Fashion Model Gong Rumin Nude Photos Circulate Online

Nude photos of Chinese model Gong Rumin from Qingdao.

From NetEase: (no longer available)

Gong Rumin’s indecent photos, Gong Rumin sexy photos complete set download

Gong Rumin is from Qingdao in Shandong province, and at 177 cm tall, she has been working as a model since she was a student, previously having participated in many international fashion shows as well as been a model for a Japanese magazine. In this set of nude photos is suspected of having been privately taken before becoming famous, Gong Rumin not only poses in seductively in a motel room but also intentionally wears sexy stockings to display her long beautiful legs. A netizen lamented, “before doing anything, one should think thrice”, but was still profuse in praise of her body, with someone even saying “flourishing [pubic] hair, white skin, beautiful chest, simple a high quality human specimen!”

Gong Rumin.

Gong Rumin as a car model for Buick.

Gong Rumin's nude photos from before she had become famous.

Gong Rumin's naked photos circulate online.

Gong Rumin's naked photos circulate online.

Photos of Gong Rumin at the 2010 World Model Competition/Pageant:

Gong Rumin, winner of a beauty pageant.

Gong Rumin, fashion model, and beauty pageant winner.

Gong Rumin, fashion model, and beauty pageant winner.

Gong Rumin, fashion model, and beauty pageant champion.

Many other NetEase articles about this news have also been deleted like this one.

Her measurements are 84-62-90cm.

In the video, it says there are 300 photos of her that were taken when she was a student. She is 26 years old.

Comments from Tudou:


Getting naked, is always useful [for becoming famous].


Ladies and gentlemen, have you noticed the location? It’s Home Inn [a Chinese motel chain]. With this, Home Inn will become popular, and then Home Inn will increase its prices.


How is it that some women are this shameless these days, truly a bad influence to children.


At least she has something worth showing, whereas some other people can take off their clothes and are still garbage! For example, Sister Feng.


If they have not taken such photos before, now that would be news.


Haha, it’s only because she has become famous, otherwise no one would pay attention to these photos.


Masking her body with so many rabbits, so annoying.


She was the champion? Were the judges blind, or were hidden rules involved?

[Note: “Hidden rules” is like “unwritten” or “unspoken” rules.]


All of them [referring to a lot of recent female internet celebrities] want to become famous this way…truly have gone crazy about getting famous.


This can be understood. This started many years ago. To become famous, there are two methods: One is to buy it with money, two is to “sleep” your way to fame.


I find “stars” the most annoying people, not the least bit of value to society, them living simply a waste of food~!~!

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  • canadianeh

    what does sofa mean?

    • justmega

      Look it up. After all you are sitting on it. Canadians, just as dumb and lazy as Americans.

      • Of Canada

        Easy on him! We call them couches or chesterfields here in Canada. We don’t use the word sofa.

      • cdn icehole

        LOL. An unfortunate side effect of interacting with and living next to them.

      • John

        LOL. A chink making fun of Canadians. Now I’ve seen it all. (hint: trying to make fun of us won’t make your penis any longer.)

        • Mark

          hint: using racial slurs to demean someone doesn’t make your value to society go any higher.

        • whichone

          LOL one asshole trolled by another.

    • cs

      lol sry ill fk ur mom first but of course u can go fk ur dad =) UP THE AHOLEEE

  • cdn icehole

    Loved the last comment about “Stars”. The story doesn’t state who leaked the photos. Did she forget to make her insurance payments?

  • ponpon

    was it just me… but looking at the headline picture i thought she really isn’t that good looking….. but then my man brain kicked in and said BOOBS so i clicked the link. ;P

  • mechanized

    ehhhh whatevers….. def. not grade AAA or anything.


  • Ronon

    It’s not like she’s the only girl that fucked her way into celebrity. The photos were probably leaked online only because she didn’t want to fuck that guy anymore.

  • Tommy


    • Justin

      你的语法错了。你应该说 “她不太漂亮” 还是 “她不很漂亮” 还是 “她不漂亮” 都可以。那个动词“是”后应该有名词。先学习,然后你可以炫耀。

      • Mike

        not sure that anybody was engaging in any 炫耀 here, except maybe for you.

      • mankouzanghua

        as far as i know your “还是”s should be “或者”s.


        • dirtywhiteboy

          ding! my comment is not too short

        • dr_barefoot

          哈哈 没错

  • Peter in China

    “flourishing [pubic] hair, white skin, beautiful chest, simple a high quality human specimen!”

    What mainlanders call “white skin” is clearly yellow toned from the eyes of any Caucasian. This is clearly visible with even the most pale East Asian skin.

    • Hoboken

      No shit sherlock, they also call tan people “black”, it doesn’t mean they think they’re African. Way to be a dumbass about words.

      • moody

        and “Black”s are not all “African”s
        Way to be a dumbass, dumbass

        • Dr. Jones Jr.

          I’m sure he meant “Africans” as in “of African origin”; ‘black’ and ‘of African origin’ are virtually synonymous terms in the US, maybe elsewhere as well.

          While it’s true that not all people with the darkest pigmentation of skin are African in origin (Aborigines, various peoples of southern India and SE Asia) and that one can also be African without being “black-skinned”, the Chinese way of terming ‘tan’ as ‘black’ does sound mighty strange to foreigners. I can’t count the number of times I’ve seen very slightly off-white Chinese girls lamenting having had their skin “made black” by the sun.

          I also have to disagree with Peter in China: in my opinion, the whitest of Chinese girls is little different in pigmentation to most Caucasians–Hibernian and Caledonian Celtic descendants aside, perhaps. China contains various peoples with a nearly complete range of pigmentation. Describing east Asians as “yellow” has always seemed like lazy observation to me; outside of “The Simpsons”, I’ve never seen a yellow person.

          • Jon

            Well said, thank you.

    • naturalis

      Caucasians have pink skin, not white skin.

  • eddie9684

    haha just another one!

  • dim mak

    I don’t see why these things are always such a big deal. Porn is easily available on Chinese internet if you know where to look. Hell just use eMule.

  • Irvin

    Big deal, not like we never seen naked females before, she’s not even good looking either.

    Am I the only one not interested in naked female photos? (famous or not)

    It’s like watching the cooking channels. I rather watch something I can try.

    • Wade

      No, there are plenty of other homosexuals that aren’t interested in the female body

      • Irvin

        Oh I’m interested, just not stupid nude pics, they are a dime a dozen on the net why should this one deserve any special attention? she isn’t even pretty or have big boobs for fuck sake!

        As for the story, it’s china! almost all pretty women sleep their way to success starting with chairman mao’s wife, we all know this. It’s no news.

        Just because I prefer to eat my steak instead of looking at pics of steaks doesn’t make me a vegetarian. Your gaydar fails you miserably my insecure friend.

        • Sunni

          How insecure are you, having to resort to a “Oh I’m interested” defense?

          • Irvin

            I wasn’t aware that I needed any defending, it was just a reply to a logically failed comment. And how is your comment furthering the real issue here?

          • Sunni

            Ignore me. I was off my rocker yesterday.

  • Bob

    She’s got a bony backside. She needs more junk in the trunk!

    • cb4242

      Exactly! What happened to the chicks ass??!!! Looks like she got got slammed with a book bag! Yuuucko!

  • wallimo

    There were more graphic photos on some chinese bbs I saw a few days ago, chinasmack is being tame??

  • Of Canada

    Why do supermodels have to be tall? I personally know a few Chinese girls. . who are medium height who are way hotter than this supermodel. And I personally know one girl who is a tall Chinese model (modelled in Paris and USA, not just in China). . but I don’t find her all that attractive. I won’t even be searching for these photos.


      Tall women are much more desirable than short women because they have more fuck power and produce stronger children.

    • Jess

      Models need height for stature and presence. Especially if it’s a live show in public, rather than just in the the studio. And in men, height is an attractive quality, of course. Many models actually aren’t “that” conventionally good looking. They’re usually chosen for unique features, or for something that makes them stand out. Unfortunately, a lot of the Asian models who work in the West are selected because they’re basically caricatures of what’s perceived to be a stereotypical Asian. Lv Yan in particular comes to mind. Hye Park, as well. Look them up.
      The trend is changing, though, and more Asian models who conform to Asian standards of beauty are emerging.

      But I’d hardly call this girl a “super”model. Has she done anything besides win a contest (which she probably only won by sleeping with the judges, anyway)? None of the finalists there are especially good looking, either. It reminds me of the Vietnamese modelling industry, where height is so scarce that anybody taller than 5’10 is picked up, regardless of their face.

      • donscarletti

        Asian perception of beauty is startlingly close to western perception of beauty, big eyes, symmetrical features, smooth skin, tapered jaw, round breasts and long, straight legs. Look at Fan Bingbing who looks like every other extremely beautiful brunette, Chinese or European, the ideals kind of converge at that point.

        Lu Yan on the other hand does not conform to either. She’s not pretty, but she’s not ugly either, I would rate her face at about the 60th percentile. Fan Bingbing’s face in makeup is 99th or 100th percentile. This is why Lu Yan is a great model, since she makes the clothes look great on her body, but you don’t spend your whole time gazing lovingly into her eyes when she is on the catwalk.

    • ptptp

      Good, more tall Chinese women for me! Hi Ladies!!

      *waves to all the pretty, tall (and short and medium) Chinese women and any other pretty women*


    Uncensored photos here:

    Since I think Blogspot is unavailable to people with mainland IP’s I’ll download the pics with a script and have them uploaded as an archive within 20 minutes

    • pervertt

      Saw that. No annoying rabbits there.

  • Shoeshine

    A perfect example of Chinese “beauty”.

  • Michael Hughes

    needs more chest

    • John

      Spoken like a true virgin. lol

  • Tom Tuttle from Tacoma

    I need those wabbits to get out of the way.

  • PP ^_^

    Since my posts say “awaiting moderation” this is a test post to see if I’m being censored specifically

    • Irvin

      Now if we would only get some nude pics of that pretty pretty vietnam model with big boobs (forgot her name, remember her boobs though).

      • Pvt. Joker

        Elly Tran – yeah I’m down for that.

        • cdn icehole

          +1 Give it some time. Sooner or later nude pics of her will surface courtesy of her ex-boyfriend.

  • Curren$y

    She’s like a 7 bro
    but still out of my league =(

    • Joe

      I’ve seen much better in Beijing. She’s a 6/10. 7/10+ wouldn’t sign up for some stupid beauty contest.

  • Kedafu

    We are all made of Stars


  • Pvt. Joker

    Meh, I’ve seen better.

    BTW – MOW THAT LAWN or at least trim that bush, damn looks like Cecilia Cheung down there.

  • John

    She’s cute. Nothing wrong with being naked. People who have a problem with the naked body are uptight and need to get a life.

    • Patrick

      100% Agree… There is nothing wrong with the body, and more so with hers.

  • Anonanon

    I don’t see what’s the big deal.

    I’d be worried if she was actually missing a nipple or grew a toe on her breast or something

  • Patrick

    What’s wrong with posing nude?
    She is a beautiful woman and has a beautiful figure..

  • Name (required)

    She is not pretty at all.

  • The Journalist

    life will be meaningless without girls who know no shame

    • Ray Bilcliff

      I agree with your statement and she is not the first model to undress nor will she be the last. But she is one of the most beautiful women in the modeling world.

  • Albino

    What an ugly girl, but nothing special in the world of models. Most are hideous to look at and are even uglier on the inside. Seriously this stick lacks a figure.

    If I wanted to go out with a guy I’d go out with an actual guy, not some semi-androgynous thing. So, while you virgins gawk over this I’m off to spend time with my E cup wife.

    • shenmeniao

      yes fat chicks usually do have huge tits

      id take hairy arm pits on a hot girl over an aging chunk wife with southbound sand bags.

      • Albino

        “yes fat chicks usually do have huge tits”

        Usually… now if only you’d actually seen a naked woman before.

        • lol

          fat chicks aren’t women…they’re more like animals-hippos? If you’re into hippo/swine bestiality I suppose it’s the closest thing you could go for without entering illegal territory

          • Albino

            Don’t be jealous, you can always find a boyfriend with DD cups.

        • Reid

          lol dude you got fucking owned by him sorry, enjoy your aging fat wife

          • Albino

            You have no idea how much I’m enjoying you guys fail at trolling. Try harder, though, you might get there one day. Switching to skinny guys might be a better idea. I’m not declaring how much my wife weighs nor our age, the laughs it’s generating is far too good to put an end to.

            My wife is enjoying it too, by the way. Your sexual frustrations are great.

          • Zedonk (aka Bo Chan Kui)

            hey everybody lets give Albino a high five he’s having sex with a woman and obviously no-one else on this board is! come on he needs the acknowledgement.

            Albino, you need to get over yourself, so you got a wife, good for you, but that dont mean you are the only guy on her who is getting some, wow just cause your getting some everyone else is a sexually frustrated faggot huh?
            Now life has been extra-ordinarly good to me, and I usually dont like to boast cause im secure enough not to have to unlike you Albino. But let me say u aint some great success just cause u got a wife! I own my own company (admittedly not fortune 500) Im lucky enough to have a 9 and a half inch c*ck and im married to a former beauty queen who is 8 years younger than me, and I used to be the starting quarterback at highschool and I recieved a football scholarship to Texas A&M so ive probably had more p*ssy than women youve even spoke to, but I dont come here and feel the need to act like a hero because of it and call everyone else a faggot. So now get back on your sofa and shut your mouth and stop trying to work out your own insecurities by telling eveyone how great u are cause you have a woman, u arent the “great I am” that you think you are.

            [Note from Fauna: Please do not pretend to be multiple people.]

  • Bo Chang Kui

    I dont understand people saying they dont like her, or wouldnt do her, of course u would (well if your a hetro guy) ;). But on the other hand I dont understand the people saying how gorgeous she is either. Shes a 7 and thats that, and as one commentator said if u been in China for at least a year and havent had anything equal or better (whores dont count) then i’d re-examine your game.

    • Albino

      A 7? You have low standards, unless you’re into guys. Even then I don’t see how this scores even a 4, as I’ve seen some lady boys in Thailand who’d put even the most beautiful women to shame.

      • Bo Chang Kui

        I guess we just grade differently. 10 is for ridiculously attractive women like Angelina Jolie or Monica Belluci, this girl isnt ugly shes just decidely average so 7 is about right, 6 is for women who are inoffensively plain, 5 and below are for increasing levels of actively ugly. Although why you gotta to question my hetrosexuality? that brings nothing to the arguement, although if I was gonna question someone elses hetrosexuality I wouldnt go about it by saying I find some ladyboys even more attractive than beautiful women. Although its nothing to be ashamed of Albino, theres nothing wrong with homosexuality, this is the 21st century who cares who **cks what anymore.

        • Albino

          Mentioning there’re prettied guys in Thailand is questioning your sexuality and saying they’re really pretty makes me gay? You need to do something about your insecurities, otherwise really good post, I laughed a lot.

          • Bo Chang Kui

            Can you not even comprehend your own post??? the part where u suggest im into guys is the part where u questioned my preferences, duh! Nah and mentioning that u find lady boys attractive doesnt automatically make u gay either, but it doesnt make u not gay either. But some how u are allowed to suggest Im interested in guys as I said an average girl was average, but you are allowed to say you find ladyboys really attractive and Im not allowed to suggest that sounds really gay. Hmm, insecurities, yeah cause I bother to reply its obvious I must be full of them.

          • Albino

            My wife’s rolling on the floor with laughter, well done to you.

            She says: next time you talk about a guy looking good or hear a woman admitting another female looks just don’t forget that honesty is gay.

            If you have a brother or friend and have ever said they’re good looking… eeewww

            Christ… she’s literally pissed herself from laughter O.o

      • Tommy

        Albino, I know you are married and all, but you realize you are saying that Thai lady boys are more attractive than women.

        • Albino

          If you saw a really beautiful Thai lady boy you couldn’t tell the difference. So, have you never seen one or are you just that homophobic you can’t possibly admit men can be better looking than women? Most men are just so tragically homophobic they just can’t admit it.

        • Bo Chang Kui

          Tommy its pointless, Albino is totally clueless. He has know idea of the irony of running around the board calling other people gay whilst at the same time as saying stuff like he’d find it preferable to fuck a guy than the girl in this post just because shes average (sees his comment which shenmiao replied to) and repeatedly talking about how attractive he finds shemales. He makes all theses suggestions about other people liking guys, but when some calls him on it and suggests he might be hes gets pretty damn defensive. For a non guy gay with nothing to prove hes pretty keen for us all to know he has a wife.
          The poor guys confused, but he can go around pointing the finger at other people as being gay as much as he wants, and tell himself over and over that hes only interested in ladyboys on an aesthetic level, but no amount of projection and self-deception is going to heal his internal conflict, we should all pity the poor fellow really.

          • Bo Chang Kui

            Oh and Albino If I was you I wouldnt go telling the world that your saddlebag of a wife pisses herself when she laughs, what with the tits sagging on her belt she sounds a right wreck, no wonder your interested in ladyboys so much really.

          • Albino

            Oh, the jealously, it’s delicious, keep it coming.

          • Bo Chang Kui

            First it was beacuse im insecure, now its beacuase im jealous, hahaha :) I think its time u realised the problem is with you and stop trying to blame it on others. Jealous of some douche like you, so thats how u reconcile being such a ridiculously self-unaware boring try hard little gobshite by saying people dont like you cause they are jealous, if thats what poor deluded little Albino needs to tell himself to maintain his own self worth, then lets not deny him of it :)

          • Bo Chang Kui

            “My wife this, my wife that, blah blah blah”

            Is here the bit were I should talk about my girlfriend, as if someone willing to have a relationship with you is some form of big achievement that needs to be shared with everyone else(I expect it is in Albino’s case) and try and use the fact that wow im actually having sex with a woman as some badge of success.

          • Albino

            How do you even know I’m married?

            Please, do talk about your boyfriend. I have already said you are bound to find a guy with DD cups.

          • Bo Chang Kui

            Yeah that guys you, u are the one who is so keen on the idea of me (and every other guy on this board) being gay. Look if u are so desperate for either me or one of the other guys on this board to come do you, or have some kind of threesum with your saggy old sock boobed wife then just admit it and stop beating round the bush.

  • greater

    she need to care for her ass..looks so bony and thx for provinding links for he pics…

  • Rick in China

    Shows her with an unattractive ass and small tits, without makeup clearly an average face at best. Probably bad overall seeing as her claim to fame is dashed with unflattering pics of reality.

  • Joe

    That’s the American influence. DO NOT WANT.

  • John Yao

    So many small dick obsessed Cracker/YT boys on this China Smack site.

  • David

    I have find a topic share ~600 pics of her nude, i will share link to everybody visit and download it.

  • thetruth

    wow she is skinny!!! like all other chinese girls….i love my african ladies…at least you can touch something other than bones…hahaha!!!
    dont减肥。。。your men are starting to shift to laowai girls…but our laowai girl like big *****!!!hahaha

  • bando

    Umm… lots of people get turned on and enjoy having their photos while naked? That’s nothing new.

    sucks being a celebrity tho if your pictures get out and being recognised by many people.

  • k

    Not pretty at all…..those naked pics of her, she has no ass, it’s so pointy it’d hurt to bang her from behind and her boobs are so tiny, you can barely see them….and no muscle tone in her legs at all….look like a limp, scraggley chicken with lots of makeup and hair extensions….if that’s hot in china, they need to go somewhere else and see forgein women.

  • Robin McCue
  • GiannaFox

    She has a pretty face, but her body…it is obvious that she doesn’t work out…at all. Her boobs are fine, all the men who are dissing her for her small boobs, please grow up! You hardly ever see women diss men’s ”bulge” on pictures, so, please have the same courtesy and keep your opinions to yourselves, because you may hurt some women’s self-esteem like that, and they don’t deserve this! Plus, men who actually have a decent amount of sexual experience know that it’s not the size, but the shape that make boobs sexy, and can appreciate any breast size. And to add as a last observation, for a model, she doesn’t know how to pose.

    • mr.wiener

      This was before she was famous, hence the lack of posing.
      I agree with the boob thing, never saw a pair I didn’t like, be they mosquito bites , melons or wind socks.

  • Albino


    That is the same question I’ve asked many times myself. Cultural difference is just an excuse for what I perceive to be laziness. It’s like the shaving of the armpits, I saw a fashion show during my first week here in China and the models had long armpit hairs. No wonder you don’t see many of them out of China on catwalks, the moment they start walking everyone starts throwing up. But they still don’t shave because they’re just lazy. That doesn’t mean I haven’t seen a shaved one before, it’s just very, very rare.

  • Albino

    Shaving of the pubic area is a prepubescent throwback practiced before the days of ancient Egypt. That is pretty prepubescent isn’t it?

  • Irvin

    I second that, she’s more like a 6 to me. At brothels open by some of the kids of government officials you can have a line up of 6 models to choose from for little as $60usd, needless to say if she was at the line up I wouldn’t pick her.

    Outside of brothels there are many “open” girls at clubs and bars that look 10 times better than her that are comparatively “easy” since most local chinese dudes got no game.

    Nice girls (gf/wife materials) are even more easy, all it takes is a few sweet words and some flowers and gifts and they’re yours. Only recommended for serious relationships though, since the strings attach for just moments pleasure isn’t worth it.

    People only praise her because they know no better. If McDonald is the only restaurant you go to, then it may very well be the best restaurant for you.

  • Irvin

    Most cantonese shave, it’s just the northern ones that don’t.

  • cdn icehole

    I don’t think it’s laziness. Japanese men that I know like their women the way they are so their women don’t shave. Some suggests that shaving is considered too sexually assertive.

  • Albino

    I didn’t know that, you have any idea why?

    Also, proof or it didn’t happen.

  • Albino

    Also I didn’t just mean shave armpits ;)

  • PeterScriabin

    Oh, gosh, no, Irvin, that’s not my observation. Are you sure?

    I haven’t lived in Guangzhou, but I’ve lived elsewhere in Guangdong. Hong Kong, I have no, ah, experimental data.

    Every woman I know or have seen, in Guangdong: their legs, armpits…go au naturel. Truth is, most of them have so little body hair (as compared to other ethnicities), it makes no difference.

    The ones I’ve talked to would like to be rid of their bodily hair, once and for all, but lack a really satisfactory technology for accomplishing that. I think this would really be a way to make money (if the gizmo were affordable, anyway).

  • Albino

    Not everyone’s willing to sleep their way to the ‘top’.

  • Albino

    The Japanese are perverted, and yet prude at the same time. I can imagine shaving being out of the question, as it’s touching the pubic area, and for prudes that is simply not done.

  • mankouzanghua

    shaving is a question of taste, and you can’t argue about taste. should everyone like the same foods, music, clothes, recreation, etc as you?

    just as you call chinese women lazy for not adhering to your personal beauty standards, some chinese people might find you bizarre for desiring some kind of throwback to prepubescence.

  • Irvin

    Most chinese girls will never shave their pubic hair because it’s consider “bad luck” by northern chinese men to fuck a girl without pubic here, it’s some weird superstition thing.

    But I can understand the sexual appeal of hair even when I personally prefer a clean shave.

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