‘Fire of the Heart’ by Yao Beina

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《心火》 ‘Fire of the Heart’ was released this past October 10th, by singer and star contestant of this year’s The Voice of China 姚贝娜 Yao Beina aka Bella Yao. She was famous for winning the 13th National Young Singers TV Competition in 2008 and singing the theme song and several soundtracks of popular TV series The Legend of Zhen Huan in 2011. Yao Beina was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2011 and claims to have fully recovered now. This song is about Yao Beina’s reflections on her experience fighting breast cancer.

At time of translation, this song had generated 1,751,517 listens on QQ Music.

Music Video:

Composer: Cui Di
Lyrics: Wen Ya
Singer: Yao Beina

Lyrics (Original Chinese, Pinyin Romanization, and English Translation):

méi shēn yè tòng kū guò
Without having cried bitterly in the night

yòu zěn me huì yǒu zī gé
how can you be qualified

tán lún mìng yùn shēng huó
to talk about fate and life?


níng kě zhuàng liè de shǎn shuò
Better to flicker bravely

bú yào píng dàn de chén mò
than to [submit to] dull silence

bié wèn zhè shì wèi hé
Don’t ask “why”


因为我曾和恶魔 斗过几回合
yīn wèi wǒ céng hé è mó dòu guò jǐ huí hé
Because I once fought several rounds with a demon [breast cancer]

就算它极端恐吓 不握手言和
jiù suàn tā jí duān kǒng hè bú wò shǒu yán hé
Even as it threatened, I did not shake hands and make peace [with the disease——meaning she defeated the disease]

因为曾去日无多 才懂我想成为的我
yīn wèi céng qù rì wú duò cái dǒng wǒ xiǎng chéng wéi de wǒ
It’s because there was a time when my days were numbered that I came to understand whom I want to be



捧着心 面对火
pěng zhe xīn miàn duì huǒ
Holding my heart, facing the fire

hài pà què bú tuì suō
afraid but not shrinking away

suǒ yǒu zhì wǒ yú sǐ dì de
All that tries to kill me

yě jī fā wǒ dǎn pò
will also boost my courage



狠下心 蹚过火
hěn xià xīn táng guò huǒ
Resolving my heart, trampling over the fire

chóng shēng zài féng bǔ guò de qū ké
being reborn in a stitched-up/fortified body

dāng de qǐ měi gè shī ér fù dé
Living up to everything lost and recovered

píng zhe wǒ gòu zhí zhuó
because I am persistent/stubborn enough


wǒ shì duǎn zàn de huā duǒ
I am a transient flower

yě shì zuì cháng jiǔ de hǔ pò
as well as the most lasting amber

zǒng yǒu měi háo yào jiè wǒ jì tuō
There’s always beauty on which I rest my hope


shēn ài de dōu nán yǐ gē shě
It’s too hard to leave those I love deeply

tè bié dāng mā ma shuō nǐ yào hǎo hao de
Especially when Mom says you must be safe and sound

yǒng yuǎn shì ràng tā jiāo ào de nǚ er
and always be the daughter that makes her proud


所以我曾和恶魔 斗过几回合
suǒ yǐ wǒ céng hé è mó dòu guò jǐ huí hé
So I once fought several rounds with a demon

就算它极端恐吓 不握手言和
jiù suàn tā jí duān kǒng hè bú wò shǒu yán hé
Even as it threatened, I did not shake hands and make peace [with the disease——meaning she defeated the disease]

因为曾去日无多 才懂我想成为的我
yīn wèi céng qù rì wú duò cái dǒng wǒ xiǎng chéng wéi de wǒ
It’s because there was a time when my days were numbered that I came to understand whom I want to be






为了心 扬起火
wèi le xīn yáng qǐ huǒ
For my heart, I raised the fire

yuàn yì huō chū mìng qù bó
willing to stake my life to fight

néng lìng wǒ sǐ ér wú hàn de
What is able to make me die with no regrets

cái ràng wǒ zhēn kuài lè
is what makes me truly happy


我的心 就是火
wǒ de xīn jiù shì huǒ
My heart, is the fire

rán shāo zài měi yì shǒu wǒ chàng de gē
burning in every song I sing

tīng dào de rén wèi wǒ zhèng míng le
The people who hear [my songs] prove for me

zhè shì jiè wǒ lái guò
that I once came to this world.

Yao Beina.

Yao Beina and her teacher Liu Huan

Yao Beina and her teacher Liu Huan.

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  • 用开水烫我!

    ha,like her a lot!
    perfect skills!also very moving voice.
    next pop queen!

    • Probotector

      Eattot got sofa!

      • Riddler

        Is that a disease?

        • Probotector

          “Sofa” is what people say when they make the first comment on a CS article, as in “I’m the first to arrive, so I’m sitting on the sofa”. Yeah, I don’t see the point either, but I thought it might inspire a few chuckles, especially because it’s her,

          • Riddler

            It did, it did. I was just kidding btw, its just the way you put it. ‘Eattot got sofa’ made it sound like a new virus:-)

          • Riddler

            How you get down voted for politely explaining something?! Ffs…

    • Riddler

      Perfect skills? I see.

    • Middle_Kingdum

      Oh, dear! Her song is so moving, so compelling! The deep, intense lyric is so complex that I shall puzzle upon it for days to find the meaning! I believe my heart is on fire!

  • Probotector

    She she naked in the penultimate shot?

    • Middle_Kingdum

      Maybe Yao Beina is Shanghai streaker!

  • Repatriated

    The bottom pic: “Yao Beina and her teacher Liu Huan.”

    Actually means: “Yao Beina and her sugar daddy, Liu Huan”? Haha.

  • slob

    She overcame breast cancer
    I came over her breasts

  • Claude

    Has anyone has the Microsoft security scam where a IT guy representing Microsoft calls from India wanting to remote view your machine. This guy called this morning. I had four hours sleep and was caught of guard. I spoke to him bit and it dawned on me it was a scam. Bastard had me going for a bit.

    The question is, do they just cold-call using the online phone book or is it Malware in my machine? If so, where did the Malware come from? I ran Malwarebytes and did remove some shit. I have to pay more attention to security, I’ve been a Apple user for 10 years and never had to think about it. Now I using Windows and it stinks.

    • Its a phone scam as long as you did not use your computer you should be fine.

      • Claude

        They’re so professional, Combine that with the Indian accent and for a bit I was sure it was legit. I’m thinking.. “Of course Microsoft outsources to India.”

        I still want to know if it was Malware in my Machine giving them a phone number or a cold-call.

        • it is a cold calling scam, not malware.you should be fine

        • It is a pretty mean scam but it is cold calling not malware so you should be safe.These guys will call you and try it again.

    • Warlock

      Linux could be the answer. I would recommend linuxmint @ linuxmint.com personally or zorin os as a good transition from windows.

      • Claude

        Thanks for the advice. I’ve been meaning to go to Ubuntu, have you tried it? You think mint is better?

        • Warlock

          I think ubuntu has gone all windows xp or windows 8, too much for show, and not for blow. Mint seems more stripped down and snappier. Since using qq, either by web qq, or the workaround for qq international, it has been better than windows. Good luck.

          • Claude


          • Warlock


            A link to zorin os , the free version, to check out.

            distrowatch.com lists different linux distros daily, try linux on a spare pc or usb or virtual drive in windows first.

    • Atlas

      Most people are using windows machines. Try it yourself: call anyone at random and ask them about their Windows OS.

      • Claude

        I’m pretty sure they have nothing to compare it to using Windows since day one.

        I’m not trying to start a flame war between Windows vs whatever, that conversation has been done to death. Just thought I’d ask about the scam.

    • Rnr2

      They very nearly got me. I still can`t forgive myself for being so gullible. Thankfully I wised up pretty quickly after they hung up.

  • Butsu

    Pop songs week after week. Here take some hip hop,

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