Raccoon Skinned Alive, Raises Head To Look At Own Body

A raccoon is skinned alive in China by fur traders.

An old video, but like many videos of this kind, it will regularly be posted and spread again by netizens who see it for the first time. Warning: This video is very graphic.

On Ku6:

Raccoon skinned alive struggles to raise its head to look at its own body!

Chinese fur trader slams a raccoon on the ground to knock it out.

A Chinese fur trader steps on the neck of a raccoon, preparing to cut off its legs and skin it for its fur.

Comments from Tianya:


Saw this a long time ago.
When I watch it, I don’t think about how
I’m going to cry.

Fuck, those that wear fur products, their own skin should be ripped off. I BS them.


I’m afraid to watch…
Not because I’m a coward…but because if I watch it, I will definitely have the impulse to smash the computer…


Who can tell me why they need to skin them alive?
What is the purpose of skinning them alive?


The raccoon is shedding tears!!! Humans are too cruel!!!


Seeing the scene where it get skinned alive and then looks at itself, I shed tears~~


If you’re going to kill them, at least do it quickly. The person skinning the raccoons alive should also be skinned alive!!!


Saw this before, very cruel, don’t dare to watch a second time.


How can this person be this cruel??????
I really bear to watch take these kind of scenes.
After watching half of it, I couldn’t go on…
So shocking/disturbing…

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  • warped0ne

    I to want to know what’s the purpose of skinning these animals alive? Completely inhuman.

    • http://www.theworldofchinese.com/ The World of Chinese Mag

      Agreed. Not sure why people need to wear fur, but even if they do, there’s absolutely no reason not to kill the animals quickly and humanely before skinning them.

      • Master C

        I second that. Maybe the government should give them both tools and instructions. Though useful as a reminder/deterrent to any Abu Gharaib minded freaks everywhere, this is nothing to be proud of among the regular civvies worldwide.

    • Frank

      It’s uncertain from the video if they are all skinned alive. It appears that they initial blows (slamming the raccoon on the ground) is either meant to kill them (crushing their skulls) or at least render them unconscious. The focus of the video leads us to assume only the latter but that’s not certain. Canadian seal hunters have been accused of doing similar things, clubbing seal pups in the head but not always ensuring that they’re actually dead before skinning them for their pelts. The fur trade is not something most people have the stomach for.

    • http://www.ethansenglishcafe.com Ethan

      Speed. Ensuring they are dead each time would slow them down, yes it’s sick but the same shit happens to the animals people eat. What we don’t see no one cares about, so stop watching shit like this and you can go back to living happily and pretending the world treats animals well. Or get angry and stop supporting sick industries like the fur and the meat industry.

      • Master C

        Or open your own abattoir and make sure all meat animals have the quickest, most painless death possible. For lowest cost, wholesale orders of sedatives and euthanatizing agents (gas based would be better as blood products must not be tainted from injectables – lung offal wasted though unless you’re one of those evil pet food manufacturers ‘unaware’ of causing liver problems in mainly cats . . . ) should help.

        The fur and meat industry are not ‘sick’, thats discriminating, you just called more than half the world’s population a n1gg3r because of their dietary or product choice preference. Petrochem is sicker and causes more suffering overall and general morbidity (amongst other things) from polluting the human populace.

        “Until one has killed an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened, wrong part awakens though . . . ” – (adopted from Anatole France’s saying)

    • Shoeshine

      I doubt he’s trying to skin it alive…coons just don’t die well. I’ve seen a coon continue to struggle with two bullets in the head. They’re tough little SOBs.

    • Carl

      I believe it is so that they won’t have to puncture the fur they were trying to preserve. Regardless, I didn’t and I won’t finish the video so I wouldn’t know.

    • Mathew Heathcock

      for an understanding of why this horrid shit happens in china, you want to study a developmental model such as Spiral Dynamics.

      You will see that china’s lower social and moral development has meant that many have not developed personally to the point where they can understand that an animal can suffer pain, and that it should not be made to suffer.

      It’s not that they are a lower race, it’s that they haven’t grown up yet.

      Spiral Dynamics will change the way you look at the world.

      Then read Ken Wilber.

  • GreenTea

    Oh Great, now the uneducated people that comes here will bash china on inhuman bs like this.

    before you guys even start that shit, let me just say, this happen everywhere. If theres a demand for fur, this is how most will get the fur.

    • Justin

      Agreed. They’ll bash China without reading the comments left by Chinese who are equally as disgusted by this behavior. The Chinese human fleshed search the kitten killers for shit like this.

    • No Evil

      By skinning them alive? This is not ‘China bashing’, seeing as the original post and video was posted by CHINESE people!

      Are you really that evil and insecure that anything bad a Chinese person does and is brought to light ‘China bashing’?

      I guess the US media is ‘America bashing’ every time they report on bad things Americans do….

      • anon

        GreenTea did not say that reporting anything bad done by a Chinese person is “China bashing” but that the “uneducated people” that come here will “bash China” because of it when this happens in other places outside of China at the hands of non-Chinese people. That’s true. The key point is that people are uneducated because they forget that fact and that they’re willing to bash an entire country and people for the actions of a few. But then again, that’s a lot of people are, aren’t they?

        • Frank

          Just ignore the bloody imbeciles. It’s always the same trolls making the same remarks. It’s not that they don’t know it, it’s that they enjoy spewing the hate.

          Personally, they should be moderated under Rule 7 of the comment policy: Unacceptable stupidity. How about it, Fauna?

          • Peter

            I will add my $.02 here.

            There are many aspects of Chinese society that Westerners will find objectionable. They will bash China because they feel it should be bashed, and this kind of animal cruelty, which occurs in many places is just one example.

            Take the eating of dog as an example. I love dog soap, but for many westerners (owing to their irrational affection for one animal over another) eating dog is the height of animal cruelty.

            I had a point when I started this post – seems to have vanished into the ether and the phone call now waiting for.

          • Frank

            There are many aspects of Westerners bashing China that many people will find objectionable. They will bash those Westerners bashing China because they feel they should be bashed, and this kind of China bashing, which occurs in many places and against many other countries, is just one example.

            So I repeat, the unacceptable stupidity rule should be better enforced. Case in point: the imbecile below who thinks it clever to identify himself as a “White Man” and use a straw man arguments for his trolling.

          • Moral Equivalence

            There are people who have and will continue to post things like:

            OMG!!! Chineze poeple are so Cruel!

            Despite my distaste with eating dog and cat, I do feel that if they are taken care of and slaughtered appropriately, it is no different than eating pork, mutton, or beef.

            But we also can’t just ignore it and say, “Oh this happens everywhere.” In other countries there is animal cruelty of a deliberate nature, like dog fighting, and of a less deliberate nature, like slaughter for food or products.

            In my own personal experience in China, the idea of animal rights is far less prevalent than in the West. It’s no accident that animal cruelty laws were only introduced very recently. Commonly cited incidents involving the use of various endangered species in traditional medicine and exceptionally cruel fur or meat farms are just part of it. There are also examples of cities dealing with the spread of disease or pet overpopulation with indiscriminate culling campaigns (http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/14139027/ns/health-pet_health).

            One of my former bosses went to a restaurant where the owner skinned a frog, flipped it out of its skin, and laughed while the poor animal jumped around the room. When he said something the man was confused by the idea that causing the frog any pain meant something.

            When I went to the zoo, despite signs posted, at every cage or pen I saw someone pounding on the glass or fence, yelling at the animal, taunting it, or otherwise acting completely ignorant. In Beijing, you can eat many of the animals in the zoo at the restaurant (http://www.csmonitor.com/World/Global-News/2010/0520/Beijing-Zoo-lets-visitors-admire-eat-wildlife), which seems to send the wrong message to me.

            I’ve seen more of this when dealing with rats. They are pests that carry disease and are a nuisance, they’re killed anywhere else in the world, too. However, I’ve seen a rat in a cage have boiling water poured over it. When my roommate asked the woman what she was thinking, again, no understanding of what was wrong with her behavior. When I had rats in my apartment, my Chinese girlfriend’s mother bought a glue trap. When we caught a rat, her suggestion was to just throw it away. The second time this happened a Chinese neighbor suggested the same thing. I protested both times that this would be a slow cruel death, but they didn’t understand why that mattered.

            There are clearly very many people in China who do believe in animal rights, but from what I have seen it’s not a very high percentage. In the West, there are still animals kept in inhumane conditions, slaughtered, etc. But I think there is a more pervasive attitude that animals deserve at least to be granted a stay from unnecessary cruelty.

            I do think the situation is improving. Kudos to those in China fighting for animal rights.

          • Pretentious Pop Psy (aka BrotherLi)

            Trolls aren’t exactly stupid, but are compensating for the lack of respect they receive from other areas of life. For them, rational discussions don’t offer the kind of ego boost they get from convincing themselves to be above the rest (a by-product of stereotyping, lack of diversity in social interactions).

            Eventually, this habit gets them stuck in a comfort zone where intellectually they stop growing. Trolling becomes a form of post-modern escapism.

    • file124528


      The Chinese do this.

  • My name is Lee

    Oh man, skip my breakfast again… ugh…

  • moi

    sofa? so good.

    ho-hum. saw this years ago…

  • http://Canada karze

    Communism has made Chinese so cruel and crude. No wonder there wide spread torture and abuse of minorities and dissidents in China.

    Is there a trace of compassion and love left in China.

    • file124528

      Right. Correct. Good observation.

      • AiWoZhonghua


        The US of A has never been communist, yet people get mudered everyday like there’s a freaking war going on!

        Fur is taken from animals while still alive. That’s how it’s done. Not only in China.

        Also about minorities? Is there any country in Europe or North America than can school China on how to treat minorities with respect and equality…

        Damn, you people are so brainwashed by the media, you just hate on China without even thinking about it.

        • Peter in China

          I agree. I hate the stupid condescending trolls that spew their rubbish.

        • oscar

          All crude people kill animal like that should die!
          And US is safer than I thought, but still worse than China, i have just been az for 4months, there are 2students, 1 police killed in my school and one fake bomb was reported.

    • Alex

      Nothing left I’m afraid… Hope is lost.

    • anon

      Did you read the comments?

    • anne

      “Death by a thousand cuts” came before communism. I can’t think of a torture method to beat it yet…maybe the one where they tie your limbs to horses and rip you apart. Oh yeah that wasn’t brought about from communism either. There are always arseholes among people, they do not represent an entire nation. (Guess you didn’t read the Chinese netizen comments, oh well. Selective reading. Whatever.)

  • 我 寻 欢

    Its so cruel! Why they have to be skinned alive? 太 丁残 忍 了!

  • AiWoZhonghua

    Staged by animal rights associations.

    • Frank

      Not unheard of but in this case, doubtful. The film was definitely made by someone who cares, but not necessarily someone who is staging the entire process. This does happen, more often than most people know.

    • bong

      this is a staged???
      those are real animals they were skinning

    • Not Required.

      I remember something similar was posted by an extremist animal rights organization PETA, I’ve only heard bad things about PETA…

      • Master C

        It’s not just PETA.

        Every other institution in the West claiming to do ‘good work’, seem to have something fishy going on, from the pedo-scandal Christian (Catholic) Church, Freemason/Illuminati/NWO/Zionist-Talmudic-Occult linked societies, to the GMOs of Monsanto, viruses and superbugs to attack food producers, the human and organ trafficking cartels working out of medical institutions and welfare institutions, to Abu Gharaib prisons (god knows how many more remain undisclosed), systematic abuse in orphanages/religious/mental/aged-homes, to inhumane animal experimentation, to Corexit, poison Vaccines chlorinated/flouridated water, to false flag 911 Bombings and invasions of nations for WMDs, which by 2nd Amendment logic, are the right of Sovereign Nations after all, systematic writing of fascist/dictatorial laws – while we waste our time in WOW and Online gaming buying non-exist goods or points.

        It’s not just PETA already, and if the citizens of the West won’t liberate themselves, don’t tell us they expect what they look down upon as the ‘Third World’ to liberate them. Doing so would be a mercy to the citizens who stupidly and continually voted mass murderers since Vietnam and Iraq holocausts.

        Counting on Brazil, Russia, India or China to liberate you guys? Would these nations be selfish and courting disaster if they ignore ‘the West’ and say “No thanks, you guys liberate yourselves.” or is everyone in ‘the West’ buried so deep in lies thinking everything us fine that they don’t know what is going on and or even how to ask for help? That hostile invasion scare mongers keep pushing could very well be the way ‘the West’ intends to do everyone in over there with or at least parasitise off everyone infinitely.

        Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?

  • Mikecheck

    A whole lotta hypocrisy going on. I would love to know which country the China-bashers come from. What does this have to do with China? Even the most “civilised” countries are known for their cruelty to animals, now, not 100 years ago. Canada has its annual harp seal butchering, Japan has its dolphin slaughter, Denmark has its pilot whale blood bath and the list goes on. Is there any place in the world that doesn’t now or didn’t in the recent past have this? I’d also love to know which commenters are vegetarians. Whether wearing fur or eating meat, killing animals, no matter how well regulated, will result in pain and suffering. Cruelty to cute foxes and baby seals is bad but cruelty to cows and pigs is nothing?

  • Thesus


    • Homer

      I’ll leave the obligatory…

      “Well, guess what, [Americans, Europeans, Koreans, Japanese, etc etc etc] do it too!!!”

      ….tu quoque reply.

  • El vader

    This is old news, people will always want fur. Heck i went and got myself a rabbit pelt cause it was so smooth. All i can say is i hope they used the rest of the animal for something for more than just pelt. Say soup or something.

  • Bill

    Who cares? Humans are worth more than animals. Also, there are far bigger environmental problems. Do you know how many animals die when you cut an acre of a forest? Probably thousands or even more. Complain about those.

    • https://www.eurasian-sensation.blogspot.com Eurasian Sensation

      Bill, there is a laudable human quality called empathy. It’s the thing that makes a human think “Oh sh*t, that must be incredibly horrible for the raccoons to be treated that way. That is not right.”

      You would do well to develop this quality sometime.

  • Cui Wei Li

    I am a young american student who has been studying chinese for 3.5 years…..I don’t understand why the CHinese government lets this go on, I do understand america has its own problems, but I xiwang that the Chinese will quit abusing animals like cats, dogs, raccoons, and other innocent creatures.

    • jin

      and its the americans that buy these furs. and the fashion industry. and i dont understand why canada makes seal hunting legal. and in england fox hunting was legal. why in USA turkey hunting is legal. or wild animal hunting.

      • Alikese

        Because turkey is delicious.

      • Cui Wei Li

        My family does not own one article of fur. Yes, all countries have internal problems, but it seems china may be the worst in the treatment of animals. I love china, but I hope people will realize that what they’re doing is wrong and inhumane.

        • sunnyata

          are you assuming that since your family own no fur and does not directly torture animals in their daily life, that the entire US is immune to this problem??
          go take a tour of your nearest meat-processing plant and see how humane it is.
          all i am saying is – don’t make it into a China issue, because it is not country specific.

      • Master C

        Let me say that fur and leather are among BEST organic textiles that MUST displace poisonous PLASTIC, poly fake fur which are non-biodegradable or chemical intensive.


        For those super ethical/super patient types, support ‘textile/materials animals’ till their death BEFORE using their fur/leather/bone-ivory-claw-feather by products. Same for meat, but a really aged animal can’t taste good can it?

        Maybe some way to treat natural death derived meats could be invented as well.

        For the pure vegans, rubber-latex/cotton/jute is the way to go.

  • Pvt. Joker

    WTF??? Absolutely horrendous on how they get the fur. Fuck this, I blame the fashion industry for shit like this happening. Designers incorporating fur into a coat/dress just so it looks good does not know where it comes from and probably does not care. As long as it’s cheap and readily available they will use it.

    I used to be in that business but at a different position and far from the design team. When I get the goods, I’d just assume they shaved the fur somehow and attached it to the fabric. Fuck, if I knew it was like this I would have quit.

    Fuckers, burn in hell.

  • outcast

    Well well well, the mighty chinese culture has raised its head once again.

  • Bill

    This makes me think about Coon and Friends. Where are they to save the day?

  • adam

    once again the chinese have shown us all why their economy is booming. they are as selfish as humans can possibly get.

    • fungi

      Aww, the Americans and Europeans had their turns, so cut them some slack. Your luxury doesn’t come from nowhere.

  • http://facebook.com/strangergirl Kirsty

    Hey! We’ve got a raccoon problem in the South…

  • MMary

    This, like other unpleasant aspects of society, only exist because there is a demand for it.
    Remove the demand = remove the problem.
    It really is that simple.

  • HooHah

    I condemn such ungodly ill treatment against animals. I curse those involved burn forever in hell and may their skin be ripped off a million times.

  • Alikese

    Fuck you guys, no way I’m watching that. I’m not starting off my Friday this way.

    • Type Two

      Second that…………………………………………………………………….

  • bobiscool

    You know, I’m always one against all the China bashing going on in Chinasmack.

    But I have to admit that there was little, if any china-bashing in this thread. Everyone simply said that the act was cruel. yet these people come and complain about China-bashing. You guys don’t need to be that insecure…

    • Chad

      Or it’s called the ability to recognize trends. There’s ALWAYS China bashing on this site which is why GreenTea made his justifiable remark. He was then proven right by Cui Wei, adam, outcast, etc who were all China bashing. I’m sure there’s going to be more to come, and it’s not because of insecurity (I’m not Chinese), but it’s just EXPECTED on a site like this.

      • bobiscool

        I don’t know. I think that making such a comment raises the opportunity for attacks on China.

        It’s obvious that if the Chinabashers are attacked, they would return the favor, so if you attack them first, all the more reason for them to come complaining.

        The reason I hate gay rights activists and feminists is not that I’m sexist or homophobic. It’s because they are hypocrites who, in the name of acceptance and who claim to want to put an end to discrimination is rigorously discriminating those who oppose their beliefs.

        It is the same here. While I don’t support China-bashing, Bashing the China-bashers before they even start is… isn’t that a little hypocritical?

        But anyway, I do get annoyed by them too, and want to bash them to death too :D

        Anyway, point is, if you start first, they will come stronger. That’s what I think, anyway.

        • Fauna

          There were a lot of China bashing. You just do not see it.

  • Cleo

    I thought tanuki were uniquely Japanese. Reminds me of the latest South Park episodes. I don’t know how anyone could do that to Chinese people and then parade themselves in China and around the world as the North Star of democracy and wealth in Asia.

  • Outraged

    How civilized and advanced can a nation be when the least of it’s creatures can be treated as such with no fear of reprisal? Are there no animal protection laws?

    I hope whoever is posting these stories and videos about animal cruelty is doing it to expose the culprits and get some action and not to entertain sick minds.

  • Alejandro

    what’s going on with chinasmack? few days ago it was shown death bodies (post about India) and now an animal skinned alive? what does it has with China? I don’t get it.

    • bobiscool

      Let me answer that for you.

      Chinasmack is about what’s popular currently on the Chinese internet scene. This does not equal to News about/on or in China. This does not equate to news. it’s simply a collection of popular discussions on certain Chinese websites that Fauna and Co choose to translate.

      If you don’t like it, you odn’t have to read it :)

  • http://candosino.wordpress.com terroir

    If the body of the raccoon is skinned and the head is left as it is, isn’t that a waste?
    What is done with all the heads afterwards? A raccoon isn’t all fur and meat. Unfortunately.

  • huaidan

    nice swing, he could play in the major league!

  • http://www.foarp.blogspot.com FOARP

    Wait. I thought raccoons were native to North America only? Certainly they are not an indigenous species of China, so where did these raccoons come from? Is it a mis-translation? Were they shipped in for the purpose of being skinned in China? Inquiring minds wish to know.

    • Cleo

      Why? Because the Japanese made the Allies watch what was done to children in Nanjing although they committed similar atrocities in many other Chinese cities. They made the Allied citizens in Nanjing WATCH to punish them for their open mutual respect for their Chinese trading relationships forged long before Japan and Germany trespassed in China. Now China makes everyone watch. It’s a cloaked arrow with many facets – they are making you look and FEEL. Eat it! and then when you voice agitation – well, you just broke through the barrier that the Japanese and Germans believe have been successfully erected by time passing and propaganda. Our true visceral reaction is always there to this kind of beneath human behavior. Just remember, Japan made the Allies watch and then they trapped English and Dutch expat children in POW camps for years and many did not survive. Did Japan and Germany get away with this?

    • Fein-mhort

      It is a raccoon dog, not a raccoon. It is a member of the dog family, and unfortunately lives in Asia.

    • in the know

      Remember all that hysteria about the use of “dog” fur in coats from China? In actuality, most of that fur came from these raccoon ‘dogs.’ Although we can’t completely dismiss the possibility that domestic dogs were used, the hysteria was a response to ‘dog’ in the name. Fur purveyors are careful to leave ‘dog’ out of the fur description for this very reason, leading to confusion. Raccoon dogs are not closely related to American raccoons or domestic dogs. Their fur also has distinct characteristics.

      Japanese raccoon dog (Nyctereutes procyonoides viverrinus) only resemble American raccoon but belong to a different Carnivora family. Also know as: tanuki, Asiatic raccoon, Finn raccoon. They are indeed native to East Asia.

      American raccoons with ringed tails ARE native to North America but have been introduced to other regions for fur farming so it’s becoming less uncommon to find American raccoon in say, Russia.

  • ifoon


    • jacare

      nice one ifoon, this just made all the comments: useless

      BTW, it just shows that some crap (posts/comments) on the web are all unverified s h ietz

  • dopiate


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  • Fein-mhort

    This is not a raccoon, but a Racoon Dog, a member of the canine family. I can’t bear to watch the video.

  • nartin

    In less developed places they do that some times. But in South American and some European countries they still castrate livestock animals live. Although not not as scary as this one. I haven’t watched, and not planning to watch. Hope that this is a really old video and that people have stopped practicing this.

  • http://procon-8.deviantart.com coconut

    This will never compare to the horrors of the kitten crusher.

  • stendec

    welcome to china!

  • v.p.karthick

    kill the persons in the same way like they killed raccoon.

    • Rkkus

      No, please don’t.

      I may be a crazy dude, but I tend to not care enough about animals as to even give the torturer a beat down.

      The only thing more batshit insane than a raccoon-dog-skinning mofo, is a raccoon-dog-skinning-mofo-skinner.

      If you could skin the dude, you hold no moral ground to him whatsoever. Quite the contrary.

      /me goes back to his T-Bone steak…

  • echo june vincent

    does anyone find it ironic that, before i saw the video about the raccoons, i saw an advertisement (embedded before the video) for leather and suede footwear?

    raccons are more ‘cute’ than cows or pigs……but we wear or eat them with no qualm. the netizen comments have been mostly outrages against the raccoon abuse……but how many of them have eaten a beef or pork product lately? does a cute, furry face make an animal’s suffering more ‘real’?

    please use this horrific and painful video to consider your ideas about the suffering of all animals that are sacrificed for humans. animals are not ours to eat, wear, or experiment on.

    i applaud the sentiment of the netizens, but beg them to consider the issue of animal rights more deeply.

    (i second the idea that this is not a failing of China. this sort of thing happens everywhere, whether in a dusty lot or a sterile lab/factory)

  • trev

    its skinned alive cuz the fur is easier to remove when the animal’s body is still warm

  • frankie

    what is the governtment of china doing? why are they tolerating such cruelty to animals? these practices must be stopped!!!

    • Rkkus


      It’s time the Chinese Government realizes the truely essential issues in China’s society. Namely, Animal Cruelty and 360 bashing of QQ!

      Frankie please… Get real.

      If you’ve been paying attention, animal love and respect comes with income. I have no doubt that China will impress the world in its treatment of animals, when they get to it.

      It’s funny how people seem so demanding when they talk about Chinese society. As if the Chinese were supposed to be some kind of supernatural people, able to do in 10 years what other people needed hundreds to do.

      Chill out people. They’ll get there faster than anyone else.

      • Master C

        Rkku. That’s the spirit! Besides US has Abu Gharaib and the TSA now which torture HUMANS.

  • James Dean

    剝皮人將會被人剝皮 這是輪迴 無知 沒素質的中國人 噁心的像羅玉鳳這隻蛤蟆一樣 相信我這些剝皮人渣很快會有報應…..

  • Taojas

    Yeah. Welcome to China as sb. else said.
    I must say I have seen my fair share of cruelty towards animals firsthand. When I was young I even partook in it. I have seen kangaroos skinned, animals gutted – I have shot, knifed, plucked, skinned and killed all types of animals. I have pulled a rabbit’s head off it’s still living shoulders with my own bare hands in warm blood. I am not saying this with some type of bravado or through any type of pride or boasting – quite the opposite. What always seemed to me in my youth to be a quite normal pastoral/country pursuit grew sour to me a long time ago. I grew to despise hunting/recreational killing over time. I even sawed in half and threw my guns (a .22 and a 7.62x39mm Mauser) in the river about 15 years ago and gave up hunting at around the same time.
    This caveat aside, so you know where I’m coming from – the whole world are a pack of bastards when it comes to treating animals “humanely” but I tell you what – China leads the way in the world of unwanton killing and wholesale abuse of animals. It sickens me to the pit of my stomach – even more than acts of cruelty I have personally done and which I still feel guilty about to this day. I’m not feeding you fake any moral indignation about anything – this is just my bare bones feeling. Between sucking caged bears for bile, the cruelty and slaughter of the cat and dog fur industry , the “zoos” I’ve seen, the Qingping market guangzhou, this video etc. etc. etc. the Chinese people as a whole show a total disregard and lack of empathy for the suffering of any non-human creature or lifeform at all.

    [Note from Fauna: The Chinese people as a whole. Including me? The netizens? All the Chinese people we have posted that have saved animals?]



  • John

    You have two options:

    1. Vote with your wallets and don’t buy fur.
    2. Shut the fuck up.

  • Taojas

    Sorry Fauna – I Did not mean to express it as such, a gross generalization, I usually try to avoid. I didn’t mean to demean you or any other Chinese who make a stand for animal rights. I made a big semantic/typo mistake. When I wrote “Chinese people as a whole” maybe my meaning was “Chinese people ‘on the whole’”

    • Chef Rocco

      Taojas, think it over again, when you are morally machine-gunning Chinese people “on a whole” (not so different from “as a whole” though) as animal abusers, you are not helping animals at all.

      You sweeping accusation would bring Chinese animal rights promoters and common people into an impression that this is not about animals at all, this is a “us vs them” battle, I suspect your indignation toward Chinese as a people is based on thin-veiled racism, rather than animal abusing behaviors in China.

      Read the comments from Ku6 Chinese netizens, most people are furious over the abusers on the video, but you still consider them “on a whole” lack empathy and disregard”?

    • Mikecheck

      It’s easy to be kind to animals when you come from a place where it’s done that way. In China there is almost no support from society or the government for the growing number of people who are working to stop animal cruelty? How many cages of cats did you buy and find homes for when you visited Qingping? It might be local people who catch the cats and sell them, but it’s also the local people who save those cats and find them homes. The vast majority of people I know in China find eating cats and dogs or rare wildlife repulsive and would never visit a place like Qingping because it’s digusting and horrible. Most of the people here who enjoy that stuff are the same type the world over, impotent assholes who want to fix their manhood problems.

  • Mark

    I hope all you chinkie yellow bastards all die of cancer and your children get arse raped you fuckin degenerative low life scum fuckin cunts. fuckoff and die now you bastards yeah fuckoff

    • Ambientman

      My comment was deleted but this one gets to stay?? COME ON!

      My comment:

      Please don’t tell me they eat the raccoons. There are plenty where I live in the states and I can say those things are filthy disease bags with rabies. Trust me, you don’t want rabies! {can’t remember what else I said}

      [Note from Fauna: Please read our response here.]

      • MMary

        idiot. u have a rabies problem, not a raccoon problem.

      • Fein-mhort

        They are not raccoons. They are Raccoon DOGS. Google it.

    • Proud to be Chinese (aka Phoenixgold2010)

      Mark, if you are a white Gway-loi, meaning white ghost if you don’t already know, then just piss off to your Western hypocritical world. You white virus. We’re sick of your white racism and loud foul mouthed low life. Just Piss off. This thread is NOT for you.

  • http://furisevil.org Duke the Anti Fur Dog

    Thank you for posting this!! I regularly monitor the fur industry in China and I can assure you that what you see here continues to happen right now.

    This video, unfortunately, is in no way old news.

  • HardLifeInChina

    Really Hard to Live in This World.
    The big deal is that, it s not happening only in China. Everywhere on this Cruel World.

  • JoefromTex

    At least have the courtesy of killing the thing before. Takes all of 2 extra seconds. I kill my own food, but I do it quick and as painless as possible. The animal had a good life up until that point and I am grateful for the nourishment that it will provide me and my family… this is just cruel.

  • jimbo

    its sad sight to see,even while they in their cage they could feel the bad energy and sense whats happening.there are so many hypocrites here blaming the men with the knives when we are all to blame.unless ur a vegetarian or vegan no one has any rights to talk shit..where do yall think your meat,poultry comes from?your leather belts,shoes,wallets?all these sufferings are all caused by our own demands.

    • 404namenotfound

      ^ This

    • springer5

      Totally agree Jimbo

  • Vinushka

    fuck those people asshole up!

  • Frank

    The old egyptian said, that you can measure the society in their behavior how they treat the lower creatures and animals.

    Now someone measure this society……

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