Woman Catches Child From 10th Floor Fall, Awarded 200k

A Chinese woman in Hangzhou, China lies on a hospital bed after catching a child who had fallen from the 10th floor of a residential apartment.

From Sohu:

Two-year-old child falls 10 stories, female neighbor who opened her arms to catch her knocked unconscious

July 2nd 1:30 in the afternoon, in the Baijin Hai’an residential community in Hangzhou’s Binjiang district, a 2-year-old little girl suddenly fell from the 10th floor. Below, a 30-something woman bravely and selflessly rushed over and caught the child with both arms, stupefying the property management personnel who witnessed it! At present, the little girl is in emergency care, while the female rescuer, who isn’t related to the girl’s family and has suffered a relatively serious injury with a broken arm, has been called the world’s most beautiful mommy by netizens.

Wu Juping talking on her mobile phone while recovering in the hospital with a broken arm.

X-Ray of Wu Juping's fractured arm, sustained from catching and saving a falling child.The Hangzhou residential apartment building where a 2-year-old child fell and was caught by "Hero Mom" Wu Juping.

Comments from Sohu:


What is a hero? What is a role model? This is a hero, this is a role model! To this mother, I salute!


All the praise in the world seems inadequate, all the honor in the world is unable to represent the respect I have for you. I wholeheartedly wish you a quick recovery.


The greatness of a mother’s love, a magical strength.


China’s women and truly brave! All those men only [standing by] watching!


True great people can only be discovered in moments of danger. Everything she did was what she believed should have been done, with nothing strange, and no special reasons.


I’m the same as this most beautiful mother also in my lactation/breastfeeding period, my baby 7-months-old. After seeing this news, my tears immediately began flowing! I salute this heroic mother!


This wasn’t a small matter and actually was very dangerous. I salute this mother. I’m extremely moved!


Only after you have children will you understand, just how precious a little life is. Actually, no matter whose child it is, the love is all the same, and my little girl is 4-months-old now. I am deeply touched by this kind of motherly love.

Wu Juping lies on a hospital bed smiling at her 7-month-old son. This woman has become a "Hero Mom" after catching a neighbor's child who had fallen from a 10th floor apartment.

From ifeng:

Alibaba rewards “Hero Mom” with 200,000 yuan “Ali-award”

From Liba:

Alibaba announces that it will reward “Hero Mom” Wu Juping 200,000 yuan

July 3rd, Ma Yun [Jack Ma] posted a microblog message praising Wu Juping as a hero. Jack Ma said: “After World War II, a child asked: ‘Grandpa, were you a hero in the war?’ The Grandpa said: ‘No, but I served in a company of heroes.’ It has been an honor to have worked with you Ms. Wu for seven years, may the child and you have an quick recovery.”

This morning, Alibaba Public Relations Director Gu Jianbing announced on his microblog that Alibaba will reward Wu Juping RMB 200,000 yuan as an “Award For Touching The Heart of Alibaba”, and that “Wu Juping will be given paid leave during the period she is in the hospital and in recovery”.

Comments from Liba:


Alibaba sure has a lot of humanity… This Jack Ma is a good boss… Indeed [she] should be rewarded…


I wonder what state agencies/institutions/organizations are going to do.


This is a good boss, 200,000 is nothing for him, but it has gained him face and has advertised [his company]~ And what more, the person involved now has [financial] security [don’t have to worry about medical expenses].


[She is] worthy of the reward. It can also be said that [Jack Ma] has just done an image advertisement for his own company.


This was very well handled, a win-win result.
There is a big difference between those who know how to do business and those who don’t.
What more, had he spent 200,000 on an advertisement, it wouldn’t even be as gei li [effective] as what he did this time.


200,000 is not too much nor too little, just right!


It isn’t as if Jack Ma is short of money, him doing this even brought him more benefits than it cost.


Jack Ma is not bad!!! With this it looks like I should continue using Taobao to do right by him~~~~


Jack Ma truly is a first rate IQ and EQ person!!! What a good boss~~~

Have you ever saved a life? As a stranger? Were you injured in the process?

What do you think of Jack Ma rewarding his employee for her heroic act?

Wu Juping resting in the hospital with a fractured arm sustained from catching a 2-year-old child who had fallen from a 10th floor of an apartment building.

Future mothers. Personals @ chinaSMACK.

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  • Canadian_Skies

    SOFA? SOFA? Your comment was a bit too short. Please go back and try again. SOFA?

    • Marsvin

      Your comment is still too short. Greedily grubbing for sofa is no act of heroism, no 200k for you :p

    • http://www.homph.com Jaded

      Just how 舒服 is that sofa?

  • thunderkat211

    How did the baby fall out the window? How did this hero of a lady know about the falling baby? This writer sux.

    • Rick in China

      Totally agreed. It seems like such a farce. How can a baby ‘suddenly fall’ from

      stories…what the FUCK was going on up there? My kitties don’t even get that opportunity, and they can jump like m’fers.

    • Shanghairen

      The grandmother was taking care of the baby but had decided to run an errand and leave the kid home alone.

      • justmega

        So the baby yelled ‘Geronimo!’ giving notice to the woman

        floors below prior to jumping? I call BULLSHIT!

        • Coyote88

          I agree. She caught a baby that fell from the 10th floor? Assuming 75ft height the baby would be travelling 78km/hr when it hit the woman (the baby’s weight is irrelevant). Only 2.165sec elapsed from the time the baby started falling. So she was made aware that a baby had just fallen from the 10th floor and was able to position herself in the right spot to catch it, all within 2.165 seconds? Do you know how much injury the child would sustain hitting the woman at that speed if it wasn’t killed outright? What are the chances that the woman could catch the baby and successfully decelerate it to the point where there is so little injury to the baby that we can see it smiling while the lady is recovering from a broken arm?

          If you believe this, you’ll believe anything.

          • Rick in China

            Not just to mention the weight speed and impact, but consider the baby’s joints – how about the neck. How perfect would the catch have to be to sustain only some internal injuries – not a broken neck or multiple broken joints?

          • commiedrinkswomanwine

            the neighbor had tried to reach the baby with a ladder but failed,
            the baby was severely injured with internal bleeding and in coma. if you cared, pray, otherwise, shut up!

          • dilladonuts

            you guy’s sound like a bunch of idiots.

    • fouManChu

      TV news here said there was some commotion – grandma yelling just before the child fell so this part is actually plausible. Ottawa Roughriders should hire her as wide receiver. How much is 200k in real money anyway, they could get her cheap.



    • wangjian008

      Is that true? where did you get this breaking and exciting news?

      • donscarletti

        It certainly wasn’t from any Hong Kong journalists. I hear they are too simple and sometimes naive.

        • 山炮 ShanPao

          “For those waiting for Xinhua to say whether Mr. Jiang is dead or alive, there was little to chew on: hours after the rumours began to circulate, the top story on Xinhua’s English-language remained a photo gallery of Hollywood’s highest-paid actresses.

          Unlike the Yangtze River, Angelina Jolie and Sarah Jessica Parker remain approved topics of discussion in China.”

          • Chef Rocco

            How dare you quote Mark Mackinnon without mentioning his name? Copy right violation? Hmm, I forget that you are just a loose cannon.

    • http://candosino.wordpress.com terroir

      Links or it didn’t happen! Though as I hear this comes from weibo, China’s most trusted NEW news source, we won’t get confo until the new bronze statue is completed.

    • Alikese

      Maybe the story is wrong, and the baby actually threw Jiang Zemin out the window.

      • rollin wit 9’s

        i had to reply to this lmao

        you get first prize for best sense of humor for this article

    • wallimo

      I read that also, time.com has an article about it. Until it’s confirmed I guess it’s all just hearsay but he wasn’t part of the 90th anniversary gala, was he? so where was he?

    • rubens

      And your nickname still sucks so hard!
      Let’s toast Jiang and that grubby pig hang in Piazza Loreto!

  • wangjian008

    But out of humane, even Jing himself fall down from a tall building’s window when he was a baby, I would reach out my hands without hesitation.

  • http://www.qq.com/1325279774 Kedafu

    Song of the Article!

    -Van Halen



    Rest in Peace Comrade Jiang Zemin!

    you will be missed!

  • donscarletti

    Wow, is that the child in those pictures? If it is, it is amazing that the child can be moving fast enough to obliterate a fully grown woman’s arm while remaining so healthy?

    Also, I wanna be the first to say that Binjiang District is pretty shit. Nothing but tech companies, empty shopping malls and farmland. Sort of like a post-apocalyptic version of Zhongguancun.

    • Appalled@everything

      Jiang Ze Ming came to my old company building, pants pulled up ten storyies high to his armpits. Glasses as big as firefighter emergency catch-nets. No children fell a window on that day however.

      Strange coincidence?


      Seriously though, this woman is a hero. That fracture is nuts. I had a broken distal radius and scaphoid and her injury puts mine to shame. Catching a two year old!! she is mega-heroic, and yup, I agree she is beautiful to boot.

      Praises and salutations to her, and congrats on the big cash reward……… if any of this story is fucking true to begin with, that is.

    • marke

      I think that is her own baby – she was reported as having a

      month old son.

      The two year old was reported to be in a critical condition with internal injuries.

  • http://candosino.wordpress.com terroir

    Hero mom did indeed catch the baby, but was not able to hold on to it and the baby subsequently fell out of her arms and landed on the lawn. The force of impact was so strong that hero mom soon fell unconscious.

    The baby is currently in a coma and not a “comma” as China Daily proclaims; that baby in the first picture is not the baby she saved, but her own baby.

    Here is the China Daily story with most of the information that I gave in the first sentence. One of the best parts is a quote from the father who said, “It is the greatest warmth I have ever experienced in my life – that a stranger saved my daughter’s life.”

    If you dig this, you’ll dig the story of the

    year-old boy again at home alone who fell from the eighth floor and got caught between the external AC and the wall on the seventh floor below. Spoiler: he got saved.

    I got the story wrong myself for a couple of days; that first picture is so misleading. EDIT: SMACKbot doesn’t like my links, sorry, I had to delete the whole mess of them

    • http://candosino.wordpress.com terroir

      To round out the trifecta of “baby out the window” stories, a Shanghai dad (in Minhang?) threw his baby out the window during an argument recently. The baby didn’t survive, dad tried to cut his wrists but survived. I’d link ya but I’m just afraid SMACKbot will deny me once again, so just google it yourself the old-fashioned way your grandpa did it.

      Man, I know my “baby out the window” stories this week. You can say I know them “to a falled”.

  • Brett Hunan

    Get her in the game coach—- wow, thats a serious fracture.

    She’s supermom for sure.

  • kai chang

    why was the baby falling out of a

    story building in the first place??????????good god,!!!!!!!!!!!!but thumbs up to the woman…

    • http://candosino.wordpress.com terroir

      Grandma had gone up to the roof to fetch a wet rug or something. A neighbor saw the baby on the ledge and tried to reach it with a ladder or something, but failed; that’s why hero mom came running — because someone was watching falling baby and cried out when falling baby started to fall, thereby activating hero mom.

  • http://candosino.wordpress.com terroir

    Hero mom is awesome, but I wish she didn’t get the cash reward: now everyone will be scanning the balconies above looking for a “windfall”.

    Also, I wish there was another way to compliment a Chinese woman besides calling her “beautiful”; not that I’d kick her out of bed onto the frost in a mud hut in Xinjiang, but it’s sad that words like “heroic”, “humanitarian”, “selfless” and “true role-model” don’t compare with “world’s most beautiful mommy”; it’s like saying, “You look like a horse, there’s nothing plastic surgery can do for you except if you save a falling baby–THEN you will be beaufiful.”

    Yikes, I just wished someone no money and no looks, my new chinaSMACK low. Look, hero mom is awesome and deserves all the attention and good stuff coming her way. I’m just saying the ramifications of her amazing act won’t be as inspirational and beautiful as the spirit in which they were done.

    Why? You reading this on this website. You know why.

    • marke

      I don’t get your thinking – it does not change her act, or have any bearing whatsoever on her motivation for doing what she did. Good luck to her.

      • http://candosino.wordpress.com terroir

        If you don’t get my thinking, why are you writing a comment? I wasn’t trying to change this act, or have a bearing upon her motivation for doing what she did. Are you suggesting that I’m suggesting that she let the baby fall?

        She doesn’t need the luck. Falling baby does; is still in coma.

        • marke

          “If you don’t get my thinking, why are you writing a comment?”

          ? I thought that was a very sensible thing to comment on. Deepest apologies, I did not realize this was a “no disagreement allowed page”.

          But my thoughts remain the same – logically speaking the act is in no way lessened by the provision of a reward. I guess you are worried that it will promote a legion of heros who will run around gazing up at windows waiting to catch someone.
          Granted, that could indeed become a problem.

          • http://candosino.wordpress.com terroir

            No. I am worried that there isn’t any thing left as an altruistic act in China. I am concerned that Chinese will only see altruism as part of heroism, and not with standing in line, not spitting or blowing their noses directly onto the ground and picking nose hairs on the subway directly in front of you.

            Altruism: people value it, and some people like Jack Ma pay to be part of it. You make it sound like things happen in China in a vaccuum and not without factors like face and guanxi thrown in.

            Right. You still don’t get it. But, you’ll tell me that in your next comment. Scintillating; when watching paint dry, at the very least it’s COLORFUL.

          • marke

            Ok. I do apologise for participating. Regards.

    • Li RuiKe

      I disagree. It’s about time that good-hearted people who risk their own health to help the needy get rewarded. It’s a tiny moment of justice in a long history of injustice, where black-hearted people are rewarded for hurting other people. I very much hope that now everyone will be actively looking for opportunities to do heroic acts of kindness, even if it’s because they hope to be rewarded. They will be.

      • http://candosino.wordpress.com terroir

        For a culture that is already governed by financial motivations, suggesting cash rewards be given to acts of heroism to not inspire further acts of heroism is not warranted. Down the road we will definitely have the chinaSMACK headline “Fallen baby held for cash ransom by savior”.

        I think this is a cool story and will inspire people, but the recent development of Daddy Warbucks Jack Ma doling out the Red Mao’s is destressing. It could have been more private and hush-hush like hero mom has been trying to do all along, but noooo, this is China, face-up or get-out, this had to be a big news PR deal.

        China: y’all don’t have to be heroes, you just have to start taking personal responsibility to make a better world. This hero mom took personal responsibility in this case for no reason other than altruistic and her “inner beauty”; with no financial reward, will ordinary people in non-heroic circumstancs do the same?

        Will a guy who cuts in line at the subway save a falling baby?

        • Matt smith

          What I have to wonder is whether or not this story would have been so popular if it weren’t for the cash reward. Did the publicity of the event spark the reward, or did the reward spark the publicity?

    • Sunshine

      And why are you have so much beef with her being called beautiful?
      Is it not obvious that they meant her beauty from WITHIN emanates outward?

      Some times, life is a whole lot easier if you don’t chew on every diction.

      • http://candosino.wordpress.com terroir

        Yes. Internal beauty is beautiful. Any time a surgeon cuts open a hero they say, “What stunning internal organs! Not like the internal organs of a traitor at all, whom which I would say, “I hate their guts!”

        If you are a Chinese woman (and you are), you judged upon one criteria: your physical looks. If you have other good atributes, like intelligence or baby-saving heroism, you will then be called “the beauty who is smart” or in our case, “world’s most beautiful mommy”.

        Words exist to describe inner beauty of the spirit, I mean, they’re there if you want to use them; but for you Chinese chicks, it’s all about your looks.

        Diction chewing I am not.

        • Sunshine

          I see what you mean.
          I am now enlightened.

          And you would be correct. I am a Chinese chick insecure about my out appearance, said act of being insecure dictated by the society that I grew up in, which, coincidentally, was for the most part not a Chinese one. Therefore it may be more appropriate in this case to omit the “Chinese” in “Chinese woman”. I see it as more of an universal issue. Quite sad, really.

          • Bruce

            I sure you are hotter than an asphalt divot. And I mean that inside out. Buck up, lassie (punches jaw). (collects body…)

          • http://candosino.wordpress.com terroir

            It’s knowledge that that brings sadness, but it’s awareness that leads to englightenment. Or, whatever Buddha says.

            You sound awesome, but don’t take it from me, the your anonymous internet pal, take it from the awesomeness of the strength of conviction in your opinions (hey, if I could see your shoes, then I could compliment them, but it’s the internet — I have to look you up on Facebook first) (if that wasn’t funny you don’t have to laugh)

            Sorry, but I still have to disagree: there aren’t any universal ideals or morals in China because ideals and morals and the lot are all Sino-phied; one way is to say they have Chinese characteristics, another way is to say “acknowledging a single fault is admit shame and lose face”.

            Not just feminism doesn’t exist in Chines, but the even the idea of what feminism is/means doesn’t exist in Chines

        • http://laowaiink.weebly.com Mark

          Chinese compliments are often quite monotone. “Wah, so beautiful/ so cool/ so clever/ so strong!” And you’re also right about how outstanding women are labeled in China: “______ Beauty.” It’s not PC but the truth is that a woman’s beauty is her most valued asset in China (and I’m talking about external beauty). Beauty is indeed a valued virtue but a woman should be able to be appreciated for her other virtues without it being connected to her beauty.

          By the same token, women should stop always trying to rationalize beauty and in effect cheapen it by trying to tie a woman’s virtues to her beauty. It’s ok to simply be heroic or self-sacrificing or gentle without it being labeled as some kind of “beauty.” Men are to blame for insisting upon this quality in a woman, and women are to blame for desperately chasing this quality at the expense of other virtues.

          • Sunshine

            What’s even sadder is that the state of things will never change for the better.

          • http://candosino.wordpress.com terroir

            @Mark: Chinese women aren’t/can’t give up the one asset they have; it’s a catch-22, and it won’t change

            @Sunshine: Any and all change for China will be for the better, because it will break the status quo of never changing. It will get better. It will change

            Those two comments should cancel each other out in some weird rift-opening tear in the space time continuum, but I’ll just leave them there together. Just like how they stand side by side in China at present.

    • Strangerland

      Hey, no offence buddy but I guess being called beautiful is a high praise for any woman, mother or singleton. Besides, beautiful in Chinese doesn’t carry similar superficial meaning the way it is in English. Beautiful here can be about her role as a mother. Kind of similar with “the best mother” award. Will it be better if they write something that can be translated into “mother/woman with beautiful heart” instead? Let’s not turn this into arguments, especially since we all know that translation between languages tend to do that. You can’t help it if there are lost meanings in translation, or if the translated word fail to carry similar values compared to its original word, especially between two very different languages like Chinese and English. Words of praise would always be praises, no matter how simple or strange they were when translated to other languages.

      • http://candosino.wordpress.com terroir

        Wrong. And if that offends you, I”m okay with that. Ummm.. yup, totally fine with it.

        Buddy, the ancient Chinese art of giving compliments is never about what you say, but what you don’t say. To wit: the backhanded compliment. While it giveth with the one hand, on the backswing it taketh awayeth, leaving the giver one step ahead the givee one step behind.

        I need a volunteer from the commenters… you! Yes you, Strangerland! Stop pointing at yourself and get up here!
        [a slow clap]
        He’s shy! Oh c’mon folks, lets encourage him!
        [two people slow clapping]

        Since you are of the opinion that “Words of praise would always be praises”, well let’s use you as an example/scapegoat, shall we? It won’t be quite be Chinese-style, but hey, I’m not that cruel.

        “Hey Strangerland, is this your English writing? Wow, it’s so good! You’ve been studying for what, ten years now? I’m sure in another ten years, you’ll be completely fluent in time! At that time you’ll finally be ready to start working on getting rid of your terrible accent! Add the gas!

        Your English is so good, it’s just like a ten year-old native English speaking boy trying to explain the plot to “Dark of the Moon” as a parable to explain to his parents why he should be able to stay up past midnight masterbating! Rosie Huntington-Whiteley is a metaphor for the need to conquer one’s fear of skinny, lanky caves that don’t emote well!

        Wow! I am impressed! Your English level is on par with speechwriter who qualified for his position by memorizing all the catch-phrases an announcer uses at a motocross race!

        Wow! You speak so fluently! Your lines are so smooth, I bet you are able to pick up a cardboard cut-out at a bar! That weights

        ounces! Onto public transit on the way home! And not get papercuts on your tongue!”

        Eh. I love being absolved of any and all guilt (it happens sometimes); even if you were to somehow be offended at my remarks, you shouldn’t since English terms are known to have superficial meanings, like “beautiful in Chinese doesn’t carry similar superficial meaning the way it is in English”. As you say.

        • Strangerland

          Wow, you really need to cool it down.
          I don’t see reason why we have to make something bad out of a good thing but mabe that’s just me. I’m sure you’re a nicer person offline, just like everyone who let it loose on chinasmack, so I won’t be dragged into further arguments that feels like childish playgrounds. So let’s agree to disagree. Whatever floats your boat, I’m not going to say anything more.

          • http://candosino.wordpress.com terroir

            Hm. Look back upon it now, I think it was the phrase “Hey, no offence buddy” that set me into a wild, uncontrollable rage. But hey, now that we’re all acquainted now, let’s be friends:

            “You’re a great guy.”

  • FYIADragoon

    Fauna, quick correction on a famous quote used in the article. Isn’t it supposed to be:

    “After World War II, a child asked: ‘Grandpa, were you a hero in the war?’ The Grandpa said: ‘No, but I served in a company of heroes.’”

    Or did Jack Ma write it wrong? Just a suggestion.

    • http://www.chinasmack.com Fauna

      I did not know Jack Ma was telling a famous quote so I translate it according to the Chinese version Jack Ma wrote. Thank you for your correction! I have edited the translation.

  • xiaopengyou

    Drop a 28lb weight from a barbell that high and see how much you can do to stop it from hitting the ground (without it hitting you in the head and killing you). “catching” a

    year old kid from

    stories up is not even remotely like catching a ball. The inertial forces are pretty high. Sadly, I think the little girl’s injuries are terminal.

    • http://candosino.wordpress.com terroir

      Yeah. I heard somewhere that hero mom had her arm broken by the fall, and that she passed out from the pain/shock, oh, and that she’s called hero mom for her troubles.

      That’s kind of like catching a 28lb barbell weight from

      floors up, as IF you really cared about that barbell as though you’d give your life for it, like as though it is a commemerative barbell Hulk Hogan used to train with to be able to body slam Andre the Giant at Wrestlemania, the world’s premiere sports-entertainment event.

      • rollin wit 9’s

        Every1 needs to step back and look at the other side of this: If she would have just stood there and watched, then chinese and probably some of us would be complaining about that and be so naive to suggest why she didnt just try to catch the baby.

        and actually having gone back to the future w/ marty mcfly himself hehe, i understand that had the baby actually fallen, residents of the area would have just walked by and looked and maybe starred for a while before going to get groceries or something.
        So I guess the news just needed a new twist. [[I.E. Someone actually doing something for once.]]

  • John Wayne

    The mother is beautiful ; ) I feel bad for her with the broken arm. Gosh, that had to hurt.

  • nn

    In this photo, the baby is her own. She has a

    month year old baby. With the height, speed, and gravity, she probably caught a

    pound falling baby. Hope this great mother recover soon.

  • Irvin

    Saving lives is actually working against natural selection.

    • Chef Rocco

      But you forget that human beings and their behaviors are also integral part of nature, so saving lives is natural selection itself.

    • Brett Hunan

      I hope you’re kidding.

      Natural selection has little to do with saving a neglected infant. Natural selection is one of the basic mechanisms of evolution. It deals with adapting to your environment.

      Saving that baby was nothing more than a mother’s natural instinct + adrenaline and humanitarianism.

    • Tony

      Unfortunately, natural selection hasn’t weeded out trolls yet but one can hope!

    • Irvin

      Saving lives is human behavior, natural selection is nature weeding out the flawed aspect of a specie while maintaining the useful parts.

      neglected infant = flawed parents with flawed behavior and perhaps flawed gene pool.

      Saving their gene pool/behavior works against weeding out the flawed elements of our specie.

      And it’s not just for this instance, but saving lives in general. But I digress.

      I can see where you’re coming from, you’re saying that natural selection pertains to humans not individually but as a group. And I do agree to some degree.

      But in a time where our specie isn’t threaten by other species, logically it would serve us better where natural selection is concern to be more selfish and safe less lives to optimize natural selection.

      In a way, civil war is actually natural selection within a group. World war is actually the new natural selection of our specie.

      • Bruce

        This message brought to you by the Yan Fu department of the Red Cross Society of China, currently conducting research.

        The Red Cross Society of China: Where nary a bad idea is allowed to die.

  • eric

    This women is an Angel to this child.

  • The Lizard King

    fuck you jack ma!
    fuck you for stealing lines from one of the greatest men to ever live.

    Jack Ma said: “After World War II, a child asked: ‘Grandpa, were you a hero in the war?’ The Grandpa said: ‘No, but I served in a company of heroes.’

    those exact same words, in exact same order were said by
    Major Richard “Dick” D. Winters.
    a united states army officer and decorated war veteran.
    he commanded company “E”, 2nd Battalion, 506th parachute infantry regiment, 101st airborne division, during WWII.

  • http://chinasmack lai78

    goog mama bravorrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  • Appalled@everything

    This ‘miraculous’ story was probably inserted into mainstream media in order to take the attention away from the psychotic actions of the guy in Shanghai who threw his ten month old child from an 11th (?) story balcony, killing said child and afterwards attempting suicide.

    I know this was mentioned in this thread already by Terrior, but what wasn’t mentioned was how coincidental this story seems to be.
    How farfetched and amazing if true this heroism piece be, yet how also incredibly coincidental that such a story be, run nearly side-by-side a story of a man murdering his baby by chucking it off his balcony.

    Fuck it. I still don’t trust a single news story within this country.

    • Appalled@everything


      Her arm would have required extensive surgery, pins, plates and possibly bone grafts, yet it is just wrapped in a few layers of gauze?

      Where is the fucking plaster cast or plastic brace? where are the tubes to drain the blood? where is the saline drip? where is the yellow/red alcohol rub sanitizers stained all over her hands and arm around where the supposed ‘surgery’ took place?

      and they didn’t even give her a fucking pillow?

      This story is a complete and utter LIE!

      • eric

        Hey, it is not like she caught a

        pound dumb-bell or a rock, ending up needing intensive medical care. And are you a doctor or something to be that suspicious ?
        Are you always like your title “appalled@everything” or appalled@yourself ?

        • Appalled@everything

          Look at the X-ray that we are led to believe is hers, then reconsider your comments Eric.

          I have had a broken arm (required a plate and

          pins) plus shattered wrist (required a bone graft from my hip and a screw) and I know what it is like to go through the recovery of such an injury, AND my injury was not nearly as severe a fracture as the one shown in that X-ray.


          And to reply to your other comment, no. But I am amused@your lack of sense.

          Do you live in China Eric? If you do and haven’t learned to be suspicious then well, I can’t help you.

          • Glowndark

            so you live in china? i sugggest you keep a cat or dog to get around with you, remember mister, if you eat out, feed your food to your pet first. if the pet turns out fine, then you can eat the food.

          • eric

            Yes, I am CHINESE and lives in China.
            Unless you are a medical professional, I’ll buy what you are trying to prove.
            This is a simple news broadcast of an incident, If you don’t believe in it, then don’t.
            And where are you from? You’d be APPALLED if only you knew more about your own country….

            And to answer CLOWNDARK guy, thanks for your concern. My pets and myself are fine. By the way, your countrymen living in China are all fine too. There are no news report of your folks dying of food poisioning eating Chinese food. Infact they tell me Chinese food are better than food back home.

          • Glowndark

            @eric. you obviously do not understand sarcasm…whatever!

          • eric

            Sorry bro !!
            Got a bit carried away by Appalled@everything guy.

          • http://www.echinacities.com Earthworm

            How’d you bust your arm, charity wankathon?

            There’s a lot of people in China. The scope for coincidence is huge.

            But yes, news-wise, approach with caution, or at the very least, a skip-full of skepticism.

    • http://candosino.wordpress.com terroir

      I (terroir) think that the news outlets are seeing a theme; some of these news items are rather old, like weeks late, and they are only reported now because the news outlets are giving the people what they want. You know, like Fox news.

      You want baby falling stories? I’s got ’em!

      June 11th: A six year-old boy and his four year-old brother jump out of a window in Maoming, Guangdong, pretending “to be Superman”. According to the news story, the older brother went first, and then the younger brother followed A FEW MINUTES LATER. (I hope that was a typo).

      The older brother died.

      • http://www.echinacities.com Earthworm

        Does that mean the younger brother survived, by landing on the soft fresh corpse of older brother?

        Now THAT’S sacrifice. He should be named the new ‘beautiful hero’ (posthumously, natch)

        ‘Beautiful Corpse Superboy Martyr Rescues Brother’

      • http://candosino.wordpress.com terroir

        terroir’s BABY FALLING NEWSFLASH:

        Seven year-old Xin Yutong jumped from the second floor balcony where she had been forced to live in Guangzhou, Guangdong province; she was leaping to a convenience store to get food – the girl had little to eat and had become emaciated.

        Her father and stepmother said they had been punishing the girl because she was “too naughty” and picky about her food. Her stepmother told police Xin had been spoiled by her grandparents, saying the girl expected to “live in luxury” and “wanted to eat hamburgers and drink milk.”

      • http://candosino.wordpress.com terroir

        terroir’s BABY FALLING NEWSFLASH:

        On July 10th, a six year-old child fell from a seventh-floor balcony as the glass he was leaning against gave way in Shanghai. The boy has received serious injuries.

        It was reported that many residents had found the aluminum alloy frame of the glass railing on their balconies had buckled and gel holding the window to the frame had become ineffective.


    • Appalled@everything

      @ Glowndark & eric – I accept both your apologies.
      @ Earthworm – my wankathons are usually private. But if you are in the business of sponsoring people’s masturbations then cool. Cut me a check!
      @ Terrior – You are the fourth person to reply to my post and also the fourth person to not give me any explanation or even any speculation on why her arm does not look hurt at all.

      • http://candosino.wordpress.com terroir

        I didn’t know that was the explicit topic of this thread, nor that you are counting your replies. Are you also expecting my apology?

        China news can be dodgy, but if you’re going to play conspiracy theory on this one, you have to go whole hog: there are two principles here, hero mom AND falling baby. The baby just came out of a coma recently. Since you’re in an explaining mood, tell us:
        * how did the baby get that way
        * why the parents would agree to be involved in such a scam
        * how the national/international attention won’t bust open the truth
        * where is all this money coming from to award this “fake” deed
        * if fake, why release such a terrible fact that “the baby bounced from her arms and onto the ground”
        * why couldn’t this simply have happened

        I’m not a doctor, though I have played the game of it many times. I don’t know how a broken arm should look or heal. Still, this could have happened.

  • http://unblockfacebookinchina.info/vpn-in-china Rod

    I’m still wondering how the hell the baby broke her arm.

    • bojangles

      Let me drop a baby on you from

      stories up.
      See how you come out of it.

    • http://candosino.wordpress.com terroir

      Arm braces for infants are adorable, it’s like a fast-food napkin folded in half.
      I hear they even have it for fetuses — bendy straws.

  • Jeff

    No here’s a real hero!
    Hua Mulan is a legend but this lady is a real hero!

    Dear local Chinese doctors please take care of this lady hero’s arm!

  • Carly O

    What a heroic person, China needs more altruistic people like her. :) She’s the glimmer of hope I see in the morality of China.

  • Foreign Devil

    Chinese girls. . . sheeesh! even trying to commit suicide by jumping out windows at age


  • hexie

    Why has nobody called child protection? That baby needs to be removed from that family’s care. Who leaves a two year old at home alone?

    • Tengu

      China does not have any laws about leaving children alone, so technically it is an “accident”. The grandmother went up to the roof to get her laundry and left the kid alone.

      This happened when I was in Shanghai. “Shanghai Daily” had an article about this incident and right below the article was another article about a guy who had an argument with his wife and mid argument tossed their kid out the window.

      They need a new layout staff and a better editor.

      You read one article, your heart swells up, you feel good and actually think, “Maybe we’re not so fucked up after all!” Then you read about a guy tossing his kid out a window….back to reality in a hurry!

  • http://www.makeyourownpheromones.com Michael Hughes

    Awesome lady. Keep it up.

    • trouse

      keep what, keep catching? break the other arm.

  • Cleo

    I hope there were people catching all the Chinese babies thrown out of windows (the French actually have a special word/surname for this: defenestre) by the Japanese.

    If China hadn’t produced Xiu Xiu the Sent Down Girl, how could we digest what the Japanese did under the disguise of “comfort women.”

  • John

    I’m in love with this woman. It’s people like this that make me get up every morning and give this world another try. As for the boss, self promotion or not, whatever he’s selling I’m buying. He didn’t waste anytime to react. We need more leaders this and definitely more heroes like her.
    Greetings to all from Canada. I’ve been passing this story on.

  • william

    Really she is a beautiful hero mom. if every one thinks like this how wonderful will the world be. She sets a good example

  • trouse

    oh it’s a good part time job

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