Baby Bodies Discarded In River Discovered In Shandong

Man collecting the remains of 21 babies discarded under a bridge in Shandong, China.

From Dahe:

According to a Shanghai Morning Post report, at dusk on March 28 in the suburbs of Jining City of Shandong province, residents near the Guangfu River discovered the remains of 15 babies underneath the Guangfu River bridge and within the the Guangfu River, and quickly alerted the authorities. The director of the health department of Jining City, Zhong Haitao, explained saying that the initial investigation has discovered that the 15 babies bodies may be babies from the local hospital that have died as a result of miscarriage or disease, and according to the law, are considered medical waste.

On the morning of the 30th, the Jining City Health Department reported that a total of 21 babies bodies have been found.

A video news report: (Warning: May be graphic)

From Caijing:

2010 March 30 morning, Jining [city] in Shandong [province], relevant staff members are fishing out the babies bodies. March 28th, under the Guangfu River bridge in some village of Jining in Shandong, village residents discovered over a dozen bodies of babies that had been casually disposed. Amongst these bodies, the largest was over 60 centimeters, the smallest just beginning to take human form. The bodies had already begun rotting. Light green tags were found on all of the legs of the corpses of the babies, written with the baby’s mother’s name and the height and weight at time of birth, but providing no information about the hospital whatsoever. The local health department stated that these baby bodies may be medical waste from the local hospital, that the dead babies may have come from miscarriages or died from sickness.

Yellow bags containing the rotting remains of 21 babies disposed of in a river in Shandong, China.

Comments from Sohu:


Horrifying! Whoever did this should go to hell!

沙 漠之狐-隆美尔:

I watched this video, and after watching my heart was very pained! Are hospitals these days all like this? The police all like this? Hospitals are where people are saved! How can they do something so heartless like this! Those children are after all also human! How can they be thrown out into the wilderness like that! I really want to ask the people in the hospital! If these children were your own children, would you treat them like this? Would they also casually toss out their dead children and be done with it? Are you guys not afraid of these children coming back to haunt you? The times are changing and certain hospitals are changing too! But it should be humane moral change! If this continues, who will trust hospitals ever again? Who would be willing to go to the hospital? If they are all like this, they are all morally corrupt hospitals! I would rather die than ever go to a hospital again! The police should be a department that safeguards the justice/truth, so how can there be something like this yet they remain indifferent/aloof? Were [what happened to] those children natural/expected? Or are you tacitly consenting that handling dead children this way is right? Is this just? Is this lawful? We are all Chinese people! Had the children not died, they too would be people of China! Why must they suffer this kind of treatment even after death? Here I hope the authorities will definitely seriously investigate this matter! Do not disappoint the city’s residents, so that they lose trust in you guys!

永 馨小区:

Heartless, inhuman, beast!!! Too fucking despicable! Can they still be considered doctors, these things things that are worse than dogs and pigs!!!

卜 认识:

This is going too far, too heartless,
a hospital like this,
Too infuriating.
This children’s parents too…
are they all crazy?
Allowing even their own children to be “handled” this way?
The poor children.
I even want to cry.

小 天お泪:

Is this something a human can do?
I misspoke, the people who can do this kind of thing are already not considered human…

人 自飘零花自落:

Simply asking for people to become angry. This shows that this society is dark, that hospitals are bottomless pits, that doctors are human-looking beasts, that law enforcement are even worse, covering things up, so how can people not feel cold?


Motherfuckers, it must be the hospital! The fucking people at the hospital are truly too inhuman!
Hospitals these days only care about money and not people, truly fucking black/dark/evil!! I BS the hospital bastards!

伤 心19870702:

Is this something a humans do?
This kind of beast should immediately be executed/shot, and even after dying they must go to hell.
Seeing this is too disappointing/disturbing.


If they were discarded by the hospital, it should be punished by the law. Too despicable!!!

士 大夫空间:

Sometimes I truly cannot figure out, just what kind of people are we? On this piece of land, just what kind of people are we bringing up?

A hospital bracelet, one of many still attached to the legs of many of the dead babies found in the Guangfu River.

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  • Yan Xishan

    I just puked all over my sofa. Thanks ChinaSMACK.

  • Joel

    Is it disturbing I was eating while reading this post?

    • FreedomFighter

      Reading the headline immediately made me think of dead baby jokes.

      • fabi

        i like babies. if i wouldnt be so stuffed i’d definitely take one ?

  • Old Laowai

    Great China Empire?

    • Gaaad!!!

      No, it’s call the improper disposal of human remains due to human greed. Seen it all before around the world.

      • HaWu (aka blaeh)

        But aren’t these human remains worth anything? I heard they even have use for the skin of circumcisions…

  • Beholder

    This is one of the most fucked up stories I have seen in my ten years in China. Words fail me.

    • Daphie

      If you fail again and again your voice will come back. You will feel like you have to say something.

  • Zhangsan

    And here I thought there would be a, “Get someone pregnant and then abort. Chinasmack personals.”

    In all honesty, this may be the most disgusting post yet. Thanks a lot.

  • blaeh

    Well, at least they put it into plastic bags with the appropriate hazard symbol (☣ – biohazard).

  • 马甲

    Gotta wonder about people who complain about ‘being subjected’ to this post, and don’t feel bad for the situation. The Chinese posters aren’t complaining about someone posting it. Oh right, maybe it’s because they saw the title of the post before they clicked it. What did you expect? Bad things happen in this world. Is this the first time you’ve been exposed to something terrible?

    • cdn icehole

      +1 Unless there were more pictures previously posted then yanked due to complaints, I don’t consider the posted pictures and video as graphic. This incident is likely due to a bunch of lazy medical staff. No indication on the estimated time when these bodies have been dumped. I wonder if the staff was in a hurry to party for their spring festival(?). Reminds me of a Murphy’s Law quote: “In designing any type of construction, no overall dimensions can be totaled correctly after 4:40PM on a Friday.”

      No doubt those responsible should be fired. BTW, that news anchor needs a new haircut.

    • http://没有 kedafu

      only in OUR country! brother horse shell,

      now what are you going to do about it?

  • DonHuerto

    just horrifying, even if they are called “medical waste” they should at least deserve a propper burial, no human should ever tread another human being like this, no matter dead or alive…sometimes i ask myself why we have the ability of being rational if we behave and do evil that irrationals would never come close to

  • malagebi

    *dead baby joke*

  • Xero

    Ive heard of chinese drowning their children (daughters usually) and abandoning babies on the street. This hardly surprises me.

  • Foreign

    Coming from a country with no morals it doesn’t surprise me

  • Wastemans

    Don’t question the integrity of the government or sully it in anyway. Harmonious society can not prevail without the credulous complacency of all the subordinate citizens!

    Up with Mao, Tao, Bao and to a lesser extent Yao!

  • Nina

    Are deaths like any others. Congratulaions chineses!

  • Panda

    So disgusting. Is it that hard to at least cremate the corpse? I know people are lazy… but this is just wrong on so many levels…

  • Yin

    It’s not that surprising considering that in China, abortions are common and so unborn fetuses are being discarded all the time. Very different from the West, where most people believe that fetuses have souls and that life begins at conception.

    • Gaaad!!!

      Total Bullsh*t! In many Western countries such as the UK, an unborn human fetus is NOT recognised as an individual human being and therefore have no rights, which is also why abortions are equally legal. A criminal who assaults a pregnant woman and causes her to miscarry or the death of the fetus would be guilty of serious assault, but NOT murder or manslaughter.

      • Gaaad!!!

        Ehhh… don’t get me wrong here guys, while I stated the legal position on abortion in many countries, I personally actually do not agree with that stance, even though I am not of the “religious types” or from the pro-life camp.

        Personally, I feel that abortion should be a woman’s choice but also that it ought to be illegal after the Second Trimester or after the earliest date at which a pre-mature baby is medically viable, as per the standard of medical care available in that country, and without the child’s future quality of life suffering any long-term degradation or disability.

        As for pregnancies caused by rape or incest, it should ultimately be the woman’s choice, but with counseling and the possibility of giving it up for adoption, where resources permits.

        You guys will appreciate the position better as well as those of some pro-lifers if you understand something about neonatal medicine or have seen a live sonogram, preferably of your own child’s, of a

        odd weeks old fetus…

        … that’s when people usually hit the existential brick wall and start wondering about the meaning of life… :)

      • shanghai girl

        i don’t get what the trimester thing has to do with it… many of these baby where carried to term and delivered. they have hospital tags on their ankles. you don’t tag aborted babies ankles cause their bodies are in pieces. Many of these babies were born and probably breathing at some point before ending up here…
        so sad. hospitals with no regard for human life or soul, let alone public health and safety issues…

        • stephy

          ya I agree

          ..i have three boys and can tell you..a bunch of those babies were not even newborns..they must have died visiting the hospital for illness.. you would think there was a bond between the parents and the babies and that they would want to know where the baby went after it had passed?? a baby that has been born considered medical waste?? i am so confused.. I am so sad…

  • lxjx

    Gosh! Fauna, can you hide these pictures and videos when you post this kind of disgusting posts? They being posted by some freak journalists doesn’t mean you should repost them without screening them with your own morality. And you always select the wackiest, extremist and most sensational posts to translate. Are these the ones you enjoy the most and want to share with others? I know the pagerank and visitor counts are the only thing you care, but are this type of posts really good to your purpose? Uploading amateur sex tapes may be a different story but discarded baby bodies? Except for some brainsick man-eaters, who aren’t disgusted by these photos?

    Maybe ChinaSmack has a plan, uh, to turn all human being to freaks and hormicidal mania so this website can beat facebook in daily traffic?

    [Note from Fauna: Morals?]

    • dim mak

      You know the very point of Chinasmack is to post sensationalist news, right

    • lxjx

      This just blowed my mind. I can’t believe you quoted a troll! You have a very strange taste, you really do.

  • Fulorisu

    As a medical student, I heard stories like this before. Of human remains accidentally getting mixed up with the trash. Yet this is the most grave and shocking case I’ve ever seen.
    I am a European, and without judgement, I think quite a lot of our ethical rules are either better or better enforced. I once read a post on Chinasmack about chinese medical students regarding human remains with absolutely no respect at all, taking photographs and placing limbs and bones in “funny” positions. That would be impossible at my university. Not only because the punisment would surely be expelment, but also because even if one or some people got such wicked inclination, others would rise against it. Such mentality is needed.

  • Hei_Bai

    FUCK! Thankfully in America I won’t ever see dead babies on the news

    • Hei_Bai

      *it is interesting how in China on public television you can see mutilated corpses but pornography is illegal

    • C

      Ok then…type in “dead baby found in ____” fill in blank with word of your choice into Google. You’ll get many many hits for events that happened in the states.

      Dude, don’t make unreasonable/pointless generalizations about things…that’s how sterotypes and rumors are started.

    • Reader

      Not dead American babies – dead Iraqi babies perhaps…

  • Crystal

    I really can’t understand how human body can be name a “medical waste”? And even if they said so – aren’t hospitals supposed to cremate them???

  • The Grudge

    I am speechless…


    China is the dead baby capital of the world

    • Fort

      nah india is….

      • lolz

        BTW dumping dead bodies in the river is a tradition in India. In Hindu tradition kids below age 12, holy men, and pregnant women are supposed to be pure enough to be dumped directly into the river after they die. This practice is still popular today among the poor (who can’t afford a proper burial even if they wanted it). For other adults the bodies are supposed to be cremated first, then their ashes are thrown into the river. The problem there is that cremation is costly, so typically bodies are taken out and dumped into the river before they have been completely turned into ashes.,9171,260751,00.html

        Corpse dumping is one of the major reasons why Ganges River (the most famous river in India) is basic sewage. The indian government has tried things like introducing fish and other reptiles to eat the remains, but that ended up screwing the whole eco-system.

  • That Chinese Kid

    Dumped in River>Cremation

    The planet will be able to use their bodies for transferred energy. It was good that the nurses were able to spot this. It is such a waste to cremate carcasses.

  • ranger_lost_in_mordor

    I STRONGLY propose hopspitals dump or sell these junkies in Guangdong. Guangdong native love eating embryos ! ! ! dead or alive ! ! !

  • Rick in China

    Wouldn’t a parent who just had baby that died demand they had the corpse to bury/cremate? I realize abortions are nonchalant, but how could there possibly be so little feeling or care given to a little human post-birth. I don’t understand.

    • That Chinese Kid

      didn’t you read? the article paid the nurses to give the corpses a proper burial. the nurses were lazy asses and just dumped them in the water. READ.

    • That Chinese Kid

      my bad I read this article beforehand, here.

  • skyline

    this is fucked.

  • mosserie

    fuck i’ve puked on my screen

  • Yin

    “I read something about the morals system that might have something to do with these scenarios. In the West we have a judeo-christian culture that values life and the individual and while China of course have morals and ethics regarding human life as well it’s not such a fundamental part of their culture, tradition and history. I am not trying to put anyone down by saying this but in the greater scope of things life has always been relatively cheap here and the massive overpopulation (which is a thousand year old issue) doesn’t exactly help either.”

    That’s kind of what I was saying but people just called me a tool for mentioning that most people in the West are raised on Judeo-Christian values…

    As for China, I think the lack of respect for human life really has to do with the education system and the nature of the government. At least, I don’t think such abuses are a problem in Taiwan or Singapore. Of course, they’re not a problem in Tibet or Xinjiang, either, so minorities appear to have a better grasp of morality even while being poorer. Or maybe the fact that the Han Chinese are 1.3 billion strong just makes it hard to generalize across the whole population, as deviancy within a population this large is almost inevitable. Imagine if we had a news site that tracked all forms of deviancy from the world’s European-American population, because that’s the equivalent of what we’re doing for China.

    • Gaaad!!!

      More BullSh*t from the Sh*tMeister par excellence. All cutltural system, whether judeo-Christian or not and for selfish reasons, inherently seek to help the living/surviving members to cope or move on as quickly as possible from severe trauma or the death of a loved one.

      The Irish have a wake and get pissed-ass drunk to celebrate a life however short, some Chinese and the Muslims (Xingjiang) opt for a quick burial, while other Chinese hold vigil for months on end, depending on the status of the deceased and regional traditions. As for the Tibetans, well they find comfort in thinking that by feeding their deceased to the vultures would hasten their dead ones’ return to the wheel of life and death and ultimately reincarnation.

      So only morons like your ignorant self-wanking person would crow about the relative superiority of one culture over another, while ignoring the suffering of the living and remaining ignorant of why things are the way they are. So how VERY friggin Christian or Buddhist of you. You must be sooo proud of yourself and may GOD/Allah have mercy on your putrid, maggot ridden soul.

      What a self-jacking douch-bag.

      • Yin

        Because we all know, in the West, that Christian fundamentalists are not any more more attentive, on average, to the whole right-to-life concept than your usual materialist platoon.

        Blah blah blah cultural relativism blah blah blah. At the end of the day, China still aborts a fuckload of girls and baby bodies were still discovered in a river in Shandong.

        • Gaaad!!!

          LOL!!! And how many baby bodies are disposed of via “medical waste” disposal facilities and incinerators in the West and all around the world where abortions are legal every year? Cultural relativism my fragrant arse.

          Only the ignorant and the moronic take comfort in out of sight out of mind, which I guess accounts for the blahs, blahs, blahs. I bet you cover your ears, shake your head and repeat “I’m not listening, I’m not listening” to yourself whenever you’re confronted with uncomfortable facts, non? Or maybe you just switch channel.

          A self-jacking douche-bag indeed. LOL!

  • opensights

    The story is ‘sick’ but truth is truth and should be known. It brought tears to my eyes to see helpless little souls just disgarded like dead dogs.

    Nothing on this site however is so sick as the posts that make mockery and jokes about the plight of these little children, also the treatment of these dead children show the real cruel nature of the nation, and China should lower its head in deep shame! all are guilty when such things happen in a society.

    • Lynnie

      I agree. I found this heart breaking and I grieve for each and every one of those precious little children. :**(

  • reggie

    Anyone read World War Z? This will be how the zombie infection starts!! Father and son go swimming in the lake, father ‘drowns’ and son barely survives with scratches and bite marks on his legs. Soon, shit hits the fan in the whole f-ing village and then it’s the end of the world as we know it.

  • FYIADragoon

    Fauna I take it this was too strong of a post to put something like “Have babies and love them. Chinasmack Personals” at the end?

  • Octavian

    Dead Iraqi babies? Good. One less terrorist. Dead Chinese babies – hmm…

  • lolz

    The outrage should not be why the babies are dead, but how the bodies are being disposed. At the very least the hospital should of cremated the bodies rather than simply dumping them into a river.

    But that certainly won’t stop the china-bashers from talking about the morality of Chinese as if this sort of thing is generally accepted in China, despite the fact that Chinese who have read this news are just as outraged.

  • zun

    lol fail.. i thought they’re gonna eat the babies and make
    four season soup out of it.

  • BKK

    Nothing suprises me about China and its people anymore.

  • S.P.Q.R.

    In Guandong it is popular to eat dead babies in order to improve your sexual abilities

    • zun

      lol true… phucking chinx

  • Sin

    Reuters also had a story on this
    The context of the story is that some rural families believe it is extremely bad luck and a bad omen to dwell on a dead child if they died during miscarriage or disease so they cut all links to the deceased baby, by disposing of all the clothes toys and bodies. In this case the hospital was acting according to the wishes of the families by disposing the corpse of the children, but the problem lies in the method of dealing with the body. Obviously just dumping it in a lake isn’t going to fly and the health ministry understands the cultural context of the problem. They said they would be looking at ways to moniter the disposal of the bodies and make sure they are taken care of in a more humane manner.

  • kesiting

    Is anyone else not worried that the local people are just walking around poking at these babies as they lay all over the river bank? Shouldn’t there be some sort of official response stopping them from moving the evidence around so that they can find out who did this? And who finds a dead baby on the river bank and wants to move it all around anyhow?

    As to the abortion and drowning babies talk, I don’t think this is what this is about. These babies had hospital tags on and must be several months old. They must have been sick, been taken to hospital and died there and the hospital has disposed of them inappropriately.

  • linkvirtual

    I read with horors!
    This makes one wonder how much dignity one has after death in China! Children are human too and they deserve as much dignity as everyone else regardless of circumstances.

    What appalled me is the way the authority treated the remains of the children. Sure, those were responsible (for throwing the remains into the river) should be punished and stopped BUT the use of plastic bags as if the bodies are pices of garbage is certainly UNACCEPTABLE. This could only tell the rest of the world how bad things in China still are. Surely one can handle this in a much better way.

  • XpatLaowai

    Couldn’t bring myself to keep reading or watching. What was the babies ratio of sex? (male/female)

  • pinkbunny

    i guess no land to bury those babies. and no money for cremation. reminds me of the river scene from that Tom Cruise movie..”End of the World” i think it’s called. except baby corpses.

  • Midori

    so inhuman……….poor kids~God bless you

  • Mark

    In fairness, you have all immediately jumped to the conclusion that these were all thrown out by the hospital. There is a huge black market business of abortion of female babies in China, even today. Who is to say that the parents didnt arrange for their babies to be “removed” from the hospital, by a less-than-scrupulous porter or nurse? I would be interested to find out what proportion were female, and look at exactly how they died.

    • Amazed

      Great point, but no point in investigation if they were girls!

  • A

    what if they were not from a hospital? so many at once….

  • ChinaPrat

    lmao @ Chinasmack – under “Related posts” it has ***Discarded Food Waste Slop Recycled Into Cheap Cooking Oil***

  • Ronald Paredes

    I keep saying, COMMUNISM IS BULLSHIT, they keep you all eating portions of shit and you all keep swallowing blindly.
    All I hear is whining… The government should do this, the authorities should do that… keep dreaming, nobody will do anything because they don’t give a fuck.

    The people have the power to change things, rise up and talk, get up and fight!

  • Amazed

    What the fuck is wrong with these people. These are NOT abortions! These are newborns laying dead on the bank of a river! In China, this is how to deal with medical waist? Where are the parents. Whats wrong with them? I don’t care if it’s bad luck to bury your dead child in China. Grow the fuck up. Educate these people. Why do they have such pride in the Heavenly Kingdom. What the fuck! Laughing stock of the world! I would bet most of these children are girls!

  • burenbayar

    chinese are not humans , they are more likely to rats. china is the cancer where grows on kidney , i ‘m smiling coz they kill themselves

  • Trouse

    Answer that? ARE YOU EVEN A HUMAN?
    And the reactions of those local people, seems like it’s normal to them!

  • Karze

    Its not hospital but the system – COMMUNISM which has made Chinese heart as cold as ice.

  • Karze

    Chinese constantly called others as barbarian. How more barbarian can you get than this.

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