‘Between the Mountains and the Sea’ by Chunqiu

Spring and Autumn Band

Although Spring and Autumn is a heavy metal band, it incorporates elements of traditional Chinese music into its music style. The band advocates for abiding by the laws of Nature and maintaining balance in and outside the world of music. ‘Between the Mountains and the Sea’ is included in the band’s 2006 eponymous album Spring and Autumn.  


Composer: Yang Meng
Lyrics: Yang Meng
Singer: Spring and Autumn Band

Lyrics (Original Chinese, Pinyin Romanization, and English Translation):

hū huàn zhe shān
Calling out to the mountains

wǒ de shēng yīn zǒng bèi fēng dǎ duàn
My voice is always cut off by the wind

shí fāng wú yìng duì
Not a response comes from the Ten Directions [Note: The phrase “ten directions” comes from Buddhism, referring to north, south, east, west, northeast, southeast, southwest, northwest, above and below.]

gū yì rù wán kōng
I insist in entering the void [Note: 顽空 (wán kōng) is a word from Buddhism, meaning space where nothing exists.]


yī yo
Yi yo

mèng xǐng réng rán zài mèng zhōng
Waking from a dream, but still remaining in the dream

yī yo
Yi yo

mèng xǐng réng rán hái yǒu mèng
Waking from a dream, but still remaining in the dream

hū huàn zhe hǎi
Calling out to the sea

wǒ de shēng yīn zǒng bèi làng pái chuān
My voice is always overwhelmed by the waves

màn màn fú shì tú
Throughout this long long journey in the mundane world

cháng gē sòng bēi huān
I sing incessantly seeing off happiness and sorrow


ràng wǒ de xīn chí míng jìng zài dǎ kāi
May my heart be open again [Note: 心池明镜 (xīn chí míng jìng) The “pond of the heart and the clear mirror” are the Buddhist symbols of one’s heart.]

wǒ qī dài zhē yī shùn jiān
I’m looking forward to this moment

nà huì shì líng gǎn pēn sǎ
That would be a night when inspiration spills everywhere

fàn yīn huà jìn tòng kǔ yǔ bēi shāng
Overtones would dissolve pains and sadness [Note: Overtones refer to Buddhist overtone chanting.]

líng tīng zì jǐ de mài luō yǔ xīn xián
Listening to my own impulses and the voice of my heart

wǒ zài shān hǎi jiān zuò wàng
I sit still, meditating between the mountains and the sea [Note: 坐忘 (zuò wàng) is a Buddhist concept of consciously reorganizing one’s perception of self and world.]

gǎn shòu zhè kuān guǎng de shí kōng yǔ suǒ ài
[and] feeling this vast time and space as well as what I love

wú lùn nǎ fāng huì shì zhēn de bǐ àn
no matter which direction will lead to the real other shore [Note: In Buddhism, 彼岸 (bǐ àn) the other shore refers to the state that transcends the concerns of life and death.]

Lead singer Yang Meng from Spring and Autumn Band

Lead Singer Yang Meng

Guitarist Guo Yiguang aka Kaiser Kuo (right) from Spring and Autumn Band

Guitarist Guo Yiguang/Kaiser Kuo (right)

Guitarist Kou Zhengyu from Spring and Autumn Band

Guitarist Kou Zhengyu

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    Where’s the Grateful dead when you need them?

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    Why do you always have to post the shittest quality videos?

    Grateful Dead? This is not a fucking a let’s eat LSD jam 420 hours straight maaaaaaaaaaaaan, it’s fucking METAL.


    This is more representative of their work even if the recording still sounds like shit.


    RENSI RENSI please go back to posting POP SONGS thank you.

    I’m not a jackass like the rest, I don’t mind if you post these. But stick to POP song and please try to find stuff that has decent sound quality.

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    another one of their songs more rep. of who they are

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      Let’s eat lsd to this ya’ll

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    Finally a break from shitty generic pop music.

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