Live Pig Chopped in Half in Controversial Vietnamese Festival

Nem Thuong during the Doan Thuong festival, where one controversial ceremony involves a bloody splitting of a live pig.

Note: Certain photographs below may be graphic to some viewers.

From Tiexue:

Live pig chopped in half in Vietnam, bloody scene condemned

January 28th, Nem Thuong village in Vietnam’s Bac Ninh province, local villagers held a ceremony on this 6th day of the lunar new year, to commemorate 13th century anti-imperial general Doan Thuong. Doan Thuong is also regarded as the village’s guardian deity.

The Doan Thuong festival in Nem Thuong village of Vietnam, where a controversial ceremony involves the chopping of a live pig in half.

Every year on the 6th day of the first month of the lunar year, thousands of the village’s residents will hold a ceremony/festival.

The Doan Thuong festival in Nem Thuong village of Vietnam, where a controversial ceremony involves the chopping of a live pig in half.

One of the controversial ceremonial activities is the splitting of a live pig. Because the scene is extremely bloody, it has been denounced by many, and even the local government has called for an end to this ceremony.

The live pig to be chopped in half during the Doan Thuong festival in Nem Thuong village of Vietnam.

The live pig to be chopped in half during the Doan Thuong festival in Nem Thuong village of Vietnam.

A live pig is chopped in half during a Doan Thuong festival ceremony in Nem Thuong village of Bac Ninh province of Vietnam.

Vietnamese villagers of Nem Thuong village in Vietnam spread the blood of a live pig that was cut in half during the Doan Thuong festival onto their banknotes believing it will bring them good luck.

From Tiexue:


The level of a nation’s civilization can be judged by how it treats its animals.


Makes sense, like how Canada slaughters baby seals, little Japan slaughters dolphins and whales, these countries are indeed barbaric and uncivilized.


Seems like the more developed a country is, the more benevolent it is towards animals. When I was small, I didn’t understand why the Iman in the Hui Autonomous Region would recite scripture as he slaughtered chickens and sheep, but now I understand. We must have a measure of respect and thanks for the food we eat, especially the life with flesh and blood.


I’ve learned something. Turns out developed countries are more benevolent towards animals. Looks like hunting whales, hunting seals, slaughtering bulls are all displays of benevolence towards animals. But towards people is different, which is why the world is full of war, pissing on the corpses of the enemy (American soldiers), torturing Guantanamo prisoners of war, roasting prisoners of war on a fire (Canadian soldiers), truly developed countries of universal love.


Killing through abuse…

Uncivilized monkeys.


Sigh…such a cute pig gone like that.


Nature has always had a food chain, and man having to kill certain animals to survive can be said to be right and proper [a given]. But in nature, only man feels “cruelty” and “pity”. So, fulfilling the scientific law of the food chain in a manner that is acceptable by the vast majority of people is I think what man should choose to do. No matter how “cruel” animals are when hunting and killing, it is still within the scope of their natural instincts. As for man, man can choose to go with his instincts when starving, but when there is no lack of food and clothes, then perhaps man should choose a more humane way of ending an animals life. After all, it is all to cater to human society’s characteristic of kindness that there are animal protection organizations, that there are calls for alleviating the suffering of animals during slaughter and butchering. And this chopping of a pig in half on the streets, as well as the cruel mistreatment and killing of animals in various places around the world, that long ago exceeded the natural hunting and killing instincts of any animal in nature, is worth us considering eliminating as the world’s dominant species.

Only one thing to say: You can use various justifications to defend your abusive killing, but then you’ll just be farther and farther from human kindness.


Vietnamese are just fucking barbaric people. Back then we gave them weapons to fight the Americans, but then they climbed onto our heads [turned on us]. Vietnamese are the same as Japanese. Deserve a fucking [beating].


Compared to our slaughtering methods, they seem to be a bit cruel.


Softly asks: The last photo, what are the MM doing???


This is their memorial ceremony, a traditional custom that has been passed down, so even though it is a little bloody, them having it [tradition/culture] is still better than not having any at all, unlike us, where various memorial ceremonies have all been labeled superstition and suppressed/erased.


I wish the LZ would delete that splitting/chopping photograph. It’s too bloody, and would be bad if seen by children!


Heavens! If one day they were to capture us as prisoners of war, Would they do this to us?


Judge the matter on its own merits, we can’t recklessly spout whatever we wish just because its Vietnamese monkeys. What difference is there between using a knife to stab and using a knife to chop? Who is more cruel than who? Seems to me chopping is a little more efficient/quick (depending on skill and strength). Those who have slaughtered a pig before all know, that the moment you stab it, it will still struggle for a bit before finally dying.


The monkeys have hacked/chopped the Japanese, hacked the bananas, hacked Uncle Sam, and hacked the PLA, much less hacking pigs? Everything to them is just passing clouds

What do you think?

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  • Duce

    Thats “culture”.

    • 老外

      I love meat. I don’t give a shit about animals in general, and don’t care if they get slaughtered for food. However, seeing that little pig squealing and screaming in the 5th picture is heartbreaking. If they simply killed it quickly and painlessly, I’d be all for it.

      • jiayi

        They should be used to it, Chinese eat gelatinous pig and duck’s blood and pig’s ears like there’s no tomorrow, couldn’t escape the stuff, it was practically in my Goddamn tea!

      • Stephen

        Your attitude about animals in general says a lot about you.

  • gatesofbabylon


    • gatesofbabylon

      Oops, apparently not.

      • Feces Masticator

        god, you sofa mongrels are retarded.

  • gatesofbabylon

    Why do some Chinese always have to shoehorn Japan-bashing into everything? It’s bloody childish.

    • Takeru

      Domo arigato !

      Thats a reason for i leave this page !

      these commies hate everybody not Chinese – sad but true – though i defended this Asian teen !

    • GodsHammer

      “Why do some Chinese always have to shoehorn Japan-bashing into everything? It’s bloody childish.”

      The same reason that white people always find a way to bring some ‘nigger-bashing’ into the thread (just look further down the page).
      Blatant insecurity.

      • ritebhindu

        Japanese people are awesome I’am Chinese btw .

    • Praetor82

      Because the japanese are unrepentant monsters, we should have never let the scum surrender.

  • Don

    I don’t think they care, thats some nasty view!!

    • Takeru

      But look at the faces of some people – they disgusted, too !

  • donscarletti

    Ever since Dien Bien Phu those guys have been kicking the snot out of everyone who crosses them.

    The Chinese should be glad that they get their agression out through killing pigs, rather than border raids.

  • Alex

    The Chinese sure are quick to criticise this as barbaric along side japan/canada/etc… yet they fail to mention china’s frankly appalling animal treatment record – eg intensive farms and livestock including dogs, and the Chinese fur industry…

    • Hongjian

      Cantonese people are the same ethnicy as the Vietnamese. Actually, the viets where living in GD some centuries before the Han pushed them down to their peninsulla, which is why the Vietnamese still fear and hate Chinese people.

      And yeah, the Cantonese are the ones with most of the “oh babby cruel animool markets where little kittens are and doggies and cramped into cages like the sandniggers in Guantamo etc”.

      Same people, same customs. Feels great to be south western chinks. All we do is chopping people in pieces (my quarter Tibetan blood) and killing chickens and spilling their blood on the gravestones during funerals.

      • southernortherner

        did you just say sandnigger? do you think thats funny?

        • Hongjian

          Ok, let’s correct it by saying “Redguad”.

          • SuperHappyCow

            You should hang yourself.

        • cc

          Sandnigger is a colloquial term for a dirty stinking Arab and yes it is funny

          • takeru

            here are many of them and the cause much trouble – 70% of crimes are done by them …

      • dim mak

        >Cantonese people are the same ethnicy as the Vietnamese.

        Nigga you just went full retard

        >south western

        Aren’t you from Yunnan? That place is packed with weird minorities and I doubt there’s any Chinese there that doesn’t have mixed ancestry

      • bert

        “which is why the Vietnamese still fear and hate Chinese people.”

        More like just “hate”. The word “fear” is not needed.

    • takeru

      TRUE !

    • Chad

      Yeah it’s almost like they’re similar to every other country out there! Go on youtube and search any chinese animal cruelty video. You’ll see hundreds if not thousands of comments from Americans bashing Chinese animal cruelty while somehow forgetting the thousands of packed animal shelters in america (that are only emptied with putting tons of dogs/cats to sleep) or the corporate farms. Hypocrisy is everywhere.

  • Bruce Tutty

    wow…some seriously racist comments here…I guess that’s considered acceptable.

    Call them barbarians using every name in the book…seems the barbarians are on this page commenting.

    And I’ve never heard of Canadian troops roasting anyone?…what’s that about?

    And please don’t include developed countries in the same lot as the USA…most of us don’t make a habit of invading other countries!

    • mr. weiner

      I think that was Canada’s elite fighting force the “Princess Patricia lights” [sounds like a cigarette for girls] that were a bit rough in their treatment of enermy combatants during the Somalia fiasco, not sure if they roasted them though. The princess Pat lites certainly got a roasting afterwards and were disbanded [so I heard, any Canucks feel free to correct me on that one]

      • donscarletti

        Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry has been disbanded? Shit, you better tell them that, turns out that roughly 1/3rd of Canadian land forces are still openly affiliated with the regiment.

        I would credit the roasting comment to the usual story of someone re-posting some un-true facts that they heard somewhere. ‘Yep, the Canadian military’s been out roastin’ people, that’s just how PoW camps work in Canada, you get a big ol’ fire, some jacket potatoes, some captured prisoners and have yourself some good “PoW poutine”‘.

        I think he was trying to out-douche Hitler that time he decided to shackle all Canadian prisoners after the Dieppe Raid. Or he could be just enjoying the pass-time of saying random made up shit on the Internet, like Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry being disbanded for example.

        • mr. weiner

          Sorry will check my facts next time.

          • mr. weiner

            My bad, it was the Canadian Airbourne Regiment, no mention of roasting though.
            “The Somalia Affair was a 1993 military scandal later dubbed “Canada’s national shame”.[1] It peaked with the brutal beating death of a Somali teenager at the hands of two Canadian soldiers participating in humanitarian efforts in Somalia. The crime, documented by grisly photos, shocked the Canadian public and brought to light internal problems in the Canadian Airborne Regiment. Military leadership came into sharp rebuke after a CBC reporter received altered documents, leading to allegations of a cover up.

            Eventually a public inquiry was called. Despite being controversially cut short by the government, the Somalia Inquiry cited problems in the leadership of the Canadian Forces. The affair led to the disbanding of Canada’s elite Canadian Airborne Regiment, greatly damaging the morale of the Canadian Forces, and marring the domestic and international reputation of Canadian soldiers. It also led to the immediate reduction of Canadian military spending by nearly 25% from the time of the killing to the inquiry.”

          • Mike

            Arone fell unconscious after several hours of beatings, after shouting “Canada! Canada! Canada!” as his last words.[25] When Brown mentioned the event to Sergeant J.K. Hillier, the non-commissioned officer noted there “would be trouble” if the prisoner died, and went to check on the youth whom he found had no pulse, and base medics confirmed that the boy was dead.[14] It was later discovered that Arone had burn marks on his penis. (Wikipedia)

    • Takeru

      Fully agree with you !

  • http://chrome Max

    once upon a time white folks put black fellas in chains, belted them up, starved them, raped their women, killed some and sold the rest as slaves. they also did some nasty sh!t in asia and south america, and i’m not talking about animals, i’m talking about f@cking human beings! so u for all u historians and hippies commenting, have a good look at yourselves first.

    • donscarletti

      Not sure what this has to do with Vietnamese pig chopping.

      The Atlantic slave trade has been abolished for over 200 years, but when it did go on, the actual rounding up of slaves was done by the local slavers, whites did not venture into the depths of Africa until much later. White folk were certainly culpable and during most of the 17th and 18th centuries dominated the demand side of the market (though Ottoman demand was consistently high and African slaves were in demand as far as East Asia). However the picture you have of caucasian raiders scouring the savannah and enslaving villagers was a rarity if it even happened at all, it simply was not practical.

      As for commenters looking at themselves, well, as far as I know nobody here has ever traded in slaves or chopped a live pig in half, so we’re all pretty fit to comment.

      • Hongjian

        Nowadays western slave trading, or better, the successor of slave trading, is monetary and economic slavery, practiced by leading western human right and democratic nations against developing countries everywhere in the world.

        WTO and IMF, both basically american dominated institutions, enslaved more people to their ‘common rules of responsible stakeholdery’ (ie. fucked up their currencies, made them drug addicts to western Official Development AID(S) and destroyed their economy through basically one-sided free-trade ‘agreements’) than western colonialism and imperialism EVER could have done manually by bible, gunboat and leash.

        Low class people enslave by killing, while high class jews are enslaving by taking possession the very living foundation of lesser races.

        • DRaY

          lesser race?

          • takeru

            haha and he writes me how bad my English is ^^

          • hooots

            Hongjian is a lady.

          • Patrick

            @hooots – There’s no guaranteeing that on here, this is the internets my friend.

      • mr. weiner

        Going off on a tangent worthy of Hongjian perhaps.
        As far as the slave trade goes humanity as a whole can have a share of the blame [if you wish to play the blame game]. I prefer not to spend all my time apologising for something I didn’t do while at the same time acknowledging that it most certainly did happen and humanity is capable of doing it again.
        Whites could not penetrate the dark continent because of disease and distance. Other black tribes obligingly did the dirty work for them by raiding their neighbors and sell them on down to the coastal kingdoms, who got very weathy as a result.
        Point is none of us are blameless, claiming victimhood while doing the same to the next person down the food chain just perpetuates the cycle.

        • takeru

          absolutely true — many white people don’t know this and Black people deny it !

          • GodsHammer

            Nobody denies this, however… it was the tribes lack of understanding that to Europeans this was a racial action and that they were viewed as less than human and more about eliminating the competing tribes and profiting from their demise. Evil feeding evil imho.

      • Max

        white folk were certainly culpable and dominated the demand of the (slave) market, but enslaving people was a rarity if it happened at all? did u just contradicted yourself?

        i may have have offended u by calling u a slave trader, but
        can u see how i would get offended at people screaming out, vietnamese monkey and other racial obscenities?

        i’ve never killed a pig either..

    • cc

      Get your facts right, slavery was started by the nignogs themselves, whitey was just a buyer in the market, so kindly stop blaming the white man for your own shit

      • mr. weiner

        You crack me up cracker boy :D

        • cc

          And so i should

      • Max

        u call yourself “the white man” and africans are “nignogs”

        i can’t argue with bigots like u.

        • CC

          You can always try

  • Augis

    Actually the pig was much more stressed when its legs were tied and stretched to sides than the cutting itself (which possibly led to immediate death).
    The scene itself, however, is really very graphic and I wonder whether children were allowed to watch it.

    On the other hand – how is it different from public executions of the past in which people were beheaded in front of merry crowd?

    • mr. weiner

      The pig would probably have bled out in about 10 secs.
      These folks are out in the sticks so don’t mind letting the kids watch, and besides this is the village’s big thing for the year and it puts them on the map.
      I went to a village once that had been very active for the VC during the war. After the North won they wanted to reward them by building a library. They choose to make a 20 foot high concrete chicken to comemorate a local legend about a young guy who died trying to catch a chicken to win his bride. Go figure.

  • Takeru

    Humans are the worst creatures in history !

    I am vegetarian !

    even those who kill animals for eat should do it without let the animals suffer.

    I see Chinese people here are so much full of hatred ( more than others ) though they are the most cruelest in my eyes.

    am leaving this page for their comments towards US Japanese suck !

    • Hongjian

      Takeru-san, please be madder.

      You japfags were the most cruel and savage people for long until you got blown out your ass with nukes and then had to lick american balls for six decades and ongoing.

      It wont be long when we come over to your house and fuck your sisters, behead you all with Chinese Dadao broadswords and shoot you two rounds in the chest and one in the face, Nanjing-style and Mozambique-drill.

      Or maybe we wont, since our bloodlust will be already stilled by gutting americunts first, and you would just wet your pants, beg for mercy and plead to be our vassal in the americunts’ stead.

      We would be good daimyos to our vassals and leave you and your tiny little island alone, so that you can supply the world with AV and animu & mango faggotry forever.

      • Takeru

        people like you let hatred never die !

        Past is past – and Chinese still treats its own people like cattle – no human rights – you mistreat animals AND humans the worst way . Japanese at least learned from past !

        Am sorry for you .

        • Hongjian

          “Japanese at least learned from past !”

          Yeah? I’ve never seen any of you doing this:

          Before you fuckers didnt do this; I wont take you seriously.

          I hope we will blow another of your nuclear plants up so that you can be so “civilized” while you die on your shitty little island.

          • Takeru

            I am half German — and you dont nothing about Japanese people !

          • Hongjian

            Nice to see that there’s no Japanese version of that Wikipedia site: Speaks volume about you “learning from your past”.

            If you like Germans so much as advertized in your history and popular media, why not learn something good from them for once, instead of jacking off to their Hugo-Boss designed SS uniforms.

            Fick dich, Japse!

          • Hongjian

            “I am half German — and you dont nothing about Japanese people !”

            Ach wirklich?

            Wie wäre es wenn Du mal den Kopf aus Deinem Arsch bekommen kannst, um einen etwas besser lesbaren Englisch zu schreiben?

            Denn so, wie Du momentan drauf bist, denke ich nicht, dass Du irgendetwas von der Welt verstehst außer den selbstzentrierten, japanischen Scheiß den du wahrscheinlich von Leuten wie Shintaro Ishihara zu hören bekommst.

            Ach ja, bevor ich es vergesse, Nippon Banzai!!!1111 von einemシナ人.

            Cant wait to find you and cut off your balls, sew it into your mouth and hang you upside down from my balcony.

          • coala banana


            “Wie wäre es wenn Du mal den Kopf aus Deinem Arsch bekommen kannst, um einen etwas besser lesbaren Englisch zu schreiben?”

            i think you made several mistakes in this one sentence. The rest was grammatically correct btw !

            here is some correction free of charge:

            1. “Wie wäre es wenn Du mal den Kopf aus Deinem Arsch bekommst, um mit einem etwas besser lesbaren Englisch zu schreiben?”

            2. “Wie wäre es wenn Du mal Deinen Kopf aus Deinem Arsch ziehen wuerdest, und dann mit einem etwas besser lesbaren Englisch zu schreiben?”

            or just plain simple:

            “zieh den Kopf aus dem Arsch, und schreib mit besser lesbarem Englisch”

            I am not half german, but i studied and lived in germany for years, and know the language perfect. I speak it better then real germans. Its in my personal opinion the BEST language in the world. In no other language the most difficult terms and meanings including technical names can be described and named better then in german. It is a superior language !

            Banana man is back, BTW !

          • mr. weiner

            How was Japan?

          • coala banana

            weiner you ol fart ! HPNY btw ! It was great, thanks for asking. Just get back yesterday night. Great country, great people, great food. I was even able to steal myself out of my GFs apartment from time to time and let another nice girl sit on my face. Its my country of choice and i have some great japanese friends which have no problem whats or ever to get me in touch with some girls.

            Cant say that about korea BTW, they too are nice as hell, and they will also introduce you to a chick if necessary, BUT right after that they will do the best in their ability to prevent you from fucking her or her from fucking with you.

        • TomTuttleFromTacoma

          Japan? The country that has war criminals in shrines and slaughter whales?

          • takeru

            when this is all you know about Japan – sad !

            Japanese people hate whaling ! much meat gets sold to USA — and on this shrine we even have monuments for animals died in war – ever seen that in the West ?

      • Ho hum

        “since our bloodlust will be already stilled by gutting americunts first, and you would just wet your pants, beg for mercy and plead to be our vassal in the americunts’ stead. ”

        Talk is cheap, little man. You will never be more than a keyboard warrior, just like most of your bloodlust-fuelled countrymen.

        • Takeru

          Well , said — maybe he is 15 years and feels so great now …

        • Hongjian

          Yeah, talk is cheap and this is why most of your western fucks are crawling to China and beg for money.

          Like our beloved Kanzlerin Merkel.

          • Ho hum

            Eh? How does that even make sense? What’s the European sovereign debt crisis got to do with your petty sabre-rattling and hollow threats, you silly, confused little keyboard warrior?

          • Ho hum

            I mean, don’t get me wrong. I do feel sorry for you. However it can’t be that hard to find a girlfriend, right?

          • Hongjian

            “Eh? How does that even make sense? What’s the European sovereign debt crisis got to do with your petty sabre-rattling and hollow threats, you silly, confused little keyboard warrior?”

            The european sovereign debt crisis, born out of the delusional, post-cold-war thinking to politically and financially unify whole of europe and driving the frontline closer to the Russians, attest to the inherent inferiority of european liberal democratic thinking in a time where people like Francis Fukuyama screamed the absolute superiority of western ideologies over everything else into the world.

            In the end, it hardly even lasted a decade and it was shorter than the lifespan of a tin-pot dictator like Gadhaffi.

            It is one of those occassions in history, where the humiliated and enslaved are standing over their former slave-masters and spitting them in their faces and laughing about their attempts to remain dignified and still play all-mighty as before. Revenge is best served cold and history’s a bitch.

            I guess this is how a soviet soldier felt when they were raping and killing blonde and blue-eyed germans who previously went into their motherland full of themselves with racial superiority, declaring his people as Untermenschen/Subhumans and attempted to genocide them because of this. Now, he’s the one who sticks a bayonet into the pregnant belly of one this “Übermenschen” and line up their “Teutonic Warriors” and burry them into mass-graves after shooting them with his PPSh.
            The total and absolute feeling of victory and knowledge that you can shove your spiteful revenge all the way down into the throats of those who treated you as garbage before, while you now ignore their cries and beggings for mercy.

            That feel when.

          • Ho hum

            No doubt you had a tiny little raging hard-on when you typed that out. Poor little fellow. Go and jerk off. You’ll feel more relaxed.

          • takeru

            damn , what sick person you are — Chinese people beat dogs to death and eat babies !

            Was habe ich mit der Scheiss – Merkel zu tun ?

            Und was weisst DU von MEINEM leben ?

            I went thru more shit than other their all life and i am not such a stupid hater as you are . you are a very poor, poor …person.

            anata kiero !

            Seems you need to knock others down to feel great – poor , poor thing you are !

          • jin

            are you stupid? the dog beating happens more than only in china, and the baby eating is bullshit, it was proven by the almigty world cop called FBI. and if you talk about placenta. then please google it, and see who eat it.

        • Ho hum

          So let’s sum up the rantings of our sexually frustrated friend.

          1) China is going to “gut the Americunts”. Somehow.
          2) it is pointed out to our sexually frustrated friend that he is an impotent little keyboard warrior who spews a lot of bile but
          3) in response to the obvious point that our young charge’s hollow sabre rattling is cheap and no threat to anyone, he forgets “the Americunts” and starts rambling on about Europeans needing to borrow money from China and singles out Germany – a country that lends rather than borrows money.
          4) Then he talks about raping and bayonetting pregnant women.

          Hrm. On second thoughts, I think perhaps you don’t just need to get laid, little man. You need a good dose of lithium, straight up. Pretty badly.

          • takeru

            my thoughts , too – or his mum need to feed him !

    • lonetrey

      My my my. Looks like Hongjian is stirring up more (bull)shit again.

      Though, to be fair, Takeru did bait him.

      When in doubt, hate EVERYONE equally, i say. And through equal and mutual hate of everyone, please understand that no one is better than the others because they are just as bad as each other.

      Through mutual hate, I hope we can all find mutual understanding, and then therefore mutual acceptance/peace.

      • takeru

        he seems popular here –or better notorious !

        He has no idea of life : Germany pays for half Europe – you baka.

        Yes, he needs get laid or f*** in his a***

        • Finger lickin good

          Takeru. You are not Japanese. Stop trying to stir shit up.

          • takeru

            Hm ? your problem if you think so – i know who i am :)

            A guy here is german living in the USA using a Chinese name …


    • DRaY

      Many animals die because of farming, so claiming to be vegetarian doesn’t mean you are not harming animals. Mostly rodents, gophers and smaller mammals, but they do get killed by machines and farmers, so that you can have your Veggies…..
      …. We all have blood on our hands!! So please stop the self righteous bullshit about animal suffering…. FUCK ANIMALS!!

  • Mark

    Good heavens. Reminds me of the cow-hacking scene in Apocalypse Now. I squirmed when I saw that for the first time.

  • typingfromwork

    I find this very distasteful. But then it is their custom, and only they have the power to stop it.

  • Takeru

    Chinese should stop pointing on others !

    • lonetrey

      only when the others stop point at the Chinese!

      Yeah, it’ll never happen. And as long as the world points at the Chinese, the Chinese will point back.

      My opinion is, the world and all its inhabitants point at each other and bring this finger-pointing upon themselves. Let them all suffer in ignorance and foolishness until they cannot take it anymore.

      Maybe then one day they will understand that no one had to suffer nor point fingers in the first place.

      And then they shall find peace. And perhaps regret at all the pointless actions they have done throughout their lives.

    • Sigh…

      your no better…

  • yuyu

    I don’t think the chinese have any right to be judging others here.

    • donscarletti

      I strongly disagree.

      We all have a right to judge others, nomatter what our own countrymen have done.

      What would the world have been like without the hypocrisy of the US and USSR each condemning each other’s deeds during the Cold War? What if the US hadn’t condemned the Soviet Invasion of Afghanistan and its heavy handed tactics in central Europe, or the Soviet Union had watched idly by as America muscled its way through Central and South America. We can be thankful for both those empires for pretending to be blameless as they tattled to the UN of the other’s transgressions.

      Hypocrisy is the ultimate guardian of truth and justice and has been for a long time. Nothing can be as corrupt as a bunch of crooks keeping each others secrets.

      • Takeru

        Those who are free of guilt may do so maybe — but who is ???

        I am talking of nations !

      • Hongjian

        There’s only one way to end slavery. And that is to enslave those who used to enslave you.

        Eye for an eye until the world goes blind – since blind people cant fight each other anymore.

        • Hongjian

          Ahm and forget to mention that one should always piss into the eyeholes of your enemy, before and after you enslave them, so that he may remember his own deeds the best.

          Just like how US General Sherman ordered all bullets to be soaked in pork-grease before lining und and shooting muslim resistance fighters in the Phillipinnes, the people who are taking turns to rape the US should also think of ways to add insult to injury.
          Maybe throwing all americunts into meat grinders to turn them into patties for hamburgers to feed the rest of the enslaved americunts who are working on the cotton fields, would be the best course of action…

          • takeru

            you are a kichiku – i was sure – and now : i am not going down more on your level !

          • mr. weiner

            Hongjian, once again a masterful effort of baiting and bile backed up by solid gold nuggets of conjecture. Reading through one of your tugid posts is like looking a beautifully painted picture etched in vomit. You are the todmeister of trolling sir.I dips me lid.

  • John Wayne

    WTF??? Nasty asses!!

  • FYIADragoon

    Vietnam and Korea should get together, they’re both on the level of barbarians.

  • Sean

    Fauna, I think it should be important to note that the first quote you translated is commonly attributed to Ghandi:

    The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.
    Widely attributed to Gandhi, sometimes citing Ramachandra Krishna Prabhu, The Moral Basis of Vegetarianism (1959), but not verified. (Cf. Ralph Keyes, The Quote Verifier (2006), p. 74)

    via Wikiquote:

    • DRaY

      FUCK GHANDI !! Racist son of a Cunt.
      .. oh yeah FUCK ANIMALS….

      The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way WE TREAT EACH OTHER!!!! Helping Animals is like helping people in foreign countries… it makes the person who is giving feel good about themselves…. it is much harder to help someone that is standing right in front of you, because it actually involves getting your hands dirty. People are complicated, it isn’t that easy a problem to fix.

      • takeru

        very bad karma !!!

      • coala banana

        no, its about how a society treats its weakest members, cause every society is just as strong as their weakest member(s).

        Which means since chinese treat weaker chinese like shit and no one gives a fuck, china can be described as a weak society, but it doesn’t mean that every weak society can just grow out of a weak country (example USA, which is a relatively strong country, but with a huge amount of dumb ass moherfuckers floating around).

        Scandinavian countries, Germany, Austria and Swizterland, can be described as strong countries with strong societies with a higher education level then elsewhere…

    • typingfromwork

      Really? Ghandi said that? Well, I can see why, as India is such a beacon of sophistication and greatness, where everyone’s enlightened, no one is corrupt and the moral standing of everyone is so exellent that there is never any conflict for all of eternity. Fuck James Hilton, this right here is the real Shangri-La. The harmonious society has finally been achieved, and it’s tucked away this whole time south of the Himalayas! Who would have known?


  • jeffli

    Chinas worst enemy will always be itself
    melamine poisoning?2011 , 2009,2008 tens of thousands chidren sick and dead

    water poison and food poison every year

    Doctors who take bribes or let you die

    If we want to talk about WW2 then 1/2 the Japanese soldiers were actually chinese serving in the imperial army. And many of these conscripts were performing the atrocities or helping to do so.

    lets hope China never has another border skirmish with Vietnam China will suffer too much.

    • Hongjian

      On the 13th of June 2011 a flight of Vietnamese People’s Airforce Su-30MKV intruded into Chinese claimed airspace over the Spratleys to probe China’s airdefense capabilities and, if possible, humiliate China diplomatically, if the PLA is still ordered to remain inactive.
      The PLAAF reacted though, by scrambling elements of (thought to be) the 2nd Fighter Division’s 5th Regiment’s J-10A to confront the Vietnamese intruders.

      The russian built Su-30MKV are the most capable VPAF’s assets, but in that tense standoff, they were completely outmatched by the PLAAF’s J-10A fighter jets, who employed highly effective active jamming onto the Vietnamese fighter’s fire-control radars, denying them any tracking or even detection of the Chinese J-10As, while the Chinese side managed to lock onto the Su-30KMVs repeadedly to signalize them that they are just a trigger-pull away from being ripped apart by active-guided PL-12 beyond visual range air-to-air missiles employed by the J-10As.

      Eventually, the Su-30MKVs turned tail after being unable to do anything to counter the Chinese electronic warfare, and left Chinese claimed airspace.

      Just some weeks after that, the Vietnamese Navy sent one of their newest russian-built Gepard-class Fast Missile Attack Boat to Hainan Island for a goodwill visit – a complete turn from their previous belligent stance upon the conflicting claims in the South China Sea days before the aerial stsandoff, where their authoritarian govt. even permitted its citizens to protest and riot against China before its embassy in its capital.

      “lets hope China never has another border skirmish with Vietnam China will suffer too much.”

      So, with this being stated; I professionally doubt that the PLA will have ANY difficulties in crippling Vietnam’s warfighting capabilities and force them back onto the negotiation table to accept broad territorial and diplomatical concessions.
      It is not that the PLA southern military districts or that the Chengdu Military Region will have to actually send troops into Vietnam as before: The PLA second artillery and airforce can ravage all major vietnamese cities and military installations with air-launched cruise missiles safely from the Chinese territory in a shock-and-awe operation, that will leave the VPA with virtually nothing to stand against furter Chinese explorations into their claimed waters and border-lands.

      • hooots


    • takeru

      You know about history and not only writing about your personal hate :

      Hating somebody is like drinking poison and hoping the other one dies …

      Kanpai Hongjian !

      • Hongjian

        Welp, I was a german soldier for some time.

        of course I’m mad and hateful.


        • 0311

          No you wernt. Bitch.

          • Hongjian

            “No you wernt. Bitch.”

            And you arent an illiteral retard.

            Which is what you evidently are.

  • Capt. WED

    This website needs some balance. You should report on some industrial farming stuff.

  • Dat Ankle

    To be honest, I’ve seen worse pictures from slaughter houses. The only thing that makes it controversial is that they aren’t doing it behind close doors for everyone to think shits all la-de-da and whatnot. Before anyone says who’s barbaric, they should take a look at how their country kills the meat.

    • takeru

      You know SOUTH PARK : whale Whores ? good episode about this ^^

  • Rob Fuss

    Sounds exactly like the Chinese barbarian race that keep bears alive in small cages with tubes inserted into there bodies in filthy conditions there wounds infected etc just to extract bile for there silly stupid chinese so called medicine. Although its disgusting what the pig went through and you sometimes wonder if the Asian race will ever become civilized. However the pig died! It’s not kept alive like the Chinese do with there animals. It’s totally disgusting and barbaric what these so called members of the human race do!

    • takeru

      only can agree with you !

    • takeru

      but i disagree that we Asians are NOT civilized – some European or American things are weird to us as well .

    • Capt. WED

      There are efforts to stop this practice. You can also substitute bear bile with an assortment of herbs and is done in practice. I’m not trying to make excuses here because I think bile farming is sick. Yes, in Asia there is definitely animal abuse issues. Maybe you can even say relatively there is less animal abuse, but not really when you look at the various incidents of animal abuse on forms, the nasty and sick industrial farming practices, millions of strays put down and things like foie grass, etc. But oh we all do it “humanely” because we’re just better in the west. *rolls eyes*

      Also “Because the scene is extremely bloody, it has been denounced by many, and even the local government has called for an end to this ceremony.”

    • Rawlie

      Trussed up then butchered or just butchered in a festival? Not sure it matters either way as they are literally commodities to be traded. Not nice either way, though.

  • Capt. WED

    stop saying all Asians love to see animal suffering.

    okay fine. I’m gonna keep on saying Americunts and White People are crazy TRULY EVIL SADIST BASTARDS who rapes the entire planet with their bullshit.

  • E Puff

    This makes me so sad! What did that poor pig do to anybody except be a pig! THis is cruel beyond words. There is no excuse for this animal cruelty. I can’t even come back to this site until that article moves away some, it makes my heart ache. I hate to see any living thing suffer and so ruthlessly.

    • takeru

      you so right !

      Humans are the bastards – animals never would do so !

      • cc

        Are you for real?? In the animal kingdom its all about the food chain, we are just part of that food chain and unfortunately have some sick methods of catching and butchering our victim

      • mr. weiner

        Cats, lions, tigers and leopards will all play with their living victims [once they are sure it can’t get away] So will orchas [killer whales] and even dolphins. To play with and torment your victim is part of the predatorial instinct. And should not anthropomorphalised.
        This is certainly brutal to watch, but so would an afternoon spent observing in a slaughterhouse.
        Even so the looks of glee on some of the faces in the crowd makes it poor form in my book.

        • cc

          My point exactly

        • diverdude

          some argue that when felidae ‘plays’ with their prey they are actually just refining their hunting skills.
          I believe homo sapiens is the only species that wilfully engages in torture.

          no, I’m not saying this incidence was about torture.

      • coala banana

        ever watched what a cat does to a mice ? The cat fucks with a mouse for a little while (up to a couple of days) before finally killing it.

        But I agree that we are barley out of the jungle yet, and are (most of us) still operating with a reptilian brain.

  • SteveLaudig

    McDonald’s; KFC; Pizza Hut; all of them. “Making money in a corporation like McDonald’s is not simple at all! Behind every sandwich there is a complex process that begins” with a dead animal. Any poster who eats meat and complains about this is resting firmly hypocrisy. But that’s okay.

  • WangLi

    I don’t know how some people can criticize this. Have you been to Guangdong?

  • takeru

    I dont eat meat at all !

    • dim mak

      More meat for me, vegaboo faggot.

      • takeru

        when you have no arguments you insult ~ yawns ~

        Eat your meat – who cares ?

        A mosquito stings but it dont kill you – thats what you are for me.

      • takeru

        So you are a fag when not eating meat ??? ” Real ” guys do so ??

        So all Buddhists are fags or what ???

  • dim mak

    Anyway I don’t see what the big deal is.

    Looked like a quick, clean kill. What do you think happens in slaughterhouses? The same thing. It’s not like they tortured the pig.

    • takeru

      you are a selfish baka !

    • Brett Hunan

      100% agree. In Hunan a couple of skinny guys hold the pig down, stick a sword into the chest (hoping they get the heart) and then wait up to 20 minutes for the thing to stop running around due to blood loss. while still alive, but just barely, is when they start shaving the hair off and begin gutting. i have seen it many times.

    • pervertt

      dim mak – I was going to say the same thing. We urban dwellers buy our meat in a highly sanitised fashion from the butcher or supermarket and conveniently forget that some animal had to die for our meal. This pig died quickly, and any suffering would have been confined to some loud squealing before it was chopped in half.

      I think few if any of the people criticising the ceremony have actually slaughtered an animal themselves. When I was young, chickens did not come frozen from the supermarket. You bought a live one from the local market and killed it by slitting its throat at home. The first time I did this, I didn’t feel hungry at dinner time. But I learned that animals die so that we can eat, and we have an obligation to minimise its suffering when they are despatched.

  • jean francois

    it’s not the year of the pig, what a bunch of wackos !

  • White Phosphorus

    Natural Selection. Stupid pig should have adapted to the environment to avoid being prey to us vicious humans! Or maybe the pig’s fate was a result of bad karma from his previous life…

    • Capt. WED

      Well as higher thinking animals you have the capability to reduce suffering and should do so on ethical grounds. But I don’t know, maybe we should treat you like a wild beast. Haha.

      • takeru

        Well said !

      • White Phosphorus

        Reminder: Humans are animals.

    • hooots

      I’ll adapt to your environment ;)

      • White Phosphorus


    • Hongjian

      I like your way of thinking. And I like your name.

      Reminds me of the stuff that should rain down on Americunts and Japanese civilian’s homes to burn and cripple them alive.

      White Phosphorus is a beautiful name. I guess I will eventually rename myself to “Lady Mustard” or something…

      • Capt. WED

        Does your entire existence revolve around fucking with other people? I mean the idea that you are a women is such an absolute mind-fuck. And also I have very hard time imagining this Chinese lady in the German military. Super mind-fuck. We all have to just step back, and realize it’s all part of your trolling tactics.

        • Hongjian

          During my time, I had met at least with three other Chinese or undisclosed asian women who were serving the troops, one in the rank of a Leutnant in the FüAk (CO Academy), another one in the rank of a Hauptmann in the medical department of a neighboring battalion and another one while visiting the Sachsen-class Frigate “Hamburg” (she was a HptM of the Feldjäger, the MPs guarding the ship and checking whether all all sailors returned to the ship from their land-trip – fuck I was scared of her). I was probably the most low ranking one with a NCO rank.

          Nothing special about it. I’ve never felt and thought of myself being of different gender due to my tomboyish upbringing in a partly military and typical cancerous chinese intellectual family.

          • mr. weiner

            I get the feeling you read too many Sven Hassel novels when you were young.

        • coala banana

          i would love the idea that Hongjian is a women. Fuck, I would love the idea that everyone else is a women except me !

          Regarding his comments, apart from some of his brutal fantasies and obsession to kill all americans and japanese, i found the rest quite interesting and entertaining and in some cases even educating.

      • White Phosphorus

        NAH! Sulfur Mustard sounds better. Although any name with “mustard” in it just reminds me of diarrhea.

  • Mars bar

    I don’t see any difference between this and the “barbaric” live skinning of animals in China’s fur trade nor the fetish bunny crushing videos. If funny, not as in humorous, that comments in said article by Chinese call others barbarians without looking at themselves, but hey thats life.

    OH MY GOD double standards about my media sensitisation how dare they say bad things about Vietnamese people lets do the ……..

    But lets be fair, xxxxx country is are a bunch of barbarian nobs because I don’t like you.

  • Natalie

    This is barbaric and should be stopped!
    Human beings are a sick and vile species.
    Non violence leads to the highest ethics, which is the goal of all evolution. Until we stop harming all other living beings, we are still savages.  – Thomas Edison

    Until he extends the circle of his compassion to all living things, man will not find peace. – Albert Schweitzer

    As long as men massacre animals, they will kill each other. Indeed, he who sows the seeds of murder and pain cannot reap the joy of life. – Pythagoras

    Kindness to animals and respect for all life are the only meaningful foundation for a civilized world. – Michael Mountain

    Take not Vietnam. It’s no wonder there is unrest in your country.

  • k

    The Chinese calling the Vietnamese “barbaric“ and “cruel“ over this is like the pot calling the kettle black………considering how many dogs and cats are “humanely“ treated in China.

  • Westerner

    China and US execute human beings, which is worse

    • talkingperson

      You should really make it your responsibility to keep violent murderers safe from the CCP and US State Governments. When you’re done you can save the pigs?

    • Patrick

      I would agree to stop it in the U.S. just because of cost. Chinese potentially make a decent profit off of it (There’s irony somewhere in there I think). However, the two subjects are miles apart as I’m pretty sure the pig didn’t kill any one. And frankly even if it did I’m even more sure it wasn’t premeditated.

      Next I’m waiting for some idiot in here to argue that last point with me.

  • The Kid


    I feel like I’m in the twilight zone reading those comments from the chinese neteziens…………..

    Are all of us (humans on this earth) up to speed on how live skinning of dogs and most of the worlds fur (skinned alive) comes from China ?
    To confirm, were their comments purely sarcasm ?


    • Capt. WED

      I feel like the twilight zone reading comments from “The Kid”. Are all of us up to speed on how every American are psychotic war criminals? No?

      BTW, most of the world’s fur does not come from China. And most of the fur in China does not come from live skinning (no not going to provide any figures to back this up).

  • Ryo

    Vietnamese has the worse sounding language I’ve ever heard. It’s annoying as fuck! Only thing that’s good from these people is Pho. Love those noodle soup!

    • A.K

      hey man, how could u say some kind of thing about my language?
      And stop searching the bad side of Vietnam.I dont think that we have more bad things then the chinese do have!!!

    • Minh

      eww stfu white boy biitch. English must of sounded pretty annoying to vietnamese people but you don’t see Vietnamese being a bitchy ass fuucking prick like you. gtfo please.

  • Capt. WED

    I’m sorry I’m such a faggot sometimes.


    Fucking pigs are slaughtered by the MILLIONS every fucking day. I HAD PORK CHOP yesterday and THAT SHIT WAS GOOD.

    FUCK ANIMALS MAN. Little retarded little fucks. ANd fuck anyone who likes them. You are a faggot.

  • Capt. WED

    Man Hongjian is so right.

    Human beings are all gangsters.

    Human beings only recognize real POWER and nothing else. Human beings are true faggots.


    LOOK at all the exploitation that went on 100 years ago. After you achieve industrialized status you automatically earn the right to spit in people’s faces. THIS IS TRUE POWER. So exploit on before there is nothing left to exploit motherfuckers. TIME IS RUNNING OUT!

    YOU BET IT’S A RACE. It’s one giant turd of a RACE and don’t be the last one to finish YOU FAGGOTS.

  • Hongjian

    Everytime western scum cry about and attempt to tie chinese animal cruelty with something political and think they are clever; ‘ll just post this:

    I dub it: The Aporkalypse

    Made in the human-rights respecting, civilized, westerized, democratic, non-babarian, non-communist, non-chinese, US-backed puppet of innocent South Korea who is worshipping your superior universal values everyday by sucking americunt dicks.


    • Capt. WED

      While we’re on a roll let’s watch some more animal cruelty:

      Arab Teens burning puppies alive:

      UK (UK UK UK!!!) Teens burning puppies alive:

    • 五毛党

      Lol, all that shows is that Asians scum-bags are worse than Western scum-bags. Next time don’t talk with your clitese mouth full of dick.

      • Hongjian




        • 五毛党

          Roarrrr roooaarrrr !!!!!!!!!! Stamp my my boots…..

          • Hongjian

            sry. somehow I cant play your shit.

            But is that MiSanDao? He’s an awesome little fucker and a glorious winged faggot.

          • White Phosphorus

            L M N O P!!!!

  • JPAX

    No wonder the price of pork is going up and up…..

  • Lily

    The pig was killed fast and probrably was treated very well during it’s life. Unlike here in American culture where we let our animals stand in thier own fecal matter and amongst dead of there kind before we bring them inhumanely by pushing hitting bulldozing to a slaughter house. ( Why I eat free range cattle, chicken and pork. I find it more cruel that Spain tortures a bull in a ring while spectators watch for fun, as the bull slowly dies bleeding to death with sharp spears all over it’s body. Leave them alone for Christ Sake and focus on things that our happening to our animals in the USA!

  • karimeli

    The more comfortable, safe, healthy a civilization is, let’s say as the West is supposed to be in the current times, the more important it is to keep alive cruel traditions such as animal sacrifice, TOROS in Spain, PIGS in Vietnam.
    Forgetting how hard it is to get your food on the your plate is a crime, Mc Donalds made the thing too easy, and our (I am a French) society is too much corny on that matter.
    Cruel traditions help us to respect the world.

  • terroir

    The only thing missing are the words “FLAWLESS VICTORY” and an Xbox Live headpiece for 10 year-old boys to shout obscenities into.

  • Toddy

    With all these comments about how only advanced civilizations treat their animals well, let’s not forget that the first country to enact animal protection laws was Hitler’s Nazi Germany!!! Hitler loved dogs! He and his colleagues had, however, a small issue with treating other Human Beings well!

  • gro

    The level of a nation’s civilization can be judged by how it treats its human….

    before shitting on vietnamese, some here ‘d better look back on theirselves and see how chinese people treat chinese or other people in general….

    At least vietnamese have some respect for people… china still has a lot to learn before ruling the world….

  • coala banana

    the only disturbing thing i can found in the pictures is the last one, where they seem to paint some money bills with the blood of the pig….humans are still so full of rituals, obsessed with symbols, and tend to become members of religious sects and dumb ass beliefs quite easy, without the capability to question any of them….barely out of the jungle ! It will be hard to make it to another civilization level with such dumb ass fools, which put the effort into creating and educating the next generation to believe in the same nonsense and stone age values and doctrines.

  • jiayi

    It must be bad to have Oinkermorphosis.

  • Caroline Clune

    China has to be the worst country on earth , how could God create a monster race of people like that

    • coala banana

      god didn’t create anything, in fact i would argue that there is no god to begin with.

      It always surprises me how fast people find a god but are somehow close minded when it comes to scientific facts. Of course its easier and more convenient to just push things on god, when things go wrong on gods will, and when things turn out well on the power of jesus. But i think by now humans should be developed enough to take over responsibility by themselves for their own lives and actions.

      To say that one country is the worst, you have to define the standards for that first ! Since this article is about animal cruelty, then you might look into south korea when it comes to animal cruelty. I saw horrible things in china, but korea IS on another level. especially with dogs !

  • jiayi

    That guy on the left in 6th photo is just happy to be there. Bless.

  • TanPhu BaQueo

    • TanPhu BaQueo

      They are corect

    • TanPhu BaQueo

      Information is correct

  • TanPhu BaQueo

    Some people eat Baby soup :

    • oj

      Some people here are making excuses for the barbaric ritual by the Vietnamese. If it were Chinese who were committing this atrocity, they would be the same ones spouting diatribes against the entire group. Double standards as usual

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