‘The Song of An Older Artistic Woman’ by Shao Yibei

'The Song of An Artistic Woman' video

The Chinese character reads “marry (a man)”.

《大龄文艺女青年之歌》 ‘The Song of An Older Artistic Woman’ was created by 邵夷贝 Shao Yibei, a Peking University alumni from the class of 2006. This song discusses what kind of men an older “artistic” woman should marry. 大龄 (dà líng) means “older than the average age for marriage”. In China, the average age for a man to have his first marriage is 25.3 years old, and the average age for a woman to have her first marriage is 23.4 years old. This song first became an internet hit in 2009 but drew a lot of attention again at the beginning of 2013 because the female host Zhu Dan sang an adapted version of this song on Hunan Satellite TV‘s New Year’s Eve Gala without Shao Yibei and her record company’s permission.

Music Video:

Composer: Shao Yibei
Lyrics: Shao Yibei
Singer: Shao Yibei

Lyrics (Original Chinese, Pinyin Romanization, and English Translation):

呵 呵 这是一首悲伤的歌
hē hē zhè shì yì shǒu bēi shāng de gē
Hehe, this is a sad song

呵 呵 这是一首悲伤的歌
hē hē zhè shì yì shǒu bēi shāng de gē
Hehe, this is a sad song

wáng xiǎo jiě sān shí yī suì le
Miss Wang is 31

péng yǒu men jiàn dào le tā
When friends meet her

dōu yào wèn yí gè wèn ti
they all ask a question:

nǐ shén me shí hou dǎ suàn jià ne
When do you plan to marry (a man)?

kě shì jià rén zhè yí gè wèn ti
But the issue of marrying a man

yòu bú shì tā yí gè rén kě yǐ jué dìng de
cannot be decided by her alone

tā wèn tā bà ba
She asked her dad

tā wèn tā mā ma
She asked her mom

tā men dōu shuō nǐ gǎn jǐn de
They all say: You must hurry up

你看 你看 你看人家那那那那那那那那
nǐ kàn nǐ kàn nǐ kàn rén jiā nèi nèi nèi nèi nèi nèi nèi nèi
Look, look, look at those people like that that that that that that that that [meaning the parents are listing the women they know who have gotten married]

你看 你看 你看看看那那那那
nǐ kàn nǐ kàn nǐ kàn kàn kàn nèi nèi nèi nèi
Look, look, look at those people like that that that that

dà líng wén yì nǚ qīng nián
An older artistic woman

gāi jià yí gè shén me yàng de rén ne
What kind of man should she marry?

shì bú shì yě gāi zhǎo gè gǎo yì shù de
Should she also find someone who does art?

zhè yàng jiù bǐ jiǎo hé shì ne
Would that be more suitable?

kě shì gǎo yì shù de nán qīng nián
But the men who do art

yǒu yí bù fèn zhǐ ài tā de yì shù
Some of them only love their art

hái yǒu jí shǎo bù fèn gǎo yì shù de nán qīng nián
And a very few men who do art

gǎo yì shù shì wèi le gǎo gū niang
They do art to do girls

gǎo gū niang yòu bù zhǐ gǎo tā yí gè
When they do girls, they don’t do just her alone

jià gěi tā gàn shén me ne
So what’s the point of marrying him?

gǎo gū niang yòu bù zhǐ gǎo tā yí gè
When they do girls, they don’t do just her alone

něi něi něi něi něi něi de
[expletive, deviated from 奶奶的 (nǎi nǎi de) which means “fuck”] Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck

呵 呵 这是一首悲伤的歌
hē hē zhè shì yì shǒu bēi shāng de gē
Hehe, this is a sad song

呵 呵 这是一首悲伤的歌
hē hē zhè shì yì shǒu bēi shāng de gē
Hehe, this is a sad song

péng yǒu men jiè shào le hǎo jǐ gè
Friends have introduced quite a few men (to her)

yǒu chē zi fáng zi hé hái zi de
who have cars, houses, and kids

tā men shuō nǐ gāi zhǎo gè yǒu qián de
They said, “You should find a rich man

ràng tā zàn zhù nǐ gǎo chuàng zuò
and let him sponsor your artistic work”

kě shì dà kuǎn dōu bù xǐ huan tā
But no rich man likes her

tā men zhǐ xiǎng qǔ huì zuò fàn de
They just want to marry a woman who knows how to cook

bú huì zuò fàn de nǚ qīng nián
Young women who don’t know how to cook

zhǐ néng qù dāng dì sān zhě
can only go be the third person [extramarital lover]

bú huì zuō fàn de wén yì nǚ qīng nián
The artistic young women who don’t know how to cook

zhǐ néng bèi tā men qiǎn guī zé
can only be casting-couched by them

něi něi něi něi něi něi de
Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck



zhè yì shǒu gē chún shǔ léi tóng
This song is purely a reflection of reality

rú yǒu xū gòu chún shǔ qiǎo hé
If there is anything fabricated, it’s purely coincidence

qǐng bú yào zì jué duì hào rù zuò
Please don’t consciously put yourself in this song

rán hòu fā dòng qún zhòng fēng shā wǒ
And then mobilize the masses to censor me

你看 你看 你看她只会做西红柿炒鸡蛋
nǐ kàn nǐ kàn nǐ kàn tā zhǐ huì zuò xī hóng shì chǎo jī dàn
Look, Look, look she only knows how to make fried eggs with tomatoes

你看 你看 还要就着方便面
nǐ kàn nǐ kàn hái yào jiù zhe fāng biàn miàn
Look, look, and she eats it with instant noodles

nà shì fēi cháng de hǎo chī de
That’s very tasty

mia mia mia mia mia mia mia

[Note: “mia mia mia” is similar with “yum yum” in English.]

nà shì fēi cháng de hǎo chī de
That’s very tasty

mia mia mia mia mia mia mia

Shao Yibei 01
Shao Yibei 02
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  • andao

    I used to read Chinasmack everyday. But after the “letter from angry politically correct readers,” the site has really gone downhill. When Chinasmack was about reporting edgy and relevant Chinese news stories along with netizen responses, it was a unique and interesting site. Now it’s practically a language learning site with all these song/lyric posts.

    There must be an audience for this stuff because you wouldn’t post it otherwise, but the edgy news stuff is now being covered better by the competition. So, I guess have fun being a language learning site.

    • markus peg

      What is the competition?

      • Rusty


    • Monster of Truth

      blablabla what are you talking about? This shizzle is free! Check it once a week and see if there’s anything worth reading. There are plenty of good sites to read Chinese news and stuff, tea leaf nation for an example. If you want serious Chinese news sign up to NiuB’s China newsletter at Sinocism, http://sinocism.com/ its awesome

      • Second Monster of Truth

        Bikini toddlers not shocking enough? :/

  • For some reason, the video of this song wasn’t included in the article, so:

  • MrT

    Hehe, this is a sad song

  • enough of this cpop. kpop is the best.

    • A k-pop fan demanding k-pop on chinaSMACK.

      Is there no depth to which k-pop fans won’t sink?

  • Johnny_Basic

    I can’t say I have much sympathy for all these supposedly well-educated and sophisticated shengnv bemoaning how hard it is to find a guy.

    The majority of Chinese guys are long-nailed, dog-breathed, insipid non-entities whose mothers still dictate their hairstyle, yes. Noone would want to end up with them of course.

    But there is simply no call for all this self-pitying shengnv whinging when actually there are tens, if not hundreds, of thousands of guys in China’s top-tier cities who are, compared with the average, stronger, taller, richer, funnier, cleaner, more charismatic, better conversationalists, better mannered, better educated and better looking by far.

    The Chinese term for this kind of guy is ‘老外’, I believe.

  • is she Chinese? her feature reminds me of another east asian.
    mia mia mia

  • A little off topic but have anyone been to kowloon walled city? i imagine its post apocalyptic + somalia

    • They destroyed it.

      • thats too bad, the environment looks like something out of a science fiction movie

        • yeah i’d love to have explored it. but even if they shut it down completely and say just left it there for people to tour and such, it would still be a huge fire hazard and would still attract a lot of bad people in the dark nooks and crannies.

          • that is its charm, a chance to escape a safe and colourful world into a rusty, dark and mysterious one. Running around with paintball gun shooting each other, build barricades, sneak and shoot up close or snipe from afar… and at night time, hanging around the bonfire waiting for the enemy to ambush, or your group ambush them first. How fun! =D

          • Ah yeah paint ball there would be awesome!!!!!!!!!!

            Have you heard of Chungking mansion? its nowhere as bad as kowloon city but it still seems pretty interesting!

          • I havent heard of it, how did you know about this place? have you stayed there, its like a hostel isnt it? I only know a few places that are like these. There is another place called Gunkanjima, its also deliciously deserted

    • DongDong

      It does not exist anymore. It’s been torn down and replaced by a park long ago.

  • Dr Sun

    she’s welcome on my casting-couch

  • ric

    ehh in a nation of 1 billion + i think she’s just not going out and talking to new men or really picky in reality

  • Joe

    邵夷贝!!! Thank you for posting some good Chinese music! ^_^

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