Bank Employees Spend All Day Counting 10,000 RMB in Coins

Chinese bank employees counting 1 mao (10 cent) coints.

From NetEase:

Assaulted Woman Receives 100,000 Coins As Compensation, 18 Bank Employees Spend All Day Counting Without Finishing

[Above] August 15th, the Kunming city downtown branch of Industrial and Commercial Bank of China processing a deposit for Ms. Wu. The 8 bags of 1 jiao [10 cent] coins Ms. Wu brought totaled 10,000 yuan, taking 18 bank employees working from 9am till 6pm to process only over 5000 yuan of it. Ms. Wu says this was the compensation delivered to her by the person who had assaulted her after she and her husband won the lawsuit.

An ICBC bank in Kunming had 18 employees spend all day counting 10,000 RMB in 1 jiao (10 cent) coins.

2012 September, Ms. Wu was dining at a rice noodle restaurant. Due to the bowl being a little dirty, she had asked to exchange her bowl, but the restaurant employee refused to exchange it. After Ms. Wu and the owner negotiated, the owner agreed to give her a refund. After Ms. Wu exited the restaurant, a restaurant worker ran out afterward saying Ms. Wu had failed to give them 5 kuai, with a scuffle breaking out between the two. Ms. Wu received a brain contusion and her husband suffered three broken ribs. Afterward, Ms. Wu took the rice noodle restaurant to court. 2013 June, the court ruled that the rice noodle restaurant compensate Ms. Wu 68,000 yuan RMB [in damages]. After the ruling, the restaurant first paid 38,000 yuan through the lawyer. Around 5pm on August 9th, the person in charge of the restaurant called Ms. Wu notifying her to go pick up 10,000 yuan in compensation.

An ICBC bank in Kunming had 18 employees spend all day counting 10,000 RMB in 1 jiao (10 cent) coins.

Ms. Wu picked up 8 bags of 1 jiao coins, asked two banks but neither could handle processing the coins. It wasn’t until the morning of August 15th that the Kunming city downtown branch of the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China could process Ms. Wu’s deposit.

An ICBC bank in Kunming had 18 employees spend all day counting 10,000 RMB in 1 jiao (10 cent) coins.

August 15th, bank employees counting the 1 jiao coins.

Chinese bank employees counting 1 mao (10 cent) coints.

An ICBC bank in Kunming had 18 employees spend all day counting 10,000 RMB in 1 jiao (10 cent) coins.

Chinese bank employees counting 1 mao (10 cent) coints.

Comments from NetEase:

空亦空 [网易广西南宁市网友]:

If it were me, I’d tell the other party that the amount was incorrect, then count them with the other party, and see if the other party had the patience.

网易天津市网友 ip:125.39.*.*:

Why not buy the coin counting machine my factory makes? It’s fast, accurate, doesn’t require manpower, and can even bundle/wrap [the coins] automatically.

网易广东省东莞市网友 ip:27.37.*.*:

Just use an electric scale and weigh it.

lontoken [网易浙江省宁波市网友]: (responding to above)

You may not have understood the bank’s intentions. Not only do they have to count the money, they also want to package the money, and of course also promote ICBC [Industrial and Commercial Bank of China].

诛安倍晋三十族 [网易河北省衡水市桃城区网友]:

The person who assaulted her is such a bastard!

ljt00001 [网易上海市长宁区网友]:

Just say it’s short 2000 kuai and if the person who gave the money doesn’t believe it, that person can count it again! Wouldn’t that work?

网易四川省成都市网友 ip:171.217.*.*:

Are the bank employees stupid cunts? Don’t know how to weigh it? Don’t consider it a hassle to count it all…?

lovest21 [网易浙江省台州市网友]:

50,000 coins / 18 people = 2778 coins / person
2778 coins / 6 hours = 463 coins / hour
463 coins / 60 minutes = 8 coins / minute

阿超的青春被狗吃了 [网易山东省临沂市网友]:

To the satisfaction of everyone, we can say these bastards in the bank finally have some work to do. Fucking every time I go to the bank and am waiting in line, I never see this many people [working].

uta1991 [网易台湾省网友]:

The bank not using an electric scale is because it is afraid of accepting counterfeit money. If by chance they really was fake currency, wouldn’t they still have to go through all of it one by one to find it?

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  • whiskersthecat

    Do they not have those giant coin-counting machines in China?

    • nqk123

      kinda weird that a bank doesn’t have coin counting machine

      • Robert Kist

        They didn’t have a coin counting machine at Bank of America either back in 2003. They told me to go to the Winn Dixie supermarket at the next block and count it in their counting machine…which I had to pay for to use.

        • utera

          They did, they just don’t consider it worth their time.

    • biggj

      It’s cheaper to get

      chinamen to count money all day than to buy one of them 20$ counting machines that even put the money in paper rolls for you.

    • SonofSpermcube

      They’re doing it like chumps, too. They could still speed it up, AND check for fakes, by using a long slot (anything, really, doesn’t have to be made for coins) and lining up hundreds of coins at once, flipping through counting off tens. Hell, I counted

      dollars in pennies this way, by myself, in a couple hours.

      • whiskersthecat

        I have one of those cheap change collecting jars. It doesn’t roll the coins for me, but it can tell the difference between the sizes in coins and keeps count for me. It cost about $10 and I would be you all of the coins currently sitting in it that it was made in China.

    • Mr Nightcat

      Exactly! It boggles my mind every time I see a story like this where

      tired bank workers are forced to spend

      hours after their shift counting mao after mao.

      The big industrial coin counter my Dad uses after his shift as a bus driver has been there for goodness-knows how many years and it hasn’t missed a trick. If that ancient hulk can accurately count up all the various different coins in the UK, why can’t Chinese banks purchase or build one to count the three different types of coin in China?

      And they swear by those note-counting machines too, something tellers in UK banks rarely use unless a significant number of notes need to be counted, and even then the machine’s outcome is compared with the teller’s own count.


      Probably not, they’d rather work harder, not smarter. That way they feel like they’re accomplishing something.

  • Serpico

    Where did the owner get it from, holy fuck~
    Are noodles in China really that cheap? :D

    • markus peg

      probably from another compensation case, and that person also got it from a compensation case leading all the way back to a bus company.. [that’s my guess, no one would waste time collecting that over a grudge…]

    • 剑胆琴心

      noodles are very cheap in china…
      rice noodels in kunming from

      yuan to

      for common type.we people there eat it everyday for breakfast…
      even in shanghai, you can get very tasty noodle at

      yuan…in very expensive streets…
      but i prefer japanese noodles more.

      • Alexander

        totally missed his sarcasm…..

  • vonskippy

    Hasn’t China stolen the design spec’s for a coin counting AND wrapping machine yet?

    • Dick Leigh

      It’s because they’re afraid of fake currency, as one chinese poster already pointed out. That being said… They could just open a roll of coins, see if there are any fake coines… then throw them in an electronic counter…

  • Karze

    Why not use machine. This look so time consuming and labour intensive and will cost alot. has bank manager employed all his relatives to do the job.

  • slob

    Wouldn’t it make more sense to take a sample, say

    coins, weigh them, then weigh them all and give a rough estimate? It would only be off a few yuan anyway and would save a lot of time…unless this is the bank version of that Human Centipede story we saw a few months back with the employees on their knees in a circle.

  • Chael_Sonnen

    Imagine all the germs and feces residue from handling that many coins.

    • Agus Dwikarna

      Yeah, I saw people whose jobs are to manually count coins. They wear gloves.

      Nobody wear gloves in the above pictures. Why?

      • biggj

        It’s china…playing with dirty coins is the least of your health concerns.

    • chandlerpatrick

      Germs, yes… feces reside though? I guess germs and feces go hand in hand… but feces on coins?

      • Ryo

        You’d be surprise how many people don’t wash their hands after using the restrooms. Yes, even #2, people walk strait from the stall and out the restrooms.

    • the ace of books

      Exactly. I always wash my hands after handling money.

  • Pikachuu~

    Looks like they’re having a lot of fun counting dem coins ~

  • narsfweasels

    “To the satisfaction of everyone, we can say these bastards in the bank finally have some work to do. Fucking every time I go to the bank and am waiting in line, I never see this many people [working].”

    Agreed. This is more like a publicity stunt from ICBC, China’s worst bank.

    “Because it is afraid of accepting counterfeit money”

    Yeah, it’s terrified of that. I mean, it’s so scared of accepting counterfeit money that I get an average of one fake note per every three trips to the ATM (I have a lot of time sitting on the metro and I worked it out, sue me) when I make a withdrawal. Subsequently, their CRM’s will not take the note back. Nor will they accept at the counter.

    Yeah, they really HATE fake currency.

  • biggj

    The story of how this all happened is pretty funny. So after she gets the refund a guy runs out saying she never paid

    kuai….So over

    kaui next thing you know the bitch has a brain contusion and her husband has broken ribs….but that is not the important part….it’s watching fucking idiots count money. That seems to be the more interesting part of the story.


    Biggj beats

    men and woman to death with 18L water jug full of coins. During the beating the jug bust and all the coins scatter all over his floor. Reporters wants to know what he plan to do with the coins next. Will he put them back in another jug? Will he roll the coins the coins himself? Will he take it to a bank? We are going to follow this story with great interest to find out what he going to do with all these coins!!! He has loonies, toonies, quarters, dimes, nickels,pennies!!! Wow, How does he plan on dealing and counting all these coins!!! Is he going to keep saving them or buy something nice….Wow!!Who knows?!?!?

    • chandlerpatrick

      You need to get the officials involved in this….

      • biggj

        They bribed the judge for me so I got off with self defense….but that’s not what is important. The important thing is who is going to count all these fucking coins all over my floor!! That is what people care about. I mean come on, what would you want to know about? The beating death of

        people or how many coins I have and who will help me count them?

    • Robert Rou

      Never know. The guy might just say fux it and just hit up the weekend lol

    • donscarletti

      Something that has always freaked me out about China is that I could end up dying for an amount of money that I wouldn’t pick up off the ground.

    • Ryo

      If you drop that many coins on the street in China, it will be picked up within minutes… though not sure how many you’ll get back though…

    • Astaroth

      I know i roll eyed at that. All of this barney rubble for FIVE EFFING KUAI!!!

  • Claude

    In japan they keep their companies overstaffed and it keeps the unemployment rate artificially low. Is it the same in China? I noticed a lot of people standing around in China, also.

    • biggj

      Are you sure they do that in Japan? Why would any country do that that pays their workers a lot? In china it’s not so bad because the workers don’t get paid shit. But in Japan they get paid pretty good….just doesn’t make sense. I know most places the first thing they do is get rid of workers if there are too many or they are losing money.

      • Claude

        I know they do that in Japan because I lived there for a decade. It’s the egalitarian nature of the nation. One of the controversial trends is to hire employees a ‘temporary’ employees so they don’t have to pay the full benefits and a lower wage. Temporary doesn’t mean

        hours a week but 40, the employee is just temperately under contract. The good news is that the older gen is finally retiring and these people are being hires as permanent employees.

        The CEO of Nissan started a trend when he took helm of the Corp. He fire a lot of dead wood. Management that was sitting around collecting big salary’s but doing nothing with their days. The country was up in arm stating that he didn’t understand the culture, lawsuits etc… but it had to be done for the Corp to survive. So began a trend hiring of foreign CEO’s who come in and do the dirty work of firing. When all was said and done the foreign CEO’s would be fired and a Japanese re-hired.

        Trust me, there are plenty of people being ‘paid shit’ in Japan. The woman who greets a person at the bank entrance or helps a person navigate the ATM is paid shit. Low skilled labor is like people in the service industry are paid $8.50 an hour or $1200 to

        a month. This is why, in part there is the phenomenon called parasite singles. They can’t afford to get married and they live at home with their parents into their 30’s.

        I could go on but you get the jest of it. Maybe Abe will turn it around but I don’t know. I become as jaded as the Japanese when it comes to Japanese politics. Do a bit of research and you see things are never what they appear in Japan. Still love the place, though.

        • Charles

          This is exactly what companies do in the USA – no benefits… no HR department… no soul.

          • chandlerpatrick

            The term coined in the US is “5-29”. You’re a union man with benefits and rights after a

            month probation period. The company fires you after



          • Claude

            It’s gotten pretty nasty out there. It’s profit over people. A war waged on working people.

          • Robert Rou

            A system where primary fiduciary duty is to increase shareholder wealth provides no guarantees for employment.

        • Claude

          Ugh! Sorry about the spelling. I really have a love hate relationship with tablets.

    • Chinkicide

      Similar, yes, I also noticed.

      • chandlerpatrick

        You have been…

    • Robert Rou

      It’s a society that has no social safety net, so there is a need for employment, even if it’s artifical employment. Welfare checks would be more straightforward, but the gov’t policy makers moved away from iron rice bowl policies long ago.

  • chandlerpatrick

    The same thing happened in the U.S about a month or so ago, guy paid huge fine all in quarters. I can’t remember if they counted them or used a machine/scale…
    I like the way that it’s described as a “scuffle” – Yea, right, a head contusion, and

    broken ribs… More like a savage beating… and from what? One worker?
    Remember in Detroit Rock City – near the end, alone and desperate they all beat the shit out of each other, and then manage to con their way into the Kiss concert?
    That, for some reason reminds me of this…
    Husband and wife, alone and desperate – after eating a shitty meal, which was served in a dirty bowl, decided to beat the shit out of themselves and take the restauraunt to court.
    Because seriously, who gets into a “scuffle” over


    • Chris

      In China? You’d be amazed. I’ve seen fights break out over the most trivial matter. How about seeing two women kick the crap out of each other in the rain because one woman’s umbrella bumped the other’s and she got a little wet.

      • chandlerpatrick

        Hmm, been here for a decade, I’ve seen these things… I suppose it has to a lot the the whole concept of “loosing face”… Funny, when all of these fights get posted online – and the involved end up looking like way bigger jackasses…

        • Chinkicide

          I don’t think it’s about face. Rather chinamen are inherently evil and violent, love to fight, to cause harm.

        • chandlerpatrick

          This was the deleted comment – I get them to my email

          Chinkicide (Guest):
          I don’t think it’s about face. Rather chinamen are inherently evil and violent, love to fight, to cause harm.

          • Robert Rou

            And your thoughts on his post?

          • chandlerpatrick

            If you look down, you will see how I felt about him… scroll down, you’ll see the stamp…

    • the ace of books

      Because seriously, who gets into a “scuffle” over


      People who don’t know how to prioritize.

      • chandlerpatrick

        Sounds about right.

  • moldavidian

    Good reasons not to go to Chinese restaurants… often the dishes are too dirty to eat from, almost all of the food is dead animals, the service and food are poor quality, they allow people to smoke, spit and talk as loudly as they please and then if you complain, you get the shit beat out of you. Therefore, i never eat in such filthy places.

    • chandlerpatrick

      I try to avoid them as much as I can, but some of them are really good… There is this tiny hot-pot place I go to – hole in the wall type thing, but the food is fantastic, and it’s been around for like

      years… It’s in the Qianmen area of Beijing… There are some good ones, but as a general rule of thumb, avoid them…

      • Wololoo

        can you pass me the exact name or adress, mate?

        • chandlerpatrick

          Wang Lao Tou Hot Pot, can’t remember the name of the hutong it’s on… It’s in the Dashilar, Qianmen area though.

          • Wololoo

            Thanks. I will have a look there, when I arrive in Beijing end of september. I tell you when I go, maybe you are in for some dinner.

    • biggj

      Almost all the food is dead animals?? Should I eat the chicken and pig while they are still alive? hahaha

      • moldavidian

        I think you know what i meant…. very little else to choose from if you don’t want to eat animals. As we’ve seen, the Chinese will try to pass anything off as an animal, dead or alive.

    • the ace of books

      almost all of the food is dead animals,

      I’d hate to think what might happen if almost all the food was live animals.

  • Chris Granzow XI

    I’m moving to China and starting a coinstar business.

  • mr.wiener

    If I might contribute my

    cents as a restaurant owner [former].
    Running a restaurant is not easy. People expect a high level of service even if the food is cheap. Some people leave a small pyramid of screwed up tissues in front of them, complain loudly about things they know nothing about [“This doesn’t taste like a German sausage, How come you don’t have Fosters? All Australians drink Fosters!”] and although they are often polite to me [tall scary whitey] they are rude to my wife [asian, dark skin] I’ve had

    dipsticks sharing one bottle of beer and demanding fresh glasses for each of them for each new beer…. I can sympathize with WANTING to beat the shit out of some people.

    Edit: I forgot my personal favorite “Hey! the Apple pie does not look like Mcdonalds!?”

    • chandlerpatrick

      I also sympathize, but I expect a certian level of service from the places I eat. In fact, at bare minimum, I expect a clean fucking bowl!

      • biggj

        Yeah I agree. I can look past shitty food and shitty service. But like you said, the minimum should be clean dishes. I know shit goes on the kitchen that is nasty, but that’s out of sight out of mind. All I ask is for a clean dishes.

        • chandlerpatrick

          If the food is shitty, I won’t be back. But if the plate is dirty, I won’t be back – even if the food was fantastic…

          • mr.wiener

            Our plates and cutlery were always clean, and we had the cleanest and sweetest smelling bathroom in Taipei.

          • chandlerpatrick

            The basics are covered – either way you still get some assholes complaining about this and that… No shortage of those people in the world…

          • Astaroth

            Lol, reminds me of a priceless clip on youtube, where Vic Reeves (annoying geordie comic from the UK) demands a fried egg in gordon ramsays michelin starred restaurant, ramsay is respectful to the drunk fool at first, but then as he is busy with service, later tells him to fuck off directly. Funny as…

        • Charles

          How about the plastic wrapped dishes that are still dirty and chipped… Gotta love China… and they’ll charge you for those.

    • the ace of books

      Not easy, I can admit, but there is a minimum that anyplace should provide, and clean dishes and utensils are part of that minimum. OTOH, I think this place’s staff was looking for issues with this woman – whether that’s because she was a royal PITA or because they were, themselves, is another issue.

    • Claude

      I thought the fosters beer thing was a myth? The Australians I know just drink – like fish! “put it daown you mate!”

      • mr.wiener

        No one in Australia has drunk fosters since the late 80’s.

        • Astaroth

          Victoria Bitter? or four X? Just curious, knew a bloke from Melbourne, he swore by Boags what ever kind of brew that is?

          • mr.wiener

            Vic bitter is from Melbourne and is plain honest suds at a cheap price. 4X if from Queensland and is foul. Rumor has it that it is spelt 4X as Queenslanders son’t know how to spell beer.
            Boags is from Tasmania and is pretty good.

          • Astaroth

            4X is pretty popular in the UK, as is fosters, when I was last there they had released some ghastly fosters citrus or lemon or some horrible fizzy crap. Yeah, I have heard Boags is good.

    • YourSupremeCommander

      As a restaurant owner (aka in the kitchen) you can surely find PLENTY of ways to get back at those assholes, OH YEAH.

      • mr.wiener

        It’s nice to think about, but I never spat in anyone’s food [tempting as it was. I just told some people they were not welcome back.

      • Robert Rou

        Lol beware of your maker eh? Seen that quite a bit.

    • Zappa Frank

      i”m confused, where’s your restaurant? in china?if that’s the case, how do they know what’s the original taste of a german sausage?

      • mr.wiener

        I’m in Taiwan, so people are a bit politer than China. I’ve never seen anyone spit on the floor then use their heal to grind it in.
        As to what they think German sausage tastes like. There are some companies here that make sausage…German…supposedly. But it is about as far from the real thing as heinz tinned spaggetti is from real spaggetti.

    • Astaroth

      I’ve had

      dipsticks sharing one bottle of beer and demanding fresh glasses for each of them for each new beer

      What kind of wankers share one bottle of beer?!

      • mr.wiener

        Taiwanese wankers with low alcohol tolerance.

        • Astaroth

          Funnily enough, I went to a jazz bar in this congested mainland city I am in last night. They had an english woman doing excellent renditions of Sting songs in a very nu jazz style with her band, it was of course ruined by idiots downing SHOTS (?!) of german wheat beer, all the while bemused while the sole laowai (ME) was drinking straight from the german beer mug, rofl

  • 剑胆琴心

    sigh!people fight and kill others for a very very unworthy reasons sometimes.
    we need to clam down and be nice!

  • the ace of books

    So, as most poeple have mentioned “why don’t they have a coin-counting et cetera” and also touched on “5 kuai/broken ribs etc”, I’mma skip that and go to:

    Why does the compensation not match the agreed-on amount? 48,000 =/= 68,000. Where the other 20,000?

  • chandlerpatrick

    50,000 coins /

    people =

    coins / person

    coins /

    hours =

    coins / hour

    coins /

    minutes =

    coins / minute

    He makes a good point… How the fuck is eash person only able to count

    coins a minute?!?! You’d think that they could do at least 30…

    • biggj

      Well, It’s like this.

      • chandlerpatrick

        Hahaha, oh man, that was really funny!
        Andre… Hahaha!
        So true!

        • biggj

          Yep, And the first sign of trouble andre would be the first one laid off. haha

          • chandlerpatrick

            The fact that the dudes name is Andre just makes it so much more funny… Andre just seems like such a decent guy.

          • Scream_Writer

            Yeah, Andre never hurt nobody!

          • YourSupremeCommander

            Ain’t that the muthafuggin truth!

      • Robert Rou

        Glad I saw this amongst the long list of commentary. Pretty hilarious actually.

      • Astaroth

        No officials to see how the wai guo ren work?

    • Jahar

      How does he know there were

      people? But then again, even if there were 6, that’s

      coins a minute

      • chandlerpatrick

        It says it in the article that there are

        I didn’t take the time to actually check his math… Thanks for doing that!
        Regardless of the math being right or wrong, the point he – and I am making is the number of (18) inept workers, doinging something so menial – yet so poorly done… and the time it takes them to do it…

  • Charles


    To the satisfaction of everyone, we can say these bastards in the
    bank finally have some work to do. Fucking every time I go to the bank
    and am waiting in line, I never see this many people [working].

    This has me LOLing all the way to the bank.

  • biggj

    A lot of people talk about how the service at chinese banks is shitty. In my experience I say they do a pretty good job. Yeah it’s slow when there are only like


    tellers opens and lots of people there, but they are not slow. I always found the service prompt. Maybe it’s just the bank I use there. It’s always fast and without errors. I always give them a

    on that little electric service meter, you know what I mean, you press

    or shitty service and

    for the best service. I have to say better than some service I get in Canada, Although Japan does the best job….them mother fuckers take that shit serious. lol

    • Mr Nightcat

      I find it’s partly to do with the various procedures they are required to do, e.g. far more paperwork than I’ve ever seen a UK teller do plus an entire drawer of stamps, and partly down to the minority of customers who either don’t know what they’re doing or don’t understand what the teller is explaining to them. When there are only two or so tellers open it only takes one confused customer to delay everyone for a long time.

      That being said, in every Bank of China I’ve been in, in Xiamen anyway, I’ve almost never seen more than

      tellers open at once, no matter if there are

      counters or 20. One teller is working VIP-only, the second putting corporate customers as priority and that remaining ONE for everyone else.

      The worst was when only one teller was open and she was required to put VIPs first. I’m the only person in the bank, had waited

      minutes for the VIP in front of me to finish, and just as my number is about to be called, some other smug VIP wanders in, pushes the button and is called by the teller. I’m a patient guy but was pissed off and walked out that time to find a more reasonable BOC branch.

      • Jahar

        In Wuhan there’s never anyone at the VIP counter when I go in, and they always let me use it.

        ON another note my friend was in the bank here once and the

        people in front of him were both there to withdraw 20RMB. 20.

      • Ryo

        How to get a BOC VIP (Gold) card: Open an account with 300k RMB. Received said card, then take money out (or leave it if you want). You are forever a VIP customer with no minimum deposit or balance.

        • Astaroth

          Really? No need to maintain the balance? Interesting.

    • Astaroth

      It takes a month for foreigners to open a bank account in the UK, so I’d say chinese banks, paperwork, red stamps et al, do a pretty good job, if they had forms in english, it would be very quick indeed.

  • Claude

    Have any of you been to a bank in Japan or China and seen people taking out enormous amounts of cash, sometimes wrapped in plastic and stuck in a duffel bag. Then , the person walks nonchalantly out into and down the street. Just bundles and bundles of cash in a bag.

    I saw this couple In Japan sitting at a desk while a bank employee was using one of those machines to count out bills. It was Millions and million of yen. Then they stuck it into a bag.

    In China I was cashing 10.000 yen cash into RNB and the Chinese guy next to me was depositing millions of Japanese yen Wrapped in cellophane. He looks over to me and said, ” I have Yen too!”. Fucker!

    Last of the cash societies.

    • Dick Leigh

      And Chinese people are SHOCKED when there are armed robberies where people are shot point blank and robbed of millions of yuan. I don’t get it at all.

  • YourSupremeCommander

    What kind of lawyer do these people have? Wouldn’t your lawyer demand they take the shit back and send a wire transfer?

    • Chinese

      Sh!t lawyers possibly, should have specified the method of compensation being carried out.

  • Jeff

    No CoinStar in China?

  • Irvin

    Fuck! even video arcades got coin counters, this is a bank and using manual labours to count coins? It’s a publicity stun alright, of how stupid they are.

    • Chinese

      There are two types of

      cent coins in circulation, with different width and thickness. And these are not all new coins.

      • Singe

        If they have different width and thickness, you can design a machine to tell the difference between the two. Has China not managed to do this yet?

  • T. Bickle

    Yea that is China for you. Go beat a woman into a concussion and break her husband’s ribs over a grimy bowl of noodles.

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  • StreetScholar

    This is stupid and silly. Really worth attention on the news? Or the media is always chasing after sensational headlines?

    I mean, don’t tell me that the bank actually went through with counting each and every coin. Have they not heard of electronic counting machines?

    Does China, not have any CoinStar machines lying around?

    Let’s just say that they don’t have those machines available everywhere. I’m fairly certain that banks should have these type of tools….

    So to see these bank people working OT to count coins… just doesn’t make sense to me.

  • James Wu


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