‘Peaceful Summer’ by Fish Leong

Fish Leong.

This song 《宁夏》 Ning Xia ‘Peaceful Summer’ was first released in 2004 and is still considered one of the most famous songs by Malaysian singer Fish Leong, who is widely mistaken as being Chinese. Since the name of the song ‘宁夏’ could coincidentally be understood as referring to the Ningxia province (full name: 宁夏回族自治区 Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region) in Northern China, many Chinese fans erroneously believe her to be a Ningxia local, and every time the question of where she comes from is brought up, such as when Chinese President Xi Jinping mentioned her by name during his visit to Malaysia in early October, this song gets more attention and listens from Chinese netizens.

Music Video:

Composer: Li Zhengfan
Lyrics: Li Zhengfan
Singer: Fish Leong

Lyrics (Original Chinese, Pinyin Romanization, and English Translation):


níng jìng de xià tiān
A peaceful summer

tiān kōng zhōng fán xīng diǎn diǎn
Millions of twinkling stars [in the sky]

xīn lǐ tou yǒu xiē sī niàn
In my heart I’m missing

sī niàn zhe nǐ de liǎn
missing the face of yours

wǒ kě yǐ jiǎ zhuāng kàn bú jiàn
I can pretend to not have seen it

yě kě yǐ tōu tōu de xiǎng niàn
or miss you secretly

zhí dào ràng wǒ mō dào nǐ nà wēn nuǎn de liǎn
till your warm face is within my touch



zhī liǎo yě shuì le
The cicadas are also asleep

ān xīn dì shuì le
Peacefully asleep

zài wǒ xīn lǐ miàn
Deep in my heart

níng jìng de xià tiān
A peaceful summer



nà shì gè níng jìng de xià tiān
That’s a peaceful summer day

nǐ lái dào níng xià dì nà yī tiān
The day you came into my peaceful summer


Fish Leong.

Fish Leong.

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  • ‘ or fuck=off

    Can’t play the video it says: something something 2001.

  • mwanafa

    Nice song.

  • YourSupremeCommander

    Who names themselves “fish”?

    • Nessquick Choco

      She’s not the first one. I met some in China too, so time ago.

  • Boris

    Bag ‘o’ shite!

    • Gordon Gogodancer

      Well said lad

  • MrC

    Awesome song! Well done CS for another ground breaking release!

    • Boris

      Only a latter-day Jesus could forgive the banality, you beardy, sandal-wearing, miracle-performing, f**k!

      • MrC

        I’m not allowed to criticize on here, see terms and conditions please.

        • mr.wiener

          Why? it is mando pop shite, to my ear anyway.

  • Repatriated

    never enough fish?

    • YourSupremeCommander

      wonder if she smells like fish

      • Repatriated

        I’ll admit, she’s kind of a cute fish…ha.

  • Nessquick Choco

    So deep thoughts … as always

  • Middle_Kingdum

    Oh! The beauty of this song makes my heart flutter!
    All Chinese love this song because this song is sung so beautifully by truly Chinese girl Fish!

    • mr.wiener

      It made my bowels flutter, does that count?

  • flameboylover

    It was okay, kind of sweet. Still too damn long.

  • flameboylover

    I don’t like their selections on this blog. They never pick any of good songs JAMZ from the artist. It’s like the authors are in one emotional state all the time. Never any str8up JAMZ. LOL.

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