Drunk Couple Arrested for Public Indecency in Shanghai

Screen captures of a video showing a drunk man and woman engaging in sexual acts in public in Shanghai.

From NetEase & HSW.cn:

Shanghai drunk couple perform “live sex show” in public, passersby watch and take photos

Summary: April 30th, at the entrance to a certain shop on Tianlin Road in Shanghai [Xuhui District], a male-female pair engaged in indecent physical contact, attracting the attention and cameras of many city residents. The two people were subsequently taken away by police. According to the police, the pair reeked of alcohol, and the two claimed they were lovers, and the police confirmed that the two indeed knew each other.


Indifferent passersby and netizens seeking amusement caused the situation to get out of control

After this indecent video clip began circulating wildly online, there were netizens who claimed to be witnesses to the incident posting more information on discussion forums saying that initially the two people looked like lovers who stopped to take a rest, and were occasionally intimate but well within normal appropriate behavior.

But, not long after, the male initiated physical contact with the female, and the female appeared to have lost consciousness, allowing the male to have his way with her. There were also netizens who speculated that the pair may have taken drugs.

One netizen says from the moment the two appeared on the scene until when they were taken away by the police, over ten minutes had passed. A shop assistant in a neighboring gift shop told this reporter that there were passersby who continuously stopped to look, and the number of people who were watching increased as the two people escalated in their actions, with many amongst them taking out their mobile phones to take pictures. Had a manager of a clothing shop at the scene not called the police, it is hard to say what would have happened with the couple.

On the internet, one netizen sighed, “why is it that upon discovering this pair engaging in inappropriate behavior in broad daylight, no passersby immediately went forth to ask questions or stop them?” This Eastday reporter discovered on microblogs, discussion forums, and other online communities that the majority were netizens wildly spreading [the news], amusing themselves by poking fun, and various speculations.

A news report with the censored video, on 56:

The original uncensored video was uploaded to Chinese video sharing websites last weekend, but was quickly deleted. The above news report calls the incident “Western suit man licks breasts on the street”. The narrator remarks about how “ridiculous” the incident was and how the man did not care about others seeing what he was doing. It mentions that the woman did not resist, but that it was unclear if it was because she was drunk and unaware. Other people and netizens also immediately wondered if the woman was drunk or drugged. The last part of the news report remarks about the indifference of the people who walked by, without offering to help the woman, counting them.

Comments from Tianya:


Wow! Breast-sucking-gate! This is going to become hot/popular.


This many people looking on, taking photos, watching the excitement, watching the peep show, but no one asking any questions, trying to stop them, covering up two drunkards’ antics. What kind of mentality is this? Fortunately a store employee called the police.


Hey! You’d be the crazy one if you tried getting involved without being the police or someone who knows them, probably get smashed by a beer bottle or the two of them cursing you out for your efforts.


A man and a woman is not strange, what’s shocking would be two guys doing this!


Human nature’s ugliness. Chinese people’s face have been completely lost by these two drunkards!


The breasts are not bad.


3D Sex and Zen opens in Shanghai~~~~~


Free porn, excellent.

Comments from Mop:


I watched the video, haha, what’s disgraceful is that I got hard.


Stuff like this, who would try handling/getting involved? Society is garbage now, nothing matters, women these days are contemptible/cheap, the men are shameless, sigh.


What low-level animals.


Something that all adults do. The only thing is that they did what they did in an inappropriate place/situation. What man hasn’t done something similar at home?


People these days are all afraid of being inconvenienced [potentially as a result of getting involved], and it is also that the morals of people these days are too low, and that’s what’s difficult about society!

What would you have done? Would you have watched? Would you taken photos? Would you have gone forth and tried to stop them? Would you have just continued walking?

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  • Wenzhouzito

    Sofa Got Milk???

    • http://www.qq.com/1325279774 Kedafu

      Song of the Article…..

      x4 days later!

      Mercy Street
      -Peter Gabriel


      • Boris

        Peter Gabriel
        -No Self-control

  • ShanghaiSteve

    The only thing more ridiculous than calling him “Western suit man” is calling this event “Breast-sucking-gate”.

    • http://www.ethansenglishcafe.com Ethan

      “Western Suit man” is awesome, It’s all the fault of the suit, damn those western suits!!

    • donscarletti

      Well, it’s “西装男”, which just means “man in a suit”,西装 is Chinese for suit, it contains the character 西 meaning “west” just like the words 西瓜 watermelon, 西红柿 tomato and 西班牙 Spain.

      The idea is that it is somehow more strange to see a man dressed in a lounge suit committing indecent acts than a casually dressed one, which I would agree with.

    • Alikese

      I don’t think you’d find many guys in the west wearing plaid golfing pants and a blazer, but maybe that style just hasn’t caught on where I live.

  • CND Icehole

    Tonight is Thursday and I have been awaiting Faunas acceppting of my invitation for a night on the town tonight…. She has still not responded. I wish I could tell her that I would be able to take her to a magical place beyond any extasy that she has ever known. However viewing pictures of this Playboy in action, I bow-down and take my hat off too the most romantic moment my eyes have ever seen. I’m sorry Fauna for not being able to fulfill a womans needs as much as this man can, I do promise though, that I will study the Chinese mind until I am the perfect man for you.

    • cdn icehole

      What makes you think Fauna is a women?

      As for your questions Fauna:

      Would you have watched?
      For a moment to understand what I’m looking at.

      Would you taken photos?
      Definitely. Pics will be uploaded onto Crackbook shortly.

      Would you have gone forth and tried to stop them?
      Hell no.

      Would you have just continued walking?
      Only after laughing at them.

      What would you have done?
      Depending on how desperate I am in need of cream for my coffee…I might “liberate” her of the heavy burden of carrying all that milk around.

  • ##BlothaLonely##

    fauna is just 4-5 days late to post this one.. But, that’s alright, I guess.

    • Fauna

      I saw this video the first day but it was harmonized and I did not want to report it without the video. Only the photos is not satisfying. :)

      • Ray

        Sorry for being a noob here but what exactly is “harmonized”? Is it some sarcasm with meanings like suppression?

        • Fauna

          和谐,被和谐 = harmonize, to be harmonized. It means to be deleted or censored but the meaning also refers to current Chinese government policy of creating a harmonious society. So the meaning is like a joke to create a harmonious society by censoring the things that are not harmonious.

          • Justin

            Also known as being “eaten by the river crabs” because “river crab” sounds like “harmonize” in Chinese.

    • Alikese

      The Osama post was more important, anyways.

      • vince

        Thats for damn sure, there isn’t much anyone can argue about on this one, lol

  • Jeff!Jeff!Jeff!

    I first read about this on Shanghai Expat.

    Seems most posters agreed it looked like rape.

  • diverdude

    He was trying to help her ! Mouth-to-Mouth Resuscitation & CPR.
    Just a little unclear on the procedure.

  • Rick in China

    It looks like he’s trying to give her titties CPR, not engage in foreplay.

    Then again, when you think about it, I suppose many asian women’s titties *do* need resuscitation.

    • May

      lol :-) that’s funny

  • blackflagnation

    I guess he was still hungry…. Just when you think you’ve seen it all another fascinating event transpires – awesome

  • frost

    is he horny or is he hungry’ i guess both

  • Chris

    So….just another night out on the town ehh? I’ve seen and/or done worse when clubbing. It’s just some mammary glands, and we are animals who would like to propagate, no big deal.

  • KfU

    non-story really…

    once you’ve seen a toddler shit in to his grandma’s hand in the middle of KFC, these things lose their shock value…

    still, might be worth storing on my phone so I can replay it next time my missus is called a whore for holding my hand on the subway…

    besides, from what I’ve heard, that’s considered mild foreplay on a Saturday night out in Newcastle…

    Can’t quite figure out the “Western suit man…” thing: If he’s wearing a three-piece, does that mean I bare extra responsibility?

    Still, now I know why my student cousin received an sms from her university “party” rep denouncing the evils of western bespoke tailoring and telling her to go protest outside the nearest gentleman’s outfitters against their promoting of western imperialist bourgeoisie tendencies… originally I’d thought Dalian Dayang Trands were pursuing the same spirit of competition as Tencent and Baidu have with Google and Facebook…

    • Boris

      Whenever I get a problem in China, I just say one magic word to myself, and my tension instantly disappears: ‘Newcastle’. Nowhere in China could be remotely as bad.

      • cdn icehole

        I always hear Birmingham was the place to avoid. Winnipeg for me.

      • KfU

        Wot cheor Boris pet,

        ye wrang ye gowk, Newcastle is nah clarty midden – da Castle is bonny!

        ye nah Mackem ah ye?

        nah better place for a blaa oot man at the hoppings….

        giveower !

        lol – you pick up a bit of the lingo after 8 years of Biker Grove….

        • KfU

          Also, ah feel it important te sat tha ah leik The Toon .

          Also tha ah mean the The Toon in England, not America, weor ne doot there is some smaal shit-hole in Ohio wi the same nyame – just in case Zvi is suffering frem self righteous indignation agyen

          It is a canny city, wi canny fowk , fowk, an champion bars.

          long live Kevin Keegan!

        • Justin

          Is that from Finnegan’s Wake?

          • KfU

            Nope, not Joyce. . . I wish I was sophisticated enough to quote JJ… but I’m not…

            It’s the regional dialect of Newcastle – which I think is a mix of Old English, English, Celtic and Viking…

            Not 100% about that…

            Anyway. . . a friend gave me a “Geordie dictionary” to read on the train up to Beijing…

            Hours of fun!

            Juss one o’ de grayt reegional accents in England…

            my fuv is liv eh pewl accent (Liverpool)…

            hey ‘ey. calm down. calm down, and all o’ dat.

          • KfU


            if you have a VPN…

            the Scouse (Liverpool) Alphabet…

            Worth watching….

            As is this…

      • Leeyue

        Newcastle, the city for party, and lost your money

  • dilladonuts


  • Llanero

    That woman obviously has alcohol poisoning and western suit man is trying to help her by sucking the alcohol out through her breast. He should be commended for his selfless act of heroism.

  • HolyBanana

    in term of madness, China VS USA, 1- 0 for team china!

    • Sunshine

      You should get out more.

  • gabriel

    60 percent of people would walk by
    30 percent of people would take photos or record it on video
    9.9 percent will call the police
    0.1 percent would join them couple and turn it into a threesome hahaha

  • glowndark

    cover them with tent, make a porn video for free. Chinese people, where’s your business sense? poisoning the milk is evil!!

  • Ronon

    I had sex in public before… but this couple took it to a whole new level.

    “What would you have done?”
    Most likely just watch it and laugh… I would’ve been too embarrassed to film it.

  • Ray

    A lot of the Chinese comments are saying how they are disgusted and shamed, but it seems like they are thinking that this “couple” was completely sober at the time…

    I mean if they were drugged then they probably don’t even know what is going on so it is just instinct taking over (at least the man’s primal instinct :D).

    Overall it is kind of a lose face situation but its probably mostly contributed by the fact that they are all drunk/drugged at day time so that there are more witnesses, also suggesting that they are more “brave” and ignorant about the public’s presence.

  • roger dodger

    that is gross beyond words. ewwwww. lso seual assault

  • Curren$y

    If I were passing by, I would fuck that guy in the mouth and then I would finish on the girl’s chest.

  • 老外

    Ah, nothing like a good old-fashioned breast-sucking to get you through the day. I must have a fetish or something, because I’ve been known to do this for hours. The ladies love it.

  • Nagexingqisi

    fauna your video’s been harmonized!

    • Fauna

      Has it? I can still see it.

  • k

    That’s disgusting……they are both trash for doing this in public and being this wasted in broad daylight…..the woman’s body looks like a little boy’s, I thought she was a man at first……but gross. In the US, they’d both be arrested for that.

  • Foreign Devil

    Looks to me like the guy is raping a semi conscious women. Nothing consensual about it!

  • hoa

    am I the only one feel disturbing?

    that women was obviously unconscious and that guy is taking advantage of it and molesting her, the crowds just totally ignore this whole shit and no one ever took the initiative to call police or stop it?

    • darkandlovelykissedbythe

      It is disturbing to see. The woman was passed out, and unable to resist the guy’s advances, and he was also drunk. So what he was doing to her was without her consent, and even if she was somewhat coherent she was drunk. It was sexual assault. People should intervene. Even discretely placing a phone call to the police would help. Educating women on rape prevention would probably be beneficial as well.

  • Fordbane

    … maybe he wanted to give her mouth to mouth CPR, but was too drunk to figure how to do it …

  • Fordbane

    But in all seriousness – is this the future of human mankind? Not caring? Are our Chinese friends so dependable on authority force that they will not act if a fellow citizen is in danger? In broad day light on a populated street …
    I hope some rapist won’t misread these news and see Shanghai as a welcome spot for drugging and sexually abusing girls in public … (went to taobao to buy my girlfriend a mace)

  • Anon

    Om nom nom.

    Maybe it was an exhibitionist thing (set up Nudist Districts), POSING as drunk or drugged. It’s better if they set up ‘Sex Booths’ in China someday as well, not too much different from another body function booth already present, ”Breastfeeding Booths’.

  • http://mykafkaesquelife.blogspot.com/ Tajpejčan

    Chinese can be very interesting :)

  • Joe Black

    Wow!!! I was never told that Chinese people were so vulgar. That would never happen in the United States. Of course there is nothing wrong with a relationship between adults…but I see children passing by. How backwards. Like farm animals.. Maybe they are not from the city

  • Anon

    They’d be toting guns and bibles aye.

    Farm animals? Actually farm animals don’t ‘get it’ being separated mostly – you don’t see roosters in hen batteries for example, this is more like *wild* animals rather.

    In either case, proper zones (envision a blue and pink diagonal striped ‘Sex Area’) or facilities, like streetside showers (or Sex Booths with moist towllette, condom and lubricant vending machines) should be the next modern amenity for big cities, aside from dedicated Red Light Districts.

    It’s as natural a function as breastfeeding, though proper spaces should be made for those inclined.

    And yes it IS vulgar, but appropriate depending on their social class (don’t tell me there will be no space for nudist colobies so why not nudist districts), personal sensitivities, what or who they represent and the message they want to give.

  • Dan Danger

    No doubt the porn they saw on Google led them to this behavior.

  • Meh

    Luls China. I love the news from here.

  • ybin

    The woman is so selfish. She should return the favor!

  • http://unblockfacebookinchina.info/vpn-in-china Rod

    I don’t think this says anything about Chinese culture at all, any big city will have people like this.

    Though a similar situation happened to me two years ago in Huizhou… I had a motorbike accident with my girlfriend and broke my leg. When my girlfriend pleaded to borrow a mobile phone to (ours broke) no one paid attention.

    They did take the time to stop, say “Wow, Lao Wai”, and move on.

    Maybe they didn’t see the blood gushing from my leg.

    Eventually we were able to find the battery that fell out of her phone and called the ambulance ourselves.

  • dxcqcv

    the video is down

  • Hushu

    I would phone the police I quess. I would not myself get involved…

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  • http://www.a@a.com Fuck Them

    He’s obviously suffering from cancer and needs breastmilk to boost his immune system.


  • Buzzy

    Character and Morals…. time to give Christianity a chance here and see the positive results for this society. Without the principles taught by the Holy Bible and the life of Jesus, this world is doomed!

    • Boris

      Many people would agree with you that China would be better with more Christianity. Personally I’d settle for a bag of Licorice Allsorts. I can’t find them anywhere, and trust me… I’m desperate!

  • Buzzy

    So, what is it about the people passing by? No courage to interfere, or they just don’t care? Either way, it’s pathetic!

  • me.

    love the horror movie bakground music

  • joe

    Breast sucking is hot and good 4 men to show there love by beiing in bed with women.

  • Laurent Coq

    Maybe he was trying to revive the women, mouth to mouth, but and then he got a little thirty and tried to get “milk”

  • hate humans

    the people from these countries are not fully evolved yet. they still have animal instincts. thats why they dont have any compassion for animals because they are just savage animals themselves.

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