“Milk Tea Girl” Admitted To Prestigious Tsinghua University

Milk Tea Girl Zhang Zetian admitted to China's prestigious Tsinghua University.

We first reported about minor Chinese internet celebrity “Milk Tea Girl” almost exactly one year ago in our post “Milk Tea Girl & Pen Bag Boy“. What’s new for her? Let’s see…

From QQ & MSN YNet:

“Milk Tea MM” Zhang Zetian confirmed to be recommended for admission to Tsinghua University

Zhang Zetian has received early admittance to Tsinghua University! These past few days, popular internet girl and Nanjing Foreign Language School school beauty “Milk Tea MM” Zhang Zetian has once again become a person of interest on the internet. This reporter yesterday confirmed with Tsinghua University that Zhang Zetian has indeed already been admitted as a recommended student to Tsinghua University, and will probably enter the humanities for study. This low-key girl known for having refused to be a “[Zhang Yimou] Mou Girl”, maintaining her middle school character, and diligently carrying out her studies, now ultimately has gotten admissions to the country’s first rate university, and has quite a lot of “fans” on the internet.

Comments from QQ:


Luckily [she] hasn’t been on Zhang Yimou’s “casting couch”.


Little sister, study well. You must learn to protect yourself. Society these days~ sigh.


Tsinghua is truly disgusting. The people it trains are all basically mental retards. The students it enrolls too. The truly talented ones they can’t get so the ones they enroll are all those with undeserved reputations in various fields and roles, like those who are good at acting, good at sports, or are simply pretty, but not a single one with a big brain!


Work hard to make money, to make her a mistress in five years.


So pretty, so capable, and most importantly very low-key. Very hard to come by, very rare!


I understand. After graduating, [she] will be matched to some official. Ordinary common people, save your energy.


Don’t pay to much attention [to this], comrades. Good children do not want to be given attention/should not be given too much attention. It will ruin them!!!!  wonder how many people are covetously eying her.


I like Milk Tea Girl, really like her! If all the girls in the world were like Milk Tea MM, this world would be much cleaner.


An intelligent and beautiful girl, and I trust her life will become even more beautiful because of her intelligence. I wish you the best.


Looks like Tsinghua really is going to the dumps, drifting, using famous names to hype itself and get publicity, they should also recruit Furong Jiejie, Sister Feng, Brother Sharp, all of them.
Tsinghua University, once China’s pride! Now its luster is no longer, it’s all over.

More photos of Milk Tea Girl Zhang Zetian can be seen here.

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  • dilladonuts

    Get ready for the onslaught of stereotypical cracka banter on this website.

    • http://www.celebrity.ohfree.net/ David

      But i don’t think so with your comment :(

  • Jay K.

    ya my old school in beijing, god that school needs more girls cuz seriously its a sausage-fest in tsinghua not to mention most girls there have pretty much fallen off the ugly tree and hit every branch. the only girls worth mention in in tsinghua is the academy of arts and design. that’s where the hotties study.

    i wonder if she will study in academy of arts and design? afdter all her studies will be arts/humanities

    • Koji Kabuto

      “fallen off the ugly tree and hit every branch”


    • bob

      I went to a prestigious technical college in the states… I’d say the quality of women were the same… VERY ugly in the tech fields, hot in the art/photography fields.

  • Ronon

    I wonder if she’ll do what most girls in China are doing… become an officials mistress. Cause she definitely got the looks.

  • Dongdong

    I didn’t get the story with Zhang Yimou ? Why is he involved here ? He offered her a role and she refused ?

    • Jay K.

      I dont know the exact detail of why that comment was said(as to wether or not she was offered on screen fame by a director), but i can infer it probably was a comment about the movie industry in China and how it is generically viewed. That is if you want to be in a film chances are u are going to have to do things under the table to get the part, and we arent talking money but sleep with the director few times get a good feel of your acting abilities and skills in bed then u can make it on the big screen, think hollywood in its golden age

    • ImmortalTechnique

      she probably warned him she wasn’t legal yet and Zhang decided that he didn’t want to end his career prematurely with some statutory rape charges.

      • Ronon

        statutory rape in china? funny…

    • Cool Matt

      He’s saying she will have to bang Zhang Yimou to get into one of his movies.

      Common practice for young starlets trying to get into a movie. Bang the director, get the role.

      • bob

        It’s been happening in Hollywood (and I bet in Bollywood too) for a long long long time…

  • cs

    dam dam looking at her last year make me feel pedo but now hehehe *drool* im only second year univer hehehe feels like the fruit is ready for picking *drool*

  • Wago

    Looks like I graduated from Tsinghua too early

  • VERA

    i think this blog is quite interesting

    Vera Wang

    • Alikese

      I think this blog is pretty good too.

      Barack Obama

      • Ryannoime


        Vladimir Putin

  • Wade

    she’s not even in high school yet but has been admitted to one of the best universities in china. weird.

    • bobiscool

      uhhhhhh no.

      She’s actually in gao 3, if I remember correctly. Which is the equivalent of grade 12 in north america.

      My friend actually knows her irl.

      • Wade

        i taught her at nfls 2 years ago when she was a junior 1 student

        • Jess

          Lucky you, did you get her number?

  • dim mak

    Post something about the J-20!

  • Jess

    Ni hao piao liang!

    How old is she?

  • isenkrammer

    funny how, Tsinghua’s best achievers always manage to get research opportunities with full scholarships in top universities in the US and end up working for the US government. A fact that pisses off the angry nationalists in both China and the US.

    • xiaolulz

      maybe becuz americans first founded that school, with so-called war compensation from the then chinese government of course

  • http://unblockfacebookinchina.info/vpn-in-china Rod

    I would sell my body to Zhang YiMou. She’s probably right, if she wasn’t going to university now, she’d be being ripped apart for selling out.

  • bobiscool

    And Yet I bet over 99.9999% of University students in China is better than you in mathematics and the sciences.

  • bobiscool

    The vast majority of any population anywhere will not go to become scientists or mathmaticians.

    In reality, most people will only use math and science for things such as buying groceries and calculating the change and stuff like that. In that sense, their level of mathematics and science is very useful.

    You imply that I don’t think critically, yet all you’re doing is reciting typical propaganda. That too many students in the US and Canada fail to graduate highschool is no clandestine. That the vast majority of children going into work do not meet basic requirements is also no secret.

    I’m not saying China’s education system is good, but it certainly is better than that of the US and Canada. European and other East asian education systems are also much, much superior to that of North America. It’s a fact you can’t deny.

    Instead of criticizing China to avoid your own issues, you should realize that you are not that great yourself.

    And for the record, whatever test scores mean, I do score in the 99th percentile for critical thinking exams during the end of elementary school to the SATs.

  • bobiscool

    Also, your assumption that Chinese people only “[recite] the periodic table or [give] answers to basic equations” is laughable.

    Which scientist or mathematician who did groundbreaking research can’t “recite the periodic table” or give answers to basic equations?

    To be able to know the basics does not imply that you only know the basics; it is to make a strong foundation so that you can go on to learn more complex things. Why do you think the vast majority of USAMO (USA mathematics olympiad) qualifiers are asian? Why do you think half of the recent (10 years, say) US IMO team members are of Chinese descent?

    They can’t critically think? My ass.

    If you even have the slightest sense of critical thinking, you will realize that what you said is laughable garbage used to brainwash idiots.

  • ceh
  • bobiscool

    Actually, many of them were not educated in the US.

    And if you don’t look at US IMO team, but look at other IMO teams, there are many many asian-educated people.

    For example, a person who was very close to making the Canadian IMO team about 2 years ago barely knew any English. He was pretty much the 7-8 place in the CMO.

    Also, the Chinese IMO team has won the most number of gold medals, the most number of times with all members getting gold, and the only team to have every member score perfect score.

    There are people who can critically think everywhere, and there are stupid blind sheep everywhere as well. I mentioned Europe and other East Asian education systems not because you were attacking them, but because I wanted to show I’m not blindly supporting the Chinese education system. Don’t think yourself to be so important.

    IMO the best education system is the British.

    And also, even the ones who were educated in the US, they do much more than just the US education. I would say at least 9/10 USAMO qualifiers use AoPS. At least another 7-8/10 USAMO qualifiers have a private tutor.

    The fact is, the parents of those students recognize that US education is not nearly enough to suceed in such competitions. They aren’t using real US education anymore; they’re learning other things from other countries, as well as bringing in what they learned from China to teach their children. Even non-chinese USAMOers use many outside sources that you probably never heard of.

    I highly doubt anyone can succeed on the USAMO with just the US elementary/highschool system with no supplementary material.

  • DongDong

    I have had the chance to experience chinese, british and japonese systems and I can tell you british is far away from being the best one. Well, if you think Oxford and Cambridge, ok, but those are 10% of your british system. The 90% remaining spend thousands of pounds for a lame education, if by chance their family can afford it.
    Regarding the chinese one, indeed they emphasize on memory much more than in western education but FYIADragon is right, you never learn how to take a step back and look at things from a distance, you won’t learn how to think outside the box here. As a matter of fact when it comes to research (at least in my domain, which happens to be math), the brilliant chinese researchers in international conferences are mostly either from Singapore/Hong-Kong or graduates from a western university. I think it’s gonna change in the near future with universities like Tsinghua and Fudan beginning to gain international attention and recognition but as for your dearest british system, that’s just the tip of the iceberg ; all other less famous universities will be left far behind.
    Regarding your stats about chinese winning this and that, it’s just common sense : one third of the world population is chinese so one third of most brilliant human brains are chinese as well. It’s just a mass effect, don’t praise the chinese education system for it.

  • bobiscool


    Your experience does not make the truth.

    For education systems, I was mostly talking about highschool. For Universities, it has a lot to do with the amount of funding the school gets, and the number of famous alumni. There is no way Chinese Universities can compare to western ones in that aspect, as China has only recently somewhat caught up to the developed nations.

    Again, I’m not praising the Chinese education; I’m simply saying it’s not as bad as FYIA makes it sound.

    The reason that famous mathematicians are affiliated with famous Universities is not because the Universities are necessarily better, it just means that those people were capable of getting in, and wanted to go because they themselves are more likely to become famous with better facilities and more funding.

    and being a mathematican, surely you don’t think that 1.3 billion in 6.5 billion is “one third”?

  • bobiscool

    I also never said the british education system was perfect. Far from it. It just seems from my limited exposure to different education systems, that the British seems the most balanced between work and play.

    I don’t know if you’ve eve seen canadian highschools, but it’s sad. Grade 12 students can’t solve do simple algebra. The PFC (Pascal/cayley/fermat) contests, usually taken by the “good” students has average scores of ~100/150.

    That’s just sad. If you actualy look at the questions, everyone of them besides no.21-25 can be solved with elementary mathematical knowledge and a little bit of critical thinking. While my experience is far from being representative, the near a hundred people who came to Canada in grade 6-7 could all get higher than the average fermat score (gr.11 contest) in grade 6-7. Every single one of them. And it’s not like they were the best students in their classes back in China either.

  • 差不多先生

    There is no such thing as the ‘British’ education system. Scottish primary schools, secondary schools, and universities are all distinct from England’s for example, so if you guys wish to continue your little argument over which education system is the best then at least get the most basic of facts straight.

  • bobiscool

    差不多先生, is it really that fun to nitpick my wording?

    I don’t care if other parts of greater britian has other education systems; I don’t care if it has different education systems within England itself. The point is, I find that English students tend to balance workload and extracorriculars best.

    I was mostly referring to the A-levels when I say “british education system”.

  • 差不多先生

    It is not nit-picking, it is a big error. If you mean A Levels that’s what you should say as not all British people sit A Levels, which is what you indicated by writing about a mythical ‘British’ system. If you mean English say English – Britain does not equal England.

    This would be like me saying the Chinese education system is the best when talking about Taiwanese students and the exams they sit: they are two wholly distinct systems in two different countries.

  • Bo Wang


    Taiwan isn’t a country.

  • Wago

    Please give Chelsea my regards

  • ceh

    he meant to say stamford college in malaysia and oxford college in Georgia. Clinton refers to Bill’s bro, Roger who may be more fun to have a beer with anyways.

  • Tom12GA

    @bobiscool – I just had two questions about your take on the British/UK vs. PRC school system(s):

    1. How many steps down can one take from your quoted “A-level” ideal in the UK? (I left England a long time ago but when I follow the language/syntax that I see from UK posters on Facebook, it sends a shudder down my spine in three out of four cases.)

    2. Do you think mainland Chinese students are introduced to critical reasoning early enough and is it compatible with the educational system in which they operate? (My plan was to leave my kids in China (for language) until they are ready to start high school, and then find an appropriate IB programme for them in Europe.)

  • Ryannoime

    Haha apparently they do teach great satirical humor in China!

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