Chinese Girl at Bikini Contest Has Top Torn Off by Boyfriend

An angry boyfriend points and yells at the cameraman.

The following viral video that circulated on the Chinese internet over the past week is most commonly found with the title “Scene of bikini contest, actress has her bra/bikini top torn off by angry boyfriend“. One copy on Tudou claims over 5.4 million views on their site and over 5.6 million views off their site (through embedded video), mostly through Tencent QQ’s Qzone social network. The video can be found on other major Chinese video sharing websites such as Youku and Ku6.

In the video, the “boyfriend” is clearly upset with his “girlfriend” participating in the contest, demanding what she thinks she’s doing, that she leave with him, and who allowed or told her to participate. He gets into a small confrontation with one guy who calls him crazy and says its none of his business [what his girlfriend does]. The female host later intervenes asking him to calm down then asks him what kind of man bullies a woman. He soon rips off her bra/bikini top momentarily exposing her breasts (censored in the video) telling her to go ahead and let everyone see, before finally storming out, but not before cursing at her and also throwing a book to show further how angry he is.

A copy on YouTube:

Can’t see the above video?

An angry boyfriend confronts his girlfriend at a bikini contest.
A Chinese boyfriend angrily confronts his girlfriend at a bikini contest in China.A Chinese boyfriend angrily confronts his girlfriend at a bikini contest in China.

Comments from KDS:


This society can no longer tell the difference between publicity stunts and reality…


The filming is very gei li, obviously trying to get publicity for something, 110 [police] also wasn’t called…


The acting was so bad.


So fake, most of the group of actors around them didn’t even move, and I don’t believe that in this kind of situation where there’s also a lot of people that there actually no one who did anything.


To tell the truth, these days the number of people who would actually stand up and stand forth are really few.


Yet another Gan Lulu.


emoticonemoticonemoticonemoticon This girl looks like Ronaldo.


The acting was so fake, especially when it began [when the man enters]. emoticon

A Chinese boyfriend angrily rips off his girlfriend's bikini top.A boyfriend angrily confronts his Chinese girlfriend at a bikini contest.

Comments from NetEase:


Motherfucking, what man could put up with letting others see their wives [or girlfriends]? Hitting her was right! It’s better to not have a woman like this!


The people who filmed this and uploaded these are all thoroughly disgusting…shameless.


If it were in America or Europe, I’m sure the men would be different, and that’s why China’s girls all like to marry foreigners. China’s men are all doomed. It’s one thing to be poor, but its another to also want to control women and look down on women as well.


Northern men only know how to beat people to vent their anger. No wonder women all run towards the South.


Isn’t this Bai Jing from “Fall in Love” [《爱情连连看》 Ai Qing Lian Lian Kan, a Chinese television dating show similar to 《非诚勿扰》 Fei Cheng Wu Rao or “If You Are The One”]? She must be so crazy to become famous that even this [kind of publicity stunt] she’s thought of, truly terrible. One look and you can tell it is fake, just for clicks, just to become famous. So uninteresting.


Yet another stupid publicity stunt.
Everyone pay attention to how it is filmed, how it follows [the action], the cameraman’s hand not shaking one bit. In normal circumstances where something sudden like this happens, how could one be so steady, and the shot be so smooth? What more, the attacker is not the least bit angry with the camera being so close and instead takes care to stay in front of it.

A Chinese girl fallen to the ground with her bikini top off as her angry boyfriend yells at her.The girlfriend cries on the ground.

Jealous boyfriend? Personals @ chinaSMACK.

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  • terroir

    三点 becomes 一点

    • Barker.Thomas

      I can’t read Chinese, but I get the joke. Suddenly pictographic written languages seem sensible :-)

      • terroir

        I was worried I’d have to start smashing watermelons to cater to the highbrows here.

  • terroir

    Two for one: once her top is off, airplanes know the runway is cleared to land, and we all don’t have to 打飞机 anymore

    • Elijah

      “This is air-traffic controller 12. You are free for lift off. Please proceed to the plastic surgeon.”

      “Roger that. See my melons on the other side. Nip, tuck, over and out.”

      Seriously though, who carved her face with a dull ax?? Her chin line is so angled that it could have been drawn with a protractor and someone suffering from vertigo…

  • Elijah

    Impossible to tell if it’s a publicity stunt or not…

    So here’s a question.

    Ever notice how when most chinese men get into a shouting match they have an extremely strong tendency to raise their hands above the eye-line and point down at people while tilting their head upwards so that their nose is at an almost flat angel?

    What purpose does it serve?

    Also love how they just shout a sentence out like it’s some kind of final edict that you have to obey….

    Cue shit-storm ……… NOW!

    • Boris

      They’re two different things entirely. The pointy finger is obviously a threat, whereas the head-tilt is simply an attempt to suppress a sneeze.

    • Ethan

      Pointing down. Looking down. It’s all about looking down on the other person.

    • terroir

      The angry posturing is to make up for the laughable kung fu skills he and the male swimsuit models display. Playing the 70’s hit “Everybody was Kung Fu Fighting” would actually give this scene gravitas.

  • Regina

    What is it with China and publicity stunts?

    • Rakim Fairtex

      To many people so they have to draw attention

    • Irvin

      In a place where we get to see fake LV, fake prada, fake beef to fake eggs. In addition to the collective crazy shit of 1.3billion people’s online post…….we virtually see almost everything.

      We are numb to “crazy shit”. Therefore everyone is trying to make their shit even crazier.

      • rollin wit 9’s

        i believe the chinese were the first to start cloning and have mastered it. Half the 2 billion (not the 1.3 bullsh!t number) people walking around are fake.
        It’s either that or the Russell Peters Theory. “men with shorter penises always feel like they have to prove something” if you dont believe me (russell peters) look at the 2 biggest populations in the world.

        About that 1.3, that is complete BS. Its more like 2 billion. There’s a a whole quarter million not being accounted for in the country sides, and I doubt all of west China i.e tibet, xinjiang and inner mongolia (if that is even really a part of china) has been taken into account!!!

      • katwright

        Your description also match New York.
        Fake LV..check
        a lot of ppl ..check
        bat shit crazy..check

        I wonder why I love chinasmack and Brooklyn.

  • Crystal

    Few comments on the acting.
    She – at the beginning passive, crying in the end was a little bit more convincing though.
    He – overall not bad, but the final scene lacks sense.
    Supporting actors – spoil the whole movie.

  • whyguoren

    his gongfu was weak… I wonder why no one cursed the four other guys just standing around. I can not stand guys who hit girls, I would have knocked him out in 2 punches.

    • dr.Green

      Of course u would have. Even by looking of him. You are the superman.

    • Anonanon

      It’s China man, you’ll get sued.
      Then again, foreigners just get dumped off in front of their embassy in a steel cage, right?

      • whyguoren

        hehe, sue me all you want, my 1 yuan is yours! the life of a poor college student with valor is better than a rich one of cowardice.

  • X Mai

    Typical Chinese pushing and shoving…. And I think the most real thing about this video is how the 5-8 guys bigger than that P.O.S. didnt do anything…. very very very Chinese. Perfectly believable.

  • ba

    the last guy’s comment is so fucking stupid, there is a professional cameraman filming this shit, of course its going to be filmed well

  • Magda Carter

    Yep, he’s a keeper alright.

  • An

    FAKE … 100% .. there is a guard securing the actors in 1:12 .. if it was real he will do something. ha ha …

    • Boris

      Totally fake. He is hot, while she has about as much sexual appeal as a goldfish.

    • Ethan

      Are you kidding? I rarely see security guards do anything except try to stay out of hte way themselves.

      • Boris

        I remember this Indian guy who worked for London Underground chasing me down a street near Covent Garden when I jumped the barrier. “Come back! Come back, you bloody bastard! I get you! Next time I get you!” Usually when shit kicks off Chinese security guards pretend to be meditating.

    • guobao2

      When was the last time you saw a “guard” do anything other than smoking and sleeping?

  • Spanky

    Was this filmed in Thailand? Looked like a lady boy fight at the beginning.

  • Type 2

    this was hard to jerk off to but i finally did it

    • http://deleted whyguoren

      I am sure your mother is proud of you. Congratulations on your eternal solitude.

    • Jones

      Hahaha thank you

    • Appalled@everything

      Was the choker around your neck not tight enough?

  • Appalled@everything

    I’m not sure what to think.

    I heard some really bad language there at the end, her boobs were completely exposed, he was throwing her around violently, pushing others, attacking girls including the host, fighting like a twat, tell me who or what would use this video as a publicity stunt? doesn’t make sense that this would be fake when it was so horrible, aggressive and stupid.

    The girl had a lot of plastic surgery though, so there was a lot of fake going on in her face.

    • whyguoren

      fighting like a twat. i like that simile. although I wouldn’t trash the girl for her looks. we only have a little control of our own looks, why should we judge others so harshly?

      • Appalled@everything

        OK, a fair point. I did not mean to sound like I was harshly judging her.

        But she did do a lot to control her own looks, unless I am wrong, she has had a major amount of cosmetic surgery on her face – Nose rebuilt, eyes done, jawline reshaped.

        I really have no idea if this video is fake or not, but I think she looks kinda fake in appearance.

        • Ethan

          “Nose rebuilt, eyes done, jawline reshaped”

          You got all that from a couple minute video of her being attacked by her abusive boyfriend?! Impressive…

          (lots of people have very chiseled features without surgery)

          • Appalled@everything

            Yes I did.

            And I also said “unless I am wrong” so whatever dude, if you think I believe myself to be 100% right.

            But yeah, most Asian faces share similar characteristics, for example:

            Chinese noses are a particular shape (generally having very low bridge, low dorsum and beginning at a lower point on the face)

            – as are Chinese eyes (generally only having the single, lower, eyelid, very short eyelashes and a shallow eye cavity)

            as are Chinese jawlines (being more broad, flat and square-shaped with a wider mandible)

            Sorry you didn’t know that, but it seems (to me) to be much more clear that this girl has had plastic surgery (which is fine, C’est la vie) than it is clear this video is fake.

            unless I am wrong. lol

          • Ethan

            Yeah, Chinese all look same. forgot sorry about that.

          • Dr. Jones Jr.

            Have to agree with Appalled, that my first thought on seeing that girl was that she’d gotten a bit of surgery, on her nose at the very least.

            Also, he’s right, he didn’t forget his CYAQ (cover-your-ass-qualifier).

    • CitrusGreenTea

      sorry to tell you mr expert on chinese faces, you are 100% not correct.

      • Appalled@everything

        That’s Sir Expert On Chinese Faces to you.

  • BaoBei

    Hm, a bit surprised everyone thinks this is fake (both Chinese & ChinaSmack commenters).. no wonder no one does sh*t when it actually happens.

    • Appalled@everything

      Everyone does not think it was fake.

      Check 1 post back where I actually suggested that It might not be fake.


    • donscarletti

      I would want to do something either way. Why? Because I am pretty sure I can take him looking at his form, I am feeling a bit bored and insecure and would jump at a chance to take out my aggression on him while pretending I am chivalrous.

      If it’s fake, that would be just unfortunate for him.

  • Irvin

    Weather this is true or a publicity stun we can’t deny the reality of majority of chinese men don’t treat their women like human beings.

    We only have one life and our youth is limited, if the girl don’t go to a bikini contest when they’re young when should they go? when they’re 60?

    I really don’t mind what my gf does or where she goes as long as it doesn’t involve cheating or harming herself. Men likes to play, so does women.

    Sometimes girls just wanna have some fun, that’s all.

    • TIM

      “Weather this is true or a publicity stun we can’t deny the reality of majority of chinese men don’t treat their women like human beings. ”

      FK off..

    • TIM

      Have a good look in your OWN backyard. Dipsh1t!

      • Irvin

        I live in china therefore I don’t have a backyard.

        • whyguoren

          lol irvin, but honestly, in america the statistics of women being beaten are far down, divorce rate, and infidelity rate are up. all 3, not so fun for the ladies. except for the financial castration the man receives from a divorce haha! Overall, you can not judge a culture by saying chinese men don’t treat their women well, because it is not 100% true nor is it 100% false. Some guys are shit, some guys are outright perfect. If you want to see America’s lowest form of people, just watch Jerry Springer. For China, stay tuned for more chinasmack.

          • Irvin

            I was referring to the cultural phenomenon of the *majority* of men in china, stressing on the cultural part. It’s not chinese men that make the cultural immoral, it’s the culture that made them immoral.

            I wasn’t saying they are bad because they are chinese, I’m saying that it’s a social and cultural issue like the *majority* of women here expect a marriage to be a financial contract.

            I have some friends (chinese) who said they wouldn’t marry the girl they’re with cuz they weren’t virgins. There are also some that expect money from the gloom before they allow the daughter to marry him, like selling their daughter, this is especially true around henan and jiangxi area of china.

            The reality remains that there are alot of backwards old fashion mindset of the bygone era that still remains to this day in china. Treating women like a possession is one of them.

        • TIM

          Oh right. Typical white trash living in China and then thinking he’s above everyone else. News Flash! People DON’T like you and ASSUME you are a LOSER back HOME hence the reason for you being in CHINA.

          Now FK off!

          • Lang Lang

            Wow……. another Internet wannabe tough guy. Check out my Hawaiian War Haka……


            Is that badass, or what?

          • TIM

            NO that’s just sad.

          • bojangles

            I nor anyone I know has hit a woman, If I or anyone I know saw a man hitting a woman for any reason we would get involved. My Countrymen are my family.

            This is why I am superior to you.
            I trust my fellow man, I want to give up what I have for the sake of my country.

          • Jones

            Tim, are you suggesting that China only has losers in it? I’m glad my country doesn’t only attract losers.

          • cb4242

            So if White people that live in China are trash, then what are Chinese people that live in the states, especially and other countries, what are they?

  • Kedafu

    Song of the Article

    My Boyfriend Is Back
    -The Raveonettes


    • Boris

      Michael Bolton
      -Love Is A Wonderful Thing

    • darkandlovelykissedbythe

      Not sure if this was a “staged” event, but if the young lady was being abused by her boyfriend.

      You Can’t Keep a Good Woman Down
      by Mary J. Blighe

  • Earthworm

    I came just as she started crying. Win!

    • http://deleted whyguoren

      haha one day even your hands will grow tired of you and leave you.

      • terroir

        And then to get satisfaction you will eventually turn to hand outs.

        • terroir

          “Damn foreigners! Always taking away our hand jobs!”

          • Earthworm

            who said I was wanking?

            I had a bikini clad bitch sucking me off!
            BOOM! 口爆 just as the first tear fell!

            Then, not long after, my own tears of self-loathing fell. Lose.

  • Bob Chippens

    I very much doubt this is fake. Doesnt look fake, has boobs and violence. Other people standing around doing nothing much to help is standard practice in China, so again, not fake. In fact, I was surprised at how much help she got….

    • Appalled@everything

      agree with you 100%

  • http://deleted whyguoren

    New thought on whether it is fake or not. I am going with not fake. Ok at first when the BF starts “lookin’ like a fool with his pants on the ground,” at least one guy steps in. 1 in 5 or so is not that bad of a statistic, most people would rather get soy sauce, or at the very least avoid an unnecessary ass whooping. Then as he runs amok, they start to move in a way that suggests that they were considering intervening. However, once he started to strip her, that thought was long gone. Seriously, guys preventing looking at a naked girl, that has to be at least 1/100 guys or lower. All men are huangde, many women are conservative in this aspect. This leaves a lot of men with a lot of sexual energy not being satisfied. Besides, I am sure those guys wanted to join that event because hey, girls wearing bikinis, is basically the same thing as girls strolling around in underwear, depending on type. The girls chosen for the shoot had to be good looking. Get a chance to get a glance. Don’t be so shocked, it is normal behavior.

    • Anonanon

      It’s fake. Guy has time to push the female host, strip his girlfriend and has time to point at the camera…but he doesn’t touch the camera? Dude, I’d be all over him, taking the camera and shutting it down or at least throwing it into a pool somewhere.

      • Anonanon

        And my reasoning is that, this guy has the balls to show up to humiliate his girlfriend, and obviously doesn’t want anyone to see her boobies, yet he leaves the camera footage intact for practically the entire world to see?

    • terroir

      For a “real” event it’s rather remarkable everyone is considerate enough not to stand in the way and block the audiences view… it’s like as though it is staged.

      For a “real” event it also rather convenient that people out of the view of the camera nicely disappear, never to bother again. Mr. #5/TIM points at somebody in the beginning behind the camera, who never appear; all the models that fight with Mr #5/TIM never get re-involved once we move to the close shot of the two principles.

      C’mon, its very obvious this is propaganda celebrating 90 glorious years of the Party! The chick represents the victim who is China, but then she represents the imperial running dogs when she gets her top pulled off.

  • freddynyc

    Grow up, dude. All women are whores – they go to the highest bidders..

  • greater

    there are mixed opinions abt this video it is “fake” or “real”..
    general thinking says..its absolutely fake video!! publicity stunt..hearts feels sad..where we are going?? using this way to get publicity!! so cheap…. my opion is we should nt allow these kinds of publicity videos in anywebsite or we shouldnt give space in any news also.. let them go in trash there original place!!

    • HF

      it’s fun
      or else there’s no chinaSMACK

  • Kenric

    It looks so fake, look at the makeup on the so called “boyfriend” you can clearly see the difference in color on the face and on the side of the face (just like on the female interviewer)
    It’s a stunt done to get ratings for their show

  • ShanghaiSteve

    “If it were in America or Europe, I’m sure the men would be different, and that’s why China’s girls all like to marry foreigners. China’s men are all doomed. It’s one thing to be poor, but its another to also want to control women and look down on women as well.”

    This commenter nailed it.

    This sort of behavior is very common in China, except for Shanghai, where it’s more common to see the women abusing men.

    • TIM

      White Guy in China: Check it out guys! I’m dating a 10/10 Chinese girl and all the women here want my dick.

      The truth: White guy dating an UGLY 1/10 and the only women after him are hookers and gold diggers.

      Jokes on you. Jokes on you when you eat out and people spit in your food.

      • bojangles

        Jokes on you when we make 5x your salary for being “white trash”

        Know what your average “yellow trash” does in Aus?
        washes dishes
        cleans toilets
        opens crappy pawn shop.

        • Anonanon

          Way to not stoop down to his level, doofus.

        • TIM

          I really doubt you make five times my salary.. That would mean you would make an easy 5 mill per year. Oh and that’s in Australian dollars..

          Last I heard Asians were buying up your sh1tty Country.

          Say bye bye to all your real estate, farms and mining areas in a few years.

          U AWARE?

      • Jon

        It sounds like you had/are having an awful time in China. Maybe you should go someplace else.

        • TIM

          hmm.. how about no. In Beijing and still loving it.

          Maybe it should be YOU that should go someplace else.

          Like the dumpster you crawled out of.

        • donscarletti

          Not clear what nationality TIM is. I would say that he’s Chinese and is pissed off because some stereotypical white English teacher’s ugly girlfriend used to be his ugly girlfriend.

          It would be hilarious if he was the guy on the video, he seems to have the right personality.

          • TIM

            He’s mad..Why so mad brah?

          • terroir

            If TIM is the jealous boyfriend in the video, the immediate pressing question I would like to ask is: what does the number “5” on your black T-shirt stand for? It’s all glittery and eye-catching, it must somehow represent your passionate and irreversible views on life somehow.

            “5.. Alive”?
            “Take… 5″?
            “The 5th Element”? (the fifth one being anger)

      • Jones

        Haha u mad uuuu maaaaad

      • Just John

        Tim just seems like an angry little man.

        Love how he judges and says “dating an UGLY 1/10″.
        Guess what, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Guess maybe you should realize not all people view beauty the same. You should instead be thanking us for taking all your “UGLY” women and leaving you your beautiful women for TIM to pick up.

        As long as we enjoy looking at the woman next to us in the morning, day after day, then it does not matter to us what the almighty TIM thinks of her.

        Also funny how everyone who travels and lives abroad are “Losers”. How would you know our reasons for living abroad? Ex-pats are sent abroad to take care of something for a company, others want to learn and explore, and some find they prefer the other culture to their own. There are as many reasons why others would live abroad as there are people living abroad. The giant paint brush generalization just makes you look ignorant.

        Guess you are one who will never expand your horizons beyond your limited point of view and see that there is an entire world out there to explore.

        Now, FK off TIM and go back to spitting in your customers food as you serve them, because you know you will never make as much $$$ or expand your horizons beyond your fish tank.

        • TIM

          U mad brah? You aware?

          • Just John

            Nope, not in the slightest. I love my wife and enjoy waking up to her every morning.

            I just think your an idiot and wish to prove it to you.

            Then again, think you already proved it yourself.

          • TIM

            So your wife is Chinese???

            Oh the jokes on you my pity little friend. Good luck to you!

          • Just John

            Yep, she is a Catholic also, so I guess now you will really bust a gut laughing?

            Me, I chose well. Yes, she likes buying new clothes, but then again, that pretty much fits most women. She takes good care of me, she is very lovely and sweet, and I am quite happy with my choice in spouses, so feel free to judge away. Making judgments about those you do not know just shows your narrow point of view.

            Me, I like to get to know people before I automatically stereotype them. You find yourself making less of an idiot of yourself that way.

          • Appalled@everything

            “u mad brah, you aware brah? got a durry brah? can I borrah 2 dollahs brah?

            Tim sounds a lot like one of the drunk nyoongahs from my hometown in Aus, who spend all day sitting in the park boozing and shouting absurd and awful abuse at themselves and anyone who walks past.

            “hey Tim – got a wife brah? got anyone brah? got self-respect brah? a reason to get up in the morning brah?”

          • Appalled@everything

            Oh my god that is classic!! – “The net is serious business.”

            Tim you are a master of unintentional irony.


        • Irvin

          Why waste words of wisdom on someone as immature and insecure as Tim? like John said he’s nothing but an angry little man.

          I’m chinese and living in china, even I know that self criticism leads to knowing thy self which leads to self improvement.

          Tim behave just like the local chinese government: ignoring facts, denying responsibilities, twisting words and covering up the truth. He embodies everything that is bad about chinese men and china.

          It is people like him that fuel all the negative aspects of china. I’m ashamed of having a country man like him but still I cannot deny the fact that people like him encompass most of what a typical chinese man is.

          • TIM

            Appalled@everything: Go back to your CUNTRY. You are obviously not AWARE. That’s why U MAD.

            Irvin: Another self hating PIG.

            “Weather this is true or a publicity stun we can’t deny the reality of majority of chinese men don’t treat their women like human beings. ”

            How’s ignorant now? Are you in the MAJORITY?

            PS: You guys are so UNAWARE.

          • Just John

            True. I would not say “Typical” though, more “stereotypical”.

            I have many good Chinese friends, and like people from any other country, there are good and bad. I understand TIM is just a troll, and all I am doing is feeding him.

            What can I say, really come here to comment more because I like to understand people, especially the international mindsets you see here on sites like this.

            As for the wisdom of trying to show ignorant individuals that there is more sides to the coin then their limited view, well, it is more fun to poke sticks through the bars of their cage and see them get up and growl. I do it more for entertainment then for actually trying to get messages through thick skulls.

            As the old meme says: Arguing on the internet is like participating in the Special Olympics, even if you win, you are still retarded.

          • donscarletti

            Don’t sweat it, there are guys like that in every country. If TIM was not born in China, he’d be hard at work harassing Chinese immigrants that he saw on the street while being secretly envious of them. TIM at least knows a foreign language, which is much more than I can say for the racists back home.

          • TIM

            Of course I can speak a foreign language. Several in fact. Doesn’t mean I will just sit by while people who HATE on China and it’s people while LIVING in China make BS statements on the net. The net is serious business.

            The point I’m trying to get through is:

            If you can’t handle the heat get the fk out of the kitchen. If you dish out BS then expect BS to come back your way.


          • donscarletti

            Firstly, no, I think you are being offensive to all expatriates be they derisive towards China or not. Secondly, I bet your convictions about only praising your country of residence didn’t stop you enjoying the angry cat complaining about Ireland. Find a western university, go to the majiang club and see if you can hear anything but an persistent whine in Mandarin about the local food, customs and living conditions.

  • Just

    Fake fake fake, the dude was a terrible actor

  • bert

    I think she is not bad looking.

  • Master Huang

    its common to see men hitting women in china, particularly in guangzhou. the actions of the other people in the room is typical in china norm too, standing there and watching.

  • Cornelis

    Lol, kinda funny
    but not too sure if it is acted though, as many should know, when something is not acted it actually looks like bad acting

    and people who are criticising the man, tbh i am on his side. would you like it if you suddenly see your partner in a bikini/swimsuit comercial without your knowing? I’d probably have ripped her whole suit off if he were me! some people arent just as open as the western countries so keep that in mind

    • cb4242

      If you did that kind of thing, then that would make you an animal, not only an animal, but the lowest of lowest animal. If your girl or any woman for that matter would do anything like that, just walk away, no woman would be worth to beat up, rip off her cloths and to humiliate her in public like that. A real man will just ignore her and walk away WITHOUT touching her, anything less is a spineless, weakless punk, pure and simple!
      Keep that in mind and have some dignity and self-respect! That makes you a better man.

  • ##BlothaLonely##

    Looks like an American reality TV show to me…

  • Foreign Devil

    Geez, if they are gonna disrobe a girl couldn’t it have been the hot announcer or one of the other girls? THis girl has a butterface.. looks like a Chinese version of lady Gaga.

    • Dat Ankle

      Hey now, that’s an insult to Lady Gaga. At last you could tell she has a nose that Chinese girl shaved hers off a bit too much if you ask me.

  • Foreign Devil

    Also I like how when one guy actually tries to protect the girl by attacking “5”. . the other guys hold him back. As if HE is the one who needs to be restrained and not the guy beating on the girl.

  • Rod

    I like the new catch phrases coming out of this post – “U Aware?”

    I didn’t realize being aware had so much to do with what how much money I make and what color my skin is.

    I guess that makes me “UNAWARE”

    • Appalled@everything

      Hi Rod,
      Thankfully this catch phrase is only coming from the one person.
      And by reading his comments we see that he is one of the least aware people here.

      Being unreasonable, ignorant, stubborn, obnoxious and abusive has become his m.o. while “u mad” “u aware” have become his calling cards.

      For his benefit perhaps, this website (and, ‘the net is serious business’, don’t forget) might want to change its name to

      • TIM

        Nice thread. I give it 5 stars. And yes the net is serious business.

        I really wish I could post pictures in this thread.

        • john digmeme

          Just go back to /b/ or /int/ and post your pics there. And you can trolledsoftly.jpg all day erry day.

  • MadeInChina

    Jiggily wobble wobblily badonka donk

    • Earthworm

      You aware (brah)?

  • Jergo

    Wow the men there are so cowardly, standing by and watching this punk assault his girlfriend. This wouldn’t happen in US. Jesus Christ, Come on, Chinese guys, stand up for your women!

    • TIM

      Yes Jergo. This never happens in the U.S

      Shit in the U.S also smell like roses.

      • cb4242

        Dude, what the hell are you talking about? You say you speak several languages?? Well, English is definitely NOT one of them. By the way, Don’t be jealous of the U.S. its all good, brah.

  • Sunshine

    Yup, looks as about real as Pamela Anderson’s boobs.
    But that’s not the real issue here, is it…

    • Realistic Racheal

      Pamela Anderson’s boobs are not real. Period.
      Just Saying

    • waqas afzal

      hello how are you freind i am singl waqaswaqas978 my qq id and skype id your w8 relly i am boy

  • Sympathiser

    I am so sorry for the guy and his girl. But what the guy did was was wrong.

  • Yuna

    He is the real man.
    I mean seriously, would it be okay to let his GF to be half naked on the public! Unfortunately many.
    But this guy here has the right to do this because it’s shameful for him to have such GF wearing indecent cloth and be exposed while other males see here like this cheaply.
    The guy obviously valued the girl and truly loved her and he ended up doing this coz it’s too late to hide her body with bikini so he said why not showing the rest then!

    I honestly salute this guy, hope men would be like him.

    • donscarletti

      I saw two young Arab girls walking down the street in Beijing not long ago. One was wearing a short dress and had beautiful black hair cascading over her shoulders. The other had her body completely covered, loose tunic with pants underneath and her hair concealed with a hijab. What was the difference? Well, the one who was uncovered had an extremely lovely face and figure, the one covered up had far less outer beauty to show, so she could demonstrate her modesty instead.

      Beautiful girls make the world beautiful, a world where they are harassed and abused for showing themselves is dystopic. One of the things I like about China is that Chinese men generally do not tend to incessantly harass and disrespect girls in short skirts, so girls can be so beautiful in summer and Chinese men in turn can see them and be happy.

  • kent

    this is what I call righteous anger…

    • waqas

      waqaswaqas978 my qq id

  • Dan

    No one here can really say if its fake or not just from the video. First of all, most bystanders will do nothing in these situations. If you end up harming someone, you will no doubt be sued. There were stories here about how people wont even help sick/elderly people who fall down because they might get blamed in the end. Not to mention those are models (and scrawny ones at that). They either dont know how to fight, or dont want to risk damage to their face/body.

    Second, professional camera men are trained to follow the action in any situation. To say that the camera man was too calm is ridiculous. That’s his job. A good camera will capture the action even if it was unrelated to what he was supposed to be filming.

  • samuel welsh

    very cruel ,bad post
    leave this girl alone angery man

  • Aileen

    Typical of an inferior third-world country.

  • lou

    Internet viewer 321:”CHINA this Int Viewer 321, 1 feet 120deg infront of LCD monitor, requesting take off clearance?”
    CHINA: “Air 321 pause and hold, Angry BF 551 you are clear for take off.”
    Angry BF 551:”Roger CHINA cleared for take off! brace for melons! no one interupts my business here!.”

    Insecured, craziest chinese bullshit go to hell

  • lou

    Angry BF 551:”Contest 991 this is Angry BF 551, declaring emergency take off”
    Contest 991:”Angry BF 551 state your emergency”
    Angry BF 551:” Contest 991, I am very jealous, Insecured and angry and maybe mentaly sick”
    Contest 991:”All parties please be all on Hold, Angry BF 551 you are cleared for take off at GF 551.”
    Angry BF 551:”Roger Contest 991 cleared to engage and take off at GF 551.”


  • Dr SUN

    I’m not going to say it’s fake.

    How dare she make him lose face like that.

    A rightful beating but she got off lightly.

  • Nobody

    Worst Kung-fu fighting EVER.

  • warpt

    damn that is so fake. a chinese reality show maybe?

  • Gordon Gogodancer

    Is it a fake? It looked fairly realistic to me…but then again you never know

    • Jeffrey Jones

      Looks like an ape pointing in the first damned photo.

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