Iron Man MKI Armor Recreated By Chinese Man In Shanghai

A Chinese man walking around in a self-made MK I Iron Man Armor suit.

A year ago, we saw a Chinese guy recreate an Iron Man arc reactor. These past few days, a young Chinese man in Shanghai named Wang Kang has become famous online after making his own Iron Man MK I armor as seen in the first Iron Man movie…

A copy on YouTube:

Can’t see the above video?

The home-made Iron Man armor costume is made of high-density foam and weighs about 50kg.

A Chinese man walking around in a self-made Iron Man MK I Armor suit.

A Chinese person putting on the Iron Man MK I armor he has recreated.

Putting on his self-made Iron Man armor.

A Chinese guy has made his own Iron Man MK I armor.

A Chinese person in his recreated Iron Man MK I armor.

See also:

  • “Office Ironman storms the Internet” (China Daily)
  • Wang Kang’s personal blog (Chinese) which shows more photos of his homemade Iron Man armor, as well as some designs of the newer generation red and gold Iron Man armor he may build (helmet below).

Wang Kang's next generation Iron Man armor.

Comments from Tiexue:


Seen the video, the light on the chest even lights up, and its really like the first generation [MK I armor]. The craftsmanship is not bad, and what more, according to the person himself, this iron suit has an exoskeleton, so even though it is 50kg, it isn’t very tiring to wear.


Quite interesting! I really like this kind of relaxation method!


How come it doesn’t fly?


Keep improving on it, there’s still a lot of potential.




Praise, hope to see the second generation [MK II], doesn’t have to [fly], being able to run and jump is enough.


This brother should reveal his face, now that would be cool.


At the end of the video, there’s a photo of him wearing the five-stripe badge, that image is the highlight!

Comments from NetEase:


Probably won’t be able to make the second suit of armor…


Suggest entering the chengguan


Ding, I just think the helmet is too simple, maybe it is harder to make, but it just makes him look like a baldy, hah, but regardless, ding~


I support you in continuing to perfect it, so that our country’s future soldiers can be realized sooner.


May I ask just what the point of this? I really can’t figure it out.

Here is an earlier video “filmed on an iPad2”, before the suit was finished, that shows Wang Kang putting on the different pieces of the costume:

A copy on YouTube:

Can’t see the above video?

A Chinese person wearing his Iron Man MK I armor suit.

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  • Tommy

    I mean, if he did it all on his own–figuring out how to fit each piece to his body, than doing the coloring and texture work. It takes a lot of skill.

    This guy could get a job in Hollywood. I really think he should try.

  • Kedafu

    Song of the Article

    Iron Man
    -Black Sabbath!


  • highlander

    I would assume Marvel Comics would have copyright issues with this…of course this being in China they probably can’t do jack shit.

    • b. prichard

      Huh? They would have no right to stop him unless he started selling them. Time to brush up on your copyright law.

    • Rod

      Call it Metal Man and it should be ok.

  • terroir

    Oh China, perpetually one franchise movie behind the rest of the world. Behold, Western nerd power! This guy Anthony Le (no word if he is definitively ethnic Chinese) made his own War Machine cosplay outfit; it cost him 4000USD, one month to build and has a dent-proof exterior, motorized faceplate, spinning mock Gatling gun, and glowing eyes and arc reactor. China, you’ve been out-shanzhai’ed.

    But fear not, China may still yet have a chance in the giant nerd sweepstakes, for Adam Savage of Mythbusters called Le a “douche”.

    Let’s hope Chinese MK1 Iron Man has a iron heart of magnaminosity.

    • terroir

      Douching aside, China seems to have the advantage in pelvic thrusted as evidenced at 1:51 in the second video. Fellas, if building and wearing a gigantic cumbersome outfit is the only way to make you dance, then dammit, do it.

      • Jones

        Last link doesn’t work, sir.

        • terroir

          Gregarious cohort,

          it was taken from a comment from one of the story links provided, I would assume like everything else on teh internets it is completely true. I suppose at this point we can ignore the lack of evidence to support Le’s douchiness, or we can just fabricate enough lies to substantiate this outrageous truth. Then again, this is about guys who dress up like fictional characters so it shouldn’t matter a whit all the same.

          • terroir

            Okay, a Google search of “adam savage douche war machine anthony le” brings up a couple of interesting links, and the accrued information is rather funny.

            Though no new links are provided, other posters on other forums substantiate the busting of Le’s “myth” by Adam Savage and reveal that the fantastic world of cosplay is fraught with intrigue, backstabbing and cattiness, just like a plot from any Final Fantasy game if it were populated by the cast of “Desparate Housewives”.

            Also, Le apparently entered a WalWart Iron Man costume contest. For children. Three times in a row.

          • camlost

            To be fair to Anthony Le, he was dressing up as Tony Stark, who at times can be a douche. Maybe he was just trying to stay in character.

          • terroir

            Sorry to pull out my conveniently practical asperger’s but Tony Stark’s relatable modern self-aware douchiness aside, War Machine is the black guy that used to be Terrance Howard. Iron Man/Tony Stark and War Machine actually fought again each other, but then again the best part of the movie was long over by then and you and everybody’s brain has been long trying to forget this dreck of a film.

            If cosplaying requires a player to get into character, what does that mean for foreigners who cosplay Captain America? Or, for that matter, Andy Lau?

  • deputamadre

    Well done. That’s pretty sick.

  • Hongjian

    Now this shit has to be motorized, foam replaced by SAPI hardplates and kevlar, while the entire exoskeleton has to be made of titanium and steel, and then sold to Norinco to produce them for the PLA.

    Voila, China’s first military-grade powered exoskeleton is born.

    • Tommy

      Minus the “motor” I think you are describing a very nice suit of armor. They’ve been working on the exo-skeleton since the 1970s with little success…

  • mao420

    LOL…Now we have a fake IRONMan From CHINA. HAHAHA…
    First it was fake rolex watches , LV bags, fake, fake, fake.
    You Communist dont have one thig the rest of the world has…the freedon to think and create anything original…..
    Stupid idoits….i dont kow why the rest of you find this impressive. The deisgn of the suit is attractive but least practical.
    Go and work on the size of you penises before you go out there making a suit.

    • Anonanon

      I especially liked the fake gundam.
      Sometimes some yellow, is just too much yellow.

    • Jones

      You do realize that the actual suit used in the film was also impractical, right? As in, it wasn’t really made of metal, it didn’t really stop bullets, and it wasn’t actually capable of flight or any of the other functions attributed to it in the film. I mean, you knew that, didn’t you?

      • Tommy

        Jones, let him explore every crevice of reality until he messes up and gets stuck in a crevice for

        hours. Armless, bleeding and enlightened–he will emerge to be found by Dutch tourists.

        Don’t feed the troll.

        • Jones

          Ok, but only if he spills his water much sooner.

      • Tengu

        No fucking way, no bullets…

        Next thing you’re going to say the one in the movie didn’t have an actually flame thrower or rocket launcher on it….

    • YOUR MUM

      fuck off, u stupid miss born motherfucker shit whole. Did u mum ever told u that ur penis is a fake cyclinder?? lick my ass

    • Tengu

      We already bootleg penises and they’re huge…I’ll send you one, you can nail it to the wall and back into it every night when your boyfriend isn’t around.

      IRONMan s/b “Iron Man” (movie title, hence quotes)
      rolex s/b Rolex (proper name)
      Communist s/b Communists (plural)
      thig s/b thing
      freedon s/b freedom
      idoits s/b idiots
      deisgn s/b design

      “The deisgn of the suit is attractive but least practical.” – You find it attractive yet impractical…Please submit required modifications to enhance practicality quotient along with cost benefit analysis.

      • mao420

        Yeah Yeah….Come here son..I will show you what a

        inch Penis looks like…You can then picture it , mould it and make a copy of it in China. Then go back home and suck on it…lol

        • Tengu

          Would that you possessed half a wit, then surely you could have done better than that. I floated a veritable goldmine over the fence to you, but you simply reiterated your own latent homosexual tendencies.

          You must be from the US (*420), I’m guessing the South. No, the famous “Heartland of America” from all the spelling mistakes or were you just too high after a hard days work at “Jiffy Lube” when you put pen to paper originally kind sir!

          Get back in your trailer, hump your sister and make some more meth to sell at the Middle School.

          • mao420

            Ya, Ya..You got it all wrong SON. Its a big world out there. Unfortunaltely For You Ameria is the world. You better stop “Chui FUNG Chae Kae.” Its free but doesnt do much.
            Go and take a microscope and a pair of tweesers. I am sure you know what to do with it.

        • Tengu

          SONNY BOY, Love your concept that all of America is totally xenophobic and has a narrow world view. Shall we compare passports?

          But you always revert back to the penis, you have an inordinate fascination with not only your own, but with the members of others. Medication may be needed. SON!

          • mao420

            Son…You are the one who needs the mediation afterallyou are the one with the 2cm penis. It may be our facination (Since we are born naturally with huge cocks) but it is definately your misfortune. hMMM….mAYbe if we are not around in this planet will give you guys a chance to look better….Nahhh,….I wonder maybe thats why so many many chinese girls prefer guys from other nationalities. Its sad but every

            out of

            men I know like chinese girls but sadly to say not even 1/10 girls like chinese guys. Does that light a bulb…sonnyboy. I hear it from so many mnay chinese girls they dont like their men…..Xenophophia is more common in south east asian countries maybe because you guys are born with small tiny penises….

          • Tengu

            Actually you nimrod…I’m from the US, Boston and Caucasian, just wanted to see if you would rise to the bait. I can’t resist aggravating any troll with an attitude like yours.

            You see in the Northeast we have schools where we are taught punctuation, literature, grammar and statistics.

            We don’t simply pull numbers out of our ass, (you know the place your boyfriend shoves his Johnson into you!)

            I’d correct your statement, but I don’t have enough time.

            Is Jiffy Lube busy today? I’ve always been curious, do you have to pay to have your own uniform cleaned or does your sister do it for you after she blows you.

            Have fun under the bridge!

  • Marsvin

    Looks pretty cool, but aren’t you afraid to be too much like the perverted Japanese, obsessed with cartoons and robots?

  • fouManChu

    This is what severe lack of pussy looks like. So ladies be generous with your genitalia – save a nerd.

    • Tengu

      This what happens when you fuck with the demographics….too many guys, not enough women!!!!!!

      You wind up making action hero foam suits instead of getting laid!

  • Michael Hughes

    Really impressive stuff

  • Jones

    Guys, why can’t you be impressed by this? He did a good job and has a more productive/creative hobby than probably any of you guys do. I think the Iron Man movies are horrible messed of overly saturated, CGI shit storms. But this guy did well recreating it.

    • Muay Thai guy

      Agree, it’s a pretty cool costume.

    • Tommy

      I liked the movies. I like this guys suit. I like this.

    • Boris

      I haven’t seen the film, but this is very cool.

  • Crystal

    I wonder how long can he stay inside such costume without getting a heat stroke.

    • B-real

      Especially if the suit was really heavy and he has no place to pee pee. But still a pretty cool thing to do.

  • Alex

    And after he puts the whole thing on –Shit, I gotta pee.

  • FYIADragoon

    Now if only the Chinese could actually create a good MOVIE.

    • Tengu

      “Ashes of Time”

      • terroir

        “Now if only the Chinese could actually create a good movie THAT WOULD BE SUPPORTED BY ITS OWN PEOPLE.”

      • b. prichard

        I don’t think you can count HK movies. However, the Mainland has Jia Zhangke. That guy is amazing. Sadly, terroir’s point stands.

        • terroir

          I think the best Chinese director in China would still have to be Papa Zhang Yimou. Besides his early stuff, “Hero” and “Curse of the Golden Flower” have been the most daring and also the most “Chinese”; but again in the case of the latter, the Chinese public just don’t “get” what he’s trying to do and so what could have been great movies just bomb at the box-office; instead, “Big Movie” and whatever Wong Jing Lunar New Year crap can satiate the masses.

          Papa Zhang is doing a Nanjing biopic next, so yeah, keep your tissues and miniature flags handy, looks like he’s going

          Olympics again.

          • Tengu

            Agree on Zhang Yimou and especially since we’re talking, sort of sweeping narratives, and magnificent cinematography. To me there is a sense of composition and continuity in Chinese historical dramas no one else does quite so well. Even quiet realistic modern movies made by Zhang Ke Jia, Yu Li, Kaige Chen and Yung Chang. You even have Zi’en Cui who has a gay niche, I’m trying to think of anyone other than Fassbinder who was even remotely as bold as him. Many Chinese and Japanese (“Sanshio The Bailiff”) movies have a certain sweeping, storytelling density to them which is totally absent in many movies with the exception of a a few independent filmmakers.

          • terroir

            I know this the cosplay Iron Man story and not the chinese film story, but at this point we can’t stop now.

            For a Chinese audience, I think the most important element to a Chinese film is how much it adheres to the Chinese ethos. If it stars Chinese people and is in Chinese and made by Chinese but tells a story that goes against what people relate to as a “Chinese essence”, then no one will watch it. For example, Tequilla is a renegade cop who plays by his own rules in “Hard Boiled”, and Yu Jiaolong is a over-powered wuxia talent in “Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon”; both are Chinese films, but not films with a Chinese message.

            Bringing up your ideas about sweeping narratives and beautiful cinematography as it relates to Chinese/Japanese cinema, don’t you think the idea of fate and status in society are reflected in these things? Par exemple, a man is just a cog in society, but also just a tiller of the land; so, Chinese movies are always keen to show the big picture of the environment that the character inhabits, even if its just a cramped HK hotel room of Wong Kar-Wai’s films. In a way, it humbles the character.

            As for dense narratives, many Chinese consider fate to be very heavy handed in their lives, so there is a sense of “playing roles”. Wouldn’t Chinese expect to see their movie characters in the same way, caught up in the web of destiny? For some movies this lends to a total freak-out third act (all of Zhang Yimou’s early Gong Li stuff), but then again, extremism is a big part of Chinese culture.

            Anyways, this discussion has gone on too long. Back to trolling.

          • Tengu

            Well said and excellent summation. Nice input and a always good to hear a point of view I was not privy to. Much appreciated.

            Back to trolling!

          • b. prichard

            Early Zhang Yimou is great, especially Too Live. However, he used to be a rebel too before deciding to get in the party’s good graces. Since that point, his movies have turned to shit.

          • terroir

            @b. pritchard:
            Agree that “House of Flying Daggers” is a ill-conceived CTHD clone that has re-spawned the overbloated wuxia/historical epic that hasn’t gotten back on track until “Bodyguards and Assassins”, and that his work when he was banging Gong Li was his best.

            Yet, Papa Zhang is the best Chinese director making Chinese movies. If he left China, he could be free to make whatever movie he wanted; Ang Lee and Tough Guy Wong Kar-wai have done this, they are absolutely best of their class, but they don’t make Chinese movies; Chinese just reject their awesome artiness — because it is doesn’t have enough “Chinese essence” as explained before.

            That said, Papa Zhang is working within the system, as such he can get his message out to all Chinese. He was able to make “Curse of the Golden Flower”, have the biggest stars in it, and tell a most “non-Chinese” message in the most “Chinese way” possible — something I consider to be among the most culturally significant act of modern China.

            What movie did Zhang Jiake make? Is he the “Platform” guy? I ought to watch more movies. If I can watch them.

          • Tengu

            Zhang Jiake is indeed “The Platform” guy, also did “Pickpocket”. First film of his I encountered was “The World”.

  • Capt. WED

    This is cool.

    Isn’t the only reason we don’t have real armored powered exoskeletons is because of power source?

  • ERob

    making a movie or for fun only

  • hanyucha

    Just as I thought – opne up the Iron Man costume and inside is a skinny little nerd with glasses.

    Can’t they think of something original?

    • Boris

      What were you expecting in there -a golden retriever?

      • Tengu

        I think a guy skinned the Golden in a previous article….

      • hanyucha

        How would the retriever drop his cocopops? Would there be a little hatch in the back that opens up?

        Plus, it would need extra hydraulics in the legs so that he can lift them up to pee on fire hydrants.

        I think you might be on to a winner there.

    • Tengu

      Considering it’s the costume from the first

      minutes of the Iron Man and never seen again, the poor guy was behind the bleeding edge when he started.

      He has a mock up of a “Mothra” outfit he’s planning on unveiling in 2014.

  • Supreme_Leader

    Ok – At first, I was going to sarcastically make fun of this “shanzhai and whatnot” but then – actually… I saw looked through the whole thing and I was impressed! WOW! This is pretty f-in’ cool yo! Not bad, not bad at all. This kid really has some talent.

    • terroir

      Cosplay is the new “6-tone blues” scale for getting laid.

  • eddie9684

    made in china, shit quality hahaha

    • eattot

      can you make it? or you ever have any cool idea besides bullshit online?

      • terroir

        Miss Lady,

        don’t feed the troll. You should know better by now that he’s just trying to make you upset.

        This doesn’t mean that I haven’t trolled you, but then hopefully someone else will come along and chime in on the toll booth above the bridge.

        • eattot

          your annoying too!
          blahblahblah all the time everywhere, as my mother always says: if it’s a dog, already was beaten to death!

          • terroir

            Are you feeling what I’m feeling? Why, I’m so turned on right now! It’s just like that Croneberg movie with all the car crashes!

            Anyways, I think you have mistaken my good intentions. Maybe you’ll figure it out.

          • Boris

            ‘if it’s a dog, already was beaten to death!’
            -is that an insult or a compliment?

        • Tengu

          I was always baffled by “Naked Lunch!”

          • Boris

            Start with ‘Junkie’, work your way through ‘Queer’, and then… it still makes absolutely no sense. And you were right about the horn. Thieving bastards!

          • Tengu

            Told you…was it the Yemenis?

          • terroir

            I know! The only way I can reason with it is to accept that Robocop has a secret fourth directive; maybe that’s why he shot his wife that came back to life.

            “Dead or alive, I’m going to sprinkle dust on your lips!”

          • Boris

            Strangely enough, it wasn’t. Cops caught the guy -claimed he was auditioning for the Irish Philharmonic Orchestra.

  • terroir

    Chinese Iron Man MK1 has made it into western internet!

    Sad thing is, Chive commenters are less supportive and more racist than chinaSMACK commenters..

  • guobao2

    I really should be too old for this kinda stuff, but MAN this is awesome (in a childish, geekish way of course).

    • Strangerland

      Yeah, and man, we really need more of these kind of people around. Doesn’t matter who or where they came from, nerds are the people who move the world around- they create, invent, and develop the technologies we commoners use daily without realizing it. How sad that in highschool they were considered losers and not-cool, but in the real world they actually contribute more real things to society. Compared to sportsman, celebs, or even famous-for-being-famous kind of people for instance.
      But anyway, I seriously think that this guy is awesome. It shows dedication, he must’ve devoted quite some time to research, plan, and make this armor. A guy who has goal and work toward it is far better than a guy who drift with nothing in sight, if you catch my meaning.

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