Boy Defecates in Guangzhou Subway, Netizens Shocked

The boy is defecating in public.

From Sina Weibo:

@李小冷S:  I was shocked today, this is a scene I witnessed on Subway Line 3. You are not mistaken, that child is in the corner taking a shit!! And it was a huge one!! His father was calmly standing beside him, and judging from their clothes, their family’s situation condition shouldn’t be bad, but their family’s education is obviously lacking, not evening knowing how to hold their shit!!!

The boy is defecating in public.

Comments from Sina Weibo:


Some people’s characters are truly unbelievable.


There should be a barbed mace always provided in the subway, so so whoever fucking dares to go ahead and relieve himself wherever he pleases will get his asshole stuffed, fuck, so fucking disgusting!~[抓狂][怒]


At every stop there’s a bathroom for you to use, so what reason do you guys have for doing this? Already such a big boy, do you not feel ashamed? We‘re all embarrassed for you!!!


Faint… That’s the subway, little brother, it’s an enclosed public environment and there’s even so many people, even dogs and cats wouldn’t shit in this kind of situation!


So NB! This kid is definitely going to have an intrepid life in the future! Damn, just what kind of family upbringing could raise such a fucking kid?[鄙视]


If it was seen by me, I’d kick the shit out of his dad. And he’d shit even more than his son.


Sigh~ I really don’t want to forward/reshare this~~ the characters of our countrymen!!! A few days ago while reading the news~ even countries like the Philippines and Vietnam look down on Chinese tourists, saying how we shit wherever we please~ And I thought they were bullshitting~ Turns out its really true [“with photos there is truth”]!!


To do such a thing, this kid must’ve also been under a lot of pressure… [really, REALLY had to go.]


Heavens, is this real? Come on, this is too ridiculous. [吃惊][吃惊][吃惊]


Can’t even control your own shit, how do you hope to control your own life? [鄙視][鄙視][哼][哼]


I’ve also experienced my son wanting to defecate when he was on the subway with me. We hurried off at the next stop, found a corner, and put newspapers [on the floor]. [呵呵]


Do you have to be so unrestrained in a public area? [生病]


Perhaps he’s a terrorist? Releasing a poisonous gas bomb in the train carriage! Fuck, SB!


Does no one think the subway company is responsible?


It takes courage for a big boy like him to do this kind of thing.


Little friend, was your dad hungry?


Wearing slippers, taking a dump, this “performance art” sure has its swagger.


This fucking kid has once again refreshed my world view.


Why didn’t you film it? Such a waste, if it was uploaded to a video website it’d definitely go viral. What a kid.


Oh my God! I can smell it just reading this weibo, I’d be damned if I was actually there…

From NetEase:

Boy Defecates in a Guangzhou Subway Carriage, Parents don’t Clean It

Summary: Recently a netizen posted a weibo claiming that while she was on the Guangzhou Subway Line 3, she saw a boy defecating in the train car in front of the passengers, while his father stood calmly nearby. Nobody in the carriage paid any attention, and the boy’s parents left without cleaning up the mess. Some passengers indicated that restrooms generally cannot be found in the subway stations, while the subway authorities responded that one can ask subway staff for help in emergencies.

“You are not mistaken, that child is in the corner taking a shit!!” November 10, netizen “李小冷S” saw a shocking scene at Guangzhou Subway Line 3: As the subway was on its way from Chigangta stop to Kecun stop, a boy in the corner of the train suddenly squatted down to defecate. At the time, her mother awkwardly apologized in a low voice, while his father stood nearby. “Little Shit Brother” immediately aroused public indignation on the internet.


Comments from NetEase:

网易上海市手机网友 ip:101.83.*.*:

The main thing is this kid’s psychological quality is strong enough [to do such a thing and not care].

janelove000 [网易广东省广州市天河区网友]:

In public in front of everyone and he’s still able to shit it out!

sgmrsvq [网易上海市手机网友]:

He’s not human, he’s a beast of burden.

网易江苏省手机网友 ip:117.136.*.*:

Foreigners will look down on Chinese even more after seeing this, especially if people from Hong Kong and Taiwan see.

网易英国手机网友 ip:78.145.*.*:

China is regressing into a country like India where people relieve themselves anywhere they want.

大中华狩鸡网友 [网易浙江省杭州市手机网友]:

[He] was only born, not raised.

polariszsy1 [网易美国手机网友]:

He’s got balls!

1242355330 [网易北京市手机网友]:

This boy will certainly be somebody in the future, his psychological quality is extremely strong, calm and steady, tough against pressure, will do anything to achieve his goals, is a tough character.

网易广东省手机网友 ip:117.136.*.*:

I never knew the subway was that advanced.

qiaomu1980 [网易天津市网友]:

I also have a child! Children definitely will have this kind of situation at any time, but, I always bring along tissues and stuff like that in case of an emergency! For a child to be like this is completely a failure of the parents, because the parents don’t have a sense of public/civic virtue! Don’t always explain this as the child can’t hold it or whatever, what are the parents doing?

An additional report and Taiwanese netizen reactions below, by Stuart Dingle:

From Apple Daily Taiwan:

Scary, Middle School Student Defecates Inside Subway Carriage.

A few days ago a Guangzhou netizen posted a photo on ‘Weibo’, saying ‘On Guangzhou’s subway line 3 I saw this scene, you are not mistaken, that kid is shitting in the corner! And it is a big pile! His dad is calmly standing by his side, from the look of their clothes it seems their home environment isn’t bad, but their family education is too weak, can’t even hold their shit.

The incident immediately caused heated debate among netizens, some criticized: ‘This is so disgusting, he should still be a student, if this is seen by his classmates and teachers, what kind of impression will they have, is it possible that Chinese people’s quality cannot improve?’ while others ridiculed, ‘even pets like cats and dogs can shit in toilets themselves’, questioning ‘Can he be considered human?’

Comments on Facebook:

Lin Chun-Hung:

Mainlanders have no culture [are uncivilized]!!!

萊 茵德:

Very typical!! Shina people have always been this way!

Lai Suga:

Our family dog is better trained than him.

Pei Yi Tseng:

When I went to America I saw a mainlander who had just entered the country urinate at the airport [publicly, not in a restroom].

Edward Tseng:

In China, this is not unexpected.

Forest Lin:

Finally it can be loudly proclaimed: China is a free and open country!

Dorian Wang:

Is there really no one who admires his courage?

Pablo Kuo:

At least he’s holding some toilet paper (?)… Or is that a dove (??????)


Taiwan is no different! When I was working at McDonald’s, even though there was obviously a toilet, someone still let their child just shit in the playground, and they weren’t the least bit embarrassed. Don’t laugh at China, Taiwan just doesn’t report these things, but we are all children of the yellow emperor!


This also requires courage~

What do you think? Do you think the child simply needed to go and could not hold it any longer? Or do you think this behavior is simply due to poor upbringing?

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  • Rick in China

    It’s amusing to me how everyone is so incredibly nonchalant when parents let their 5 year old squat and piss into the drainage next to supermarket ‘fresh’ fish or vegetables areas, or randomly shit/piss literally anywhere at anytime on the side of the street – yet it’s the exact opposite *revolt* reaction when it’s a slightly older kid..

    The difference? None, really. It’s the same shit/piss. They’re both equally revolting.

    What is the cutoff age? Is there a social norm where “4 is fine, 6 is inhuman, 5 is just OK but should be weaned off public shitting/pissing”.

    • Arvi

      In Beijing for Halloween with many people going to a club in a bus, we stopped to pee, but many peed near a restaurant, so they owner said: “How old are you to pee in the street like that?”. A guy replied: “Your kids pee and poo in the street, it’s the same :)” (not so smart from him, I agree..). Cooks arrived with their knives and 40 people wanted to kill the guy, after 30mn he gave an apology then we could leave (But they even called police, while they tried to kill him and destroyed his shirt).

      • Rick in China

        I’ve peed in public before, most people have – but it’s pretty common sense to try to find a bush or somewhere with some semblance of dirt or foliage before whipping yer dick out and letting loose.. I don’t have a big issue with a kid peeing somewhere behind something, but that’s a far call from peeing cock facing street pants around ankles on the middle of a sidewalk, or in a supermarket/other place selling fresh goods..

        I’m kinda shocked that they went so far as to bring out knives and gather a big group because buddy was peeing, but it’s likely his comment is what triggered a whole patriotic “how dare you insult our countrymen by pointing out clear facts!” mob like group. It’s also possible they are just pent up from all the other oppression in their lives and saw an opportunity to let some of that oppression out on a foreigner who likely had no ‘guanxi’ to get away from them unscathed.

        • pkoi

          “Most people have”, speak for yourself.

          • ShuangXi

            What a hypocritical statement. While touting ‘speak for yourself’ you are invariably declaring ‘most people have not’

            Edit: didn’t mean to come off as attacking you, but still maintain my point

          • Rick in China

            I don’t know, most people I know, at some time in their life, have ran behind a tree in a park emergency, stopped off on the highway and ran off into whatever bushes are nearby, found a less-than-desirable alley or garbage can to take a quick leak in a more urban setting, or one of many more situations where there’s no toilet accessible and your bladder is about to pop.

            That’s not even similar to dropping a load of shit in a subway car or on the sidewalk, and I think pretty much everyone can “relate”, even if they’re the Immaculate Urinator like “pkoi”.. maybe he’s just trolling.

          • ShuangXi

            If it wasn’t clear, I was agreeing with you. I don’t think I know anybody (at least not guys) that hasn’t at least once taken a leak outside.

          • Rick in China

            It was clear, I was trying to join your criticism of that Immaculate Urinator :D

          • Xio Gen

            There’s pissing against a tree in the park or in an alley and then there’s shitting on a subway. Two very very different things.

        • LeilaM12

          I’d say “most men” have, not most people. I have never peed in public (unless bushes in a park as a child is ‘public’ for you), but I have seen so so so many men just get their dong out. It often scares me. I guess cause I’m never sure whether these are exhibitionists or whether (as has happened several times to me) they’ll make comments like “you need to see it once I’m done. It’s this big”.

          • Rick in China

            Men more likely than women, but, MOST PEOPLE. You said it right, bushes in a park *is* public, unless it was a…. “private park”? Public is a pretty broad term, but yes, peeing in/behind/on/under (gravity) a bush is generally a public place, if it were private hopefully it would have a washroom.

            To digress, “as a child” in your post, is essentially my original post’s question. When does it go from appropriate to inappropriate to piss (or in the article’s case shit) in a public, as in not public toilet or privately owned toilet, place? Is it OK for a 3 year old to pee behind a bush in a park? Is it OK for a 65 year old woman to pee behind a bush in a park? Lets drag it more to context: is it OK for a 10 year old boy to take a massive shit in a closed train? What if it’s a 3 year old with split pants?

            If you’ve never pee’d behind a bush in a park, well, applause. If you have, great, that’s where people (and animals) naturally pee. If you shit in front of your best friend with a smile before dinner, however, I have to question your upbringing..not only as a modern human being within society, but just natural animal that I know of happily shits in front of it’s peers beyond fish, and that’s only because they can’t take a look around to see their loafs playing a game of sink or swim.

            Edit note: IF it was your responsibility, as a parent, to raise a child..and that child took a shit in a place that wasn’t yours, is it not your responsibility to clean up afterwards? The question behind this whole series is about the fundamental notion of “Should I leave my own waste in a public place”. This story is no different than the missing-finger-bitch. She dropped her wrappers on the street like it was her street, in a public place, this little fat face “shit brother” dropped a big loaf of meat behind for his Chinese brethren to clean up. Some people bitch about “foreigners don’t care about family, they’re brought up to be independent” – well, if independence means not expecting someone else to clean up my bread wrapper on the street or loaf of shit on a subway, I say, GO INDEPENDENCE.

        • bert

          That’s the problem, he pointed out facts. Chinese hate it when you know the truth about them. They really just HATE it.

          • boom

            thank you have said it all

      • Kai

        The owner’s kids probably don’t pee and poo in the street and the only thing common between his kids and the kids you’re thinking of is that they’re Chinese.

        It’s not because of your buddy simply peeing in public, it’s because your buddy simply insulted him with a brash generalization, kinda like telling a black guy to mind his own business because “his kind” does the same thing he’s criticizing you of doing. From his perspective, he’s making a legit criticism, and your buddy was deflecting and insulting him in the process.

        It didn’t need to escalate to cooks and cleavers but it’s pretty simple to understand.

        • Arvi

          He was not my buddy and there were peeing in bushes, near a restaurant (I admit it was too close, that’s why I moved, and he shouldn’t have said that). Of course I know they attacked him for what he said, but they almost killed him, and called the police to ask for an apology, he was new here, I think he won’t make the same mistake again :)

          • Kai

            Sorry, I was using “buddy” because Rick did.

          • Rick in China

            There is nothing wrong with the term “buddy” and that shouldn’t be the focus of the discussion here between you two – ‘buddy” doesn’t imply close friend, it could also be an acquaintance or anything in-between, including “drinking buddies” – and in the way he phrased his story he was travelling with a troupe, whether you know his mother’s maiden name or not he’s yer buddy, at least for the night.

            Either way, you and I were both on the same page in terms of response – it’s the comments that often set people off rather than the “questionably-reasonably” actions.

            If I were in the foreign troupe, I’d be on their side – if I were in the restaurateurs group I’d probably support them, also..neither is really right, as both have a point, but the fact that it escalated so far is kind of comical and proves that both of your groups had real men in them to the point that they’d back their current positions regardless of who was sensibly and logically “right” morally.

            Grats to everyone, nobody dead, nobody arrested, but an eventful night that will provide story to many for years to come. I’ll have a story for some of you tomorrow evening. :D

        • xi ding dong

          it’s because in china there is no society, all these headless chicken running around there only care about themself and their money so they can buy valueless bullshit to show off to other headless chicken. noone is even in the slightest aware of the existence of other individuals, not anywehre near caring about the impact of their greed and ignorance to the chinese nation

      • Xio Gen

        The difference is kids don’t know any better (except this kid looked to be almost in high school, so that’s no excuse). If you’re a grown man and you’re pissing in public, not even asking the restaurant owner if you could use the bathroom, that’s dirty and rude. You’re just an asshole. You and your friends were in the wrong. The fact that he didn’t even own up to it is the reason they got even angrier. If it took 30 minutes to finally come up with an apology, who’s fault is it?

    • Cleo

      I feel like there is hatred for parenting and for grandparenting to not protect the dignity of the kid who I bet isn’t in THAT urgent need that they can’t rush to find proper facilities. It’s really treating the child like a dog or cat that is a hassle to tend to.

      It’s a pity that it wouldn’t actually hurt them to have the child taken away from them – they would raise a stink for the sake of face unfortunately.

      You could take a picture of the parent or grandparent who promotes this – because it’s not natural for a child to want to do this – even cats prefer privacy for their litterbox locations.

      • Rick in China

        I agree completely that it’s not natural. Part of my point above is that when the kid is trained to shit/piss literally anywhere, including extremely public places with their spread eagle youth vag hanging over a garbage at a busy supermarket or cock-in-mom’s-hand pointed towards traffic, they’re being trained that this is normal.

        That’s why I don’t really get the whole idea of why everyone in the comments was so extremely disgusted….because nobody seems to be disgusted when young kids are in the same situation. I want to know why/when it turns from being fine to completely disgusting. As long as people are buying/selling/using crotch-less pants, this will always be the case.

        • Southernortherner

          because its a big country..and you are looking at the comments of people on social networking sites who know how to use the computer..have you heard of thinking before speaking..

    • Righteous American

      In China they have diapers but people are niggardly about using them. It is cheaper and more convenient to let children go to the bathroom where they stand, whether its on the sidewalk, street, hallway, or subway. This is a pervasive characteristic of China that is truly shameful and embarrassing for them.

      • Rick in China

        Cheaper and more convenient? No.

        Cheaper, no, more convenient, yes – why… diapers are not limited to disposable diapers. My mother grew up poor and my older brothers spent their younger years in reusable diapers. Cloth meant to absorb, be washed, and reused…like super-thick alcoholic-style underwear, where shitting in them is usually the result no matter how prepared you plan to be.

        There is no PRICE to reusable underwear. Disposables, well, over the course of the baby’s usage term vs. the cost per diaper, the math adds up to be pretty fucking expensive when you think about it. Disposable diapers are a convenient, not a cost savings. The truth is this:

        Most busted ass peasant women end up fucking a busted ass peasant guy which ends in likely no satisfaction for the woman but a “ok now I’m the king of the world” for the guy..sometimes it results in babies.

        The baby is born. The woman has already become subservient in so many ways, including washing the shit out of the dudes underwear since he shits himself every night after drinking far too much moonshine-style-friends-provided-for-free baijiu while spending the little extra cash he made from work losing at mahjiang..and whence the newborn is born, she comes to the conclusion: he doesn’t give a shit, so, fuck him, I’m going to let his child wear scissored shorts and shit on the street infront of him and try to make him lose face.

        The logical fallacy here is that the dude cares about face: he married a butt-ugly bent-toothed janky bitch already what kinda face would he possibly have…..therefor, they both sit on the subway watching their 13-year-old-raised-in-janky-as-shit-family-who-both-thinks-the-other-is-a-piece-of-shit-but-in-fact-both-are-wtfzplosive-bumpkinite take a fat shit then walk away like they’ve both won the lightning round of who was the better parent.

        Who is the victim here? You and me, for reading a story about shit you know happens routinely.

      • There are other reasons I’ve heard beyond the cost that might be involved. I’ve heard several families who are able to afford them not buy them, because they believe it’s not going for the babies health. This is most likely due to diaper rash.

        • Southernortherner

          ive had two kids ..never used em..only when they were kids could hold it all night when they ten months 11 months about…

          smart people..they exist..i dont agree with rick and righteous dick over here pompous attitudes..but one thing rings true..some people are just more intelligent..i dont know what proves it better…the topic or their replies..

        • xiaohouzi

          You’ve got to respect a mentality that insists that the health of one person is more important than the health of the general public. It’s the, “I’ll spit, smoke, piss and shit anywhere i want because it suits me… i don’t give a damn about anyone else” mentality.

      • Southernortherner

        you are a pervasive and truly shameful aspect of american ingnorancia…And this is is ..old hat..things change dummy..go back in time to america your fine country, and mine no less, things werent always this pretty…heck go there now and find these diabetic fatties perverting every hallway subway and street, it disgusts me that the obesity in america is so overwhelmingly noticeable, after being in asia, i go there, and fat ass woman walking out of a fast foord restaurant with her fat loud children is just as disturbing as this child to me…

        • Charles

          The lame aspects of American society do not make China a better place… I am not sure what the point of your comment is.

      • indisskys

        Actually you retard….diapers cause rash. I agree people shouldn’t be shitting in public. But….your comments are as disgusting as shitting in public …

    • Thomas Wehner

      In my time in Beijing I wasn’t able to nail down the cutoff age. It seemed like the majority of incidents involved kids between 3-6 years old (if they were any younger, the parent would just be holding the kid at arm’s length, letting the goodness flow out any which way), but occasionally I’d see one in the 10+ range having a go in the middle-of-the-sidewalk planter, sometimes even without parent supervision.

    • Will

      Anywhere else in the world, it would be extremely inappropriate for ANYBODY of ANY AGE to shit/piss in a public area. Apparently in China it’s a normal thing to some people. For the really young children or really elderly people who can’t control their bowels, there is something called a DIAPER. It is NEVER alright for someone to randomly shit/piss anywhere.

      • Strangerland

        Anywhere in the developed countries, yes. In backward countries you have these unique sights especially on small villages, even more backward parts of the backward countries, non-tourist trails etc. I saw a man do it in India for example- though the most unforgettable sight is of a teen shampooing his hair as he hitch-hike on his friend’s bike, using rainwater as natural shower- this happened on my travel on east easia country by the way:).

    • anon

      The boy reminds us that China still has a lot of improvements to make. Let’s leave it there…

      • anon


    • Xio Gen

      The cutoff age is when you’re potty trained.

  • A Lu

    “There should be a barbed mace always provided in the subway, so so
    whoever fucking dares to go ahead and relieve himself wherever he
    pleases will get his asshole stuffed, fuck, so fucking disgusting!~”
    Love it, with some people it’s the only thing to do. It’s the only way to teach them and it should be done in all public places.

  • Germandude

    Germandude…every morning taking the subway, not giving a shit…

    • Kim

      i heard germans eat shit? is this true? germany has a large scat-porn industry, no?

      • Jennster

        weird ass people but they are quite good looking in general less the fat old ones :))))))))))

        • Kim

          Google: german scat porn :p

          • Jennster

            white people are disgusting. no offence.

          • Straelbora

            If there was no offense meant, you wouldn’t have typed this. Doesn’t Chinese literature contain flowery sexual poetry all about the particular stink from women’s bound feet?

          • Kim

            non taken, i’m not white.. peadophiles, serial killers, etc. are all white people.. sick mother fuckers. google:peadophile, and all the photos are of white men lmao

          • mr.wiener

            We are all angels and devils, And we are all black , white and yellow. Pointing the finger at other people is a pointless exercise and only shows you ignorance.

          • Southernortherner

            thank god mr weiner..i told my self…if the next comment wasnt slightly speckled in logic or widsom i would never read this comment area again..u prove there might still be a chance..

          • steve c

            You tosser, Kim. If I could actually reliably use the internet in your country I might. Sexual tastes extend to all cultures and nations you dumb fuc*.

            Now, perhaps we could compare stealing the organs of people to paedophilia – which is worse? Or rolling over students with armoured vehicles in T. Square?

  • Dr. Barefoot

    that kid just owned jackass

  • Alex

    f*****g animals in this country

  • Roose

    Why does this not surprise me!! A few weeks ago I saw a kid standing in the street with his pants round his ankles pissing into the road while his mum squatted next to him and held his cock for him. The kid looked about 4-5 years old. There is something extremely wrong with the way that children are raised here and what really gets to me is that all Chinese people agree that this kind of thing is unacceptable but nobody lifts a finger to do anything about it.

    • YourSupremeCommander

      mom holding his cock…. fucking hilarious.

    • Alejandro

      Where I’ve seen this almost everday for the last 2 weeks so I think it is quite usual to see this… I bet almost 99% of the users who currently live in China in this page, live in a Chinese big city…

  • Super Bunny

    OMG!If i were there,I would kick this kid to death.
    When i went home,because our new house still under decor,i had to walk 5 mins to pubilc toilet,no matter how smelly it is,even though everytime i wanna vomit so much can not breath ,even though a lot of wild plants and trees behide our home,i just pee there,never….
    omg!this is one reason i dislike kids,think about one day i have to do change,i even do not want a baby at all.,

    • Germandude

      Man, kids are the reflection of their parents. In fact, it’s not the kids’ fault as it might not know what’s right and what’s wrong. The father ignoring what’s going on is in my eyes the real problem not the kid acting like it was probably raised to do.

      • Super Bunny

        I am a lady, man!

        • Chinese

          What happened to your previous account, eattot?

        • linette lee

          eattot, is that you? Super bunny? cute. hehehe…

          Come on eattot. It’s never the kid’s fault peeing or shitting in the public. It’s the parent’s fault. Why would you want to kick the kid? Go kick the parents. They can just use diaper or take the kid to restaurant bathroom. As a matter of fact, it’s mostly the fault of china gov’t. Why they don’t have enough clean and well maintained public bathroom? It is the parents and teachers responsibility to teach and encourage public sanitation to kids as they are growing up.

          • Super Bunny

            how i hate this ….

            i try to use a new name so nobody knows it’s me,but after i put my email add,i though the image will change into this bunny but not changed…..

            only in big cities u can use bathroom for free,and those pubilc toilets almost kill me.i am glad i have poor sight when i can not find toilets in super malls or KFC….

            once i told my sister that i get constipation all because of chinese toilets,she laughed so hard.i am so glad now our new house has 4
            what makes me more anger is,even shitty smelly toilets in small places ask for 5 mao…..

          • This is true. It costs 1 kuai to use the WC at the Shijazhuang train station and there is like… inch thick of dried, crystalized piss on the wall of the urinal(plus dried loogies and snot rockets) I would guess it hadn’t been scraped and washed in 5 years. I mean…they probably pull in enough coins in a day to give the place a good cleaning. Go figure.

    • Brett

      you’re eattot, aren’t you? No one else could write something like this on this site.

      • mr.wiener

        I sometimes wonder what what notoriousnanny is up to these days….then I think “do I really want to know”?
        How go the plans to marry Eattot?

    • Kate

      Changing your own babys nappy isn’t bad at all cause you actually love the little rug rat and attachment and love will allow you to do anything with rose colored glasses ^_^♥ And normal, civilized kids with good parents don’t do these kinds of things…..and it really isn’t that kids fault as much as it is the parents. They are the ones who have taught him its ok to shat wherever he is standing. If he does this then imagine what the dad does….

  • andao

    I got peed on in a bus once by a kid with no diaper.. The mom and her friend thought it was hilarious. I could have killed them, but i just said some zang hua and moved along. Really ruined my day though.

  • bprichard

    “Does no one think the subway company is responsible?” Why on earth would anyone think that!?

    • Chinese

      Cos the subway company did not build enough toilets.

    • Kukuku

      In China, it’s never your fault. Especially if you’re Chinese.

      • Thomas Wehner

        I know what you mean. From my experience in talking to some Chinese people, it seems involuntary, that just people rationalize like that. I was once told that the reason Beijingers expectorate, spit, and blow snot rockets on the sidewalk, is because there aren’t enough trash cans.

  • ED209

    Anyway, as shocking as this news is, it doesn’t just happen in China.
    I’m still waiting for China smack to post something good about China.

    Have you all sold your souls to the devil, I want to know who is paying you.

    • Cleo

      yes, it’s common in India with adults and children of both genders but I think we all feel sorry for India for being overpopulated and impoverished but when it comes to China – it doesn’t seem that the Chinese SHOULD be doing this, right? I mean I can’t believe that in traditional China this was okay – this is some weird manifestation arising from not being First World but being in urbanized situations because I can’t believe that this child would do this near a village gathering spot or by a communal water well – but he is in the middle of everyone, out in the open – it’s ODD as if his parents are out of their minds, out of their senses somehow and just decided to let loose.

      Very peculiar. But I definitely think it is sympathetic that it happens in India but in China, it just seems crazed. But I think in India – it is happening in big overcrowded cities where the many poor are not attended to and provided with adequate publicly FUNDED options. I don’t know why I feel that it is okay in India and don’t reflect poorly on the people there but when it comes to China, I find this behavior to be strange and inexcusable.

      He would have to be so disconnected and not really communicated or bonded with his parents to not have voiced a desire to find facilities before boarding or decided that he COULD wait to disembark. It’s ODD.

      • vincent

        Crazed to see this in China? I should think not, I live in a generally nice area of Zhuhai and there is this park near our house, once you go there you see all sorts of shit all over the place dog, human and who knows what else.
        I don’t find this behavior all that surprising cause kids go around with open bottom pants pissing and shitting all over the damn place and their parents usually don’t bother cleaning it up, heck people here don’t even scoop their dog’s poop let alone their kids.

    • Super Bunny

      old snobish dog,do not let me see ur name on this site again.u make me vomit.sob!

      no one gives u a fk in shanghai now u go out pretend good here,what a loser.

  • MrT

    China’s infrastructure is way ahead of the Nongmin…

  • Kukuku

    On one hand I have a collection of racist comments about Chinese people pissing and shitting everywhere as always; on the other hand I don’t need to post said comments because Chinese people are doing a good enough job of shitting on their people’s reputation.

    • themig

      Chinese coming to poop in a country near you!


        …but Chinese in other places in other countries don’t do this. In my home country Australia, its illegal to do this and if we saw someone shitting in public we’d tell them off or help them to a toilet. In China, everyone just stands around and says nothing. Stupid people.

        • Jimney Cricket

          Chinese tourist poop and piss in all countries. Some will ignore toilets all together for that “fresh air on my genital” feel.

  • Super Bunny

    fk,this site is so fking messy…

  • bluesummers

    I shall embark on a scientific study as to why mainland Chinese people are more inclined to make poopy in HK MTRs compared to their homefield Chinese metros.

    • Mechanical Turk

      Lack of public bathrooms in HK, I guess.

      • linette lee

        They have plenty of clean well maintained public bathroom in HK.

        • Mechanical Turk

          Really? I was there for two weeks and don’t remember seeing any at all. In fact, I didn’t even see toilets in many malls. I’m sure they were toilets for staff, but I could never find them. Only big malls seem to have them.

          • Jennster

            singapore has the coolest hotel and hotel food and nice toilets. japan best toilets :))))))

            hk is okay.

  • Zijideee

    Wow, that is….well quite brutal i’d say. Anything is possible in China. I spent 6 months in China, Beijing but never ever saw a thing like that…in Subway. Guess my luck then. Although i’ve been in Guanzhou as well, used subway but…crazy things happen over there, last time that one guy began to eat this other dude right next to him ! :D, insane.

  • grand-openning

    Poor kid. He would be so embarassed now that his classmates have seen the picture. I don’t know what the situation was. Maybe he couldn’t find the toilet and had to go. but he, or his dad should have cleaned up afterwards.

    • mr.wiener

      I’m not inclined to to feel that much sympathy for him, it’s just a shame they didn’t post pictures of his parents.
      Alright, maybe an emergency, there are no public toilets maybe, but they just left the shit there after he was done. They are selfish bastards who deserve a bit of shaming.

      • anon

        honestly, even if this was an emergency…just go into your pants, find a toilet in the next station and get rid of it/wash and hurry home…or go look for a toilet before such an emergency happens. honestly, no sympathy from me either

        • Southernortherner

          true.. u just dont shit in a confined area like that..the boy has been raised poorly. but the rest of the country shouldnt suffer the broad generalizations that some throw out there as soon as they see this…ive seen atrocities carried out in public places around the globe…and although this isnt an excuse.. its the truth…the world and its twisted human logic is to blame..atrocities mind you…not just shitting kids..whats worst? voilent un reasonable nature, or a lack of hygiene? ill take the latter any day…

  • ert

    It’s very suprising that no one around do nothing.

  • diverdude7

    I am shy to sound so innocent-minded,,,,, but is this true ??? really? u guys Really believe this happened ?? omg. I dunno what to say if this is true….

    • Appalled@everything

      Welcome to the Chinese experience. If this were a Universal Studios ride, the sound through the speaker would be of someone spitting, the smell during the ride would be cigarette smoke, the floor of your car would have piss on it, the SEAT would have shit on it and content of the entire ride would be Chinese people gawking at your because you are western. Hope you enjoyed your ride. Thanking you for trying the Chinese experience. We know you will never forget it.

      Yes this really happened. What you should be saying is – Damn, Chinese people can be effing disgusting sometimes.

  • Cleo

    I think he’s unwanted even though he is a son and not a daughter. His father just passed a milestone by having a son but is not really interested in parenting. I don’t know why they did it because no one uses the bathrooms in NYC subways either – they WAIT to get out of the subway system to find a facility.

    So many Chinese parents just go through the motions of having a kid. I think it is okay to circulate this because I bet dollars to doughnuts that the Chinese parents would REFUSE to acknowledge wrongdoing if personally confronted. Cantonese people are very difficult to correct, to be made to feel ashamed.

    No one wanted to say anything at the time of occurrence because it would have been too much for them to get involved but let it go viral. I’m sure the shameless father’s cronies will recognize the blurred face of the boy and he, the father, will be somewhat affected.

    It’s not like the kid was in a foxhole at Bastogne being shelled by Nazis or trapped in a train car headed to Auschwitz.

  • MeiDaxia

    I’d have “nudged” him ever-so-slightly so that he fell backwards into his own shit. How funny that would have been…

  • Kate

    Eww. It isn’t civilized behavior to do that kind of thing where you and others are……even my cat goes to the litter box and covers its waste and my mum’s dog will go all the way back into a wooded area away from the yard and house to poo….my own animals are literally more civilized then this boy.

  • elizabeth

    It’s not my place to tell them not to do it in their country but it’d be nice if they refrain from doing it when visiting my country.

  • lacompacida

    I just don’t see why people are shocked at an ancient Chinese cultural heritage tradition. Chinese have been doing that since they invaded Tibet and Diaoyu in ancient times.

    • Ryo

      The differences is that they did it in bushes or river. This is on a public transportation, indoors.

      I don’t blame the kid though. The parents put him in a deep hole as soon as he was conceived. And it doesn’t look like he will be able to dig himself out any time soon.


      The Chinese would shit on their own people let alone other people (countries) door steps. It’s just simply disrespectful But… Chinese people don’t really give a shit about anyone else in public. In my experience unless your family and important colleague or good friend most Chinese don’t give a shit about you. They’ll push in lines, beep their horns, double park behind you, block roads piss and shit in public places and smoke on buses. There’s laws in China against some of these things, but the rule of law is shit and almost totally non-existent and the public who witness this kind of thing, are always too embarrassed to say something to the offender. So.. terrible things continue to happen. Unless the ordinary citizen in China decides to speak out and say something and or police can actually be bothered to do their jobs, these kinds of random acts will continue Welcome to China. It’s just a little different to the rest of the world. It’s a zoo really… full of uneducated, disrespectful socially-inept animals! And that’s the truth. But besides the ‘shitty’ stuff, it’s a really good place to live. I just try not to mention too much of my opinion to my real friends who are Chinese, because they think you’re attacking their country… like they can compare their country to anybody else’s… They’ve never been anywhere.

      • Southernortherner

        have you been anywhere?

        “It’s just a little different to the rest of the world. It’s a zoo really… full of uneducated, disrespectful socially-inept animals! And that’s the truth. ”

        im considering never reading china smacks comments again…

        i can feel my brain cells dying slowly.

        You are being absurd. The rest of the world? diversity..culture..differences..perspective these are all words you should think about before going to sleep..

        U sound like a pendejo viejo..

        • Dick

          Hello. I’m just saying hello because you’ve been trying to pick fights with everyone and no one has taken the bait. Figured you might be lonely.

          • Southernortherner

            i had a bad day.. you have a good day now ya hear.

  • 3ayo

    Is he okay mentally? Even if he wasn’t properly raised or potty trained, I couldn’t imagine anyone taking a crap on the subway. O_O

    • PixelPulse

      2 years ago, I took my little brother to the Museum of Natural History and the subway seat behind us, someone took a huge wet shit that was sploshing to the floor whenever the train shook (it was already done by the time we where on the train). Wonder if the person behind that shit was this kid.

  • paneraman

    Typical in china. Hell, I’ve seen adults piss their pants & vomit on the metro in Shanghai & Nanjing.

    • Jennster

      Typical in Shanghai? nah it’s the whiteys or waidiren (mostly use the subway) that are ugly and dirty there. not to mention yanks and other whitey nations with their uncivilised dirty smells and behaviour pissing and lying on the cbd streets. :D

      • d’roo

        they prolly have learned it from you. That’s how influential you are.

  • Thomas Wehner

    Kids in China seem to have the green light to let ‘er rip at any point. Having this kind of freedom, they don’t have to learn to ‘hold it’, and by the age of 10, may not be completely housebroken, i.e. they don’t have that degree of control over their body because they never had a need to develop it. If parents taught more discipline in this regard, kids would be able to hold it in for 10 minutes and resist the urge to drop a deuce, for example, in the middle of Tiananmen (true story!).

    On the Nanjing subway, I once witnessed a mom who handed her son a ziploc baggie. He peed in it and handed it back to mom, mom zipped it up and put it in her purse for safe keeping. It’s weird, but it’s a thousand times better than letting loose in a corner of the subway carriage.

  • anon

    I have witnessed once, how a small child shit on the floor at the airport in Xi’an right in front of the boarding gate. He was wearing these split pants and as much disgusted as I was with what just happened, I was more disgusted with his parents screaming at him for shitting on the floor. I mean wth? you put these pants on him so he can relieve himself wherever he wants, what do you expect? srly, what is wrong with these people? after seeing this, I knew I made the right decision leaving china.

  • JH

    I actually spent the past year learning Chinese in Guangzhou and used the Guangzhou Metro quite frequently. I can attest to the fact that there is definitely a shortage of restrooms there, almost nonexistent. I always had to exit the station to actually find a restroom to take care of my business. Furthermore, I would like to point out the fact that Chinese people are just as appalled at this type of behavior as we are. I often sat in on an Etiquette class that my Chinese friends took, and believe me they once devoted an entire class session discussing this treating the world as your public restroom issue and they were quite appalled to see the abundance of pictures such as these shown by the professor. From my perspective, generally speaking, I think that most Mainlanders are disgusted by such behavior but there are also those that commit such acts. As we all know “one bad apple spoils the bunch” and when you have 1.3 billion people in China, there are bound to be some bad along with the good. That’s just my two cents.

  • White Guy in USA

    The real question is, would these same people do this in another country like South Korea, Japan, EU or, USA.

  • I should think it’s obvious that this boy has a mental deficiency. There are people in every country who will do this sort of thing. It’s not the same as children peeing in a drainage gutter on the pavement, or spitting on the supermarket floor. It’s an affliction that he unfortunately has to live with, and it has nothing to do with Chinese culture.

    • Alphy

      Haha Noah, you are so naive. You obviously haven’t been to China. There are kids that piss and poop on the street even in the big cities. Their parents think its ok to do so, thus their kids think its fine too.

      • I used to live in China. In fact, in Guangzhou, where this happened. It’s true that parents let their children defecate in some public places, but as others mentioned, there is an age cap. Furthermore, defecating in a subway car is not sanctioned by Chinese society, as opposed to defecating on a pavement or in a park (again, for young children only). However, going back to what I said in my original post, this kind of behavior in older children and adults is a symptom of more than a few psychological disorders, and in that regard, it’s not unique at all to China.

  • Flambart Photography

    Is it only bad family education or would it also be the general idea of “no privacy”? The group always stronger than the individual power, so any privacy is forbidden, Collectivism stronger than individuality. How to change this? United we stand and teamwork are great ideas, but in the group we must agree on disagree, we must accept different opinions, and privacy must be accepted. Group cannot be an “insect society” deprived of privacy and politeness.

  • Alphy

    Anyone been to Shanghai should have been to the Pearl tower. You know that big circle walkway newly constructed? Well some gal decided she would take a piss next to it in public. My friend and I were in shock, and he just froze pointing at her. This is not a guy, but a grown up girl squatting on the side of the road pissing! Could she have walked across the street and used a bathroom in the mall? Probably, Are there public bathroom elsewhere? Of course. So no I am not surprised by this at all.

    • xiaohouzi

      I’ve seen this sort of thing too and the first time, i was a bit shocked but think about it this way… some people pay a lot to see that.

  • Justin

    It makes me think of Freud’s theories about toilet training and its effect on one’s future personality. I think it kind of refutes that theory because there are a lot of anally retentive people in China who were still raised with the sort of free and easy toilet training style.

  • dim mak

    Well he’s got thick face skin I’ll give him that

  • Daniel

    In other cities, like Hangzhou, they have those huge trash cans in the middle of the bus. I have seen kids peeing and shitting in there. BUT this is just disgusting!!!!

  • gregme

    We got a winner!

  • Gontraf

    Others have been quick enough to point it out: it’s not very surprising. In the course of the past two years, I have seen quite a few little pools of piss in the Beijing subway, and on one occasion I saw a kid taking a leak in a little paper box skilfully crafted by the mother. Oh yes there was also that time in the supermarket near the fish…

    It’s all very cultural in my opinion, and whoever argues anything along the lines of low character and lack of civilization should take a good hard look at what things used to be like in his own motherland.

    Wearing a helmet on the moped, using the seatbelt in the car, littering the street, blinding everyone wiith headlights in high position, loud high speakers in front of the shops and pissing in the street/subway/supermarket. Chinese people can’t be expected to change by reading a fucking poster or some retarded slogan. They must be fined into it, just like everyone else was.

    If the Chinese authorities would only put to good use some of their solid experience in the waging of terror upon the people… Or maybe if the Chengguans weren’t so busy with street paddlers and forced evictions ?

  • middleWave

    It seem like a lot of crazy shit happens on the Guangzhou metro…

  • grovesman

    How about the hospitals! I took my son to the hospital one evening and watched a mother hold her son over a garbage can outside the Drs. office as he proceded to drop a huge load. The bathroom was right there…maybe 10 meters from where they were standing.
    What the people here are teaching their children is that the world is their toilet and the children do not need to exercise any self control when comes to relieving themselves.

  • 平凡人

    They do it not only in their country, also when they are abroad. I have seen many articles similar to this one from U.,S., Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, etc.

  • Will

    I can’t believe some people here are saying the kid has “courage”…. you’re horribly mistaken. This is not an act of courage, it’s having no SHAME. He was most likely brought up in an environment where he thinks it is alright to defecate anywhere like a dog. If he really had to go THAT BAD…. just poo in his pants. Most of us have probably had that happen when we were little kids.


    I’ve seen parents allow their children to pee in the middle of a busy walkway. No education. Farm animals the lot of them. I’m a foreigner living in China, have been here for 3 years. Never seen so many people have such a blatant disregard for human sanitary. I’ve travelled all over Asia, but Chinese people have no shame or face about this matter. That’s China for you!

    • A Lu

      That’s the door, you won’t be missed


    I live in China. Chinese full of animals… and they wonder why the rest of the world doesn’t respect them.


    I live in China. China’s full of animals… and they wonder why the rest of the world doesn’t respect them. Sort yourselves out people. Have some face!!

  • Monique in China

    Someone should rub his nose in it and smack him with a newspaper…
    Who pood here! who pood here! Bad boy ! Bad bad boy!!!!!

  • Wago

    If I was there my first reaction wouldn’t be to take out my phone to take a picture, I’d tell you that…

  • Anon

    This is pretty normal in my opinion. When I went to Shanghai I saw a little squat down and piss on the streets. This is normal for the mainland Chinese

  • alien

    not shocking but shows me, a laowai, that China still has a very, very long way to go before she has manners which equal that of USA citizens.

    is this how you guys treat the world? is that your opinion of China?

    better wake up folks, youre losing face very quickly in the ‘outside’ world.

  • S.pockets

    What do you say to someone you see doing this? If I saw someone doing this where I’m from, I would assume that the boy is mentally retarded.

  • I can’t wait for this young mainland locust to spit, piss, and shit his way into Hong Kong.

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