Puppy Roasted Alive Over Open Fire By Chinese Women

A Chinese woman roasting a small puppy over an open fire on the street.

chinaSMACK has brought you many stories about dogs in China and the issue of animal welfare.  We’ve translated Chinese internet posts of dogs being beaten to death or skinned on the streets of Shanghai, of an abused and mutilated dog in Foshan, and of videos of dog fighting. We’ve also reported on the many Chinese people trying to help these animals like the retired Tianjin teacher who rescues strays or the volunteers who rescued dogs from a “concentration camp” in Xi’an. Just recently, we’ve hosted the director of the Heroes for Life documentary, who shared more stories of Chinese animal rescuers and activists and needs your help to finish the documentary.

This is another story of dog meat consumption and brings up for the first time on chinaSMACK the idea that dog meat, like beef, can have its own variant of “veal”.

From Mop:

Human scum! At the entrance to Kengkou market, a person is roasting a live puppy!

Unbelievably roasting a live puppy; there are even children watching…

A puppy is roasted whole over an open fire in a urban backlot as onlookers watch.

A puppy is roasted whole over an open fire in a urban backlot as onlookers watch.

Comments from Mop:


Too cruel!


Roasted alive? Fuck~~~despicable people, no humanity at all~~?


Fuck…I will never eat dog meat or cat meat…


[This makes me] angry.


Fuck, this was how you died in your previous life.


Who told you people to eat [this kind of food]?! If you people didn’t eat [this kind of food], would this kind of thing happen?!


How come none of you bring up the butchering of chickens and pigs?


Son of a bitch! When will it be her turn to be roasted/barbequed?!


Ah, too heartless!


[People] curse them to death here [on the forum] only to go home and enjoy eating [dog meat]; I’m speechless.


What’s wrong with people these days? They don’t even seem like people/human anymore.




Disgusting, I can’t even eat anymore.


Utterly devoid of any conscience.


And yet louzhu, you could bear taking these photographs.


No humanity whatsoever~~detestable things~~~


[She] deserves death by a thousand cuts.


Are you still human? Think for a moment, how would you feel if you were roasted alive/barbecued alive?


Human scum~~may you be damned to come back as a dog in your next life~


The person who took these photographs is even scummier.


Human scum…….. if you’re going to eat dog meat, can’t you kill it first before cooking it?


Well, after all, it’s not like it’s her own offspring~~


Are these kind of people still people/human?!!!!!! Intensely request friends of cats everywhere to human flesh search them!!!!!!!!!!!!!


You don’t have any humanity if this is the way you treat dogs.


…too ruthless; Can she still be considered a woman?


Beat her to death.



Why hasn’t there been a human flesh search yet?!!!! Find [her]!!! And then roast her too!

Commenter image: "Brother can not stay lowkey anymore."

"Brother cannot be low-key any longer!"


This woman wants to eat dog meat to strengthen her yang essence [referring to the Chinese belief in “qi” energy; “qi” is made up of “yin” and “yang” essences, and an imbalance between the two is a major reason behind illnesses. Strengthening the yang is said to improve kidney functions, promote virility and sexual potency.].


There must be some huge benefit [or financial interest] behind all such cruelty.


Guangzhou Kangkou [district]?


The people who eat [this type of food] are also beasts/animals.


How can anyone do such a thing to such a cute puppy? Too cruel!


[She] really was able to do such a thing… I curse her to exchange roles with the puppy in her next life…


The taste seems to be not bad~~but why not first butcher the dog and then roast it? Some special reason/flavor?


What a sin, may you die and go to hell.


Firmly request a human flesh search. I’ll go roast them alive, this bunch of despicable people.


Don’t worry!!! Come 2012, everybody will be roasted.


Inhuman! Arrest them and execute them!






**GB, this person will definitely get all types of cancer.


Looks delicious, just add a dash of spiced salt~


All to satisfy their perverse desires/abnormal appetites.


There wouldn’t be any harm [to puppies] if there weren’t demand.


The world being as big as it is, there will always be these traces of scum.


These people who are no better than beasts! In my entire life, I hate people who eat dog meat the most! It doesn’t matter what your reason is, if you kill a dog, then you’re inhuman! Your old man should have just shot you into a dog’s belly [ejaculated into a dog]! As long as the dog is one you’ve raised, no matter how poorly you treat it, it will still be devoted/loyal to you! Some people truly are no better than beasts!


Looking at it from her point of view, it is just a dish of food to eat….how sad…


With humanity being this way, only when the day comes when human beings are no longer at the top of the food chain will they finally understand their past behavior.


Fuck, may those who eat this have sons without JJ.


How much for one?

If you feel the issue of animal welfare is important and would like to raise awareness of this issue, you can always help support Heroes for Life, a documentary about animal welfare activists in China that is still as yet uncompleted.

Note from Fauna: The images in the above Mop post are incomplete and also combine a separate unrelated image (the flattened dog). The pictures of the women roasting a puppy are quite old and have appeared on the internet many times before over the years, such as this ChinaRen.com post from 2008. Below are a few more photos…

A puppy on the street in China.A stained newspaper on the street in China.
A Chinese woman roasting a small puppy over an open fire on the street.A Chinese woman roasting a small puppy over an open fire on the street.
A Chinese woman roasting a small puppy over an open fire on the street.A Chinese woman roasting a small puppy over an open fire on the street.
Chinese women roasting a small puppy over an open fire.
Chinese women roasting a small puppy over an open fire.
Chinese women roasting a small puppy over an open fire.

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  • http://www.ethansenglishcafe.com Ethan

    seems unlikely that it was alive unless her skills with tongs are very 厉害…

    Sad to see but sad to see them do it to any animal in my opinion.

    • wallimo

      Has it been skinned? obviously the meat isn’t gonna taste good if there’s burnt hair all over the animal!! thats like cooking a chicken with the feathers on or cooking fish with the scales on… Pointless the meat would be useless and I doubt if they are eating dog meat instead of pork or something that they are just wasting the meat like that!!

      • http://sugabellyrocks.com Sugabelly

        She’s putting it on the fire without skinning it to REMOVE the hair.

        We do this with goats in Nigeria. If you roast the goat in its skin over the fire all the hair turns to soot and it’s so much easier to scrape off with a knife instead of trying to shave it off. That way you can eat the skin too with the meat.

      • angryman

        Actually singeing the hair off is a common way of dealing with pigs after slaughtering, and I expect with any hairy animal. Hair’s gotta come off somehow, and the alternative is scalding.

        • Janers

          exactly what I was thinking, just like pigs


    • JM

      Someone should do the same to her…

  • Justin

    Wow that just totally ruined my otherwise good day….and my appetite. I was just about to go to lunch.

  • bando

    cooking dog is one thing, but while still alive?

    a new low for humanity

  • Nathan

    Who said this dog is alive? Doesn’t look alive to me… try holding a puppy with a pair of shoddy tongs over a flame and see how easy it is to hold still. Shoddy reporting/biased uploader.

    Its clear the dog is not alive and that’s the only thing that would make this story significant. Hungry people have to eat and there’s plenty of stray dogs in China. Beside’s they are tastier than most of the other shit these people could be cooking. Same as the ‘announcement’ about cat ladies in China last week… China’s middle classes are now becoming like their western counterparts and forgetting we are essentially carnivore mammals, we like two things, fucking and eating… take that away from ChinaSMACK and your pretty much left with a bunch of stories about suicide.

    • anon

      I’m inclined to agree that the dog isn’t really alive (unless it was somehow rendered extremely unconscious or paralyzed) but is very likely a false sensationalist detail added by someone somewhere sometime over the years as these photos were spread and reposted over and over again.

      However, I don’t know if that’s the only thing that would make this story significant. I don’t get the impression that these people are eating the dog because they’re starving and they’ve resorted to hunting strays to survive.

      I also wouldn’t say chinaSMACK is only about fucking, eating, and suicide but I admit that’s actually quite funny.

    • http://www.ethansenglishcafe.com Ethan

      Actually I believe the word you were looking for was omnivore… Try eating nothing but meat and see how long you stay healthy.

      • Nathan

        @Anon I don’t really care if they are starving or not… my overriding point is its meat and whether it comes from a cute puppy or an ugly pig is irrelevant. I’ve eaten dog (along with a whole range of so called ‘alternative meats’) on several occasions and as a meat eater see no moral significance.

        @Ethan Hmm, forgive me if I am wrong (I am no biologist) but I am pretty sure that omnivores are a sub category of carnivores and human beings would be considered facultative carnivores… and therefore omnivores??? I can tell you literally carnivore means meat eater and holds no meaning of exclusivity… but that’s just an example of how I wasted time learning something as useless as latin when I could have been studying a much more useful subject like biology.

        • Ray

          I think that omnivores are not a sub category of carnivores but more of a adaptation of carnivores + herbivores. One is considered a carnivore if their primary diet consist of animal meat or exclusively animal meat. Carnivores’ bodies are developed in a way which to best handle a diet primarily consisted of meat, and although they can eat plants are other stuff, they cannot survive on that only (however they can probably survive on only eating meat).

          Humans can survive by eating only meat or vegetables (but it wouldn’t be a healthy diet) but is more inclined to a balanced diet. We have the body constructs to extract nutrients from both meats and veges allowing us to be omnivores.

      • Jax

        fyi, you can be healthy eating nothing but meat as long as you also eat organs such as liver, kidney, etc which store all the vitamins needed for the body. Eskimos, Siberian tribes and other tribes live quite healthy on an all-meat diet.

      • 老外


        I have plenty of energy, and I’ve lost almost all my body fat. Ketosis is such a nice state to be in. Eating nothing but meat is in fact, very healthy. Although, I do spice it up with eggs and cheese.

        If you ever feel like losing a lot of weight with very little effort, try a high fat, medium protein, low carb diet. I recommend 60/35/5%.

        • Justin

          Well I’ll check in with you in 20 years to see if your opinion has changed, but you probably won’t have an opinion because you’ll be dead from a heart attack.

          • Mary

            They probably wont be dead from that, but ketogenic diets do tend to leave folks with bad breath and B.O. Also not great for your bones I don’t think.

  • mankouzanghua

    “Intensely request friends of cats everywhere to human flesh search them!!!!!!!!!!!!!”
    Intensely request moppers

    • monyxie

      auto translation?

  • hanyucha

    Nobody called Sofa! So Sofa!

    What everyone seems to ignore is the fact that if you are poor, which the majority of Chinese people are, then you will eat just about anything.

    If you want people to stop eating dogs, cats, rabbits, and whatever else, buy a big bag of groceries and take them to a village and share your food with the locals.

    It is all very well for you all to criticise these people, but when there are no chickens and pigs in the village, but a whole slew of feral dogs running around, you are soon going to start eating hot dogs.

    • anon

      You need to call “sofa” by actually being on the sofa.

      • Jay

        Sofa can be placed anywhere in room.

        Need not be directly in front of entertainment boxes.

        Can be pushed adjacent, cushions put on top for fort!

    • Tengu

      Pork prices are way up now…fact of life..you’re right!

      On occasion I do like a nice loin of rabbit in a Bordelaise sauce!

      • Boris

        Quite like rabbit now and then myself -but if I eat too much I get a bit jumpy.

    • rudiooo

      you are so stupid.

      there is no reason to bbq a dog alive.

      these people are truly from a different planet (china?)

  • http://candosino.wordpress.com terroir

    If you’ve got the buns.. I’ve got the hot dog. Personals @ chinaSMACK.

    • Patrick

      Ok I have to hand that one to you, pretty good.

  • GodsHammer

    I don’t care that she ate dog, but if it truly was live when she did that …it’s really too much then. Something here doesn’t add up…

    • Bomber

      I’m inclined to share your suspicion. Had it been a video, it would have been much easier to verify whether or not the animal was in fact alive or conscious during the roast.

      Perhaps it is an attempt by animal lovers to bring more attention to the practice of eating dog meat; they are often bludgeoned to death before preparation.

      I once heard a quote to the effect of “You can tell a lot about a people by looking at the way they treat their animals.” This incident (and many others, of course) aside, I think that these days the Chinese people are attempting to improve in this regard as they develop a more nuanced approach to the natural world – one (slowly) retreating from domination and edging towards stewardship.

      For me, its simple:
      No Felines
      No Canines
      No Primates

      • Justin

        Actually the quote is “you can tell a lot about a society by the way they treat their prisoners.” Many modern societies, which is to say the United States and China, still treat prisoners like animals.

        • bomber

          Thanks for the correction. It makes more sense, though I still feel it could be applied both ways.

  • Ronon

    I really can’t understand what’s with all this outrage against dog/cat/whale/dolphin meat. Unless you’re a vegetarian, you really have no right to complain about this. Why is it ok to kill one animal but it’s not ok to kill another? Or now we’re judging on who deserves to live and who deserves to be eaten based on the cuteness level?

    The only thing that bothers me is the “alive” thing, which I kinda doubt it’s true.

    • Kong

      Whales and dolphins are endangered, making their situation slightly different from that of dogs and cats. The primary outrage with these scenarios is the implied treatment of the animals. If it were widely understood that these animals were treated carefully and killed with minimum pain, then I doubt outrage would be as widespread and intense.

      • Chad

        Actually not all whales are endangered. The type the Japanese (and Norwegians + Icelanders) mainly catch are not endangered. I just checked up on dolphins as well. Most species either lack population data or are not endangered. Unfortunately, there’s a huge misconception about this and many people assume sharks, whales, dolphins, and whatnot are endangered and get all self-righteous about it.

        And there’s really nobody caring about all the PETA’s farm animal cruelty videos. We still eat farm animals despite knowing how many farms break the rules and treat them poorly. I really do think it’s the “You can’t eat this animal because it’s so majestic and smart!” idea (and because we don’t eat these animals) that makes people care.

      • http://www.tx123.org Justin

        Dolphins aren’t endangered, in fact you’d be doing the environment a favor if you at dolphin instead of blue fin tuna.

    • Nathan

      I’d go one step further and say unless your a complete lacto-vegan then you have no right to complain.

      @ Kong – Dolphins are endangered? I think you’ll find that only common bottle nose dolphins are on IUCN red list and even so its under the category of “no immediate threat to the species” – what this means is soppy animal rights activists and greenpeace hippies love dolphins and have been able to gain support amongst celebrities and other public figures to have them put on the list (over another species that might be more in need of protection – such as the dozen or so species of insects we know to be endangered but are not on the list because no-one cares.) Also I think you will find only the blue whale is endangered and all other species should be allowed to be caught for food, especially by the inuit communities who treat nature with more respect than greenpeace ever would.

      Your argument points out what is wrong with the subject of this article… humans becoming so detached from reality they forget that we are all animals.

      • http://candosino.wordpress.com terroir

        “humans becoming so detached from THEIR BASE PRIMAL NATURES they forget that we are all animals IS CALLED CIVILIZATION”

        There. Fixed.

        • Nathan

          Oh really civilisation???

          So under your logic you would refer to these people eating a dog in China alongside those living in remote corners of the world who engage in eating bush meat and spiritual sacrifice as “savage barbarians??” or perhaps you’d prefer the word “primitive.”

          Terms like ‘civilisation’ and ‘primitive’ have been used to distinguish people since the colonial era. They reinforce the idea that these peoples have not changed for generations. But this is not true. All societies adapt and change – not just ours.
          These people are no more ‘savage’ than the rest of us. The idea that any group of people are backward leads directly to their persecution. For example, it is claimed that forcibly developing a bush meat eating tribe is ‘for their own good’, and helps them ‘catch up’ with the ‘civilised’ world. The results are almost always catastrophic: poverty, alcoholism, prostitution, disease and death.

          So eating a dog prevents you from being civilised?

          • http://candosino.wordpress.com terroir

            I think you’re becoming so detached from reality that you’re forgetting we are all animals. Civil discourse? Language? Teh internets? Shouldn’t you be covering yourself in feces to cover your scent as you stealthily go around dispatching your (imagined) enemies? Before you go, power up by snacking on some dog; it will “ruff-en” up your bite to your bark.

      • Marsvin

        If you’re going to get annoyed every time a human being holds a slightly hypocritical point of view you’re in for a rough lifetime.

        Most people just get offended when these issues involve ‘cute’ animals like dogs or cats or dolphins. Most people probably wouldn’t eat chimp while they would eat cow or pig. Certainly it’s not 100% rational but since when has humanity ever been rational?

        And hell if we were being rational, why not eat human meat too, it’s just another form of animal.

        • Jack

          Most people don’t eat chimp, because they’re not laden with so much meat that makes them worthwhile to slaughter, clean out and eat. Thus, there’s no culture behind eating chimps, so it would be considered strange in most societies to eat them. That’s’ why most people don’t do it. It’s definitely rational.

          You might be right about eating human meat being irrational. After all, it’s only a natural instinct bestowed on us by evolution that makes us disgusted at eating members of the same species as us and perhaps years of social conditioning. But even if the most of the world is filled by irrational idiots, does that mean I should just give up on the possibility of my ever being rational and join them?

          • Jack

            *You may be right about not eating human meat being irrational

    • Ray

      Not sure about cats/whales/dolphins but I think there are a few main “disgust” factors that people see from this post.

      * Slaughtering in public
      * (Looks like) inhumane treatment
      * Puppy is getting killed here, not a dog. Its like the difference in eating people and eating babies.
      * Dogs in such environments usually are human companions, and to eat your own loyal companion might disgust some. You won’t expect a whale/cat (maybe dolphin) to save your life or help your hunt or watch your house.
      * Its highly likely the dog was alive and just died after burning for sometime or just choked to death by the tongs. Its not hard to hold a puppy by the tongs if you are not trying to keep it alive (full force, and please no comments about “Have I tried it?” because I highly doubt that you tried it and found it hard).

      • Nathan

        you are from the city aint ya boy! soft as shit and thick as your tie.

        • Ray

          Whats with the targeted negative comments? What I posted were my own opinions and it was not offensive nor targeted so I don’t understand why you had to post such a reply.

          How many people here are not from a city and how did you conclude to your second statement? People from the city are soft? shit is soft? ties are thick?

          Doesn’t matter, It seems to me from all your posts that you would always go anti-mainstream just to stir an argument so I guess that makes you a “troll” in some sense so I better not be feeding.

          • Nathan

            I responded that way because like you, I wanted to express my opinion. I basically wanted to piss my opinion over your shitty whining about slaughtering in public/puppy rather than a dog and so on… whats the difference, if its food its food. Your so small minded and ignorant to the facts of this world. it happens, it has just happened again and soon it will… guess what… happen again. If you think human nature is disgusting… go commit suicide you fucking fag.

          • Boris

            File under ‘W’ and save for future reference.

          • Somethin Somethin

            don’t feed the trolls.

      • Chad

        Seems like your comment just highlights the fact that people are very disconnected with their food in the Western world. Why should slaughtering in public be disgusting? Oh no, we actually have to watch our food being killed rather than getting blocks of meat. The second point is good but there’s no proof at all it’s true. Third, chicks are thrown in the grinders in farms all over the world. No one cares one bit. One dog gets roasted – the horror! Not everyone sees dogs as human companions. Your last point makes no sense. You’re saying it’s reasonable to hold a puppy with tongs but no one can argue you don’t know if you haven’t tried it… because they haven’t either… wtf ?

  • apporo

    When you look at it from a different perspective, what difference does it make if its a dog or a pig? or a chicken? If pigs were cute, fluffy and lovable would we treat it the same? If it was a chicken being butchered like that instead of the dog would anyone blink an eye?

    The only reason i wouldnt eat a dog is because i got it drilled in my head that dogs are cute and lovable creatures that should not be harmed, why? why can i eat my hamburger but not my dog steak?

    Livestock are animals too, but we eat them because we are used to eating them. If we farmed dogs in the future and they were popular meat, would our perception of them change?

    Human society, why u so confus?

    • Tengu

      Vincent: Want some bacon?

      Jules: No man, I don’t eat pork.

      Vincent: Are you Jewish?

      Jules: Nah, I ain’t Jewish, I just don’t dig on swine, that’s all.

      Vincent: Why not?

      Jules: Pigs are filthy animals. I don’t eat filthy animals.

      Vincent: Bacon tastes gooood. Pork chops taste gooood.

      Jules: Hey, sewer rat may taste like pumpkin pie, but I’d never know ’cause I wouldn’t eat the filthy motherfucker. Pigs sleep and root in shit. That’s a filthy animal. I ain’t eat nothin’ that ain’t got sense enough to disregard its own feces.

      Vincent: How about a dog? Dogs eats its own feces.

      Jules: I don’t eat dog either.

      Vincent: Yeah, but do you consider a dog to be a filthy animal?

      Jules: I wouldn’t go so far as to call a dog filthy but they’re definitely dirty. But, a dog’s got personality. Personality goes a long way.

      Vincent: Ah, so by that rationale, if a pig had a better personality, he would cease to be a filthy animal. Is that true?

      Jules: Well we’d have to be talkin’ about one charming motherfuckin’ pig. I mean he’d have to be ten times more charmin’ than that Arnold on Green Acres, you know what I’m sayin’?

      • Nathan

        pigs are one of the cleanest animals around… fact

        • http://candosino.wordpress.com terroir

          So from your Tarantino awareness of “Reservoir Dogs”, would you also agree that “Like a Virgin” is also a peppy song?

          • Nathan

            No idea what your talking about… I’m just from an English country background… I could tell you a lot about pigs, but not much about the meaning of the word “peppy.” Sorry to disappoint.

          • http://candosino.wordpress.com terroir

            Let me get this straight: you only use you high command of English to argue with strangers on the internet? Don’t you watch movies? TV? Think of all you are missing; if Tarantino is out of your range, what about an episode of “Perfect Strangers”? You know, “Balki”? “Cousin Larry?”

          • Nathan

            Terroir, I must have upset you the other day on the other article you feel the need to chase me around and tidy up everyone of my comments with tirelessly informative posts and always sticking to the point! Well done old chap! Having a red band around your comments is such a privilege. lucky boy!

          • anon

            Wow, Perfect Strangers. Terroir, you’re dating yourself. That makes you at least a child of the late-70s to early 80s.

          • http://candosino.wordpress.com terroir

            @ anon:
            Stupid re-runs hit syndication and then live forever, be they “Family Matters”, “Welcome Back, Kotter” or “My Sister the Eternal Flower”, the TVB hit that’s burning up Youku right now. I thought “Perfect Strangers” would be the right kind of completely inoffensive comedy that would be palpable to Nathan; the “loveable foreigner” aspect would be bang on as well.

            As for dating myself, well, I would do so if taking more yoga classes aided my flexibility. Ba-dum-bum.

    • guobao2


      • http://www.tx123.org Justin

        I don’t think that dog was alive.

      • Brett Hunan

        I’m glad I am not next to you. Ever. Also there is no proof that this dog is alive, except the poster wrote that it is.

  • bando

    Ok, maybe you are right. The animal might have already expired before being roasted.

    So how about the poster as well as the rest of chinese media being alittle more responsible with posting news and not mislead people with sensational titles and obsolete photos?

  • raysimlee

    Is the story true or just another fabrication and lie. Roasting a dog alive? Is the writer of this article belong to the human race? Get the real fact not lies and fabrication so much the behavior of western media.

    • donscarletti

      I don’t quite understand how you classify a Mop poster as “The Western Media”, I guess vilifying a random netizen is not nearly as satisfying.

      • anon

        I think raysimlee is saying that “not getting the real facts and instead lies and fabrication” is much like the behavior of the Western media, not exactly classifying the Mop poster as the Western media.

        But really, fabrications and lies are staples of the internet. Netizens of all countries regularly post and repost things that aren’t always true or accurate. The Western media doesn’t have a monopoly on such behavior. Suggesting that the behavior is typical of Western media is about as accurate as suggesting animal cruelty is typical of Chinese people. Both are useless as observations and more indicative of preconceived biases.

  • Loopins

    If people didn’t just accept and did something about it then laws would change. However acceptance and to say nothing is the way for many things.

  • John Wayne

    People, they were cooking the dog to eat it. Where’s all the cow and pig lovers??? We eat cows and pigs. What’s so bad about eating dog?? Just because it’s not the American way does not mean it’s wrong.

    • WB

      Too busy enjoying their meat or too busy congratulating themselves on their moral superiority.

  • raysimlee

    I do not eat dogs. Other people does. The dog in picture look dead. This is a way to cook dog. Lightly burn the skin. Get the facts not sensationalism aiming to put Chinese in a bad light. How about the killing of human being (including many women and children) in the Middle East. Is that civilized? Why don’t someone start a web page call Western behavior and show the death and destruction in the middle east. Should human come first or animal? Should there be love for animal and hate for humanity? Should humanity behave the way the west want non westerner to behave but westerners can do what ever they please? In China dogs are kept as food animal. Other races including those in the west eat dogs too. Check the western dish called fish and chips and check the fish spices called dog fish or rock salmon in UK. Then check shark fin soup. Get the facts it is easy on the web. Go check it like a responsible human being.

    • anon

      People can hold more than one thought in their heads, meaning people can disagree with death and destruction in the Middle East as well as eating certain animals they consider “friends, not food”.

    • Ray

      Nothing about hating on dog eating here… but…

      Are you saying that there are dog ingredients in fish and chips and shark fin soup? or are you saying that eating fish (dog fish is a fish yeah) is somehow morally incorrect in China?

      Also you make it sound like only westerners do “death and destruction” and China’s hands are blood free?

      This is a bit off topic and I’m not a westerner but I don’t think people’s aim was to charge into the Middle East killing women and children (Didn’t even see much civilian casualties by the western forces). So please don’t incite racial difference on unfounded fiction.

  • FYIADragoon

    Good to see there’s no need for me to make critical remarks about Chinese women, they seem to make them for me.

    • WB



    • Ray

      Its already critical enough when you are suggesting that women in the photographs represent the entire Chinese women population.

  • http://www.facebook.com/ Marsha

    God will cut down ur boobs,ur cunt,ur husband’s only 10cm dick and roast them together one day!Ur children and u will die in this way in ur next life!!!!All puppies in the world will fuck ur cunt and ur husband’s asshole up in ur next life! FUCK U !!!!!!!!!DISGUSTING BITCH!

  • manusan

    I recommand a Bordeaux, Saint-Emilion, Cheval blanc, cuvée 2003.

    Bon appetit.

    • Yurp

      You best be fucking joking if you think anything other than a Beaujolais Cru would go with that dog. A Pinot Noir if desperate.

  • jw

    me thinks it was dead already, photo of bloody bag (second image in second set) must be there because they beat the dog dead in it first.
    Still grim, but it is just food like pigs or chicken.

    • bando

      a relative of my wife mentioned that the beating part is important because the bruises and trauma to the flesh gives it its flavor when eaten. pretty inhumane.

      • jw

        thanks for the tip, the next time i am in the mainland i’ll ask for both bag beaten and live cooked puppies.
        see if the taste gets better for myself.

  • bando

    hey, the problem is not chinese people eating dogs for food. If you’ve been reading chinasmack long enough, you should already know its been happening for ages. It’s people cooking them while still alive or being misled to believe that they are which i have an issue with

  • 老外

    I’m no animal activist, but this is pretty disgusting. Why not kill the animal first, instead of cooking it alive? That’s pretty damn sick. I’ve eaten dog meat in China (it’s DELICIOUS), but I sure hope the poor dog wasn’t cooked alive.

    Eating any kind of animal is morally acceptable to me, but torturing them in such a manner, is not.

  • http://candosino.wordpress.com terroir

    Eating dog meat has a stigma in China itself. Aside from the overwhelming objections of all these well-to-do broadband-connected Chinese netizens of the post above (not to be confused with the diametrically-opposing ones on chinaSMACK), dog meat is a rare food that you will only find in certain restaurants in certain cities; even then, it is offered under a euphenism, xiangrou. Dog meat is not sold in supermarkets. Dog meat is not offered at fancy restaurants or at banquets.

    As such, there are no big official dog farms where dogs are bred for wide-spread consumption. There is no Dog Inspector of the Ministry of Health who comes in and checks out the pups. Dogs raised as meat don’t get a chance to have the same standard of living as chickens or cows. Example: McDonalds doesn’t (yet) offer a McDog, and so won’t decree that all dogs on their dog farms should be raised range-free and be given chew-toys.

    Dog meat is eaten mostly by the lower class and is treated like frogs you catch in a pond: eat it if you got em. But, dogs are domesticated animals and they don’t have a natural habitat except for the one provided in them; as “Heroes for Life” is trying to point out, often in China the habitat given to dogs isn’t suitable, nor is the way they are handled/butchered.

    In China, if no one knows you, then you aren’t liable for your actions. You can butt in line, spit on the ground, blow your nose without a hankerchief, use the bathroom and not wash your hands before going back to your job as a cook — people can do whatever they want because shame only happens if you are recognized and confronted.

    So, of course you can do whatever you want, you can reason it however you’d like. But China, you want to be part of the world community, have entered the WTO and have opened your doors to laowai and their technology and management skill; you’re not a stranger squatting on the subway yelling obscenities in a faraway dialect into a cellphone.. you’re liable for your actions. Well, you would be if you want to be respected.

    Full disclosure: my reasoning for having once turned vegetarian is not that I love animals, but that I hate plants.

    • bando

      what did plants ever do to you o.o ?

      • http://candosino.wordpress.com terroir

        Plants remind me of gardens, and gardens remind me of the Garden of Eden and thus man banishment from bliss and God’s grace.

        That’s right: to this day I can’t eat a Greek salad without thinking about that vixen Eve’s temptation of Adam.

        • Leo

          Plants are very arrogant.

          • http://candosino.wordpress.com terroir

            Yes. Plants make me green with envy.

          • Boris

            So many of the bastards have ridiculous names! Pompous, highfalutin namby-pambies!

        • bando

          gee, i thought plants only grow and photosynthesize to give us air to breathe

          • Boris

            That’s exactly what they want you to believe!

    • WB

      You sure want China to fit western habits. I don’t see how this is a necessary requirement to “be part of the world community”. Notice that majority of the world population is not WESTERN. Maybe the western world/culture should try to be part of the world community by adopting the culture of the majority?

      You are just a Chinese who is way too western, too hip, too liberal. Really, you have no representation or say for vast majority of Chinese people. Chinese people like you, who are born urban, young and hip, are like a extremely tiny percentage of the total population. Most Chinese do not care so much about be respected by someone halfway across the world on the internet. They are just trying to make ends meet. If they want to squat, shout obscenities, use their dialect (too backward for you?), opinion of people like you really doesn’t matter to them. (are you rich, powerful, or do you have connections?)

      • Leo

        And what can we gain from roasting and eating puppies with a big smile on our faces, exactly?


        • WB

          At least it is not getting colonized as you have suggested below?

          Maybe Potassium, but also Protein? The same gain from roasting steak.

    • Andy

      I can’t speak for other parts of China, but here in the North-East dog meat is pretty common, and there isn’t any stigma in eating it. There are plenty of dog meat restaurants in big cities like Harbin, Changchun, Dalian, etc., and many even have 狗肉 in their name openly on display, and in the menu they don’t use any sort of euphemisms, it’s all out in the open. Anyway, I really find the dog meat around here delicious, although unfortunately so far I hadn’t been able to locate a store that sells raw dog meat (so I could cook it at home, since it’s somewhat expensive in the restaurants), when I ask the restaurant staff where they buy their dog meat they say they raise their own. When I asked my teacher where I could get raw dog meat, she told me to go find a dog that doesn’t look like it has an owner and do with it as I please :D

      • Leo

        Yeah, it’s definitely a more Northern thing. Just like in North Korea they do the same. I guess it was mainly out of poverty, starvation, or lack of crops. But there’s really no reason to keep such brutality going. Especially when inflicting pain for pain’s sake. That said I’d say almost all young or at least modernised Northerners are pretty disgusted by the thought eating dog or cat meat. It’s mainly old or uneducated folks that still mistakenly believe is can bring some kind of health benefit.

        • anon

          Dog meat is common in South Korea as well. It has less to do with “North” (vs. “South”) than it does with beliefs that dog meat has certain health benefits. After all, people in Vietnam and the Philippines also eat dog meat. It isn’t even “mainly” about poverty, starvation, or lack of crops either (though of course people have resorted to eating dogs in starvation situations…but that’s happened everywhere)…which makes the whole association with specifically North Korea misplaced or even dishonest. There is far more known about the consumption of dog meat in South Korea than North Korea.


    • Dave in Macau

      I have bought packaged dog meat at the Vanguard supermarket in Zhuhai, it is definitely available in China and didn’t appear to have any stigma associated with it. This is in Guangdong though!


    The picture of these common people watching normally such a brutal act, with the usual smile Chinese people have when they watch anything happening, is something disgusting, underlying their lack of morality. God, China needs to be colonized by the white men for 150 years in order to join the rest of the humans.

    • Leo

      oh my god


    • Glowndark

      the chinese learned it from you guys, i believe. didn’t you BBQ innocent housewives, mothers and other poor women in Salem in the old days? your priests had bigger smile i suppose…

  • TIM

    So did they end up finding the b1tch?

  • bando

    Why is MOP bring up these old pictures from 2008 of someone roasting a dog and dressing up this bit of news like its recent? The title is misleading since the dog may have already been dead when roasted. And then the picture of the flat dog isn’t even relevant to this particular instance

    Someone ought to kick the webmaster of mop in the nuts for hate mongering

    • http://candosino.wordpress.com terroir

      “Puppy Roasted Alive Over Open Fire”
      ==headline title becomes==>
      “Puppy Beaten to Death in Plastic Bag, Roasted Whole Over Open Fire”

      You know, I still don’t see this story being re-tooled as a Disney movie, only as the worst episode of Yan Can Cook ever

  • http://www.qq.com/1325279774 Kedafu

    Song of the Article

    going with some light-easy Jazz

    Twilight of the Dogs
    -Dave Douglas


    • http://candosino.wordpress.com terroir

      Dude! Once Dave hears you called him “lite jazz”, he’ll angst out and compose a whole Jazz Ring Cycle over this.

      You always have good songs, but if you’re looking for “lite jazz” how about:
      “The Dog Song”
      -Nellie Mckay

    • http://candosino.wordpress.com terroir

      I know the song of the article has been done already, but I thought I’d offer an alternative.

      The Christmas Song
      -Mel Torme

      I know, I know, it doesn’t seem to be very topical, but then I came across these lyrics and I thought they were quite a propos.

      “(A) puppy roasting over an open fire
      Red flames licking at its nose
      Surrounded by pyjama-wearing admirers
      Without shame or morality imposed

      Despite its name China has no middle
      Discourse attracts an extremist’s appetite
      Xenophobic Chinese have just one thing they know
      Is to repell laowai’s opinions wrong or right

      They know where China’s prosperity lies
      the quality of life is surely got to rise
      Just as the cost of living starts to soar high
      While the rich maintain the biggest piece of the pie

      And so it’s a well-known little phrase
      repeated by wumao entitled to their due
      “The poor will eat dog and we’ll eat Hollandaise,
      they’re too busy getting by to know what’s true
      [big finish]
      they’re too busy
      they’re too busy getting by
      they’re too busy getting by to know – what’s true”

  • Anonanon

    Seems to me that they beat it dead by putting it into the ricebag in the second picture.
    Still horrible, I love puppies

  • http://www.makeyourownpheromones.com Michael Hughes

    i smell bullshit

    • http://candosino.wordpress.com terroir

      I thought a re-tooled third picture was weird with that pancake dog as well as a post with little accompanying text. Fauna was able to date this to an older post as she made in the note at the end.

      However, what is real (well, as real as can be) is the overwhelming negative reaction by Chinese netizens to the post. I’d be interested to know how the reaction now compareds with the one before. To me, this post doesn’t say “One Chinese person eats a puppy, so Chinese are all monsters” but “One Chinese person eats a puppy, and the entire Chinese internet is furious at her”.

      Well, most of the Chinese internet. Just not the Chinese internet around here that is opposed to the western opinion, which in this case is a blase “meh”; I guess they should head over to Mop where the strongest opinions are?

      • bando

        Of course they are furious at her. There are pictures for netizens to channel their hate towards. But there are many people who do this to puppies but the one in the picture here is being scapegoated.

  • rudiooo

    i am so glad to be in my home country again…

    china is pure evil!

  • La Mano Gaucha

    Pft! Once again, China demonstrates why it is still a third-world country, regardless of its economic affluence.

  • tiny

    god i wish someone would also do that to her. she should be skinned alive for what she did. is she human???

  • Cleo

    Duh, the Japanese did this to CHILDREN as well as adult Chinese/Asians. What is the matter with you people? How could you forget this happened. Just because it is not diplomatic to openly discuss this, do you think our nation’s leaders would forget this? It is very serious that these type of haters still exist and FLOURISH on this planet. We must do something about them.

    • Boris

      Must’ve used some fucking huge tongs.

    • bando

      yeah, well hate is never in short supply in this world. That’s why we’re all doomed at The Second Coming

  • FuckChina


    • Glowndark

      say what??? so brutality is no fun anymore to you? i heard that you even have this particular serial killer gene in you not found on any other races. skinned alive? buried alive? burnt alive? this is your specialty, no? you are still waging war on the other side of the globe so you can kill for fun. big deal huh? it’s only dog. your people, mister, do it to your own kind.

  • Irvin

    Sometimes when I read shit like this I often wonder if it’s really fun to be cruel to another living being. Does one get enjoyment from watching something suffer?

    Maybe I’ll get myself a cat or dog and find out.

  • Beni

    My God! Is there no end to stupidity? Even if they don’t think it was cruel, the colonic content would contaminate the meat and gives them bad diarhoea… which is honestly what they deserve. I hope she gets caught and sent to jail for animal cruelty, i am sure she would in Australia. Roasting a puppy alive… idiot!

    • raysimlee

      Oh god it is sick the way Chinese cook? What is wrong with a way of cooking. The headline is like much of western headline on Chinese news. Defaming a people, a culture is the behavior to the point of art by westerners. How cruel can it be in different ways of cooking? Did you not kill a turkey and pluck off its fathers before you cook it? Did you not eat beef for cow, pork form pigs etc? The dog in question is definitely dead. Not alive as it the article. The headline of this article is typical attack on humanity. As your comment that Chinese do not know how to cook hygienically. Human being must improve its knowledge on humanity and learn the facts. Not knowing do not make a person or people superior. There are more human alive in China than all other nations. Smart remark do not make one superior. Not knowing the detail is the problem. Learn – it is not superior to be ignorant.

  • https://www.facebook.com/home.php?sk=group_147019278652201&ap=1 Brad Putnam
  • Jess

    Yeah, I’d question whether the dog was actually cooked alive. It doesn’t seem like it.
    At any rate, judging by their surroundings, I imagine that their houses will be bulldozed within the next five years to make room for some fancy high-rise apartments.

  • debbie

    so what the fuck do you do with baby girls that are born?? Boil them alive? You Godless people! It makes me sick that our country deals with you!

    • debbie

      OH I’m not done. The person who took the photo, why didn’t they stop that?????????????

    • John Wayne

      Maybe the Chinese are sick of dealing with people like you Debbie. Now, I am going to barbecue myself a dog, cut the meat in fine strips, get some mayonese, bread and I will be one happy guy. The whole time, I will be thinking of you Debbie.

    • anon

      “I think these local or cultural explanations persist in part because they’re easy. It’s easier to say this is a culture that has a tradition of killing girls than it is to interrogate our own role in bringing sex selection to Asia. Too often Western narratives about China explain what happens there as either the product of a monolithic government or an immutable past—as if China were not home to the same complexity and deep, varied history as the West.”

      – Mara Hvistendahl


  • Cinimod

  • JM

    What the heck is she thinking…. so cruel.. what if she will be the one roasted alive…..

  • Hinge

    I want to roast those women alive!!! Those women should be educated about animal cruelty!

    • Leo

      Smushing kittens with high heels, roasting puppies alive…whatever next?

      Some of these heartless Chinese bitches seem without any morality, class or sympathy whatsoever.

  • Justin

    I’m surprised no on has made a joke about her trying to cook “hot dogs”

  • joey

    so cruel you should be ashamed of your self!!!!!! what you are doing here will happen to you in the after life and I hope you people rot in hell!!!!!!!!!

  • Get to know her first

    guanzhou…of course where else? ughhh

  • slightlyconcernedperson

    I don’t see anything wrong with eating dog meat. I personally won’t eat it, but like a cow or chicken, it’s just meat. There are even people who eat calf meat because it’s more tender or tastes different.

    However, that’s provided the animal has been killed already which obviously in this case… it’s not. I don’t have double standards of how eating a calf is ok, but a puppy is not. They are both new born animals and when cows are used for agriculture and the dog is just there, of course you would eat the dog.

    I can’t understand the mentality of this woman… I’m assuming she’s not completely healthy in the brain to do this. Eating a puppy is equal to eating a calf, but roasting it alive is very cruel and very wrong. Obviously the living condition there isn’t ideal and maybe the puppy was all they had to eat, but damn, kill the puppy first.

  • diverdude

    If u wanna see a sight (re. canine flesh consumption) go wander around the markets outside of Seoul, Incheon, Uijungbu or any other Korean city. Whole dog markets w/ hundreds of the furry yellowish beasts locked up in cages awaiting mama-san.
    Quite a few of ’em being grilled over the bbq pit too !

    Not my cup of tea, but as they say,,,, “Meat’s meat. Man’s gotta eat.”

  • mark

    the most disturbing thing about this is that it seen as normal behaviour in China.

    Every country has evil people doing evil things. But this is just commonplace in China.

    Look at the people watching, its just like a normal local cooking an everyday breakfast.

    • anon

      Actually, the most disturbing thing is that you see this as normal behavior in China.

  • Smokeyroo

    If I came across that and hearing the puppy yelping I would’ve kicked that bitch in the face, not sat around taking photos.

  • dim mak

    Meat is meat you pussies

    We’ll eat what we want


    • Susan N

      It is inhumane to not kill it BEFORE eating it-although we in rest of the world treat our dogs and cats as members of the family. Yes I do eat meat-but it was “processed” or slaughtered according humane standards…Roasting a puppy or any animal ALIVE is part of the issue. It can feel pain, happiness..U DUMB FUCKS Don’t get it…

  • Appalled@everything

    This is just more of the same bullshit that Chinese are so well-known for now.

    The same disregard for life.
    The same disregard for morality.
    The same disregard for the environment.

    The same disgusting behavior.
    The same disgusting habits.
    The same disgusting standards.

    The same thoughtless choices.
    The same thoughtless actions.
    The same thoughtless interests.

    The same ignorant displays.
    The same ignorant thought processes.
    The same ignorant customs.

    China is NOT a developing country.

    China is returning to the China of the past. And it is doing so RAPIDLY. This website will probably be blocked VERY SOON! (hope not)

    People here in China (especially those with money) do not give a damn about the real world’s values or opinions, Chinese are so biased and ignorant, on the whole, that they think that we foreigners “just don’t understand China”, and use this as an excuse to never change (grow/improve/develop). Ordinary China do not bother themselves to think about the world’s problems and the rest of the world’s issues – climate change, recessions, disasters, famine, food shortages, terrorism, political unrest.

    The only time Chinese would ever care about anything significant would be when their shares/stocks/capital gains are affected or when someone they personally know is involved, or when their country loses face or someone Chinese is focused on by the global media.
    Apart from that, Chinese are ignorant, mindless, selfish, oblivious sheep who follow the money and strive for materialism.

    People here in China want only money and lots of it.

    China is a developing Country? How?

    Is anything happening to allow the people of China more access to information? – No, they are having it restricted.

    Is anything happening to promote better standards of society?


    Well, Is creativity encouraged? No.

    Is individuality welcomed? No.

    Are children praised for any forms of basic expression of personal thought or opinion? No. They are still punished for it.

    Is the government transparent? Do people have any power over the way their country is managed?
    Do people have any rights? No. No. and Not really – except the right to make money.
    IF you are super lucky and have ‘guanxi’. (people here don’t even really care about these things. Almost like the Chinese on the whole DON’T WANT to have a part in the running of their country).

    Is the government serving the people?

    Hmmm, Well, the police are corrupt, the government is corrupt, the education system is antiquated, the health care system is based on kick-backs and rewards for doctors who make the most money for pharmaceutical companies, the national economy, i.e. the money the government has is greedily taken and pocketed by its officials instead of being spent on improving infrastructure – programs to promote better standards of society are few and far between and Chinese parents seldom take an active stance toward correcting their child’s problematic behavior.

    And Is China’s government blocking nearly ALL foreign media and presumably in the process of blocking practically all non-mainland-China owned and filtered mainstream news and media? Um.. YES

    Income disparity. Is this problem being addressed and improved? or getting worse? No – Getting worse. Much worse. The rich are disgustingly rich and the poor…. well just go to the western provinces of China and see it for yourself, it is a real ‘eye-opener’.

    Are stories like this one about a puppy being cooked in the street of China in 2011!!!! becoming more and more common?

    Sadly YES. Why?

    Because China is not, and will never be a developed country.

    So all you who act surprised at this – spend any amount of time in China and you will see this and much, much worse.

    Sad to see. Sadder to know it will never stop.

    • Nathan

      Your head is so fucking big right now. Like many commenter’s on this website you act like you know something about China, but as with most of them it seems like your a small minded arrogant fuck who thinks his way is the right way and you’ve probably never left whatever big city it is you live in or have visited. You obviously have a disliking for China… so its easy… kindly fuck off.

      • Billy

        He or she can fuck off right this second, won’t stop them from being right though.

        • anon

          Him being “right” in your eyes doesn’t stop him from being “wrong” in the eyes of others. The problem with someone like appalled@everything is that he crosses the line from criticizing into judging. He weakens his observations and criticisms with emotional generalizations and ethnocentric moralizing. We can say he has valid points that certainly apply to aspects and segments of Chinese society, but he won’t make any friends except with those who already share his platform of self-indulgent self-defining bigotry. We hate it when some Chinese do that against non-Chinese. Why do some of us give ourselves a pass when we do the same towards the Chinese?

          • Appalled@everything

            I admit my words were strong. And I admit it sounded incredibly hateful and just downright mean.
            But it is so hard for me to say nice things and bite my tongue and not go crazy, when I am met with stories like this one.
            I realize that my comment was way too righteous and arrogant. Clearly it was, and I know that now, and I know that It didn’t serve anyone to write something this way.
            But like I said, it is just damn hard to kiss China’s arse, ‘pai ma pi’, and talk about the good things, when I feel such horrible feelings in the light of such horrible realities here. And horrible they are. All too often.
            I do want to add though, that it seems no one read into the subtext at all.
            I really care about the fact that this country does not have the things I mentioned, and I care the country isn’t moving towards getting the things it needs. I care about that fact, because I care about the country.
            Well, whatever, think you want and say whatever you want. I never meant to sound racist, so that is my mistake, but I apologize for nothing. (the true line between racist and outspoken/angry wasn’t crossed)
            This story about a woman crisp-cooking a lovely little pup on the side of the fucking road deserves to raise some serious smack-talk about this place. And I for one am glad to start it, if no one else has the nerve to do it.

          • anon

            I think everyone can identify with having emotional reactions. Here’s what I think: I don’t think talking about China has to be either flogging it or kissing its ass. It doesn’t have to be one or the other, and its also not particularly enlightened to limit the acceptable reactions to being one or the other. Again, that’s what those internet commentators or 50 cent party hacks do, and we ridicule them for it.

            I don’t think anyone expects others to see this and sing praises of China, as it would be irrelevant. The key though is to be accurate, measured, and reasoned in our reactions. If we think we’re better than them, we have to live up to it, not act in similar ways but merely with a different target.

            You may not think you crossed the line, but others will. You want the Chinese to care what you think then you’re likewise bound to care what others think. That’s the social contract we engage in when we profess to care about others, about their country, their society.

            I think you can divine the counterarguments to your ethnocentric disgust with this woman crisp-cooking a “lovely” little pup on the side of the road from the other comments here. For many, as you can see, is there that much difference from crisp-cooking a dog versus a chicken? Or how about those creepy crawlies in Hangzhou? You place a specific value on a specific species and many of us Westerners do, but you’re also making an emotional appeal that doesn’t hold up to real rational scrutiny. This alone, without accounting for the rest of your complaints about the state of affairs in China that were prompted by this one incident, starts off on a tenuous relativistic foundation.

            You have certain values that you feel are underrepresented or aren’t sufficiently realized in China. You openly question if they ever will. All understandable sentiments. But you’re not going to contribute to their advancement by sounding incredibly hateful and just downright mean. I think those of us who responded to you did so because we think you may be reasoned with, as opposed to being ignored entirely like the many other trolls or simpletons that often post hateful comments here. What’s said is obviously said, and I just hope you’ll give it some thought and exercise more rationality than knee-jerk emotion next time. Everything has context in addition to subtext.

            The Chinese who look up at the United States or the developed West do so not because the West criticize others, but because much of the West’s successes originated from criticizing and improving itself. People strive to emulate those they admire, not to appease those who disparage them. People are more effectively inspired and led by example, not by censure. That includes showing how to censure with reason, not with self-righteous contempt. Many Chinese agree with points you’ve made about their country and society, but you’ll win their support by staying composed. Caring about a country requires caring about its people and caring about a people requires caring about how they regard you. Otherwise, you’re not really caring about them, but caring about how they can serve you, how they fit into your worldview.

      • Alex

        Ad hominem ftw.

      • Lang Lang

        Yes Nathan…..we are all very impressed with your “China hand” wizardry. Please demonstrate more about how intelligent you are and and how almost nobody knows jackshit about China except you. Please supply more of your magnificent
        complicated layers of reasoning you can construct in the recesses of
        your brain that require multiple riddles and mysteries to unravel and
        appreciate the raw brainpower beauty that is Nathan.

        Your mysterious mysteriousness makes me think that you must
        know more than you’re letting on. That you’re extremely intelligent and
        you’re simply watching out for the rest of us because nobody that perceives
        the full spectrum of the intellectual flower that is Nathan could
        possibly survive unharmed.

        Or maybe you should just go fuck yourself.(Wow, I just told a guy to go fuck himself on the Internet. How badass am I?)

        • anon

          I can understand finding fault with Nathan’s emotional reaction to appalled@everything’s emotional reaction. I want to ask, though, are you comfortable with the things appalled@everything said?

          • Lang Lang

            anon: I ‘d have to say you already eloquently explained my position in your comment above. A little judgmental perhaps, but after 10 years in this country, I’ll unrepentantly state that I agree with ALOT of his comment. And to be honest, I suspect he is not a China-hater either.

          • Appalled@everything

            (Replying to your other comment above here anon)

            You are wrong to think say my disgust about the woman cooking the dog is ‘ethnocentric’.

            Ask a Chinese, most of them would say dogs are not food.

            Look around you, dogs are the most common pet in China. And people pay serious money for their dogs, while others smile and enjoy looking at dogs, children want their parents to buy them a dog, middle aged women carry their dogs like handbags.
            This isn’t unique to China any more than it is to America. It isn’t cultural. It is a global acceptance of this animal as a pet and companion to man.

            Go to Shanghai or Beijing. Glamor pets shops are everywhere.
            Dogs are pets here like just about everywhere else in the world.
            Dogs are loved as pets and valued as pets here, and that’s in addition to being guide-dogs, sniffer-dogs, show-dogs and other things, but not food.

            Sure, dog IS definitely eaten in some places, but this is not a custom or a cultural item of China like zhongzi or jiaozi are. Most people, most Chinese people, balk at eating dogs like the rest of the world do. This isn’t about ethnocentrism. This is just disgust at the thought of eating dog. Which every country including China shares.

            You can’t walk down the road and find fast food dog, dog on a stick, dog burgers or dog dumplings.
            You cant see commercials for dog pizza. Because this isn’t part of China’s culture.

            Eating chicken, and killing this animal too, is different, and we all know it is, and whether you personally condone it or not isn’t the point, because in every society on earth it exists and we see it, choose it and have all adapted to this animal’s life-death-food existence.
            China on a wide social scale does not recognize dog’s as a food because it is their ‘culture’ as your accusations suggest, at all. Only ‘some’ people do it because those people do not recognize the difference between one animal and the next, as a food source. That isn’t cultural.

            It is not cultural, anon, and if you think it is, then you need to spend more time around Chinese people from different parts of the country and talk to them about their culture.

            You write a lot of big words and articulate comments, anon, but most of your opinions and analyses just sound like fluff to me.
            I have told you why my disgust with this woman crisp-cooking a lovely little pup on the side of the road is not ethnocentric, but regarding the rest of the comments you make, about how I should do ‘this’ or ‘that’ or consider ‘this’ or be more sensitive to ‘that’ or care about how people regard ‘this’ or ‘that’… ummm, no.

            I don’t need validation or approval here, from you, or from anyone who is upset. I know myself as a person who is not a racist, or a troll, or a Chinabasher, so I am really not worried about not making friends or bruising some prides by talking ‘smack’ here.

            Sad thing is, I love the country more than It sounds, but fuck I hate shit like this.

    • Tinsoldier

      Where are you from? I am from England and was wondering if you actually live in China. I do, Guangzhou.

      • Tinsoldier

        My questions are directed to appalled@everything. Who actually appalls me. I have lived here for over 10 years and cannot identify the country or people that you are slagging off. I feel you don’t belong here and suggest you return home to your bubble.
        Re – wether this dog is alive or not, I doubt it. I saw a similar one bout a man eating a human foetus (barbequed) and all the haters want to believe it, they cannot and do not want to seperate fiction from truth.

        • jin

          haha the foetus thing was fake. the FBI confirmed it. it was a artwork made by a artist.

      • Nathan

        i’m guessing USA

    • Leo

      Okay hold up a second I think you’re becoming way too Nazi-ish about describing China and you should be careful badmouthing the motherland of billions of people. Especially on Chinasmack where it’s mainly for shits and giggles.

      Yes China isn’t without it’s extreme social problems but which nation doesn’t? Most people are just trying to make ends meet, not barbequeing dogs for pleasure. Considering the gigantic population, one off barbaric incidents like this are actually pretty rare. How is it any less savage than the numerous disgusting crimes, rapes, tortures, and murders that occur on a daily basis in the Western world?

      Hell since the 20th Century the US has still produced the most serial killers and cannibalistic murderers like Jeffrey Dahmer and Ted Bundy, and look at it’s population. It’s less than 1/4 of China’s. But the US is still a great fucking country and people hold it in high regard.

      There is a lot of disgusting slummy shit that people in the West do too. Maybe in China they’re just more upfront about it.

      People take what these Chinese netizens say so literally. Imagine China’s people took everyone’s comments on Chinasmack to heart, what the fuck would they think of white people? LOL. Chinese Netizen comments are no different from ours because they are mainly humour, wank and lies. OH YEAH.

      • Chad

        There’s a good chunk of hateful comments on here that are entirely serious (same with other sites like youtube), which is why I hope the Chinese don’t suddenly get 100% free access to the internet because the shock of how many hateful foreign scum there are would be too overwhelming and WW3 might start with some Chinese extremists LOL.

        [Note from Fauna: There are hundreds of very hateful comments every day that are automatically deleted because their poster use fake email addresses or do not verify their email address. If you think there are many hateful comments, you are actually only seeing a small percentage.]

    • http://www.twitter.com wangjian008

      I have already transferred your comments to my Sina blog. I agree that even most Chinese themselves unaware the situation they are in! The only thing they care is material comfort or flesh desire. though most people are poor, lead lives just make the ends meet, they still dream what lives in Sodom and Gomorrah!

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