Guangdong Youth Humiliate & Beat Pretty Pregnant Girl

From NetEase

Summary: Recently, a “Pretty Guangdong Pregnant Woman Beaten By Group” mobile phone video has been spreading on several well-known domestic video sharing websites. A group of youth beat up [with fists and feet] a pregnant female that looks like a student, and even though the pregnant victim pleaded in tears, the onlooking young men and women turned a blind eye.

This video is also on Mop.

Comments from NetEase:


Whoever can human flesh search them out, I will give 5000; whoever chops off their hands, I will give 10,000;


Born human, but their parents did not bring them up right, so the became human scum.


Why does Guangdong always produce this kind of disgusting thing???
Saying Guangdong is uncivilized and has no legal consciousness would not be undeserved,
after all, who else could Guangdong blame…
Crime rates so high they never come down…whose fault???
Moreover, a bunch of post-90s generation little cunts, truly TMD shits, I simply don’t see post-90s as human.


I too am a Guangdong person [Cantonese], there are good and bad people amongst Cantonese, so people shouldn’t curse all Cantonese people! Can these beasts even be considered Cantonese? Guangdong doesn’t have this kind of beast! My fellow comrades, everyone needs to know that nowadays these kinds of beasts can be found everywhere! Do not hurt your comrades’ feelings over these beasts!!!


I think those people are too lacking in conscience, even heavily attacking a pregnant woman. No morals at all.


May I ask, what the hell was the person filming doing?? Just to get some clicks??? You didn’t know to stop it??? I don’t understand!!


To tell the truth…in the south, a general lack of importance attached to education/upbringing has created a portion of people with very low characters…what can you do, they only know to make money there…that’s why everyone sees those foul-mouthed, low-character millionaires on television…


Seeing so many violent beating incident videos on the internet, I have never taken them to heart. But today, I simply cannot put up with an expecting mother being bitten by a bunch of dogs! This time I will let you bunch of thugs with dirty thinking, vile souls, and only the skin of humans know just what is a violent incident! Hehe!


If there is a miscarriage, then that would be legal assault, punishable with 10 years and up.


This is the first part, the video is not complete. I used to have the complete video on my mobile phone, and later the girl was taken to a hotel room where she was stripped naked and photographed, and they even made the girl do various obscene things~~


This young, apparently still a student, already pregnant, and since we see other girls also beating her, I must conclude that she must’ve seduced someone else’s boyfriend, had sex, and became pregnant…if it is not this kind of situation, who could bear to hit a pregnant woman??

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  • pancho

    wow thats Really fucked up

    • Mr. Potato Head

      If you don’t need my money to get a unclaimed sum of money out of Nigeria, which we will split – then I am not interested.

  • akbar lo

    thats how favre must be feeling like right now

    • Zuo Ai

      hahahaahahahahaaahahahahahahahahaaa +1

    • Mr. Potato Head

      well played sir, well played.

  • Nagexingqisi

    Guangdong needs batman

    • Kai

      LoL, indeed.

    • FYIADragoon

      Needs Chinese Electric Batman.

    • V

      More like the Punisher.

    • alan

      Na nanaa nananana….Batman!

      • 邓涛明

        Na-NAAAAAAAAA nanana-NA-nana-na, Katamari Damacy.

  • j.lo

    How can you beat on a pregnant woman? If there are that many netizens opening these videos or searching the net to find it, then what does that say about the people in China. I refuse to open this video because I don’t want to see Chinese people doing this to their fellow Chinese. The more attention we give to these videos, the more people will be hurt!

    • szft

      exactly.the reason why we always find such videos on the internet is because a lot of people watch them.
      i also blame the website admin. for letting such videos go online.

      • johnny

        szft says:
        Tuesday, January 26, 2010 at 3:33 pm
        exactly.the reason why we always find such videos on the internet is because a lot of people watch them.
        i also blame the website admin. for letting such videos go online.

        you stupid prick, this is exactly the medium to let all know of these atrocities.

    • Kaylan

      I agree. I could not watch the video either. It would be too upsetting. I pray that woman is alright after that assault and her child too. Just a horrible evil against this girl!

  • malagebi

    Their qualm was with the baby, not the woman.

  • craze

    they are not Cantonese. Speaking in Hokkien.

    • Mike Fish

      and the center of Hakka culture and language is… drum roll please… Meizhou, in Guangdong

      • ah-bin

        He wrote “Hokkien” not “Hakka” you numpty!

  • Goodness

    Oh let me guess. Was there was an ice cream cone involved? Just disgraceful.

  • Rick in China

    I believe it’s gov’t sponsored 5mao version of population control.

  • Wuto

    God damn this is total bullshit, man if only some of these post 90 scum would harden the fuck up and be a man. A real man never hits a woman!

  • Ike

    i’d hit it lol


    I shouldn’t be surprised that many Chinese have no respect for human rights and unborn children after the madness of the Cultural Revolution and the countless millions of coerced abortions that took place as a result of the One Child Policy. Long ago your nation abandoned morality and replaced it with Bolshevism and Materialism, your nation must be cleansed, one way or the other.

    I’ve seen this shit 4 or 5 times already on Chinasmack, show me one incident of this shit happening in the ROK and I’ll apologise.

    • Mike

      You know, I read your comments alot and you always seem to have a smartass comment for everything. You have no respect for any race including your own. You think yourself superior to everyone. I would love to come to your country and meet you face to face. I assure you I would fix your arrogant attitude in about 30 seconds.
      Your a punk with a big mouth. You need it fixed.


        If you’re actually willing to travel to Korea just to fight someone who hurt your feelings on the internet, you need to take a long, hard look at your life.

        • Tins of sardines

          Nice rebuttal. +1

        • MD

          why don’t you take a look at your on life? You spend all day here trying to talk shit about another country… you are the one who should really get a life… and also remember this, Korea always loses to China! In fact Korea had never won a war against an outsider in this entire history of existence! what a pathetic bunch man…

          • FOARP

            Except against the Japanese back in the 16th century or so, which they won. I guess you suck at history.

          • Anon

            didnt sui dynasty got their butt kicked in korea?

      • The Wade

        having a smartass comment is better than having a dumbass comment like mike’s

      • jack butcher

        Mike,我们有污点,让人看到了,让人嘲笑了这个很正常,只有正视错误,并且能改正才能赢得尊重。可惜小鱼翻不起大浪。 你看看德国人,当年的德国人跟希特勒的关系就跟我们跟MAOMAO一样,可人家认识到错误了,并且改正了。现在还有人嘲笑他们吗?

    • B. Prichard

      Not sure comparing something to Korea in terms of domestic violence is ever much of an idea.,.pdf

      Interesting statistics there.

      Also, I’m pretty sure there is no rash of pregnant-woman bashings going on in China. Just another excuse for Chinese people to express their disdain for Cantonese people, for older Chinese people to express their disdain for younger Chinese people, and for foreigners to express their disdain for Chinese people.

      Good times all around.

    • jenny

      hahaha um….hella bad shit happens in korea too. like those elementary schoolers who watched porn then raped their classmates. yeah. you can apologize now -__-

  • krdr

    Can someone translate what they were saying and give follow-up, more details?

  • Joon

    Soon we’ll find out that it was because it was a ‘zebra’ baby

  • BaldTerror

    This is standard gang mentality in action. The weak minded individuals (most of the gang) follow a leader (biggest local bully and sadist) and are easily corrupted through bullying and peer pressure into doing whatever the leader does so as to not be bullied themselves, this will often result in the gang picking on the most vulnerable people (victims)in the gangs area of influance.

    I am sure this is the same all around the world and always has been especially in poorer areas where people have limited access to financial self improvement.

  • jimmyfixset

    What the fuck~ I’m Korean so I don’t understand what they saying but that city is Gotham Guangdong. I agree they need batman. ~~lol

  • Shenzhen Photos

    this is disgusting as usual. im surprised the victims in just about all of these videos never try to run or fight back – they just sit there and take it.

    • beowulf

      That is normal human behaviour. Just think of Ausschwitz or Nanjing. Most of the people wont fight back. And most people think I would never ever let anybody treat me like that and then they are shocked to find out, that they are to scared to do something.

    • BritishKiD

      It takes more courage to take the beating then fight back, fighting does not resolve anything, besides, if she can take a beating she can give a beating.

      • beowulf

        sorry but that is not true. Of course I also think that avoiding a fight is always the best. But the truth is that most of the people are to scarred to punch back. They just want to get away or get it over with. It is not an easy thing to hurt someone on purpose. Especially if you are scared at this moment. A lot of people are afraid to make the bully even more angry or to hurt somebody and get into trouble with the police or they are just not capable to fight because an inner barrier holds them back.

  • Annoy

    disgusting as usual. Idk wat else to say… how about bring them out on a trial, then shoot them afterward?

  • http://没有 kedafu

    My God,

    Alot of bad things come from Guangdong

    SARS included, remember that?

    Where is The wenzhou bike hero?

    i belive the cantonese say, “go on the street and die!”


  • FYIADragoon

    She’s really pretty, if she wasn’t already used, I’d HIT it.


    Thank you, I’ll be here all night.

  • BritishKiD

    This is very disturbing and very wrong, although i am relieved they did not harm the baby, if they starting hitting her in the stomach then i think i would hunt these kids down and cut there hands off. this kind of stuff is a big problem in china, i am english but i know this is not china, what has ebcome of china!?

  • JerryM

    The lesson we have learned from ChinaSmack is that if you are a pretty girl in Guangdong – move.

  • Jjanke

    Why is everyone so surprised about this? This is normal in China. It happens all the time. Its a part of their culture. Jjankes behave like animals because thats the only thing they are good at.

    TJB = Typical jjanke behavior.

    • BaoBei

      Haha, “jjanke”. . .looks like ChinaSmack’s korean readership is picking up, we got Pusan Playa, Busan Bitch, and now Jjanke. lmao

  • http://没有 kedafu

    my bad spelling sorry…

    yall sick pronographic sadistic mofos

    what is this site coming too??

  • HawaiiKai

    All Chinese are animals. Japanese did not kill enough of them.

    • 我是个人

      You are a racist miscarriage, the doctor was blind and therefore he had mistaken you for a baby. Just because there are some stupid motherfuckers does not mean every Chinese is like this you fucked up dumb bitch

    • MD

      Why don’t you come and finish the job then? … Yeah that’s what I thought, you’re scared…

    • …………

      How did an angry animal like you escape away from the zoo?

      • dioewjoidqwj

        i think the angry person is you, and you need your cage back.

    • Hongwu Emperor

      Chinese people can also get rid of scum like YOURSELF, garbage.

      • dioewjoidqwj

        Dunning-Kruger effect. Chinese people are such scum that they fail to recognize themselves as such. Admitting one’s racial inferiority is the first step to greatness.

        • Hongwu Emperor

          So you think chinese people are scum, and yet you are posting in a website called chinaSMACK… the irony!!

    • HawaiKaiSucksHimselLike-a-Dog

      Drop dead you BASTARD! I’m not Chinese, but how DARE you refer to this wonderful people and culture in this manner? YOU PIG! SLAVE!

      • Balefulness

        go away you snivelling, grovelling weasel!

  • Gordon

    I am Cantonese from Hong Kong. I don’t understand a freaking word they said, what dialect were they speaking in? that’s definedely not Cantonese. no matter how wrong the girl could be, beating a pregnant woman is beyond barbaric. I hope they get death sentence

    • Chen

      I can’t as well. Definitely not Cantonese. Girl aint that pretty, but better than the rest. And again, Chinese in China prove to us that they are more barbaric and other nation in SEA.

      • beowulf

        “Chinese in China prove to us that they are more barbaric and other nation in SEA.”


      • da gongji

        china is not in SEA

  • thomas

    simply sick behavior…

  • Truth Hurts

    There certainly has been quite a few videos of youths urban hazing (victimization) coming out of GuangDong these days. However, we need to keep in mind that GuangDong has one of the largest populace of workers from other provinces. That is to say, not all of these fights are conducted by Cantonese people. Simply said, in a massive forest like China, every type of ‘birds’ exists. I don’t condone the beatings but I think the broad got what she deserved and is not just a random let’s go pick on a pretty girl because she is prettier than us reason. Something was up, she did something she shouldn’t of and now must face the retribution.

  • cahew134

    in asia, if a student has had sex, or is pregnant, they become the schools target, the schools reject.

  • MM

    according to the news reports from Hong Kong, this happened in ChiuChow, Guandong. Those girls were jealous of the pregnant girl’s looks so they started beating her up

  • fireworks

    Mob rule mentality on the streets. Vigilante justice. Must be from the Chaozhou or the South Fujian area as they speak a minnan dialect.

  • B. Prichard

    I love the comments from people who said that this insults Chinese culture.

    Those are the kind of comments that lend stability to my otherwise tumultuous life. My rock, if you will.

    • B. Prichard

      Wrong article! My apologies.

      • Tins of sardines

        Still made sense. Run with it.

  • scott

    i would like to put a bullet in the head of each one of these motherfuckers and the bystanders who did nothing to help the pregnant girl.

  • Jay

    Humans acting like animals.

    How rare and surprising.

  • james

    PEPPER SPRAY!!! or Tazer, get some protection.

  • Leon

    How is it that everytime we see one of these things, the woman in question is always pregnant? I think they are adding that for dramatic effect, not that the act itself is not bad enough. Sort of like they preface everything with “beautiful girl”. No names, no cities, no reasons, no police records,…but they know she is pregnant…me thinks not.

  • Maoist

    This would never have happened under Mao

  • Amberjack

    She is very beautiful. Is it possible that the girls that are attacking her a envious? Do you think she would marry an American and move to to America and get away from such terrible behavior? If I had contact with her I would marry her and make her life a happy one.

    Larry and American

    • paxman

      Why do Americans always think that marrying someone to bring them back to the US is doing them such a favour?? Give me a break. That country is one of the last places I would want to live in.

  • RayJay

    Why haven’t you hunted down these stupid cunt’s and crucified them? You somehow find this funny? May the wrath of God fall on all you bastards for not helping the weak and helpless.

  • TheOtherMichael

    these girls are gaginang. teochiew. i haven’t spoken it for a long while. but trying to make out what their saying was abit of a challenge.
    all i could make out was hit hit hit hit hit hit she’s bleeding stop hit hit hit..hope that helps anyone who wants to know what they’re saying. haha

  • hero

    Mommy, what are the monkeys doing?

  • hero

    In all seriousness, why is the emphasis put on her being “pretty”?

    It’s so typically Chinese to do that, “she is pretty so it is worse”.

    Shallow people.

  • GD_bitches_triad

    wth, I couldn’t stream the video, my net is capped for the month.

    The beaters were girls?????????????? dang, those gd bitches need to be spanked hard by ME

  • galz_hunter

    I hate her for not being pregnant cus of me

  • Pengster74

    Those attackers must be caught given a taste of their own medicine! 刮脸游街,充军二十载。案底永留,无有翻身之日!

  • li

    It is understandable that in every corner of the world there exist some sick asses acting typically as Jones do.

  • LSK

    This case has been taken by the Police, I’m sure those guys will be in serious trouble.

  • Amberjack

    LSK I do certainly hope so. Do you have any information that the police are investigating? If they are do you think anything will come of it or will it just be swept under the carpet?

    Hero you of course are absolutely right no one deserves this kind of treatment.

  • sam

    too many population in china …better of killed some of them

  • LOLZ

    A follow up on the story. Since many people are here to bitch about the Chinese although they don’t know how to read Chinese, I am to provide a crappy translation of the text.

    – YangZhen Evening News reporter has learned that the video which has been circulating the net is an edited version. After the initial spread of the video, ZhaoYang police immediately mobilized its detectives and investigators to survey the area.

    – According to the police, they were able to follow up on a single clue, and that is the bedding in what appears to be the hotel room where the assault took place. This clue allowed the police to learn the location of this hotel. After speaking with the owner of the hotel, it was revealed that a group of young people have been checking out rooms there recently. After waiting there until 2-3 AM, the police finally found witnesses.

    – The local police chief opened a folder about 1 inches thick, including the witness statements. The origins of the video was from around 2007 jun/july. The victim’s alias is “JiaJia”, 17 years hold, ShengYang resident. That day, JiaJia was lead by the 17 and 18 year old Cha girls (they have the same last name but the article didnot mention if they are related) to the skirt of the road. The two girls asked whether JiaJia stole their cells phones and spreading rumors about them. JiaJia did not admit to this and was immediately attacked.

    Around 2007 Fall, jaiJia was again lead by the group to a motel. There is a new girl in the group, Ms.Yang. There the girls accused JiaJia of spreading rumors again and attacked Jiajia. Jiajia was forced to strip and performed lewd acts. Although both events happened over a period of few months, the videos taken from both events were sent and spread over the net via cellphones.

    According to the police, they have constantly looked for Jiajia. They has been communications but then JiaJia declined to help the police. There is also no confirmation that JiaJia is pregnant.

    Today, the police are still looking for the Cha girls. According to the police the girls are unemployed and the parents claimed they don’t return home. From the way they dressed in the video it could be observed that these girls came from a poor background. The parents said that the girls are bad and are disappointed and helpless.

    On 2008 Sept 8th, Ms. Yang (one of the girls in the 2nd video) was arrested for drugs. However, because she was pregnant at the time she was released on Sept 19th. There were no other arrests.

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