Bloody Fight Between Chinese Men for Guangzhou Subway Seat

The blood is spilled on the floor.

From NetEase:

28-Year-Old Teacher and Old Man Fight over Subway Seat Spilling Blood on Floor in Guangzhou

At around 8:38am on October 7th on the Guangzhou Subway Line 4, an old man over 60 and a 28-year-old teacher fought each other over a seat. The male teacher’s head and arms were covered in blood, a part of his ear bitten off, while the old man’s nose bled from a punch, bloodstains covering the train carriage floor. The two men were released after being educated [reprimanded] by the police.

The old man over 60 is holding the 28-year-old teacher down and biting him.

The old man over 60 is holding the 28-year-old teacher down and biting him.

The old man over 60 is raising his “blood face”.

The old man over 60 raised his “bloody face” for a moment, then continued to bite the young man.

The old man over 60 is holding the 28-year-old teacher down and biting him.

The old man over 60 is holding the 28-year-old teacher down and biting him.

The old man over 60 is holding the 28-year-old teacher down and biting him.

The video:

Comments from NetEase:

月君 [网易江苏省网友]:

It’s still unclear to whom the islands belong, but a seat belongs to whoever sits on it first. A seat is the same as sovereign rights. Begin defending our sovereign rights by first defending our own seats!

正义压倒一切 [网易广东省深圳市网友]:

Sigh!! International joke!
Will standing for a little while kill you?

夜雅楠 [网易辽宁省沈阳市网友]: (responding to above)

Aren’t you a wu mao?

瘦肉精苏丹红皮鞋奶地沟油 [网易美国网友]: (responding to above)

Even a wu mao says something human [reasonable]… These days, truly anything is possible!

linzhihua052 [网易海南省海口市网友]:

Yun… even more vicious than a dog fight… What’s wrong this guy??

robia [网易广东省东莞市网友]:

Damn, this society is getting out of control. Even something like this can result in a fight [like this].

网易广东省深圳市网友 ip:113.92.*.*:

Looks like it’s just the old man holding him down and biting him~ and the young man so scared he’s curled up into a ball.

hanchuang777 [网易北京市网友]:

A bloody incident caused by a banana… Sigh!
Just one banana could’ve stopped the fight, do you believe it or not? How come there were no kind-hearted people to stop the fight?

i0707com [网易江苏省淮安市网友]:

Raising our citizens’ characters [level of civility] is what is the most important [task] right now [for the country].

猪王麻教授 [网易浙江省宁波市网友]:

Is biting people a trend lately?

Comments from Sohu:

中华魂231968 [搜狐手机网友]:

Low characters, losing face in front of the whole world.

中华魂231968 [搜狐手机网友]:

Guangzhou is more or less an international city now, but why are some people’s characters this low/poor, so much lower than us rural people? Maybe it’s caused by a lack of education.

淡雅如菊 [搜狐安徽省合肥市网友]:


看看再说 [搜狐网友]:

This kind of physique, I’m in awe, at 67 years old too. Friends, I think giving up our seats to the elderly on public transit in the future is actually an insult to them.

马奶酒销售琪琪格 [搜狐上海市网友]:

I think nowadays the characters of the elderly are even lower/poorer, as if young people giving up their seats for them is a matter of course, without even a word of thanks! Whereas many old people will scramble for the seats and not behave in an orderly manner. If I have time, I should film a collection [of this behavior of the elderly] to show everyone!

漂亮加菲 [搜狐天津市网友]:

This old man is so ferocious, even stronger than the young man, is it still necessary to give up one’s seat for him [because he doesn't need it if he's so strong and healthy]?

太空显微照妖镜18的微博 [搜狐山东省荷泽市网友]:

Old but without morality, how can he take advantage of his seniority. Young without upbringing, turns out both the old and the young are shameful.

中国人 [搜狐网友]:

In fact, the most detestable person [involved] is the Southern Metropolis Daily reporter. Even though he managed to film the whole incident, he didn’t go forward to stop them, and even dares to say no one at the scene stepped forward, as if he himself doesn’t count.

肥水养花583672 [搜狐江苏省南京市网友]:

It’s so heart-wrenching to see this! A young person not knowing what’s proper is one thing, but being so old and also not knowing what’s proper? How would you feel if your kid was beaten like this by another person? All those years wasted. Truly embarrassing.

广州退休女947141 [搜狐广东省网友]:

Today’s society promotes respecting the elderly and cherishing the young, and such sentiments keep rising, but some elderly even with good health and strength still use “respect the elderly” to boss others around, cutting in line to get on buses/subways, hogging up the seats, verbally abusing others, etc. From this Guangzhou Daily report and these photos we can see that this senior deserves morally punished. Certain seniors should also reflect on themselves. For the record, I myself am a retired person.

烟花易冷7802 [搜狐陕西省西安市网友]:

The old man, taking advantage of his seniority, already 60 years old yet still so barbaric, and still needs a seat? So immoral!
The young man, has no sense of shame, young and vigorous yet so rude, and can’t even beat [the old man]? So embarrassing!
The reporter, thinking himself so righteous, holds a camera in his hand yet doesn’t try to stop them, and mocks the crowd [for not helping]? So heartless!
The readers, caring for both the nation and the people, beholding and sighing yet unable to do a thing, five thousand years of spirit! Return to me!

细水流年404240 [搜狐广东省广州市网友]:

And they talk about the old, weak, sick, and crippled… Many old people are even more fierce than the young.

遗忘之人619032 [搜狐广东省深圳市网友]:

Seeing this, do we still need to give up our seats to the elderly in the future? All day having nothing to do, so he goes and learns how to bite people like a dog, truly a good for nothing old bastard.

搜狐新闻客户端网友 [搜狐网友]:

Truly an old rabid dog, better off beaten to death.

搜狐新闻客户端网友 [搜狐网友]:

Is the elderly one a dog?

搜狐新闻客户端网友 [搜狐网友]:

Our compatriots have guts after all, should send him to the Diaoyu Islands [aka Senkaku Islands].

学贯中西415824 [搜狐广东省东莞市网友]:

May I ask, is the reporter filming this only good for eating shit?? And he even dares to say he didn’t notice anyone going forward to stop them, are you not a person yourself?

海水正蓝459365 [搜狐广东省广州市网友]:

Hilarious~~~ first, it’s a seat for the elderly, weak, sick, and handicapped, and neither of them count as the elderly. The other one [referring to the old man] can only be counted as middle-aged, still capable of biting people, like a wild animal that can’t be tamed, completely unable to be associated with the weak, sick, or crippled. Second, this isn’t even a man-to-man argument where people can intervene, it’s degenerated to to a battle between wild beasts (a fight that must end with biting, so I’m afraid they can be considered tigers or lions). Dear readers, under the circumstances where it can’t be determined if he has certain mental issues, protecting yourselves and getting far away from harm is both rational and reasonable. To see it from a different angle, if you saw two stray cats fighting on the street, would you go stop them? Third, some readers immediately escalate the problem/issue to the national level and so self-righteously say, or raising themselves above their countrymen to say: Our compatriots should reflect on themselves. Self-reflection should first be done on oneself before asking others to do the same. Do not do to others what you would not have them do to you. When you aren’t yet able to be a moral example, how can you ask others to do so? Fourth, there still others who sigh about how China’s five thousand years of civilization is all for naught. Five thousand years of civilization is long, how a small and insignificant person, who hasn’t yet lived to 60s come to criticize it? Are you sure you’ve deeply fully studied China’s five thousand years of civilization? If not, go finish reading your history books before you come calling things into question. A narrow mindset that misses the forest for the trees will only expose your limited knowledge.

晴空末岛194488 [搜狐浙江省网友]:

Old people should also learn to cherish the young. What a perverse old man!! Moreover, if he’s capable of beating someone up this viciously, bullshit should a seat be given up for you!!

酸钉子 [搜狐网友]:

Is it worth it?? It’s only a seat, isn’t it?! Would it hurt either of you to yield to the other a bit? Seeing such bloody pictures truly is disturbing!!!

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  • Zoe

    There should have been enough room on that bench to accommodate both of them…

    • Peter Barefoot

      A follow-up story posted online a few days later after this one says that the young man cut the line and sort of pushed the old man while entering the carriage.
      The old man was so pissed by this that he wouldn’t sit anywhere else
      and insisted the young man to give up his seat to him. That’s how the fighting started.

      • k

        Thanks for sharing because looking at the picture, it didnt make sense why they were fighting because there was plenty of room on that bench. So the lessons of this story: show a little consideration to people around you and show a little control over your anger or you might end up looking like a vicious animal in the news.

        • You’re an Idiot

          When people start biting off each other’s ears, the other people sitting nearby GET UP and move away. Dumbass.

          • BigJ

            lol really, Let’s just keep sitting down while a rabid chinese man bites a another guys ear off. Better yet, lets get up and film it. Send that film to national geographic.

          • hehehehh

            wrong, Animal planet would be better.

        • hehehehh

          hahah, funny.

      • donnachadh

        People don’t form lines outside subway carriages.

        • hehehehh

          people do form lines in China, but the thing is that not everyone follows and not many people give a damn if someone cut the line in front of his face.

          • donnachadh

            People don’t form lines outside subway carriages, in China or anywhere else I’m aware of. I didn’t say people don’t form lines in China.

          • moop

            they stand in line in kuala lumpur

          • diquehade

            People form lines to worship Mao, because only he could get away with offing millions of them.

          • China_Aussie_Bull_Bear

            need a “chinglish mod” button
            +1 mod up for the funny start to a joke, then…

          • hehehehh

            they do, you must not take the subway all the time, and when you do, you do it it when theres not much people to form lines.

            I have been to 3 major cities (bj, sh, gz) and when its peak hours they even have someone to take care and ask people to form the lines.

            Of course it happens that when people are already entering theres always other people who decide to just cut in.. I do it myself sometimes when im in a rush.

          • Eryx

            That’s still way more civilized than what happens in Brazil. No lines, just a bunch of people stepping on each other and trying to sit down like a horde of animals. There’s hair-pulling, yelling and fighting. Just a regular peak-hour activity if you ever visit Rio de Janeiro.

          • angry laowai

            but people aren’t civilised enough to follow that rule….so i have never seen a queue in china…EVER….for the subway

      • vincent

        Looks like the old man had a bone to pick, and I doubt the young man would learn not to be more mindful of his elders, that’s unless of course he read the follow up by Peter Barefoot :D

      • moop

        “young man cut the line and sort of pushed the old man while entering the carriage”

        so the young guy did basically what we experience everyday. has anyone here not been pushed and cut in front of on a daily basis when they go to work in the mornings and when they come back home in the early evening?

        both parties are definitely at fault here

        • Germandude

          I hardly ever get pushed due to my size. Someone cutting line in front of me is a national sport it seems. However, it doesn’t really piss me off because I have been harmonized in that regard. Not my country, not my culture, not my problem, not my need to change this. I behave as if I am back home and ignore people cutting lines. Cause it would be my nerves…

          • hehehehh

            ru xiang sui su.. i do cut the lines sometimes just for sport.

        • hehehehh

          when someone tries to cut just in front of me i just dont let them pass, i mean i dont grab them or anything i just stand closer to and dont let them squeeze in, works most of the times, he will just try to squeeze and cut in to the people behind me.

          if you do that then most of the times they wont dare to grab you or continue trying to cut in front of you.

      • hehehehh

        well at least he schooled the man if that follow up story is true, but anyways, no one deserves to get bitten, thats just unsavory and disgusting.

      • Fookien China

        Chinese are generally irrational. Most of them are herded by rabid wolves.

  • Chris

    5000 years of history …..

    • Germandude

      Fighting for a free seat is ridiculous. I never understand how people can be that stubborn…

      • hehehehh

        its about face… well in this case the young man literally lost some face.

    • Fraser Stewart

      Taiwan and HK also share Chinese roots, and a common history, and yet I’ve never ever witnessed anything this violent in either place. I think the issue here is the CCP’s governance, not how many years of history (whatever the fuck that means) there is.

      People in China just aren’t taught to behave in a civilised way. They aren’t taught to stand in line, be patient, don’t spit in the street, be polite to other people. When you challenge them about this, they always come up with the same bullshit line “our country has too many people”, like that fucking matters. Manners do not depend on how many people there. Hell, in the Taiwanese night markets it can get even more crowded and busy (sometimes you literally can’t move) than most of the places I’ve visited in China. But people there don’t feel the need to attack each other over stuff like this.

      This is about a general education, not about “how many years of history” your country has.

      • Kiri

        You are a moron man.

        The CCP governance? Yeah ok, shit like this just happens when you have 1.3 billion. It’s poverty, and the CCP has done a HELL of a lot more to lift people out of poverty then any government on the planet!

        Listen to Lao wai talking like he knows anything

        • China_Aussie_Bull_Bear

          Your argument is flawed: Lifted a lot of people out of poverty, Yes, but at what cost?
          Most Chinese people in poverty nowdays wouldn’t be there today if it wasn’t for the loonacy of failed economic experiments and bloody farces over the last century…
          not to mention the needless dead…
          (finger point)–> CCP

          • Fraser Stewart

            Totally dude, his argument seems to be “the CCP is fixing the mess it created”. The questions are, why is Taiwan economically better than China, when both Taiwan and the mainland started off in a similar situation in 1949? Why are Taiwanese people more polite, better educated, more open minded and act much more civilised than people from the mainland? Why has Taiwan been able to achieve this, despite not being recognised as a country and getting kicked out of the UN in 1971 (I think)? Why do people in mainland China think you can’t be economically prosperous and have a democratically elected government?

        • kodiavila

          You are right they have done lots to lift people out of poverty, but why? Is it because they care about the people in poverty or is it because they want to have a base of people to exploit? I assume it does not take much humanitarian effort to alow some people to get rich to attempt to employ the trickle down principle, however they must have not taken into account the greed factor. Take a trip around China and look into the infrastructure development in different areas of the country. Its the richest government on earth that is so flush with cash that even the US and European Union is borrowing moneies from them! However, state of the art educational facilities, public services facilities, and state of the art health care are largely absent from the country.

          It does not matter where a person is from as long as he/she has the brains, insight, and the audacity to voice an opinion based on an observation.

        • maja

          I could agree with you that statistically if there is more people then more shit is meant to happen, in this case 99.99% of chinese people would just have an argument with no need of going Tyson.
          on the other hand, I think it’s really more difficult for chinese people to stand up and state their reasons in a clear and effective way. it’s kind of difficult to think that the hierarchy of mainland society is not related to that deficiency.

    • Diquehade

      They’ve had a long time to refine their version of civilization.

    • jin
      that is america, as the guy said

  • Kukuku

    5000 years of face…eating.


    • hehehehh

      more like face losing

  • Gay_Chevara

    Good job someone took the time to film it or we would not be able to make comments about it.

  • blackflagnation

    seriously…it’s just a seat! is it that important to sit? like children fighting over a toy, only a 100 times more violent.

    • donscarletti

      Have you seen the rush for the sofa on Chinasmack?

  • vincent

    Ahhhh this is so much better, at least my avatar won’t change from site to site, glad to see you listened to the comments. As to this whole business of fighting over a seat, it’s pretty evident that both of these guys have emotional problems if they’re going to fight over something as petty as a seat.

  • Cleo

    no third party intervention? there’s so much room on that bench – that old guy should be arrested

    • Kukuku

      Yes so much space. Wonder why: A) Only those two were there. B)The bench had more people on it, but they stood up and went away when the fighting began. Let’s play 2 guesses.

    • hehehehh

      lets just sit next to the people fighting and spilling blood so we can get some of that too, shall we?

  • garbotara

    Disgusting behavior again and this time over a subway seat. Can’t people ever act civilized here.

    • KopyKatKiller

      China may have 4000 years of ‘civilization’, yet it is a most uncivil society. That’s what happens when a country glorifies the past and ceases to develop. Not much has changed in China over the past 2000 years… If it were possible to transport a few Europeans from 2000 years ago to present day China, I’m sure they’d fit right in =D

      • BigJ

        China reminds me of the movie “Idiocracy” The film tells the story of two ordinary people who take part in a top-secret military hibernation experiment, only to awaken 500 years in the future in a dystopian society full of extremely dumb people. Advertising, commercialism, and cultural anti-intellectualism have run rampant and dysgenic pressure has resulted in a uniformly stupid society devoid of intellectual curiosity, social responsibility, and coherent notions of justice and human rights.

        I think after so many year civilization, that culture just starts going backwards.

      • kodiavila

        Just look at Hongkong, Taiwan, and Singapore. I don’t know if there can be such a coincidence that the only three predominately ethnic Chinese controlled countries not under the governance of the CCP are all well organized, civilized, exemplary developed countries. To anyone who wants to sing the praises of the CCP I would be surprised if you are not directly benefitting from being second generation leader’s family members or the like and if that is the case then please be sure to include your family’s planned date of emigration to the West in your reply to my comment. A country with a working system that operates within an acceptable range of collateral damage will not have so many government leaders or considerably large percentage of the population that is waiting for the first glimmer of an opertunity to get out of the country and flee to the free world because they will already have been welcomed into the free world by their own government.

  • Web_of_Lies

    That is insane, with all that blood everywhere is disgusting. Next time they should just do rock, paper, scissors. Best of three wins.

    • Winter B4 Spring

      they could, but they might end up fighting the same way. so, either way, they fight and bite and bleed o.O

  • Fraser Stewart

    Nice one, makes me feel glad I moved here. I did once see two women fighting on the street once, and it looked as violent as this. Apparently Chinese people are so harmonious and kind that they will attack each other over even the most minor offenses.

    The most disturbing thing about these incidents, which happen frequently everywhere, just not filmed, is that the people around them don’t intervene, they’re happy to just sit there and watch it. Usually there’s a couple of people laughing about it too. Just 7 months to go…

    • MeiDaxia

      I hope you didn’t come here voluntarily? Otherwise why not just leave now?

      • Fraser Stewart

        My financial situation makes that impossible. It’s better for me to finish my 1 year contract then leave than to quit and leave early.

    • China_Aussie_Bull_Bear

      I think it has to do with face – when the facade finally comes down, it bursts like a dam, no rational thought, just overflow of rage…

    • Joe

      My sentiments exactly! Why was there no intervention from the other passengers? Fighting over a seat is one thing but to have it end up in a bloody brawl? Very disturbing!

      • ScottLoar

        Two grown men tearing at each other with tooth and claw, blood spattering, and you would move to break it up? Really? Or, you think that’s the thing to do but in truth you well know those two were not looking for a referee. All one had to do was give up the seat and he wouldn’t, so a good samaritan is needed to restore order and reason? I think you’ve grossly misjudged the situation and exaggerated your own good sense.

        I have seen Chinese strangers move to defuse a situation, but in this instance there is no reason, no persuasion to be applied, no welcome interference. Biting and hitting with blood spattering all around is not an invitation for cooler heads to prevail. Only a spurt of pepper spray would calm these two, and I’ve no doubt that the people who are obliged to get involved in tumbles like this, the police, would use pepper spray before calming words.

        • Joe

          Yes, it may not be wise to interfere when the two passengers were furiously exchanging blows to one another but could something have been done before that? In fact, why didn’t anyone try to
          separate the two before the fight escalated into something this savage?

          Also, I hope the pepper spray suggestion was only uttered in jest because that is tantamount to saying the two were so possessed and filled with the animalistic tendency to subdue their opponent so much so that the only way to stop them is through such extreme measures.

          I for one, with my supposedly exaggerated good sense, feel that a simple and swift albeit slightly forceful intervention (pulling the two apart before things got out of hand?) would have prevented this fiasco. No need to allow for such things to escalate and then comment on it being ‘unsalvagable’ through conventional means.

    • Andy Best

      Violence is everywhere and in every country. Where I grew up in Liverpool, fighting and attacks are really commonplace. And people rarely intervene too. The only thing I’d add to this is that we recently saw some videos, and everyone who lives here knows it, that if one of the people fighting looked foreign then people would certainly get involved.

  • Fraser Stewart

    Here’s what happens when there’s a fight in public in the west.

    • Hot Water

      I dont get it. Why did the young guy get all the hate? He got attacked twice and his shirt was already stained.

  • MrT

    Told you, Chinese love to bite people.

  • Karabkatab

    I wonder why they are fighting for a space. If one will take a look at the picture, the whole seat can still accommodate another 4 adults. LOL. (Or, maybe the original occupants of the seat scampered away and took a picture of them fighting?)

  • Bitсhes Leave

    When I see this I always have to laugh like I’m retarded :) not because it’s funny, but because it’s sooooo damn stupid that the stupidity of it starts to infect my brain xD

  • bill

    A story you can really sink your teeth into (groan)

  • Dan

    I really wanna watch the video! but you tube have taken it down..Lame

  • Cynic

    This kind of fight could happen in many places around the world. But only in china wi people idley observe without some attempt at intervention. Truly disgraceful for all involved and uninvolved.

  • Li RuiKe


  • Guest

    For those who want to see the video.

    No need to thank – just upvote :)

  • BigJ

    I have a question unrelated to this story. Why do some chinese people have spots on their head? It looks like they got a retard to cut thier hair. Is it ring worms? pollution? cancer? what is it? Most guys with short hair has some spots on their head where hair just doesn’t seem to grow.

  • TB0b

    Anyone who has been to a factory farm has witnessed similar animal-like behaviour. When living organisms are tightly packed together in inhumane conditions, they grow restless and eventually the unbearable stress explodes into savage attacks on their own kinds at the slightest provocation.

    Da Vinci said this five centuries ago: “The day will come when men will look upon the murder of animals as they look upon the murder of men.” Really, this is one of many unintended consequences of eating dead food raised in a factory farm; where do you think all those chemicals and growth hormones injected into factory farm livestock ended up? Is the human body, having ingested such harmful substances, capable of cleansing the filth? Does one become what he eats?

    • Kukuku

      I take it you are a vegan then? How’s your boyfriend?

  • i seastars 卫莱

    Let’s all stand around and watch! Same thing happened when my former boss fell off her bike smashing her head, glad I was there to take her to hospital, if not, wtf would she have done?

  • Righteous American

    I see YouTube intensified their censorship policy.

  • Jin Ch’in

    People are such animals for seats on public transport but yet they can sweat it out for hours at gym or yoga etc but heaven forbid standing for 10mins on the train!

  • mrdro

    Seriously, who brought the dog to the fist fight?

  • rubbersnakes

    Chinese Bath Salts?

  • seppo

    Seppos would be scared

  • jimmiesBrustled

    is this how all chinese fight? like little girls pulling hair?!

  • Tom Thumb

    Sino civility, in all its inglory.

    Take note, future wartime opponents of China. They’ll make Mike Tyson look like a FIFA fair player when to comes to doing what it takes to get what they think is theirs.

  • I hate china

    Most Chinese people are just uncivilized animals

  • Canadian

    Sigh.. I almost cried.. I miss the old china.. thank god for taiwan, singapore and hong kong..
    I hope we can all get along..

  • trouse


  • Anonymous

    What, someone needs help? Quick everyone, stand back watch. It’s the Chinese tradition.

  • Hang Em Man

    Reprimanded the 2 involved? I see a suspect and a victim. The 60 year old zombie should be sitting in a jail cell on felony agg assault and disfigurement charges. To just let him “walk” with a reprimand is way too lenient. I feel bad for the victim of this horrible crime.

  • Eryx

    Lol, the train is EXACTLY the same as the new ones in Rio de Janeiro (they were imported from China), so this whole thing just felt like it was happening right where I sit at to go to the University… which made the whole thing more terrifying than it already was. This is crazy! But yeah, Brazil has some stories like that too, unfortunately. There have been cases of people dying because everyone stomped on them after they fell. People truly become animals for a mere seat.

  • angry laowai

    ive lived in suzhou for a while now….and no one gets in line. there are ARROWS to show you where to stand, but the illiterate chinese don’t understand the concept, so only us laowai follow it. Then they have the balls to get angry at us for following the rules!! chinese people have no common sense or anything….and the old people demand so much respect for nothing. Why should i get up for some guy who might beat my head against a chair for not standing up?! if he is strong enough to over power a young man….he doesn’t deserve the chair in the first place

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