‘Would You Make a Mistake for Me’ by Jeff Chang

Jeff Chang aka Zhang Xinzhe

《你会为我犯错吗》 ‘Would You Make a Mistake for Me’ is one of the latest singles by 45-year-old Taiwanese singer 张信哲 Jeff Chang/Zhang Xinzhe. Dubbed the “Prince of Love Ballads” in the Chinese pop world, Jeff Chang has been well-known across Taiwan, Hong Kong, Southeast Asia and mainland China since 1989. No music video has been released for this song yet, but controversies have been stirred up about whether this song encourages cheating and infidelity.


Composer: Chen Youcang
Lyrics: Li Gedi
Singer: Jeff Chang/Zhang Xinzhe

Lyrics (Original Chinese, Pinyin Romanization, and English Translation):


tā men shuō nǐ shì yí gè wán měi de nǚ rén
They say you are a perfect woman

měi cì wǒ zhǐ néng yuǎn yuǎn de kàn nǐ
Every time I can only watch you from afar

tā men shuō ài wǒ shì yì zhǒng duò luò
They say loving me is a fall from grace

měi cì wǒ zhǐ néng tōu tōu de xiǎng nǐ
Every time I can only miss you secretly


你的眼睛 带我盲目到处地流浪
nǐ de yǎn jing dài wǒ máng mù dào chù de liú làng
Your eyes lead me to roam aimlessly

你的心是我 从没有旅行过的地方
nǐ de xīn shì wǒ cóng méi yǒu lǔ xíng guò de dì fāng
Your heart is a place I’ve never traveled


nǐ huì wèi wǒ fàn cuò ma
Would you make a mistake for me?

wǒ huì shì nǐ fàn de dì yí gè cuò ma
Would I be the first mistake you make?

cuò wù bǐ wán měi gèng yǒu yì si bú shì ma
Mistakes are more interesting than perfection, aren’t they?

wǒ shuō cuò le ma
Am I wrong?




nǐ huì yīn wèi wǒ shuō cuò ér ài wǒ ma
Would you love me for saying something wrong?

nǐ huì yīn wèi fàn cuò ér gèng ài nǐ zì jǐ ma
Would you love yourself more for making the mistake?

cuò wù bǐ zhèng què gèng jiā làng màn bú shì ma
Mistakes are more romantic than what’s proper, aren’t they?

nǐ huì ài wǒ ma
Would you love me?

tā men shuō nǐ shì yí gè wán měi de nǚ rén
They say you are a perfect woman

měi cì wǒ zhǐ néng yuǎn yuǎn de kàn nǐ
Every time I can only look at you from a distance


nǐ huì ma
Would you?

Jeff Chang's 1996 album Miss

Jeff Chang's 2010 album Genesis

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  • shaari

    I understand the reasoning that popular music in China can give an understanding of culture better, but some of these songs aren’t even that popular. Are you posting songs that are popular amongst young Chinese or simply ones you like? I asked a few female friends if they liked Unreachable and thought it was quite boring. Even a few K-pop songs are more popular, at least in clubs, perhaps some of those can be posted.

    • Rensi

      I translate songs that are popular and learner-friendly. ‘Unreachable’ came out in 2000 and was the No.1 song on demand in KTVs http://music.douban.com/subject/1828011/ It has had various videos and millions of views http://www.soku.com/search_video/q_%E5%88%B0%E4%B8%8D%E4%BA%86 Several singers have covered this song. It’s a classic and slow-paced love ballad that I thought would be appropriate for Chinese learners.

      • linette lee

        Rensi, I do not know any of these chinese singers that you keep posting. If these are the chinese singers that are popular, then they are only popular inside China.
        Popular chinese singers will be more like these.
        eg.. jolin tsai, stefanie sun, Jay chou…etc…

        jolin real man 大丈夫

        jolin the great artist 大藝術家

        Jay hip hop flight attendants

        Jay featuring kobe bryant for sprite commercial.

        jay herbalist manuel

        jay nonsensical

        • elizabeth

          He already said it – it’s appropriate for Chinese learners and
          learner-friendly. The purpose of these posts are not solely to cater to
          individual fancies.

          • Rensi

            She… ;)

      • Strangerland

        Rensi, I’m one of those student who learn through song lyric- in my opinion your translations help me alot. And I do like unreachable- especially when I have nasty broken heart- it’s very great to listen. Don’t listen ot naysayer- I can’t say I dislike lyrics like unreachable- they’re far easier to learn than the mroe complex one hahahaha.
        Thanks for your postings.

        • Rensi

          Glad to know that! Thanks!!

  • Elijah

    Is it just me or does it seem that chinese pop music is more Artificial Sweetener than substance?

    Now granted, these lyrics are the first ones I’ve seen in a while with any meaning behind them, but it just feels a bit like the old prole woman singing computer made songs outside Winston Smith’s secret lovenest.

    I’ll have to ask Canney what songs she enjoys singing. Also which are the ones she gets requested to sing when she’s doing on of her shows.

    • jennster

      not really. english translation just makes chinese meaning sound more simple like kids talking. the english language is easy because of it.

  • the ace of books

    He’s 45? Don’t look it.

    Also: damn son, is he ever good-looking. Don’t think I’d make a mistake for him, but if he wanted to go for a beer I’m down.

    • Kai

      He looks a little like Patrick Swayze to me.

  • jeffli

    this guy needs to attend the Jack Black / tenacious D, school of songwriting and performing. currently his songs suck the ballsweat!
    looking for a Chinese Meatloaf or Marilon /manson or sepulchura

  • linette lee

    The young chinese they listen to these. They like idols. Not the artificial sweetener type of music.

    fahrenheit superhot

    fahrenheit playing their instruments in the concert

    show lo count on me

    show lo only you

    • Jennster

      <3 this song

      • linette lee

        Who is this girl?? I love her voice. She reminds me of cranberries.

        I had to go google her and she is very talented. She writes her songs and plays instruments…very nice!! Anymore songs from her? 曲婉婷 song wanting.

        If you like her you probably like cranberries

        Ode to my family


        when you’re gone


        • linette lee

          Many chinese like this band too. They are good band.

          五月天 星空 starry skyhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RTUwaCImChM&feature=related

          • linette lee

      • Rensi
  • Jennster

    this guy is famous for this song (in ipod): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FrDFcxwUmQk

    • linette lee

      oh I see, he is the original singer of this song. This was a very famous song. So he was famous back in the 90s. I heard different version of this song. This is the one I heard by Jacky cheung. Jacky was very famous back in the 80 and 90s. The Hk people love him.

      張學友 愛如潮水

      • Jennster

        yeah. oldie but a goodie :)

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