Chinese Waitress Smoking A Cigarette With A Vacant Stare

Chinese waitress at hot pot restaurant with a cigarette dangling from her lips and a strange vacant look in her eyes.

From Mop:

Such a fierce waitress, so ferocious, her look, her movement

Chinese waitress at hot pot restaurant with a cigarette dangling from her lips and a strange vacant look in her eyes.

Comments from Mop:


Sister Sharp.


The service industry is about fighting?


Fierce, waiting for this girl to become famous.


Everything before her eyes is passing clouds.


When I plan to invest in the restaurant business in the future…I will definitely pay a large amount to hire her…
With her protection, we’ll see who dares to come extort.


Very normal, don’t you see the logo on her clothes? She’s a female Superman.


Those below, support me.


Those eating will be under a lot of pressure!


Spending money to go savor cigarette ash?


After looking at it, I still don’t know what I’m looking at~!

A few more photographs of her, this time looking a little more normal, but still with a cigarette in her hands:

A female service staff in China serving with a cigarette in her hands.

A female service staff in China serving with a cigarette in her hands.

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  • Colin

    So she bothers to change her hat and hair… but not her shirt? And seriously, what’s with the removable sleeves with a t-shirt?

    • Sian

      dunno why she’d wear them instead of just a long sleeve shirt (because of how horrid the removable sleeves look but) the removable sleeves are probably protective, guess she spills a lot- or people spill on her one of the two.

    • As Fauna has said, the removable sleeves are for protection. Worn mostly by women, this was common 10 years ago in many areas of China. I have seen accountants that handle a lot of paper use them to protect their shirt sleeves from getting dirty. The removable sleeves are easier to wash. Yes, taxi drivers also use them for sun and dirt protection. Bank tellers used to commonly use these, as well as fuwuyuan in small shops. Restaurants are dirty and she handles hot food and dishes, so she needs protection.

  • I’d tap that anyday!

    • MadeInChina

      dibs on sloppy seconds!

      • Doctress Julia

        And, you can both choke on a turd. Next!

        • Rick in China

          Anyone who titles themself Doctress and trolls online forums has serious social issues. Get laid bitch. All I see from you is hate, drunken sailor style.


            Eat shit, Rick. All I see is another pathetic micro-dicked turd who will die of prostate cancer all alone.

    • Yurp

      Agreed. Solid 7 right there.

  • Markus

    probably stoned or otherwise under the influence of some controlled substance?

    • Jay K.

      can i has brain?

    • Bob

      under the influence of a soul crushing job.

  • jeffo

    Photoshopped all the way…

  • Ron

    thats about as bad as I’ve seen someone look ;)

    I’ve seen stoners with a more alert look in their eyes.

  • gabriel

    this isn’t normal… but on meth it is

  • gabriel

    the removable sleeves are more commonly seen on asian female fob drivers arms, to protect their arms from the sun.

    in this case im guessing its to protect against hot food, oil or soup burning her arms…

    • Chris

      Not to say it keeps your arm pretty warm too.

    • barry

      nah just keeping her tracks covered up

  • bitchy looking waitresses are a big deal? Have these people never been to Beijing? The entire city service industry is founded on looking pissy and not smiling…

  • Cleo

    In the second photo, she bears a passing resemblance to the Korean movie star from All In.

  • PEYE

    The girl looks as if she getting to the end of a 16Hr shift and all that keeps her going is a shmoke. Perhaps she is even the owner of this place. Also it seems that hygine is not a priority in this diner. Smoking while serving food ? Not so good.

  • ImmortalTechnique

    Have any of you ever worked in the food service ‘industry’? I wholeheartedly 顶 Sister Sharp. I hope she knocks a couple of wiseguys out and pours tea into somebody’s lap.

    • Just spit in the food like everyone else does.

  • beowulf

    Me likey like :-)

  • Tommy

    Unfortunately to keep her job, she needs to keep her boss happy. Clearly her soul is dying because pleasing her boss includes pleasing her boss.

  • Wago

    Most straight forward post I’ve seen on Chinasmack, not even a mention of where the restaurant is??

  • dOgiNtHeHouse

    i would not dare to complain about her service. i might get a cigarette in my dumplings…or my eye!

  • Chum

    1. Those aren’t arm warmers or “removable sleeves”. They’re made so that people don’t get sunburned on their arms. In China, the sun beats down, and people who work/bike/do other things in the sun have to protect themselves. Americans go out of their way to tan, but overexposure to the sun everyday as this woman and other Chinese face, and lack of protection (sunblock), is a bad thing.
    2. I don’t understand why you feel the need to post something like this. If I took a picture of a random passerby on the street, he’d probably have a vacant stare too. And she smokes. So what? Sure, it’s not good for your health, sure it pollutes the air, but millions upon millions smoke. What makes her blank stare and cigarette worth posting? That isn’t to say she’s worthless–I’m just saying that this article is pointing out a “MLIA” to the extreme. A woman is working as a waitress. She smokes. The end.

    [Note from Fauna: The “removable sleeves” are usually used to prevent sleeves from getting dirty, for example during cleaning or cooking. I feel the need to post something like this because it is funny and popular on Mop. It is like silly cat pictures. Why do people write bad English on silly cat pictures? It is Chinese New Year. Have fun.]

    • Alikese

      She’s inside. Is your hypothesis that she has to keep her arms (and only her arms) covered at all times in case the sun beams start bouncing off of the floor and ceiling and accidentally give her a tan?

    • b. prichard

      I find this post to be more or less perfect. It perfectly displays the boredom and inanity that drive the internet. Also makes me want to smoke.

  • eattot

    i hate smokers….especially women smokers, especially women smoke in public…how i wanna kick at their ass…they think they looked cool in fact only shitty…
    everytime someone smokes nearby always make me cough a lot…

    • Tom Tuttle from Tacoma

      Doesn’t everyone smoke in China?

    • mankouzanghua

      chinaSMACK’s 彪悍女孩

      • Sunni


        20 characters

    • Andrew

      Is that why you wear a mask?

    • Doctress Julia

      Why ‘especially women smokers’? What’s it to you if women smoke? Mind your own fucking business.

      • eattot

        i dislike women as you either, with that kind of title……speechless!

        • mankouzanghua

          eattot, you go, dude. jia you

  • Chris N.

    THIS is what Chinese people are talking about on the internet? This is a joke. There is nothing remotely interesting about this girl. She is not fierce or ferocious in her looks or her movements (How can you even tell how she moves? Its just a picture) Anyone can look mildly stoned in a picture. In the last two pictures you can’t even see her eyes. Who cares if shes carrying a cigarette, its China. If this is the most interesting thing Chinese people are talking about then China is doomed. Is nobody talking about Egypt or is it really being censored that much?

    btw: those are sleeve covers; xiutao 袖套

    [Note from Fauna: I think the original poster and photographer was describing her movements because he saw them. Yes, this is what some Mop netizens are talking about. Have you never talked about something silly on the internet? We can only give you a peek at the Chinese internet and what Chinese people are talking about. It is your responsibility to not think one post or some netizens represent all Chinese people. We are a big country with many people.]

    • mankouzanghua

      there’s a recent story about a guy in wuhan who got the death penalty for raping two girls and holding them in his basement dungeon for like 1 and 2 years. i’m sure that would get a lot of attention from chinabashers as well as from people who think the punishment is appropriate.

      not to spoil the festive mood or anything, but this is just to say that there’s a lot more than fierce waitresses being discussed even if fauna happens to be in a lighter mood today.

    • Andrew

      This is why I come here though, to get the nuances of what Chinese netizens talk about. If it were only the most extreme stuff, it would not be nearly as interesting.

    • Chris N.

      Naturally I wouldn’t think this is only thing Chinese people are talking about. What I intended to say was I wish we could see what Chinese people were talking about for at least the biggest current events in the world.
      What I like about this site is that we see what Chinese netizens say about silly things or small topics such as this one. But sometimes big current events come and go and I get left wondering about what Chinese people thought about that particular issue.

      Anyway, you make a good point. The site is good because it isn’t just serious stuff.

      • cdn icehole

        I believe Fauna and company are walking on a thin line. They risk of having their site blocked if a controversial topic is posted. Unfortunately, a lot of the big events are considered controversial so sometimes we’re stuck with National Enquirer type of stories.

        So Fauna, are there any articles about Hu conspiring with aliens to take over the world? :p

        • Fauna

          I haven’t seen many Chinese netizens talking about that.

      • mankouzanghua for translated newspaper content (i’m assuming you are not in china)

        if you want to see what netizens are saying about the controversial events, just go to one of the chinese forums periodically and you’ll see posts before they’re gone. if you know 袖套 then you should know enough to understand what they’re saying. but just a warning — only use what you see as a measure of “what [SOME] Chinese people think about a particular issue.” for some posts it seems like the comments are mostly from 15-16 year-old boys.

        • Andrew

          Thanks for the tip, I know no Chinese though :( I had to translate the character you put in the comments, which I take to mean the sleeve she is wearing, but maybe not?

          • mankouzanghua

            well then get learning, 好好学习天天向上
            a journey of 1000 miles starts with one step
            it’ll be fun!

        • anon

          I believe Danwei only offers summaries of the front page stories of a couple Chinese newspapers, translating maybe a headline or a few sentences and adding a bit of context. It’s good to follow to have a “sense” of what news stories make it to the front page of generally state-monitored and influenced newspaper media each day. Then visit chinaSMACK for sensational internet content and every so often a gem.

          One thing I found interesting when watching the Spring Gala on TV a few nights ago was how many jokes, allusions, and references trace back to stuff chinaSMACK has previously reported.

  • Alikese

    This is the newsiest news that ever newsed. You’re telling me that there is a waitress that smokes cigarettes and zones-out when she’s at work? Well… I wouldn’t believe it if I hadn’t just seen photographic evidence, but she undeniably exists.

    I’m shocked that the international media hasn’t picked up on this momentous event.

    [Note from Fauna: Don’t be so serious. ;)]

    • vince

      Are you kidding? This was the front page story in the NY Times.

  • At least she doesn’t put her finger in your soup like that waiter who had an abscess and the doctor told him to keep his finger in warm place.
    When the angry customer said – “You, bastard, should put this finger in your azz”.
    To which the waiter answered – “This is exactly what I usually do on my way back to the kitchen”.

    • Name (required)

      Very funny indeed.

  • PEYE

    Who says this girl is a waitress? She could be a customer who picked up the food at the self-service counter.

  • hei_bai

    Chinese women often make this facial expression when they see my penis.

    • beowulf

      you mean annoyed?

      • Bob

        How I wish chinasmack had the ability to give a thumbs up.

  • Jess

    First thoughts was vampire themed restaurant?!

  • rob

    how third world , ewwww

  • Curren$y

    Chinese equivalent of a hoodrat. I WANT TO HAVE SEX WITH HER.

  • John Wayne

    Looks like she isn’t the only one in there smoking. Oh well, it’s her restaurant and I am sure if the customers didn’t like it they wouldn’t be there. Half the customers probably smoke anyways.

  • cdn icehole

    I guess people here have never worked in a food service industry before. After a long day, you too will have that zombie stare.

    As for smoking while serving food, yeah, that’s a no-no. However, if you worked in a place where the patrons constantly smoke, you will get addicted to it. I’m a non-smoker but I remember when I worked with a heavy smoker, I got that urge (addiction?) to smoke as well. Fortunately, the urge went away after I left the job.

  • Do not judge a book by its cover. She’s cool man!

  • Of Canada

    I think she is lesbian.

  • John Wayne

    I wonder if she would let me eat her out in her restaurant ; ) I think she’s hot!!

  • Gut

    She looks like she deals with assholes all day. That look on her face is a year or two of hardcore waitressing. I’d buy a beer from that chick!

  • pirx

    Yeah, this shows all what is wrong about service in Shanghai. Rude, spoiled, useless and bad, behavior as if the world owes them their job – in the vast majority of cases they are completely incompetent. I pledge for introducing tips. For a while at least they will pretend as if they have a remote clue of good service, then it will go down the toilet again, because they will begin to think they are entitled to tips.

    • Bob

      Tips insure good service… until they’re so ingrained into a culture that waitresses think they’re owed 20% if the only drop your food once on the way to your table.

      Tipping in the USA has become an entitlement, not what it was originally for… To Insure Proper Service.

      • mlgb

        A pity they don’t ensure good spelling.

  • Angelus88

    she’s just high as hell.. “ferocious”…. how the hell is that it!? if she is, the world is filled with them.. photographer really need to find something more intresting to take man..

  • Look@YouLook@Me

    does not matter if she’s high, with eyes large as the moon, or psycho, serving you for breakfast, brunch, lunch, and dinner, wipe her lips and spit out your bones. It’s <3. Way better than these "regular" "hos" out here. Give me all your weird, psycho, 18 years old emos. These fucking 30 year old hags hanging pussy lips running chu chus with baby shit leaking out. Fuck ya'll.


    I'm kidding. I have no life. I'm actually dead.

  • Of Canada

    Fauna can you post Chinese reactions to that 5 star hotel burning down in SHengyang “due to celebration fireworks”. This is the 2nd time they’ve they burnt down a 5 star hotel with fireworks that I know of. Last time was 2008 chinese new years and it was the soon to be opened 5 star hotel near the new CCTV building. Is it coincidence or deliberate arson??

    CNY would be the best time to commit arson and nobody would suspect you.

  • John

    It’s a disgusting habit. Asians are behind the curve when it comes to the health dangers of smoking. Maybe they’ll figure it out incidents of cancer increase 10,000% among their citizens and the massive increases in health care costs bring them to their knees.

  • vince

    Inhaled directly, smoke contains 5.3 to 43 nanograms of carcinogenic nitrosamines, compared to 680 to 823 nanograms when inhaled second-hand. The second-hand smoker also inhales eleven times the volume of smoke itself, 18,000 nanograms in all. So the risk to the surrounding population is far greater than to the smoker himself.
    Heard this interesting quote in an anime i was watching, I wonder how many smokers who become aware of the potential hazards of smoking to their loved ones would stop. I smoked when i was in college and went clubbing often. Stopped as soon as I was in a relationship and now I’m a dad, never going to endanger my family. To those who want to ‘tap that’ , you guys definitely have low standards haha.

    • vince

      Also she’s trash, I can see a kid in the first pic meaning this might be a family style eatery, so she should exercise some concern for the young ones. Just cause she works in the service industry doesn’t give her the right to puff away while serving food no less.

  • janna

    how to serve in a restaurant like a boss

  • RyRy

    She can put her cigarette out in my tofu any time

  • Dr SUN

    I think I know that girl and the restaurant, it’s in Wenchang.

  • 909Kong

    TV tropes brought me here as an example of “Dull Unhappy Eyes.” Really, the only way that we can know if she’s unhappy is if she says so.

  • 909Kong

    Oh, BTW, the ash selection for tonight is Winston or Marlboro!

  • Raiki

    No one else thinks it’s disgusting that she’s smoking while carrying someone’s food?

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