sit in the sofa, then can I?

    • snicker

      One way or the other, I find the comments really interesting. Can you imagine being an official in China, always having to watch over your shoulder for the day that the whole county gets pissed off and slaughters your whole office?

      • Spanky

        Like what the Communist party did to the KMT?

  • That Chinese Kid

    people cannot subdue

    man? They should come take Hung Ga Kuen with me!

    • malagebi

      people can easily subdue

      man. They just chose not to. Chinese tend to patiently observe while waiting for someone else to step in.

      • C&N

        aren’t you the anthropologist?

      • That Chinese Kid

        lol I can subdue malagebi with the mid-digit of my pinkie.

        Hmm, laotzu says “a knife”, anyone else pondering it’s size and length? Maybe its a guanddao…

      • bai ren

        this is an imteresting comment. Yes when they are not directly involved people usually do simley look on. Other walk by with a similar attitute that what is happening involves the interests of others and they will just be causing more trouble by getting involved.
        Is that the case here? I am not so sure. malagebi dont just simly describe behavoir and think such a description can be univsally applied, for even if appearences are the same, the mechanisms-motivations behind- can be quite different.

    • dirtywhiteboy

      were elementary school children. yes, what were they thinking. asshole

  • UkJenT

    Did you even read anything? Twenty-eight of those attacked were children, not adults. You people need to take your head out of your butts and actually read.

    • That Chinese Kid


      children came rushing at you with their sharpened pencils, I am sure you will go down. I CAN throw

      children at you, do you still think you won’t go down?

  • ResidentAlien

    Mental illness remains a closeted topic in modern China, and neither medication nor modern psychiatric treatment is widely used. An analysis of mental health issues in four Chinese provinces, published in June in the British medical journal The Lancet, estimated that

    percent of the

    million Chinese adults that are believed to suffer mental problems never receive professional help.

  • Shoeshine

    “As a result of the scene being sealed off, par ents were unable to enter the school.”

    Can you imagine the frantic state of the parents?

  • justin

    l want to tell you the truth

    child has been died but the goverment don’t tell us the truth because of the expo

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  • elenore

    These people who attack defenseless Children are Cowards.Losers who find easy targets.Pathetic.And so Sad.When I was in Junior High and High School we had a police officer on staff in both schools.The city I grew up in was just outside Detroit.Instead of waiting for crime to become a part of school like neighboring cities the district got on it early.We had security guards in the halls as well checking ID and yes you had to have your student ID or wait in the office for them to check records.The officers keep crime out and insured the rights of students suspected of drugs or weapons by getting a warrant instead of having school staff do searches.It worked.Plus their was a lot of transfer students from poorer neighboring cities and the district didn’t want to out the kids so they also set up a special school for kids with criminal and behavior problems.It worked well and most of the students at the school did get their GEDs and without causing problems for the main schools.The students liked it to.You can’t get into most Michigan schools unless going through main doors the others lock from outside they are one way.They have been that way since I can remember.Parents getting children have to show ID at office whether they know you or not it just procedure.It sad it has to come down to that because of losers attacking children (in US it usually crazy parents attacking their own children to get back at their EX.)or gangs to sell them drugs.Unfortunately now in crime infested areas the teens running in gangs just wait until outside of school to do attacks because the security worked so well.

    • FOARP

      The school I went to had no guards, no barriers, no IDs, and – not surprisingly – no notable incidents of violence. Turning schools into virtual jails is hardly a good way of creating well-rounded citizens.

  • 练练英语

    Psychologic couselors are rarely heard by commoners.If the country has more psychiatrists,and takes care of the people seriously,such as actively solve the unemployment problem,restrain the spiral housing price,no reasons there are more men become mad.

  • Bakery

    I’ve met some pretty annoying kids in my time. Has anyone stopped to think that maybe they deserved it?

    • yardos

      C_U_N_T..Someone should knife you.

  • ImmortalTechnique

    Woke up this morning and sat down in front of the TV stupefied, to see a THIRD attack in Beijing:

    This is what happens when a culture of treating mental illness as too taboo to be taken seriously happens.

  • banjopete

    The Chinese shouldn’t blame themselves. There are sickos in every country. Unfortunately China, with a very high population, is going to have more. All it takes is one to cause a tragedy.

  • keius

    Sad, just plain sad.

    Mentally ill or not, these nutcases are probably attacking children because children would have a hard time defending themselves.

    My personal opinion, if your going to do something like that….
    Why not go after the f’ing corrupt officials that screwed you in the first place???
    It only makes sense that when going postal, you’d go after those that you felt wronged you. But i guess why these guys are considered nutcases……
    Hell, you might even be considered a hero by some if you knocked off some bad officials.

    Schools are now the target for anyone with a beef against society. Can we blame this on the Columbine nutcases that seemed to have popularized this theme????


  • Crystal

    Something has to be changed to prevent such things to happen again:
    – either every school and kindergarden (both in cities and villages) should be guarded by seciruty
    – or mentally ill should get a wide professional help

    In fact, I think that both of these should be done.

  • FYIADragoon

    Sounds like someone had a case of


    How else could you explain the inability of

    Chinese to subdue him. Probably being interrogated on the source of his MEoDP as we speak.

    • SLX

      of those were children you tard L0L

      • FYIADragoon

        When you’re going psycho in a Nasu VN, logic doesn’t apply. L0L

  • manusan

    China has overtaken the U.S. …. not in economics but in social problems.

  • dirtywhiteboy

    there is a special section in hell for people who harm children in this type of way

  • keius

    It’s getting worse. It’s the “columbine copycats” all over again. I think i read somewhere that there was another attack again. At least in the US, people actually tried to help or proactively prevent this junk from happening. In China, most people just stand around and watch…or just run.

  • of Canada

    two thoughts come to mind. First thank gods that guns are hard to get in China. Or this would be much much worse. Second, China needs to stop shutting away mentally ill people and start offering them treatment and help before they get to this destructive stage.

  • keius

    You know why they attack kids??
    Cuz in China, without guns, kindergarden kids are the only safe targets for those fking pssys.
    Take a baseball bat or knife in to a full classroom of high school students and see how far it gets them. I can see his head being bashed open by a desk or chair. That’s after everyone gets over their surprise though…hopefully he only managed to stab the child molesting schoolteacher :P

  • Inst

    After reading a pirate of Chung Kuo series, somehow reminds me of the part where the arch-villain sends organic robot replicants to impersonate everyday members of his enemies’ societies. You get absolute pandemonium with “parents” murdering their children, “children” murdering their parents, and schoolteachers killing their charges en masse.

    When I heard about these incidents, it reminds me of that passage; I know it’s only science fiction, but it’s still chilling.

    As to reality; seriously, there is already enough suffering in China with forced relocations, poverty, despotic officials, why add to the fire? It’s a strange type of maturity; in developed societies you have alienated individuals lashing out at the apparent sea of happiness, but you’ve never seen a Shia imam blowing up his congregation for the sake of it or an African revolutionary having his child soldiers served up for dinner because he felt like it.

  • Inst

    Also, if I recall, there was an incident where the guy who did the stabbing was actually a security guard. Not sure how much worse it would have been if he had a handgun; you’re seeing

    people killed, but if it were a handgun, he’d miss targets and eventually run out of ammunition.

    At the very least, the pro-gun lobby stateside and elsewhere must be happy that lunatics seem just as proficient with knives as with firearms.

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  • http://Www.Mga.Com Nikhilesh

    Such kind of things never happen to our india. :P

  • beowulf

    A little joke:

    How many new york times journalists does it take to copy a chinasmack article?

    Three! :-)

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  • kylening

    the solution of this school-associated crime is not a matter of how many police are put into the campus to protect our national flowers but how to relief those disadvantaged person in such a changing nation.

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