Naked Chinese Girl Mentally Ill, Traumatized, or On Drugs?

From Netease:

Shenzhen’s Busy District Shocked by Erotic Streaking Woman, Whoever Puts Clothes on Her Gets Hit

In the video, a bystander is filming a naked girl walking around on the streets of Shenzhen. Other bystanders start gathering to see what’s going on, and some try to cover her up with clothes, but she refuses and even lashes out by hitting back.  After flinging off these garments, she goes back to walking around in the middle of the street. One bystander remarks that it has to be a drug overdose, another observed that she had wounds on her body from being hit, and the guy who was filming said she had a lot of wounds on her hands with other chiming in there were slits on her wrists.

The video then cuts to her wearing a dress inside of a store and then talking to an older lady. Bystanders are now chattering about how she put on the dress herself, and how she managed to get the dress.

A reporter arrives, and a bystander tells her the naked girl has been walking around for about 40 minutes, how she put on a dress willingly, and that she seems to still have a bit sanity left. The naked girl hasn’t said anything about why she’s doing this, but has picked up bricks to fight off people who tried to clothe her.

The older lady then says the girl won’t say where the wounds on her hands and feet came from. The naked girl doesn’t say much, doesn’t want to go home, and refused an offer to go to the older lady’s home. The filming guy asks if the girl got the dress from the her stores, and the old lady also responds that she offered to pay the shop owner of an adjacent store for the dress that the girl chose to wore.

Comments from Netease:


Faint to death. Whether big or small, women’s brains don’t work properly.. This one obviously has broken down entirely.
Although I don’t want to discriminate against women. But….


Probably got hurt by some guy to the point of insanity.


There are still more good people [than bad people]~! Despise those taking pictures with their cellphones……


Too fat.


Those guys gathering around are really without shame!


Perhaps she was bullied by others, and suffered a grave injustice, with no one to help resolve it. Would the government care?


Filmed very well, next time film your younger sister.


Fashionable!!  Or artistic?


This most vile mosaic [refers to the censoring], who put it there. Request an expert to remove the mosaic.


Took hallucinogens.


This world is getting more and more interesting.


Not a bad figure..


Seeing this makes one feel sad…… also feel warm-hearted, wish the benevolent old lady health and long life!!!

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  • bai ren

    In a country as populated at China there are bound to be incidents such as this. what this story demonstrates is not how crazy, tramatized etc people are treated, but that any difference (like a boy wearing womens cloths) gets you noticed and up on the net. It feels like the cultural revolution all over again with the high level of survailence, and demands for ppl to fall into line. lets hope human flesh search etc dont inspire mobs and moblization and the horror of the last revolution can be left in the past

    • karen

      hmm, so if a full grown woman wandered around naked on the streets in public in a western country for 40 odd minutes, this “difference” would not get you noticed?


      • tizzletov

        What? Jesus. Either I’ve forgotten how to speak English or there is something wrong with the grammatical structures of the comments preceding mine.

      • Johny-5

        it would probably get you arrested.

      • Shanhairen

        In a western country the police would take the woman away after about 20 minutes of her stripping.

  • draco

    ha second!!!!!!!

  • jubb

    god… whats wrong with u people… u just film everything… do u even film ur mother and sister… dont make a fun of others problem… i would like to know what really happend to her… its the situation that can force people to act insane… where is the humankind…

    • http://www.地球.中国.cn Kedafu

      the humanity is RIGHT HERE!! YEAHHH!!!!

      She is off to the “new” Scandinavian- designed People’s Hospital

      Wish her a speedy recovery!

      From all the Smackers


  • mekos

    crazy stuff… yet to see in other parts of the world

    • Crystal

      In other parts of the world naked girls (and also guys) are running out to the football pitches during the big games ))

      • Name (required)

        Yes, indeed. +1 for Crystal.

      • TransplantedChinko

        It is called flashing. I personally saw a young pretty white girl (about 18) did just that in the watchful eyes of all the bachelor guys in the bar in a south pacific island called Kwajalein. As a result, the guys’ eyes were bulging out looking, drooling and having hell of a hard on. That was quite a feat. hehehehe…

  • Someone

    why has the last three posts all been about bodies and appearances?!? i’m sick of this stuff….show me something that i can relate to more. p.s. why did you choose to put up the picture in black and white?

    • Rick in China

      Eh, uh, I think it’s less about body or appearance and more about someone who appears to be crazy in public, and the chatter around what could have caused the incident.

      • Name (required)

        Yeah, ChinaSmack should post the Milk Tea Girl reappears in Nanjing University speech.

  • Chinese Netizen

    Sweeeeet pi gu! A rarity on Chinese girls!

    • TransplantedChinko

      Direct translation of “Pi Gu” is fart drum or ass in English and you admire it? You must be some kind of sex fiend or pervert.

  • Mr. Wang

    This a girl should be go to hell! How can the shameless walk in the street naked? Such a shameful a person, I hope our glorius Chinese government, arrest the shameless girl and put her in the prison.

    • superoo… sup?

      Ever heard of mental illness? Ever think she might need help? something your glorius government lacks doing for the people.

    • Vince

      Mr. wang…wang lol

  • Craig

    I knew somebody (friend of my brother) that was walking around town naked over here in the USA about 20 years ago or so. She was taken to some local mental institute for a little bit. Don’t think they really wanted to treat her, just get an excuse to get rid of her when she appeared somewhat ok. Most people with mental problems don’t have the financial means to treat them, pay staff to look after them, pay for boarding, etc., so the burden is on the local government agencies. I would suspect in Chinese society, there would be even less incentive, empathy, support (emotional, financial, etc.) for people with mental issues in general.

  • zach

    i blame her parents

  • Chinawatcher

    I don’t know which planet you guys are on. The bystanders may have been initially flummoxed and curious (who wouldn’t be: it’s not something most people see in a lifetime, and if I saw a woman walking naked on the streets, I wouldn’t be able to make sense of it as well; my first cynical thoughts might even be ‘oh, a cheap publicity stunt’).

    But once they realise something is wrong, everyone around her is compassionate in the extreme. They try to get her dressed despite her beating them with bricks and slapping them; one bystander woman even removes her top and offers it to the girl. I was genuinely moved by the compassion of the bystanders. And yet, most people can only see a f****ed-up China (Note: it is f****ed up in many ways, but this episode isn’t representative of that).

    Have a heart, folks, and you will see the immense generosity of spirit spontaneously on display here.

    • Kai


      • crackedbamboo

        ah! a sufferable comment from the whiz kid at last

    • malajiji

      Here here. I’ve been living here for 5 years now and most people are genuinely good-natured. However, a nation or government under scrutiny is a different matter.

  • Singapore Short Stories

    Oh wat a sight!

  • korean_guy

    maybe she’s looking for a husband.

  • Mark

    These days in China, a girl has to walk around naked to prove that she is in fact a girl, and not just a dude parading around as a girl.

  • ml

    It was only female bystanders who tried to help this young girl. In can’t help but notice there were several males filming. WHAT IS WRONG WITH THEM?

    • Frijoles

      That’s right, if a naked woman was walking around any western city, there wouldn’t be any men filming.

      god bless america!

    • Hei_Bai

      That’s why China needs to legalize porn. If you can’t beat off you start to do crazy things


    When I lived in Longhua, a suburb of Shenzhen, a guy used to sit stark naked outside the gated community I lived in, just down the road from a police box. I once asked the police who he was and why they didn’t do anything about it, they replied that he was just some crazy guy and that no-one cared enough to do anything. I later found out that mentally ill people were being taken out of the city centre and dumped in the suburbs and countryside.

  • yang tang

    it looks like another sleazy Chinese girl willing to do anything for money and attention.

    that’s what makes this society go round…

    • Frijoles

      Ah, yes. The ivory tower. Western women NEVER do sleazy things for a little bit of fame or attention.

      Things like releasing sex tapes, getting out of cars with no panties in full view of hordes of paparazzi, and moisturizing their breasts with lotion on live stream is far above your non-chinese female.

      In spite of all this, I would wager you’re yet another FT white male in China with a creepy yellow fever fetish and a chinese gf/wife?

      …god bless america!

  • barry

    nice to see the police just walking about doing nothing to help…

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  • Frijoles

    Jones, your hyper nationalism in this thread is disturbing. It’s perfectly okay for yang tang and uber to make generalized statements about Chinese but when I flip it and turn that same attitude on Americans it’s serious business, right?

    I know this website is aimed at foreigners, but the chauvinistic attitudes are a little over the top. China and its citizens are not above criticism, but for crying out loud, stop doing from a self-righteous position.

    Can you imagine a “North America/Europe/Oceania Smack” where foreign students and residents analyzed their news to post the same type of disrespect and ad homonyms that get hurled at Chinese every other day by the regulars here?

    From the temper tantrums you’re throwing about my posts (which I already explained weren’t to be taken seriously, they are to make a point) even when they’re on the same level as the anti-chinese garbage being posted, I highly doubt it would fly.

    • Terence

      Well over half of the people here bash China on a regular basis, just like on the thebeijinger forums. Both places are homes for poorly integrated foreigners (of many nationalities) in China. It is a shame about China Smack, because this site offers a really unique look into everyday Chinese culture for those smart enough and cultured enough to appreciate it.

      • TransplantedChinko

        I used to be on the defensive side for China, I don’t any more as the purpose of ChinaSMACK as suggested by the name is to ChinaSMACK.

        • TransplantedChinko

          It is a shame, but it is the truth.

  • korean_guy

    China-bashing is like telling a retarded kid he’s stupid.

    • TransplantedChinko

      So the person who is telling a retarded kid that he is stupid is retarded also just like you, moron.

      • korean_guy

        Very good TransplantedChinko you get my point. No one needs to China bash, the bashing happens all by itself.

      • Live & Let Live

        you’ve just got pwned trollolololol

  • MF

    This is a little off topic, but enough already of the picture of the guy’s chopped up back. It’s an old story, and it’s too disgusting.

    This story reminded me that my friends who lived just outside of the city limits of Shenzhen in Longgang used to have a local naked person. I don’t remember whether it was a man or a woman, but people used to try to give the person clothes from time to time, but he or she would not wear them. That was several years ago, so this is probably a different person.

  • TransplantedChinko

    This girl needs help. She is either on drugs or was dumped by her boyfriend and suffered from extreme depression. Poor thing.

  • AmWayHm

    Gotta be XTC; I’ve seen this twice in the States as an aux police officer.

  • anne

    Maybe she was having a complex partial seizure, people sometimes take their clothes off and do other weird things like that when they get those seizures. They also hit out when you try to touch or retrain them. Then once she recovered she went and got dressed.

  • Soysauce

    Its funny, this sort of thing only happens in China or Japan. Correct me if I’m wrong…

  • TransplantedChinko

    She had a very bad case of sleepwalking.

  • nicholas

    do not hide any thing them all

  • mig

    if it was a dude walking naked would they also try cover him up or would he just get arrested for incident exposure????

  • Siekeo

    Decent curves. She got what she wanted at the end, a ride home…

  • Steven

    Yes, it was supposed to be a joke. What’s more troubling is that a lot of you believed that Mr. Wang is actually a Chinese person. Truthfully I feel sorry for this girl, she clearly needs help, and she certainly isn’t going to get the kind of help she needs in China.

  • Spanky

    Not familiar with that term.

    Maybe related to the sicko in Wuhan that had the 2 girls chained in the basement. He’ll get the death penalty and deserve it. People in the US always saw we should abolish the death penalty. I think we should learn from China and use it more sometimes.

  • Steven

    Hey man, lets not bring politics into this. This girl needs help, not some arrogant westerner saying pointless things like this. There are many places that are much worse than Shenzhen, like North Korea.

  • eattot

    i can see you and your wife really made a good couple!!!
    so i am sure she won’t be shocked by what you wrote here.

  • Sin

    “Judging by this video Shenzhen looks like shit”
    Lol you’re a fucking moron

  • promo

    Dude! Shenzhen is not a hell hole. I lived there for seven years, before relocating to another country. And it keeps getting developed even better than ever. If u knew Shenzhen of 2002 , u would realise that alot has changed. Never generalise based on the little u see. Quit! being a Stereotype. Every city has it’s good and bad part.

  • TransplantedChinko

    What? Your wife can get any satisfaction from you, has to resort to uncensored porn and which is good??? At the same time you are drooling over someone’s ass, not your ugly wife’s? Thanks for the info. LOL

  • Alikese

    First time you ever saw her tits though, right?


  • TransplantedChinko

    You are a lying faggoty bitch. hahahaha

  • Kai

    Oh shit. Them be fightin’ words.

  • crackedbamboo

    why don’t you throw your ‘ex’ comment into the mix

  • crackedbamboo

    you pass as a hick about as well as you do a wit


    Shenzhen is not much better or worse than any other city in mainland China. Having HK and Macau close by is a minor plus, against which you have to set the shitily hot weather and bad pollution even compared to, say, Nanjing.

  • barry

    haven’t you heard the Chinese don’t have a sense of humor, they only laugh at other peoples misfortunes, oh wait westerners do that too…

  • Frijoles

    @ Jones

    Calm down, bud. I deduced that Yang Tang was a native English speaker his grammar and use of idioms in the previous post.

    And I actually didn’t care where he was from. My use of the “god bless america” meme was to make a satirical point about how ridiculous his statements were about women in chinese society by comparing it to irrational right-wing americans,

    especially when looking at the Paris Hilton/Amy Winehouse rejects western countries produce…get it?

    Oh, and I’m Dominican by the way.

  • Frijoles


    Like how in America, every Asian is Chinese? Every Latin American is a “beaner” or illegal immigrant? Everyone in the Middle East is an Iraqi?

    The Americans are too busy stuffing their fat gullets with Big Macs to bother with such silly things like differentiating nationalities…

  • TransplantedChinko

    “can” s/b “can’t”

  • Spanky

    Yes. So, you’re saying forced prostitution and not voluntary.

  • TransplantedChinko

    Jollies need to get a suntan once in a while too.

  • Spanky

    I was down there 2 weeks ago. Wallet was stolen. First time that happened in China (been here almost 5 years). At a Western hotel massage place. Screamed bloody hell about calling the police though and the wallet magically reappeared.

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