“Beauty Class” Chinese TV Show Teaches Women How To Be Perfect

Beauty Class, scandalous Chinese television show.

The following microblog post was reposted [“retweeted”] over 58,000 times since it was posted yesterday, and currently has over 13,000 comments, making it one of the top trending topics and posts on popular Chinese microblogging service Sina Weibo…


Sweet, charming, and lovely, Beauty Class will allow you to reinvent yourself, from an ugly duckling to the white swan. Afraid to wear low-cut tops? Afraid to wear miniskirts? No problem, let us teach you how to change into an S-figure, to cultivate you into a charming collection, transform you into an perfect woman. This is not a legend, all of the magic is at @乐视网魅力研习社: http://t.cn/a36Rmb http://t.cn/a3ExkL

The video attached to the above microblog post:

Comments on Sina Weibo:


So gei li, various big bosoms, various thighs.


When can we see the entire thing? I’m so anxious!!!!


Disgusting, you can beat me to death and I still don’t want this kind of women.


Nosebleed, I’m drained [of blood]…


I admit I’m hard.


Do women all need to reveal themselves to be considered good?


Looks so disgusting.


Are the men in the live audience able to take it? I can’t take it anymore.


Women only need to undress to make it easy for themselves to become famous.


So dressing up like this makes one beautiful?


How will their family members react when they see this?


The current post-90s generation really does dare to reveal anything.


Then I despise those people who like to watch [this], they’re not psychologically healthy.


Girls these days, there’s nothing you can say about them.


The most daring [show] in the country is indeed Beauty Class. I sit here waiting for it to be banned.

Another video clip, that may more accurately represent the show…

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  • Tadd

    Their parents must be so proud!
    Mwahahaha… by the way, I have the so…*is cut off mid-sentence by the realisation that no one gives a shit*

  • Andeli

    I don’t like their personalities, so I have no interest in them.

    • http://candosino.wordpress.com terroir

      That’s so strange, because I can clearly see their personalities very clearly.

      Their personalities are: buoyant, smooth, supple, firm, bare, honest, elastic, bouncing, bubblely, swaying.

      Since their personalities are so clear, to get to know them is to have a grasp of the obvious.

      • lonetrey

        They’re good looking, no doubt. But my initial opinion of them can be easily described as “trying too hard”.

        • Tengu

          Better than not trying at all, have you been to a mall in the US lately?

          • Jay K.

            american women are just overrated like they’re al that and a bag of chips.

            im not saying all, but most

            canadian women now that’s where it’s at!

          • Tengu

            I think you misunderstood.

            I meant it as a compliment. i.e. these Chinese girls are “trying too hard”

            Whereas American women “are not trying at all” e.g. American women weigh an average of 167Lbs right now.

            Women from Montreal and Vancouver…I agree, but the rest look like they’re from Wisconsin or Minnesota.

          • BeijingRafl

            Tengu is right! American women are for the most part fat and dont wear ANY makeup. They act like men and some of them even look like men. It is simply depressing. Jay K. is partially right. It depends on where in Canada you are, but indeed the selection is much better.
            Now, I am not saying that girls have to go to the extreme of this show, but a little make up, shoes that look like they were made for a young girl and not a longshoreman and a few pounds less goes a long way. And gents! We too need to at least shave, wear a clean shirt and lose a couple of pounds too. It goes both ways.
            As to the show: I love it! It is extreme , true, but why not? Maybe it will inspire ladies AND gentlemen to do a liittle self imporvement and even if not, at least it is “nice ” to look at. for the same reason I also enjoy boat shows and car shows…..

          • eattot

            American women are for the most part fat and dont wear ANY makeup. They act like men and some of them even look like men. It is simply depressing.
            hahaha,i’d like more and more behave like this, fuck men up, who need to please them.

          • Tengu

            See now I’m starting to fall in love with eattot…just like Hooots!

            I said it firstl…she’s a keeper…

          • hooots

            @Beijing Ralf

            About the shaving thing… every time I do a modelling gig here they tell me NOT to shave. Still trying to figure this place out…

          • lonetrey

            Yes and no. My malls are full of young female college girls who are trying to stay as hot as possible to get men.

            So… yes, i’ve been to plenty of malls, but i know they’re not the norm.

            If not at college, then in my hometown we have many, many good looking asian girls and mall rats hanging about the malls… so neither is really something i can use as a measure of females in US malls….

          • http://www.eveninarcadia.com Anise

            Yes, because a women is only valuable when she’s trying to look good for men.

            Go drown yourself please.

  • http://candosino.wordpress.com terroir

    I don’t see any tentacles.

    • Tengu

      No , but there’s a pantload of “ambassadors of goodwill” being as pleasant as could be making me smile…

  • Birsha

    I want to see the whole thing. Is it up anywhere?

    • Tengu

      ChinaSmack field trip!!!!!!!

      • hooots

        I call shotgun!!!!!!!!!!! Who’s bringin the erb?

        • Tengu

          We always bring herb, time for mushrooms!

          • hooots

            I knew I loved you.

          • http://candosino.wordpress.com terroir

            ”You had me at ‘mellow…'”

      • Marsvin

        Where do we sign up?

  • Toujour

    Did I hear “f-ed up” in the words to the rap song???

    • lonetrey

      Yep. You’re not familiar with “Patron Tequila” by the Paradiso Girls? Hmm, it was really popular in the bars at my college in Pennsylvania.

      Probably not as popular outside of America, lol.

  • Just John

    Now why don’t Chinese women’s panties look as sexy as their bikinis?

    • Tengu

      Because they’re usually hanging from a power line outside their apartment on a wire hanger near the bus stop?

      Not a garter belt or a camel toe in sight…(sigh!!!!)

    • hooots

      Seriously! Granny panties all day! Outrageous!

  • GodsHammer

    China is a porn-factory that just hasn’t started yet.

    • Tengu

      It’s the Van Nuys of the future, they’re just figuring out the whole lingerie thing…they”ll be fine…

  • lonetrey


    when my computer shut off right when i clicked this article, i was sure I wouldn’t get it!… Did I?

    • lonetrey

      hmm. I fear there is something wrong with Chinasmack’s website. Before my piece of shit computer gave a blue screen, this article showed up on the front page. Now, I can’t see it no matter how i refresh,…. all i could do was access it from their twitter.

      Also, there were 0 comments before…. And now I see comments made 5 hours ago. What is wrong with Chinasmack? I cleared history and cache just to make sure….

  • GhettoBoy

    Is China Still Communist? I’m confused. . .

    • Tengu

      Not Communist any longer. The Raelians took it over, you must have been napping.

      • Brett Hunan

        Hah… fucked up group of crackheads. From all I ever heard, Raelism became popular amongst two groups. Fat ugly old hicks who want to fuck other fat ugly old hicks, and fat ugly old stripper/prostitutes.

        Gotta give it to the founder for starting a religion just because he wanted to bang a bunch of Asians.

        • Tengu

          I think they’re out of Canada, you need to make the most out of those winters.

          The head Raelian (I’m sure he’s getting a ton of head!) looks like George Carlin …

          Might as well base your religious beliefs on “Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy!”

    • Reaver

      What communists can’t have breast or sex?

      • http://candosino.wordpress.com terroir

        The “iron rice bowl” has given way to the “iron bra”.

    • http://www.killerjo.net Maocunt

      According to the CCP, it is communist with a Chinese* taste.

      I personally do not understand CCP’s description but again, no one other than FQ, CCP supporters and CCP members understand CCP’s definition about any social events (And often times, different CCP members will come up with different BS).

      But one thing for sure is whether today’s CCP is not something either Marx or Confucious will accepted as a country their ideology they helped found. Today’s PRC simply works against all the good things communism and traditional Chinese culture had stood off (but surprisingly rarely fails to leave out the bad things). A blasphemy really.

  • GUH

    Sickening for any sick society, needless to mention it is in a communist country

    • Justin

      Hah, like “capitalist” countries don’t have even more ridiculous entertainment. 1.) This sort of culture is an import from Western society, though it might have “Chinese Characteristics“ 2.) The shows in Western countries, e.g. the United States and Britain, are much worse. Jersey Shore? Real Housewives of New Jersey? Just the fact that we have more than one reality show about people from Jersey is pretty telling of how sick our culture is. In fact, I would say China lags behind the U.S. in cultural sickness much in the same way it lags behind in per capita GDP.

    • Just John

      So, you are saying you are sickened by beautiful women?

      Does this mean you like uggos, or that you like men?

      I’m thinking uggos, because even gay guys like snappy and sexy fashion sense.

      • bjkid

        maybe a gay conservative in the closet who haven’t figure it out yet.

        • Tengu

          “gay conservative” is “in the closet” redundant or a given?

      • Justin

        I like beautiful women as much as the next guy, but if I am going to watch porn, I’m going to watch real porn, not some trashy softcore on network TV.

  • Hongjian

    This encroaching south-koreanification is the cancer that kills china from within. They already look like those plastic toys from SNDS already. Bleh.

    Another reason why all americunts should be lined up and shot.

    • Tengu

      I thought you were going to gas us. make up your mind, I need to know what to wear.

      • Just John

        Yes, for the shooting, you must wear red, it better hides the blood, so you look like you just went to sleep (well, if we ignore the gaping hole aspect).

        For the gas chamber, you need to find out if it is using carbon dioxide/monoxide or hydrogen cyanide. Carbon dioxide/monoxide is colorless, so just where your finest, whatever color.

        Hydrogen cyanide however can be either colorless or a pale blue, so if you want to properly accessorize for it, it is probably best to go with the pale blue. This may also help match the skin color, since asphyxiation can render the normal skin tone a blue tone through cyanosis. You may be screwed though if you turn purple instead.

        Guess I will leave the chamber accessorizing up to you.

        • Tengu

          Well actually either will work now that I know the color schema.

          I think accessorizing properly by pulling in a little blue, red and purple in will be key here, something subtle, not too over the top! This way if she decides to switch execution methods at the last moment, I’m prepared.

          OR…we go preemptive, subsonic, around 46–61 grain with a little cross hatching on the tip. Dump one into her brain pan, it’ll rumble around for awhile; she’ll be eating pudding with one of those spoons they duct tape to your hand.

    • Anon

      Encroaching Americanisation you mean? South Korea is as COnfucian as China. The plastic toy look will always be in vogue with the shallow thinking / convenience-first lower classes, so they are still appropriate for some people.

      Don’t shoot americunts, who will entertain the world if they are no more? Every court needs it’s jesters and USA should stick to what it does best, entertainment!

    • B

      Typical 50 cent comment, always blame the external.. because apparently it has nothing to do with the Chinese girls who voluntarily subject themselves to this show, to the Chinese television company that finance and aires it, nor to the chinese audience that view it and thereby keep it on the air.

      So get in line!.

    • Brett Hunan

      Aside form pop stars, South Koreans don’t dress like this and they don’t have TV shows like this either… Except for “Car Show Girls” but that doesn’t count.

      • Tengu

        Can you TIVO “Car Show Girls” for me?

        • Brett Hunan

          I got seasons 1-4, you’ll have to wait on season 5

    • The Observer

      I’m quite offended by your comment, this “koreanification” does not constitute CLASS with BIG BOOBS, I doubt any of these ladies have a fraction of intelligence, not to mention university degrees. Another thing are you jealous of Korean society? I admit it is completely westernized but isn’t China now too? You guys are all about the Nouveau Riche now, it’s quite revolting, when will there be racism towards western culture as opposed to asians hating on other asians? And to be honest take another look at your culture, you allow concubines? when people should have the right and freedom to engage in extramarital affairs without having a male sponsor? Male society and ‘machismo’ attitude in Asia dictates this. I admit I can understand the correlation you put with Kpop stars and all of that nonsense with plastic surgery, but can you really blame South Korea when we have fucking United States troops trampling all over the place? Please instead of making generalizations and hating and picking on specific countries, realize that China is to Asia what Greece was to Europe, and at the rate this is going, I fear for our future generations, especially the women.

  • roger dodger

    their bodies are not baad; but quite a few of them have got the faces like a slapped ars*

  • Anon

    They better look at some Geisha culture sites make Chinese versions of the same and stop copying the West. Swimsuit or lingeries competitions in shopping centres are fine, but teaching a woman how to be perfect needs to be along ritual, cultural nominally matchmaker’s, concubinery, midwifery stuff. Grow up!

    Sex sells but this company needs to refocus on REAL Chinese culture. This is quite a-cultural though it does teach men what beauty is. A second remake of the show? Try to become an institution with deeper Chinese roots. How about a women’s finishing school WITH Chinese characteristics?

    • BeijingRafl

      Since when are Geishas part of “REAL Chinese culture”? You may not know it, but the Chinese are really not very fond of Japan.
      “…become an institution with deeper Chinese roots”? No! We have too many of that! CCTV just has way too many “ancient Chinese roots” programs and “educational” programs, and preaching programs, etc. why cant they have a few FUN ones?
      However, maybe if we combine the program as it is NOW, with a more “Chinese flavor” then you just MIGHT be on to something! Extra mini qi-paus, sexier versions of the Tang Dynasty ladie’s wear, scantilly clad ladies with the face-changing dance……

      • Tengu

        Try not to excite him….

      • Anon

        That should read ‘ some Geisha culture sites **AND** make Chinese versions of the same’ sorry about the omission. Chinese versions. Who said to make Geisha schools?

        ” Extra mini qi-paus, sexier versions of the Tang Dynasty ladie’s wear, scantilly clad ladies with the face-changing dance ” – kinda titillating?

        The title of the article is ‘Women How To Be Perfect’. That means Geisha/Kabuki format IN Chinese style, along with all the stuff mentioned earlier.


        Were there an even playing field, I’m sure we’d be great friends, but for trying my best to champion some unappreciated causes, thanks to whatever illegal actions suffered by so many of us not as fortunate as you.

        My communications with most of the world, including you, are now limited to this unhealthy psychological back and forth based on one upmanship that depends on trespass of property, broken privacy laws and lack of justice.

        If you don’t challenge yourself whats the point? What would you dare to do, have done? And might later? Ever took on an entire government? Try it someday, then only we can post and counter-post on equal footing. Otherwise addressing in this way, just amounts to kicking people while they’re down.

        • Tengu

          You are a champion of causes, agreed and I will also think about you subsequent comments, you do have a point.

          I trust no government, my own more than most. I grew up during the great conspiracy assassinations – JFK, MLK, RFK et al.

          I’ve watched us play both sides against the middle for so long and in such a worldwide arena…Iran, Nicaragua, Guatamala, El Salvador, Iraq and so many others…sickening.

          Our allegiances go with the wind, they always have, it’s gotten worse and we can’t feed our own people, give them jobs, schooling, or financial security.

          Interestingly enough today is September 11th, 10th anniversary of the World Trade Center.

          On September 11th 1973, US CIA helped kill the Democratically elected president of Chile, putting Pinochet in power.

          September 11th was a great excuse to strip US citizens of their civil rights. As I said once before, anyone who doesn’t see our current wars as our march to the Caspian Oil fields is naive.

          Don’t get me started on other things the government has done or their complicity in other areas.

  • Pvt. Joker

    some of them are still tranny fugly

    • Tengu

      Remember in Bangkok the prettiest girls aren’t really girls…

  • jiayi

    Titties…glorious titties…

    • Tengu

      Amen brother…..

  • liu mang

    and many of my friends ask me why do i stay in china for so long?

    • http://candosino.wordpress.com terroir

      Because you are corrupt. And Chinese facilitate your need to be corrupt.

      Why else for all the rhetoricalism?

    • C.J.

      Because you are a liu mang! You know you would be put in jail thirty years ago for being a liu mang in China.

  • jiayi

    At first I was mildly intrigued. Then I fapped. And then upon witnessing the 2nd last screenshot HOLY SHITSAUCE. NO. JUST NO.

    Talk about a full-on Monet…

    But in all fairness, I mean look at those luscious boobies. Aren’t they just lovely? Like big white mantou. And obviously not fake at all.
    All those soymilk phytoestrogens are finally kicking in. Hurrah.

    Unfortunately, same can be said for the men…

    • Tengu

      Just John popped a link to a song by Rodney Carrington a few posts ago; considering the last line of your post thought you may enjoy this snippet:

      “I’ve met a lot of them, but never one I’ve hated
      Even if you’ve had thirteen kids and you think they look deflated
      Theres no such thing as a bad breast, I believe this much is true
      If you’re a big fat man I’m a titty fan and I’d love to see yours too!”

    • BeijingRafl

      Blast you Jiayi!!! That last sentence made me shoot coffee out my nose!!! Now I gotta clean my computer!!!!

  • Irvin

    Perfection is subjective, I would bang all of them but wouldn’t take any of them to be gf or wife.

  • k

    They look like classless hookers/strippers….that isnt perfection thats just plastic surgery and makeup and slutty clothes….a beautiful woman is the kind u take home to family not bang and dump.

    • Anon

      Abit harsh? Kinda narrow minded? Not all beautiful women have the personality or internal nature for that sort of life. Some are men reincarnated as women IMHO. They do get older, then wanting to settle down start chasing white men who have been battered psychologically for their whole lives by societies adopting ultra-feminist agenda ultra-feminists wives and failed divorce law.

    • Just John

      Actually, I prefer my women ladies in public, tramps in the bedroom. To be honest though, when you have tramps in public, how many guys will stare and envy you? And since I am American, I could give a shit less what my family thinks of my gf/wife (although FYI, my family loves my wife and thinks she is perfect for me). Of course, since my family tends to be pretty liberal, it probably wouldn’t matter much for them either way.

      The good part is, this show is teaching them to be the tramps in the bedroom, so you just need to make sure your keeper knows when to be which.

      • Irvin

        “liberal” another word for “I don’t give a shit”.

        • Tengu

          Also a synonym for a word which you are not….”tolerant.”

  • Ahwong

    wtf are they teaching now a days!!! i so wnana go back sch!!

  • Reaver

    Is there a translation of the second video? The two videos are almost opposites.

  • Loopins

    They should Air this on CCTV… it might make it more interesting than the usual rubbish on.

  • eattot

    more and more like japan……
    guess they find girls from night clubs or ktv.
    i live in downtown, before i always feel so many pretty girls everyday, but one day when i put on my glasses, then half…
    when i look carefully, without makeup, without long hair cover face, without high heels, without special clothes….
    not really….

    • http://candosino.wordpress.com terroir

      For men, it’s either called “turning off the lights” or “beer goggles”.

      For you, it can be called wearing a mask.

      • eattot

        haha, your funny!
        if your in shanghai, we should go to have a drink…

        • http://candosino.wordpress.com terroir

          If I was in Shanghai, then by nature I am already seated in a bar and having a drink. Also if I was in Shanghai, you need to take a number because there is a line of women ahead of you who want to have a drink with me, the fabulous rich foreigner who can’t speak Chinese and is lionized/looked down upon for it.

          If. I was in Shanghai.

          • Tengu

            Meet you at the Whampoa Club at #3 for drinks, we’ll blast down the street to Mr and Mrs. Bund for dinner and then go upstairs to Bar Rouge after. We have to take Hooots, he’s still upset you took his girl.

            If we see a babe in Laboutins and a mask, could be our honey!

      • Tengu

        Moving in on Hooots girl…FIGHT, FIGHT, FIGHT!

        • hoots

          hahaha no fights here. I’m a lover not a fighter. If yall are ever in Qingdao I say we all go get a drink or seven!

          • http://candosino.wordpress.com terroir

            Hey hooots:

            “Chinese fingercuffs” = eattot looking for a lost contact on the ground

            I’ll flip ya, heads or tails.

          • Tengu

            We’ll need ‘shrooms and some Humbolt, or British Columbian herb, although those Tennessee boys have been growing a Tibetan strain for years.
            Beijing and Shanghai in November…I’ll take eattot out for drinks, just to make sure she’s safe, get her some new masks.

          • hooots

            terrior— Heads. ….drumroll please……………………………………………………………………………………………………….

  • Xuchen

    China is changing is many ways.

    • Canadian_Skies

      Round and round and round it goes, where it stops, NOBODY KNOWS!

  • King Tubby

    Christ, they are bats. Wouldn’t even hand them out to my servants for a weekend reward.

    Enough to kill off yellow fever forever.

  • Canadian_Skies

    Showin my buddy Chinasmack, and watching the video above. Just when I was about to say, “Geez! That one looks like she had been kicked in the face by a mule!” he states, “That one’s my favourite!”

    … just goes to show, his 11 car accidents CAN be a clear indication of mental retardation.

  • Baidu

    sofa?? hot hot!!

  • Eva

    Pornography is legal in China right now?

    • Tengu

      My poor dear, I shudder to think of the paroxysms you would experience if you saw some actual porn…we’d be giving you smelling salts, but timing it perfectly so you regained consciousness just in time to enjoy the “money shot”….then we’d rush you to nearest medical facility!

  • Ununanimous

    These type of shows have been going on for awhile. except this is probably more risque than most i’ve seen.
    But to be honest, i feel chinese women have this sorta teenager angst effect where for years the culture have suppressed them. so since the world is moving on and the older generations are leaving, they explode out from all that pressure and try to meet western standards of women, even if its the wrong ideology! i mean yeah i’m all for women to feel beautiful and sexy about themselves but sometimes i feel chinese women over do it and make it soooo slutty ! And another thing, these kinds of shows really sorta damage the image of beauty for young girls. yes not everyone is a freakin 36-24-36 or has nice long legs and or have a good midsection. chinese media is still young, the general public doesn’t have a full conscience developed to advocate the right things. and just a final note, (i can’t watch the videos so forgive me if i misinterpret) it feels like its just making women look like objects. and apparently the girls are willing to do it to themselves too.

    • Tengu

      None of these are a 36-24-36 these are all size 0-2. Not a Size 4 in the bunch.

  • Appalled@everything

    You just wait. The entire program will be on a Chinese infomercial channel and will be sponsored/promoting push-up bras.

    If China still expects us to believe this country is communist then why dont another half a billion Chinese peasant girls/women also have fake eyelashes, stilettos, push-up bras, hooker outfits and Japanese-cosplay-‘I want my daddy to take my virginity’ attire?

    • Tengu

      ’I want my daddy to take my virginity’ attire?”

      Whatever is floating around in the dark, secret recesses of your Id…I think we just got a peek, no undoing that one…

      • Appalled@everything

        if you want to paraphrase me to make a ‘witty’ attack, go right ahead, if that is the pinnacle of your humor.

        but in case you just didn’t read my words carefully before copy-pasting-paraphrasing, the sentence read: “Japanese-cosplay-’I want my daddy to take my virginity’ attire”. Which refers to the cosplay attire in the video, directly emulating the Japanese cosplay seen in modern JAV, which we all know have sexual suggestiveness and direct references to incest.

        but unless you needed some positive reassurances, ha ha ha ha ha ha, your comment was funny and clever Tengu

        • Tengu

          ctrl/c…ctrl/v – ’I want my daddy to take my virginity’ attire?…your sentence…creepy as it may be and it is very, very creepy.

          One can assume you have yet to produce offspring of the “XX” chromosome configuration i.e. heterogametic sex, because if you had, you would NEVER in your wildest imagination even think like that, then again, you could be from Louisiana where that sort of thing is what every man wants or you may be fostering, nay nurturing your own little Lolita with an “Electra Complex” so you can hear that very phrase with thine own ears.

          I’m happy to take the validation, I no longer use Pinnacle 90’s. I switched back to Top-Flite, if I feel like splurging I grab some balatas, usually Titleist Tours.

          You and your little girl have a nice weekend….

          • Appalled@everything

            Terroir and Tengu, funny how easy those words come from you both when you are by nature just bloggers, not actual activists of any sort.
            So your words stand before nothing, next to nothing, and stand up to nothing.
            You are both empty word shells of bored guys with too much ego and no worthwhile hobbies. Just like the generic, unfunny, overconfident and proud average pathetic blogger who posts “you suck fa**got” to everyone they meet on youtube.
            This time though you did go too far tengu, and you might want to take your words back. Because people you leave comments for here are people remember?
            Maybe come to Australia and meet me on my home turf or to China where I work and see if those words about me and my offspring come so easily you tiresome little blogger.

            Terroir, you didn’t say anything worth replying to

          • Tengu

            ““you suck fa**got” , Well I know for a fact that I’ve never said that anywhere, anytime in my life, but feel free to generalize, I was raised by very liberal, very good people and I’ve never posted anything on YouTube, but I digress.

            With regard to my alleged “non-activism”…you have no idea and unfortunately this is a public forum, let’s just say you’re so far off base it’s laughable.

            As far as coming to where you are, I’ll be in Beijing in November feel free, easily done, it will be fun and it’s also one of my “hobbies” which you maintain I don’t have. I’ll be there after I return from Central America.

            Remember my son, never unsheath your sword unless you are prepared to shed your own blood or lose your own life. It’s not Marquis of Queensbury rules…it’s real life.

            As far as taking anything I said back, I still stand firm, your original statement was creepy, and I maintain it’s even creepier now that I know you have kids and while I’m sure you’re a good parent, a good father and love your kids, I find the original statement irresponsible and repugnant (That’s just going to piss you off even more).

            Alistair Cooke stated (and I’m paraphrasing) – Once you become a parent you become a parent to all children in the world.

            So joking about incest, Electra Complexes, Lolita Complexes in any way shape or form be it reality, ridiculous cosplay or any other venue or manner, at this point in your life, as a parent, should either be beneath you or give you pause.

            Go back on CS, see if you can find one of my older posts as to why I’m very sensitive about anyone who jokes about things of this ilk it may take a while, but do it..or not, means little to me.

            If you’ve been through what I have, seen what I have and lived with what I have then you would understand and not be so sanctimonious or outraged. Save your outrage for something worthwhile, you may need it one day, trust me.

            If you’ve managed to get through life unscathed, then I’m truly happy for you, I hope it continues and I hope nothing bad ever befalls you or your family…that’s a serious statement with no guile or sarcasm meant.

            Some of us have scars and wounds which open up every once in a while and a bit of salt drips into them, your statement did that for me. Do I want you to apologize, no, it’s the nature of being out here, you have no way of knowing what I’ve been through, I have no way of knowing what you’ve been through, sometimes we all lock horns for the very reason we ARE actual people.

            You’re a guy who posted, nothing wrong with that, to each his own, we all banter, we all shit on each other, we all take a blow to the head once in a while, we shake it off, we move on.

            To end this brief tome, if for some reason you think I’m talking to disembodied heads out here and not to actual people, then everyone who has ever posted out here should be taken to task for that at some point, even yourself, don’t you agree?


        • Tengu

          BTW – copy/paste of a direct quote could never misconstrued as “paraphrasing”, but I see my failure to insert double quotes is most likely the culprit which led you to that assumption, I apologize, I’ll be more strident in the future.

        • http://candosino.wordpress.com terroir


          I’m glad to see you are making jokes, but explaining them? Have you never been on a road trip? To make your joke more effective, don’t explain it — repeat it ad infinitum until Tengu submits.

          Here, I’ll show you how its done:

          Apple: …and Japanese-cosplay-’I want my daddy to take my virginity’ attire? [crosses arms at a joke well told]

          Tengutheotherorange: Query? Does not compute?

          Apple: Dost thou not knoweth? “Honor thy sire with thy doughy gift of unleavened cherry pie.”

          Tengu: Calculating.. calculating.. syntax error

          Apple: Said father is a “cool daddy” and simply wants to hang out with the young people and say, “Hy..man! Oh, snap! Did I just break that? That’s me, always rushing into things and coming in a hurry!”

          Tengutheotherorange: Carrying the one results in “begging the pardon..”

          Apple: “Square paternal peg in well-rounded schoolgirl hole” should point the point home

          Tengutheotherorange: hhhrrh? What’s that, Shaggy?

          Apple: “Damei! Namedei!”

          Tengutheotherorange: ahhh….wtf, Japan!

          • Tengu

            3598 – “A transaction cannot find the required version record in tempdb.”

  • freddynyc

    Perhaps it’s due to my Americanized tastes, but these mainland bimbos make me puke…..

    • Tengu

      Yeah I agree, fat American women in sweatpants and “Crocs”, tossing Egg McMuffins down their gullets like pelicans always gives me wood.

      • hooots

        hahahahahahahahaa Cheers to Tengu! Hilarious!

        That’s exactly why I’m never going back!

        • mr. weiner

          Admittedly fat arsed western chicks do nothing for my libido, but that second hand “cu ai” cutsie crap frop Japan is just annoying. Women acting like mental retards and talking in the kind of high pitched whine that would give a dog a headache is not something that needs to be encouraged.

          • Tengu

            Have a girl who works/worked for me, last day is today. She talks like she’s three years old when she’s on the phone with her husband…it’s nauseating, car alarms go off, birds fall out of the sky, my nuts make a hasty retreat into my chest and dogs start to bark when she does it.

            She’s brain dead, only receptionist who asks “Should I get that?”, when the phone rings and her underwear looks like she buys it in Wuhan, so sadly, it’s all over.

            What’s the future look like…”Blade Runner”

      • http://candosino.wordpress.com terroir

        Lest you not know:
        Crocs are a staple in Chinese culture as well. Women wear them in dresses and mini-dresses.

        It honestly helps to keep your attention on their faces while talking.

        • Tengu

          Great taking the worst parts of the west. You should not be able to clean footwear with a garden hose.

  • Justin

    From the name Beauty School I would think that the show is about taking kind of homely girls and making them over to look gorgeous, but I guess it is just taking decent-looking girls and then dressing them like slutty bimbos.

  • Genxi

    China is getting open like the U.S. Sofa.

  • @Marc

    Honestly, I don’t see the ‘evil’ in this. Americas been doing it for many many years, selling shows with girls. This show just seems to be very upfront about it. Actually, it’s refreshing to see.

    And if any girls actually buy in to the ‘Perfect Women’ thing well, they should just blame themselves for being completely naive. What makes a women perfect is when she accepts herself the way she is and doesn’t pretend to be something she’s not.

    As for; Will I watch it? Probably not as i spend very little time in front of the television to start with :)

    ps: But there was some nice … bouncing… in that video ;)

  • MonkeyMouth

    sofa?!?!? again?
    like to share the sofa with these beauties.

  • mileiux

    sofa for me?

    I foresee this show being banned by sensors?

    • Tengu

      No sofa for you, the sensors sensed another ass hitting the cushions microseconds before yours, so your “sofa for me” has been censored.

      We ran roughshod over the “Thai Insurance” commercial and we were censured. We burned frankincense and myrrh in our censers while begging for forgiveness, it was granted. She is a forgiving god!

  • Foreign Devil

    I would like to send my wife to that school. She never wants to wear those kinds of clothes. . Just wants to dress like a little girl.

    When they dress up right and use the right makeup. . Chinese girls are hands down the biggest eye candy in any club they go to.

    • Tengu

      I pop a nut every time I’m in Bar Rouge. Lots of FSU and European girls, but the Chinese girls are smoking hot.

      • Patrick

        Agreed but I haven’t been there in years. My wife keeps a tight leash.

        • Tengu

          We’re having a field trip pretty soon, Hooots, Terroir, eattot and Marsvin…join us.

          Tell your wife it’s for journalistic integrity of some sort.

          I’m bringing ‘srhooms.

          Bar Rouge , September 17th- We’re dressing as Super Heroes.

          • hooots

            Hellyesssss. I’m going as the Silver Surfer. Ladies love body paint.

  • goggy

    I dunno, they all look hot to me

  • Tim

    you can tell which ones are packing Brillo pads down there

    • Tengu

      They do this all the time now, they pad them up.

      Those tiny snappers aren’t that hirsute, besides there’s a Brazilian or two in the bunch. God love them, they’re creative when it comes to their nether regions, Belly Button Rings, Tattoos can all be seen at the beach, but a bald punani is for the few and the proud to see.

      Just because they dress like this no inference should be made on their personality, morality or values…there are lots of places women dress with great lingerie under a business suit. Makes them feel powerful AND sexy.

      Women on the mainland still have shitty access to what has been the norm in many countries, good Italian, French, Spanish underwear, in fact those elasticized stocking look shitty after about two hours.

      For all you mooks complaining they look slutty, if your wife dressed like that on a regular basis you’d be the happiest guy on earth. Doesn’t mean she ‘s anything less than she is, just means she’s comfortable with her own sexuality and enjoys it.

      To a lot of guys uncertain and insecure about themselves a woman who has a sense of her own power, her own needs, her own sexuality is threatening.

      So roll over, bite the pillow, let the little bad girl strap one on and take it like the little bitches you are….

  • Peter

    Wait? Sofa? Oh, but my nosebleed has ruined it.

  • Capt. WED

    you guys acting like you never seen scantily clad women dancing on t.v. Everyone I love naked women!!!

    • Tengu

      Who doesn’t like nearly naked women…seriously…!

  • Regina

    Can we all just admit that the Chinese are still too emotionally immature to know what the ‘perfect woman’ actually entails? Because to them a beautiful perfect woman is just someone who’s tall, has pale skin, long hair, and sexy clothes.

    Hey, I won’t lie and say I won’t take a peek at this show. But it’s vapid. Kind of like everything else in China.

  • bobi

    How to be perfect ? No… How to act like a prostitute…
    Ok it is sexy, but it is not what I would like for my girlfriend.

    This was just a way to attract people in front of TV, in order to sell some adds to big companies. In french, I would say this is “racoleur”.

  • MrT

    I wanna see a show on who built them hogs at the start of that clip. Made in China?

    • eattot

      is that you??????

      • MrT

        I ám a bit of a vanker yea!!!!!

  • Nasir

    Where the hell is full video, wo bu xing le.

  • http://laowaiink.weebly.com Mark

    I think a woman can and should be beautiful and sexy, but on her own terms and in her own way. Of course, bouncing boobs, curvy figures, tiny outfits, seductive poses, etc. are universally hot, but I believe that a woman would feel even more sexy if she’s strutting her stuff and turning heads the way that she wants to, rather than following an instruction manual TV show.

    It’s kind of how I feel when I watch Chinese girls dance: I know that they’re meticulously following rehearsed moves in their minds, and there’s no heart or passion in it, and that’s what really counts.

    A woman who lets her inner vixen out is the definition of sexy. If that involving acting and dressing like a ho, then so be it. The important thing is that she’s doing it how and when she wants.

  • nn

    why Chinese girls turn to like this? just like waiting for bid. in order to be fair, i vote for male stripper TV show. the basic criteria: Six pieces of abdominal muscle, angel face, big cock, and ignorant personality

  • XinXin

    My grandma would smack me if I were this kind of “perfect woman.”

  • k

    Eattot—- and asian women have the breast sizes if pre puberty 10 yr old girls, the flat asses that make their pants droopy, the giant flat faces, the slitty eyes, the non existant nose bridges like someone punched them in the face really hard and smashed it in, the freakish cheek bones that u could cut meat on, and the uncanny resemblence to aliens….generalizations of an entire race goes both ways u know.

    • hooots

      WOOOOOOWWWWWWW. Sounds like somebody isn’t getting enough action in the Middle Kingdom. Maybe you should come hang out with Tengu and I tonight. We’ll show you some gals that’ll make you regret everything you just said.

      • Tengu

        “…the slitty eyes…” WTF?

        Sounds like someone has NEVER gotten any action or been burned by in, spent $1,500 on a couple of beers.

        Definitely needs the ‘shrooms.

        Look in Italian or French “Vogue” if you want to see “freakish cheek bones.”

        Pick you up at 8:00 Hooots? We’ll swing around and grab eattot after.

        • hooots

          I’ll be ready. Bring the van.

          • Tengu

            The one with the military plates…

  • Nasir

    Some one help plz, tell me where is full video

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