Mother Films Daughter Naked To Help Her Find A Boyfriend

Gan Lulu, model and actress, filmed after bathing by a mother hoping to help her find a boyfriend for Valentine's Day.

On Ku6, Tianya & KDS:

Transcription & Translation:

Mother: These days it has become popular to seek marriage partners on the internet, and my daughter is already so old now. But I don’t know how to do it, I don’t know it is done, so what I’m doing is uploading a video instead.

Mother: My daughter, well, was born in 1985, is the cow/ox zodiac sign, and this year will be 26-years-old. I want to help my daughter using the internet to find a boyfriend. As for qualifications, ai, average is fine– [she slaps the table, is unintelligible, laughs]

Daughter (calling out from bathroom): “Mommy, help me wash my back.”

Mother (getting up and walking towards the bathroom): Lulu, what do are you doing?

Daughter (from bathroom): “Help me wash my back.”

Mother (at door of bathroom, filming in): Ohhh, you are how old now and you still want me to help you wash your back? I’m trying to help you find a prospective marriage partner! I’m doing that..finding a boyfriend to evaluate for marriage…that…that…hey, what kind of qualifications you want, say them out…

Daughter (finishing her bath, still naked): [unintelligible]…just find one who is good to you, good to me, knows how to bathe/wash [others] and that will be good enough…

Mother (laughing): Then–then–then just find one like that?

Daughter: [unintelligible]…a beggar is fine too…aiyou, towel…

Mother: Well, it is seeking a marriage partner for you, so what you say/want is what matters—-

Daughter: I want to date a beggar.

Mother (sighs): Aiya, alright, that’s fine too, as long as he is good to you, I think that’s okay too…

Copies of the above video can be found on the various popular Chinese online video sharing websites like Youku and Tudou in addition to Ku6 where the earliest copy of this video appears to have been uploaded 5 days ago.

But that is not the full video. Here is another version that is almost 3x longer:

Daughter: Hello, I am Gan Lulu. To this day, I haven’t had a boyfriend, and it isn’t because I am too ugly, but unfortunately no one wants me, so what to do? So now i am seeking a prospective marriage partner. No matter whether or not you guys think I am special or not, I am actually a rather distinctive person. I am not that annoying, so I don’t believe that there really is no one who wants me.

Comments from Tianya:


Looks like this mother really wants a son-in-law, hehe!


Suspicion of this being a publicity stunt is high. Either that or [the mother] is really anxious [to find a boyfriend for her daughter].


Her family’s circumstances seem to be pretty good. The daughter’s body isn’t bad either. Haha!


Haha. Bathing without closing the door. Not afraid of the dad being home…publicity stunt likelihood more than enough~


At 0:51, someone said there was [nipple] exposure. Actually there was none, but rather intentional covering up with her hand, it was [her] finger.
Indirectly, this also proves that this was filmed [with the daughter] clearly knowing what [the video] is for.
Probability of this being a publicity stunt is extremely high.


Publicity stunt, it has to be.
A daughter completely naked seeing her mother with a digital video recorder being so calm, and not the least bit embarrassed,
should probably also be a professional performer, right? Hehe.


This society is going to lose control,
The mother wants a son-in-law so much she’s gone crazy!


This mother is a SB!

This daughter is a SB!

This publicity stunt team are also SBs!


Publicity stunt! Gone crazy wanting to become famous!!


Mothers who know how to film [use video cameras] are many.

[But] those who know how to add mosaics are few.


The one bathing is Gan Lulu, a minor actress/performer/model, so this is just a short video, everyone don’t take it seriously/as real.

Gan Lulu (her Baidu Baike entry) is an actress in film and television. She had a minor role in the recent Aftershock [“Tangshan Earthquake”] movie directed by famous Chinese director Feng Xiaogang, and has appeared in advertisements for Mercedes-Benz. She has also worked as a model. Search for her name (干露露) and you can find many of her photographs.

Gan Lulu wearing a light yellow dress.Chinese model Gan Lulu.Chinese actress Gan Lulu.

After this video made waves on the Chinese internet, Gan Lulu and her mother made another video responding to the uproar, which has so far been viewed over 1.5m times after being uploaded 2 days ago:

Briefly, in the video, the mother responds to some netizen accusations that she is not Gan Lulu’s mother, so she shows a photograph of her with her daughter as well as a magazine interview of the two of them. She says the reason she made the video is because her daughter is 26 and is always busy working. She says the reason she filmed her in the bathroom was partly for fun and partly so that her future boyfriend will already know that her daughter has worked as a human body model, has been in films and television, etc. so he will not be surprised by her past. She emphasizes that they are all artistic modeling. She wants her future husband to accept who her daughter is, what her daughter has done, as well as her daughter’s mother. She says she is an “open/liberal” mother, but not a “bad” mother. With Valentine’s Day approaching, she wanted her daughter to find a boyfriend, and one who won’t be prejudiced against her for having worked as a body or nude model before.

The male interviewer then turns to the daughter, Gan Lulu, who says she is very upset and angry at the netizens who criticized her mother, who said there couldn’t possibly be a mother like this in the world (who would do something “shameless” like this). Crying, she details how her mother has stood by her and supported her throughout the years as she pursued her career. Her mother and her have talked before hoping that her future husband will not one day discover what work she has done in the past, what movies she has appeared in, and then demand a divorce. Gan Lulu asks netizens to stop hurting them.

The mother reappears and says Valentine’s Day is almost here, and that she hopes there will be someone who can spend Valentine’s Day with her daughter. She mentions that she has accompanied her daughter every Valentine’s Day in the past, and hopes there will be someone who truly likes her, loves her, and understands her daughter. Gan Lulu says she doesn’t want this to become her mother begging for someone to want her. She doesn’t want that. If they can’t find someone, she’s willing to be with her mother her entire life. What she want’s a real relationship (not one that is forced or built on pity).

Gan Lulu's mother responds to netizen criticism.Chinese model and actress Gan Lulu responds to neitzen critics.

At this time of translation, the above video has over 30k upvotes (顶) but nearly 40k downvotes (踩) made by Chinese viewers.

What do you think? Do you think this was a mother’s genuine (but not well considered) effort to help her daughter find a boyfriend? Or do you think this is a big publicity stunt?

Chinese Gan Lulu in a bikini.

A less questionable method of finding boyfriends, girlfriends, and prospective marriage partners. Personals @ chinaSMACK.

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  • Wago

    Chinese netizens are so full of hate

    • vince

      word! Although there are less provocative ways to find a son in law… :P

    • Albino

      It’s the emptiness of their lives, they have nothing better to do than hate others who are different or act differently than themselves.

      • cdn icehole

        Damn straight. Albino’s are freaks and need to be put down like a rabid dog.

        • Albino

          I totally agree, their body parts are useful in Voodoo and Juju.

    • Joe

      >>implying the video isn’t weird as fuck

    • Brent

      No wonder she can’t find a boyfriend, by the looks of all the pictures on…

      … she ain’t got no nipples. That is pretty high on my priority list – it means she can’t breastfeed my baby (or me come to that).

  • Jay K.

    i would give her some of that face powder in liquid form if i was givent he chance

  • kongshou

    I envy the guy who’s gonna get her.
    I mean, exept for the time they gonna spend out of bed.
    Rest of the time I’m afraid she’s gonna be a real handful..

  • zach

    wow, China becoming degenerate like the West. catching up at a fast pace in both manufacturing, technology, finance, and now this type of degeneracy. This mother has some fried neurons.

  • Albino

    where’s the uncensored version? I want to see whether this girl has anything worthwhile to hide or whether it’s just another average attention whore.

    • ptptp

      More pictures of her but none of them uncensored nudes.

      But we already know that your wife is far more beautiful and you wouldn’t even look twice at this woman.

      • Michael

        Thanks for the link. The gal obviously has no problem with taking her clothes off and showing off her two prime assets. Good for her.

        • Albino

          Wait till she’s had a kid or two. Those prime assets, as you put it, will disappear and you’ll be left to get your needs elsewhere. That, unfortunately, is the Chinese culture.

          • mankouzanghua

            but from your comments you don’t seem to know anything about Chinese culture. am i mistaken??

      • Albino

        But as I’ve already asked, how do you know I’m married and not trolling the troll, who failed at counter trolling and got trolled so hard he couldn’t stop emo raging?

      • @@

        so she has a profile on moko?

        yep definitely a pub stunt

        moko is full of good for nothing photoshop + makeup wanting their 15sec of fame. i

  • Crystal

    If this is a publicity stunt – then definitely not a good one.

    • Albino

      So say you. Welcome to the changing China.

      The girl is aiming at getting a wealthy husband and this is the way to do it. Someone, somewhere, will be daft enough to fall for this.

      • Strangerland

        I think she’s not looking for a husband- she is looking for sugar daddy……

      • keius

        Sigh, unfortunately, i concur. It’s PR to sell herself to the highest bidder. Much more effective than putting adverts in public parks….
        Look at how many views she’s gotten.
        There’s going to be at least a couple rich horny bastards who will be seriously interested in her. She’s not really what i consider pretty much less beautiful. Her looks are iffy to me even with all the caked up makeup. Nice body though, for those who prefer slender builds with big boobs. Wonder how much of it is real.

  • Kedafu

    WOW just WOW!

    this story blows my mind!

    song of the article

    am going with

    respect all my relations
    by Engima


    • darkandlovelykissedbythe

      I am going with “Still Waters Run Deep” by the Four Tops. Hopefully she will find someone who will always love her.

  • Tommy

    I feel like the Chinese internet is a children’s swimming pool with the lifeguard always screaming “Hey! Slow down! Stop that! Don’t do that!” whenever someone starts to have some fun. (
    No Twitter. No Youtube. No Picasa. No Facebook. Censored Wikipedia. Self-censorship galore.)

    So the most risque things most netizens see are mosaic addled videos of 26-year-olds leaving the shower while asking for a husband.

    Or it could be that I can’t read Chinese and don’t know what is actually out there…

    • vince

      They even blocked IMDB wtf~~! I feel the same way as u my friend. Thank God for VPN’s :)

      • Ethan

        Last time they blocked it it was because they had a Pro-tibetan Independence movie on it. This time not sure what the problem was.. probably the same.

        • vince

          geez talk about being extreme. blocking the biggest movie database cause of a single movie, thats sad but i still have my VPN, yay!

    • dim mak


      China has Sina Microblog/Fanfou in place of Twitter. Tudou and Youku for Youtube. Renren for Facebook. Baidu Baike & Hoodong for Wikipedia etc.

      • vince

        oh yeah thats really useful, they can communicate with other chinese on renren, watch chinese videos on toudu and youku and post chinese articles on Sina. Did it ever occur to you that it would be better for them to expand their horizons by connecting with the rest of the human race. Seems to be the reason why quite a number of chinese netizens have little to no idea about other countries and cultures. Sad but true, although i will give them credit for being able to ‘shanzai’ virtually anything.

        • Ralf

          Shanzi, you mean steal!

          • vince

            it means copy/imitate/pirate whichever is applicable

        • mankouzanghua

          they’d all be clamoring to get your wisdom if only it had ever occurred to them.

        • mankouzanghua

          “expand their horizons”… aren’t you the one relying on one of “them” (fauna) inside china to feed you stories?

          “toudu” and “shanzai”? what are these? glad you learned so much about the chinese internet and chinese people before going off on them.

          • vince

            Wow…i couldn’t have asked for a worse interpretation of what i was trying to put across, I live inside Chine FYI so i would be interested in what goes on here, even though i’m a foreigner. Who writes the articles or supplies them is beside the point, what im advocating is that the great firewall of china be taken down so the netizens of china have the freedom to any information they wish.
            Blogs and youtube cannot be accessed, there is a lot of information that chinese netizens are unable to access, and is there any good reason for this? They can’t use facebook which further hinders them from making friends outside the sphere of China, why don’t u give me an advantage of doing this?
            Your attempt at making a compelling argument becomes moot when you have no idea what you’re talking about, Toudou is one of china’s biggest video hosting sites just like youtube.
            Shanzai means imitation or pirated goods, hope that clears it up for you.
            I have plenty of chinese friends and my wife is chinese too, the fact that they know me and i know them helps us both to learn from each other, do u see how it works now? I sincerely hope u try to comprehend that i want Chinese netizens to be able to gain more knowledge by having access to it, i was angry at the fact that they are closed off from the outside world, dont be so cynical, its not a good attitude, have faith in your fellow man.

          • mankouzanghua

            right now you are on a site run by a chinese woman in china. she is “connecting” with all of us right now, as are all the other chinese people here.

            the fact that websites like youtube and facebook are blocked is a decision of the government, and as a total outsider it’s absurd for you to even open your mouth about it. it’s the equivalent of some chinese guy going to your country and saying he advocates communism there, or that the media should be state-run as this would have many benefits for your country. i’m sure you would be rolling on the floor laughing. the only difference in your case is that there are many more people like yourself who believe they are entitled to an explanation of why a foreign government has the internal laws and policies it does.

            the fact that you can’t even have a conversation with the billion non-English speaking people in China makes your opinion even more moot. (how do I know this? neither ‘toudou’ nor ‘shanzai’ are words, even though you can’t seem to figure this out. hint: actually talk to a chinese person and he or she will correct you.) i suppose you just assume that everyone in china has the same values and priorities as you do, or the same ones as your group of friends.

            i also have plenty of chinese friends and my wife is chinese. i used to be like you, a big critic, until i started talking to people who had a different opinion than me, and realized that just as much of what i was told (by media, by people with an agenda, by people who THOUGHT they knew what they were talking about but didn’t understand a fart) was one-sided BS.

          • vince

            lol ill reply to the rest later but u better ask ur ‘chinese’ wife again what toudou means 土豆 [tǔ dòu] its potato, or havent u ever seen one of those before?

          • mankouzanghua

            now that you looked it up it’s suddenly tudou? oh, ok.

          • vince

            sigh it would seem pointless to get u to change ur mind, comparing a social networking site to communism? seriously? Do you think i care who runs this site, what you need to remember is that fauna runs this site to get people like us to visit it, it isn’t a privilege. Like u said we are all connecting, chinese and non chinese, u know why? This site is in english and those chinese who are capable to communicating in english can share their opinions and also get an idea of how foreigners would think by reading comments. Can you go on a chinese website and do that? NO. English is definitely way easier to learn than chinese and it is a global platform for communication, dont tell me chinese is.
            What irks me the most is that you seem to back the goverments decisions to cut access to facebook and such, care actually voicing some favourable outcome this has brought about. I can communicate with Chinese people here because they are interested in learning about me as much as i am interested in learning about them. Lastly stop talking out of ur rear! Please read this for the meaning of shanzai its sad that ur so called chinese friends and wife dont seem to know these two simple words. peace.

          • vince

            sigh…..ever heard of a typo? and ffs they sound the same, i dare u to tell me they dont.

          • PeterScriabin

            @mankouzanghua – regarding:

            that websites like youtube and facebook are blocked is a decision of the government, and as a total outsider it’s absurd for you to even open your mouth about it. it’s the equivalent of some chinese guy going to your country and saying he advocates communism there…

            Many thousands of Chinese have been coming to “our” countries now, for many years, to study, to work and to live. If you think many of them have been shy about publicly expressing their anti-western views, then you need to get out more.

            Nobody really laughs, or acts condescending, when this happens. At any rate, many people are available to explain why communism has not often been adopted in the west. We ourselves are constantly debating our “internal laws and policies”, and – last time I checked – we don’t have any law or social mores that prevent (gasp) foreigners from participating.

            So it would be most diverting to hear you justify the “absurd” label you wantonly apply to Vince’s act of complaining about the Great Firewall.

            Even more fascinating (no, really) would be to hear from you what the

            people who had a different opinion than me

            really told you, so that you stopped being the kind of deluded, absurd fellow that poor Vince is, and became the mankouzanghua chap that you are now.

            Specifically: do you think the government policy, of preventing everyone from watching anything at all on youtube, etc., is correct, or do you agree that it is reprehensible, but feel that it is improper for any “total outsider” even to mention the policy, let alone question it?

          • mankouzanghua

            stop being a poster child for the dunning-kruger effect. you know all about tudou and how useless it is but you can’t even spell it? i know what SHANZHAI means, but i have never heard of this word “shanzai” that the people over at “digitrends” made up. why would you be able to change my mind when you know so little you can’t even understand the points i make? even after me telling you from experience “shanzai” is not a word, you continue to sit here telling me my wife and friends aren’t chinese (and what relevance this would have i am not sure) because you saw it mistakenly written that way somewhere.

            and why can i not go on a chinese website and share opinions and get an idea of how foreigners think by reading comments? i can and i do. chinese is not harder for english speakers to learn than english is for chinese people. it’s just that some westerners right now are not willing to seriously learn it. they’d rather bitch and complain about how bad the government is — even as they’re a guest in the country — rather than actually trying to learn something.

            as for “backing” the government’s decisions, i don’t. it ain’t any of my business, and it ain’t yours either. try having a conversation with a chinese person who disagrees with you about their government (of which censoring facebook is one policy in the meshwork of how they choose to do things), and see if you have the misplaced gumption to tell them that they are wrong and brainwashed and need to consider expanding their horizons. you’ll sound the way you sound to me: like someone trying to force their personal values on someone else. not everyone believes, like you, that chaos with free information is preferable to a semblance of state-run order.

          • mankouzanghua


            out of all chinese i’ve met in the US, none have bitched about government policies or tried changing the government. who are these thousands of chinese you claim come (to any country) trying to alter their media systems or political establishments? moreover, anyone who comes and becomes a citizen (and learns the language and culture to become involved in society) has a stake and should say or do whatever they want to try and make change.

            if it is a temporary visitor (analogous to vince) who can’t even speak English and is arguing based purely on values, yes, i would find their behavior absurd. the mores against their participation in politics include not allowing them to vote and politicians not giving a rat’s ass if they were to have some complaint. and yes, people would laugh if they continually went on about how things should be like back in china.

            when a new immigrant (at least in the US) actually does complain about something, you can’t be serious if you believe people act rationally in response (they’re “on hand to explain things”). in the one relevant instance i can call up right now, a chinese person (an immigrant) got verbally bashed for suggesting that the news media in the US is like a tabloid.

            “Even more fascinating (no, really) would be to hear from you…”:

            in the course of coming to how i presently feel about censorship and ccp many things i’ve heard from chinese people have influenced me. #1 people are happy to improve their lives through grit and hard work, and the relative stability right now gives them this opportunity. they don’t want bothered with politics if they don’t have to be. if this is the case then who is vince to step in and try stirring things up? #2 i don’t know where you’re from, but at least my democracy is not flawless internally and has created a lot of havoc internationally that we, as voters in a free democracy with free information, should have prevented. #3 what is the alternative to CCP? many chinese don’t want to know right now. they go on and on about development and improvement under the present circumstances. who are we to tell them they’re wrong? #4 愚民政策 ultimately works about as well as “free information flow” does. in any country you need to wade through crap and misinformation; sometimes you can find the truth, sometimes you don’t. in choosing between censorship/state-run media and profit-driven media, chinese aren’t as convinced as westerners that profit driven is superior. the way china does it may help promote stability, which goes back to #1 and #3.

            “Specifically: do you think the government policy, of preventing everyone from watching”

            i think youtube and facebook are peanuts, and the government’s policies with regard to them specifically don’t mean much to chinese people. how many chinese actually care that they can’t use these?

            is it improper for someone who knows next to nothing about china (and can’t even have a conversation with any except ones who speak english) to go on and on about facebook and youtube being blocked? to me, it just doesn’t make any sense. in my opinion, the ultimate reason they don’t have facebook and youtube is not simple, and it’s not our place to decide it’s wrong and should be changed.

          • PeterScriabin

            @ mankouzanghua

            Leaving on one side the insufferable arrogance and condescension of your posts, just why is it that you think it is none of Vince’s business to comment on government policy, especially in such a low-key, unofficial place as this?

            How do you feel when, for example, Global Times or China Daily write critical editorials on US government policy (or when wumao types, such as yourself, comment shrilly in the forums of western publications) – that it’s “none of their business”?

            For aught you know, Vince may be an invitee of some official component of Chinese society, with a job to do, and highly inconvenienced in doing it, by the utterly tiresome Firewall.

            Much the most interesting remark in your latest post was:

            not everyone believes, like you, that chaos with free information is preferable to a semblance of state-run order.

            Given this most revealing comment (and the entire paragraph in which it is located), I see that it is useless to debate with you, so I’m over and out.

            You might like to check out phoenixflabskin’s contributions to the Guardian’s Chinese article forums. If, indeed you are not he (and he writes much better than you do, so I discount this idea I once had), you might enjoy finding a kindred spirit, also fighting pretty much a lone political battle against poor chaps who can’t get their PinYin quite right.

            Incidentally, I venture the conjecture that there is no one, not one soul, in China, who sincerely believes in the beneficence of the GF except those who stand to lose money and/or political power from its permanent dismantling. Doubt it? How then to explain the current suppression of news about events across the Arab world?

          • mankouzanghua

            also, this mankouzanghua chap is not un-persuadable. give me rational arguments or reasons for what you suggest and they just might convince me.

          • mankouzanghua


            i think my last reply addresses most of your latest points; hopefully you’ll see it.

            other than those, you call me an wumao type, say i’m arrogant, and point out that someone has made similar arguments using better writing. the real shocking part is where you pick out one of my statements and basically say, “i won’t even respond to you!”

            i apologize to anyone here who sees me as arrogant or condescending; i promise it is not how i come off in-person, and i rarely have any “nasty” disputes offline with anyone who shares my fascination with china. when you get down to it, my main intent here is to ask what’s behind people’s attitudes and beliefs, and, in the process, to question and understand them.

            you do have a very worthwhile point, which is that i have no idea about vince or his story, and i should try to err on the side of giving people the benefit of the doubt. this difficulty with perspective-taking, i think, is one of the most important challenges human beings and societies face. it’s made doubly challenging when interaction is done remotely.

          • PeterScriabin

            @ mankouzanghua

            I could not see your 9.20am right before posting my 9.24am, else I would not have posted it. I am grateful that you fleshed out your position in much greater depth, because I think people are often puzzled by the conclusions and apparent depth of feeling expressed by western apologists for the Chinese regime.

            In some cases we now seem to be saying much the same thing, but in different words.
            The people in your #1 and #3 sound like the exceptions in my last paragraph, don’t they (vital interest in the status quo)? And nobody wants to bother anyone, who does not wish to be so bothered, with politics – unless you mean by “politics”, the freedom to see websites that contain keywords on a list written by those at the highest level of aforementioned exception group.

            Regarding your first 3 paragraphs, the ground of the argument seems to have shifted as if on tectonic plates. Did I really claim that thousands of Chinese try to alter the media systems or political establishments of other countries? You’d have to show me where I did that, sorry.

            Of course, who could dispute with you that immigrants or visitors without political rights cannot participate in politics, or be taken seriously by local politicians – but did Vince somehow give you the impression that that was his aim? To me it sounded like he was letting off steam on Chinasmack. As far as I know it’s tough to get the vote in China, and even the local people often have to go to extraordinary lengths to be taken seriously by any sort of “politician”, even on issues that affect the most basic aspects of their lives and their rights.

            Regarding facebook and youtube, I am sorry that you took these references as the sum total of the complaint (“peanuts”, etc.), but you might want to look at the following news story (in Global Times of all places), and be surprised by the depth of feeling within China, against the GFW:
            Within three hours, nearly 10,000 Web users left messages for the father of the Great Firewall. Few were complimentary..

          • vince

            ill leave u with this if ur behind the great firewall then tough luck. It might give u an idea of the latent oppression that common chinese folk feel. The government is doing a good job with infrastructure and such but it has a long way to go in terms of human rights and related areas. You seem happy with the way things are going in china, but let me tell u something, i can guarantee that if visa rules were more relaxed for chinese and they had the freedom to go to say the west, you can bet your ass you would be the only one left here.
            I have a right to say what i want, its called freedom of speech. Also in response to your comment about me being a guest here, it isn’t for free. I help China by exporting their goods and receiving remuneration for doing so, its mutual. I’m fairly certain i have interacted with people from so many countries it would make ur head spin and im not talking about ‘online’ friends, so don’t give me a lecture on learning about cultures.
            Regarding what PeterScriabin said, you can see i have kindred spirits, you should take your own advice and get out more and truly see what goes on in china as well as understand more about the common man’s problems. While i lived in malaysia i noticed something that irked me the Chinese who came to the college where i used to study at would form closed groups and keep to themselves, all except for my wife. In the end my wife ended up with many friends and a husband while the closed group ended up having learnt nothing new. All im saying is interaction and education with other cultures and races can be fun and healthy. Try it you might be surprised, also no hard feelings everyone has their own point of view. :P

          • mankouzanghua


            i suspect you, vince, and i do agree on a lot of things, the most important of which is never mentioned: we all want chinese people to be able to live fulfilling, productive lives, just like we do.

            “Did I really claim that thousands of Chinese try to alter the media systems or political establishments of other countries?”

            perhaps i stretched your meaning of “expressing anti-western views” to be a little closer to what i perceive many westerners as doing routinely with regard to china.

            “but did Vince somehow give you the impression that that was his aim? To me it sounded like he was letting off steam on Chinasmack.”

            the following quote from vince seems like a highly political statement. at least to me, the strength of the language seemed to imply that he believes he is entitled to some kind of political influence in china: “i would like, nay demand that chinese netizens be given the freedom to access any and all information on the net.”


            i’ve seen this video. if, as you imply, this latent oppression is fiery and widespread enough, i believe the chinese laobaixing to be capable of redressing it the way they see fit. maybe one day they will no longer be willing to accept local corruption but will continue to deal with the firewall. these issues, to me, have at least the potential to be looked at and dealt with separately. you’re free to do a wholesale condemnation of the government and the country, but my (offline) experience tells me that this is not the common sentiment of chinese.

            as for a lot of people wanting to leave for greener pastures, it is true to a degree. it is a developing country with the largest population in the world — and still an extremely POOR population — and the government implements policies that at times restrict individual mobility, rights, and opportunities for the ostensible “greater good.” even with all this, many people who are doing just OK would not ever want to leave china. my chinese family is an example.

            “I have a right to say what i want, its called freedom of speech.”

            as far as i know, you have no right to free speech as a foreigner in china. be found to be publicly condemning the chinese government, and see what happens. my guess is you will be deported, even despite all the help you give them in exporting their goods.

            “Regarding what PeterScriabin said, you can see i have kindred spirits, you should take your own advice…”

            nothing against PeterScriabin, but saying someone else agrees with you means next to nothing. if I asked ten people in the US what the capital of michigan is, most would say it is detroit. but does that make it detroit? (i apologize if you are not from the US – i’m sure PeterScriabin isn’t – and this makes no sense.)

            people from many western countries, i believe, are primed from media exposure at home to have certain attitudes and dispositions toward china. it is not surprising that very many condemn the present situation because of the restrictions, corruption, and censorship, and believe they should do everything they can do to change it. even more, it’s not surprising to me that anyone who even suggests weighing reality with its likely alternatives tends to be roundly condemned as wumao.

          • PeterScriabin

            @ mankouzanghua

            Yes, so right that I, too, want the very best, in future, for all the Chinese peoples. Who knows what strange forces work within us, but I’ve lived in China long enough now that I actually feel much more comfortable and relaxed in a crowd of Chinese people in the 菜市场, than I do among Americans in a US Walmart (where I was this afternoon), despite having previously lived in the US about 30 years (I am English BTW, you were right again).

            I regret the wumao insult. I apologize unreservedly, and quietly salute you for not responding in kind. I am going to have to consider all over again how it might be possible to feel, genuinely and humanely, that the present situation (with all the abominable corruption and stomping on simple human rights – the GF thing is way down on the list, I am the first to admit) is preferable to taking the first, uncertain steps on the road to a better form of government, even if those steps are at first precipitate. No one really knows what the “costs of disruption” would be, but perhaps one cannot accuse any apology for the status quo of being wumao. Again, I apologize.

            And, now for something completely different. Before meeting you, I had never encountered the phrase 满口脏话 (mǎnkǒuzānghuà), which literally might be translated as full-mouth-dirty-speech, and which the online dictionary presents as “foul-mouthed”. Can you please say a bit about how this phrase is actually used? Is it more used to describe a personality or temporary behavior, or what? Incidentally, I have never known you to live up to your moniker, here, although I suspect it must have been good-humoredly awarded to you by your adopted Chinese family. Does a person have to be angry to be 满口脏话, or can it just be bawdy good-humor?

          • vince

            @ mankouzanghua i agree that we do have the same ideals but i wish you would try not to sound so condescending in your posts, but i guess it was done all in the heat of the moment. I do know a small thing like facebook and youtube do make little difference in the lives of ordinary chinese, but there are those being chinese do advocate change such as this guy…i dont want to have to write his name as who knows whether im being watched, lol im just trying to say change and freedom of expression are good when done in a non violent manner, if such a harsh punishment is inflicted on an individual like him, dont u think that something smells fishy? A victory even a small one is still a victory, you gotta start somewhere and read this article as well do u think what he was doing warranted such a response? what would you do in that situation? I know what i would deportation be damned.
            That aside im going to assume ur american, out of genuine curiosity i would like to know doesnt having facebook blocked bother you? i mean im damn sure u must have friends and family back home so i see facebook as a cost effective and convenient tool for communication with my friends and family, so i would like to know how u manage, waiting to hear from you :P

          • vince

            @ mankouzanghua also if i seemed to be impolite to you i am deeply apologetic, discourse should always be kept civil. Wishing you and you family as well as PeterScriabin a belated Chinese new year greeting ^^

        • guizi

          > quite a number of chinese netizens have little to no idea about other countries and cultures.

          On the other hand, Americans know a lot about other countries and cultures, and are always eager to learn foreign languages, that is why they never make any cultural conflicts.

          • vince

            lol i just dont understand why a comparison has to be made, must you care what americans do or think? Ill have to ask u not to be cynical as well, just because a few americans act dumb doesnt mean all of them do. The same goes for chinese as well, i said ‘quite a number of netizens’, i didnt say all netizens.
            If you are going to make comparisons between two races then there are a lot of factors to consider and just stereotyping them due to the actions of some is pointless. Like i said earlier, i would like, nay demand that chinese netizens be given the freedom to access any and all information on the net. I dare you to tell me that none of the information is censored, and that they are free to access whatever they want.

          • guizi

            > lol i just dont understand why a comparison has to be made,

            Comparison is not the main point. I was trying to say that ignorant people exists everywhere regardless censorship, and sometimes in a very bad way.

            About censorship in China, I have the same opinion as you. It should be abolished. They love to use Japan to turn the eyes of Chinese people. As a Japanese, it is not acceptable.

            > just because a few americans act dumb doesnt mean all

            I dont think there is such people who think all Americans are such such, all Chinese are this, all Japanese are that. But sorry if you think that I am such people because I forgot to write a note, or “not all of them”, “quite a few”, “not everyone of them” or similar word.

            > If you are going to make comparisons between two races

            As I wrote above, the comparison between two races is not the main point.

            Talking about comparison, lots of people compare between the west and other like China or Japan. But do they really know all the western countries and speak all their languages? America and France are very different culturally and politically for example. I have seen lots of English teachers and people on the Internet forum compare this way. They sounded like they are above all the west, even though they seldom speak foreign languages.

          • vince

            hope u didnt take offence by my post, if i said anything that might seem insulting then i sincerely apologize, you have made a lot of valid points and i see eye to eye with you, luckily i know french, arabic and various other languages as well as the chance to interact with people from so many countries and i feel blessed to have had that opportunity. No one country is superior, but i do believe that a thirst for knowledge and understanding can make a person better, people who think they are above others are just plain idiots. Thanks for ur further input. :)

      • Tommy


        I know China has those self-censored, knock off versions, which always seem to be playing catchup with the West. Is the Chinese internet an internet of “second-bests”?

        Or, as I said before, I may be ignorant…

        • dim mak


          Both Baidu Baike and Hoodong have equal number of articles compared to English Wikipedia. Renren has a superior interface to Facebook. Youku and Tudou offer better quality streaming for more videos. The moment language barriers come down, the world will find itself using Chinese brands.

          • vince

            no, be realistic, facebook has a lot more functionality than renren i should know cause i use both of them, youku and toudou have good streaming for the simple reason their servers are located locally, also i doubt they would come close to the number and variety of videos available on youtube. In any case they serve their purpose so thats that.

        • mankouzanghua

          this is just a general perspective i have on a lot of things cross-culturally (take it or leave it):

          why have a strong opinion on something before you know that much about it? before you know enough to predict and understand what the “other side” would say to explain and defend their perspective?

          • vince

            you know thats some good advice, but what about people who actually know what they are talking about? I mean how would u be able to distinguish between those who have genuine opinions vs those talking out of their assess? Its just not possible, the best thing to do would be to form your own opinion and not giving a crap about anybody else’s provided that you have actually done a bit of research first!

          • mankouzanghua

            always force yourself to play devil’s advocate.

            about distinguishing among people, if you’re actually trying, it’s usually pretty easy to tell after a very brief interaction.

          • vince

            brief interaction eh? to each his own, i prefer taking my time to know someone cause if u actually do that, u might notice things that you did not at first glace, dont be in a rush, take time and smell the roses friend.

    • guizi

      > I feel like the Chinese internet is a children’s swimming pool

      Children? I dont think so. Chinese Internet users are doing fine and brave.

      > Or it could be that I can’t read Chinese and don’t know what is actually out there…

      Could be this.

  • Technowolf

    LOL “my daughter is already so old now… .was born in 1985″. Chinese parents are awesome, putting so much unnecessary pressure on their kids, Chinese parents rock!

  • BF of Lulu

    Gan Lulu Im available… ^_^

  • Joe

    Whore. Do not want.

    • keius

      Well, it’s obvious that she’s been around the block and made her rounds. I think everyone implicitly understands this. This is why they talked about her ‘shameful’ past. I think she’s looking for a rich guy who doesn’t mind her history. And that this PR stunt is designed to try and put herself in as good a light as possible.

  • Sarah

    hey I don’t think this is a publicity stunt. I mean it’s hardly going to enhance her career everyone thinking she is so desperate to find a boyfriend, that she would post a naked video of herself on the internet. I think the whole thing wasnt very well thought out.

    • keius

      I think it was pretty well thought out. A little risky though. Chinese netizen’s reactions can sometimes be very unpredictable. So far, it looks like mixed reactions but i think it’s generated the interest that they wanted.
      I can almost guarantee that she’s prob had quite a number of boyfriends already…who prob thought of her as a disposable whore….unfortunately.

      • donscarletti

        Honestly, “disposable whore” is the impression I get from that video.

        She just lies down there naked on the bed in a position which would allow her to be penetrated and says she wants you to be her boyfriend. Seriously, KTV小姐 are rarely that suggestive.

        Why not just appear with clothes on, ask to meet some guys, find a nice one then get naked for him?

        • Ethan

          “Why not just appear with clothes on, ask to meet some guys, find a nice one then get naked for him?”

          1.5 Million views is why.

      • Irvin

        Well……..I would take her for anything other than a disposable whore. The vid and the whole story is faker than the news in cctv anyway.

  • Curt

    Please update article with her contact information. A rich, hot actress? SIGN ME UP!

  • Curren$y

    She looks so different from her pictures. Is this the power of Photoshop and cosmetics? If her plea is sincere, I hope she finds the man of her dreams.

  • Michael

    –Mother never did end up scrubbing Lulu’s back.
    –It’s all a PR stunt, but who cares.

  • Of Canada

    Word of warning guys. . . if you marry a chinese girl. . make sure you like her mother because you will also be marrying the meddlesome mother. Mostly the mothers just want a grandson out of the deal so they won’t be so lonely.

    People always talk about imbalance of male vs. female population in china. but I don’t see evidence of it yet. . Lots of pretty girls can’t find a boyfriend there. . or maybe they are just too picky?

    • Ethan

      The boys without wives are mostly in the countryside, boys in the cities can generally afford to marry.

    • Westarn Wolf

      As a teacher in China I see the ratio rather well. I have noticed the same as you for the ones old enough to marry or date. High school on up there is a pretty even match up with possibly more girls than boys. Historically this is actually the norm for China.

      That said, when you look at all the children under the age of 10 years old you will notice a distinct increase in the number of boys to girls. This is a generation problem that will have an impact on China in about 15 years. I have read theories on why this has happened but would love to hear what you people think. I have looked closely into this as I just had a daughter here and was shocked to learn they refuse to tell me the gender at the hospital. I asked why and they said high rate of abortion if it is a girl. The one child law coupled with the current laws on caring for your parents when they are old are the reasons I think this is happening.

      I also have first hand experience with the “mother-in-law” in a not so favorable way. The pressure from family on mirage here is astounding! I would love some insight on this as well. Thanks,
      Western Wolf

  • Freakboy

    Such a loving mother and such a beautiful daughter. I want to marry her.
    I can see that they are very genuine and trusting family.

  • MadeInChina

    her boobs look so soft and milky…i can play with them all day =)

  • greater

    leave it all discussions….i want her uncensored video…if mom dont have anyprob in taking daughetes video then why they do censored?? common frnds give links if u got incensored video.

  • boredatwork

    Let’s all hate on those who don’t believe their image should be one of absolute purity but one of reality. After all, it’s much better to pretend to be pure than be honest about yourself isn’t it?

  • Pvt. Joker

    Did mom try putting out a for sale sign out by the door?

    Stunt or not mom, you’ll find my qualifications are average and in the finance department I’m close to beggar status – so when we should set this up?

  • dim mak

    I’d hit them both

  • Ralf

    Ha ha, She’s a Tiger-Pimp Mom!!

  • Kit

    Beautiful girl I would marry her in a heartbeat

  • Of Canada

    Amazing what make-up and hair can do for Chinese girls. . . She has a bit of a butter face and slumping shoulders. . soft body.. .but if you look at her pro photos. . totally transformed to a 10.

    Never trust those pro photos chinese girls use on dating websites.

  • kongshou

    never mind that

  • Madworld

    Both mother & sister have same head band in both the videos. The mother is wearing same clothes in apology video. Seems both these videos were shooted on same day.

  • McCurry

    Obviously a stunt, why? because the mother didn’t even bother give out contact info

  • BR

    Shit, now everyone has seen this skank naked besides me? I thought I was the only one. The full shot is nothing short of disgusting. Without the push up bra, her upper-womanhood hangs down and looks like two grapefruits in a pair of old athletic socks.

  • ShittyKitty

    I totally believe them.

  • BR

    I’ve seen her fully au naturale and her teets hang down like two grapefuits in a pair of old athletic socks.

  • donscarletti

    What does this video make me think? “我想干露露”

  • Ec

    This video matches her personality perfectly, Fake.

  • Irvin

    “A less questionable method of finding boyfriends, girlfriends, and prospective marriage partners. Personals @ chinaSMACK.”

    Ahhhhhhh hahahahahahaha good one lol

    To be honest I think she’s probably a high class prostitute or part of some new schemes. I honestly don’t believe someone with her looks can have trouble finding boyfriends.

    Even if she really IS an actress or a body model, you can be sure she doing alot more than just act or model, because all actress in china sleep their way into the business. It’s just impossible to make it in the entertainment industry in china with selling your moral first. That’s just how it is.

    I’m Irvin and this is china.

    • F

      is that the irvin i know? very probably, the same cynical and angry young man as the one i know. if so, fancy to meet you here… how small this world can be… and i am thinking how stupid i was… but never mind, i have got over you, life goes on.. kinda weird i talk to u here, but i guess no one here knows you or me, and it is small chance that we can talk as freely as before, be still, i hope things wouldn’t be that weird. and we still can be friends, although i think that’s not easy…

    • Eu

      Is it possible to make it in the entertainment industry anywhere in the world without selling your morals first?

  • jw

    i’am sold, so who do i write the cheque to?

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  • WCWC

    This is a joke video, the pair are in some sort of sitcom:

  • cb4242

    For sure the woman is looking for a sugar daddy! And I wonder how many times this chick went under the knife? Me thinks one too many! The woman just looks too artificial and made up! Wouldn’t touch it with a 10 foot pole.

  • Dan Danger

    There is an African American here in China who just had his pig girlfriend taken away, he will need another one if he does not got to jail.

    • cb4242

      What? Leave the drugs alone buddy. Bad for you!

  • Ronal

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  • Alice

    Well… what can I say other then it’s some publicity stunt to gain attention. Eh~ the girl doesn’t look to bad but to me she seems a bit desperate. To find a guy she should be herself, and not some attention seeking whore. ;DD Anyway it was kind of interesting but I’m bound to forget about it by tomorrow. :)


  • Ryo

    If she can do all these moves here:

    Where do I sign up?

    Or better yet, how much do I have to pay? She is damn hot!

  • ram

    hey!!! what’s up with you guys!!! she looks pretty and nice, besides its just a job, everybody works for a living, if we were still in the caveman days, we would go out hunting for food, but then again that’s still called working to survive isn’t it? the stunt with the mother doesn’t matter!!! why wont guys go over their heels for her?, I know I would….

    by the way I’m still single!!!! do want to hook up miss lulu?

    • Cb4242

      Wow! Amazing! What is so attractive on a woman that cosmetically alters her face and now looks like the Joker?!
      The woman looks artificial and is just gross, not to mention too skinny, no curves or shape. At best she looks decent enough to be in a cheap low budget adult video movie. The mother looks the same too. Cheap looking people. I think natural is the best. A pity they both don’t fit into that category.

      • Ana

        She is actually ”fatter” than a lot of Asian girls. She HAS curves…..Yu’re just blind, or you’re a chubby-chaser.

  • BT

    They’ve really lost the plot.. but i suspect the conflict of the new world and older cultural pressures is at play here.

    But this is just weird. I mean, they don’t seem like bad people or anything.. It’s either publicity-madness or plain madness. Either way: i think they need our empathy. And some therapy..

  • Zelus et Radix

    She has sum nice tits

  • Lelo

    Finish the case. I marry with Gan Lulu.

  • steve

    some chinese are to small minded , get into the 21 century .

  • Ill Marry Her

    If she gains 15 lbs and moves to the US, I’d marry her in a second. Seriously.

  • Airy

    WOW given that Funna gave a very clear description of what have happened, the comments below was nothing better than those in China.
    This is just a pure cupware that reflect the problem of not only lulu and many girls in the modeling/entertainment field.
    Given the plea that lulu gave, I would even argue that posting such event are not even moral. Afterall, the situation is getting out of control and might even impact lulu’s career in a negative way.
    I feel like I’m consuming other people’s tragedy.

    On a side note: fuck PR stunt team if the entire thing is staged, you’ve consumed my last bit of ability to trust anything for the next 3 years.

  • Koreansentry

    This is outrageous, no Korean or Japanese mothers would do this to their daughters. This Chinese mother is obviously pimping out and wanting to sell her daughter to the highest bidder.

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