Junior High Schoolgirl Beating In Zhongshan, Guangzhou

From PCPop:

ZhongShan second-year junior high schoolgirl after school beating, human flesh search already found the location

Seeing in the end that girl’s grievous cries…seeing that person who was wearing the same school uniform…seeing that person standing on the wall watching…
and still having the face to continue filming? Do they all have fathers who gave birth to them but no mothers to bring them up [Are they all lacking upbringing]?
I strongly suggest a human flesh [search]…
I too am a post-90s. I also know some hoodlums/gangsters/delinquents. But at least they are not this crazy…this is not how humans behave.
The address 59L [L = lou = 楼 , 59th comment] said was Sanjianzhen…still waiting on the exact location…it seems to be Guangzhou’s Zhongshan. 418L says it is Zhongshan’s Sanjiaomen!!! Awaiting society’s public opinion!!!
The person filming must be with them…[but] that guy standing on the wall watching, how are you able to keep watching?
The psychological damage is far worse than the bodily damage…
Her future is worrying!
If you are being beaten by a group of people, you should charge one person and attack them viciously. Since you’re getting beaten anyway, at least get back something!!
Those of you viewing…repost this around…the fall of society? The end of humanity?
I hope anyone who knows the latest of news, no matter where they learned it, can please tell me…
Address: Guangzhou Zhonshan. Sanjiaozhen!!!

Comments from PCPop:



Truly a bunch of fucking beasts.


Why do girls bother making things difficult for other girls~~
NND, how come I never encounter such things~~ Those youngsters must be taught a lesson~!


You can hurt someone’s body
but you shouldn’t deprive someone of their dignity.


A group of uneducated low-lives. Are their parents all dead? How did they teach their children? Fuck. Truly without upbringing.


This bunch of human scum, strongly suggest a human flesh [search]!!!
They are not fit to be Chinese, hope this bunch of human scum can disappear from this earth sooner!


I really didn’t want to use obscene language. Fuck, do they not even have limits? A group of cunt children, several bullying a single little girl, and no one stopping them. Back when I was a hoodlum/delinquent, I would carry knives and cut people, but there were always limits, not like this TMD beasts, who only know how to bully.


The weak will be beaten up.
There is no reason in this world.


Truly a group of beasts, the ones hitting are despicable, and the one filming is even more despicable!!!
None of them are human, right?


Children these days,
are truly unimaginable.
When I have kids in the future, I don’t even dare send them to school.
I really don’t know if I would have the courage to continue living if my child were bullied like this.
I would definitely kill them all.
Who hasn’t fought when they were small?
But bullying a small girl like this is something I could truly never do no matter what.


Why do those Guangdong people all like doing this?


The sad thing is that so far, these kind of incidents are increasingly not attracting attention/concern.
I feel like the people in Guangzhou are all very violent.


After watching, I was truly and completely angry with that group of people. But when I calmed down and thought about it, just who exactly was wrong here? The parents give their children to the school and society but what kind of child was returned to the parents? This is not to blame the school or society, but rather what I am thinking of is how we are bringing up/educating [children].

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  • WTF

    Tried to watch the video but it seems that it is blocked or has some sort of technical problem. Reading the comments of the chinese people gave me a good idea of how violent and brutal it must have been…… does anyone else have a problem watching this? Please someone tell me how I can access it. cheers


      trust me, you dont want to watch the video.it is the most violent video ive seen, they behead the girl in front of everybody and play soccer with her head

      • Tins of sardines

        I laughed when I read that. However, you are still a tool.

    • G.

      i can’t either…

    • http://i49.tinypic.com/2cek3l.jpg PUSAN PLAYA

      You can’t watch it because the servers are overloaded by millions of Japanese men jerking off over it

    • http://www.chinasmack.com/ Righteous American

      At least they were decent enough not to post the actual gang rape.


    well, once again the post 90 generation is proving how useless and unskilled they are. Next time you beat up somebody at least use a decent camera so i can enjoy the fight and please could you guys beat up a few older girls and strip them naked instead of only beating up young girls who dont even have breasts yet.??????

    • Legit

      Hey you should shut up. If you’re trying to be funny this is not the right situation. Laowai like you piss me off. A bunch of selfish, ignorants who have no clue what it means to be a Chinese.

      • tway

        Though I agree that LAOWAIXIAN is being a total tool, it has nothing to do with him being a foreigner. In the same way the fact that the kids in this video are Chinese has nothing to do with their heartless actions. The point is that no country or culture is exempt from having stupid people.

        • agnst brutality

          plsss,,,,sum1 pls act agnst all dis!!dese girls needs 2 b stopped 4m dng dis agn in d near future..dis is pure brutality and dese girls might b still havin a gud time playn wd dat kids life…hu ever dese girls r dey need 2 b caught n dey hv 2 b taught d lesson!!n it needs 2 b done asap!!im sure since deir faces r seen in d video,,dey can b tracked,,im nt a chinese myself,,bt i feel strongli agnst dat victim bein punished so heartlessly,,plss try 2 locate d place and d people involved in dis tedious crime!!

          • mark

            you what??? please tell me you are not an english teacher


        hi chic, tell what is worse? a laowai making a joke about a video or a bunch of idiots who always post comments saying they are shocked but NEVER lift a finger to help.
        WHEN THE TOPIC IS ABOUT A POOR CHILD everybody gets moved and post comments but tell me one person who actually send the kid any fucking money?

        • Legit

          I agree with tway in that I shouldn’t have stereotyped all laowai. I have many American friends who study Chinese culture and truly care about China.

          As for LAOWAIXIAN, you need to stop being defensive and recognize you made an inappropriate and offensive comment. Also, for your information, my friends and I are currently working to help the hundreds of millions of average Chinese who got left behind by the economic surge. Do you know that the real wages of works in many industries have been going down in the last 10 years after adjusting for inflation? Do you know the cost of education for elementary, middle, and high school in China?

          Fauna put these pictures up so that we recognize what is wrong with China. The pictures are meant to inspire us so that instead of superficially throwing money, people would be dedicating their careers to China, which is what my friends and I are planning on doing.

          As for LAOWAIXIAN, I don’t know what you’re doing in China. If you’re not in China appreciating it’s culture or helping its people, then you’re probably just trying to selfishly take advantage of its richness.

          • LAOWAIXIAN

            agreed. I just think that most people here behave like they care but you can never count on them when it is about doing something about it. Being passive is the reason we still live in an imperialistic world dictated by the few

    • Jean

      WTF is wrong with you? I thought that you were a teacher. No matter if you are an English teacher, you have to give an example…

    • Jean

      WTF is wrong with you? I thought that you were a teacher. You are disgusting, what kind of sick teacher are you?

      • hitman

        I know how much you laowaixian teacher make in China.. what kind of sick laowai are you to make just 8000-10000 rmb a month as a teacher in a foreign country… you must be a BIG Loser back home…

        • jack butcher

          beside. this happen to western country too.
          watch the movie Ben X. its about belgium youth.

        • dave

          Wow! I make less than that each month, but I care deeply about Chinese students. Can I be excused from the term “Loser”?

          • hitman

            Sorry, no offense intended, the above statement only refer to just one laowai..

        • Tins of sardines

          He is a big loser here as well.

        • PC

          Hey numbnuts, some of us that teach English here ARE newly qualified at home but no jobs there; many of us, like myself, teach on the side also for a fine hourly rate.Yes you’ve guessed it..I’m making MORE here than I do at home. Why? Cause I’m a winner. Yor’re no better than Laowaixian-at least he/she tells it how it is. I see the BIG LOSER.

          • Tins of sardines

            PC. Surely English isn’t your first language based on the spelling, grammar and construction of your post.

            My guess is that you are Laowaixian’s teacher… or Laowaixian… so gay.

          • Curt

            If you are a teacher and you really care about your job then I salute you. Teachers make a huge impact on the future of an individual. At least they did for me. My regret is that I was too late in thanking some of my teachers.

    • http://www.maxiewawa.com maxiewawa

      I just realised that he starts every post with “HI AM BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACKKKKKKKKKKKKK!!!!!!!!!!!”

      I think we should make a rule that he has to go a certain number of days without posting before he is allowed to use “I’M BAAA…”


        who are you? i have been posting here since before you even know who you are. shut the F up. website is free, tell fauna to kick me out and only leave the hypocrites here, like you.

    • you 2B

      This is pinyin:ni TM 2B ma?

  • mechanized

    Why only In Guangdong? Such a weird trend…. I thought all the crazy bad temper peoples were in the North East

    • Stump

      This kind of scene happens everywhere and in all times.
      The novelty being the new trend of filming it.

      • AndyDL

        I’ve lived in the North-east and the South of China. From my experience people in the North-east like to fight more than the south, but it’s normally men and a fair fight. A Chinese friend told me when he was in middle / high school they were always fighting, but it was 1-1, or groups. Never this type of bullying. It reminded me of Britain in the 60’s, whilst the group in this video is more like Britain now

  • http://www.hoponbaby.com Hummy

    This is utterly disgusting, my heart bleeds for the poor little girl violently abused by her peers.

  • Rickard

    The world is watching in disgust and cries, and still it continues.

  • usapanda

    Why isn’t the police or government handling this matter? China is becoming a more unsafe and unstable place to be.
    If it was my daughter or sister, I would hunt these girls and their parents down, to personally punish them.

  • afrozed

    This is jus simply unacceptable.This is where having a big brother or sister comes in handy.It is simply sad.

  • Annoy

    Well, this do happen everywhere, but u gotta admit that when it is posted on the internet, it make people angry. In America, the kid got bullied prob use a machine gun to kill all those dik heads, too bad cant do otherwise in China.

  • BlackTiger

    Forget Human Flesh Search, there needs to be a manhunt with sticks and dogs. When people act without humanity, they are no better than animals and need to be treated as such – caged until they behave, or put down. It just keeps getting worse and worse.

  • Elmo

    This isn’t just Guangdong, this happens to be a global phenomenon. These days alot of bullying never gets reported because the victims feel intimidated.

  • Cactus543

    Notice how the people being attacked in these videos never fight back? Shit, if two people came at me and started throwing kicks and punches I’d defend myself. I feel as if I could be a superhero in China, defending these schoolgirls who keep getting attacked. The girls beating on her probably weigh 36kg each lol

    • http://www.knitey.net Mike

      I know what you mean. It makes a lot of people feel that way when they watch these videos. The way these stuff happens are in my opinion that the girl is extremely shy and probably stays in the corner a lot by herself. These people probably think its amusing to mess around with her as in bullying, but it went too far and out of hand. That group of people really needs help to get them straighten out. If they keep doing these things, they’re not going to last in society.

  • Apple Bee

    Lost for words, what is going through the minds of people at a time like that..

  • GFZ

    It’s sad, but nothing new. I’m guessing the reason for the beating is over a boy.

    • The_Lost_City

      i think its just cause they know the girl is “weak”.. that she wont fight back. They would never do it to someone who they know would fight back.

      • GFZ

        Yeah it is a common mentality. I don’t know why, must be how they were raised or something. If someone started picking on me, my fist would be flying at them. I think it is a self-esteem issue with these kids. At the very least they should instinctively get into a defensive posture. Jeez

  • HinDL

    Why? How?
    Watching this one has to fight back tears.Seriously… I can’t take those videos anymore. *sigh*

  • LaowaiLondon

    Fucking utterly disgusting. Not just in China, but everywhere this goes on. Only difference is in China locals would not dare intervene if they see this stuff happening, which is highlighted by ‘Bus 44′ I think it’s sick as fuck that nobody once stepped in to intervene, someone would have surely heard or seen this happening? Does no one have a heart? and why the fuck didn’t she defend herself – Is this part of some kind of initiation or something. I feel sick.

  • H4ns

    This is exactly what I can’t stand in todays society: ppl truly missing any kind of human spirit.
    When I was a child I was NEVER even thinking about beating someone up like this with my buddies – why should I?
    Gee, I hate those little fuckers all around the world who doesn’t have any common sense of humanity.

    Only thing that keeps me from crying about such stuff: I know, one day they will mess with the wrong one.

  • The_Lost_City

    these girl are fucking animals. they deserve to be locked up and forced to watch this video for a straight 5 years.

  • Promo

    This is totally unacceptable….Honestly,this is getting out of hand. Both the victim and the victimizers are born of a woman. Why are they this wicked? I sense that this 90s generation are going to be much wicked and unreasonable than the past generations. These kids needs to be punished. I seriously think that the easy hand given to the kids of this generation have made them not to be afraid of anything. If kids are punished as they’re growing up and not over pampered,this would not be happening. I really hope parents can learn from these. Too much freedom to kids can never solve anything, cuz at a certain age, they still require guidance..

    • J

      Born of a woman? 90s generation? Ok so you’re clearly Chinese.
      Need to be punished? Too much freedom? Require guidance?

      …Somebody’s earning his 5 mao.

      • HKondor

        I really don’t know who is worse, the video or this bunch of english teacher lowlives making their stupid comments. These girls deserve a beating and public humilliation to understand what they have done to this poor girl, the girl deserves a heartfelt apology. They still have a chance. As for the english teachers, they have no cure, they should be burnt alive with gas and their corpses sent back to their country of origin after being shitted and pissed on.

        • aussieghump

          Who taught you your English?????

          Oh yeah, you learn it from a book written by a teacher???
          Or a Chinese teacher who was taught by a foreigner helped you to write it?
          Or that foreign university degree Daddy bought for you?

          People who live and work in China must have very thick skins and must be able to handle a constant barrage of B****s***t like this. Get a life HKondor.

          If you are from HK, as your name seems to suggest, you will appreciate the fact that that city was made prosperous by the influence of many foreign countries, not just China.

          Oh, and the BMW you want to drive, and the YSL bag you hope to buy….they didn’t come from foreigners either, do they!!!

  • incidental-witness

    A society that mocks human moral will breed social scums that further mock human moral. It’s that simple. Most of what’s good about “Chinese” is being suppressed, what’s left is fake pride and anger towards “others.” In the last 50 years, anyone who “intervened” often punished and they learnt to be quiet and just watch.

  • SadButTrue

    I agree with the people who said this is global phenomenon. Also there are those people who rum amok, that are getting more and more.
    These kind of things didn’t happen 20, 30 years ago. So what changed since then?
    Kids nowadays can watch violence in TV and online now every day on their laptops, and they copy what they see.
    That’s how the movie and the games industry screws young people!

    • GFZ

      The problem mostly lies with poor parenting skills. When parents don’t have the time to properly teach their children due to careers or are just too lenient with them, then these kids totally get out of hand. It is true that younger kids may mimic violence in movie and games, but it is the parents job to teach them right from wrong early on.

  • Chen

    I notice something long ago. Why chinese like to call them post-90, post-80? LOL

    This video has the same genre as the one previously posted before. I am very interested in what will happen to these bullies after the so call ‘human flesh search’. Oh any yes, to those who are angry at these bullies, while I obviously supports you guys, please do remember that the girl who where bullied, obviously there are some reasons that she didn;t fight back. I really really like to know why she didn;t fight back, thou this is kinda impossible here

  • Nagexingqisi

    fuck, somebody please post a working video

    • Dr SUN

      yes please someone post a video that works

  • Jean

    Does the 1 child policy has some kind of effect on the behavior of this post-90 generation kids? I do think so, parents treating their only child like kings, is one of the reasons i think the Chinese post 90 generation is like this.

    • J

      It’s called the “Little Emperor Syndrome” in Beijing and man does it fuckin’ stink.

  • fireworks

    School yard bullying occurs everywhere and there are videos on youtube on school fights and bullying. Guangdong youth just lack culture and any moral valuess. Its embarrassing to all Cantonese people everywhere man.

  • 水溶C100

    Anyone speak cantonese? Do the two girls talk about why they are beating her?

    Boy? Said something rude? Lunch money?

  • Wuto

    Anarchists revival in an oppressive country where the bystander no longer cares about basic human dignity and morality?

    When I get back to the Motherland, and seeing this kind of shit happen I will goto town on these mothersfuckers. Seriously this made me both ill and very, very angry.

  • Beni

    Why the hell they doing that for? This is plain bullying! Beating her up is already one thing but stripping her naked is just too much. If they were caught i would want an eye of an eye,perhaps parade all fot he naked in the public?

    Another point is, come on! We are all fellow chinese! No wonder we were bullied that badly when the Japanese invaded! Honestly, i wonder whether we were any better than them? Perhaps if it was China who invaded others, they would do the same thing?

    I hope all of them get caught and heavily sentenced.

    • GFZ

      lol… you been living under a rock? Fellow Chinese? It doesn’t matter, people are people. No matter what countries it is that invades others, there will always be incidents of abuse by the aggressors.

  • Todd

    I have recently watched two clips which are all related to the post 90s heavily beating ones classmate in similar age. Though I know such people can’t represent all the 90s, it’s quite upset and shocking to note that a certain portion of Chinese teenagers who are lack of basic moral standard and become so violent at such young age. It’s quite sarcastic to the society and education system and it must be something wrong.

  • Centrist

    I’m not passing judgement on different parts of China, but I have noticed that almost every video I have seen with middle school kids doing stupid things, it has always been in the south (Cantonese or non-Mandarin speaking areas).

    People say “Dongbei ren” like to make fights, but I have seen the reverse is true.

    • Alan

      Perhaps because the south has been open far longer to external influences, via the treaty ports, and the influence of HK/Macau than the north of China. That, perhaps, and a less static more upwardly mobile population.

      In Beijing the Emperor is far away, it would seem, at least in Guangzhou. I also concur with what you say about Dong bei ren.

      Why’s all this school scrapping in GZ/GD and not anywhere else in China?

  • Shanghairocks

    Is this a new news??? Chinese bitches always fight….


    wooow, the chics got angry because of my post .
    WHAT IS WORSE? A LAOWAI making a joke about a topic or a bunch of cunts getting moved by the video but doing nothing about it to help?

    • Stimpy

      And you actually think that your point is relevant?

      Fuck off, TROLL…

  • Joseph

    These kids are going to end up in jail or dead. Being an American I can say that we are no different. Society and their parents have failed. I’d personally pay for the bullet for everyone who participated in this in human and disgusting act.

  • Keith

    i feel sick to the stomach watching this.
    not only do these pack of flithy scums deserved to be beaten to a pulp. but i feel they should be publicly be put on display with their beatings to remind them of this disgusting atrocity.
    the chinese guys just standing there are a bunch of cowards.

  • VeerLeft

    Chinese all over the world see nothing wrong with gang beatings. I am just calling it how I see it. I’ve been the recipient of such attempts before and I think it’s a deplorable ‘herd mentality’ that is ingrained in all aspects of their upbringing.
    Sorry to say these things.

    • Xero

      I hear you man. Same thing was attempted on me by a group of hongers. Apparently I somehow insulted them over a “Dota” game. So about 10+ tried to jump me but man they are weak as shit. I even laid one of them out before people came out of the Internet cafe and then they ran.
      That is just generally how Asians roll unfortunately. Bring a group of guys to fuck up 1 guy. And they didn’t even manage that….

      If I brought 10 guys to take down 1 guy he would have been in the hospital. It was hard for me to believe I walked away from that without a scratch.

      • Alan

        It is never a one on one mano y mano fight. It’s always ten against one.

  • KK

    this is so fucking bad. no one is helping the poor girl. now days youngsters are so fucked up, but basically all the fault goes to the parents who are busy earning for their children.

  • Michael

    Oh God, blame society, blame media, blame government, blame parents, blah blah blah. This is nothing new. Those who feel this is only happening with this generation are clearly ignorant. This is a timeless/ageless problem that will never go away. Kids beat other kids, kids fight….its simple. When all of you get older you will be saying “I cant believe this is happening, when I was young we never did stuff like this…we had morals..blah blah blah” It was a simple ass whipping…get over it everyone.

  • Stimpy

    I live in China, but even I have to ask…..

    What is wrong with the younger generatation of Chinese kids?

    And I’m not asking about the girls beating up the other girl. Because fights happen everywhere.

    More so, the culture of video this, video that…

    More so, the culture of other kids looking at this like its some sort of show….

    More so, the fact that no-one, EVER, steps in…

    Even more so, the fact that tht victim NEVER fights back. Just stands there.

    Why is that?

    • GFZ

      People in China just don’t care about strangers. They just mind their own business. If a fight breaks out, everyone will just circle around and gawk and take pictures, same with car accidents (which I personally experienced).

      My guess for not fighting back is due to severely low self-esteem. They probably think it will be over faster if they just take the beatings. Like I said before, the root of this is crappy parenting skills.

  • Soldier

    Update, and an interview to the poor girl (Sorry, in Chinese only):

    • LOLZ

      Great Post! Here is a translation of the important bits in the first few paragraphs:

      A reporter visited the Sanjianzhen and verified with the local police that the victim is a 2nd year student of the Sanjiao high school. The perpetrators are made up of mostly jobless youths. On 10/12, the local police arrested 3 women related to this incident.

      The 13 year victim JiaJia (fake name) told the reporter yesterday that she knew her abusers. They used to hang out together and the relationship could be said friendly. The reason for the beating is that one of the person in the group asked JiaJia to borrow her cell phone and JiaJia refused. As the result, the perpetrator brought in a group of people and ambushed JiaJia as she was returning from school.

    • LOLZ

      Some other info from the article:

      – Two out of the three attackers came from divorced families, as with JiaJia.
      – The prosecutor said that attackers may receive a two year sentence in the prison
      – According to the education department speaksperson, the attackers were mostly born after the 90s. There are some who have left school 5 years ago, others left school 2-3 years. All of them are unemployed. One of the attackers were filmed to wearing the same school uniform. According to the Shanjiao high school representative, the attacker just recently graduated but was wearing her high school uniform anyway.
      – JiaJia’s father confirmed that he is divorced, but has since remarried and said that Jiajia’s step-mother treats Jiajia nicely at home.
      – Jiajia has suffered obvious mental damage and cannot trust anyone.
      – Jiajia’s fammily is looking for an apology as well as financial compensation for mental damage.

      • sincopaxion

        well thank god those girls are getting the punishment they deserve. And isn’t it great that their crimes were all videoed giving incontrovertible evidence of their guilt!

        • Chen

          yep, it’s nice to know the girls got punished, but damage is done. Pity the victim. Just that I think the punishment ain’t severe. Mental damage is a long term illness and those who cause that to happen must not go away so easily

  • lala28

    I’m chinese.These things happened everywhere in china.
    Do these things’ teenage’s fault or society fault?
    I thing BOTH!

  • http://kvaadk.livejournal.com KVAADK

    This is truly tragic.
    My heart goes out to the young girl so cruelly victimized.
    Does anyone know how she is doing?

  • SadButTrue

    @ GFZ
    I agree, bad parenting certainly is another factor. I realized in Shenzhen parents often let the ayi look for the kids but since the parents don’t have respect for ayis the kids also have no respect for her, and just ignore them. So when they do something bad they never know when to stop.

    • 水溶C100


      tell me about it, I used to say thank you to my friends Aiyi for giving me tea or making dinner and he would ask me why? “she’s just the aiyi”…

  • KB

    Bullies have got to be some of the most idiotic people on the face of this earth. Only they would think it’s cool to upload a video of them assaulting a defenseless girl.
    This reminds me exactly of the incident in Florida a while back when a group of girls beat up another girl and then uploaded it onto YouTube.

    I truly believe karma is going to come bite them in the ass one day and they are not going to like it.

  • jap

    nice panties. where can i see the full video?

    • hei_bai

      amazingly believable troll.

    • Max

      Stupid asshole.

    • Jason

      Down with japanese

  • pervertt

    “Lord of the flies” all over again.
    Some things never change.
    Poor girl, I hope someone looks after her.

  • ShanghaiSteve

    Instead of 2-3 years in prison, they should be required to visit middle and high schools around the country and speak about their crime. Start the speech with an excerpt from the video and then explain how their actions affected the victim, her family and the perpetrator’s families. Each speech is essentially a public apology, a public service and a useful medium for reform. This would be a much more productive use of time for everyone, including the Chinese people.

    • MacDaddy

      Excellent idea. I might add though, that when they finish their public service, they should then be beaten in the same manner as their victim. True justice.

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  • dim mak

    Guangzhou.. figures
    Damnit my ancestors are from there :(

  • VeerLeft

    And it’s usually girls… this is the other thing. The most heartless creatures on the planet are female, make no mistake about it. An adolescent female, female scorned/refused/denied or a female who is extremely jealous has no bounds of conduct.
    Guys, be warned!

  • couldberabbit

    What is it with Chinese and stripping their victims in fights?

    Chinese Century my ass…

  • JP

    Hope this vid helps all those kids get arrested and thrown in jail for good.

    Poor girl. =(

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