‘I Miss You’ by Sodagreen

'I Miss You' by Sodagreen

《我好想你》’I Miss You’ is included in Taiwanese indie band 苏打绿 Sodagreen‘s eponymous album, released on June 17th. The band’s vocalist 吴青峰 Wu Qingfeng aka Wu Tsing-Fong said he wrote this song five years ago and experienced an emotional meltdown when recording it. This year, this song was chosen to be the theme song of the movie Tiny Times directed by Young-adult Fiction writer Guo Jingming. At time of translation, this song has generated 770,516 listens on Xiami.

Music Video:

Composer:Wu Qingfeng/Wu Tsing-Fong
Lyrics: Wu Qingfeng/Wu Tsing-Fong
Singer: Sodagreen

Lyrics (Original Chinese, Pinyin Romanization, and English Translation):


开了灯 眼前的模样
kāi le dēng yǎn qián de mú yàng
Turn on the light, the scene in front of the eyes

偌大的房 寂寞的床
nuò dà de fáng jì mò de chuáng
The spacious room, the lonely bed

关了灯 全都一个样
guán le dēng quán dōu yí gè yàng
Turn off the light, it’s all the same

心里的伤 无法分享
xīn lǐ de shāng wú fǎ fēn xiǎng
The wound in the heart, unable to be shared


shēng mìng suí nián yuè liú qù
Life flows away with time

suí bái fà lǎo qù
turns old with gray hair

随着你离去 快乐渺无音讯
suí zhe nǐ lí qù kuài lè miǎo wú yīn xùn
leaves with you, no news of happiness

suí wǎng shì dàn qù
fades away with the past

suí mèng jìng shuì qù
falls asleep with dreams

suí má bì de xīn zhú jiàn yuǎn qù
leaves with the numb heart

我好想你 好想你 却不露痕迹
wǒ hǎo xiǎng nǐ hǎo xiǎng nǐ què bù liú hén jì
I miss you, miss you, but no trace is left


wǒ hái diǎn zhe jiǎo sī niàn
I’m still tiptoeing in missing you

wǒ hái rèn jì yì pán xuán
I’m still letting the memories hover/spiral [over me]

wǒ hái bì zhe yǎn liú lèi
I’m still shedding tears with my eyes closed

wǒ hái zhuāng zuò wú suǒ wèi
I still pretend not to care


我好想你 好想你 却欺骗自己
wǒ hǎo xiǎng nǐ hǎo xiǎng nǐ què qī piàn zì jǐ
I miss you, miss you, but I deceive myself





我好想你 好想你 却欺骗自己
wǒ hǎo xiǎng nǐ hǎo xiǎng nǐ què qī piàn zì jǐ
I miss you, miss you, but I deceive myself

我好想你 好想你 就当作秘密
wǒ hǎo xiǎng nǐ hǎo xiǎng nǐ jiù dāng zuò mì mì
I miss you, miss you, I’ll just make it a secret

我好想你 好想你 就深藏在心
wǒ hǎo xiǎng nǐ hǎo xiǎng nǐ jiù shēn cáng zài xīn
I miss you, miss you, so I hide it deep in my heart

Sodagreen 01

Wu Qingfeng

Sodagreen’s vocalist Wu Qingfeng (Wu Tsing-Fong)

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  • Boris

    Nothing is going to condemn a man to a life of ignorance more than contempt prior to investigation, but I just can’t be bothered with this bollox.

    • anon101

      agreed, i tend to not read these pop song posts. I only opened this one as im waiting for the BBC to load.

      • Boris

        It’s hard to know what sucks more: China’s music or its government?

        • MrT

          Chinese girls suck more.

          • Boris

            It’s been so long I can barely remember. Unfortunately I can’t say the same thing about the government.

          • MrT

            Maybe Eattot can refresh your pea.

          • Boris

            At this moment in time, the thoughts I’m having toward you are not entirely charitable.

          • MrT

            just call it a Gin and Tonic and that will be more then sufficient.

          • Boris

            …to steady my nerves after your suggestion? Morphine might do it.

      • MrT

        BBC = British Bullshiting Company.


    Could someone explain what’s happening in the video? :D

    • MrT

      you dont know? waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  • MrT


  • 剑胆琴心

    thought bunch of fake faces and full of zhuangbility.
    still makes me recall a guy i loved in university. and i just noticed someone knocked into my email, and so far i only know he has this ability. and once i gave him passwords of this email,but i changed passwords long time ago.he is an expert of an-ti hacker.tall and slim and white as snow,neat face,and super high IQ…and i am sure no one will love him as i did any more.and he chose a stupid name for himself because of me…
    and all this makes me sleepless at such a night,my sweetest sadness.

    • MrT

      you very typical Chinese girl.always having Email,QQ, momo, weixin, weibo 1 & 2 hacked by previous boyfriends.
      So great!
      He is stupid you know?

    • MrT

      give me you passwords I will check to see if they easy to crack.

    • Boris

      Eattot, I hope your Mr Right returns to you. Not an easy thing to find love in this world.

      • 剑胆琴心

        i forget him long time ago…it’s his fault.he is still studying now for doctor degree or whatever…
        i waited for long time, he did not response.now,it’s too late.
        i do not blame him,how come i asked for relationship from a poor student?and he knows me well,i like shopping,this and that…

        • Boris

          Shopping-wise I can’t think of absolutely anything I want to buy. Christ, I miss beautiful countryside though.

    • Tadd

      “Hacking” people’s emails or social networks is a piece-of-piss. Head to the ‘Password Recovery’ and look at what the “secret question” is that will allow you to reset the password.
      Usually the secret question is along the lines of: “what was my first car?” or “the name of my favourite pet”. If you know enough about the person, then you can reset their password… voila you now have access to their information.

      If you don’t know enough about the person, just drop them a message: “Hey, I’m thinking of buying a new car today, but I dont want to get an expensive one, what do you think is a good idea for a first car?”
      They will NEVER be able to put two and two together and will highly unlikely recall what their ‘Password Recovery Question’ is.

  • The Enlightened One

    Again, ChinaSMACK… something else besides pop?

    Why do they ALL have to be about love or nostalgia?

    Ugh, it’s so BORING! All this stuff has the depth of a kiddy pool. Same manufactured stuff to play on people’s emotions OVER and OVER!

    • Tadd

      Was going to say the same thing… Have you had that KTV experience, where you’re 3-4 hours into it and you make a silent pledge to maim the next person who sings a song about love/nostaligia/breaking-up?

      After watching one of those “voice of China”-type shows, I noticed 90%(ish) of the contestants sing these type of “please-slash-my-wrists-i’m-miserable” songs, I asked my friend…. she said:
      “These types of songs allow the singer to truely show their singing-skill” whilst this point can be debated, it certainly got me thinking…

      • Boris

        Check out Plato’s Republic to see how he thinks music should be used in a totalitarian state. I often get the feeling in China it’s like a cloth placed over the cage of a particularly irascible budgerigar. ‘It certainly got me thinking’ is not a response from any Chinese person I’ve heard in response to a piece of art.

    • firebert5

      To be fair, it does seem representative of China as a whole.

    • BiggJ

      Yeah man, Always just these cut your fucking wrist songs.WIth my time in china I have come to hate chinese music….not all of it…but like 90% of it.It’s just there is so much of this type of music…and chinese eat it right up.

      That’s why I hate KTV. I like the idea of KTV….but the songs they sing just blows. I usually go with a equal amount of girls to boys and the girls sing slow love songs and thats cool, but the guys do the same shit.

      This one time for about 3 hours not one person sang an upbeat song. I never sang the whole night then it just got too much, Even though I was smoking hash and drinking it was still boring to me. So I was looking through the songs and found that old beasty boys song “intergalactic”… and we sang that and had a good time for about 3 mins and then right back to “my girlfriend left me bullshit”. Point is…..I dont understand listning to that all the time…..I would kill myself if I listen to sad shit like that everyday.

      • Boris

        ‘Who shall inherit the earth? The meek shall.
        …I think I’m starting to peak now, Al.’

      • Repatriated

        Apparently, you didn’t go to the right KTV. If you did, you would have been “serviced” after singing even the worst song in history. Haha.

    • Repatriated

      Agreed. Why all the sappy (mostly copied) old music? And it’s called “pop”?

  • flipper

    Are any of you ABC or Chinese, anyone who has lived in China for a long time? Even listen to Chinese music for several years, or read up on Chinese history? You know that most Chinese music is ballads, right? This goes for Taiwan, Hong Kong, and China. If you look at traditional Chinese music, it has always been poems about love, longing, yearning. If you watch the Chinese New Year Gala, you’ll see that MOST of their music is all ballads, with tons of different types of traditional dance accompanying it. The more modern, faster songs are military songs or about Chinese propaganda. Bottom line. Chinese people love romantic songs. This is the culture, even in 2013. Accept it. If you don’t like it, don’t listen to it, or look into the rap songs by Jay Chou or Wong Lee Hom. Or if you like Alternative, listen to May Day or something. However, you will only have 2-3 slow songs on the entire album.

  • woapth

    Chinese music suck,but doesn’t have to be that stupid.This website knows nothing about Chinese music and upload sooooooooooooo much shit.

  • 艾薏

    if you do not understand the stroy,you have no right to comment the music which is bases on the stroy. it is a sad story about now and future about friendship and love

  • Calles

    It’s true most of the Chinese pop songs sound kinda the same, and many of them just sing about sad love stories, breakups.. I found them boring, but after breaking up with my boyfriend I started liking them and even felt like going to the KTV to sing my heart out… yeah… very Chinese

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