Japanese-Taiwanese Makiyo Advertises Shower Gel in the Nude

Japanese-Taiwanese actress and singer Makiyo goes nearly full nude to advertise a shower gel.

The following “Youku Entertainment Report” on popular Chinese video sharing website Youku featuring a nearly nude Japanese-Taiwanese singer and actress Makiyo (full name Kawashima Makiyo) advertising a shower gel product accumulated over 750k views within a day of being uploaded…

Makiyo was born in Yokohama, Japan and her father is Japanese while her mother is from Taiwan. She moved to Taiwan when she was 10 years old and speaks both Japanese and Mandarin Chinese. She was reportedly paid 2 million to do this advertisement.

Japanese-Taiwanese Kawashima Makiyo naked and covered in bubbles advertising a shower gel.

Comments from Youku:


That shower gel, how come it doesn’t melt away??


Not clear who this person is, but usually this kind of video should be voted down more, right? Then in the comments are various “selling flesh”, “let brother [a common way young Chinese men refer to themselves when speaking] X you”, “fake breasts”, and the like. However, the woman in this video sure has her legs tightly clamped together.

爱思鱼: (responding to above)

[I think she’s] Ou Di’s ex-girlfriend. This Makiyo often goes on “KangXi Lai Le“, and is a second or third-rate actress.

[Ou Di is the nickname for Ou Hansheng, a popular Taiwanese television host regularly made fun of for his short height on Hunan Television’s popular “Day Day Up” variety program.]


The host’s voice was so lazy, has it been several months since you’ve been paid? Or did you not get a good night’s sleep, what were you doing in the night???…


She was rather cute in the past.


Japanese people will always be Japanese people.


Fuck, actresses/singers these days aren’t the same as in the past, now all depending on exposing themselves and selling their bodies to become famous!!! Faint.


The newscaster sounds as if her mother died.


Makiyo come here, here, yes, that’s right! Right here, let the fan blow on you and it’ll look elegant, yes, just like that, both hands placed down between your legs, good. Now give me a smile, great!

shaojianghou: (responding to 泡吧不要钱)

How would you shoot an advertisement for shower gel…?

尼玛闭嘴 发表于1天前

This woman’s ancestral home must be Japan. [She’s] not suitable for advertisements, [she’s] suitable for “Tokyo Hot” [a popular Japanese adult video series].

dengxm: (responding to above)

Go look at her CV/resume and you’ll know. She’s a Japanese and Taiwanese mix.


With her bosom pressed together like that, it’s obvious she’s wearing something in/under [the bubbles].


If of the reporters [photographers] had water guns in their hands…


Liking her less and less.


Is she Chinese or not?


Those who want to do her, raise your hands.”


Tokyo Hot. 赞赞赞赞 [Emoticon says “commend/approve”]


Raises hand.


Her own countrymen are even say she has no courage, that even this can be called “almost completely naked”? Them Japanese themselves are all laughing to death. By Japanese measures, can this be called “completely naked”?


Apart from taking off her clothes, she doesn’t really have any other way of getting attention anymore.


Raises hand.


It’s only because of Ou Di that I know of Makiyo. Her body is real nice.


Why are the hands of that guy in the back covered with bubbles?


I would’ve immediately smashed my computer if I were her father!

a53049: (responding to above)

Her father is Japanese. 汗

Japanese-Taiwanese actress and singer Kawashima Makiyo poses nearly nude to advertise a shower gel.

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  • YesPapa

    Gel my sofa baby!

  • Brett Hunan

    Better than Guo Meimei thats for sure.

    Is it just me or are Japanese girls down for anything?

    I would love to put a dollar in that soap bikini…

    • Justin

      Anything except for shaving their pubes or moving during sex.

      • Just John

        Fortunately, their natural bushes are less, well, bushy, then white girls.
        Honestly, I know very very few women who actually shave down there, so at least the Asian pubes are nicer then the full on bushes of hairier races.

        As for moving during sex, not sure which ones you watch, but I have seen plenty with the girl maybe moving to much, as if the love making were so pleasurable they had spasms. I would rather watch the dead fish to be honest then the flopping fish in some I have seen.

        • Tengu

          As a guy who does not like “bushy” girls, I agree Asian women are less hirsute in their nether regions…less “curly” as well.

          I know a bunch of Asian women who wax and shave, but most overseas will shave.

          Most in the US will wax, the more you wax, the softer it gets.

          I went out with a Western woman for about 8 hours who loved wearing a g-string, but never had a razor near her Mons Venus. Looked like she had a Norway Rat trapped inside there.

          One of the reasons Asians don’t generally like to shave as much as western girls is their hair shafts are actually thicker (gauge) , so the stubble coming in is worse on an Asian girl than on a Western girl.

          Chinese women tend not to “wax” because you have it done in a public salon, people will “know” and you do have to stick your bare ass up in the air for another woman.

          U.S. – signs all over the place “BRAZILIAN WAX SPECIAL”, you can’t swing a dead bubble girl around without hitting some bald pussy!

          • Just John

            Weird, you are definitely hanging out with different people then I did in the US then, and sadly, throughout most of my life until I came to Asia, I tended to gravitate towards the slutty types, whom you would think would be more open to shaving. Maybe it’s only the higher class girls who shave?

            The only girl I have ever know to shave was my ex-wife, and she stopped shaving down there because she was tired of itching the following day.

        • mlgb

          As for moving during sex, not sure which ones you watch
          Some people actually have sex, rather than just watching others have it on a tv/computer screen.

      • Tengu

        If they’re not moving…you need to loosen the straps.

        • hooots

          possbly the best comment ever. When I was in Japan those chicks seemed quite uppidy. LV bags comin out the Fendi store. As Jay Z says, “Lay back in the Maybach, roll the best grass, I ask
          Have you in your long-legged life
          Ever seen a watch surrounded by this much pink ice
          Look but don’t touch, muthafucka think twice
          Cuz this gat that I clutch gotta little red light
          Need a light?”

          bitches so Icey. But, I was hangin with my sis. Let’s go Tengu. Roadtrip. Let’s give em that road rash.

      • http://candosino.wordpress.com terroir

        Filthy foreigner – can’t you tell someone is meditating by sticking your tail in it?

        Next you’ll start paying attention to all those “da-mei’s” and “na-ma-dei’s”

        • Tengu

          I assumed the only women he screwed were either screaming or bought (sometimes both), now I’m thinking a few could be dead as well…

  • Anon

    2 million?!? Theres another sign of waste. Any nude model deserves a upper middle class retirement at most. AND after a decade of work at least. 2 decades at very most. This sort of pay scale is ridiculous and shows how wrong priorities of society are. Think what this means for getting educated when a Phd. cannot even retire with a million, OR being a formal mistress does nto even do the same, but a naked model gets the same in ONE advert in ONE day.

    HARMONISE the modelling industry with price/salary controls ! Meanwhile, do applaud the open mindedness, lighter and sex positive era the world appears to be working towards.

    • Just John

      Well, given she is in Taiwan, and based on the current exchange rate, she made:
      2000000.0 TWD = 65938.7033813 USD

      Not exactly a retirement level…

      • Tengu

        maybe 2,000,000 Zimbabwe Dollars…about $5,500 USD.

        • Anon

          Just about right even at 1 contract per year.

    • DRaY

      Capitalism. Love it, move to North Korea or STFU!

    • Anon

      2 decades at very most – for less than perfect models. 65K is enough to buy an apartment. Tell that to the blue collar worker or even white collar worker.

      This destroys social structure and morals where it counts (reaches the middle classes when pay is too high). Bosses of modelling companoes are you trying to destroy society?

  • guizi

    This girl got a one of the most views? I feel sorry for Chinese boys. Watching this video might be a relief from overwhelming homeworks, but do more internet search and you can get something better.

  • http://candosino.wordpress.com terroir

    My years of scientific research has led me to the observation that she is wearing a shoulder-strapless white bra underneath those bubbles, otherwise that foam has a underwire has a tensile strength of +1 megatwatts.

    Without nipples, this is pointless.
    * This is Ray Charles wearing night vision goggles.
    * This is a Ferrari in a Shanghai traffic jam.
    * This is a five-star Chinese restaurant.

    • Tengu

      * Steven Hawking wearing a pair of running shoes.

      • diverdude

        Buying a guitar for Kurt Cobain~

        • Tengu

          Buying a hat for Kurt Cobain…

          • Brett Hunan

            Buying a shotgun for Kurt Cobain…… wait a minute, my conscience is kicking in.. No, no it was a sneeze

    • B-real

      *Using a condom to jack off
      *Paying a stripper to keep her clothes on
      *having a door behind a brick wall

    • http://candosino.wordpress.com terroir

      * chinaSMACK without trolls
      * (as such) taking yourself too seriously on chinaSMACK and letting yourself get upset
      * (so then vis-a-vis) the fabricated dichotomy of a pro-China and anti-China side on chinaSMACK and everywhere else, when in fact the greater the misunderstanding/ill-will so is the stronger BOTH sides stand [ie. the greater you win against your opponent, the more right your opponent becomes —- it’s like a wacky Final Fantasy boss]

  • http://chinashmina.com Augis

    Interesting if such ads really work.
    Will more girls (or boys ??) buy this bubble soap just because Makiyo used it?

    • coala banana

      no, not cause she used it, they will buy cause the advertisement agency set up the rumor that she has been paid 2 million. The common people like such stories, they can dream and hate at the same time and spend the little money they have for particular labels they don’t really need. BTW, chinese are not very good with reading numbers, make the test and write some lets say 4 or 5 digit numbers on a piece of paper and let you co workers tell you what they see. 1045 will become something like 100million40hundretthousand5. On the other side i often get imported tools/machines which are normally priced at lets say 2000 euro, for just 200, just cause the dumb sales girl which works for another company can’t read the numbers clearly, but it also happens that they want to charge sometimes 100 times the price of what the product really cost.

    • Just John

      Will you buy more beer because chiseled men walking around shirtless had sexy women in string bikinis running around and cuddling up to them?

      Will you buy more Nikes because some famous basketball player endorsed them?

      Will you eat at Chili’s more more because they created that annoying song that gets stuck in your head?

      On that note, I will leave with this little ditty:
      I want my baby back, baby back, baby back
      I want my baby back, baby back, baby back
      I want my Chili’s baby back ribs,
      Chili’s baby back ribs
      (with barbecue sauce)

      • Tengu

        Now I can’t get this out of my head…baby back, baby back, baby back…damn you…baby back, baby back, baby back!!!!!!!

  • coala banana

    now compare her with this lazy ass bitch GuoMeiMei. And let me quote a scene from Pulp Fiction. “Thats not the same ballpark, thats not the same game and thats not even the same fucking sport, GuoMeiMei means shit !”

    Though one could see more skin when she would wear just a bikini, (which she wears anyway bellow the foam.)

    • Tengu

      I quoted Pulp Fiction a while ago and it didn’t go over well.

      You got your technique down?
      “You know, I’m getting kinda tired. I could use a foot massage myself.”

      No need for a damn swimsuit under there, just get her bare-assed and foam the bitch up!

  • Danny

    horse of a woman

    • Just John

      In the dark, how can you tell the difference?

      • http://candosino.wordpress.com terroir

        Yes. Paul Revere made his midnight run on the back of a nun.

        They refused to talk about for years afterwards, but eventually got married but separated once they ran out of hay.

        • Just John

          So wait, you mean he wasn’t saying “The British are coming”?

          Hmm, who was coming then?

          • http://candosino.wordpress.com terroir

            The Brits are all filthy voyeurs. They need to salute a foreign flag before raising their own flagpoles.

  • mp

    My guess is either shaving or whipped cream over a white bathing suit. Shower gel over the real deal is not quite the same.

  • John Wayne

    meow…meow… yum…. yum… very beautiful…. growl!!

    • Chef Rocco

      John Wayne said: “talk low, talk slow, and do not talk too much.”

  • GJ

    Eh, not my style… There are prettier girls, in my honest opinion.

    • cb4242

      I wouldn’t kick her out of bed, that for damn sure.

  • Rick in China

    Nipples? Snatch? She’s not naked. She’s covered in foam..but not naked.


    • Tengu

      If they ever show the crack of an ass over there, they’ll be rioting in the streets.

      • Just John

        Actually, the first apartment I lived in here had a beauty salon or something. All I remember is they had their poster advertising some sort of skin lotion or something. Sorry, not into beauty products at all…

        Anyways, on the poster was a completely naked woman, even showing her left nipple (Not showing the lower region though, since she was laying on her stomach in the poster and no ass crack, since it only showed the left cheek).

        I even remember seeing a breastfeeding mother poster on the side of the bus, although that one did not show nipple, just the baby’s head at the breast.

        Now of course, these were posters, not a TV commercials.

        • Tengu

          Did you have the posters…I know you’re going to disappoint me…

          • Just John

            Nope, have not yet sunk to stealing advert posters out of the windows of businesses, and given it was not a big shop, they might have noticed me come in the door and try to steal their advert.
            Instead I settled for a wife that likes to walk around topless while at home. She comes in 3D =(^.^)=

          • Tengu

            No one likes a show off you know…lucky bastard!

          • hooots

            Cheers to Johnny Boy!

  • M.N

    Song of the article
    Snoop Dogg – Wet

    • Tengu

      I’ll raise you 50 with:

      “Tiny Bubbles”
      – Don Ho.

  • wvavin

    Money can make any woman do whatever in this world.

    • Just John

      Admit it, if you could “work” by putting on a bunch of bubbles and standing there and have your picture taken, you would too.

      Your just jealous that they would make you pay them for that, instead of them paying you.

  • mr. weiner

    Nice I ‘spose if you get off on that “Ke ai” thing, which I don’t, personally if I see her moonface on another Taiwanese add burbling away in her schoolgirl level Japanese I think I’ll power chuck. Still nice to see her making some money on the mainland, Just don’t step too close to any studio FX lights or flame pots though. Remember what happened to Selina from S.H.E.

  • dim mak

    I see nothing wrong here. China should be a sexier place. It’ll brighten all our lives.

  • Irvin

    But she’s not naked, not even under neat all those foam. If you pay attention to her breast, they’re pressed together forming the line in the middle.

    This can only happen if she was wearing a bra, I should know because that’s the exact case with my gf’s breasts too and to all the other breasts I’ve seen.

    Don’t be fooled, she’s not naked.

  • k

    She looks weird….her legs are really long and spidery with boney jotting knees and her shoulders r really wide but her head is small and flat looking and up close she looks old but with a lot of makeup on to hide her age…

    • Brett Hunan

      Wow, I would love to see the girls you sleep with. They must be stunning!

      I doubt you would turn up the chance for this honey, as a matter of fact I was hiding behind your screen and saw you fapping away to her. Liars and hypocrites really get at me.

      In the infinitely wise words of Kedafu: “Don’t drink and blog”

      • Tengu

        Oh they’re stunning all right. I’m always amused at these guys who shit on every woman out here, like they’re monstrous.

        Bubble girl is a babe with a great rack.

        To paraphrase the infinitely wise words of Kedafu: “Don’t be a dink and blog”


        • http://candosino.wordpress.com terroir

          I think its asinine that such a contrite display of obvious non-nudity could attract so much attention, but in the end I get to see a lot skin for no effort.

          I agree, this is a win-win situation, and shouldn’t be a win/whine one.

          So, to take the infinitely wise words of Kedafu out of context: “Don’t put your dick where you blog.”

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    Wonderful girl. So pretty.

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      • Just John

        It’s easy to seduce an Asian woman in Asia.
        Be white.
        Now stop spamming my forums…

        PS. Your site sucks.

        • http://candosino.wordpress.com terroir

          I think spambot has come calling based upon the number of comments that have to do with “Yah, i’d do her” and the like

          If we kept the comments strictly to speculative quantum theory or pure, unbridled vitriol this wouldn’t happen.

  • GodsHammer

    BIG DEAL!!!! Advertise SHOWER GEL in your clothes then…since you’re so ‘CHinese’.
    ‘Is she Chinese or not?’…. WTF does that mean anyway?

  • Ryo

    She’s wearing a bikini. No normal tits that small will create a cleavage like that natually.

  • Ryo

    She’s wearing a bikini. No normal tits that small will create a cleavage like that naturally.

  • http://www.echinacities.com Earthworm

    “Mo Mowlam in Onion Bag Mystery”

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