Chinese Man Buys 2000 Buckets of KFC in Protest

A man is putting meal buckets in front of KFC.

From NetEase:

Dissatisfied with the Sanitary Conditions, Man Wants to Buy 2,000 Meal Buckets to Block KFC

On the evening of September 4th, as a result of seeing an employee making chicken sandwiches without wearing gloves while having a meal, Mr. Yang of Beijing, who was on a business trip in Wuhan, wanted to spend 140,000 yuan to buy 2,000 Family Meal Buckets [a package that includes 5 pieces of fried chicken and 3 cups of soda] to-go in a fit of anger to put them in front of the restaurant as a warning to the city’s residents. However, the restaurant refused to sell him any more after 22 orders.

The crowd is watching at the scene.

The person who was purchasing as well as placing these take-out orders of the Family Meal Buckets was a 30-year-old Mr. Yang. He came to Wuhan from Beijing on a business trip. At about 12 noon on the 4th, he and his friend Mr. Lei had came to dine at this restaurant, and as he was paying and waiting for his order, he happened to see through a crack between the food cabinets a young man in the kitchen making chicken sandwiches with his [bare] hands. “He wasn’t wearing a cap/hair net or a face mask and the moment he turned around, I saw both of his hands and he wasn’t wearing gloves either, just using both of his [bare] hands to handle the chicken patties and lettuce…”

Meal buckets with signs condemning KFC.

Mr. Yang said he immediately pointed out the severity of the problem, and refused to eat the food. Then as he negotiated with the counter staff, a 20-something year old female supervisor appeared to deal with him. He asked if they could wear gloves when preparing the food and he had to repeat himself three times before the manager said “sorry”.

Meal buckets and Ppepsi are placed in front of KFC.

Afterwards, the restaurant manager appeared and explained that “there are many people at noon, [that employee] forgot to wear gloves”, and claimed that the cooks’ hands had gone through multiple sterilizations and washings before touching the food, so safety [food cleanliness] was absolutely guaranteed.

A girl is eating in KFC.

Mr. Yang said he noticed that after he pointed out the problem, the employee had immediately put on a cap and a pair of disposable gloves, but still didn’t wear a face mask. “Even if your food is safe/clean, are your hands safe/clean? When you’re making food with your bare hands, how can people eat the food without worries? Serious-minded Mr. Yang suggested that the restaurant make him 20 Family Meal Buckets as compensation.

A man is putting meal buckets in front of KFC.

In the face of the restaurant staff’s “apathy”, Mr. Yang decided to buy 2,000 take-out buckets from them. The employees thought Mr. Yang was acting rashly in anger and joking, until a stack of hundred yuan bills were placed on the counter, stunning the employees. According to the employees, one take-out Family Meal Bucket costs 74 yuan, so 2,000 orders would be over 140,000 yuan. Worried they wouldn’t be able to fulfill that many orders, the restaurant decided to split the order into separate orders of 20 buckets at a time, figuring they would fulfill as many as they’re able to.

Meal bucks and signs condemning KFC.

Mr. Yang says he often travels, has eaten at KFC restaurants abroad as well, and discovered that KFC restaurants abroad and those in China follow two different sets of food hygiene standards. At foreign restaurants, when the cook is making food, apart from wearing a face mask and cap, he/she must also wear disposable gloves, and even the napkins they provide are moist towelettes. “KFC provides disposable gloves, so why aren’t they used?” Mr Yang says him spending so much money to protect his rights is in hopes of using this to warn the city’s residents. He says he has the [financial ability] to pay this amount of money.

Mr. Yang and Mr. Lei.

At about 5 in the afternoon of the 4th, Mr. Yang was still on the scene displaying what he believed to be KFC’s “problematic food”, and refusing to eat it. His friend Mr. Lei says Yang’s parents are in business so the 140,000 yuan to buy 2,000 to-go buckets is nothing to him. Mr. Lei says KFC is big and somewhat doesn’t take its customers seriously, often having the attitude that “if you don’t buy from us, others will”. If the restaurant had apologized from the start, Mr. Yang probably wouldn’t have taken it this far. By around 7pm that evening of the 4th, the restaurant refused to sell Mr. Yang the other 1,978 meal buckets.

The meal buckets in front of KFC.

September 4th at around 8pm, Yum Brands KFC of China officially responded to what had happened to Mr. Yang, that according to the relevant policy, the company has established a stricter food preparation process, which requires employees to wear gloves while making food. Individual employees who fail to comply shall be reprimanded by the company. Because employees all wash and sterilize their hands, there’s no need to worry about food safety.

Comments from NetEase:

网易天津市网友 showerwoo:

The defense of one’s rights shouldn’t be mocked and ridiculed. Even though he’s inconveniencing others, him defending his rights is also defending the everyone’s rights.

网易浙江省台州市网友 有毛病0: (responding to above)

Without them, we’d continue being low-class ignorant slaves left in the dark!!!

网易江苏省南京市网友 中国008:

If only everyone were as persistent as him!

网易山东省潍坊市网友 矿砂机械:

What a rich man, still I ding you! Everybody unite together. To fight the largest of unscrupulous businesses!

网易广东省广州市网友 御风刺客:

This troublemaker has problems/issues [not right in the head]!

网易广东省广州市网友 大文豪啥是逼呀: (responding to above)

Actually, those who have problems are people like you, who are already gravely sick on the inside, where even the most basic thought of protecting your own rights has been enslaved, so pathetic!

网易广东省珠海市网友 marcoshaw:

To stand forward and speak up on behalf of everyone is a good thing.

网易江苏省宿迁市网友 jiangsuwangyixs:

Well done, brother. It is because of [people’s] indifference that all those regulations and laws are ignored.

网易湖南省衡阳市网友 ip:59.51.*.*:

This [story] must be ding’d up, can’t let foreigners serve us as idiots!

网易山东省济南市网友 ip:123.171.*.*:

This is someone who fucking has nothing better to do.

What do you think?

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  • Matt


    buckets of chicken on my sofa!

  • Mop

    This guy.

    • the ace of books

      Pretty much.

    • Efe the foreigner

      i am gonna protest this guy and buy 2,000 hookers. this guy……

    • Winter B4 Spring

      ya. This guy.

  • Pong Lenis

    What a pathetic waste of food (even though I don’t eat at KFC)

    • Young Man

      ”can’t let foreigners serve us as idiots!”

      This is what it’s all about. Hating foreigners. Again.

      As if Chinese restaurants are palaces of hygene…

      • BigJ

        This guy is just pissed because he has to look at a white guy while he eats his chicken. :) I mean Colonel Sanders is fucking really white. His suit, hair, skin….everything. :) It’s was too much for Mr. Yang to handle. He had to fight back against the whites:). By giving KFC even more money. :)
        What a fucking idiot… idiot. :)

        • Nanny Hiccups

          Um big j he wasn’t angry at whites. in fact, he praised foreigners for their hygene. it was the chinese KFC location that he was angry at.

          • BigJ

            I know Nanny, it was just a joke. :)

        • Alexander

          What is this “joke” you speak of BigJ? Is it some kind of fancy new weapon of mass destruction? I fear this “joke” might get in the hands of terrorists organizations.

      • Getrealson

        Sick, unhygienic, apathetic chinese being their usual dirty selves and still has the audacity to blame foreigners. KFC, McDonald’s etc spend millions on their systems to ensure prompt, clean and satisfying service to their customers, but true to form, give a Chinese person a simple set of instructions and they fuck it up every time.

        • milamilo

          he (the guy protesting) was only saying that the services abroad and in China differ significantly,and you went into your pointless rant…

          • Getrealson

            I was referring to the comment, not the protester, Jog on, fuckwit!

    • ZlsetrdX

      I mean, really? What with the way the Chinese usually handle food, I think this would be far from a problem.

  • Archie

    How the fuck does improving the restaurants bottom line by buying all that chicken make a point. what a douche bag.

    Actually, chinese take hygiene to extremes. KFCs in m country dont wear face masks. and those gloves are often not really helping anything. those kids sometimes wear the same pair all day, changing between raw food and cooked food, cleaning equipment and preparing,a ll without changing gloves, sweat piling up inside and often dripping out. The appearance of wearing gloves might help, but if he really knew how dirty those gloves might be, he might think a washed pair of hands would be way cleaner.

    Idiot, I say.

    • Brett Hunan

      With all the gold digging going on, and common lack of soap in Chinese bathrooms, I would say gloves or washed hands: its a lose-lose

      • linette

        You know what they say..American love wearing latex more than China. They use it much more often than the chinese.

        • Brett Hunan

          Hehe… Do people say that?

          • Archie

            That was to be my question. Who says that? Who is “they”?

        • MrT

          She does, shes checking if she been lied too…

        • linette

          Why? You American don’t know that yourself. You use it so much. ;)

          • MrT

            Now she insults me…

        • Laughable

          Hello Linette, it is Laughable again.

        • Laughable

          Linette, it is usually mainland women who run around in latex. Speaking of which, don’t you think it is ‘risible’ that you love to insult other nationalities but when they criticize yours, you go and get them banned from commenting? Well, well, well….

          • Wang That!

            Laughable, you are inviting the wrath of the defender or all Chinese (AKA Linette).

            Linette – I know you’re from HK, but don’t you live in the US?

          • linette

            Wang That! hurry, I know you are japanese. Go sit on the sofa with the AV chick. It’s a japanese thing. ;)
            Yes Wang that. I am in US. Was that you protesting waving that japanese flag in diaoyu island? I told you to behave. ;)

          • Wang That!

            Too late… I missed my chance ^__^
            Its been a while, hope you have been well.

            I’m not going to touch that island dispute… LOL the conversations can get really out of hand.

      • JT

        Yes, this. Exactly this. Where is the SOAP, China?!

    • BigJ

      What a fucking tool. :) not you Archie, This guy.

      Where does this guy eat if he is worried about hygiene in china? If it anywhere other then a fast food place, it’s sketchy at best. :)

      • Boris

        It must’ve been his time of the month.

    • 叉烧饭

      In the UK, I have seen an McDonalds employee drop a whole tray of buns. He quickly looked around to see if anyone was looking and proceeded to pick them up and make burgers out of them. Didn’t even bother to check if the buns had picked up dirt.

      Also, we have a pastries and sandwich chain called Baken’s Oven. A friend used to work there and have told me many a story of colleagues accidentally dropping pies and stuff on the floor, with their manager informing them to pick them up and if unbroken, continue to sell as normal.

      I also need to remind people that us Westerner’s do have an etiquette for these kinds of situations; “The

      second rule”.

      • Kukuku

        If you were smart you would know the “5 second rule” is actually a tongue-in-cheek thing and not taken seriously.

        • 叉烧饭

          You are quite the Sheldon Cooper aren’t you. =)

        • Rod

          Wait a minute, I thought it was real…

      • Dat Ankle

        I use to live across from a bread warehouse thing and Ive seen them drop unwrapped bread right on the sidewalk and put them back in while loading so many times.

      • markx


        second rule may be used on all occasions.
        Except under extreme conditions when the

        second rule must be invoked.

      • Web of Lies

        That sounds about right, when I was younger I worked at Pizza Hut and it was definitely not hygienic. I remember dropping a bunch of chicken wings on the grease-filled floor and my boss had told me to just “blow the dirt off.” I was, “are you sure.” Boss looks back at me, “it’s good.”

    • Efe the foreigner

      it makes about as much sense as destroying a chinese mans car in protest of japan……

      • swat


  • Brett Hunan

    More people should complain when food is mishandled. This is actually a big problem everywhere.

    Shit, I see multiple cooks from my office building’s buffet restaurant leave the bathroom everyday without washing their hands. They come out of the stalls and go straight back to the restaurant. This might sound creepy (its not), but I recorded it on my phone, showed it to the manager and raised hell in that place. He said “they wash their hands when they return to work”. He’s lucky I didn’t email the video to the news.

    • Archie

      One thing I notice in China that I don’t quite understand, is guys will wash their hands before they go to pee, not after?

      Anyone else notice this?

      • Brett Hunan

        Haha, gotta keep the member clean!

      • Jay

        it’s because men are so visually oriented they do first what they see

        example 1: goes to bathroom to pee, sees sink, “must wash hands”, then sees urinal, “oh yeah, came to pee”

        example 2: sees hot naked girl, “must sleep with her”, then sees wife, “oh yeah, oops”

        • Genxi

          Haha, men logic!!!

      • grovesman

        Johnny Depp was discussing this issue about washing hands before doing his business with Johnny Carson many years ago on the Tonight Show. Depp responded, “I know where my penis has been. But I don’t know where my hands have been (indicating he doesn’t know what germs his hands have picked up). So I wash my hands before going to the bathroom.”

        Pretty funny, I thought.

        But, honestly, I haven’t often seen Chinese men washing before. And they barely run their hands through the stream of water afterwards.

        • cc

          Never seen them wash before and its very rare to see them wash afterwards. None of the Chinese staff in my company used to wash there hands after going to the lav until they cottoned onto the fact that all the Europeans always washed up afterwards. I would say 60% of them now wash after using the loo, thats the lads and lasses of the company, dirty bastards.

          • 叉烧饭

            That’s a blatent lie. At my previous company in UK, only

            outta the

            or so guys in my office ever washed their hands, even after taking a crap. God, the toilet bowls always had skid marks XD

          • cc

            I’m talking about the Europeans in the company i work in now, and since when were UK citizens classified as Europeans? Dogbreath.

          • 叉烧饭


            when UK joined the European Union?

          • cc

            There part of the Euro zone silly boy, UK citizens are British

          • 叉烧饭

            Oh dear…

            UK is part of the continent which we call Europe. Therefore, contrary to your belief, British people are in fact European.

            Citizens from UK are British as are citizens from Poland, Polish.

          • Jimbo

            I have to say 叉烧饭 is correct and you look like the silly boy cc, although judging from your avatar, I should say silly c**t.

            European (ˌjʊərəˈpɪən)
            — adj
            1. of or relating to Europe or its inhabitants
            2. native to or derived from Europe

            — n
            3. a native or inhabitant of Europe
            4. a person of European descent
            5. a supporter of the European Union or of political union of the countries of Europe or a part of it

            It’s ok to feel silly cc, at least your learnt something new today. ;)

          • cc

            1973, well as i was born in the early 60’s that still makes me English and not European, and as there was no vote the most i will concede to is being British, shove that in you ‘re pipe and smoke it.

          • moop

            are you a nigel farage fan?

          • cc

            I wouldn’t say i was a fan, he does make some valid points though.

    • Boris

      I can’t count on both hands and feet how many times I’ve seen chefs come out of cubicles and bypass the sink as if it were a disused broom cupboard. I’ve no idea what their aversion to hand-washing is. However, I’ll wager KFC is one of the safer bets here. Hygiene-wise, my most vivid memory is of a dentist performing a filling, drill in his right hand, lit cigarette in his left.

      • Dat Ankle

        Your dentist sounds like a badass, was he juggling two chainsaws and a baby bear with his feet at the time as well?

      • manujoro

        “I can’t count on both hands and feet how many times I’ve seen chefs come out of cubicles and bypass the sink as if it were a disused broom cupboard.”

        Boris, I strongly disagree on this. They almost never bypass the sink. They always stop at the sink and after a long and loud “preparation” let out a big, yellow (sometimes green) spit. Most of the times inside the sink, sometimes around it.
        After clearing the depths of their throat, comes turn to the nose. This is usually done by taking a very fast and powerful blow of air out of one nostril while pressing the other one with a finger. The procedure is then repeated with the other nostril. The very skilled ones can usually hit the very center of the sink.
        Then they make sure that their hairdo is in order. For that they wet their fingers and run them through their hair a couple of times. Then they dry their hands by shaking them vigorously, making sure everything and everyone around them is thoroughly sprayed with water.
        And only after these procedures are performed they leave the bathroom.

    • PeterScriabin

      Brett – this is why I pretty much gave up eating out, especially in China. After making love to the toilet bowl enough times, the whole calculus of risk/pleasure seemed to shift decisively. Just a thought, albeit not an especially pleasant one!

      People differ, of course. My wife, for example, can and does eat days-old left-overs without any problems. She once groused that she only wished there was something in the world that could give her diarrhea. She also claims never to have barfed-up in her life. What I need is a dose of the bacteria Chinese people have in their stomachs, then I could eat their street food again.

      • Jennster

        if you live there long enough you will become immune and still can live

        on average. most foreigners and overseas chinese can’t. actually if you live in a too clean country it is also a double edged sword.

        • Tony

          Not with all the industrial pollutants – China’s rate of cancer and other environment related diseases will soon match the West’s if it doesn’t already.

        • BigJ

          Yeah Jen I agree with you, it’s good for your body to be exposed to germs and bacteria on regular basis. You might get sick the first few times, but if you are healthy it makes you more immune to it. When I first came to china I spend

          weeks of the first month on the toilet. But now, I can lick the floor of the chinese public bathroom and be just fine. :) It’s been almost a year since i’ve been sick from food related things. And I eat some shady shit from shady places. :)

        • maja

          I’m living in China since

          months, eating out everyday, barfing on jiaozi wrapped with hands that dispense change and bbq’s that are kept out in the air in beijing’s streets for hours. never had problems. NEVER. btw, I’m from yurop and I was used to years of organic food before arriving.

    • manujoro

      I’ve seen that happen dozens of times in different chinese cities. It is also amaizing how dirty can cooks at rastaurants in China be. In fact, many of them are not much different from the migrant workers when it comes to personal hygiene. I’ve also had the chance to peak at the kitchen of some restaurants. What I’ve seen is beyond imagination…

  • Cool Matt

    The man speaks the truth. I’ve seen KFC workers go to the bathroom and not wash their hands on

    separate occasions.

    On a side rant, this summer alone, i’ve had

    bugs (2 from cold dishes) and a hair in my food.

    • Rod

      haha. Could you imagine trying to return a dish or get your money back for a hair in your food here?

      • Little Wolf

        Actually Rod, I was with a girl once in a pizza joint(a Chinese one, not Pizza Hut or Papa John’s) complain about a hair and got it exchanged, though I’d bet they merely took it back, removed the offending follicle and returned with the same pizza.

        Other than that…yeah, I doubt you’d ever get your money back.

        • 叉烧饭

          Reminds me of the movie “Waiting”. Seriously, don’t mess with people who handle your food.

          • 叉烧饭

            Full version ;p

        • PeterScriabin

          Little Wolf – I believe you got off lucky!

          One time, in a beautiful restaurant in Puyang, Henan (resplendently polished wooden floors – which didn’t stop the banquet party people honking huge loogs onto it), I mildly asked if my broccoli-beef could be heated up. Never sicker in my life, the ensuing night. I was sure they gobbed in my dinner. Never “complained” again in a Chinese restaurant!!

          • Little Wolf

            Peter…that sucks. If I suspected somebody looged in my food I would totally re-create the the scene from “Ace Ventura, Pet Detective” when he discovered Finkel was Einhorn.

            Not sure this is relevant….

            To be fair, none of them seem to be Chinese restaurants.(Going by the names, I mean)

  • BigJ

    As long as humans handle your food, the Shit will be somewhat dirty. It’s not like the most respectable people work in fast food places, or any normal restaurant. Even the high end restaurants most cook or chef don’t wear gloves or things like that.

  • BigJ

    Maybe black people were on to something when they call KFC “The dirty bird”. :)

    • Efe the foreigner

      no, they called it that because they had sex with the chickens.

      • swat

        by “they” you still mean Black people?

  • linette

    China not only need a better food safety law. They also need to enforce sanitation requirements for food and food establishments. Do periodic inspection and make sure the establishments comply with all rules and regulations. Close them down if not. Give them a grade certificate to post it outside the restaurant entrance doors. Like Grade A certificate means excellent. Grade C means bad. Let the public know.

    • Poltergeist

      linette, they are already doing that with using a green, yellow and red smiley. However, this of course doesn’t really say anything about the quality. With the red bag to the right person, you can get a green smiley for great cleanliness just like that.

      I am always wondering why Mc Donald’s and Burger King only get a yellow smiley, while the most disgusting/unclean places have a green smiley. Do I need to mention that I’ve never seen a red smiley?

      • linette

        Because china officials are corrupted. They give out good grades if they get money from the restaurant people.

        • Poltergeist

          No really? Now as you say it, it gets clear to me…

        • Laughable

          Just money linette? I would have thought a little pink kitten would do the job also? Especially in mainland, those offiicials, you know how they are. And little kittens are always available. Do you agree? Or am i being risibile? :-)

        • Laughable

          What’s the matter Linette? No reply? Kitten got your tongue?

    • MrT

      My god the whole of china will starve if they do that>
      Is there enough people in China to inspect all these food places?
      I thought all certificates on the wall are just photo copies fakes.
      Grade Zee suitable for local people.

    • kathy


      See it for yourself the food standards in Hong Kong “”. Next time don’t come in saying China sucks and blah blah.

      • Jennster


  • Poltergeist

    Ah well. What should I say? Of course it’s problematic and wrong that cooks are not wearing face masks, gloves and hair caps. Especially with fast food restaurants, that use their brands to promote a certain global standard.

    Having said that, I wonder if the brave Mr. Yang, or any of the other complainers are using the same criterias on their local restaurants. Or is it the common double standard of Chinese that complain because “it’s foreign”, but accept it, when the restaurant is run by “ordinary common people”.

    Whenever I am able to have a look into the kitchen of a Chinese restaurant, it’s not the missing gloves, face masks or hair protectors that catch my eyes. It’s more the dirt, rust, smoking cooks, sometimes bugs that shock me. However, I never complained to a manager. Why waste my time? Won’t change anything.

    • Jahar

      This is the thing that surprises me. the dirtiest of the dirtiest chinese restaurants are okay, but someone without gloves at kfc and it’s protest time.

      • BigJ

        For real. :)

        I’ve seen cooks here in china with a smoke hanging out of their mouth and an apron that looks like it has never been washed….ever. The kitchen looks like a scene from horror movie. And this place is the most popular place in town. Chinese waiting outside just to get a table LOL. But when someone at KFC don’t have a hazmat suit on…..well, all hell breaks loose. :)

        • Laughable

          BigJ, yep, cig in the mouth, one finger excavating a nostril, the other one scratching the little ones. Then they start preparing food. Real nice…

          • heminator

            Haha, so true… but you forgot about the resident rats.

    • Strangerland

      I think because KFC is foreign brand, and like it or not the Chinese think Foreign brands(especially infamous ones) are better than local ones, they dare to demand higher standard. They don’t expect high standard of hygiene if they eat at dingy, dirt cheap local restaurants but the more ‘classy’ the restaurants the more likely people expect them to be better. And the top position in their eyes would be foreign infamous brand like KFC or mac, so ofcourse they demand higher standard than their highest local brands.
      And it is not just because they’re Chinese, you would expect higher standard from expensive or infamous diners than the lower counterparts.

  • MrT

    One day, i seen this brand new impressive looking food safety 4×4 (why a 4×4? anyway) inspection vehicle screech up out side this restaurant, I thought wow they doing a random raid, is so great!.
    No I is wrong, four all ready drunk men wobbled out of the vehicle and promptly barged passed the bouncers of underground night club next door to carry on the inspection of baijiu and girls.

    • MrT

      One day i went into a KFC to eat (i was desperate an drunk) ordered my food, turned around to find a seat and was surprised to see no where to sit, not because it was full of people (3am) but no one could be bothered to remove any of the empty rubbish food packages, all over the seats, chairs and floor.
      I complained in vain, because they was sporting this “i don’t give a fuck attitude i should be in bed right now”

      • MrT

        another day i was sitting there eating a early morning breaki with some buddies and this dude walks up with is child in hand and dumps the kid in the sink, right in front of us to take a piss.
        There was no queue for the mens , the women’s queue went out the door as usual.

        KFC still the best place to take a dump!

  • Chris

    I love it how the last post says don’t let foreigners serve us food this way. They are all idiots blaming everybody else for their problems. I hate this place. I leave tommorow.

    • Gay Orc

      Good luck back in mom’s basement!

      • Brett Hunan

        “A HERPA DERPPPP! All foreigners are losers in their own countries; can’t get laid, no job, lives at home with mom, fat, ugly”… Its like a fucking broken record.

        Let me ask you a question. What’s worse: the person who can’t get laid, can’t get a job, and lives with mom in a specific country, or the country in which (s)he has no problem scoring, makes a decent living, and has his/her own place just because (s)he holds a passport to said specific country?

  • eddie9684

    And not a single was given by the end of the day, do you think that statement by the kfc at the end is true?

    they going to wear gloves for

    day then the next day they are not going to use it anymore, and people wont see it anyways.

    • Efe the foreigner

      they will just rearrange the equipment to block the customers view.

  • Chris

    Chinese always say oh it’s countryside people do this, no education. I doubt that common sense prevails in the city nor the countryside.

  • Cleo

    Mr. Yang. You are such a fantasist. KFCs and especially White Castles in America are not that clean.

    And were you going to donate the food to poor people because your act was so obnoxious and wasteful.

    Just bide your time and wait for another visit when you can videotape the kitchen staff and post the incriminating evidence. It’s not rocket science.

  • Fraser

    Instead of complaining in KFC, why not every fucking restaurant I’ve ever been to (even expensive ones)? I’ve had food poisoning every time I’ve ever been to China, and this is precisely why. At least with American fast food chains they have marginally higher standards than normal places (they are still Chinese people that work in it after all).

    What this guy did though, is really fucking retarded. I really don’t understand how this in anyway makes his point. Just like Chinese people protesting Japan by smashing a Japanese car, it’s so fucking stupid.

    a. The car that you smashed has already been paid for,

    b. The insurance company will buy a replacement car, therefore the company gets another sale.

    For fucks sake.

    • wafflestomp

      Smashing KFC’s I am totally in to. Hell, I’ll join the Chinese in this. Lets smash the Mc Donalds and Pizza Sluts as well. For the Islands!

      • mr. wiener

        I think they arrested a Brit tourist like you during the riots in Bangkok. Arson is never good manners.

  • Little Wolf

    Cowboy the fuck up! I grew up up in California where if a fly landed on your plate the restaurant would change your food and usually comp your meal. When I got to Brazil, if

    flies landed on your banana between peeling it and and taking a bite, you ate it or went hungry.

    I once got stranded in Mato Grosso state(aka The Middle of Fucking Nowhere) after breaking

    out of

    lugnuts while changing a tire for the people that picked me up hitch-hiking. Deciding the extra weight was not going to help them get to the next town, the driver cursing as he threw my duffle bag out of the trunk and drove off “Th-Thunk, Th- Thunk, Th-Thunk” on the

    good tires. I walk seeming for hours and thought I’d die of thirst or heat stroke until I came on a small village where a very dubious and filthy man had a pile of sugar canes stalks strapped on his back. (Kind of looked liked the guy on the cover of the Led Zeppelin

    (ZOZO) album cover. On his belt, he had a device with a crank on it that he would run a sugar cane stalk through and squeeze out the juice for a refreshing beverage.(It was really cheap too…like the equivalent of

    Chinese jiao) The problem was he didn’t carry a supply of paper cups. He had

    fucking glass that problem had never been washed ever in his whole career as “suco de cano” vendor. The sides were covered with backwash from every customer he ever had. Noticing my nausea as I looked at the brown-stained glass he very courteously pulled his shirt tail out of his pants and wiped down the glass.

    I downed

    glasses as if it were Ambrosia of the Gods.

    • Little Wolf

      OOOOPS! He had

      fucking glass that problem had never been washed should be “PROBABLY never been washed.

      I should add that this guy who pulled this stunt would be wise to never return to that KFC unless he has a craving for “sneeze-burgers”.

    • mr. wiener

      It adds to the flavor.

    • Li RuiKe

      Great story! Rarely do these comments make me chuckle out loud. Thoroughly agree with your premise, too.

  • eattot

    but,may i say most chinese food places do not wash hands after take cash or touch sth else!i aways get so disgusted,even in shanghai…
    people in my hometown even do better this way.
    and i wish most restrants can make a sink as kfc,because i always want to wash hands before meal…

    • UpRising

      Yeah it’s something I’ve noticed too.
      The dudes that serve at tables are the same that take the cash when you’ve finished eating, and they don’t wash their hands afterwards before returning to serve other tables.
      Not saying this is unique to China or anything, but I found it to be more common there, if not the absolute norm.

    • Jennster

      use dettol non water hand sanitiser…..?

      • eattot

        what kinda people always take that along?
        also i do not trust that,water is the best.

        • eattot

          i go to eat in yonhe 永和大王 often, because there is a sink inside and no toilet besides,better….

        • BigJ

          soap is the best. :)

        • Jennster



  • mr. wiener

    Is it just me or is everyone else seeing some guy going:” Hey check it out people, I’m the little guy standing up to the rich foreign corporation that insults us Chinese people with it’s presence here. Yeh!!! this is my moment to shine!!”…..?
    Interesting idea , except he is failing to spot that is managed by Chinese and the fellow handling the chicken is Chinese. The only people hurt by this buffoonery will be Chinese. I wonder if he goes out of his way to be offended by Chinese companies…?
    I actually like coming across a KFC in China. You know they will have clean toilets.

    • JT


      It’s so gross how most places don’t have soap, and people rinse their hands with a bit of water. I, for one, don’t touch those sinks/faucets. So gross!

      • Nick in Beijing

        I just carry bottles of scented alcohol gel hand sanitizer. first rinse my hands, then do a once over with the alcohol.

        A damn sight better than nothing.

        • UpRising

          I thought hand sanitizers were considered too gay/femminine for men to use.
          Glad I was wrong.

          • Winter B4 Spring

            Where i am, its gay only if we accidentally spray it into the eyes. The reaction that follow — that’s gay.

    • Lakeman

      Well, I don’t think nationalism played much of a role in this story. I can see why some people would consider this guy to be showboating, and perhaps he is trying to show off. But he is right in that Western fast food restaurants in general are managed differently (worse) in China than their fellow restaurants in many other countries. And in the case of KFC in China, there was a big story last year about its food quality/safety. I think this guy is aware that he is exposing his fellow Chinese working at the KFC rather than foreigners and that this incident can hurt his fellow Chinese. He does not appear to be a very nationalistic person, at least based on this incident alone. He did after all indicate that fast food restaurants (KFC in this case) in foreign countries are much better managed and have stricter food hygiene standards than the ones in China, and that they also follow their standards more faithfully than the restaurants in China. Honestly, I fail to see why this story needs to be interpreted in a Chinese vs. foreigner manner. Not all stories that have to do with foreign things in China need to be interpreted as Chinese/China versus foreigner/foreign countries. In fact, in many instances, that is not the case at all. Coming back to this story here, I doubt this guy’s action here is anti-foreign, he is not complaining about KFC per se, but rather the KFC in China.

      I also think what this guy in this story did might not be a bad thing. Many Chinese citizens and activists have been trying to make a difference for a while now. It’s things like this which has received some media exposure, that could potentially help China to become a better place. It helps to raise awareness about China’s problems for people to reflect on and to act on. For some Chinese out there, they do reflect on these things and they also try to improve and make China/Chinese better through actual actions.

      A couple of points on some of the other posts on this page:

      1. Regarding stealing stuff (toilet papers, soaps, if they are available) from public restrooms in China, I think it is a matter of education (the possibility of stealing is one of the reasons why it’s not common to find these things in public restrooms on the Mainland). We are talking about moral education here, which is still inadequate in China today. Many Chinese do need to improve their private and public morality (true for a while now).

      2. As for protesting against Japan, for many Chinese, there are some genuine grievances when it comes to Japan, such as the Senkaku, atrocities from wars, textbook issues, reflection on war crimes…etc. There are of course, Chinese people who love Japanese products and are envious of what Japan has achieved. So I think while many Chinese hated Japan for many reasons, some Chinese also liked that country for a variety of reasons. For others, it’s either a mixture of love/hate or indifference. There might be other attitudes as well. However, during the past several weeks, it is also true that many Chinese were using the Senkaku dispute to air out their frustrations at their own government, society, living standards and whatnot. So there are in fact multiple elements to many Chinese people’s attitudes toward the protest/demonstration and Japan.

      3. I know the current situation is pretty tense in China when it comes to Chinese/foreign relations, but I believe the government knows better to not let things getting out of hands. Therefore, I believe the worse is over, at least inside Mainland China itself. I also think the CCP has become smarter these days to avoid using force to suppress demonstrators in a very open way (this is not to say they absolutely won’t, it depends on how serious the situation is). I don’t think the CCP wants and can afford another June 4th. And many of the demonstrators know that too (many Chinese do know about the June 4th incident). So I think the Chinese government and many of the Chinese demonstrators know about the limits of these protests. The communists more than likely don’t want too much trouble/interferences as they are in the process of political transition, but given their policies, it becomes somewhat inevitable that many Chinese would become agitated and act on their feelings openly when there is a chance to do so. At this particular moment in time, the protestors’ main target is Japan (but it could also possibly include the Chinese government itself or other entities, and that’s why it’s complicated). The CCP certainly is largely responsible for how a huge number of people in China react to things.

      4. Finally, coming back to this story again, I am not sure if this guy is doing “face-grab” and showing “Chinese snobbery” as a poster has put it. He could be. But I think it’s also possible that he simply wants to do something good for others. Or, it can be a mixture of both, doing something good for others and also get some personal media exposure. After all, KFC is very popular in China, and he has also been to KFC in other countries, and he can feel the differences between China’s KFC and the KFC in other countries. But the point is, who knows what is his true intention? He could have a bunch of different motives, or his motives could be very simple. Perhaps he could have found another way to raise awareness of this situation. But this is what he has done. And as we all know, people can do some interesting things in China. Again, I don’t think he is being anti-foreign here in this particular story.

      • Lakeman

        From my previous post, the following part, “he is not complaining about KFC per se, but rather the KFC in China” should’ve been “he is not complaining about KFC’s presence in China, but rather the way how KFC is managed in China.”

  • whiskersthecat

    Did he dispose of this properly after his pointless method of protest? And did he just happen to have poster board and a marker on him at the time?

  • JT

    It seems strange to me that such a fuss is made over this instance in a country where “street food” is so prevalent. At least KFC has hand soap outside of the restrooms, unlike most places in China (restaurants, businesses, schools, etc.).

    • Jennster

      I usually don’t get food poisoning from street food. it’s always some bread in a supermarket, or at a ningbo food restaurant (just an example).

      • Jennster

        moreover, I don’t get stomach upset when eating in rural farmer regions (their produce etc), But always in restaurants, produce bought from supermarket in cities etc.

  • radbab

    China has food safety laws, traffic laws, copyright laws, laws for everything. It’s just that corruption, ignorance, disregard, and no enforcement make it all pretty useless.

    And why should the average Chinese salesperson care more about any anonymous customer than any driver would for a random pedestrian? I don’t know you. FU. Not gonna wash my hands.

  • diverdude1

    word of advice for the newbies (you old hands know what I’m talking about) showing up on the shores of lovely E/SE Asia, don’t go around thinking about hygiene while u r living here. You’ll just wind up driving yourself crazy. Just remember, letting meat sit out all day in the tropical heat before u cook it just adds to the flavor, and those flies are actually a ‘secret spice’ ! :-p

  • MrT

    I cant understand how he managed to get

    buckets of chicken, they never got any buckets when i go in, i thought they stopped selling them and replaced them with them sht rice dishes they got going, no chicken(sparrow) in sight..
    I call foul!

  • Justin

    I know you might be new to this protest thing, guy, but usually you protest something by NOT buying it.

    • Brett Hunan

      Maybe he just wanted them to practice making the orders with gloves on.

    • BigJ

      They don’t get to protest that often, so when they do they do it wrong. :)

  • tai wai

    This [story] must be ding’d up, can’t let foreigners serve us as idiots!

    What the HELL?

    What foreigners? There were no foreigners. Why is this guy blaming foreigners?


    • BigJ


      That’s the million dollar question. :) both questions:)

      • Poltergeist

        BigJ, in regards towards your questions:

        Because otherwise they would have to blame themselves. That would result into a loss of face, which in China is impossible. Plus, foreigners own each and single Chinese person something. Haven’t decided what it is yet, but be assured, you personally, BigJ, also owe them sth. Me


        This question requires such a long answer that I am simply not willing to type, as time is short. I would ask you sth else then: What is actually right with these people?

        Considering that I gave you

        answers to both of the million dollar questions and accept the fact that the answer to your 2nd question is not completely helpful, I accept 1.5 million dollars.
        And since I don’t want to spend it for myself, I am happy if you can donate it to the Chinese Red Cross. I am sure you will do so and I am sure the Chinese Red Cross will spend it on some good cause.

    • Dr Dust Cell

      I took that as a tongue-in-cheek comment.

    • swat

      I’m cracking…

      You made my evening with this comment…THANK YOU!!!

  • diverdude1

    Breaking News !

    Word has leaked that he was actually pissed because they had run out of Hello Kitty electric-fan toys !

    • Laughable

      @diverdude1. That would explain it. Hello P***Y Electric toy not there, how would he please the wifey otherwise. She would end up eating kfc, miserable at not getting any pleasure from her toy, cos hubby certainly can’t help in that department. So, she would eventually let her gaze fall upon col. sanders and drift off in a fantasy. No. hubby can’t go home without electric toy.

  • glenn

    His point is good, but I think he is just showing off. I don’t think you need the

    buckets to emphasize that they are doing it wrong. Placards would have done a better job at it.

    • MrT

      if he could afford

      buckets of KFC (which i doubt) why would he be eating such crap in the first place…

    • mr. wiener

      He’s being a grandstanding douche, like that rich guy who takes a hammer to electric bikes, gives out hongbaos and takes up add space in US newspapers so he can tell everyone “those islands belong to China, incidently here is a picture of me doing a leg stand on my bicycle”.
      Twats the pair of them.

    • Asis

      I think this has all the signs of a Chinese face-grab.


      “This restaurant is not clean enough for me” (suzhi)
      “I can afford this wastage protest” (wealth)
      “I have traveled abroad” (culture/money)
      “I am from Beijing and visiting the wai di” (money, suzhi)

      This is much more about Mr Yang, his face, and Chinese snobbery than any utilitarian action. I mean, all the sanitation violations in China and this is when, where and how he snaps… face-grab (ye that’s right, i made up the term).


      “This restaurant is not clean enough for me” (suzhi)
      “I can afford this wastage protest” (wealth)
      “I have traveled abroad” (culture/money)
      “I am from Beijing and visiting the wai di” (money, suzhi)

  • Phi Kwan

    KFC is degenerating into an eatery that is even filthier than the da-pai-dangs around town and bills itself as being “healthy”. Un-fucking-believable, fellow compatriots forget boycotting Japan, start with KFC’s garbage!!

    • mr. wiener

      Are you suggesting Chinese should boycott Chinese eateries?

    • Winter B4 Spring

      Fellow compatriots! Transform!! And rollllllllllll!!!
      *Humming to the tune of Transformers*

  • Chris

    Why don’t they have soap? Why don’t they have toilet paper?

    Because they steal everything that’s not nailed down and blame it on ” lack of education”

    • diverdude


      • Winter B4 Spring


      • simon

        power! point!

  • The Enlightened One

    He sure showed them… not really… I could of think of

    things he could of done with his money to ACTUALLY help make a difference.

    For example… the lack of education is mainly what causes these sorts of events… if he put the 140k into helping some kids get a better education, then he would of started to REALLY make a difference.

    • CND Icehole


      list 50.

      double dare.

      • mr. wiener

        Tree planting scheme.
        Giving away free soap.
        Printing free comic books on how to brush your teeth [free tube of toothpaste with each book.
        Funding a recycling center.
        Setting up public toilets that use the run off to create methane, sell methane to pay for full time cleaners for the toilets.
        Fund public education programs to eradicate spitting and nose picking.
        Fund public education program to teach Chinese foreigners don’t like it much when you scream “Ha-Lo!”

        octave above middle C after they have already gone past.
        Fund a Clean up and beautify your neigbourhood program.
        Teach a curriculum of “alternative history” to what is being taught in schools.
        Start a adopt a foreigner program designered to bring foreigners to China who have never been there before. [you hear me Nanny Hichups?]

        ….That’s my ten suggestions. Anyone else got any?

        • BigJ


          Street lights, signs and lines are the road are just decoration. :) Do you even have to take a drivers test in china?? I just payed for my license. :)I never even had to write test. :) hahahah I just payed the guy to print me a license at the DMV. As long as you have money here you can get what you want, no questions asked:)
          I’ve already been driving for

          years so I had a clue on how to do it. But if chinese people do what I did with no experience….that’s scary shit lol.

      • The Enlightened One

        Don’t really have the time to list

        but here goes some off the top of my head…

        – Hold a job fair for university students
        – Invest in a few kids’ education
        – Invest in more greenery around the city
        – Pay some people to go to schools and give a workshop on personal hygiene
        – Hold seminars for free on explaining to people why spitting and letting their children go to the washroom anything is unsanitary
        – Open up a shelter for stray and abused animals
        – Start a program to teach rural people skills they can use to get a job in the city
        – Pass out pamphlets showing what bad driving causes
        – Holding awareness booths in front of busy places for ways to reduce your waste and lower energy consumption
        – Printing out materials of people starving in Africa and thinking twice before throwing out

        yuan worth of extra food.
        – Holding monetary contests for students that use creativity and innovation
        – Using the

        RMB to bribe health inspectors into actually doing their job…

        Point being… there are better ways of doing things than sensationalism that borders on an ego trip.

        • Chom

          I thought you were saying there are better ways to protest this specific issue??? (food safety at KFC)

    • Laughable

      Hello Enlightened One. Long time, glad to see you around. A certain person actually had another person prevented from posting here. It is ‘laughable’ no? Hahaha. I had better be careful no? Linette can be vengeful and goes to great extremes to get people banned from sites.

      • BigJ

        What did you say to piss her off? :)

        • Laughable

          Hey BigJ, How you doig bro? What did i SAY? ME? I don’t know man;-) People here said a lot worse. SHE PICKED ON ME! Let’s start a ‘kick-out-locals-that-pick-on-foreigners’ campaign and start by buying tons of noodles outside a noodle shop. Would that work?

          • BigJ

            hahaha, yeah I’ll start by buying that mystery meat on stick at the night BBQ stands. :) Just shit tons of it. And just start feeding it to dogs and cats. I will do it because of diaoyu islands…oopps I mean senkaku islands…..ouch. :)

      • The Enlightened One

        Hey there…

        What happened?

        • Laughable

          Hey man, how’s things? I just got back after linette got me banned from commenting here. It’s kinda like being virtually deported any time you say something a local doesn’t like.
          How’s it been? Well for me, I’m heading off for a holiday to those lovely Japanese islands which Japan has just bought from that lovely Japanese family and which are historically Japanese islands and anyone who disagrees can go piss in the wind. Oh, was i ranting? By the way, any toyotas left in mainland? I heard there was a cull?

          • moop

            yeah, the women on this site seem to have more success at getting people banned. nanny has done the same thing with success. why do you think that is?

          • The Enlightened One

            How did she get you banned? Lots of people here say everything under the sun and they don’t banned.

          • Winter B4 Spring

            LOL! Totally!

          • Brett Hunan

            I don’t even remember a “Laughable”… Just a quickie and she kicked you out of bed, huh? Predictable.

          • linette

            What are you guys talking about? I’ve never report anyone to get anyone banned here. I come here to read news and leave some posts in between my other computer work. You think I have time to report you? Crazy people.

            [Note from chinaSMACK moderator: Risible/Laughable was first moderated and then banned for repeated violations of multiple comment policies. If anyone wants to report another commenter, please use our Contact Form. Please provide compelling evidence of clear policy violations. Be aware that certain policies require extraordinary evidence, and all reports will consider overall commenting history. Please do not report others simply over legitimate differences of opinion.]

  • Archie

    This is clearly and simply a case of #ChineseLogic

  • Fraser

    Yeah, as opposed to all those other hygienic Chinese restaurants you see everywhere.

    I love the way he’s like “this place has bad hygiene, give me

    buckets”. You know what’s funny, I bet many restaurants can be open even with a raging cockroach infestation. Because we all know that cockroaches are completely harmless, not at all bad for your health or anything like that.

    • Rod

      yeah, it’s funny he chose this place. I’m sure it was somehow sponsored by the government as some anti-western bullshit.

  • Ryo

    So is wearing the same pair of gloves the whole day make it clean? Even though they are “disposables” gloves, I’ve seen places reuse the same ones over and over. Talk about cheap!

    • Poltergeist

      I have been in an airplane with a doctor from the US. I don’t know if his story is true or not, but what he told me and how he told it, I was convinced that there is truth in his statements.
      He said he was working in a Shanghai hospital to learn about Chinese medication while at the same time, teaching the local staff “the American way”. In the first week during one of the first (or THE first) operation which he assisted, he noticed that the docs and nurses were not wearing gloves, while operating on “an open” patient.
      When confronting the docs with the fact that this can easily spread bacterias, he asked them why they don’t use gloves. Well, he was told that the hospital didn’t supply them with gloves. So he ordered one-time-usage gloves and gave the

      people in his team with a box each. They were happy.
      After some time, he ran out of gloves and asked his colleagues if it wasn’t time to order new ones, this time sharing the costs. The answer he got from all his colleagues was: “We still have plenty”. What he figured out was that the one-time-usage gloves were considered to be a “one-day-usage” glove, meaning, several different patients were benefitting from the bacterias from each other again (or still).

      This was in

      or 2009, don’t remember. It still makes perfect sense to me when trying to respect Chinese logic.

      • Rod

        Fuck. I had surgery here. In boondocks fucking Longyan of all places.

      • Jennster

        you do know the hospitals in shanghai have ranks right? you just went to a

        star one i assume.

        • linette

          hospitals in shanghai have ranks right…..

          What do you mean they have ranks in hospital in shanghai?

      • Dr Dust Cell

        I am a medical student studying in Hangzhou. It is DEFINITELY not like that here. Let’s not talk about a ZJU Second Affiliated or Run Run Shaw-level hospital, even a No.

        People’s Hospital is professional enough to have gloves, and there are tons of them inside a Y30 box. (The great quality surgical ones are like 1.something a pop.)

        I call lies that on that Shanghai hospital story. Maybe in Danba or Gangca or some other town in the boonies, but not SH.

        • Little Wolf

          While there are plenty of Chinese hospital horror stories( I gotta few myself) I have to agree with Dust Cell and say that supplies of gloves are one of the least of the problems. I read about a guy years ago(Wall Street Journal) that spent his life savings buying up crates of surgical gloves that didn’t pass inspection because of pin-sized holes thinking he would make a killing selling them in China and they were disallowed and he lost everything.(well, not everything I guess he was able to dump them in some African country at a huge discount)

          But who knows? Perhaps “Poltergeist’s” doctor was also telling the truth of an isolated case. I just telling what I see with my own eyes.

          • Poltergeist

            As mentioned: I don’t know if the story is true or not. On the one hand it sounded almost incredible, but on the other hand, why would he lie to me?
            I have been in a hospital in Shanghai ones for a Sinus inflation treatment which is not super difficult. Service, cleanliness was okay. What pissed me off however was that I got the treatment in a room without doors and after

            minutes, there were like

            visitors that probably found me cute. And second: eventhough being insured, they wanted to see cash first.
            As stupid as this sounds, but coming from a country where everybody is insured and doesn’t need to pay anything but a monthly tax, the feeling in that moment was awful…

          • Little Wolf

            Poltergeist: That’s for sure. I’ve cleared quite a few mobs of people staring over my shoulder trying to read my medical book and nose in to my private business.

            And yeah….living in China is bad for your sinuses. I’ve met a number of foreigners that developed such problems and even a few required surgeries.

          • tai wai

            And second: eventhough being insured, they wanted to see cash first.
            As stupid as this sounds, but coming from a country where everybody is insured and doesn’t need to pay anything but a monthly tax, the feeling in that moment was awful…

            Coming from the US, I am amazed at how cheap hospitals are here.

          • Poltergeist

            tai wai, I am not saying the treatment was expensive. RMB

            iirc. However, in Germany, I was fully insured, didn’t need to pay anything for any treatment. Only thing related to money for the treatment was that I got the annual insurance report stating how much money the insurance paid for my treatments. I had to forward this statement to the insurance company at the end of the year for them to evaluate if the insurance premium will have to be raised. Which in my case wasn’t as I haven’t made use of any insurance money the

            previous years.

          • Poltergeist

            Sorry, meant to write: annual doctor report needed to be forwarded to the insurance company. My bad.

  • moop

    there’s probably a jianbing cart right infront of this place every morning. never seen anyone ever wear gloves in a typical chinese restaurant, but i’ve seen plenty of people smoking while cooking and everytime it rains in the summer, none of the dapaidangs cover their liangcai and they just sit in acid rain water. pretty sweet

  • Slob

    Cool, spend 140,000 RMB on buckets of wasted food that could have helped 100’s of starving kids eat for at least a month.

    I see people protesting in my city about the whole Japanese DiaoYu islands thing, and this dipshit wastes all that money when he could have simply talked to the manager? Wtf is he trying to do? For attention? Nice, now people think you’re a fucking cocksucker. To protest foreign restaurants? Nice, now you’ll be stuck taking your kids to Wallace or CBC.

  • MrT

    Also where are all the street beggars that live outside KFC nailing foreigners when they go in?
    He could feed em for a year.

  • Dutchman

    did he ever looked in the kitchen of a local chinese restaurant ????
    i never had problems with my stomach before ,here its standard minimum


    x a week maybe he better worry about these unhygienic standards here ??????

  • bigwin80

    Protest against a restaurant chain by being their best customer ever.

    Roflmao. Chinese logic at its finest.

  • DoctorZaius

    On a related topic…why do Chinese people feel that when they go to McDonalds, KFC…any fast food place…they are not required to throw out their own trash.
    They just get up and leave like

    year-olds. There are clearly wastebaskets. This is why you are given a plastic tray and not a plate. Is it because they feel it is a restaurant so I don’t have to clean up after myself? I wonder if they are like this at schools here too. Do they get their food in the cafeteria, eat, and then just walk away?
    It always bugs me for some reason. The place could be packed and people are waiting for open seats, but they just get up and leave all their junk. Despite the fact they will walk right past the trashcan.
    I guess the answer is in some ways Chinese people are inconsiderate pricks. Which isn’t that new of a revelation, now is it? /rant over/

    • Kukuku

      I went to McDonald with my only real Chinese friend and his girlfriend once (ppl in China will know what I mean by real friend). I asked him about this and he told me in China when people pay for food they also pay for service and they consider “picking up your trash and throwing it in the basket” to be part of said service.

      Or it could also be that once they leave they don’t give a fuck about the place anymore. “Not my problem kthnksbai.”

      • Dr Dust Cell

        Whenever I eat in a KFC or McDonalds (..not very often) I empty my tray into the garbage drawer thing. But it’s not just the Chinese people who stare/comment whenever I do that, even a few of my foreigner friends/classmates find my action peculiar- They say back in their countries they also just leave the tray on the table for the staff to clean up.

        Also, manners aside, it is absolutely true that the cost of the food covers service. Not only are you paying for your meal, but also for the clean toilet, the air conditioning, the temporary occupancy of your table, and so on. What’s the point of eating overpriced, unhealthy fast food then if service is not included in the package? I won’t get much face from ordering a bucket meal.

    • Rod

      I think the point is that if you throw away trash, that you are worthy of throwing away trash, ie you are a garbage man.

      If you don’t throw your trash away, it means you are waiting for someone to do it for you, which means you are wealthy and important.

      Today I saw some asshole kid eat a bag of chips (american, aka crisps) and just threw the bag on the ground. Turns out it was one of my students, so I yelled at him. He called me a stupid foreigner (死美国佬), and that’s the end of the story.

      Glad it’s not my country.

      • Jennster

        there is a fruit vendor outside parent’s apartment in shanghai who hate americans. he’s always going on about ‘da dao mei guo lao’ (bash down old yank)

        • Boris

          Conveniently when there are no foreigners around to hear him. : )

      • Jennster

        btw ‘si mei guo lao’ means dead yank

        • Boris

          You are a veritable fount of knowledge. Have you thought about a career in academia?

        • Rod

          I don’t think it does. I think it means “fucking american”.

    • simon

      they also have a person specially designated to watch and clean the tables when ppl leave. good point about restaurants though, for most people in china i guess going to KFC is like fine dining.

      But yeah this happens everywhere, you will get inconsiderate pricks in any country who don’t clean after themselves. It’s just a % thing, higher percentage in china because more of them are uncivilized

  • donnachadh

    This place sells food in ‘buckets’, what kind of standards should we expect?

  • Kukuku

    Out of topic: Anyone here can successfully discuss China and it’s people WITHOUT feeling like a racist? I tried and if I just stick to the truth it makes me feel like an asshole.

    • BigJ

      The truth hurts that’s all :) It’s like calling a fat, ugly chick fat and ugly…It’s the truth but it makes me feel bad for saying it, and she gets pretty pissed too :) She might even cry in front of you. :)

    • DoctorZaius

      Haha I know what you mean. After I wrote that previous comment I felt a little racist. But I find for the most part China ain’t too bad and the people are decent (like anywhere else).

      • Kukuku

        I know what you mean. It’s difficult to explain. There is so much to hate about the place yet in many ways I have more freedoms here than I had back home and less to worry about.

        Would be close to paradise if hygiene standards were followed here.

    • Kukuku

      While I’m being a racist asshole: Am I the only one that thinks Chinese people behave,react and generally look like children?

  • red scarf

    Fail in more than one way

    He bought

    KFC buckets more likely the total output from the shop in a day.

    Simply just shows that Chinese run food shops have “food health and safely problems”

    Lately wearing gloves does not stop the transmission of germs, food etc from one source to another. Disinfected or well washed hands are just as good at stopping it, as already pointed out.

    • The Enlightened One

      This isn’t about him sticking up for health concerns. It’s an ego-trip.

      I know a lot of “entitled” Chinese men and I firmly believe he didn’t do this to be righteous. He did this because he thought he could go up to the Supervisor, like a boss, and tell everyone what to do. They didn’t like that or they didn’t feed his ego enough… this is a common thing… Since they didn’t feed his ego enough (him being a rich important businessman in KFC), he decided it was now personal and used whatever reasoning he could to show he was better than them (throwing down big wads of cash).

      His friend even says they had apologized properly (AKA feed his ego enough), then it probably wouldn’t have happened.

      I don’t think he really cared THAT much about hygiene and health safety. If he TRULY did… what the hell is he doing in KFC?

      My opinion, just another self-entitled prick trying to let others know that when HE talks… they should listen and know their place.

      • BigJ

        Yeah just some pecker head being a rich fuck. Nothing better to do then hang around KFC and show people how much money he has and how foreign companies are shit.

      • red scarf

        “It’s an ego-trip.”

        Yes, and that’s why he “Fail in more than one way”

    • womo

      He also sounds pretty ignorant of how restaurants are run, because if he eats at high end restaurants the chefs touch food with their bare hands all the time to make sure food is cooked well, and will even taste (and re-taste) the dishes with the same spoon to make sure it is seasoned right. Or use the same spoon to taste other dishes. He’s just stupid and possibly germophobic.

  • Garbo

    If Chinese people have poor hygiene that isn’t KFC’s problem. I bet they gae all the safety standards when the shop opened. Most people don’t bother to use soap let alone clean their food and kitchens properly. I went into a McDonalds once in northern Beijing. The counter was so dusty and dirty. Some student came in , who probably had studied in another country, and showed them now dirty it was. They got the same predictable answer Mei guan xi. It was the last time I ever went into a McDonalds. City people are just as dirty.

    • BigJ

      It’s like my grand mother always said “you can dress them up, but you can’t take them out” :)

      • Germandude

        My grandma always said when talking about the insurance consultant: “What do you get, when you put a farmer into a suit! A suited farmer…”

      • B

        Your mother always talked about Chinese people?

        • Winter B4 Spring

          Erm…it’s his Grandma, not his mom. Maybe she was referring to the fried chickens, that “you can dress them up, but you can’t take them out”. Interestingly strange.

    • diverdude

      @ the McD’s near my pad in Shenzhen I have seen more than once a noveau-riche lady rest her puppy-dog on the counter while ordering. once I got pissed and pointed it out to the manager, that there was a canine sitting on the counter and that there was a sign on the front door saying ‘no dogs allowed’. He just kinda went embarrased and said something like ‘it’s busy’, like if/when it was busy they could not enforce the rules. I ain’t buying it.
      Same McD’s has people basically camping out in there. Bringing in outside food is totally, totally common. Never clean up after themselves. I have asked my Chinese comrades about this, they all say ‘it’s ok’.

      The best way I have ever heard behavior explained in China is two ways.

      1. Never criticize another’s behavior.
      2. They grew up un-educated peasants who lived as the animals they farmed and by and large that is still the mentality today.

  • Bill Stack

    who gives a cluck!

    • Winter B4 Spring

      the dude who bought

      buckets of chickens. he gives a cluck. sigh.

  • The Enlightened One

    Not trying to be your nutritionist here… but…

    You guys REALLY shouldn’t eat that fast food crap. Try not eating it for a month… cook for yourself (healthy stuff) and then try eating it again… you feel sick, like you just ate pure junk. Because you did. Watch “Supersize Me” by the guy that almost died eating MacDonalds.

    IF you must eat quick western food, I suggest Burger King or Subway. There is a good Korean chain too, I forgot the name but the quality of product seems quite a bit better. KFC and MacDonalds are the worst!

    • Kukuku

      Supersize Me is mostly fraud. The guy WON’T release his numbers, claims he ate at least

      calories per day or more, but by following his rules it is IMPOSSIBLE to add up to

      calories or more per day. Yes, you can eat more than

      calories per day at McD, but by following the rules he set for himself it is absolutely impossible unless you cheat and splurge even more. Means he had to cheat his own rules.

      BTW: Eating

      calories or more of ANYTHING every day will get you fat.

      • Young Man

        Hey-that’s HK47! I know that Robot!

        • Kukuku

          Definition: ‘Love’ is making a shot to the knees of a target

          kilometres away using an Aratech sniper rifle with a tri-light scope.

          Statement: This definition, I am told, is subject to interpretation. Obviously, ‘love’ is a matter of odds. Not many meatbags could make such a shot, and strangely enough, not many meatbags would derive love from it. Yet for me, love is knowing your target, putting them in your targeting reticle, and together, achieving a singular purpose… against statistically long odds…

  • moop

    take a look at the barbarians. bunch of brain-dead retards who still havent realized that if they protested like this against their government they’d be shot on site

    • Boris

      Moop, that’s fucking depressing. It chills me to the core to know that there’s so much hate here, just festering under the surface, ready to explode when the authorities give it the thumbs up. Like Mark Kitto,

      years ago I envisaged spending the rest of my life in China. These days I’m devising a suitable get-out tactic. Shame. In some ways, the biggest victims in all of this are the Chinese.

    • BigJ

      Cool link, Yeah that’s fucking retarded. :) The rolex store I think I would have to join in on :) The one that made me shake my head was…

      Do they actually know how retarded they sound?

    • The Enlightened One

      Oh man,

      This is pretty worrisome… you know a lot of this anger is spilling over to the Americans too. They supposedly gave the islands to Japan after World War II.

      So China is starting to blame Americans as well.

      My American buddy got a text message from the AMERICAN embassy telling him to be careful of large crowds or going around anything like this. Two Chinese soldiers were screaming fuck Japan, China rules in a club nearby. They were drunk but tried to get us to join in on the chanting… we didn’t do it but I manipulated them into buying us free drinks.. they scurried away soon after because they couldn’t hold their alcohol… yup… here comes the BOOM.

      • hess


        soldiers? at the local club here in shijiazhuang it went a bit like; hmm.. how should i put it? when i say NEW YORK! you say.. YANKEES! NEW YORK! YANKEES! Except the Dj shouted 小日本! and pretty much everyone except me and my indian friend shouted 操! and it went like that for a few minutes

      • Little Wolf

        TEO: Having just perused the US Consulate website, there are no travel advisories at this time, other than the standard “avoid large crowds” that is on the basic precaution tips. Nothing out of the ordinary though it probably would be wise to stay alert.
        Course I wasn’t even thinking of that when I raged at the guy screaming in his mobile phone right behind my ear in the elevator this morning. Scared the holy shit out of him. Not really concerned about a mob showing up with meat cleavers any time soon, though.

        • Ironic

          I received this text in the morning.

          Dear Canadian Citizens,

          Anti-Japanese demonstrations have been taking place across China in recent days. Violence and property damage have been reported. Further demonstrations are expected to take place on September 18, particularly around Japanese diplomatic and consular missions.

          Some Shanghai media have suggested that protesters may use the following roads on their way to the Consulate General of Japan in Shanghai as of


          1. People’s Square –> Yan’an Lu –> Xianxia Lu –> Japanese Consulate-General 2. Chenyi Guangchang (Bund) –> Yan’an Lu –> Xianxia Lu –> Japanese Consulate-General 3. Huaihai Lu –> Donghu Lu –> Fumin Lu –> Yan’an Lu (Shanghai Exhibition Center) –> Japanese Consulate-General

          Canadians are advised to avoid areas where demonstrations may be taking place. They should also monitor local media and follow the advice of local authorities.

          The Consular Section, Consulate General of Canada in Shanghai

    • Kukuku

      I’m sure they’re aware of that. Japan is simply a proxy for their lifelong frustration.

      • Brett Hunan

        Exactly. They have nothing else to take their anger out on and they probably all figured out that protesting against Japan wont have any of the consequences that protesting their own problems would.

        They call this “patriotism”, but we all know its just the first chance most of these people have ever gotten to vent their anger in their lives. And they are venting hard.

        I’m with TEO, be careful Americans, or any white people (because you all look American). Everyone should probably avoid large groups altogether.

        • Lakeman

          Actually, many Chinese have been protesting against a variety of things, including the Chinese government for quite a while now. It’s just that most of these protests have been small in scale and more local than national. So, I think it’s possible that some of the protesters here might have protested against other entities before, including the government. The point is, there are a lot of social unrests in China these days, with thousands of incidents every year for the past few years, if my info is correct. However, it is also true a protest on the scale of this one against Japan more than likely won’t take place against the government (though incidents like the Wukan incident, while not as big, did and still do attract quite a bit of attention). On the other hand, I also think the Chinese government is smart enough to know that they should definitely avoid another June 4th. That’s why allowing these big protests against Japan can alleviate some of the angers among the Chinese populace (the same is true with allowing many other smaller protests, even if they are directed at the government). However, the government still doesn’t want to see these protests to get out of hands. That’s why these protests against Japan can only reach certain levels. The same is true with other protests against the CCP or other entities.

          I must also say while it is true that many of these protesters here are demonstrating because of their frustrations in their lives, many of them also do have some genuine grievances against Japan. So it’s not just all about the protesters’ own problems and problems in China and nothing about Japan. Some of these people are truly protesting against Japan, and some are also protesting against what they perceived to be the Chinese government’s weakness on this issue of Diaoyu Islands, among other things. So the reasons and targets of these protests can be many, or only

          or 2, it’s really difficult to say. This is true with the other protests as well.

      • Cooljackal

        You’re right. Now is not the time to get angry at the lady who bumps into you with her shopping cart while you are standing against a wall and she clearly has like

        feet of space, or the couple who walk very slowly in front of you and you have no way to get around them while they make an S pattern in the isle, or the girl that doesn’t seem understand that buses stop frequently and should hold on to something otherwise she will come crashing into you.

        It’s better to let things go right now because this situation is like a feedback loop for mainlanders.

        • Brett Hunan

          Haha a feedback loop.. Nice! Starting my MBA in Management Systems in January. Maybe I will design an imploding loop based on this situation for my thesis! THANKS hah

    • mr. wiener

      Time to keep your heads down until this shite blows over, You are all welcome to join me in China-lite [Taiwan] a place the craziness ain’t. Sorry you can’t have my spare room. My mum and dad are coming over next week.

      • hess

        China/LiGHT sounds better; “China! Now without communism!”

    • BigJ

      Check out today….look at the picture they have :)

      • moop

        pathetic. i hope these nationalists die in a fire

      • Brett Hunan

        on a lighter note, these girls are learning pole dancing for fitness.

        • mr. wiener

          Pole dance competition!! Winning country gets the islands.
          This is the way to solve international problems.

          • Brett Hunan

            Exactly what I was thinking. Let’s just push 2013’s even a little up to now and duel it out.

      • Dr Dust Cell

        fuck yeah thanks baidu

        ima steal that gif for my presentation next next week

    • linette

      Wow…you foreigners better be careful inside China. Especially the Japanese and Americans. Are those riots from major cities inside China? How about Shanghai. Is it safe there? The foreigners better lay low and go home after work. Don’t hang out late.

      You see what I am saying. Who said Chinese can’t protest? They should use the same energy against the China gov’t to push the corrupt china party out of their offices. They need revolution. They need to direct that energy to fight for a revolution. Aren’t they tired of being oppressed?

      • moop

        the problem is if they did protest like this against the ccp they would be shot on site

        • linette

          There are so many of them. The chinese citizens. Like hundred millions. How many can they shot down? Why they gonna do? Blow up the whole city? It reminds me of a movie. I forgot the name. It’s like a bunch of small animals and two predators are after them. They do it by separating the herd. The herd knew so they stick together and chase the two predators away. The hundred millions chinese need to understand that. Once they understand that, the china party will be afraid. And that is why they have the segregation system. No education for the

          millions poor rural. And keep the rich in major cities happy with materialistic things.

          • BigJ

            It doesn’t work like that. The government has all the weapons. You ever see “saving private Ryan”? The first scene on the beach..imagine that by

            fold. And you may say” well, the American and British took them over”….yes but they had guns and shit too. Now imagine instead of armed americans coming off the boats on the beach, You have chinamen armed with spin kicks and bitch slaps… long as they don’t run out of bullets ….. they will win with most likely

            deaths on their side.

            “You don’t bring a knife to gun fight” …everyone knows that.

      • Little Wolf

        Well….I, for one…am quaking in my boots.

  • Li RuiKe

    So stinking ridiculous! As if the dozens of Chinese restaurants on the same had BETTER sanitation! Of course they don’t! I’ve seen waitress picking their noses between serving dishes. I don’t really WANT to see what the cooks are doing. But I have. A friend’s friend owns a popular restaurant, so they gave us a little tour of the kitchen. It was as I expected: a free-for-all. Not a single sign of sanitation rules. No gloves or hairnets. Everything wet. Who knows what fluids are mixing with what other fluids and going on the food? So what? It’s cooked. Eat it. Enjoy it. Fear is worse than germs.

    This guy is obviously trying to make himself famous by appealing to racism, exactly like the idiot who smashed refrigerators in front of the Seimens HQ. As if Chinese products were better than German products. What a stinking joke! It must have worked for that clever imbecile and so it’s working for this copycat imbecile. They are just jealous, just like those who say they respect them.

  • B

    Ok meanwhile in other part of China violate protest goes on against anything japanese related. Just saw a picture of a china man beaten half to death possibly will be paralyze , because he drove Toyoto.
    Chinese are such retards amazing, attacking their own country men for driving japanese card . Lack words.

    • moop

      hey, can you give us a link? or where the pic was taken?

      • ShanghaiSteve

        I like how Fauna posts a story about fried chicken while one of the more noteworthy events in recent Chinese history occurs. Very lame.

        • cc

          Seen all those pics on imgur, where’s the so called one of the chink citizen getting beaten for owning a nip car?

          • Brett Hunan

            Just begging to get banned are we?

          • cc

            Who asked you to stick your oar in arsewipe

          • moop


          • mr. wiener

            How do you stick your oar in arsewipe?
            Commas are fun and easy to use, twat.

          • cc

            Another wanker gets on the bandwagon

          • Brett Hunan

            Posted to the wrong person… whatever, I’m not sure I understand the oar part, but it was funny nonetheless.

          • cc

            Look it up Brett Baby and you will become all seeing

          • Brett Hunan

            After further review, no need to look it up. I thought you wanted me to put something in someones arsewipe. wiener was right, you forgot the comma.

    • Kukuku

      “Lack words.”


    • The Enlightened One

      It’s the Red Guard shit all over again…

      You guys ever watch the Chris Rock routine… where he says… whenever the hicks go around saying Kill all Terrorists… I get a lot worried because I know what follows… eventually it turns into kill all foreigners/minority groups.

    • starting

      this just in japanese female expats fear being gang rape in china. hide behind chinese boyfriends’ butts

      ” Another outbreak of anti-Japan sentiment is expected across China on Tuesday, the anniversary of Japan’s

      occupation of parts of mainland China.

      “I’m not going out today and I’ve asked my Chinese boyfriend to be with me all day tomorrow,” said Sayo Morimoto, a 29-year-old Japanese graduate student at a university in Shenzhen.”

      • Jennster

        I don’t think so this is not Chinese guy nature. Chinese would still adopt Jap war orphans after end of ww2 whereas Japs would just murder any Chinese children they see at the time. Btw, a Japanese woman got raped and murdered today by Romanian.

        • hess

          oh really? so rape isnt common in china? nigga please

    • Jennster

      There is also a great tv series airing atm on shanghai tv called ‘zhen zhe wu di’ about chiang kai shek and japs during ww2. what excellent timing. check letv or if you guys wanna watch it. :D

      • Getrealson

        Chinese need to stop living in the past! During ww2 Chinese were ignorant, dirty farmers! Have they evolved? not really.

        If I showed a Chinese person a picture of these farmers, their argument would be that it was a long time ago and it’s different now. Why can’t they apply this logic to ww2?

        • Jennster

          What do you have against farmers and poor people. In fact, it’s the Sichuan ‘farmers’ who the Chiang looked down on who fought the bravest. Actually real han Chinese from huaxia know how to fight best from history (art of war tactics). to be frank these are today’s ‘evil’ ccp descendents.

          • Getrealson

            ironically it is the Chinese who use these words as derogatory terms more than western people and I never mentioned poor. But to answer your question, nothing!

            I have on numerous occasions had Chinese people offer as an excuse that the people I see polluting, driving on the wrong side of the road, shitting in the street are just farmers, or from the countryside or poor so don’t tell me it’s not part of the Chinese psyche.

            But seems I answered your question, could you answer mine?

          • Jennster

            getrealson, to answer your question, the Chinese did not revenge the japs on their own, it was american who bombed them. japan is the only asian country the chinese did not get to rape/fuck :D

        • Capt. WED

          why do you guys always have to bring this logical thing into it. Most people are not logical. Maybe you can see there are more illogical people in China…. well they have more population.

          I mean even in the west not everyone has a liberal mindset. Look at what happened after 9/11. So yeah, why can’t those people apply logic???? YOU TELL ME WHY Getrealson! OMG you are deflecting OMG OMG OMG OMG! BUT I THOUGHT you said Americans had a mind melt in the 60s so you guys all think alike?????

          • Getrealson

            What the fuck are you talking about? Capt Cockhead? no ones talking to you fuckwit!

            Now you want to blame population? Fuck off monkey!

            ” BUT I THOUGHT you said Americans had a mind melt in the 60s so you guys all think alike?????”

            Tell me when I said that! Actually, don’t! just Fuck off!

          • Getrealson

            One more thing capt shit English! Are you fucking retarded? I asked jennster a simple question that he/she failed to answer. Then you chime in with ‘deflection’ do you know what that word even means? This is an article about poor hygiene in a chinese establishment, run by chinese and sold to chinese then you talk about the west and 9/11. That’s deflection you fucking ape!

            Looking over your previous posts I can conclude that you are as dumb as a box of hammers and can see why you think no one has logic because you don’t even know what it is. So once again with the utmost sincerity…….

            FUCK OFF!

    • Winter B4 Spring

      Toyoto = copied version of toyota

  • don

    I worked in a nice restaurant here in the US during High School. Once you have worked in any sort of food-serving place, you know that you really don’t want to know what’s happened to your food on the way to you. I had to make

    gallon buckets of potato salad back then. The procedure? add all the ingredients, go wash your arms, and then dig in up to your elbows mixing it all up. Plastic gloves? it is to laugh.
    My wife worked for years in Chinese restaurants-the cooks and the owners were fanatical about the cleanliness of their own plates and bowls and utensils, but for the customers? Meh.
    Washing hands. How many of you carefully wash your hands in the toilet, and then touch the door handle on the way out? might as well not bothered. I never throw away the paper towel I dried my hands with until I’m out the door,having used it to open the door with. Having majored in Microbiology, I also know most things are just crawling with bacteria and viruses,and there’s not much you can do in everyday life to avoid them without being like Howard Hughes.

    • whiskersthecat

      I was a waitor at a Chinese buffet owned by a friend’s parents. They also cooked at the place. It was clean, dishes were well-washed, etc. I know that’s an exception to the rule, having worked at other places as well, but yeah. Maybe you can rest easy thinking that maybe this one restaurant you’re eating at is that one in a hundred that’s actually clean.

    • eattot

      i do not know others, but me. after i open the door the first thing for me is wash hands.i wash hands many times per day,that’s why i always buy hands gel.
      i even wash my ass after….

      • ChinaPrat

        I’ll happily use my hands to eat something without washing them, eve after touching subway handles and escalator handrails. Fuckit, it can’t be worse than eating shaokao or pushing beggars tin bowls away from me.

      • Winter B4 Spring

        After what? Please gross us out. Please do.
        *shiver* urgh

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