Gaddafi’s Female Bodyguards Found Murdered, Chinese Reactions

Alleged photographs of Gaddafi's Amazonian Guard female bodyguards shot dead by opposition forces.

From KDNet & Tiexue:

Photos of Gaddafi’s pretty female bodyguards shot dead exposed

When Gaddafi fled, his female bodyguards ["The Revolutionary Nuns" or "Amazonian Guard"] also disbanded, but still many of them were tracked down. According to information organized by a Middle Eastern website, the first fled with her boyfriend but was caught by the opposition and shot dead, the two of them dying together. The second was identified despite her makeup/disguise and was beaten to death. The third was kidnapped by the opposition’s soldiers, viciously tortured and gang-raped for days before being strangled to death with the words “the fate for Gaddafi’s whores” beside her, her body rotting when discovered. At this moment Gaddafi was still on the run!

Alleged photo of one of Gaddafi's female bodyguards having been beaten to death following the fall of Gaddafi's regime.

A rotting mutilated corpse allegedly belonging to one of Gaddafi's female bodyguards.

Comments from KDS:


downloadingThe third one is so pretty, what a pity…


The peasants stood up and entered the capital to become the emperors, only to continue oppressing the peasants.


There’s no real hope for democracy in Libya at all, the opposition is just fighting for money, food, and women. downloading


Their fates are actually within reason. After all, this is war. There are no whole eggs in an overturned nest.

Let me carefully ask one thing, has that black fat woman been found? After all, she made the most appearances.

Gaddafi's Amazonian Guard aka Revolutionary Nuns.


Those people receiving gray income [bribes, false expenses, off-the-book transactions, etc.], take a good look, as this could very well be the fate of your family’s women.


Expecting the opposition to set up democracy? Get the fuck out of here.


Why are people always using the partial and the individual to denounce the whole? Do people think that the moment tyranny is overthrow that everyone will suddenly become civilized and decent? This requires a process after all. If reconstruction and reform is good, then the process will be short, otherwise the process will be long. Democracy is the trend, one that is irreversible.


The opposition are also gangsters and thugs. NATO is smart, withdrawing at the end of the month.

Go on and continue watching the show.


Autocracies fall within minutes but building democracies take a very long time. The kind of government you have is the kind of rabble you’ll have. There is still a very long road left before the mob can become good citizens.


What kind of fucking democracy and freedom is this?! A bunch of garbage, bandits, thieves and bastards! Relying on this kind of people to establish democracy is simply embarrassing/shameful.


I think, with this kind of primitive backwards country, being colonized is actually not a bad choice.
Just look at Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan and you’ll know/understand.

Comments from KDNet:


How to have the people use gentle methods to exact revenge is indeed a problem.


Fuck, Libya.


Just desserts, well killed, this is the fate for those who collude with/work for dictators.


These bodyguards were mostly in it as a career, a life career, themselves having never gone onto the battlefield. All of them were beautiful women, and for them to be raped and killed like this is a sad. What a pity.


Can’t believe everything you see. Currently the wumao are doing everything they can to smear the new Libyan government!


If they tortured and killed Gaddafi, and tortured and killed the female bodyguards that worked for Gaddafi, then we can say bye to this so-called Libyan revolution now. NATO should offer an apology, as you’ve all been so fooled, a bunch of idiots.


Not even giving the female bodyguards a trial. Libyans are too ruthless/vicious, their road to democracy is doomed to have even more twists and turns than Iraq.


This is this rather brutal. Although these women aren’t anything good but neither has it been heard that they’ve committed any savage acts, so treating them like this is a crime.


All lies/deception~~

Google search results of alleged photos of dead Gaddafi Amazonian Guard members.

Timestamp disproving photos allegedly of Gaddafi's female bodyguards having been murdered.

Webpage debunking photos allegedly of dead Gaddafi female bodyguards.

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  • dr love

    yes i’m first. didn’t even read the article yet

    • Just John

      You probably won’t “love” it…

  • xudi

    Why do you always find some ignorant comment make by a Chinese guy about blacks? China’s people are just about every colour going and you still get one idiot that makes a comment to show just how stupid a person can be… well done

    • typingfromwork

      Well, to be fair there’s always some ignorant comment made in just about any discussion online involving blacks. And Asians. And Americans. And Europeans. But Black people get the worst end of the stick online, in my opinion.

      It’s almost like some kind of racial Godwin’s law- as an internet discussion on a topic that involves anyone of any race continues the likelyhood of racist comments approaches 1.

      • xudi

        The Chinese love to focus on the blacks though lol… love them in sports, music and fashion but when it comes to integration of any kind, they really highlight their own separation from the world and time.

        • cb4242

          Well, it just shows pure ignorance on their part, doesn’t it.

        • ed

          lighten up francis

          why the fuck should they be celebrating integration of any kind? China isn’t the US.

    • Anon

      Well, all he actually said is that she’s fat and black, both of which are true. Although looking at the Chinese, he uses the classifier 只 for her, which is often used for animals and therefore seems derogatory.

      • Irvin

        Psychologically speaking, some people likes to put other people down to elevate themselves rather than actually elevating themselves to be better than who they were.

        It’s mostly insecurities of their status in life or generally who they are. They themselves might not even realize it but subconsciousness that’s how they feel.

    • Joe

      White people are the last ones in the world to be pointing fingers over anything.

      • Just John

        Fine, we will try a different approach.

        I bite my thumb at you.
        Now go away, or I shall taunt you a second time.

      • Bruce Tutty

        Which white people?…there are several different kinds….i’m Irish myself, which if you didn’t know is different from being english, and very different from being America.

        That’s the problem with racist, its all about ignorance.

    • John

      I guess you never read youtube comments. Whites in America never make racist comments online black, asian or hispanic. Go to any Asian youtube video, there will guaranteed to be a few white guys talking about Asian peoples. For black youtube, it is monkeys and niggers, and etc.

      • mr. weiner

        There is a black youtube? for real?

  • andywattbulb

    And we introduce to you …..

    drum roll…

    Sharia Law

    • Xiongmao

      Yeah, I’m also wondering why the hell we helped them out in the first place if they replace the guy with an Islamic theocracy backed up by sharia laws. Some people are just too backward to help.

  • kezhou

    shouldn’t it be noted that the whole things seems to be made up?

    • Fauna

      It is noted. See last translated comment.

  • McCurry

    Why are Chinese people so interested in seeing dead bodies. I remember they showing Mr.Gaddafi’s dead body all over the television. Where is the respect and decency?

    and btw this is what happens in war, people die, men, women and children.

    • jeffli

      Errm…… was there a “declaration of war”?
      I thought it was the 10-15 year cycle for the superpowers to “dump” some old ordinance (on someones head), and get control on some oil.

      But Gaddafi’s brothers body guard is safe in Canada!

      Its a pity cause as body guards they performed well till the end.
      problem is the Looneys now controlling the country…..The Achmed “I KILL YOU!” mentality.
      as for democracy …. meh!
      thou dost joketh!
      Get ready for another “democratic Federation of Frackin’ Frootloop” country!

    • Xiongmao

      They don’t have the same cultural background as us Westerners. Showing dead bodies doesn’t have such a bad name to it here. Same with Japanese p0rn. The Judeo-Christian feelings of acceptability and shamelessness isn’t there. I’m saying this as a culture-neutral atheist btw. The mentality is just different.

  • MarkX

    I seriously doubt these women commiitted any crimes against anyone.
    I doubt they had a lot of choice about joining the guard, and, anyway, if they did, it would have seemed a good career move at the time.

    This was done simply because thugs felt they had some sort of ‘right’ could get away with it.

  • mr. weiner

    Sic Semper Tyranus….and their hangers on. Those ladies were I believe responsible for some of the nasty shite that went down in the Gadaafi govt so I’ll not grieve them too much, even if the third one was”very pretty”[I'm sure she didn't look half as cute when she was beating you with the butt end of an AK47].
    This is/has already gotten tribal and nasty, remains to be seen how it ends up. Personaly I think its going to continue on for a while at a low level and slip off the media’s radar screens….
    Still, it makes me wonder who’s going to be under the gun when there is a regieme change in China.

    • Just John

      Is it to early yet to give out my wishlist?

      • mr. weiner

        I look forward to reading it.

      • Tengu

        Can we put a couple of names on it?

  • Twis

    The last picture isn’t that of a dead bodyguard, it’s a victim of drug gangland slaying in Mexico, the Spanish text makes that pretty clear.

    You guys need to do some serious factchecking.

    • Tengu

      Or learn Spanish….

    • Fauna

      Why do you think that comment was translated and included?

  • Cyrus Howell

    In the above photo it appears the rebels (or the people) knocked the Black woman’s teeth out.

    • Tengu

      Not to be too graphic, but it keeps them from biting their c**ks off while being abused.

      Amazing how brutally creative they get when reduced to their most base level.

  • hooots

    Wow, what a relief. I just read all the comments and nothing from our banana munching Ramblin Rambo! Oh shit, I probably just woke him.

  • Gay Azn Boi

    I agree with McCurry.

    Showing their bloody corpses on news media for the sake of sensationalism is inappropriate. We’ve become so used to it that whenever someone of importance dies we kinda “expect” to see his/her dead body. Also, showing that bloody video of Gaddafi being dragged in the street then shot point blank in the head really shows how low we’ve become.

    Where is our decency?

    • Ray

      Just too many people requests for hard evidence in the media on these controversial matters. I know that there are still room for lies with these images, but it’ll be enough proof to most people who are reading the news.

      Like if a tyrant had been oppressing your people for years and decades, if “justice” were to be served, most will demand solid evidence.

    • Chef Rocco

      Who are “we”? Whose decency are you talking about?

      “We” didn’t torture and kill Gaddafi, they did, why “we” can’t show what they did?

      • Just John

        He is a Queen, therefor he uses the 3rd person plural.

        • Chef Rocco

          I see, when a Chinese say “咱们” (like “we” in English, but more like “we in family” or “we buddies”) to you suddenly, there are two possibilities: either he/she really likes you and wants to get more close to you, or he/she wants to borrow money from you or wants you to do a favor to him/her.

          I am not sure when a queen says “we” to me, should I become wary?

      • Just John

        we pronoun, pl in constr \ˈwē\

        Definition of WE

        : I and the rest of a group that includes me : you and I : you and I and another or others : I and another or others not including you —used as pronoun of the first person plural — compare i, our, ours, us
        : 1i —used by sovereigns —used by writers to keep an impersonal character

  • Chadwick

    Democracy may be a trend to some, but unlike socialism, it works. I have been to socialist countries, no one is paid equally, there is much more of a rift between rich and poor in socialist countries than in democratic countries. And in socialist countries the poor are dirt poor. Democracy in the revolution countries will take time but it will be worth it.

    I just cant wait till China rises, till its people overthrow a wealthy government who loves to put money into its own pockets and then speaks of socialism. Hypocrites. I would love to see China bring communism to its knees, with a billion people it could be done but I guess totalitarianism is loved in China.

    • mr. weiner

      Winston Churchill said something along the lines of Democracy being the most stupid, corrupt and inefficient system of govt in the world….eccept for all the others.

      • Tengu

        “It has been said that democracy is the worst form of government except all the others that have been tried.”

        You’re a fan, this is not your first Winston quote.

        He also said:
        “Place Gin in a shaker with ice, glance briefly across the room at a bottle of Vermouth, shake, strain and serve.”

        Wonderful Martini recipe!

        • Just John

          I have wondered if, given the instant communication of the internet, if there is a way to build a true democracy, where people will be notified of new information in real time, and get to vote on all issues in real time, instantly.

          So instead of our officials being elected, they would become pointless and the positions would no longer need to exist, and if they do exist, it would only be to generate new ideas, but even that could exist at the hands of the people instead of the hands of the government.

          Citizen A thinks up this great idea, pushes onto the system, where it is automated to review the existing laws ad rights of people for alignment and feasibility (reality check). It would also have to have some further review by the automated system to ensure that it can actually be put into place and/or enforced. If it passes that, it can go to vote, where people can read, review, and click yes or no.

          So, no longer would you need people with the power of decision making. Instead, you would just need the infrastructure to carry out the wills of the people.

          Only flaw in this is minority standing. Something would need to be done in order to make sure the needs of the minority opinions are protected (ie. For example, not re-enacting segregation just because someone liked the idea and put it up for vote, and the majority whites favored it while the minority classes rejected it).

          I think we may get there someday.

          • Tengu

            Remember, they tried Siebold “voting machines” in the US, buggy as hell and they did nOT generate a receipt of your voting data. No recount available. Data in and data….somewhere.

            I think data is too easily manipulated to be an efficient way to seek the true will of the people and there are so many apathetic people it defeats the purpose in some ways .

            The only way to determine the true course “the people” wish to take is to have them ALL invested in it and active…maybe someday.

            (Group hug)

            I will eschew commentary on President Gore’s stolen election…;-)

          • Just John

            Hence, the “someday”.

            First, we have to kill off Florida, then we may have better odds.

        • mr. weiner

          Sounds like my whiskey aand coke recipe: Pore 2 fingers of whiskey in a glass. Put ice on the counter next to it , then forget to put it in. Show the coke to the whiskey, then drink.

    • Just John

      Socialism: and distribution of income is based on the principle of individual merit/individual contribution.

      Communism: from the development of the productive forces that leads to a superabundance of material wealth, allowing for distribution based on need and social relations based on freely associated individuals.

      The exact definition of communism varies, and it is often mistakenly, in general political discourse, used interchangeably with socialism; however, Marxist theory contends that socialism is just a transitional stage on the road to communism.

      Basically, socialism = income generated based on personal contribution, so higher contribution equals more wealth (G&S)
      Communism = material goods distributed evenly based on need, so 1 person equals 1 loaf of bread.
      “From each according to his ability, to each according to his deeds (socialism). From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs (communism).”

      You are confusing the two.

      “Socialism and communism are alike in that both are systems of production for use based on public ownership of the means of production and centralized planning. Socialism grows directly out of capitalism; it is the first form of the new society. Communism is a further development or “higher stage” of socialism.”

      • Chef Rocco

        He confused not just socialism with communism, also compared socialism, majorly an economic distribution and production system against democracy, a pure political system, strange gal.

        Anyway, all these economic concepts are hard to define considering modern societies actually can’t be classified into pure conceptual entities, all contemporary countries are mixed systems economically, there are factors of socialism, capitalism, and even communism.

        As I understand, all these countries focusing more on efficiency/productivity are capitalism-oriented, those emphasizing on equity/ fairness are socialism-oriented, no black and white, right and wrong, just up to what is the demands of the whole society.

        • Just John

          Well, that was the problem with Marx’s theories.
          While on paper they sound great, given human nature, they are basically impossible to achieve.

          Even if you could evenly distribute all material goods and all services, you would still have power contentions.

          There will still be those who seek power, which will in turn make a different aspect unequal. Lets face it, in true communism, coala banana and me would have wealth, but not only that, we would have equal power, equal credibility, equal everything. You would go against individual nature completely, because we naturally gravitate towards one person or another.

          Lets face it, as I have always said, the only way to achieve perfect harmony (although normally when I say this in real life, I say world peace), is through total conformity or total annihilation. This is also true for true Marxist communism to exist, everyone could only be equal if everyone was the same.

          This can be a scary philosophical issue, because “the funny looking guy over there” would not be able to exist, because difference would give different attraction, different potential, etc. We would also all need to be the same gender, because lets face it, look at the gender wars, which would then lead to no future generations. We would also need to think exactly the same, but if that was so, how could anything be produced? For example, what if the model was a lawyer? Then everyone would be lawyers…If the model was a farmer, then everyone would be growing food, but who would build the tools to grow the food?

          • Chef Rocco

            I’d admit that communism is nothing but an utopia, in practice, it may turn a society into disaster, for instance, Cambodian Pol Pot regime.

            But don’t forget, human natures are multifaceted, not only selfishness, but also including selflessness tendency. To keep a society harmony ( just relatively speaking), the society has to reach a point where a good balance is struck between efficiency and equity, i.e. people are willing to work hard due to self-interests while they feel treated fairly from perspective of equality, specially for those countries with huge population and insufficient nature resources.

    • rollin wit 9′s

      When the time comes, there will be a few motivated people actually going about looking to turn sh!t upside down but the rest will be standing by with cameras, hands in pockets and eyes wide open. Lets not forget what kind of culture this is.

      I also predict that if anyone high up were to be murdered, 18+1 people would walk by his body before doing anything.

      • Just John

        Nah, 18+1 is the rule for cute 2 year old girls.
        Given the reactions you see to people in power from the Chinese, it would be 18+everyone to walk by.

        Then again, maybe the first person will check on him, to see if his wallet is still alive…

  • jiayi

    Even though it’s made up, I noticed gang rape is always just a given, right? smh -_-

    A hated woman and a group of men…nationality, religion, colour, creed…it doesn’t matter. They will always endure the same fate.

  • SuperHappyCow


    Fake, also gay. Probably not gay. But does it matter?

    It’d suck to be a female in war, since so many men seem to be rape crazy, even towards female warriors on the other side.

    I mean death is, of course, worse than rape. However, it represents such an unparalleled level of disregard, disrespect, and hatred towards a person while sullying an act that’s supposed to be beautiful.

    Sad. D:

    • Tengu

      Good point, rape has always been used as a tool in war.

      The “middle finger” was used by the Romans who referred to it as “digitus impudicus” – “The finger without shame”. (seriously)

      They would point it at a prisoner and it meant “I have the power to F**K you in the ass anytime I want.”

      You’re right it does represent a the ability to force humiliation and “an unparalleled level of disregard, disrespect, and hatred towards a person.” anytime they wish.

      Well said.

      • SuperHappyCow

        Watching A Casualty of War, where a group of American Soldiers take a Vietnamese woman prisoner for days and constantly rape her. Only one guy is against it.

        Reminds me of that TVTropes article “What Are You In The Dark” as I wonder how many seemingly normal citizens would rape a woman given the chance, in a hellish, bloody war.

        It’s a bit disturbing.

        • Just John

          Here, drink this. It will help calm you.
          *whispers to self* she didn’t see the roofie I slipped in either.
          *evil cackle*

          • Tengu

            Such an instigator…

        • Tengu

          Brian De Palma….great movie!

          I have to find an article for you about some research they did in, I think, Connecticut.

          Definitely in the “What Are You In The Dark?” vein, it wasn’t pretty.

          They took students and created a virtual prison, inmates and guards and watched what happened.

          Sort of cycles back to the “I would bravely help anyone in need!” statements in poor Yueyue’s story.

          You never know what your made of until you face it.

          When I first started posting out here, I posted something very germane to what you are speaking about now, not sure I would do it now, but I was new and it was cathartic to write it.

          I’ll find the article for you.

        • Tengu
    • jiayi

      Yeah, I second that. Rape is the ultimate act of humiliation, hatred and disrespect, I guess that’s why so many people are ‘into’ it, or rather what they perceive as sexual titillation.

  • Mr.T

    North Africans are well know for rape during time of war, raping men as well.
    Look what they did to the Italians when they marched up through Italy on the German retreat. Fucking animals.
    Gadaffi duck had them under control, now they can rampage again.
    Yea and dead bodies should be all over the media, just so every one gets the point that it anit all nice and dandy when you kick one dictator out and replace him with some more.
    Its a blood bath no matter how hard the West try to hide the fact.
    Also regards China needing a change of politics, I wouldn’t count on it, US is nearer collapse then any one else right now, hence there desperate attempts world wide to fuck it up.

    • SuperHappyCow

      North Africans are the only people to have ever raped anyone ever.

      Fucking animals.

    • mr. weiner

      I don’t recall there being any famous incidents of “North Africans” raping their way through Italy after the Facist govt surendered. I’m sure there were units of the British army from Sudan and other places in Northern Africa. Were these units infamous for rape or was this Axis properganda?
      I’m not dissing you here I would just like some clarification.
      I’m sure there were many incidents of rape by some of the Allied soldiers in Italy, but nothing on a par with the unofficial “Open city” ruling by the soviets after they took Berlin. By and large the Allied comand took a dim view of rapist and punished them according to established military doctrine.

      • Tengu

        I’ll have to run that one by my relatives in Naples, but this unwashed hoarde, of savage, man-raping North Africans cutting a wide swathe through Italy is news to me.

        The French had Algeria “under control”, but when they pulled out, I don’t remember hearing of fez wearing Algerians running amok on the Champs Elysees, or St Germaine de Pres bending Frenchmen over well-trimmed, boxwood topiaries and jamming their ebony johnsons into those Gallic fundaments.

        • Mr.T

          American generals tried to reign them back into control because it was becoming a massive embarrassment to the American advance.(all thou they did a great job of scaring the shit out the Germans and this is why they were used)
          The Italian suffered more at the hands of the Goumiers then they did at the pissed of German army retreating.
          Raping Women, young girls and young boys.Systematic rape, not just random like the horny GIs.
          You probably not fully aware of it , like every thing else because the western propaganda machine is selective in what you hear about.
          NA culture. Same people now running around with guns that they not going to hand back in, that will end up on black market, will flood EU even more with weapons.
          The immigration is out of control now in Europe, no stopping the Africans flowing into EU, no traceable history of these people and what crimes they have committed back from where they just come from.
          Its a steep price EU as just paid to prevent China getting it hands on Libyan oil and to a guarantee some cheap quality oil for EU because of the massive investment made by the EU refinery’s to process that particular oil grade, people will get very rich quick now, and the normal people will not benefit.
          Nothing to do with democratic freedom. To do with the 1%ers screwing everyone.
          Is every one so fucking dumb who posts on here and knows no true history or just all brainwashed to the bollocks the US been spewing out for the past 50+years.
          Wake up.
          Suck it up.
          The 99% have arrived.

          • Just John

            I guess you missed him say he still has relatives in Italy…

            So you are claiming that brainwashed Americans were so good at propaganda, that they were able to convince the people who apparently were raped and pillaged that they were not raped and pillaged?

            Want to try it again? We will forget this conversation ever happened….

          • Mr.T

            Nice you just proved what a total brainwashed moron you are.
            I also have relatives in Italy who”s family member were victims and that’s how I knew about it in the first place. Even so I was sceptical so guess what I did>
            Fucking googled it you fat lazy twat.
            You got Chinasmack stuck as your home page?
            Not capable of doing a search?
            You think I can be bothered to list all the information on here.
            Remember there wasn’t Internet back then if there was every fucker would knew about it.
            A lot of them Goumiers. got the firing squad as it happens.
            Suck it up Jerk.

          • Just John

            Nice comeback. Given all I did was point out Tengu mentioned in his post that he has family from there, and did not give any information on what did or did not happen, and you respond in such a manner shows you fail at either reading, comprehension, or some mixture of the two.

            So keep up reply to things I did not say and following up by attempting to flame and belittle me. It gives you so much more credibility to believe anything you type.

            Want me to introduce you to coala banana? You seem like a good fit….

          • SuperHappyCow

            Just be careful of what you say. North Africans being well known for rape is different from it being a facet of North African culture, i.e. religion, i.e. being Muslim, which is something that can be shed.

            It seemed like you were making the implication that North Africans have raped people in the past because of ethnicity.

          • mr. weiner

            Thank you for the clarification which I will try to follow up on.These goumiers seem to have aquired, or been atributed with, a reputation for rape. On the other hand so did the Croats on the axis side during WW2.
            How much of it was deserved I’m not sure, but it would seem certainly to have been a propaganda opportunity not to be missed by the nazis to scare the bejesus out of a wavering ally like Italy that a bunch of black[well biege anyway] muslims we’re coming to gang-rape everybody.

          • Tengu

            Just read a lot about your friends the Goumiers, like I said news to me…pretty interesting.

            The “marocchinata”…

            Sounds more like marauding bands, but very interesting nonetheless.

          • mr. weiner

            I couldn’t help getting visions of “Goumier Pile” as in Jim Nieghbors: “Surrprase! Surrprase! Surrprase! Sargent Carter, A’m goin to have consen-su-al anal sex with thayt narce Rock Hudsen fellur”.

          • Just John

            Nah, he wouldn’t say that.

            Remember, don’t ask, don’t tell.

          • Tengu

            Jim Nabors was gay as hell in private and a very, very funny unassuming guy, great company.

            Oddly enough I spent Christmas with him one year at a family member’s Christmas party down in Boca, they were great friends and owned a macadamia nut plantation in Hawaii together. Nabors was living in Hawaii at the time.

            No the family member wasn’t gay, but he did own the Hawks and the Braves at the time, sold them to Ted Turner.

            Goumier Pyle! Floyd the Barber was always my favorite!

          • Just John

            Actually, in this case, I was making fun of Clinton’s “Don’t ask, don’t tell” policy.

            Sadly, I was in the Army at that time, and got to witness first hand the destructive elements of that simple sounding policy.

            It was more than just putting up a new slogan in recruiters offices…

  • Han

    Within a year Libya will turn into civil war. After all this is a time of “Gun rule”…

    Currently Libya is a bit similar to Ancient China after the Qin Dynasty collapsed by Chen Sheng and Wu Gang both uneducated men who collected a rabble to cause a bloody rebellion and tried to become king even though China was still unstable. Look what happened to them two?

    Also Libya will become like Warlord Era of China where everybody think they “Deserve to rule” in an already battered nation where “foreign devils” (the NATO in the hopes of getting cheap oil) take advantage of the rivalry split by taking sides of each clans.


      Or more like the beginning of the PRC, when educated but uncultured Mao Zedong is working to build his twisted version of paradise by killing his political enemies one by one, brainwashing the masses and corrupted a civilization. (first the KMT, then the landlords, then anyone who opposed him in the CCP, then anyone more intelligent than him that he sees…) I am sure the Islamist fundamentalists who is behind the lynching of Gadaffi and many of its regime’s members had the same mentality and unlike Chen Sheng and Wu Gang, they are educated.

    • Chef Rocco

      It is Wu Guang, not Wu Gang. Wu Gang (吴刚)is an ancient Taoist who was sent to moon cutting an unbreakable tree forever as a penalty of adultery according to Chinese myth.

  • azndude

    Why is that we always find completely fabricated stories coming out of China? Is the state of journalism-media that messed up?


      It is just messed up, anywhere CCP goes, anarchy reigns.

    • Capt. WED

      it’s not though, this is internet trolling. Meaning someone made this up, on the internet.

  • wu lmao

    A Chinese person talking about colonizing a primitive country can have beneficial after-effects and evidencing it by pointing out Hong Kong and Taiwan? I almost can’t believe it.

    I wish I could tell if that poster was joking or if he knew anything about the British influence and the opium wars.

    • Chef Rocco

      He just repeated what Liu Xiao Po, the Noble laureate, said in an interview with a Hongkong magazine 23 years ago.

      Liu reportedly said ” “Hong Kong took one hundred years to become the way it is today, China is so big, of course it needs three hundred years as a colony to be like Hong Kong. I even doubt if three hundred years are enough.” And Liu definitely knows history very well. Why are you so surprised?

      • MAOCUNT

        Without CCP and her supporters, anything good is possible for China. However as long as CCP and her supporters is still ruling, anything chaotic will happened. We already had a broken train, exploding water melons, poisonous milk powder, I think the next one is malfunctioned aircraft carrier that made cause a nuclear holocaust.

        • Chef Rocco

          Ok, I have no arguments with opinions from a MAOCUNT (hairy cunt).

          • Tengu

            I have an argument with hairy c*nts, I just prefer a good wax…not into “old school.”

      • dim mak

        Frequently misquoted, and not even the most important thing to know about the Liu Xiaobo.

        He’s not really advocating colonialism, he’s just using that as an extreme example of what it would ‘take’ to ‘fix’ what he perceived to be a dismal situation in China.

        It’s his shitty, fairy-tale concept of democracy that’s a true danger to China, not some ancient quote taken out of context by nationalists.

        • Chef Rocco

          Misquoting and misinterpreting without context are two different concepts. Can you kindly point out where I misquoted him?

          He might not be promoting colonialism, but apparently he thought colonialism is acceptable as long as it brings what he perceived would change China.

          Whatever he really meant, he did influence some Chinese’s views about colonialism, the above poster’s opinion is an example.

          • dim mak

            He’s very pro-West for sure, but I don’t see how he condones colonialism. The original text shows him using it as “…that’s what it would take …for China to improve to Hong Kong levels”. It is distasteful, but done as a point of rhetoric. Charter 08 however….

            Anyway, I doubt the posters above are Chinese.

    • Rawlie

      Yeah, the British influence here has been so bad! 1st world country, negligible crime, high GDP, cheap affordable housing and transportation for most. Good record of human rights. Fuck, the Brits were terrible. It’s like ‘Life of Brian’, “What did the Romans ever do for us?”

      Anyway, that comment made me laugh purely because Libya was an Italian colony so I’d guess the quality of the invader has something to do with the process of colonisation as much as those who were colonised.

      • Just John

        Cheap housing?
        Are you sure you live in the same city?
        You do realize you spell it H-O-N-K K-O-N-G, not S-H-E-N Z-H-E-N, right?

        • Rawlie

          Yeah, I live here. Affordable public housing for the masses… I wasn’t referring to expats like me who are now paying through the nose!

        • MAOCUNT

          Actually there were a lot of cheap housing until the turnover to PRC. Nowadays, I am not even going to comment on it, the price is soaring ridiculously thanks to the “Patriotic merchants”.

          Hong Kong’s quality of life degraded every year since 1997, I am sure it is all the Brits’ fault for leaving a mess in HK and that PRC is not involved. =D laughs

          • Just John

            o, I know. I guess Rawlie does not actually know market prices though, since he seems to feel there is cheap housing.
            Either that, or he is attempting to compare the house prices in a western market like the US to the house prices in Hong Kong, or else assuming just because you can buy a shantie cheap means there is cheap housing, not factoring in housing quality vs. price.

  • mp

    The US and NATO are completely corrupt and these men are out of control in Washington and Brussels. But what does anyone expect? NATO should have been disbanded after the fall of the Soviet Union. It is a good thing that Mr Obama, our first non melanin-challenged President* won the Nobel Peace Prize. Otherwise, just think of what he’d be capable of.

    *I use this term since if I write the word “Negro” certain people around here go apoplectic. But I ought not use that word, either, because now I’ll be accused of being snobbish, or pretentious. I’ve got to sharpen up on my Emmanuel Goldstein, and kill some big words, fast. I’ve know: “NATO and US foreign policy suck.”

  • dim mak

    I like how the Gadhafi family espouses conservative Islam yet none of his female “escorts” wear headscarves and his son’s wives look like whores

  • OutLaw

    They are merely “guards” and I believe they follow orders. Why rape and kill them? Unless they are also brutal and must be punished….but by law not “outlaws”

  • Pingback: Gaddafi’s Female Bodyguards Found Murdered

  • staylost

    What is most shocking is how many ChinaSMACK posters believe this is real.

    • Just John

      Yes, some people fail to read.
      No excuse when it is quite easy to Google for information rather quickly, so it ends up making those who decide to take everything at face value look silly.

      “Question everything.”
      ― Karl Marx

      • Tengu

        Say nothing….

      • Tengu

        We see everything, we see nothing, but we can surely start seeing the myriad, baiting cbmoles.

        What fun attempting to implement my quote from Sun Tzu, I was hoping for something a tad more creative, what about you?

        • Just John

          lol, sadly, I am not the “get mad” type. I am more the type whom, once pushed to far, knows the proper routes to take stupidity out of the equation.

          Nothing is gained in anger, only cold deliberation and plotting will achieve the final, desired results. Anger will only leave yourself vulnerable, allowing the calculating enemy to find and exploit that vulnerability.

          • Tengu

            Sadly for some, neither am I…I’ve counted two.

            “Men ought either to be indulged or utterly destroyed, for if you merely offend them they take vengeance, but if you injure them greatly they are unable to retaliate, so that the injury done to a man ought to be such that vengeance cannot be feared.”
            Niccolo Machiavelli

            Destruction, irrelevance…mission accomplished? I feel like GWB!!!!!!

          • Just John

            Are you trying to say you like using WMDs?
            Weapons of Mass Distraction?
            (May need to watch Man of the Year if you do not get the reference)

          • Tengu

            Damn you…now another addition to my Netflix queue.

    • Chef Rocco

      Welcome to the internet world, I bet Hu Jintao, Sarko etc. are stocking too, that’s why they want to shut down the e-rumor mills.

      • staylost

        Whether or not they are not out stalking stocking stock stockings may be up for debate, but I’m sure their wumao lackies show up here as they do everywhere.

  • red girl

    The story seems suspect, to me also.

    But this sort of statement, so gets me …
    I think, with this kind of primitive backwards country, being colonized is actually not a bad choice.

    and then …

    ..”Being branded as a people who are incapable of democracy___
    __as if coups and massacres are somehow encrypted in their genes”…Arundhati Roy..

    • Tengu

      Loved “The God of Small Things”…

      • red girl

        Yes, Great Book.

        • red girl

  • Kedafu

    Song of the Article

    Foxy Lady
    – Jimi Hendrix

    a wumaodanger asking

    whatever happened to his Ukrainian Nurse?

  • Dan Danger


    Just desserts, well killed, this is the fate for those who collude with/work for dictators.
    And another dictatorship supported by Beijing.

  • nima kumar

    Dear nato and any other alleince we Respectful to you all, now we wanna see next in china there doing lot of killing peoples in every day,,,,,,pls somthing do in china.

  • Amira

    You, this website editors , should be ashamed for showing old photos from other countries saying it happened in Libya. Why do you do this? You lost your credibility.

    • Just John

      Please check the About:
      “All chinaSMACK articles are translated from the original Chinese to English by Fauna, chinaSMACK’s staff, or guest contributors. Fauna is native Shanghainese, while chinaSMACK’s contributors come from different countries and backgrounds, both Chinese and foreign.”

      Fauna only posted the information from the original post, translated into English for people to read what Chinese were talking about.

      If you have a problem with the mistakes, please feel free to click the red words KDnet and Tiexue found near the top of the story, under the first picture, to go there and ask them these questions.

      This site isn’t about “news” or any such thing, it is about what Chinese are saying in China, so we can have a better insight into what they talked about, read about and other things.

      She does not check for accuracy in the original post, that is not her purpose, so again I would recommend you bring these issues up with the original article creators.

      • Aybil

        So you can translate any lies regardless of its authenticity. This only propagates deceptions that can be construed as libel in any law abiding country. I urge you to review your policy and not translate any unverified information , because once you translate the article and post it, it then becomes news that is also read by people other then those in China. You there fore start misleading others who may not understand Chinese and read the original post.

      • Fu ZhiGao

        The poster could have been responsible and written one sentence like “this is unverified news” or “the authenticity of this story is proven false”.

        The information page for this website proudly states that chinasmack has been cited in reputable news sources. This will probably lead a great many people to believe that stories on this website are thus authentic.

  • Amira

    Thanks, quitar138 for your correction. Would you please add the links for the original photos.

  • Aybil

    You live by the gun , you die by the gun. I do not condone the rape part and most definitely doubt it, however these guards were soldiers loyal to a tyrant who committed the unthinkable in Libya and accordingly their fate was justified. I hope they join him in hell.

    • robina

      Evidence about the unspeakable acts commited by the tyrant? Obama and Cameron commited unspeakable acts of deparvaity I’m going to kill everyone who was associated to them. Well if it works there, why not here? You people deserve the medicine you spread with such lies.

      • Taik Belowna

        Sigh, Gadhafi did Pan Am 103. Don’t believe Jim Swire, don’t believe Tiny Rowland’s movie.

  • Peasant

    Wow, some of them are true Roman descendants.

  • Foreign Devil

    Maybe he should have thought harder about hiring a bunch of women as his body guards . . didn’t really do him any good.

    • Tengu

      They were for show and to feed his ego. Hs true bodyguards can be seen in many pictures you find of him. NOne of the women ever have a headset and they ALL stand BEHIND him.

      Rule #1 – “Don’t bunch up!”

      Couple of them have come forward, and spoken about what they endured being his “Amazonian Bodyguards”…I think the link is above.

      At least get them decent holsters if you want to make them look like “bodyguards, one is wearing a “Field Target” holster…snapped shut.

      Nice little “Stinger” would have been a better choice!

      Dig up photos or video of when Reagan was shot, the hardware comes out quick and lots of it, that was 30 years ago…the arsenal today is a bit more “intense” and “compact”

    • Tengu

      U.S. has some women in the Secret Service, they can do the job any man can!

  • dilladonuts

    white people are annoying

    • mr. weiner

      Kind of like the static you see on TV between stations. We call it “White noise”.

  • kacha

    spanish translation:

    an unknown woman executed in the cross 10 days ago

    fake pictures, but did the women get killed? true.

  • brian

    im told this photo is a fake

  • MassiveBender

    Barely anyone has commented on the photos true meaning, which is that Libya has not been liberated, NATO certainly did not enforce a no fly zone to protect Libyan civilians but actually supported a gang of brutal bandits, killed hundreds, probably thousands of the civilians they claimed to be protecting and installed a far more vicious tyranny than the one under Gaddafi. There has been no evidence of the claimed atrocities on the Gaddafi side during this coup and ample evidence of rape, murder and ethnic cleansing committed by the rebels. When will westerners wake up and realise that we are the bad guys rather than claiming that this is the difficult birth of democracy and China is still worse, are they mental or just brain washed?

    • mr. weiner

      While I think you raise some good points and the a lot of the time NATO, the EU et al are not the good guys I think there is a little more to it than labeling one side a “gang of brutal bandits”.
      What do you think would have happened to the folks in Misrata and the cities involved in the uprising if NATO had not sent the jets in to destroy the tanks of Gaddafi and his tribe? A good example of what you could have expected would be to research the fate of Hama in Syria 30 odd years ago. They sent in the tanks and then they sent in the bulldozers.
      This is tribal so some nasty shite has gone down and will be going down for some time to come.
      The best we can hope is that some form of a more representative govt will come to be in the future, rather that the dynastic dictatorship that was going to be Libya’s future. I remain optimistic.

      Oh BTW, civilian militias are usually the most brutal combatents in any theatre of war. If the excrement ever hits the airconditioning in China it’s going to get medieval real fast.

      • robina

        I was wondering when our rioters in London were going to be armed and then put into power due to the brutal pretence of a democrazy we have here. We really are the great crusaders are we not. I personally think the SAS and the CIA agents to breed strife are doing really well. Hope we get loads of contracts. We love brutal dictatorships if we control them. Beneign dictatorships working for the best interests of their people sure get on our t$ts.

      • Artem

        To mr. weiner
        What could be more representative than the people’s committees and congresses in Libya. In comparison with this form of government, Western-style democracy – a dictatorship of the Presidents of the Senate, the Senate of the Parliament and all of the people.

        • mr. weiner

          Sorry I didn’t understand your question [if indeed it was a question?]
          Are you saying:#1 Gadaarfi’s people’s committees and congresse were more representative than western democracies.
          #2 The current interim council’s committees and councils are more representative than western style democracies.
          or #3 You were being ironic and me being too much of a humorless liberal I failed to apreciate the subtle nature of your sarcasm.
          Please clarify this soon as I am honestly a little confused here and don’t want to jump to any conclusions.

          • Artem

            1, I got it. Do you think my post ironic, because you do not know much about the control system in Libya. When Gaddafi. Do you know what people’s committees and how they managed at the local level? How mastered budget?
            2, TNC – this is not the road to democracy. This is a road in the “Banana Paradise.” Jibril told about people’s committees – “… These foolish things we will end.”
            3 What is the irony here, when all the “democratic peace” is heading into fascism.

          • mr. weiner

            Ahh enlightment breaks across my furrowed brow..You are in fact a Gadaafi supporter!
            Well delightful to make you aquaintence, keep up the good fight and all that.
            But I think perhaps you missread my post, I was very lukewarm on the rightness if what Nato has done and sceptical of the aims of the TNC. I will cheerfully admit to my ignorance of the power stuctures of the Gadaafi govt and the factions and tribalism at work there and would be grateful to any light you can shed on the situation.
            Except I think this can be done without any finger pointing at other countries sytems of power as this will just degenerate into name calling and I’d like to keep our conversations conctructive and educational…You up for that sport?

  • Fu ZhiGao

    Did you guys read to the bottom where one poster showed that this was false?

    Do you honestly think the Western news media wouldn’t have picked up on a story like this?

    It happens quite frequently that someone takes photos from one story and creates another new story about it. Like the Danish whale hunting story (that was translated and posted on here) that was simply using photos from something else that had happened years before.

    Take care and don’t believe everything you see at face value.

    • Hana

      Fu ZhiGao, Do you really think the western Media cares?The western Media is part of the war media when Britain and USA go into countries all must back it! The western press Enjoy Wars, and killing, and always have to have a fall guy! Yes I’m sure that much of this is true about these Girls..look at the black Flags flying in Libya…Darkness will follow all this so called Democracy I think NOT GOOD THINGS TO COME…

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  • 平凡人

    If the above are all made up, I think the person who did it has nothing better to do. The story makes people think that the opposition are no better than Gaddafi; he was overthrown for his brutality and the opposition is doing the same? I really hope it is made up, if not I think something is wrong with that part of the world.

  • robina

    I come from Europe where the press and the MPs are controlled by the corporations. Just like in America. Democrazy is just a way to brutalise and colonise other countries. Libya has been a peaceful country. It has the same wealth resources as Nigeria which is colonised by the IMF and the World Bank (USA) yet it delivered a very high standard of life for its people. The African Union and the Latin American Countries tried there best to peacefully insitigate elections. Even though Libya had its own form of grassroots democracy. But War makes too much money and so do the people who spread the propaganda. We went into to break Libya so it resembled the colonial mess the French and British left it. It was us who decided that a bloodbath and pure terror is needed for a democracy to begin. It was us who rejected elections lest the nasty demonised fogey was voted overwhelmingly by his repressed people.

    As we lied our propaganda ‘he’s killing his own people’ we did not question the rebels cries to arm themselves so they ‘could kill their own people’ – if these people are Libyan that is. Democrazy is the will of the people. So why was it neccersary to bomb and kill as many Libyans as possible to bend them to our will. Why did we need to starve town after town of food, electricity and surround them as they were being bombed? If Gadhafi was as evil as the demonisation suggests we would have been able to dig up this sort imagery attributed to him. We did not have to wait 42 years later for the ‘rebels’ to carry out these deeds and attribute them to Gadhafi.

  • robina

    I was speaking to someone who wanted a change and was very happy about the revoloution. I also spoke to many Libyans who loved their country and their leader. Unlike Shia and Sunni hostilites in Iraq there was never that much animosity in Libya. This sort of brutality is not something Libyans are used to. Even Ghadafi’s coup was bloodless. A congressman who was stuck in Libya was in hiding made some startling revelations. He claimed that secret agents in Libya killed rebels by torturing and maiming them and then beheading them getting the other rebels to follow suit. In Iraq sectarian strife was being encouraged by SAS officers, who were arrested. The government then broke into the prison to set them free.

    There has never been that level of brutality in Libya, this Libyan guy, claimed. Libyan society although tribal is mixed and although strife occurs this is at a level that can is being deliberatly insitigated to keep Libya unstable.

    A couple of days ago was is called the poor man’s atomic bomb (heard in Algeria) was dropped on Abu Walid airport killing 1900 people. The only enclave outstanding.

  • Hana

    Qaddafi gave woman rights..these beautiful young woman murdered by savages, all these western countries have woman in the Army, these girls were no more than part of the Jamahiryan Army, to uphold their vision that the baby girl can progress in Africa and the Mid East and join rank along side their men can’t build democracy on killing like this! But there again thanks to western Leaders taking in so called Democracy into a country, just means bomb it..get some of the people to back you, then loot the country if it has peace will come of this! May these beautiful flowers of Libyan who lost their lives find joy and peace in the next world!


    There is no hope that for democreacy in Libiya, only fighting for money and women

  • Wadim -VIVA RUSSIA!!!

    USA – FUCK!!!!!!!!!!! RUSSIA – WIN!!!

  • Wadim -VIVA RUSSIA!!!

    USA -FUCK RUSSIA -VIVA!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://chinasmack napoja

    after reading some comments to my surprise that even a chino person will even make a comment about black people .i love n respect all human.but chino men are the most unattrative on this planet u can kiss my ass u human garbage.

  • JoeyD

    Can anyone tell me if the one highighted in this photo is still alive: ?
    What is her name? What happened to her? Is she alive? How can I contact her?

    I hope to God she is still alive and was able to get out of Libya.
    I would like to be able to learn about her and her life from her prospective.

    • mr. weiner

      hmmm..Sounds like you’d like to do more than “learn” about her. Still , girls with guns always does in it for me too. You’d just have to be careful she doesn’t butt-stroke you[by that I mean gun butt, the other meaning sounds quite nice :]

    • JoeyD
  • mbaziira

    but why the new leaders are behaving as if there is no tomorrow,it very sad, any way i say those girls when they come to my country Uganda, they almost took our Independence with there arrogant leader Gaddafi, they tried to over take the country security personnel authority , but sorry to them. my the almighty God bless them with peace in there grave

  • Mr. India

    Democracy sucks. In a dictatorship you have only one central object of hate and as the recent events show, all anger is directed towards the leader, his family and his supporters. In democracy, we have power (corruption, deceit and fraud) is diffused and so people cannot direct their anger towards one entity as that entity often remains camaflouged. This is what is happening in India, where we elect one set of gangsters for five years. They loot, rape and plunder and for the next for years another set comes. The first set would have made so much that they can survive during the period they are not in power. The cycle gets repeated. Democratic dynasties are established and power remains in the hands of a few. People are cheated as they believe that they have given vent to their frustration through the electoral process once every five years. In sum, people are cheated and exploited everywhere.

    • Johnny Garland

      But it also means one entity can’t make crazy insane actions and ruin the whole country. And if India had recall…

  • Ron

    They’ve announced they will have sharia in Libya, and that is NOT democracy but a theocracy.

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